My Quick Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Cleaning bathrooms can be such a chore at the best of times, but with some super simple tips and advice, you can have your bathrooms sparkling clean at the end of every day. It can be as simple as following a light routine and some simple steps, let me share with you some of my Quick Bathroom Cleaning Tips from over the years of having toddlers to adult kids. 

While today, I’m best known as The Organised Housewife, it wasn’t always so.  When my kids were young, at times, I was a nervous wreck.  After having my twins, I struggled to find and stick to a routine.  My house was a mess, and the washing was never folded. It took a fair amount of trial-and-error for me to realise that routines and schedules held the key to keeping the home tidy, clothes washed, kids fed and happy and having a clean bathroom at the end of the day.


Over the years I have come up with a method to help keep my kids bathroom clean and tidy, which started when they were young.  When I bathed them, I gave them their own clean washer each night. After their bath, I then used the washer to wipe over and clean the bathroom. It’s usually to wipe up dirt and toothpaste spills, never mould.  Please ensure your kids are safe in the tub and do not leave young ones unattended.

Here was my system to quickly clean the bathroom:

  • Kids would put their dirty clothes in the laundry before their bath, using this system, which as toddlers, they could easily use, as it’s based on colour.
  • While the kids were happily playing in the bathtub, I quickly cleaned the toilet and restocked the spare toilet paper rolls.
  • Once they had finished their bath, I rinsed and wiped the tub down to wash away any dirt using the washer they used.
  • After I said goodnight to the kidlets, I used another washer to wipe down the sink, taps and vanity top.
  • I rinsed the washers I used to clean the bathroom and put them in the laundry to dry and wash. More details on my washing schedule here.

So you’re probably thinking… she goes through a lot of washers.  Yes, that’s ok, they aren’t hard to clean or hang on the line.  I also don’t fold them; they go directly into a drawer in the bathroom, fuss-free!!


As my kids became teenagers I changed the bathroom cleaning routine.  Every few days, I get one of the kids to wipe or wipe over the sinks and vanity top with my homemade antibacterial wipes. Which, in retrospect, would have been ideal to use when the kids were younger.


I don’t clean their bathroom at all. I leave this to them. They are capable of cleaning the shower, mirrors, basin and loo. I leave it to them to work out who’s turn it is and not get in the battle of who’s turn it is to scrub the shower.

Getting your adult kids to clean their own bathroom is important because it teaches them responsibility and helps them develop valuable life skills. By cleaning their own bathroom, they learn how to maintain a clean and healthy living space, an important aspect of daily life. It also instils a sense of ownership and pride in their living environment, which I then hope motivates can lead to increased motivation to keep the rest of their living space tidy (bedroom!!).

More bathroom cleaning tips:

  • I used to keep a bottle of my DIY cleaning spray in the bathroom cupboards to use to clean the sinks. However, I don’t anymore as the shelf in our new home is too small to store a large bottle.
  • Use a small cleaning brush to clean the stubborn mould around the plug hole and buildup around sink fixtures.
  • Remember, when vacuuming in the bathroom, remove the dust from:
    • drains
    • lighting fixtures
    • top of the tiles in the shower
    • top of the shower screen
    • behind the toilet
    • behind the door
    • along the top of the mirror
    • around the window frames
  • Line the bin with bin bags
  • Clean mirrors with this easy DIY recipe.
  • Use a cream cleaner for stubborn rings around the bathtub, then rinse.
  • Once a week, clean the shower to prevent mould buildup.
  • Remember to clean bath toys often as they quickly get a build-up of mould inside.


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