How to declutter your kitchen benchtop

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

The kitchen bench can be a dumping ground for so many things such as junk mail,  handbag, kids ‘things’ and just stuff in general.  These items tend to make a home there and never get removed leaving your kitchen looking untidy and cluttered.

Let’s remove all this clutter so when you look at your kitchen you feel as though you are on the path to becoming organised.  You will need:

How to declutter your kitchen benchtop

  1. Return all kitchen items such as cutlery, saucepans, mixing bowls into the cupboards.
  2. Put kitchen appliances that you don’t use frequently back into the cupboards.
  3. Grab the laundry basket or garbage bag and remove all rubbish.  Don’t forget to recycle.
  4. Empty rubbish into outside bin.
  5. Return all other items back to their home.
  6. Give the benches and laundry basket a wipe down with the cloth and all-purpose cleaner.
  7. If your feeling very energetic, wipe down your cupboard doors as well.

Create a new home for your junk mail, either goes directly into the trash…or see these ideas HERE.

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