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{Printable} Please remove your shoes sign

Yesterday I mentioned a pet hate of mine, guests visiting my home wearing shoes inside.  It really does get under my skin, so much so that I have made this little sign, which I have laminated and placed at the front door.

Download this sign below, free here.

Or this colour sign, with a baby is sleeping sign here

Do you ask your visitors to remove their shoes?

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  • nikke

    I am exactly the same..I have a door mat at my front door that says “take your shoes off, or scrub the floor”

    I often have door knockers standing there with no shoes on when I answer the door just for me to tell them, Im no interested!! LMFAOReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      LOL love it, I have never seen a mat like that..perfect!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa

    Thanks so much for this. We have wooden floors and never wear shoes in the house. I will be printing this out and putting it up.ReplyCancel

  • Adesa

    Visitors who don’t remove their shoes at your house aren’t being rude — they’re being normal. Rude is expecting guests to be as anal about your habits as you are, especially in a culture such as ours in which shoe removal is not typical. I apologize for sounding harsh; I mean only to convey another way to view such a situation.ReplyCancel

    • Sharon

      I have to say, I ask my guests NOT to remove their shoes! Personally, I have a thing about dirty feet! I cannot tolerate the feel of dirty feet, so I prefer wearing shoes, even in my own home! They are open thong type shoes, but I actually HATE removing my shoes. Have you ever thought of your poor guest who may have feet issues, where they have smelly feet?? How do you think they would feel, when they are requested to take off their shoes, knowing they have smelly feet syndrome???? Just a thought, as I used to have an issue when I was working and always had closed shoes!ReplyCancel

    • Kirrily

      I’m with you Adesa; to be honest, if my house was so clean that people felt the need to take their shoes off, I know for a fact I wouldn’t have as many people drop in on impulse to have a cuppa :)
      Life’s too short to have a sparkling house! Neat and tidy is enough, if you want to have a life!

    • Jen

      No thats fucking the dumbest comment i’ve ever heard. I take pride in my place and don’t want to waste the time and money replacing my carpets or having people with wet muddy shoes soak my carpet and cause mold. You obviously live in a shitty place and are probably a messy pig but i am not.ReplyCancel

      • Jen

        By the way it’s not very hard to take a shoe off quit being so lazy and bend down and take your shoes off maybe you’ll lose a few pounds.ReplyCancel

        • Jen

          I sure hope you don’t live in a rented house or an apartment cause i’ll let you know in advance you ain’t getting that deposit back.ReplyCancel

  • Amanda

    I ask everyone to take off their shoes, I post a sign by the door bell…now they know what to expect.

    People spit on the ground, dogs pee…etc, on the ground. People step in chemicals, water, dirt, all kind of crap…why would I want that tracked into my house? This would mean that my family that like to sit on the hardwood floors and watch TV/play games would carry germs to their beds. Yikes, is a real word!

  • Lmclar1

    If they leave their shoes on, they won’t share their tinea…ReplyCancel

  • Thenickos

    Great idea. Your house, your rules its pretty simple. Nothing to do with it not being an aussie culture or rude. I always seem to have visitors after i have mopped the floor and we have the worst chocolate brown tiles throughout the house that show every mark as soon as you step on them with shoes. I would like to put that sign next to my please do not knock if you are selling anything sign lolReplyCancel

    • I have through about making a sign like that, we had Austar knocking this afternoon, we have Austar already, shouldnt’ they know that??ReplyCancel

  • alp

    People need to remove their shoes if you have clean floors… if people also have dirty feet, then you need some new friendsReplyCancel

  • busybee

    No, I don’t like people taking their shoes off when they come to my house….I have kids and a dog in the house….the floors are never that clean to start with! The neighbourhood kids are in and out all week. We have a pool…and no matter how hard I try….little footprints always end up all over the boards all through summer – so no shoes doesn’t help me there. I do ask the kids to try and remember to take off their shoes when they go upstairs to the bedrooms as we have light carpets (worst mistake EVER). But that’s a two edged swored….you may stop a stain, but I was told by a carpet cleaner that the oils from the feet damage the carpet, so no win there). And it is shoes off in our formal loung as the carpet is cream and wool. But that’s ‘our’ space…we don’t entertain in that room. I get offended when I go to other people’s homes and am asked to take off my shoes….we don’t live in a culture where that is the norm so it feels uncomfortable-especially if it’s a very cold day or worse….a hot one and my feet aren’t smelling the best!!! Look, I understand if you have expensive floorboards that could easily dent or cream carpets all through your home but really, my house is a home and I want my visitors to feel comfortable when they come to see me. After all, I’m hoping it’s me they want to see, not how clean my floors are!ReplyCancel

  • Hooryia Bajwa

    Hello. Love it. It looks just right and says just what I want it to say. I am unable to download it. Could you guide me how to get it please?

  • Hooryia

    Hiya. This is perfect. I am unable to download it. Could you please guide me how to get the printable download?ReplyCancel

  • Lauren

    Is this printable still available? I just came across and it and I am having trouble clicking on the link to print it.ReplyCancel

  • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

    Hi Lauren, Hmm yes i see what you mean. I have attached a link for you that will take you straight through o the shop and you can download it from there.

  • […] is a controversial topic, as we have discussed this previously on the blog.  Do you ask your visitors to remove their […]ReplyCancel

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