Back to School: Routines

Can you believe that school will be starting back in nearly 3 weeks (QLD starts 24th Jan), I’m sure this time will fly, or may go ever so slowly if the kids are playing up :).  Are you ready, have you purchased all book supplies, shoes, socks, have you started covering the school books, ooh that evil contact.

Today, is the beginning of a series of back to school posts.  I do apologise to all my readers that don’t have kids going to school, however please read as you may find some information useful for kindy, uni or work.

Create morning and afternoon routines

I have previously posted about our morning routine chart and afternoon routine chart.  Click links or pictures to take you to those posts.

Rainbow--Morning-Routine-Chart-in-Frame These charts have worked very well for us since the twins started their first year in Prep, they are now going into Grade 3 with our youngest starting Grade 1.  We have now made a rule of no TV in the mornings, which has stopped them from rushing their tasks and they are always ready on time.

I have blu-tac’d them to the wall of their toy room easy for them to use as a guide.

Personalised routine charts are also available.

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