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My kids are now on school holidays, it was such a long term for little kids.  So I am going to take a break from the blog this week to spend time with them.  But don’t worry I have scheduled in plenty of great reading for you!!

Today I am posting some wonderful reader tips, thankyou ladies for sharing them.  If you have a tip you would like to share, please email them through to me.

Kylie –

Hi ladies,
I have just come across this site and love it already. I am a labeler and have labels on linen cupboard, kitchen cupboards, large draws inside pantry, camping crates, metal shelving units in shed etc etc.

One thing I do that i haven’t noticed mentioned on here is make my kids (4 of them) lunches up in advance and freeze them. They are put into snap seal bags and written on with waterproof Nikko pen and the air ‘sucked’ out to create a vacuum seal effect.

Ingredients that I have had success freezing are:
Egg and Mayonaise
Ham (with cheese/chutney/pickles/dijon etc)
Tuna/Salmon and Mayonaise
Spreads – jam, vegemite, nutella, cream cheese, peanut butter, creamed spreadable honey.

I hope this helps some of you who, like me, hate making the sandwiches in the morning with the busy rush.

Ali –

When my laundry pile is like a mountain I invite my sister over for a coffee and she helps me fold my washing, I’m happy to do the same for her.  Multitasking at it’s best!!

Carmen –

I like to put my bundle of sheets into a pillow case, they tend to keep together well then. xo

Leisha –

Hi Katrina – on the idea of budget recipes, we too are trying to keep costs down at present.  I came across this blog this morning and thought you might like it:  Sandra is trying to feed a family of 4 for $60/wk.  She has some really creative recipes.  The usual fall back recipes in our house are ones that use up all the remaining f&v like soups (Pumpkin, minestrone etc), quiche, fried rice, stir fries and tacos.  I dice everything super small so it is not seen by the kids.  Tacos have celery in the mince mix,chopped carrot and cucumber are a topping.  Fried rice also has diced celery and cabbage in the mix and I use golden syrup instead of soy sauce if we have none.

Carol –

I’ve heard that putting soft teddies overnight (bagged) in the freezer helps reduce dust mites as well. Might be worth a try! Thanks for all your tips too. Very helpful.

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Erin April 18, 2011 - 7:52 AM

On the topic of freezing… The Jeanswest website recommends putting your jeans in the freezer to remove germs and smells, rather than frequent washing.

Penny April 18, 2011 - 9:19 AM

sunning your mattress helps to eliminate dustmites also.

Julie April 18, 2011 - 1:02 PM

Wow thanks for the reminder – freezing meals & lunches is how i survived being a FT working mum before number 3 came along then really bad morning sickness!! – my favourites were ones that I could heat n eat (DH never liked the texture of potato pasta or rice that had been frozen so I would cook halvsies(half dinner) then freeze for future use
I would cook double bolognaise, then when using the frozen half I would only have to cook the spaghetti
I would make double meat/veg base of shepheard/cottage pie, then when using the halvsie i would just top with potato (even deb!)

Obviously you can make bigger triple/4x/5x batches to portion and freeze depending on freezer

It basically gave me a ‘head start’ after a busy day – also good for browned meat, ‘butterfly’or cut up a roasted chook,
stewed apple for sweets, herb & raw egg mix for quiches,I have even premade ham & cheese toasties/tuna melts for dinner

Can also sit in the fridge overnight (I would often get home at 5:45pm make dinner for 6:10 then kids in bed at 7:15 & 7:30, then sort out the next night’s dinner afterwards…
Some dishes are even better the next day (curries, lasagna, ..)
On the subject of alternative uses of the freezer:

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