Kat’s Cleaning Spray is easy to make, budget friendly and uses 3 ingredients to clean dirt and grime from surfaces. 

There are lots of surfaces cleaners on the market but not all of them always do the job. Some people want chemical free cleaners because they have young families or they are sensitive to some chemicals or they just want to use cleaners with no toxins. 
Sarah Stewart, reporter from the Today Show Sydney contacted me and asked if I had an alternative to store bought cleaning sprays. I have a home made cleaning spray which works wonders for me – I call it Kats Cleaning Spray. This recipe has dishwashing detergent in it to clean dirt and grime off surfaces. The cleaning spray is also non toxic and effective along with contributing less plastic adding to landfill! The best thing about this cleaning spray is, it only has 3 ingredients you’ll easily find in your home!

This homemade, natural but effective, cleaning spray can be used to clean:

  • dirt off windows
  • bench tops in the kitchen
  • all surfaces in the bathroom bathroom
  • general surfaces, lightly spritz onto cleaning cloth to wipe away dust
  • clean spots off carpets
  • walls and skirting boards
  • ceiling fans
  • light switches, lightly spritz onto a cleaning cloth to wipe away dust
  • door handles
  • appliances around the home
  • rubbish bins
  • kitchen and laundry sink
  • clothes line, just add a few drops of peppermint oil essential oil to deter creepy crawlies
  • shower, screen and tiles
  • bathtub
  • upholstery, lightly spritz onto a cleaning cloth the wipe
  • mattress, lightly spritz onto a cleaning cloth the wipe
Add 2 teaspoons oil to shine and protect wooden furniture, lightly spritz onto a cleaning cloth the wipe. 

Glass Spray Bottle

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Kat’s Mould Be Gone Spray

  • Author: Katrina


  •      1 cup water
  •      1 cup vinegar
  •      1 teaspoon dishwashing liquid


 In a spray bottle, combine all the ingredients and shake gently to mix.

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Glass Spray Bottle

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