Idea’s to occupy yourself during State of Origin

Tomorrow is the night that most men and some women go manic over the football. Something called State of Origin is on???  Lol, Ok, I am so not a footy fan (nor is my hubby), I more than likely will be happily watching one of my favourite TV shows while pottering away on the laptop.

However, I am thinking of all the State of Origin widows wondering what you will be doing while your other half is glued to the TV.  Here is a list of suggestions of things you can do while sitting with him, therefore still spending time together:

  • On the laptop:
    • go through your unread emails
    • clean up your contacts folder
    • download photo’s and sort into folders by year and date
    • clean up your Internet explorer favourites folder
  • Go through old cookbook magazines, rip out recipes you want to keep and organise as suggested HERE
  • Project Life
  • Organise photos
  • Clean your jewellery
  • Paint your nails
  • Place all your scrapbooking layouts into albums
  • Declutter your handbag
  • Write out a list of things you need to do around the house, To-Do List available HERE
  • Read a magazine
  • Read a book
  • Go through your home phone/mobile and delete any irrelevant phone numbers
  • Organise receipts ready for tax season
  • Organise a pile of paper clutter
  • Ironing
  • Fold Washing

What will you be doing during the State of Origin?

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