Clever home hacks that will save you time, money, and leave you a little impressed at the ingenuity of hairspray, WD40, lemon and wine!

I was listening to the radio recently and they had a segment with listeners calling in sharing their best home hacks.  One of them was that that hairspray can be used to remove ink from clothing! Whilst I am yet to try this clever hack, I do find clever cleaning and time-savings tips like this so fascinating.

There are so many quirky and clever home hints out there, which inspired me to do a call out to my Facebook community to hear what your best home hacks are, and my goodness there were some clever tips! I simply had to share them with all, so sit back and prepare to be duly impressed.

When The Kids Get A Little Too Creative

The writing is on the wall: “Baby wipes to remove crayon from paintwork. It’s brilliant.” – Catherine C.

And still on the wall: “Use Aerogard (might have the same properties as hairspray) for texta on walls.” – Christy S.

…and on the glass too: “Magic eraser is fantastic for getting crayon and pencil off paint. Hand sanitiser is terrific for getting permanent marker off glass or laminate.” – Meran B.

Chewing gum gone rogue: “Gum on clothing? – place baking paper over gum, iron briefly … gum sticks to paper – repeat a few times and it should all come off.” – Jennifer H.

Blu Tack hack: “WD40 to get Blu Tack off clothing! My daughter is obsessed with Blu Tack!” – Sharon P.

Uniforms like new: “Hairspray on a paint covered school uniform worked for us. After spraying hairspray I dabbed with a slightly damp chux and the shirt was as good as new!” – Michelle M.

When hairspray fails: “DS wrote in think black marker on his jumper. Hairspray did not work. I used hand sanitiser. Washed and reapplied sanitiser and marks all gone.” – Paul-Tammy N.

A tried and tested approach: “My mum always used Exit Soap, and now I do too! It gets EVERYTHING out of the kid’s clothes – pen, chocolate, even blood! I swear by it.” – Sally K.

Best laundry stain remover ever

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Pen-free leather: “Cooking oil removes pen from leather… put a bit on a paper towel & rub. Also we brush our teeth in the shower in the morning lol don’t have to clean the sink.” – Carol C.

Sticky icky: “Eucalyptus oil to get off sticky stuff & remove permanent marker.” – Sharon A.

For The Kids – Big Or Small

Goodbye insect stings: “I guess this is kind of a home hack – hand sanitiser takes the pain and sting out of insect bites! Learnt this camping but could work with kids at home in the backyard.” – Eliza W.

Stuck zippers: “Spray windex cleaner on zippers that are stuck. I did this to my sons jacket who got the material stuff in the teeth and it came unstuck instantly.” – Amanda K.

House Cleaning Hacks

Goodbye animal hair: “I wear a plastic glove with a little water on it and wipe it along the carpet and the dog or cat hair or even human hair comes up into a ball making it easier to remove.” – Robyn B.

No more chemicals: “Half water and half vinegar as a bench top spray and is amazing for cleaning windows and mirrors!” – Alexandra T.

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Homemade recipe or all purpose cleaner

Clean cups: “Milton to remove tea stains from mugs.” – Kim E.

…and kettle too: “If your kettle is looking a little discoloured inside boil it with some lemon wedges and leave it sit over night. Cleans up like new.” – Wendy R.

Wine fixes everything: “White wine poured over red wine makes it disappear on fabric.” – Robyn T.

Remove oil and sticky sap: “Dishwashing liquid removes oily marks from clothing (squirt a bit on, rub with your finger to emulsify then wash as per normal). Hand sanitiser removes sticky sap from skin (great for after gardening!).” – Viki K.

Clean floors in half the time: “Bissell Crosswave has saved me heaps of time on hard floors as it vacuums & mops at same time.” – Colleen B.

Sparkling showers: “I used a lemon cut in half to clean shower screens it works great just rub it all over and rinse.” – Elizabeth B.

Tar-less car: “Spray bottle with 1/3 fabric softener and 2/3 water is the best bug and tar remover ever for vehicles.” – Susan B.

Hairspray hacks: “Hairspray absolutely works!! I asked about removing texta & marker from clothing on a cleaning facebook page & was told to use hairspray. You need to saturate it with the hairspray & rub it vigorously to get it out. All of my kids school uniforms look like new again! It’s amazing.” – Clare T.

Clean car, walls & shower: “WD40 gets spray paint off the car. Hairspray gets ink off hard surfaces (never tried it on fabric so I’m keen to see if that works). I use toilet duck bleach on my shower grout sometimes… easy to apply and works fast.” – Ondine L.

Tough cleaning (with natural ingredients!): “I’m a huge fan of products that only require water or ones that have no chemicals in them. I got a few Scrub Daddy sponges a while ago and they’re awesome! I can clean my bathroom, pots and pans, and even my walls with just water!” – Sarah S.

Household cleaning essentials

Smell like a daisy: “Dryer sheets in drawers to keep clothes smelling fresh. Keep a few in the car too.” – Tammy C.

Reach new heights: “I use my spray mop to clean my walls. No climbing up ladders and I can do all of my 9ft walls in my house in under 30mins.” – Adele K.

Keep It Simple

Less is more: “Less junk in home, less to clean. Teach the kids to help pack up and put clothes away from a really young age.” – Naomi C.

No folding (oh I love this one!): “I’m a single mum. All wardrobes in my house are cube storage and boxes from Bunnings. No folding, just put in the right box, kids boxes are labeled and they put their clean clothes away. Toys box is all cube storage, and the entertainment unit and kitchen pantry. Everything is cube storage, life is simple.” – Mariam A.

Cube storage for kids room, clothing and toys

No more lost socks: “To save losing socks to the dreaded drier gremlin, I put them through the wash/dry cycle INSIDE a delicates bag! Everyone in the house gets one, they go into the bag in pairs, they come out in pairs! HA, take that drier gremlin!!!” – Sarah L.

Hanging hack: “Hang shirts on hangers to dry then just put them straight into the wardrobe.” – Beryl P.

When you don’t feel like cooking: “If you wait long enough to make dinner, everyone will just eat cereal!!” – LeLe L.

Think outside the box: “I painted my fridge with blackboard paint, now it gets used as a message board and I write what we are having for dinner on it, stops the “what’s for dinner” whine.” – Sarah S.

TIP: Another option for easy meal planning on the fridge is to pick up a Magnetic Meal Planner. These can be wiped clean at the end of the week, ready for the next week’s dinner diary.

Magnetic meal planner for easy dinner planning

Routine, Routine, Routine

Slow and steady wins the race: “Clean one room/type of room each day. Mondays I clean bathrooms. Tuesdays we do bedrooms. Etc. I also wash, dry, fold and put away one load of laundry each day so it doesn’t have time to pile up. If it takes less than 5 minutes to do, I do it immediately vs waiting to do it.” – Chrissy P.

Just do it: “If it takes less than a minute or two … do it straight away eg file paperwork, fold a basket of laundry etc.” – Jodie R.

Get motivated: “The scent of Orange essential oil is uplifting and invigorating. If you are feeling unmotivated, put some in your oil burner to kick start you!” – Maria W.

Get motivated to clean with essential oils

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Relaxing night: “Do it all in the morning so you have the rest of the day to chill.” – Jess M.

…or relaxing mornings: “Evening routine, to set you up for a calm start in the morning. Dishes done, lunches made, clothes selected and bags packed. Diary checked.” – Janet B

And When All Else Fails…

Find a time machine: “Don’t have kids or a husband or a pet…” – Leah T.

Get sneaky: “Hide all your husband’s dirty socks that don’t make it into the laundry hamper. He learns real quick to start throwing them in there.” – Simply M.

Hire help: “Get a cleaner… that’s the only thing that saves me time!” – Katrina E.

What’s your best home hack?

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Clever home hacks from readers

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melisa July 16, 2020 - 7:25 AM

Thanks for your wonderful article.
I will translate your article into Persian soon and publish it on my blog. ( )

Roz July 16, 2020 - 7:35 AM

I have just read here that hand sanitizer removes permanent marker from glass and laminate so I tried it on plastic toy crates that had been labelled over 15 years ago – and it worked like magic!! I used a foam hand sanitizer and it came off soooo easily!
My hairdresser told me to use hairspray for hair dye on clothes – spray on as soon as possible then into the wash – works with biro too.
Exit soap has been my standby for most of my married life.
Thanks for this article!

Katrina - The Organised Housewife July 16, 2020 - 2:39 PM

Roz this is fabulous to hear! I am so impressed that the hand sanitiser removed the permanent marker after all that time. Thank you for your hairspray tip too! Great to know 🙂

Rachel August 5, 2020 - 6:34 PM

Hi Roz, that’s amazing. Thanks for sharing your experience. Gotta’ try this as well.

Tasha August 5, 2020 - 6:29 PM

Hi Kat, Tasha here, one of you die-hard followers. Thanks for taking your time compiling all these amazing hacks – I find it super helpful. Also, I’m curious about hand sanitizers for insect bites, would probably try when I get the chance.

Katrina - The Organised Housewife August 6, 2020 - 1:25 PM

Glad these hacks were helpful 🙂

Tasha August 5, 2020 - 6:51 PM

Hi Kat, the dishwasher trick on greasy clothes is actually quite handy since most of the time our table rug is always greasy.

United Facility January 18, 2022 - 4:14 PM

Thank you for the wonderful content. I really enjoyed it a lot.


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