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{Inspiration} Motivational quotes

Each Saturday I will be showing you images to inspire you, along with links to the original source. Motivational Quotes Shopsaplingpress (above) (above) Paper Art Originals (above) It’s a crafty life (above) The Organised Housewife (above)  

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  • Yolanda Tapp

    I love your motivation quoates.ReplyCancel

  • Mel

    These are great. Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Julie

    It’s one of my favourite Winnie-the-Pooh quotes :-)

    If anyone is looking for a very comprehensive quote resource either for study/writing (nothing worse than a great quote for an essay you can’t use because you can’t reference!!) or personal use such as SCRAPBOOKING or faithbooking (yay!) i like the website


{Rave & Review} Fluffy Tails + Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed – congratulations to comment #8 skye you will be receiving this wonderful item below. I love being able to support small Australian Businesses (especially local businesses like Amie).  Today I would like to share with you a little company I wish I knew about when my kids were alot younger. […]

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  • kylie

    all done! my fave is Bare Naked Babies


  • Kirsty

    I like the sound of Mighty Mighty Marshmallow!ReplyCancel

  • Barbara


    Mighty Mighty MarshmallowReplyCancel

  • Khim

    It’s got to be the mighty mighty marshmallow!!!ReplyCancel

  • nikke miller

    All done I like the sound of Mötley Cleän… love the names, very creative!ReplyCancel

  • Hi Katrina, I have completed all of the entry bits n pieces & I love the sound of ‘Smashing Watermelons’ scent!ReplyCancel

  • jasmine

    All the bits are done and I’d have to say I love the sound of “Plain green tea’s”.ReplyCancel

  • OOOhhh, would love to try the Orangevana. All steps complete for entry!!ReplyCancel

  • Scrappyjen

    Two of my favourite scents in the one thing ‘Lavender Mint Revival’ sounds like the scent for me.ReplyCancel

  • Shivonne Curran

    All steps completed and would LOVE to try the bare naked baby scent.. what is better than the scent of a ‘lil bundle of joy. xReplyCancel

  • Chrissy

    All steps complete. I couldn’t go past the scent ‘Lavender Mint Revival’ I think it would be summer and spring at the same time.ReplyCancel

  • Lynley

    My favourite would have to be the “Rage against the Raspberries” :D Yummo!ReplyCancel

  • Hi, think my first choice to try would be ‘Bare Naked Babies’. :-) ReplyCancel

  • Melanie Graham

    All done and my fave is Bare Naked Babies. :) Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Wendy Hatton

    I like this blog & Fluffy Tails facebook page.
    I would probably buy Bare Naked Babies as I prefer unscented practically everything but Rage Against Raspberry could convert me!ReplyCancel

  • Cynthia

    Wow, wish I’d known about Fluffy Tails and about Rock n’ Green with number one. Luckily there’s still plenty of time for little #2 (he’s just 4 months). I’ve completed all the steps and I’d have a hard time choosing between the Lavender Mint Revival(one of my favorite scent combos) and the Orangevana (yum!), but I’d have to get some of the Bare Naked Babies for the boys as they both have very sensitive skin (and I lurv the Bare Naked Ladies lol!). Must go do some shopping now (it’s hard to pass up MCNs, so fun). :) Thanks for the tip on a great site!ReplyCancel

  • Chrissy Mat

    All steps completed :)
    Bare Naked Babies would have to by my favourite scent – who doesn’t love the smell of a baby :) ReplyCancel

  • All done!
    Love the Smashing Watermelon scent!ReplyCancel

  • Jo

    I had already liked Fluffy Tails, but commented on their page anyway :) I love Rockin’ Green, and owuld love to try the Smashing Watermelons, as its one of the few I haven’t tried. With 2 and a half (I look after a friends daughter 4 days a week) in cloth, and washing everyday, I go through it at a good pace!ReplyCancel

  • mellie jane

    Smashing watermelons would be my scent of choice have done allthe above liked on facebook as mellie janeReplyCancel

  • Alicia Ilievski

    Ohhh super cool names wonder if they smell as good as they sound…I am certainly tempted to find out.
    Got to be smashing watermelons over here because my son has just started naming fruit…..All things fruit in our place are waternermelon. PLUS I love anything watermelon.ReplyCancel

  • Megan

    I have completed all the steps and my favourite scent would have to be Rage against the Raspberry :) ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Gorton

    Liked the blog post, Liked fluffly tails on facebook and visited the website to find my favourite scent would be Mötley Cleän, because when I am doing housework I need a little sunshine in my life!ReplyCancel

  • Natalie

    All done – and I think Mötley Cleän sounds like my favourite scent!ReplyCancel

{FREE Printable} June Calendar with To-Do List

Time flies when you are busy, I can’t believe that June is soon upon us, nearly half this year over.  I have so much in store for you during June, I am super excited to be sharing it with you.  This month has been a fabulous month for The Organised Housewife website: I have reached […]

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Helping children with disabilities

This post is sponsored by nuffnang On Saturday I was given the opportunity to visit my local Westfield shopping center to learn more about the Give Ability program.  This program was established to provide support to children with disabilities and their families.  My local Westfield Centre at Helensvale supported Montrose Access, raising funds and awareness […]

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  • Alicia

    HI Kat,

    Ive been offline for a little while…just finding a balance at home. Thank you so much for “Missing me”.

    Was so lovely to come back to this post. What a great cause. Love the pics too. Was a great ‘feel good’ article.ReplyCancel

  • Jasmine

    Katrina, thanks for highlighting such a good cause. Like Maxine my eldest daughter, Miss 11 also has juvenile arthritis & was diagnosed when she was 2, we have goodtimes and we have shocking times. Right now Miss 11 is only attending school part time due to fatigue & lack of strength amongst other things. One of the biggest hurdles is lack of knowledge of the disease affecting children because you can’t “see it”! So thank you to you and Maxine for sharing. Awareness and education is key. xoxoReplyCancel

  • [...] excited to hear that Westfield helped raise $137,572 on the Give Ability day.  100% of all donations going to support children with disabilities and their families in our [...]ReplyCancel

  • Tracy

    westfields are doing a great son has cerebral palsy, we where invited to our local westfields one mothers day.And us mothers where given a make over,lunch,gift bags and westfields vousher to spend.It was a wonderful day that i will always remember…ReplyCancel

  • lydia

    Hi katrina
    I love your newsletter and there are always fantastic tips for families and mums!
    I came across your article on Maxine and MontroseAccess and it caught my eye because rarely is Arthritis highlighted as a childrens condition. My 14 year old son has JIA and was diagnosed at age 3, so I am thankful that Montrose offer support to kids and their families with this condition. I only wish we had something like this in SA, as the small support group we had in Adelaide disbanded some time ago and it is always difficult to find services and information in a one-stop shop!Thanks for your article and thanks Montrose for the great work you do.ReplyCancel

Idea’s to occupy yourself during State of Origin

Tomorrow is the night that most men and some women go manic over the football. Something called State of Origin is on???  Lol, Ok, I am so not a footy fan (nor is my hubby), I more than likely will be happily watching one of my favourite TV shows while pottering away on the laptop. […]

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  • Genevieve Peden

    I love my footy so I wont be doing anything on the list tomorrow night lol QUEENSLANDER!!!!! Oh and its also my 30th tomorrow so even more reason not to do it hehehe

    P.S I love your blog. It has started my motivation to get organised :) Just not tomorrow night lolReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Happy Birthday Genevieve! Birthday’s are so the one day you can enjoy chore free, guilt free. Have a great night!!ReplyCancel

  • Alicia

    Happy 30th Genevieve, hope you have a super day. Are you having cake? Mmm yummy best part of a bday IMO. xx

    Ok so I thought I had myself sorted on what my night would be like and then I read this post. I was planning on sorting my recipes folder (umm this seems like an always evolving process for me) but now that I have read this post I can already feel myself getting distracted. Do you have any tips on staying on task? Im pretty organised but I never seem to make a dent in my To do list.

    I get so much satisfaction when I complete a project. Trouble is I usually have about 5 on the go at a time so nothing ever really gets finished. Anyone else relate?ReplyCancel

  • Christeen

    Happy 30th Genevieve! We share the day except I’m a decade and a bit older. I married a Dutchman who has no understanding of football so we are going out to dinner!ReplyCancel

  • What do I do in SoO? I watch tv and yell a lot LOL

    <3 my footy :) ReplyCancel

  • Julie

    I had a little giggle as i briefly read this post, (I’m in WA so it’s not such a big thing here!)
    Now if only we could get State of origin/Wiggles/Twighlight/FA Cup all broadcast simultaneously i might get through that great list!!ReplyCancel

{Routine} Make your bed every morning

Make your bed I have posted about this before however, as I have many new readers I wanted to write about it again as it is such an important task to complete.  Each morning once you get out of bed, within the first 10 min of being up make sure you have made your bed […]

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  • and it also sets the example for the little ones too…lol.

    Then they cant say “but you didnt mum, so why should I ” LOlReplyCancel

  • i am lucky to have a husband who makes our bed (very well too) each morning, unless he is running late or I am still in it! Otherwise the rule, is last out makes it.ReplyCancel

  • I think you are so right – I rarely do it, mostly if someone is coming over, and it always feels so much better going in there if it is done, plus you get to enjoy the lovely linen you picked out!ReplyCancel

  • Within ten minutes won’t wash here as there is usually someone else still sleeping in there. ;) ReplyCancel

  • Sally

    I have just started doing this again…makes all the difference. Our bedroom has been a dumping ground for odds and ends for a little while now, and the bed was usually only made on sheet change day! But now…the bed is made daily (not in the first 10 mins, more like the 1st half hour!) and the clutter is getting smaller.
    Thanks for your continued inspirations…ReplyCancel

  • I make my bed everyday but it’s not within 10 minutes of getting up. Often Brian’s still in it as I get up early to start my day, but even if he got up with me it’d be about an hour before I got back to it.
    I like to pull the sheets and quilt back and let the bed have a bit of an air before making it too, so this fits in well with our routine.
    Rarely (maybe some sundays when we are being ultra lazy) it doesn’t get made. But it feel horrible getting into it at night. Luckily sheets get changed on mondaysReplyCancel

  • Heather

    I make the bed but I am inspired to open up the curtains. In the summer we live in 40 degrees so we keep the shades closed.
    Today I am going to open the blinds and clean the room.
    Thanks KAtReplyCancel

  • [...] – In response to make your bed every morning.  While yes you should make your bed everyday… You should let it air first… Maybe make [...]ReplyCancel

  • I do make my bed and my daughters bed every morning, however I do it after breakfast. As soon as i get out of bed I throw back the covers and open the bedroom windows to let the room and the bed air out. After breakfastand showers etc I come back and make the beds, tidy rooms and ensuites.ReplyCancel

  • I%20do%20make%20my%20bed%20and%20my%20daughters%20bed%20every%20morning%2C%20however%20I%20do%20it%20after%20breakfast.%20As%20soon%20as%20i%20get%20out%20of%20bed%20I%20throw%20back%20the%20covers%20and%20open%20the%20bedroom%20windows%20to%20let%20the%20room%20and%20the%20bed%20air%20out.%20After%20breakfastand%20showers%20etc%20I%20come%20back%20and%20make%20the%20beds%2C%20tidy%20rooms%20and%20ensuites.%20ReplyCancel

  • Louise

    I make our bed as soon as I get up unless I am changing the beds. With the kids, I will make their bed the first time I go into their room and generally get them dressed at the same time. It certainly does make a big difference to feeling organised and tidy
    : )ReplyCancel

  • I couldn’t agree more! I do this every morning. When the twins were little I had no chance to make the bed and I always felt untidy and I would constantly shut the door to hide it but now I do it every day and every time I walk into the room I feel so much better.ReplyCancel

  • Thepearsons

    I have my children make their own beds (ages 9, 5 and 21/2) every morning as part of their routine. It is not always the neatest job, and I quite often go in later and straighten, but I think it is a wonderful habit to get into!! I do the same in my room every morning. I think taking pride in your belongings start with making your bed!!ReplyCancel

  • Fi

    I make mine each morning, the kids beds are tucked in tight, so don’t need making. The teen shuts her door. Mmm . My new plan is to make th embed immediately asi strip it. Then you don’t have that angst when you are ready for b in the evening, and you have to remake the bed with clean sheets. ReplyCancel

    • You can always tell when I’ve stripped the bed at our place. A couple of minutes after hubby races me to bed I hear a load groan…and I snigger…One day, I promise, I will make the bed as soon as I’ve stripped it.ReplyCancel

      • Suzanne

        So I guess this means hubby makes the bed or you make it together?ReplyCancel

  • i make my bed each day after breakfast as i like to open the windows and air it all out.ReplyCancel

  • Suzanne

    I have used duvets for the past 37 years. Roll it back to air out while getting dressed, etc. Give the fitted sheet a quick smooth over, quick shake of the duvet to settle it on the bed then a pillow fluff and you’re done. Takes me 2 minutes. We have a super king-size bed (hubby is 6’5″) and as he is hot and I am cold we each have our own duvet. I sew the linens so even though his duvet is longer&wider than mine, everything matches. Our kids have always had duvets and been making their beds at early ages. It was a point of pride for them to rush into the kitchen,”Momma, I made my bed!” at age 5 or 6. (Of course I would change the linens for wash day.)ReplyCancel

{Meal Planning} Tuna Mornay

Here is a comment I receieved this week which tells you the benefits this family found with meal planning: “This weekly meal planner is fantastic. It is saving us an absolute fortune each week on our grocery bill. Instead of buying things from the supermarket just because we always buy them, I am only purchasing food […]

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  • D'Ann

    Tonight we are having BBQ chicken with fresh cut French Fries. Monday it is left over Manwich, Tue is free sandwiches at Chick Fil a, Wed Pot roast, Thursday Buffalo Chicken wings. Friday we leave for Washington DC!ReplyCancel

  • Julie

    When meal planning I first look thought the fridge to see what needs using up, then the vegie garden, the pantry, then the supermarket specials.
    I very rarely throw out any food. Also because i serve a minimum portion on the plates (eg veg the kids are ‘encouraged’ to eat) then help them selves to fill up, the leftovers are usually good to reuse as they are or to make things like bubble’n’squeak
    Also I do things like cooking and freezing any unused carrots BEFORE they go ‘bendy’ and they become ready-made frozen food for future use. In this way it extends their storage life -not that this is ideal – i prefer fresh from the garden where poss buta special is not a bargain if you throw it out!ReplyCancel

{Organising} Cards and wrapping + {Review} Phoenix Trading + GIVEAWAY

This giveaway is now closed.  Congratulation to the winner of this giveaway – Tara! Part 2 – Gift Wrapping Station Following on from Part 1 – Gift Wrapping Station – I have a cabinet in our lounge room which I use as our gift wrapping station, keeping together all cards, wrapping, tags, ribbons and gifts purchased […]

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  • Natashja Treveton

    I have completed all the requirements….. wow what amazing cards!!! I love so many but the ‘dictionary of bras’ is definitely a favourite…. actually I need that card!ReplyCancel

  • MadS

    What an awesome idea! So how are you storing Christmas wrap? That very rarely comes as flat paper… Any tips?ReplyCancel

  • I am a recent convert to having a stash of cards. I am loving it! Prior to this change, my kids were on duty to produce artwork to convert to cards. Either way works, but having a supply has meant that I can give a thoughtful card more easily. That is a beautiful thing. Having said that, my card stash is in no form of order and I have learnt a lot from this post!ReplyCancel

  • Jess R

    all done!! i Loooooooooooooove the Ballet Dancers! I recieved this card once from my bsllet teacher and didnt know where she got it ;-) off to order some !! Thanks KatrinaReplyCancel

  • Leila

    Have completed all requirements… Oooh what a lovely selection of cards! With my youngests 1st birthday coming up i couldn’t go past the DC35 Digger Card, it would match the theme of his party and i’m thinking may just be getting ordered for him.

    Athough with 4 kids i can see that the Best seller pack 2 (childrens) would be a real winner and may just be the next card purchase i make.ReplyCancel

  • Erica Sumners

    Hi! I have done 1,2,3 ! Lovely cards really hard to pick a favourite , but one I love is the “Fairy cakes”ReplyCancel

  • nikke miller

    I have done all the steps, I love the “butterflies L74″
    interesting website, cards are very creative
    Good luck everyone!ReplyCancel

  • jasmine

    Hi, have done all the bits! My favourite card would have to be ls07 “Dragonflies” so pretty!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle

    Hi I’ve been having fun doing all the steps! And I love the box of cakes, butterfly cakes, and dozen roses cards. Yes I know I was meant to pick one, lol , but I had trouble narrowing down to 3! :-) ReplyCancel

  • Ruth

    My favourite card is T18 – Birthday DragonfliesReplyCancel

  • Lynley

    Completed all the tasks :)

    My favourite card is LS10 A Flutter of Butterflies..SO PRETTY!!! I LOVE butterflies!ReplyCancel

  • Have ticked all the boxes!

    Love the teapots and cosies! Just divine!
    I love collecting cards and this box is just gorgeous!ReplyCancel

  • celia Abou Zaki

    all done. thanks katerina for is so hard to choose because all the cards are lovely. My daughter liked the Fairy looking glass.ReplyCancel

  • caketin

    All complete! I love the Peacock card, definitely my new favourite! Reminds me of an amazing photo that my husband took in Kuala Lumpur on our honeymoon!ReplyCancel

  • Maryanne

    Love LS15 Fairy Wishes!

    With two little princesses of my own who dress up wings, wand and all it reminds me of my girls!

    Have completed all my steps!ReplyCancel

  • Sue

    Such cute cards! I’ve completed all the above steps – my favourite card is ‘Sweetie Tree’ in the kids range, my daughter would absolutely love that one too! I love the idea of organising cards (and wrap) so you’ve always got exactly what you want on hand.ReplyCancel

  • Jaci Holden

    HI, I have completed all the requirements, and my favourite card is GM03 Blue bunnies (i like the pink too)
    I love how you have organised your wrapping station. I have everything all thrown into a box, but half the time I have squashed bows. I like your way much better.ReplyCancel

  • very very pretty.. I love cards. I have been looking for postcards… and I can’t thank you enough. Love TY91 and TY93..and done all the steps! :D ReplyCancel

  • Simone Chesher

    I’ve completed all the requirements – my favourite card is the “sweetie Tree”. I like the way you organise your cards and paper. I try and keep up a stock of them as well. Might have to go and get one of the bestseller packs from annie jennings…ReplyCancel

  • Rachel

    Done! Great website! Lots of lovely cards.. Favourite is Fairy Cakes..ReplyCancel

  • Karen

    Hi, have completed the requirements above. I LOVE the strawberries giftwrap (am a sucker for anything strawberry) and am off to place an order once I manage to decide!ReplyCancel

  • Amy Barber

    Hi Kat.. ive done all the steps!
    I particularly like these butterflies with the the little tea bag ornament! i love butterflies and ive started collecting those little ornaments for decorations in my kitchen!!/photo.php?fbid=117814618301596&set=pu.117811804968544&type=1&theater
    page 21/25ReplyCancel

  • Lisa robertson

    I have completed all the requirements. My Favourite is the princess palace. Would be perfect for my daughter this year who has requested a castle piñata for her bday!!ReplyCancel

  • Danni Sheehan

    I love the Peacock in the adult range :-)
    Ph, and I have completed the other steps..ReplyCancel

  • Jodie-lee Hoe

    I have done all the required… and oh my, they do have some lovely card don’t they!! =)
    I couldn’t choose one so my top 3 are:
    Rabbit with ballon
    Sweetie tree
    they are just tooooo cute!!

  • lynne lillington

    Done and I like the LS10 A Flutter of Butterflies , with 6 grandkids , 5 kids plus partners , 12 nieces and nephews plus friends a card orgadiser would be very helpful and a great idea.ReplyCancel

  • All required liking tasks completed ;). I’m loving the CC16 Handbag design – so cute and different to regular cards :). WS160 The Birthday Dress is also lovely :) ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca

    This is a great competition…
    I have been promising myself a card organiser for years now and can never find a seller! Thank you for putting me in touch with Annie.
    I have followed all the steps for the competition and my favourite card is “Sending Sunshine” (S170)
    I have my fingers crossed xxxxxReplyCancel

  • Candice

    I have completed the requiremements nd my fav card design is the CM11 Purple Irises card.ReplyCancel

  • Kelli Stevens

    Done and done! My favourite card would definitely be ‘JY57 Anniversary Years’. Love your blog hun! :D ReplyCancel

  • Karene

    Have completed all steps, and OMG how to narrow down to one Fave? I love all of them but adore Rocket in the kid’s cardsReplyCancel

  • Amanda Gorton

    I have completed all the requirements, liked on facebook etc.
    having to choose one is a hard task but the peacock immediately caught my eye how ingenious!ReplyCancel

  • Birdie

    I have completed all steps required.

    It is hard to pick a fav BUT I must say WS147 Butterflies And Flowers Heart which is one I purchased for my mother’s birthday last year. ???

    Although I do like the die cut cards as well (esp LS20 Butterfly Cupcakes) ;)


  • Jaie Busst

    Hey ive done all!!!!
    my favourites (couldnt choose one are
    Patchwork giraffe(going to be my baby girls first birthday card;)
    and the star gazing.
    Thanks for recommending the site!


  • Sherrie

    Thanks for this opportunity! I have completed all requirements for the competition.
    So hard to pick a favourite as it depends on my current mood! But I do love “Girl With Bicycle”. I wish that were me!!ReplyCancel

  • Julie

    Beautiful cards,
    I usually make a gift tag rather than a card for children as i have found most parents throw the cards away and many parents do not even ?train their children to read the card/notice who the gift was from or even say thankyou! :-O
    I like the ones my kids make as well but these are all so beautiful and would be really handy for being more organised for birthday occasions – I really like the cupcake – the artwork is georgeous!!ReplyCancel

  • jen

    love love love the summer bay design…….can you tell I am longing for summer !!

    this completes all 4 prerequisites for the competition.ReplyCancel

  • Genevieve Peden

    I have always had a stash of cards on hand as well as wrapping paper. Makes it so much easier.
    Love the Sweetie Tree Card. Its just so cute <3ReplyCancel

  • Karen Hancock

    I love the animal alphabet… i think it would look gorgeous framed!ReplyCancel

  • Tara

    Done all the tasks and I love the Pirate Attack card, it is way too cute!!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Smith

    Hi there, I have completed all of the above. I love the Heart Dogs one, absolutely gorgeous and I would love to get it for Valentines Day next year!ReplyCancel

  • I have done all 3 & my favourite card would have to be the “love you lots” in the animal categoryReplyCancel

  • Hi Katrina and all your followers! I am so excited to see who is going to be my big WINNER!!! I love to see which cards people are drawn to – perhaps I might have to put your favourite in your prize to start off your collection!!ReplyCancel

  • Barbara

    Done all the above
    Love peacock greeting cardReplyCancel

  • Jasmine

    I love Owls Code: LS17ReplyCancel

  • Hi There! Ihave liked the post and liked Annie’s fbpage, I am totally loving her designs and am loving the butterflies and flowers heart, but my all time fave would have to be the princess palace – how gorgeous is the dug out pool with fish in it? Thanks for holding the comp.! Jess ;-) ReplyCancel

  • Karen

    I’ve completed all the requirements. I love the Birthday Bugs card – the perfect card to have on hand for girls and boys and would suit a large range of ages.ReplyCancel

  • Carmel James

    I have completed all the requirememts. Choosing a favourite card however has taken the past hour to complete WOWOW I am seriously am in love and feeling very very inspired now! OK My pick of the cards is ws166 Little Black Dress! It is important for all girls to have at least one little black dress in their wardrobes… isnt it!ReplyCancel

  • Ruth

    I have completed all the requirements.
    My favourite card is Butterfly cupcakes.ReplyCancel

  • Chris

    All done! I love them all but the WS130 Russain Dolls is a standout!ReplyCancel

  • SkyeO

    I have completed all the requirements and my favourite would have to be the Sweetie Tree, what a gorgeous design.ReplyCancel

  • Tasha Moon

    CM 11 Purple Irisis is my fav :-) all steps completed too!ReplyCancel

  • Deb

    Hi! I’ve completed all steps to enter and my fave card is ‘Air Guitar’ (code: S133) I was having trouble picking a fave but when I saw that one I literally LOL’d as my soon to be 4 year old son is ALWAYS playing air guitar. He’s guitar mad and has even requested a guitar birthday cake for his birthday at the end of June!ReplyCancel

  • Alicia

    JY36 – The soccer card. Im always on the hunt for boy theme cards.
    Really loving the all giftwrap and tag sets, especially the strawberries. Great ideas….gimmie gimmie, tough choice selecting just 1.
    Love the gift wrapping station Kat. Totally my style. ((HUGS))ReplyCancel

  • Had done all the requirements. I love Phoenix products, & my favourite card atm is Birthday Dress – WS160. :-) ReplyCancel

  • I have finished all the requirements and my favourite would be the Cut Thru’ Camping VanReplyCancel

  • Alison

    I have done all that you wanted and my fav card design is DC41 four monkeys (because my son is turning 4 in a few months)ReplyCancel

  • Hayley Curtis

    I have completed all of the requirmements.. There is so many gorgeous cards.. I love so many of them! One of my favourites is the ‘Birthday Cupcake’. Super cute!ReplyCancel

  • Kristy

    L74 is my fave love the butterflies. Hope im not too late?ReplyCancel

  • Olivia Wallace

    I love the Pirate Card..In the general category…My son will be 4 in Sept & loves pirates…Will be ordering these & using them as his invitations!!! Love all the stuff!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Suzy

    I love Phoneix! Delphinium Butterflies is my favourite design. I have complete everything esle required. Thanks Katrina for all the great tips. My fingers are crossed.ReplyCancel

  • Julie Cadusch

    I have ticked all the boxes and my favourite card is ‘Wonderful Surprises Charity’ card. Cheers :-) ReplyCancel

  • [...] have shown you where i store our gift wrapping.  It’s convenient to have it all stored together, making wrapping presents less [...]ReplyCancel

{Re-purposing} Creating gift tags from old greeting cards

Part 1 – Gift Wrapping Station I love birthday cards to send my thoughts, love and wishes through sentimental messages to my loved ones, family and friends.  Perfect to let them know you are thinking of them even though you may not have spoken for a little while, as we all realise life sometimes just […]

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  • Kristy

    Such a great idea!! Maybe my next project should be to sort through all my old cards into ‘keep’ and ‘re-purpose’ someday soon…. I actually have every card I’ve received since I was about 12 (I’m now 27) and yes…. there are about 5 shoeboxes and 2 coffee table drawers full of them… Oops!ReplyCancel

    • Maryanne

      You’ve got a lot of love to be giving! :) ReplyCancel

  • June

    I love doing this at christmas time. With all the cards my family of five receive we also have an abundancy of cards and can’t bear to just throw them in the bin so why not re-use them!ReplyCancel

  • Erin

    That’s a good idea :) I like the Christmas gift tag suggestion too – thanks June!ReplyCancel

  • Teegan

    I re-use my cards in a similar way too! I cut the greeting message half of the card off the card (and if it’s a sentimental one I store it away) and use the picture side as a kind of postcard to write on the back! I then address it in the bottom right hand corner and stamp it (like you would a normal postcard) It’s a great way to send thank-you notes to people when you have attended their special occasion (like a dinner party or wedding) without spending too much on a new card and postage – and people appreciate the thought more than anything! I keep at least 10 on hand at a time and keep only my favorite patterns and designs when I get too many… :-) ReplyCancel

  • I save the cards I recieve in a “treasure”-box. Mostly the ones for my son. I made him a box, that I shall give him when he moves to his own place (he’s only 3 now). In that box is his birthdaycards, summer-cards, christmascards. And I also date them. It also contains his first birthday candle and other memories.ReplyCancel

  • Jess R

    I have every card since my mum was pregnant with me! Growing up my sister and I would play games testing each other on who had given us the card!! We had hours of fun. i do admit that i am strating to not keep EVERY card i recieve as i am now 30!!!

    I have kept all cards for my 2 girls (2 1/2 and 8 months).
    I think cards are really special!
    My husband hates them lol…so i dont always recieve them!! Unless he is reminded…which kind of defetes the purpose! Oh WellReplyCancel

  • Julie

    Let me think… cards in our house.. I too like cards
    I havent kept every one – I started out just keeping the wedding & birthday ones of the kids, our first christmas, the kids ones from good friends & the really nice cards …I am getting better at being selective..
    I quickly lose the Planet Ark Recycle envelope my husband brings home (and the spare my mum also gets me LOL!)
    I mostly scrapbook them (but I dont put them too near my photos!!)
    Sometimes i make pocket pages to keep them in, other times I have used them to journal what that person did to help celebrate that particular occasion or why they are special to me
    Though the last lot of xmas cards were better value on recycling: Half went to kindy for a what-did-you-do-on-the-holidays collage Ms 4 cut the others to shreds for hours while i finished scrapbooking the last few pages of Christmas 2009.ReplyCancel

  • [...] on from Part 1 – Gift Wrapping Station – I have a cabinet in our lounge room which I use as our gift wrapping station, [...]ReplyCancel

  • Alicia

    Got some great ideas from this post….love it!
    I must confess, Im a card keeper also. BUT, it is on my list of things I need to work on SOON!! =)

    Ill be doing same as Kristy suggested.

    Kat do you scrap the cards you keep or just box them? Would love to see.

    Julie are you scrapbooks lump or not too fat? I was considering pockets also but worried my books would warp with the extra content. Do you make pockets or buy them?ReplyCancel

  • Bebright2

    What a GREAT idea! I will be using this one I can tell you!ReplyCancel

  • [...] like to create our own birthday gift tags for gifts we give.  I found this perfect printable below from ScrapBook Inspiration Magazine to [...]ReplyCancel

  • wow great idea :)


  • Eunice

    If you want to keep the cards for sentimental value but aren’t particularly attached to the card itself you can scan the item, keep a copy electronically and then happily recycle or dispose of the actual card. That way you save on space but still have the card to refer to for sentiment.ReplyCancel

  • I reconfigure them and showcase the signature and message inside and use them as part of my scrapbooks. I have all of my wedding cards, baby showers and sent kid birthday cards along with the pictures.ReplyCancel

  • Terri

    I have been doing this for years with Christmas cards. I hate throwing out those beautiful cards and when I was young and broke, it was a perfect way to make tags for my Christmas cards. I also used to make new cards by cutting out features (i.e., Christmas trees), the painting a scene on cardboard and using the cutouts to embellish (paint a forest scene with watercolours and then pasting the cutout trees to the card). It was a way to make free cards when I couldn’t afford to buy them … especially since I used cardboard that came in my pantyhose. They were so popular with friends and family, that I still make my own cards like this 35 years later.ReplyCancel

Be prepared for the change of season

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang Winter is early!! Winter is well and truly here on the Sunny Gold Coast, there is certainly a chill is in the air, it’s time to start buying for the new season.  Items you may consider buying: Winter Pj’s Bed Socks Slippers Tracksuit pants Jumpers Throw rug to put […]

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  • I start my winter clothes shopping the monent they come into the store. I have a good idea of what htey need and put a nice sized layby on.
    I have most things for the boys now. They have new dressing gowns and 2 pairs of new flannel jammies and slipper socks (the best invention ever!!!) on layby atm.
    They both need some new jumpers though for good wear.

    I keep more than you have listed for my boys in ther drawers. But most of it is house clothes as my boys are younger (nearly 3 and 20 months) so they spend lots of time getting dirty outside and I don’t have a clothes dryer to get things dry so need more sets for those times in winter when nothing will dry.ReplyCancel

  • Julie

    I like op-shops!!
    It is often sparse findings for toddlers and young boys clothes but it has allowed us to save so much money and contribute to charity as well….(if you can afford it why not give the money you save back to another charity too?)
    I was just thinking when i woke up cold in the wee hours this morn – Gratitude:
    1. my ms 4 is asleep(after 3 consecutive nites with croup)thanks partly to the sudden cold snap here too
    2. i have blankets in storage after DH swiss-rolled himself in OUR doona
    As we are only a 5min drive from some families that lost not only their winter stores but their entire home in the Roleystone bushfires and even just a few km away it is much colder there than here in winter!!.. I will have to pare down the woolen store when i get back from my weekend away…ReplyCancel

  • Literally, after reading this post, I came down with our first “change of season” cold!
    So I got organised! Now I have our winter “must haves” all in one place!

    This weekend you have inspired me to do the big clothes swap! Goodbye Summer clothes, hello winter!

{Printable} My Weekly Planner

After taking 3 weeks away from my computer, I realised how much time I was actually spending on it…far too much.  I am sure some of you may feel the same, be it an addiction to facebook, games, surfing the net or chatting online (for me it was spending time on the blog, creating posts […]

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  • Jade

    Fantastic – thankyou!!! I find it also helps me to fill in a planner every so often too – just jot down what I’ve done. Makes me a bit accountable and shows where I’m spending my time!ReplyCancel

  • Love this Kat!!! Thank you very much! I will certainly be using this as I am falling behind in what I want to do around the house and blog wise tooReplyCancel

  • Ooh, lovely planner. Totally printing one out to go on the fridge :-) ReplyCancel

  • Lovely planner! i would love to read more about your already established morning routine. that is one area I could really use some organization in!ReplyCancel

  • ooooh, FABULOUS! Going to print this off onto A3 paper (at work, but don’t tell them that! hehe)ReplyCancel

  • [...] the weekly planner, calendar or get your diary and write in all your appointments for the [...]ReplyCancel

  • Caiti

    Why does it only go to 8:30pm? Going to bed that early only happens in my wildest fantasies… I wish it went later because I’d love to use this. I’m a grad student who teaches classes too. Something like this would be so helpful.ReplyCancel

  • This is so great! I needed something small, daily and hourly. You managed to condense the “hourly” portion I was looking for, without making each day separate, because normally you have to flip a page for each day. Hope that all made sense, in either case you are a life saver and I really appreciate you posting this. Thank you!ReplyCancel

{Meal Planning} Chilli Con Carne + {Review} Philips Airfryer

I’m back to my regular blogging self today, it feels good to be back in front of the laptop getting back into a regular routine.  I hope you all didn’t miss me too much, lol.  As I mentioned last week I have changed my Meal Planning posts to Monday’s, I’ll explain more in another post […]

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  • Raelene Graham

    Thank you for the review on the Phillip air fryer, have been considering buying one of them or the tefal actifry,love to read real reviews!ReplyCancel

  • I’ve not heard of the airfryer before this review, so I went off and did a bit of research (it took a bit of looking too!).

    Are they worth the $300 price tag though? Sounds very expensive for something that could very easily get lost at the back of the cupboard after the newness wears off.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Neither had I Renee. I have considered purchasing a deep fryer in the past, which would be alot cheaper than the airfryer, but the airfryer is a healthier option. Yes $300 maybe a little excessive, but it is so much easier to clean than an oven. Will also reduce the amount of oil you need to cook with, therefore making the food healthier.ReplyCancel

  • Love the idea of these fyers and wondered how well they worked. Would love to hear how homemade wedges go. Not sure I could afford one if they are that much thoughReplyCancel

  • [...] Monday – Chilli Con Carne Pasta Bake made from last nights left overs [...]ReplyCancel

Happiness Project

I’m in awe of Naomi from Seven Cherubs (that’s right she has 7 children).  I have only had the pleasure of meeting her twice, at the Aussie Bloggers Conference earlier this year and again last week.  Both times she constantly had a smile shining on her face and phone in hand tweeting…lol, she amazes me as i […]

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  • Tracy Williams

    I have started stopping and allowing the moment to sink in, even in those every day moments. I don’t want to have regrets, watching them and creating beautiful memories allows me to remember why I love being a mum.

  • Julie

    I did this for a while – i called it a gratitude diary
    It is good for learning to focus on the positives in life!

    Make sure you include your challenges in your journal of positives and be more creative and specific than the lame old “could’ve been worse”. Sometimes when you reflect later you can see that you learnt from the situation in a big way that you maybe didn’t realise at the time…I sometimes like to include some of these in my kids scrapbooks’s my version of faithbooking

    And remember:
    “Without the rain, there would be no rainbow” -G.K. ChestertonReplyCancel

  • Thanks so much for taking part in this project. So great to catch up with you again. You are one awesome lady and I enjoy being in your company so much. I adore your happiness list, I love the key words you chose to start each sentence and the flow of family and personal was wonderful. I love having my toes painted too! such a simple act that brings me so much joy.

    My heart and prayers have been with you at this difficult time for your family. How tragic and sad for you and your cherubs. It was lovely to see you smiling during the week and I hope that happiness continues to find it’s way into your home and heart.

    Until next time my friend. Naomi xReplyCancel

  • It’s lovely to meet you through Naomi’s linky, Katrina. There are some really great blogs linking up that I haven’t been to before. xReplyCancel

  • I was involved in the happiness project too and am slowly making my ’rounds’ reading everyones entries. Its a shame you didnt finish because I was enjoying reading it and wanted more!ReplyCancel