5 tips to make cleaning up messes easier

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Cleaning is certainly one of those tasks we all dread having to do and I’m always after tips to help make the process quicker. After all, we have better things to do with our time than clean. Here are a few helpful tips to make cleaning up messes easier and less frustrating; they also use budget-friendly products too!

I’ve put together some quick and easy cleaning tips using paper towel. I have used VIVA® Cleaning Towel since they came onto the shelves 15 years go, purely because of its quality and versatility. So much so, one sheet can clean up more than you can think.  The most common place I use a paper towel is in the kitchen. I use it most frequently to clean my stove top when I have made a big mess (you may not know it, but I am a messy cook). I fold one sheet into quarters, spray the surface with my all-purpose cleaner and wipe over the oil splatters using two of the folded sides. I then spray the surface again and wipe with the clean sides to buff the stove and make it shine! One sheet can go so far as it’s ultra absorbent and strong.

VIVA® Cleaning Towels make cleaning easy and you can use them any day for any mess, inside or out, wet or dry. The Tough Wave texture is a unique technology of deep wave-like channels embedded in the sheets that provide all-in-one absorbency, thickness and toughness. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how often you can reach for a sheet as they are so versatile. But they are not just built for the kitchen, you can use VIVA® Cleaning Towel for all messes throughout the house from A to Z.  I’ve teamed up with VIVA® Cleaning Towel to share some helpful cleaning tips with you.

B is for BBQ. To clean up oil splatters and, as VIVA says in the video below, caked on gunk!! I prefer to use paper towel on the BBQ rather than a cloth, as it absorbs oil really well and the wave texture helps to pick up any leftover burnt crumbs.

Keep paper towel nice and close to the BBQ for quick an easy access for cleanups. Just snap the bottom bar of plastic coat hanger and thread on the roll and hang off the BBQ. This is also a great hack for the bathroom to clean up messes and avoid getting makeup over your towels.

E is for erasable markers. Can’t remove the marker from your white board? Sometimes this happens when the erasable markers get old. Use air freshener and paper towel to clean the whiteboard and remove any dried erasable marker ink. The wave texture on the paper towel helps to pick up the dried on ink. Spray the board and wipe, it also helps ‘recondition’ old and dry erase boards.

P is for pet puddles. Use paper towel to absorb up accidents your pets make in the home on both hard floors and carpet. I use VIVA® Cleaning Towel to absorb puddles on carpets. DO NOT RUB the area! Dab/blot with paper towel only to absorb the puddle. Rubbing will damage the carpet pile and can spread the stain further. Plus, catch any leaks in your kitty litter tray by placing paper towel under the plastic lining.  When you pick up the lining you won’t have any surprise drips…. eww. As the paper towel soaks up these drips, it makes this ‘not so nice job’ a little easier.

S is for sticky residue. Struggling to remove a label and can only peel off half? This is a great hack to help remove the leftover sticky label. Blot some eucalyptus oil on a paper towel and wipe the paper towel over the sticky areas. Allow to sit for a few minutes, then peel away the rest of the label. You can also use this method if you find sticky areas on the floors or drips on kitchen cupboards. The eucalyptus easily removes the adhesive, whilst the paper towel lifts the adhesive away from the surface.

T is for taps. Soap scum at the base of taps can be hard to remove. Wrap vinegar soaked paper towel around the taps to help remove any stubborn soap scum build up. I spray the tap with full strength vinegar, wrap the towel around and saturate it in more vinegar. The paper towel is strong and won’t break down. Allow to sit for a few hours and then use a toothbrush to pick up any stubborn scum. You can then use the same sheet to wipe away any of the soap scum.

For more of the VIVA® A-Z of Clean Videos, check out their website to get more of an idea of what messes you can clean up


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