Amanda’s Story: How to stay organised with 2 kids under 2!

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Thank you to reader Amanda for sharing her thriving at home story.

When I had my first baby I was 28, I know not that old probably the average age, but by that stage of my life I had really come to a certain routine, a level of organisation & order about life. So of course the biggest thing I struggled with once my first daughter was born was that loss of control of life, the need to change the strict structure routine to a more go with the flow baby’s needs first lifestyle! Especially after having an emergency Caesarian and not being allowed to (or able to, yes I tried when I shouldn’t have! & suffered for it!) clean or lift things! Keep reading for my How to stay organised with 2 kids under 2 tips which will help you prepare for the day ahead and have a sense of control.

How to stay organised with 2 kids under 2

I have shared my top tips on How to stay organised with 2 kids under 2 below, this makes for a smooth morning when everyone’s feeling tired from the night or not quite perked up yet!

How to stay organised with 2 kids under 2!

The night before

Things that helped me feel prepared for the day ahead & gave me some sense of control and power over the unknown was doing 20 minutes of preparing the night before:

  • lay out fresh clean flannels at every feeding station around the house (for burping & wiping up milk spills from breastfeeding) at the coffee table, next to my bed & next to the feeding chair in nursery.
  • I’d check to see that all the nappies & wipes were stocked up ready to go.
  • I’d lay out my cup, plate & utensils ready for breakfast, fill the kettle & all my water bottles & put them at my feeding stations
  • I’d lay out my clothes & babies clothes ready for the following day.

Then as I was able to I’d also:

  • give the floor a quick swish (like a big broom but with a soft fibre head) only takes like two minutes but so nice to walk out in the morning to a neat looking floor
  • make sure the dishwasher was full & put on & wash any pots & knives that can’t go in washer so there was no dishes on the sink the following day
  • check that there was something defrosting for dinner the next night.

At afternoon nap time

I’m lucky that my children have both been fairly consistent with the length of daytime naps so in the two hours I knew I had for the afternoon nap I’d:

  • chop veggies for dinner
  • make up sauces or marinades or alike so all I had to do was throw things into pans or oven later during the witching hours!
  • then I’d always allow myself 30 minutes to have a nap or have a cuppa in peace or watch some TV solo to refresh my patience & on those days where the naps were guaranteed is do this first then do whatever housework or cooking I had to once I’d had my patience refreshed with some me time or sleep!

Now that I have two kids (two under two) who are now 2yrs & 8mths I do things like:

  • lay out pjs & nappies for everyone during the afternoon nap
  • ensure I’m dinner ready
  • have some me time

After dinner

After dinner I send the kids into the shower with hubby & I:

  • do the dishes, stack & start the dishwasher
  • put all dirty clothes away in piles ready for washing
  • put rubbish outside into bins
  • lay out clothes for everyone (except hubby he can do his own ????)
  • look at my meal plan for breakfast & lunch for the following day and ensure I’ve got everything there & lay out cutlery & plates etc, fill kettle
  • give the floor a swish
  • pick up toys & put them away


Through the new series ‘Helping mums thrive at home‘ I will be sharing my stories and tips, but I would love to read and share yours as well, just like Melinda’s. I am positive those who are feeling out of control at the moment will find some comfort and help reading how other mums have managed to get through these times, be it that you struggled too or you found one simple tip made a difference or you found a way to manage from the beginning. Your story and tips can make a big difference to another mum. Please email me your story or tips.

helping mums thrive at homeThis post is a part of The Organised Housewife’s guide to help mums thrive at home series.  You can view all other posts in the series here.

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Julia K September 17, 2015 - 9:14 AM

I was a full time working mum with my first baby. I went back to work when he was only 10 weeks old.
After a particularly nasty nappy incident one morning (all over my work clothes – yuck !!) – I soon learned to change the order in which I did things in the mornings. I would give the baby his morning feed, change him and pop him back into his cot for an early nap. Then I’d have my shower, do my hair and make-up, and get PARTLY dressed. I’d put on my underwear, stockings, even jewelry, then put a short dressing gown/robe on. I’d then do the rest of my morning tasks, dishes / beds etc and get everything in the car ready to go. At the last moment – I’d put the baby in the car and then race back into the house to put my suit / dress on.
Sounds a bit crazy – but hey – it worked !

Amanda Palmer September 17, 2015 - 11:30 AM

Wow you published my tips I’m so star struck! Thanks Kat! Xx

Kate - Kat's Assistant September 17, 2015 - 11:33 AM

Hi Amanda, I am so very grateful to you for sharing your tips and being able to help other mums who may be struggling. Thank you so very much x

Jessica September 18, 2015 - 10:37 AM

Thanks so much for this Amanda! I have three under three (toddler and 10 month old twins) and I struggle to keep my head above water. When they go to bed at night I just want to flop on the couch because I’m drained. I’ll try and set up for the day ahead of time and see if that helps me 🙂

Amanda Palmer September 18, 2015 - 11:34 AM

Wow three little ones I’m in Awe! I guarantee your doing a brilliant job even though you don’t always feel it! I hope you’ll find it helps! I just found having control over the things I knew were a given helped my morning! Your guaranteed to need clothes for everyone, breakfast & bits to make breastfeeding easier! Love to know how you went! Make sure you let us know if it helped for a smoother day! Xx

Hannah September 18, 2015 - 11:02 AM

Hi Amanda, just wanted to say that I wish I could’ve read your tips earlier! You’re doing an awesome job! I also gave birth to my first daughter at 28 and 16 months later, our second daughter arrived. They’re a little older now but I’m still struggling to keep on top of things! Although I don’t have the luxury of a 2 hour nap anymore, I’ll definitely take your tips on board. Thanks for sharing!

Amanda Palmer September 18, 2015 - 11:41 AM

Thank you! I’m feeling so proud & elated that Kat published my email! I’m not looking forward to the day my oldest starts refusing day sleeps! That little bit of quiet & space really fuels me up for the witching hours before bedtime! I like to try get breakfast bits ready the night before now that mine are both eating breakfasts, I chop my nuts for on top of my porridge, weigh out my oats in thermo & shut the lid (leave them dry).
I love Kats tips on washing days the weathers a bit hit & miss where we are for drying but having a bit of a routine has helped! I couldn’t believe the extra washing going from three people to four in the household! Xx

Julia K September 19, 2015 - 7:57 PM

Hey Amanda,
Just a hint for when your little man starts resisting the afternoon nap – when my kids were getting to this stage – I ramped up the morning exercise. Usually this meant a walk to the post office (about 2 km return) – but it did the trick. All four of my children were having afternoon naps up until they went to school.
I even looked after a friend’s child and she said he didn’t sleep during the day – he did here 🙂 I used to take both my son and my friend’s son to playgroup, then they’d come home and have an hour or so playing outside in the sandpit. I’d then give them a quick bath – we’d have lunch and a story and then NAP time. My friend was amazed – but the exercise and the routine seemed to do the trick.
You sound really organised and I enjoyed reading your post.

Chloe September 18, 2015 - 4:36 PM

I don’t have the naps. I have a four year gap between my girls. I wish I had enforced a quiet time where she had to stay on her bed and read or puzzle etc. That is my tip going forward for you guys with very little ones. I feel like I never get that little head settle. We are all doing an amazing job. The fact we are trying to improve means we are great parents. I would recommend doing kats 20 day challenge. It helped me a lot.

Katrina - The Organised Housewife September 18, 2015 - 5:16 PM

Thank you Chloe for the recommendation of the 20 Day challenge. My son stopped napping when he was 3 and I tried with all my might to keep him in his room for quite time, eventually after repetitiveness (just walking him back to his room and whispering it’s quiet time, stay in your room) he finally understood and happily played with his toys and books in his bedroom while his sisters slept. I cherished this time to potter around the house.

Chele and Maye September 30, 2015 - 11:13 PM

Always keep a nappy bag packed! Its so hard to get out the door somedays so I found it easier to make sure I always had a bag packed so I just needed to grab the bare essentials and go.

Louise July 5, 2016 - 8:29 PM

I done most of this and still do with being back at work it’s most important I get stuff ready the night before otherwise I’d never leave the house before midday.
I had 3 under the age of 2 (twins and 16 month year old)
Now the twins are 3 oldest is 4
Best advise to any busy mum is being organised and the rest will follow

Laura December 18, 2016 - 4:56 PM

This is great a have a baby boy that is 12 months old and expecting the second one in may… so they will be 1 year and 5 months apart!
This is great!

I need help geting my one year old out of my bed!! Would love to do it before baby 2 arrives
Any tips???

Fathima January 4, 2017 - 5:42 AM

I have 2 kids..elder one 2 and half years old. Second one 8 months.. I don’t go for work anymore. None of my planning works here. They are always out of the box.

Savannah Baker October 24, 2018 - 2:33 AM

My son was 2.5 before his brother was born, so we had a little bit more of a gap between ours, but these tips definitely still come in handy now (with my youngest being over a year old). Doing the dishes at night is something I’m really becoming more serious about because it makes the next day SO much better. Not much worse than waking up to a kitchen full of dirty dishes.

Katrina - The Organised Housewife October 24, 2018 - 9:36 AM

I totally agree, waking up to a clean kitchen is amazing!


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