{From the Archives} Make your bench and sink sparkle

I have been busy the past few day’s preparing for my scrapbooking weekend away, so please forgive me today I am reposting an oldie, but it is also a great reminder that something so simple can make a perfect start to the day…a clean kitchen first thing in the morning = Happy Organised Housewife!!  Enjoy your weekend – Kat xx

It’s that time of the evening when you have just finished dinner, ready to relax and then you walk into the kitchen and see all the dirty dishes, aah they need cleaning. Do you do them at night, or the next day? Each to their own preference, I prefer to do it in the evenings straight after dinner as I love waking up to a clean kitchen….all ready to mess up again! This is how I maintain a clean kitchen:

  1. I only do the dishes once a day. Life’s to short to be washing dishes more than that, I have better things to do. They can happily pile up in the sink for the evening clean, however I do pack the dishwasher through the day as dishes are used.
  2. Straight after dinner I start the dishes, I wash all pots, pans, cutting boards, Tupperware, lunch boxes, drink bottles etc. I also use my dishwasher daily, washing all crockery, cutlery and cups.
  3. Next, clear away the clutter kids have dropped on the kitchen bench. Your bench will not look tidy until all clutter is removed. I have a basket where I place all their toys, books, paper…stuff they leave around the house. The kids clear the basket each night and put their belongings away. I don’t do it as they need to take responsibility for their own things.
  4. I wipe down the bench using spray and wipe (I hope to try and go green soon using water and vinegar), wiping down the stools and dining table as well.
  5. Empty sink. One squirt spray and wipe on the sponge and wipe down the sink.
  6. Place all sponges in the dishwasher and turn the dishwasher on.
  7. Reality is I don’t dry dishes, they drip dry overnight and I put them away in the morning when I unpack the dishwasher. I know there is alot of other people out there to tell you otherwise it should be done, but who really has the time to dry dishes…certainly not me.
  8. All done, now my benches and sink are sparkling! Usually only takes 15 minutes, then I read the kids a book and put them to bed.
  9. In the morning I put away all the dishes in the rack, unpack the dishwasher and then start making lunches. After lunches are made the kids have usually finished their breakfast I then put their dishes in the dishwasher as well as all the other items I used to make lunches. Then wipe down the bench and it’s as good as new!


Make your benches and sink sparkle EVERY NIGHT before you go to bed so you rise to a beautiful clean kitchen, your day will be so much better for it.

Below, my super sparkly sink!

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