Throw away 10 – Office Drawer

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Today’s challenge, throw 10 things away from the top office drawer.  The drawer that has too many rubber bands, staples that have fallen out of the box, old pens, broken pencils, one to many notepads.  You can do it, and while you’re at it, try organising it back into some order.

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My list of 10 items:

  1. Little staple pieces
  2. Old tupperware demonstrator stamp
  3. Rubberbands
  4. Dried up blue-tak
  5. Broken staple removerer
  6. Moved 2 extra sharpeners to the ‘school supplies box’
  7. Old pencil case
  8. I have 1 x new p-touch (label machine) tape if anybody would like it.
  9. Pieces of plastic wrapping
  10. Dust and dirt, gave it a good clean

I would love to hear what you have thrown away in the comment below!

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annette March 31, 2012 - 10:18 AM

As a rule of thumb and an effort to keep law and order in my drawers – I throw out 10% of its content if I am having a tidy up, and 20% if I am having a clean out. Makes a difference and always means there’s enough room for anything new to add or old to rebirth!! If you tell yourself you can’t add anything new til you move something out it’s a good mindset to have when you shop as you then work on buying NEEDS and not WANTS 🙂 Works for me !!

Gaye Susanne Murphy March 31, 2012 - 11:51 AM

No longer in use phone charging cables, fluoro orange half used avery label sheet, old sticky notelets that had lost their stickiness, little staple bits – assorted sizes, ruined paperclips, old staple box – I consolidated 2 half used boxes into one box, a plastic bag – it had contained refill inks, a dummy?!, 3 handmade cards that I’d given to my hubby – they’re going into the “usual” place he puts them & a fan balancing kit…

Regan March 31, 2012 - 1:50 PM

Two old printer cartridges (why would I keep them?), Backspace key from old old computer (?), bank card from an old account, deposit slip, old phone cover, photos (filed not thrown away), letter from 2008, old glasses cleaning thingy covered from ink from said printer cartridges, Pantene 3 minute miracl treatment moved to bathroom – as you would.

Esther Lourens March 31, 2012 - 4:38 PM

Blow up balloons and give to children to play with; jewelry to box; watch in handbag to get new battery – but I don’t wear it, so rather “out”; old notes in recycle paper bin; mooncup pamphlet to above said bin; old slides – to scrapbook box; toothmouse letters to be scanned; flute to music box; pens sorted; dust and disrt. One drawer ready to be packed for the big move south.

Anna Brown February 25, 2014 - 11:25 PM

3 old computer mouses, copious staples, cds that are in the wrong place now rehomed correctly, photos for a project now put back into photo box, receipts that are now in tax folder, glasses cases, dymo machine and tapes half finished of course, business cards that i’d collected thinking i’d need them but actually but them into a business card holder, old mobile phones old desk calendars. This inspired me to clean out my home office too which is 3/4 done. Feeling very pleased with myself. Thanks for the push xx

Alyson October 14, 2016 - 10:13 AM

This was so helpful – just the right sized task so that I could actually accomplish it:
3 rubber erasers that had dried out and smudged pink instead of actually erasing; batteries that may or may not still work (have grouped them all together now to either test later, or just recycle and start fresh); numerous loose screws and tacks; colorful marker caps that I thought I’d use for art projects; boxes of matches that no longer had enough texture for the matches to ignite when struck against; postage stamps that were getting crumpled and ruined but now can be saved; 4 (!) pairs of scissors; handfuls of pens and pencils, which I honed down to three of each (and will take the rest to work, which is where I probably accidentally got them from in the first place). Thank you so much for this helpful nudge!!!


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