How to clean a shower head

I love my time in the shower, the hot water on my head and back relieves many aches and pains. However, my shower used to give me a beautiful even stream of water, but lately, I have been getting a few drips, dribbles and random squirts which is just not enjoyable. You don’t need to buy a new shower head it just needs a good clean!  Read further for tips on how to clean a showerhead, removing the build-up of mineral deposits which are clogging it up and affecting your water flow.

Cleaning Tips

Showerheads are prone to build up of mineral deposits, dust, dirt etc which affects the water pressure and spurts water out in all different directions.  Cleaning the showerhead in your regular bathroom cleaning routine will help prevent the build up.

Removing stubborn soap scum from shower head

If your shower head hasn’t been cleaned for some time you may have build up of soap scum and dirt inside the head, this can be difficult to remove.

How to clean a shower head

STEP 1 – Half fill a bag with vinegar, insert your shower head and tie with a rubber band (funnily enough I couldn’t find one so I used a hair tie) and sit overnight.

How to clean a shower head

STEP 2 – Use an old toothbrush to give a gentle scrub and remove any build up.

How to clean a shower head

When was the last time you cleaned your shower head?

How to clean a shower head

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