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Keeping control of the home can become overwhelming, especially when you have young kids to look after or a busy full-time job.  Don’t allow it to get the better of you.  Waking up to a clean home is always a great start to the day. 

Make it easy on yourself by having all cleaning essentials on hand, see what’s in my cleaning bucket

One job you should never fail to complete each day is this, it should only take you 10-15 minutes.  If you manage to make this a regular part of your evening routine it should help your mornings run smoothly

Create a cleaning routine that suits you. Use The Organised Housewife Cleaning Checklist to help you remember all the tasks that need completing in your cleaning routine.

One of the most horrid cleaning jobs is the oven, but by following these steps every few weeks it will be so much easier.


 Being organised has helped me take chaos out of many situations.  It saves time because I can easily locate items, eliminates stress, helps to keep the house look tidy which is always a motivation to keep it tidy and clean. 

Learn how to meal plan each week, to help eliminate the 5pm what’s for dinner rush to the shop, plus you will learn it can save you money and possibly get your partner to help with cooking some meals (wouldn’t that be nice!).

See how I keep my tupperware cupboard organised using some simple storage ideas

 Watch this video to see how I organise my pantry.  I must say having an organised pantry saves so much time and most importantly I don’t waste food.


 Learn about creating routines, it really helps to eliminate chaos and stress.  It helps the kids to understand my expectations and teaches them habits that will help through a particular task.

Get the kids to help around the house, read the list of age appropriate chores for kids.

Fill your kids lunch boxes with some yummy treats, muffins, cookies and more all from The Organised Housewife kitchen.

Receive one simple tip each weekday to help you organise, clean & declutter your home

  • Brenda Kobovich

    Just love your site!!! helpful hint…when you have a detangler spray …I add some tea tree oil in it – helps keep headlice at bay!ReplyCancel

    • that’s a great tips Brenda, I make my own detangled spray and after my girls got nits last year we have done the same.ReplyCancel

  • Katrina Watson

    Question for you. Where do you put your takeaway menus?
    By the way, loving the site, the daily tasks, the whole lot.ReplyCancel

    • sarah

      i keep my take out menus in a plastic pocket folder and have another plastic pocket folder for recipes i pick up from mags etcReplyCancel

  • I would love to know how everyone stores DVDS. We have an ever growing collection and storing them is a problem…. we simply have run out of room! How does everyone else organise DVDs??ReplyCancel

  • Fionna

    I would love to identify the queen size sheers from the king size sheets without having to unfold and try them only to find I have chosen the wrong size, any tips?ReplyCancel

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