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Get CHAOS out of your morning routine

Do you rush around in chaos the mornings getting the kids ready for school?  Your morning routine can set your mood for the day so we need to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

Tips and a routine chart for the kids to help organise your mornings

It may be good idea to prepare a few things the night before to reduce the amount you need to do in the morning. You could:

  • Lay uniforms on beds or make sure they are in their cupboards ready
  • Have breakfast bowls and spoon out ready for cereal to be added.
  • Have their lunchboxes out ready for stocking up.
  • Fill their drink bottles and put in the fridge.  Or half fill and put in freezer for hot days.
  • Put clothes and detergent in washing machine, if your machine has a delay button press delay to start in morning, otherwise press start as soon as you wake up.  Even better, I put my clothes on the line the evening before as I don’t have time in my mornings to be hanging washing.
  • Bath the kids the night before not only are they clean for their bedsheets, also eliminates precious morning time.

If your children are old enough allow them some independence making their own breakfast.  Move those cereal containers/boxes from the top shelf to the bottom for them to easily access.  They can be eating breakfast while you shower or prepare lunches.

{The Organised Housewife} Green Morning Routine Chart

Morning Routine charts are available in my shop as an instant download, so you can start using them straight away.  Having a routine charted for the kids to see will help your kids get ready each morning.  Print (laminate if you can and blu-tak or frame) and display on the wall for their viewing.  This can help the kids recognise each day what they need to do and the order to do it in without you nagging them to hurry up.  Each child has different needs therefore you may need to personalise a routine.  Rewarding them for good behavior is a great idea like TV can’t be turned on until they have completed all the tasks, you could give them a special treat in their lunchbox or $1 at the end of the week to spend at tuckshop.  You will soon learn what works and what changes may suit you.

Morning Chart are available in my shop, in various colours and can be personalised.


This is my typical morning routine:

5.30am – wake to go to gym

7.00am – arrive home, wake kids, shower for me

7.05am – kids make their own breakfast

7.15am – make my bed

7.20am – start preparing lunches for kids and hubby (lunchbox ideas Hhere)

7.30am – kids finish breakfast & start  morning routine, hubby leaves for work

7.40am – time for me to have breakfast and relax for 5 minutes

7.45am – put away dishes washed from night before, empty dishwasher and wipe down kitchen bench

7.50am – brush and style (braids or ponytails) girls hair

8.10am – check my emails

8.15am – time to get myself presentable for the day (hair and make-up)

8.25am – check all bags are packed

8.30am – in car driving to school drop off

Every household is different, what suits me may not suit you, but I do hope this may help you create a new routine to make your mornings a little less caotic…let me know how you go!

Other charts available:  Afternoon | Evening | Reward, Chore & Responsibility

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  • Kelly

    Thankyou for sharing your morning routine and tips. We have a routine chart for school mornings which my children have used fromkindy age but have been needing to update it as my children get older, so thankyou for allowing us to use your chart!! My day goes a lot smoother when I can tell the kids to see what is next on the chart rather than constantly being at them to do the next thing!! They love ticking them off every morning and I have found they are completely organised within one hour of waking every morning. Thankyou again, I love keeping up with your blogs and facebook page :) x Kelly ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organi

      That's exactly right Kelly, it's easy for them to see what they should be doing next also giving them the opportunity for independance and allowing you time to get lunches, laundry or yourself ready. Glad you like the chart. I also have a after dinner routine, which I will share at a later date. Kat. ReplyCancel

  • Meli

    we don't put the TV on in the mornings, no distractions and everyhting just runs more smoothly ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organi

      We have only just started phasing out TV as well Meli, just in the last few weeks. However initially it did work really well as a reward for getting ready on time. Now my son is happy to have time to practice spelling words and chit chat (he's a talker). My girls like that if we have a few minutes spare that I do a more complicated hairdo, like a side braid or two ponytail braids….aah girls :) ReplyCancel

  • sandy

    Normally, our routine consists of screaming and yelling and banging on the bathroom door to get our 15 yr old out of the shower. We recently switched it (again) to a new routine where she gets up earlier, spends her allocated time in the shower, then we get up. Before that, we had to get up JUST to get her out of bed. I had to wake up at 5.30 every morning to make her breakfast and yea, she's 15!! So now, after telling them that YOUR lil' kiddies get up and make their own breakfast….she's now doing it too. 8 months into having a teenager living with us and we're slowly getting a routine in order. No more screaming in the mornings, never a good way to start the day :-( ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organi

      I'm so happy that my kidlets can inspire you. And yes, she was taking you for a ride at 15 I'm sure she can do plenty for herself! Hopefully you'll find tune your routine soon. ReplyCancel

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  • Very informative and interesting to read. Thanks! ReplyCancel

  • Genevieve

    Im envious of your morning routine for many reasons lol.ReplyCancel

    • It’s all about keeping in routine and then it will all come naturally in time.ReplyCancel

      • Genevieve

        Im more jealous that you get to go to the gym before the kids wake up and you wear make up lolReplyCancel

        • My makeup is a 30 second (shame) task, is a bit of mascara and draw on some eye brows :) I have blonde lashes and can barely see my brows so I need to put a bit of colour on my face. ReplyCancel

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  • Robbndonn

    Katrina I love your morning routine Chart! I Purchased one for my children several weeks ago and it has made all the difference in my 5 year old being ready for school not only on time but early so he has time to play. Thank you!!!!ReplyCancel

    • I am so pleased that they are helping and have taken the CHAOS from your mornings!! ReplyCancel

  • Stefanie

    I dusted before I read your daily task :-)ReplyCancel

  • Allison

    I don’t have kids yet, but I have early morning starts. I make my lunch (enough for my 12 hour shift) the night before and stick it in the fridge. My mom used to make our lunches the night before too, since mornings are busy! I could never make them that morning, I’m too slow and there’s too much prep!! We also had to pick out our clothes and pack our backpacks the night before. My wife is not a morning person *at all*, and she’ll be the ones home with our kids (her choice), so doing everything the night before will save forgotten homework/lunches/missing socks. :) I love love love your checklists, such a great idea!!ReplyCancel

    • Mornings can be chaotic, I love your routine, seems like you can wake up with out too much stress and worry to get the kids out the door.ReplyCancel

  • Nicole

    Any tips for getting a toddler into a morning routine? I have a 2.5yr old who LOVES to help with things like putting washing on, making beds etc and I’m thinking that taking advantage of that to get her into good morning habits is only going to make life easier. I’m expecting another baby in about a month and have just stopped working for at least 14 months – longer if we can afford it. I struggled for a good 9 months after my daughter was born as I think many new mums do to plan and prepare meals, keep up with basic housework etc never mind getting out of the house before midday, and although I’m much better now and generally very well organised (largely due to your blog and Facebook posts!) I’m worried about it all coming unravelled again when bubs arrives especially if my toddler doesn’t know what to expect- she is less resistant when she knows the order of things. ReplyCancel

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