CHALLENGE – Throw away 10 things cluttering your kitchen

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Do you have way too many ‘things’ cluttering up your kitchen?


Do you have:

  • crockery that you haven’t used for years
  • mismatched mugs or cups
  • Lids in the Tupperware cupboard that have no ‘mates’
  • A few too many utensils that you haven’t used for over 12 months
  • Appliances that are rarely used
  • Used batteries
  • Too many cookbooks
  • Cleaning supplies that don’t get used

I put this challenge to you: throw away 10 things cluttering your kitchen.

Here’s what I have thrown out recently, I love decluttering. (Note: Throw away = give to charity, sell or put in bin.)

  • Kids old cutlery, upgraded to big peoples forks
  • Old wooden skewers
  • Appliance – milkshake maker
  • Small slow cooker which I replaced with a banquet size
  • Containers that I haven’t used for years
  • Old Cookbooks – I love my online sites now
  • Expired Medicines
  • Old potato masher, double up (love my Tupperware one, which I was sad to hear has been discontinued)
  • Tongs, I had 1 too many
  • Rock melon scoop which I haven’t used within the last 12 months.

Comment below letting me know what you have thrown away.  You may find that it’s hard to stop at 10!


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