Easy DIY floor cleaner for all floor types

If you are trying to watch your pennies, you may notice how quickly cleaning products can eat into your budget. With reusable supplies and few common household ingredients, you can effectively clean your home AND save money! Homemade floor cleaner would have to be one of the simplest DIY cleaning recipes.  It’s important to keep your floors clean with people walking from inside to out, babies or pets crawling around or having the doors and windows open to let in the fresh air. These can all spread dust particles and dirt throughout the house. Continue reading for my 2 Budget Friendly Floor Cleaners for all floor types!

It is worth knowing that all floors are different and each has a different technique or DIY cleaning recipe.

Switching from commercial to homemade cleaning products may seem like hard work but, as you can see below, these homemade floor cleaning recipes are really quite simple. You will soon see you’re saving dollars and removing unnecessary chemicals from your home.

Armed with the right cleaning tools, it doesn’t take too much effort to keep the floors spotless.  I always start at the furtherest point of the house and either finish in the laundry, where I potter around for a few minutes until the floors are completely dry, or….. the lounge room, where I sit and relax with the TV for a few minutes.


It is best to follow floor manufacturers guidelines because there are many floor types that can’t withstand vinegar, lemon juice, alcohol, oils or too much water. Please always spot test commercial and DIY cleaners.


I have listed below why I use these ingredients:

VINEGAR – the natural acidic vinegar disinfects the floors. The vinegar smell dissipates within a few short minutes once the floors have dried. I use homebrand vinegar found in the salad dressing aisle at the grocery store.

DISHWASHING LIQUID – boosts the cleaning ability, breaks down dirt by cutting through the build up and helps make the floors shine. I like to use Earth brand detergent as it isn’t coloured. Don’t be afraid to open the bottle at the grocery store and check.


This homemade floor cleaner without vinegar is best used on laminate, hardwood, bamboo, concrete and linoleum floors. Many hardwood floors are polished or sealed to protect them from stains and water damage. Using vinegar on these types will stain the polish or dull wooden floors over time.

  • Half fill bucket of water with warm water
  • Add 1/4 cup of mild dishwashing liquid, then gently stir.

When using on laminate, dip the mop into the solution and wring out as much excess water as you can as laminate floors can not get too wet (you don’t want water to go under the planks and swell). Move your mop along the grain for the best result.


This homemade floor cleaner with vinegar is best used on vinyl, tile and cork.

  • Half fill bucket with warm water
  • Add 4 drops dishwashing liquid (approximately 1 tablespoon)
  • Add 1/2 cup white vinegar, then gently stir.

You can make this solution in a spray bottle for spot cleans around the house, then wipe with your Spin Mop. 

Read more: Tips on how to keep to keep the floors cleaner longer.

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