A-Z Essential Oil Usage Guide

I am slowly putting together this guide, listing the extensive and therapeutic properties of each of the Essential Oils I have been using along with remedies and benefits for health, beauty and around the home. Including lots of information about their common applications, properties and fragrance!

Essential oils are not all the same, each oil has its own unique fragrance, properties, benefits and individual characteristics. One may have high antiseptic value or one may help to relieve headaches. It’s important to learn and understand the characteristics and benefits of each essential oil. Search through the list below to find information about each essential oil.

Funny fact: I used to really dislike Lavender Oil, I couldn’t stand the smell it reminded me of my Nanna’s drawer liners.  However, after learning about the benefits and therapeutic values I worked out ways to be able to use it. You may be surprised over time how your body adjusts and it’s more than likely that an oil you couldn’t stand the smell of months ago may be one of your favourites now. This is why I discourage people from buying oils based purely on the smell from the bottle on the day they smell them. Personally, I think it’s way better to choose an oil or blend based on its therapeutic values. If when you get it, you don’t love the smell, use it on your feet or add another oil with it in your diffuser. That way you still get all the benefits with no lingering pong.