9 things to Spring Clean this weekend

As the weather starts to warm up, we start to open the windows letting in some fresh air and start wiping away the dust that settled over winter.  I’ve put together a list of a few things that may have been neglected the past few months and you can spring clean this weekend. Have you been gripped by the urge to give your home a spring clean?

Do you find the idea a little daunting and have so much more to declutter, clean and organise and are unsure where to start? I can help by simplifying your cleaning processes and systems in your home so you can use them whenever you want, however you want without having to invest in expensive equipment or supplies.

What would it be worth to you and your family if:

  • You wake up and you walk through the uncluttered hallway to a kitchen that welcomes you with clean countertops and a spotless sink.
  • You look around the living room and smile contentedly. With floors free of sticky spots, unidentifiable liquids {is that the dog or the baby?!} and the dreaded Lego legion.
  • Clean laundry neatly folded and ready to be put away and wardrobes that make getting ready fuss-free.
  • A peep into the refrigerator tells you exactly what to make for breakfast, which you make in minutes, and you also pack the kids’ lunches with time to spare.
  • Ready-for-school, the kids walk into the lounge room, their faces happy and excited. There’s no whining, squabbling or shoving at the table and everyone has everything that they need so you are out of the door, well ahead of time, and with no embarrassing stains or spots on your clothes.
  • You’re no longer stressed, exhausted or overwhelmed and you are enjoying your home and new-found calmness.
  • Yes, it’s possible!

With my 20 Days to Organise and Clean your Home Program, I’ve distilled years of cleaning and organising experience into these 20-days of easy-to-follow steps and strategies so you can create a clean and chaos-free space that your family and you will love calling … HOME. Join me and over 3,000 other members to get back the control in your home.

STARTS THIS MONDAY 3RD SEPTEMBER – The eCourse runs each weekday from Monday 3rd September – Friday 28th September (with weekends off to relax or spend time catching up) + includes 5 pre-challenge tasks that need to be completed before day 1.

It’s like a gym membership, but rather than getting your body fit — it’s getting your house clean! I have done this challenge three times in three different houses in two different countries.  As someone who needs their butt kicked every now and then this challenge is excellent.  I mean I’ve never known where to start when my house is a complete mess – The challenge actually forces me to focus and get things done in a logical order. It also tackles little jobs that are usually forgotten — for instance, who knew how much grime accumulated between the counter top and cupboard doors.


I’m offering $20 off the course until 26th August! I don’t want anybody to miss out on the opportunity to organise their life and regain control. Day 1 starts Monday 3rd September 

1. Clean ceiling fans

Soon it will be warm enough that we can turn on the ceiling fans to circulate the air.  But before this happens it’s a good idea to give the blades on your ceiling fan a clean to remove all the dust built up on the blades over winter. Yes look up and see all that dust gathered on your fan, dust bunnies!  If not cleaned it will spread over your whole room which may cause allergies and hay-fever.

 Read more: How to clean ceiling fans


2. Clean the kitchen sink

I was away for a few days recently and when I came back the kitchen sink was filthy as it hadn’t been wiped down daily, it’s amazing how the dirt builds up quickly. Did you know that a dirty kitchen sink has more bacteria than the toilet seat… ew.

Clean away any dirt build up around the base of the tap with some paper towel, all purpose cleaner and a toothbrush.  The toothbrush will help to remove any scum.  Use a toothpick to get into hard to reach places.  Clean and buff your sink and taps with a reusable wipe.


3. Clean the dishwasher

After time, the dishwasher can get a build up of food in the drain and get grotty around the door.  Thankfully cleaning the dishwasher isn’t hard work!!

  Read more: How to clean the dishwasher.

4. Clean the shower head

Shower heads are prone to build up of mineral deposits, dust, dirt etc which affects the water pressure and spurts water out in all different directions.  Cleaning the shower head in your regular bathroom cleaning routine will help prevent the build up.

  Read more: How to clean a shower head.

How to clean a shower head

5. Clean behind the fridge

I have to admit that I never cleaned behind my fridge in the old house, it just didn’t occur to me.  But, then when we moved I was horrified, there was so much dust and dirt build up I could have stuffed a teddy bear.  From that day I knew this was one task I would never neglect again.

6. Clean the washing machine

Have you ever washed your washing machine?  Sounds funny but it too collects a lot of dust, dirt and grime, therefore needing a regular clean to ensure your clothes are always clean and smelling fresh. Clean your washing machine to improve its efficiency, removes mould, mildew and grime and any odours.

  Read more: How to clean a washing machine.


7. Disinfect the food disposal

It didn’t take us long in our new house to realise that we needed to regularly clean the food disposal. Drop in a cut up lemon, some ice cubes and half a teaspoon of salt, turn on with running water.  The lemon will deodorise the disposal while the ice and salt will clean the blades.

8. Disinfect your kitchen sponge

The kitchen sponge is also an area where bacteria love to live.  Disinfect your sponge every few days by either popping into in the dishwasher when cleaning the dishes or dampening it and microwaving on high for one minute.

  Read more: How to clean your kitchen sponge and oily brushes.

9. Disinfect the toilet

Whilst we clean the toilet seat and inside the bowl in a regular weekly bathroom clean, under the seat can often be forgotten. It can be a scary place, especially if you have boys as we know their aim can be terrible!

  Read more: How to clean a smelly toilet here.


What is one thing you are not looking forward to cleaning?

This post has been republished, it was originally published 9th September 2016.

I've listed a few things to Spring Clean this weekend, jobs that aren't normally completed in a regular cleaning routine.

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