Honey To-Do List

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

This ‘Honey To-Do List’ notepad will provide a helpful hint to your partner or loved one, of the little jobs that need doing around the home. 

Do you find yourself nagging your partner to get things done around the house?

I created a digital version of this last year, you asked for it to be in notepad for and I’m so excited to share with you our NEW ‘Honey To-Do List’ notepad. It serves as an oh-so-subtle reminder to your other half to do those jobs that they seem to magically forget as soon as you’ve asked! Life gets busy so, to avoid going stir-crazy with the constant reminders aka nagging, I honestly believe that creating to-do lists will create a flow in the home and keep you sane!

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The ‘Honey To-Do List’ notepad has:

  • 3 priority boxes for the urgent jobs.
  • A list of tasks you can handwrite in, which you or your partner tick off for the satisfaction of knowing there’s one less job to be done!
  • A section “Things for Fix” for those jobs that need to stand out a bit more.
  • An empty section for you to fill in with things like dinner ideas, appointments, reminder to call…
  • A little Thank You at the bottom of the page that will will be a reminder to your Honey that they’re appreciated. 

What’s the one big task that you need your ‘honey’ to do around your house?



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Leah September 14, 2021 - 9:03 AM

Love the idea “Honey” to do list, do you have the same list without “Honey”, I found similar but not the same format. We do it all as a family. Thanks


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