How to set up your School File Box

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Keeping your childs artwork, documents and awards is important. Let’s set up a school file box as your future self is going to THANK YOU for it! 

A school file box is a great way to keep and organise all the important school paperwork and special mementos. Kids bring home so many things in the school year, from paperwork, artwork and special awards, so it essential and easier to have somewhere to store everything. The school file box system is one I implemented when my kids first started school. I always say your future self is going to thank yourself for taking the time to organise. Here I am 14 years later so grateful I took the time to do this. 

With three kids I had a lot of things to file so each child had a file box of their own. Kids bring home so much and these boxes help you to choose the important pieces so you have everything organised.  

Let’s create your kids a school years file box, ready for when they bring home art work, filled school books, certificates, photos and more. 


Look for a box that is specially created to hold 15+ suspension files. We have this one pictured above at Organised HQ.  It does not come with the files, I’ve detailed below where you can find them. 


You can personalise the School Years Memory Box by adding your child’s name to the front. You can purchase personalised name labels here. There are selections of  fonts and colours for you to choose from too!


The School File Box does not come with suspension files. I bought and have added suspension files to the file box to seperate each category.  

There are a few places you can buy suspension files from:

  • Officeworks – these are the ones I use, Foolscap Suspension Files and they sell these suspension files as well for a great price. 
  • Kmart – suspension files however these are not as sturdy as the ones I use but great value for money. 
  • Big W – suspension files, however, I have not used these but they look similar to what I use, they appear sturdy, I really like the colour and they are a great price.


Labelled the tab of each file, which makes it organised and easy to file everything away. I created the labels with my Dymo label maker, or you could handwrite the labels on tabs that come with most suspension files. I have labelled the tabs:

  • Prep – Year 12
  • Certificates
  • Reports
  • Photos
  • Sports
  • Other

This school file box will be your go to year after year, setting it up now will make it easier at the end of the year when the kids bring home all their school books.

How do you store your children’s keepsakes and important paperwork from school?



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