How to clean Grout in Bathrooms

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Grout is one of those things that, if left uncleaned for a while, can become stubborn and hard to clean. My regular shower clean includes cleaning the grout, but if your grout has been sitting for too long then a simple clean may not do the trick. A few weeks ago one of the ladies participating in my 20 Day Challenge recently raised the question about how to clean grout that has built up over a long period of time.

I've put together some top tips from myself and the community on how to clean grout in bathrooms

So… I haven’t cleaned my bath/shower often since I moved in over 5 years ago…
I’m happy with my progress to date, but I need some help… grout is revolting and hard water stains I just can’t seem to get out… help please!! Below is my before photo.


I've put together some top tips from myself and the community on how to clean grout in bathrooms

I use vinegar and bicarb soda to clean the grout in our bathroom. For the bath I sprinkle bicarb around the side of the tub and at the base of the tiles, spray with vinegar and let sit, then scrub with a grout cleaning brush or toothbrush as I find this the easiest tool to get this small space.  Wall tiles are a bit trickier, I use bicarb soda and lemon juice to make a paste, the lemon juice acts as a disinfectant. The paste is easier to wipe over the grout on the wall.

I've put together some top tips from myself and the community on how to clean grout in bathrooms

If your grout is really built up like Jane’s then this solution might not work and you might need to use something more powerful, such as a store-bought solution. I have a friend who uses CLR spray and says it works a treat, some other suggestions from the community were:

  • White king bathroom gel. Squirt it in the grout grooves and leave overnight. – Anna H
  • Toothbrush and bleach once off to get the strains, then any other cleaning product recommended above for weekly use. – Cathy A
  • Of everything I have ever used, nothing compares to Selleys Rapid Mould Killer. It whitens everything, but also actually kills mould and bacteria as well. I had left my bathroom for a whole year after a terrible pregnancy and thought I’d never save my shower, but this did it in one very quick and easy go and I haven’t seen a speck of Mould return. It cuts through all the grime as well. – Kazz Q
  • I use [Long Life Grout Cleaner] for cleaning grout, great stuff. You get it at Bunnings. – Kelly T
  • If you’ve got it down to “not so funky” then 50% good quality washing up liquid and 50% vinegar in s spray bottle. Spray….leave for a bit and then wipe off. It’s brilliant! –    Vicki H.
  • Wear old clothes when using bleach. It will strip the colour out of everything it touches! – Deidre C


  • Wipe over the grout with hot water, this will help clean and remove some dirt and grime on the surface.
  • Spray the grout with whichever cleaning solution you prefer. Let soak for 5-15 minutes and the scrub with a toothbrush.
  • Rinse thoroughly with hot water when finished.

What’s your best tip to clean grout in the bathroom?

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AdelaProfessional May 22, 2019 - 7:33 PM

Great article. I agree with your suggestions of grout cleaning in bathroom.I use many cleaning products for cleaning grout in bathroom,but it does not work.I will use your suggestions to clean them.It is very helpful for me. Thank you.

Katrina - The Organised Housewife May 23, 2019 - 9:55 AM

Cleaning bathroom grout is never a fun job – hope my tips help! Kat.

Chris July 5, 2019 - 7:22 PM

You can buy steamers that are hand held for a no chemical clean. I just got one

Danger Mouse November 13, 2019 - 6:23 PM

Thank you all for your suggestions, our bathroom was a tad past the vinager/bicsrb and lemon trick, however, i bought the Selleys Rapid Mould Remover from Bunnings and even tho it says to leave for 30 seconds (that’s right, it works that quick) i left it longer whilst i hung out washing and then most of it had come of after a rinse and the rest i just used a toothbrush and a slightly bigger scrub brush and it came off very well. I still have some well stained in hard to reach places so I’m leaving that to soak for longer. But after trying this product i highly recommend. If you use a lot I’d suggest where a face mask as the fumes can be overwhelming in small spaces (our shower is a glass enclosure in the middle of the house with no open window) and turn your exhaust fans on as it helps, otherwise let it soak and come back to rinse. Happy cleaning (if that is such a thing haha) 🙂

Katrina - The Organised Housewife November 15, 2019 - 12:14 PM

Thank you for sharing these tips… and yes there is certainly a thing as happy cleaning, it just requires a little upbeat music in the background 😉 Kat x

Glenda Smith February 1, 2022 - 2:51 PM

I saw on the Today Show during the tech devices segment that you can buy various types of brushes and scourers for cleaning showers that attach to a drill. Has anyone tried these?


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