How to clean a floor rug

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Floor rugs add a cosy feel to a room, but they can get dirty easily. Keep your rugs looking fresh and clean with these tips for basic care, deep cleaning and stain removal.

I purchased this beautiful this rug recently find it here.

I like to put a rug in front of our lounges mostly because I find it makes the room feel a lot more cosy, it helps to give it some personality and somewhere comfy to lay when we want to lay on the floor and play with the animals or watch TV. 

This also tends to be the area that needs a good clean too. Dirt not only builds up on top of the rug but it settles under the rug as well. Here are my tips for keep the floor rug fresh and clean!




Quick Clean


Vacuum the top of the rug. 


To remove smells and help to remove pet hair, lightly sprinkle with the Fresh Carpet Sprinkle and sit for 30 minutes, then vacuum to pick up the bicarb soda. Clean vacuum.

SPOT Clean

Dried-on mess (pet, mud, vomit)


Use a paper towel to pick up as much solid matter from the mess as you can.


Vacuum up remaining dried-on mess.


If necessary, remove the attachment from your vacuum and use the nozzle to go over the area, left to right, backwards and forwards, several times to pick up all the dried particles stuck between the carpet pile.


Then proceed with the spot clean steps below to remove the stain.

Liquid (drinks, urine. pet)


Use a paper towel or cleaning cloth to dab the area to pick up as much liquid as possible. DO NOT RUB the area: dab/blot only. Rubbing will only damage the carpet pile and can spread the stain further.


If the area is stained, lightly spray with the cleaning spray, sit for 5 minutes, then dab/blot the area. Repeat as necessary to pick up the stain.


To help remove the odour, sprinkle the area with bicarb soda, then lightly spray with vinegar. Leave to sit for 30 minutes or until the area has dried. Vacuum up the powder from the carpet. Clean vacuum to remove any bicarb build-up.

Kat’s tip: Only use bicarb soda on dry carpets, not wet. Keep pets and small children away from the carpets when treating, as the bicarb may irritate their paws, feet or eyes.

DEEP Clean


Roll up the rug and move it away from the area to clean. Do not fold as this will cause it to crease. Roll the rug out, upside down. Vacuum the bottom of the rug. Spot clean, as necessary (see above).


Hang or lay the rug outside in the sunlight for a few hours. Giving it a dose of sunshine will naturally disinfect it.


Vacuum and mop the floor where the rug was sitting to remove any dust and dirt build-up. Put the rug back in place, rotating it 180 degrees to help it wear evenly.

how often?

Weekly – vacuum during regular floor clean.

Annually – deep clean, or more often if you have pets or smokers in the home.

How often?

Weekly – vacuum during regular floor clean.
Annually – deep clean, or more often if you have pets or smokers in the home.
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