Easter Craft Ideas

School holidays start next week for Queensland.  So I have a week before Easter to fill with fun for the kids.  I have found some great easter craft ideas that I know my kids will enjoy.

Egg Crowns from Sweet Paul |  Mini Cotton Ball bunnies from Busy Bee Kids Crafts.com

Chick cupcakes from Betty Crocker  |  Bunny cupcakes from Farm Goods for Kids Blog

Cotton-tail Cupcakes from Created by Diane  |  Bunny Butt Cake from Betty Crocker

Easter Bunny Suckers from The Mother Huddle  |  Yarn Egg Wreath from The Sweet Survival

Chocolate holders from Teachers Mouse Pad  |  Easter bunny box gifts from Sarah’s Ink Spot Blog

Easter Paper Craft Printable from Easter Colouring  |  Colouring Eggs from Outnumbered

What is your favourite Easter craft activity to do with the kids?

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