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{Reader tips} Laundry, bills and storing clothes

Thankyou to lovely reader Malinda for sending in the following tips

I have small baskets for each person that I put folded clothes in and then they go to the person’s room…even if it takes an extra day to get put in drawers they are out of the way…and not my responsibility anymore haha {image credit}

Another idea is to do all bill paying online on one day…setting up bills to be paid in advance…i used to do it on a friday, but now work that day so now do it on a Thursday…

Another idea is having a nappy box or similar in kids cupboard to automatically put clothes that are too small into. Then the box can go straight into a storage area.

I must say I love your blog. I have picked up quite a few ideas from it…but I am surprised at how organised I really am…with two small kids and another on the way and part time work.

Thanks, Malinda

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  • I tried that – a basket for each of my girls folded clothes. I put them in their rooms but they just use the clothes out of the basket and never put them away. (sighs!)ReplyCancel

  • I’ve started a ‘second chance basket’ – each night I pick up what has been left on floor, show it to the Darlings who soon rush to put everything away before Mummy tosses it out! Working a treat!ReplyCancel

  • Helen

    I do this… only 4 in our family, but it makes folding so much easier – a basket for each person. Then, if I don’t get to put away the night of folding I put them in the bedrooms and I can easily find clothes for my tots and hubby, until I put them away. Hubby is currently at two baskets though – coz he won’t put his clothes away. lolReplyCancel

  • Organization in the home is important because it corresponds to a saving of time. If we spend a little time to organize and plan, certainly in the future we will save time, we can do more things and we can make them better!ReplyCancel

  • I’m trying the baskets theory on my family. Lets see who in my family is willing to chip in and help by putting their own stuff away instead of expecting me to do it. I didn’t realise they were living in a hotel. LOLReplyCancel

  • The baskets are a great idea, I have 6 children and often we will have a “folding party” If I havent had time to get the daily mountain of clean clothes folded. The baskets would make it much easier for them to put their things away.ReplyCancel

  • Brenda

    I do a similar thing, however I use some of the reusable shopping bags. They take up less space and are easier to carry upstairs together :)ReplyCancel

  • Janine

    Folding washing is never a problem i fold as it comes off the line… and i have a basket for each bedroom, however… the putting away part has me flummoxed… i think we have too many clothes!ReplyCancel

  • Chan

    I stumbled across this and love this idea for the kids I work with! BTW, love most of your ideas!ReplyCancel

  • I have the individual baskets too, love them! Mine fold up flat though, the thought was that I could put them away between washing… yeah, that doesn’t happen… At the moment I put most of the washing away, my son can, but is hopeless at keeping it folded neatly so I redo it most of the time and my daughter is just too young, but it still makes it easier as I keep filling them until all the washing is done and then only have to do one trip to their rooms to put them away. It’s good for ours too as I can throw the whole basket in the cupboard and shut the door when people are coming over 😉

    • kimberly

      hi meredith, where did u find folding baskets? :-)ReplyCancel

  • Carly Green

    I have set up a seperate account that is linked to all my other accounts & has a visa debit card attached. I worked out all my bills weekly & transfer that amount. I also track my electricity usage (weekly) to ensure i am putting aside correct amounts. I have all my bills direct debited out of that one account. I never get overdue fees anymore & get a 11% discount on my next electricity bill each qtr as its always paid on time. It took me a while to learn how to manage our finances better but i am so glad i did.ReplyCancel

    • Suzanne Crawford Mutzelburg

      Carly – who are you with for electricity? I would love to get a discount for paying on time!ReplyCancel

      • Carly Green

        Hi Suzanne, I am with Click energy. I am on the honeymoon plan which is $110 pm i pay in advance. they have no contracts & are cheaper than agl etc. if you do decide to join them I would really appreciate it if you say that i referred you that way we both get $50 off our next bill. My acc number is 160399 as they will ask for it :)

        • Suzanne Crawford Mutzelburg

          Thanks Carly – I will look into them and if I do sign up I’d be happy to say you referred me. ReplyCancel

  • ames

    I automatically pay bills day after payday. I have internet banking and have set up for each fortnight to pay, so one week is phone, the next electricity I got my quarterly statement for electricity times it by 4 then add $200 then divide by 26 and that is the amount we pay. If we owe any money when the bill arrives we pay the extra. But we generally find we are in credit for most of them :) which helps around Christmas time as we then don’t pay for a week or two and have a bit extra :)
    Love the basket idea, just wish i had the room :) maybe when I get a house of my own.ReplyCancel

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