Tips to Reduce, Prevent & Clean Moisture & Mould From Your Home

Simple tips and tricks to reduce moisture and mould in your home, so you can keep the rain and damp outside where it belongs. 

Rainy weather brings moisture into our homes, and unfortunately with moisture comes mould – ew! Damp doesn’t discriminate and can occur in any home. But how do we get rid of mould and prevent moisture in our homes? Clothes, pillows, furniture and much more can be damaged by mould which can also trigger health problems like asthma. Luckily there are a few simple tips and tricks to reduce the moisture and mould in your home.

tips to reduce indoor moisture and prevent mould when raining

Damp and mould can cause havoc inside our homes, especially when it’s been raining for a while. However there are lots of things you can do to help reduce indoor moisture in the air and prevent mould when it’s raining heavy outside – as well as clean away the mould once it’s begun to build up.

Kat’s Tips To Reduce Indoor Moisture & Prevent Mould

Dehumidifier – a dehumidifier is always my first go to! If you have one, turn it on when the rainy weather sets in and let it do its thing. If you don’t have one don’t stress, there are plenty of natural ways (listed below) to reduce moisture in the air and help to prevent mould building up.

Rock Salt and Baking Soda – fill a bowl with rock salt or baking soda. The rock salt will absorb moisture from the air and the baking soda will help get rid of the musty odour.

Windows and Doors – keep all your doors and windows closed to stop warm humid air getting inside your home.

Dryer (or no washing at all) – if you can avoid doing washing whilst it’s rainy that’s the best! If this isn’t possible use a clothes dryer that contains steam and moisture. Do not hang wet clothes to dry inside as the condensation from the wet clothes will build up in the house.

TIP: Wool dryer balls will reduce your drying time whilst also helping to absorbing excess moisture – plus they make your clothes less wrinkled!

Wool dryer balls to reduce moisture and power bill

Air Conditioner – use your air conditioner at a comfortable temperature to dehumidify the air. The dehumidify setting will work best to remove moisture from the air. Damp happens when warm air hits cold walls, so by keeping your house warm the surfaces don’t get cold enough to create condensation.

Moisture Absorbers – keep moisture absorbers in places that are prone to damp and moisture. Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying bags are a long lasting and eco-friendlier alternative to other moisture absorber products on the market. The activated charcoal acts as a natural sponge to absorb moisture and odours.

eco-friendly moisture absorbers activated charcoal

Cold Shower – by having comfortably cold showers instead of hot steamy showers you will reduce the amount of moisture in the air. Remember to close the bathroom door and use your exhaust fan too.

Cover Cooking – cover your pans when cooking on the stovetop so you trap the moisture in.

Plants Outside – place indoor plants outside as plants let moisture out.

Kat’s Tips To Clean & Remove Mould

Clove Oil – use clove oil to clean away mould. Clove oil is a popular natural cleaning remedy that kills the spores rather than just bleaching and hiding them. I recommend mixing 1/4 teaspoon clove oil with 1-litre water in a spray bottle, lightly mist the solution onto any mouldy surface, leave for 20 minutes and then wipe away. If using on wooden furniture, lightly spray the solution on a cloth then wipe away (don’t spray directly onto wooden furniture).

Clove essential oil for cleaning mould in the home

Vinegar – combine 1 part vinegar to 1 part water in a spray bottle. Wipe over surfaces. Alternatively you can soak mouldy clothes or cushion covers in vinegar for an hour and then rinse with hot water.

Sunlight – the sun’s ultraviolet rays helps to kill mould, so when the sun is shining put any linen or clothes that still show signs of mould out in the full sun.


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Easy natural tips remove moisture and mould in home

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