Kat’s Mould Spray – diy cleaning recipe

Naturally get rid of mould and clean it away using my ‘Kat’s Mould Be Gone Spray’. It’s an easy DIY cleaning recipe with 3 ingredients you’ll already have in your kitchen cupboards. 

Mould has been a recent hot topic around Australia as the east coast has had a constant downpour of rain over the past few months leaving everything damp. Damp and mould are caused from excess moisture which you may find on your bathroom tiles, clothes, washing machine rubber seal and many other places. I’ve even heard people are finding it behind picture frames on the wall… it’s everywhere.

Mould can appear anywhere

Surprisingly, in 2022 I found mould in my home. It was during a period that there was constant heavy rain. I have been using my mould cleaning spray, a natural DIY solution with a combination of 3 ingredients that you will likely have already in your kitchen. 

Ingredients in DIY Mould Spray

Consisting of vinegar, water and dishwashing detergent. It’s the same ingredient combination to my Kat’s cleaning spray. Rather, this ratio of ingredients helps to remove the mould. 

Vinegar is a highly versatile product. Don’t be offended by the odour – I promise it will disappear in a few minutes. It effectively dissolves grease and removes dirt and has some disinfectant properties. Therefore, great to have when you don’t want to use a chemical cleaner or bleach. Although, in this instance, I have found it the most effective product to remove mould. I like to use it with a combination of water and dish detergent (the one you use to wash your dishes with). The detergent helps to clean away mould whilst vinegar is an effective solution to remove it. 

DIY recipe not for you? Try this Mould Stain Blaster – the mould disappears before your eyes. 

Please note: There have been some items I have found in my home that I can clean the mould from. However,  items such as the seagrass mirror or planters I have found were beyond cleaning and I put them in the bin. 

When cleaning mould I like to use a paper towel rather than a reusable cleaning cloth so I can completely throw that mould away.

Glass Spray Bottle

Whether you’re making your own eco-friendly cleaning solutions or buying your cleaning products in bulk, this Glass Spray Bottle will put an end to single-use plastic bottles destined for the landfill. I love the coloured silicone bases on these spray bottles to protect the glass and prevent any sliding. 

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Kat’s Mould Be Gone Spray

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  • Author: Katrina - The Organised Housewife


  •      1 cup water
  •      1 cup white vinegar
  •      1 teaspoon dishwashing liquid (colour free)


 In a spray bottle, combine all the ingredients and shake gently to mix.


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