Throw away 10 – Office Drawer

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Today’s challenge, throw 10 things away from the top office drawer.  The drawer that has too many rubber bands, staples that have fallen out of the box, old pens, broken pencils, one to many notepads.  You can do it, and while you’re at it, try organising it back into some order.

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My list of 10 items:

  1. Little staple pieces
  2. Old tupperware demonstrator stamp
  3. Rubberbands
  4. Dried up blue-tak
  5. Broken staple removerer
  6. Moved 2 extra sharpeners to the ‘school supplies box’
  7. Old pencil case
  8. I have 1 x new p-touch (label machine) tape if anybody would like it.
  9. Pieces of plastic wrapping
  10. Dust and dirt, gave it a good clean

I would love to hear what you have thrown away in the comment below!

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