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If you were following on facebook recently you would have read that our family has been a little sick, so much so we were by doctors orders house bound for 5 days with suspected whooping-cough. Long story short, we stayed indoors for 5 days, missed easter with family to then find out late afternoon on […]

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  • Great idea….but I actually love your other wall with your baby fotos….youve just inspired me…:)ReplyCancel

  • Lorraine

    That’ looks great. It is a great use of space….cleaver idea using the fabric squares.ReplyCancel

  • Very very clever lady. ReplyCancel

  • Mel

    i actually love the way you have done your family pics with the words, that is so nice and homey. Love it!ReplyCancel

  • Kirsten

    I agree with Mel, I reallylove the family photos. Where did you get the wording from loke that, to stick on the wall. x Love it. ReplyCancel

    • Kirsten

      Oh man I stuffed that up…. “really love” and “like” That’s what happens when miss 2 is climbing on me while trying to type. :) ReplyCancel

  • Sandra

    They look amazing katrina, job well done.ReplyCancel

  • Margaret Perusich

    What a brilliant idea. I have two fabric panels that I made at a silk painting workshop on my honeymoon in Bali 15 years ago – I’ve never known what to do with them. Off to the discount shop now to buy some canvases. Thank you.ReplyCancel

  • Dani

    Gorgeous! Love the ideaReplyCancel

  • Hln4paul

    Love this idea! Could also had some glitter to them for a 3d effect.ReplyCancel

  • Copying! I love yr page – keeps me motivated and happy – thank u :)ReplyCancel

  • Luv the idea of using material as wall art. ReplyCancel

  • luv especially the photo’s with the inspriational words as an added bonusReplyCancel

  • I love butterflies too, Katrina, and this arrangement looks fabulous! I love how the background colour matches your lounge chairs perfectly and just adds that punch of colour – perfect for the coming cooler months.

    Are you going to give us a “house tour” anytime soon? I love your classic modern style :)


  • They’re gorgeous!!ReplyCancel

  • Fiona

    They look great – well done! ReplyCancel

  • What a great use of fabric Katrina! The butterflies look so lovely on your wall, and certainly add that pop of colour you were seeking.ReplyCancel

  • Kat, this looks gorgeous – i’m so inspired to do something. We have so many large, bare walls!ReplyCancel

  • Jodene

    Wow, they look fantastic! They have really brightened up that space on your wall!ReplyCancel

  • Nchristie

    Looks great, I do that also, bought 1m of fabric from Lincraft for $12, when u get sick of it easily changed. I have to ask though where did you buy the sticks for your vase? ReplyCancel

    • I purchased them just recently from Vast. Vast is at our local Helensvale HomeWorld. They came in a variety of different colours, blue, orange, beige and red. ReplyCancel

  • Emilylucas83

    i do this also but when i buy a bed spread i just buy an extra set of matching cushions and use the cushion covers to glue to the wall canvas, that way you have matching wall art to the doona cover….lovely cheap ideaReplyCancel

  • Narelle Simone

    I have made our own wall art in a similar way, I found a cheap doona cover which I liked and the colours matched our lounge, I cut sections from it and stapled these over a cheap frame from an art supplies shop. The frames all match but are not the same, look great….and can be changed with new fabric if we make any colour changes. I also have the rest of the doona fabric aside to use for other projects (the background colour is white so great to have….am planning to use a small piece inside a photo frame, minus the glass, and stitch our daughters dancing medals onto it….nicely framed and a keepsake)
    Thanks for your posts :)ReplyCancel

  • KC76

    Great idea! Another idea my friend came up with was to buy a lovely piece of wrapping paper and frame it – it looks great on her bedroom wall!ReplyCancel

  • Jak skutecznie schudn?? ? Polecam interesuj?cy ranking ?rodków wspomagaj?cych odchudzanie. Pomó? sobie w odchudzaniu, schudnij o wiele skuteczniej! Wyszukaj w google – skuteczne odchudzanie by ticangelinaReplyCancel

This weeks meal plan Monday – Beef and vegetable stir fry Tuesday – Prawn sandwiches (thankyou to my Dad for bring something special around for Mr Organised and I wedding anniversary) Wednesday – Pizza by candlelight  Thursday – Rainbow Chicken Logs Friday – Bacon and pumpkin pesto pasta Saturday – night out Sunday – Steak with seasoning, […]

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  • flyingdrunkenmonkey

    We’re having an almost entirely vegetarian week this week – just for something different.


  • Jacqui (CRAP Mamma)

    I love your meal plan this week. We tried the McCormacks BBQ mate seasoning while we were in Melbourne and it’s the absolute bomb! Yummo!
    Thanks for the recipe ideas and thanks for the link-up too xReplyCancel

When clover season was out earlier this year Mr 9 found so many 4 leaf clovers, he has a real eye for finding them.  I NEVER found any as a child, despite the multiple number of flower chains I made,  so I think he is pretty clever.  We wanted to do something special with the four leaf […]

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  • Katie Woodleigh

    What a great idea! You truly have wonderful ideas, your kids ‘are’ lucky!ReplyCancel

  • Niki

    great idea – my daughter has found heaps of them in our yard too – thanks KatrinaReplyCancel

Welcome to the another ‘Love it, Like it, Link it’ Blog Link Party!! If you have a blog please join in the fun linking up below your favourite blog post of the week (only one please) and there maybe a chance you are featured next week. HERE ARE 5 THAT I LOVED & LIKED A […]

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I have a few giveaway winners to announce sorry for the delay Congratulations to Natalie M, you have won a 3 Sprouts Storage Tub from Lime Tree Kids. Congratulations to Jessica M, you have won an Adventure House from My Playhouse Adventures.   Stay tuned soon for some more great giveaways! If you are interested […]

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I have shared a lot recently about my blog journey, how grateful I am for finding this path and my thoughts, prior to hitting publish for the very first time. I would however like to backtrack a little to give you a better understanding of how The Organised Housewife came to be, even before I realised it.

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  • Enjoyed reading that, thanks for sharing. And my vote is done. ReplyCancel

  • It was really interesting to get an insight into your blogging journey and how it all began. I love your blog and organising tips and I hope you do fabulously in the competitionReplyCancel

  • Love Cavies

    Ive been reading your blog almost since it started and its been so lovely to see how its grown. What a beautiful kind inspiration you are Katie to use your own experience and empathy to now want to help others regain control of their lives. I am an organized person by nature and have enjoyed using some of your ideas in our home. I still need to work on meal planning though, its my big downfall!!! Thank you for sharing this post, it was a window into your soul – a beautiful person.ReplyCancel

  • 20minutemom

    Hi Organised Housewife! I’m new to your blog and was also young when I married my high school sweetheart (21 & 21!). I had always dreamed of being a housewife but it sure is a learned skill isn’t it. I have thought many times that maybe I should have taken Home Ec versus Nursing School 😉ReplyCancel

  • Merri-Made

    I am yet to be Organised but I am really enjoying reading your blog. I am starting to form ideas of needing a routine, picking a starting point, having a plan etc. My main issue is to actually prioritise my housework – I could easily sit in my Creative Space and knit, sew, crochet, bead, etc all day. I have to find a way to do it quickly and easily! Thanks for sharing your ideas.ReplyCancel

  • Dragonden1

    I was always organised even with my first child managed to keep the house tidy, budgeted well, shopped for bargins was so very house proud. When my daughter was 2.5yrs my twins arrived, the house has never been the same again, clothes everywhere washed and waiting to be ironed, no organisation of meals, really untidy house. I love reading your blog, one day i will get it all together i am sure and each week i get something else under control which is sad as the twins are now 4!!!! Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas and suggestions it give me hope xxxReplyCancel

  • Tina

    I am not an organised person by nature, but I require organisation to maintain my sanity.
    After having my second child, housework went out the window. To get organised again, I focused on keeping up to date with the washing and keeping one room tidy (I started with my son’s bedroom). As things have gotten easier, I have added rooms and tasks to do daily to keep the house tidy. I involve my almost 3 yo in the tasks.
    The house isn’t perfect, but it is getting there. At this,point, I can have someone drop in without being too embarrassed.
    Small wins.ReplyCancel

  • Tracey

    I have four kids, 6, 4, 2, and a two week old … enough said really! LOL
    Thanks for the reminder that we are not ‘supermum’ and its totally ok to allow some time to ‘bounce’ back –
    thank you for your daily tips, as I slowly get back to my new kind of ‘normal.

  • Kylie

    Thank you!!! I too felt totally overwhelmed by the unorganized chaos after babies arrived!! I remember not wanting to share photos due to piles ofwashing and mess in the back ground!! How could such a little thing consume so much time?!? But I’m slowly getting there. The school bag nook is still my favorite!! It’s one routine after school/ kinder that works perfect!! Thank you for sharing – everything!!

  • Mel

    i love you, you are awesome!ReplyCancel

  • The Camera Chronicles

    Very inspirational. I’ve actually just done the same thing in regards to routine charts – split the boys’ chores over the week, split my own chores, even split homework tasks over the week. Having everything in front of me in a visual way has helped me feel a little more organised. Still hard with three boys determined to turn everything upside down, but at least it’s a start! Good luck with the Kidspot Top 50!ReplyCancel

  • All this time knowing you I never knew you had twins! It’s hard work having a baby let alone twins for your first ones. Love reading how you got to starting this blog Katrina – The Organised Housewife. 😉ReplyCancel

  • Jessica

    I am a relatively new follower of your posts but you’re an inspiration to me! I am at heart a neat freak, but that had to go out the window when I had my first son the year after finishing high school. I chose to give up work and be a SAHM, and while I stayed on top of the basic housekeeping – all the little extras were put to the wayside. It’s only now that my youngest has started school that I feel I have time to get myself organised around the home. Thank you for sharing your insight :)ReplyCancel

  • Such a great post Katrina. I just said on Naomi’s wall, I forgot you have twins. What a journey THAT must have been. Thanks for sharing and giving us a little bit more of an insight.

    Like the you in the earlier half of the story, there’s no great need here yet {just hubby and I}. But when we are blessed with children let me guarantee I’ll be printing off everything you’ve got! I like a clean house. Most of the time. 😉 ReplyCancel

  • What a great post! Only a mum of twins can know how tough those early days were:) the only pics of my twins for weeks and weeks were of them asleep!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel M

    Your story is my story! Like you I have twins and was always organized before they came. The crazy busy first days then turned into severe sleep deprivation as they both had food intolerances that took ages to diagnose. Lack of family support and hubby setting up his own business meant that our house turned into a bomb site and I struggled to keep on top of everything. I wish I had this site back then. One book that made such a difference was You Sexy Mum who also says to follow the pioneer women and have washing day, baking day etc which makes so much sense! My boys have just turned 5 so are off to school after the holidays (NZ) so I am looking at getting our family routines better organized with the help of your charts, thanksReplyCancel

  • Julie Parker

    So lovely Katrina. I really enjoyed reading your entry and wish you all the best for the comp!ReplyCancel

  • Patricia Laws

    I have just discovered your blog through retromummy. I am a grandmother with serious clutter problems but this week i am on school holidays and i have been very focussed and have been culling unwanted clothes, books etc from the house. i have a few more rooms to go but i am happy with my results so far. now that i have found your blog i will be able to go to it to give me even more motivation and practical advice on how to keep on top of things. by the way it’s just me and three dogs at my house and the dogs don’t contribute to the mess so it’s all up to me to sort it out! all the best in the top 50 competition.ReplyCancel

  • Love reading about your journey Kat, you are turly an amazing lady that has made either a massive or just a small difference is so many people’s lives. I wish you all the best in your quest to being Kidspot’s No1 Blogger. You so deserve it. Thanks for motivating and keeping us organised. Much love Liv xoxoxoxReplyCancel

  • Such a great post Katrina! It’s great to read that you too had struggled with an unorganised house at one point. It makes me feel confident that I can achieve that in the future too. Congrats on your nomination…you have my vote!!ReplyCancel

  • you inspire m Kat every day with your posts . Thank you so much xxxReplyCancel

  • Roanne Laughlin

    What a great story! Very inspiring!ReplyCancel

  • Trish

    Great post Kat, I can really relate to what you have written as a mum of twins too. Good luck.ReplyCancel

  • Loved reading this post, Kat. Good luck!! xxReplyCancel

  • Kiara

    So glad I came across you!!! :) A newborn, a 16 month old and a school aged child I really needed help and your website is just what I needed :) Thanks for all the effort you put into it :)ReplyCancel

  • Mel

    You have saved my life.!!! You are such a inspiration to my daily life and home.
    I love reading you post daily and share alot of them too.
    Well done Katrina, you are a super woman out to inspire us all, keep up the great blogging 😀ReplyCancel

  • Skimpton78

    Just read your story about how you got started… you are such an amazing woman and I’m incredibly proud of you, my “surrogate sister”! The person to whom you are referring (obviously I know who that is) will be very lucky to have you for support if she makes the decision to improve her current situation, and I hope that she does get there eventually. And I really hope you get the No. 1 on Kidspot… you so deserve it!!! Love you. xx ReplyCancel

  • Yolanda

    What a great post Katrina, I had tears in my eyes at the end of it. You are a beautiful lady and doing an amazing job with your “Organised Housewife” Blog. Good luck!!!!!

  • Natalie

    I am getting married soon and hope to have kids as soon as possible. Are there any tricks to keeping correspondance with the in laws that you know of?
    From the other side of the pond
    Natalie ReplyCancel

  • Luc

    I wish you were around when I had my eldest! Sure hope you win as you really deserve that blogher ticket!ReplyCancel

  • Louise

    Wow. I’ve only just found your blog, but I can tell it’s going to be a HUGE help to me. I have 4 boys (7, 5 & 2yo twins) and my house is a mess! It makes me depressed just to walk through the door – and I have no idea where to even start. My twins are cyclones of destruction – while I’m busy cleaning up one mess they’re at the other end of the house creating a new one! The time has come for there to be less junk and clutter for them to wreak their devastation on :)ReplyCancel

  • Shani

    Ahhh twins…that’s why I like the concept of organised chaos. Mine are now 12, plus an 18 year old, hubby and pets. Your daily tips are fantastic.ReplyCancel

  • […] mentioned in my post about feeling the difference that somebody close to me had lost her mum and I watched as her home change, she became a hoarder. […]ReplyCancel

I would like to say a big thankyou to A Beach Cottage, Mojito Mother and Tina Gray {dot} me for joining me in the series ‘Our Blogging Journey’.   I am glad that I stumbled upon blogs and started one of my own, I couldn’t imagine what I would be doing with all my spare […]

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This is a guest post by Kylie, from Get Me Organised As I sit down to write some tips on organising your office filing and paperwork, I recall the phone conversation I had with a girlfriend this morning.  She has been flat out at work recently, and also very busy at home with her husband […]

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  • Filing is great, but i never no how long i should keep receipts for bills that i have paid eg: power bills and phone bills etc. Have you got any advice???ReplyCancel

  • Hi Katrina – thanks for the opportunity to be a guest contributor on your awesome blog! Carly, depending on whether you need them for tax purposes, I would suggest that one year as a maximum. If you will be using for a tax claim, you need to keep for 7 years although your accountant may advise that certain bills can be kept for a shorter period than others. Hope this helps :)ReplyCancel

  • Ferial Reynolds

    we use an online money management program, which allows me to take a photo of the paper work then store it in a file section and then I have the paperwork readily available online and can shred the paper. Yay, to moving closer to a paper free home/office.ReplyCancel

  • Wendy

    Is the get me organised site working? The links in the article don’t work…ReplyCancel

Welcome to the another ‘Love it, Like it, Link it’ Blog Link Party!! Being that it is the Easter weekend I thought I would add all the fab Easter posts linked up last week. If you have a blog please join in the fun linking up below your favourite blog post of the week (only […]

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  • Thank you so much for the feature Katrina! I really admire your blog so it means a lot.ReplyCancel

  • thank you .. I linked up again this week :) SoniaReplyCancel

  • bjchabs

    Hi Katrina the link tool was taking ages and I kept getting errors but know I have 3 of the same links on your linky party….sorry is there anyway we can delete 2 of them?ReplyCancel

  • Thank you so much for the feature! Those cupcakes are so cute. My bunny cupcakes turned out a little evil looking :-(ReplyCancel

  • desireempire

    Hi Kat
    Thanks for featuring my Easter Bunny Cupcakes.

    It was lovely to meet you in Melbourne. I wish you and your family a wonderful Easter

  • sarahbraaksma

    oh those bunny ears are the cutest things ever!!! and so is the little girl wearing them!ReplyCancel

  • Amy Rea

    Thanks so much for sharing my Bunny Ears Tutorial xxReplyCancel

  • […] I have linked up this post with Real Food Freaks FREAKY FRIDAY. Check it out – great for wholefood recipes ! Also linked up with The Organized Housewife’s Link Party. […]ReplyCancel

Gorgeous Easter Colouring Page

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Around this time last year we had a devastating loss in our family, I took quite a few weeks off blogging to spend time with my loved ones.  After having this break I realised the blog was taking a lot of my spare time, I was having trouble balancing family and blogging and thought I […]

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  • Mistyjones

    It is so lovely that you found a passion, something that makes you feel alive! Xo

  • Glad you did not stop, I am a new reader and am loving your blog! Good luck with the competition!ReplyCancel

  • MelindaD

    voted :) I love your blog and emails, they encourage me to take small steps, instead of looking at my house and crying because there is just so much to do :) I love being organised but since having kids I struggle to keep the momentum and your blog is an inspiration :) Thanks for all the fantastic ideas!ReplyCancel

    • Thankyou Melinda, and that is exactly what this blog is about to give ideas and inspiration and find a happy mediun to suit your family.

  • Jackie_connelly

    just voted for u….
    good luck xReplyCancel

  • Christeen

    Hi Just voted for you and your wonderful blog. Good Luck!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Hi – voted for you and your great blog.
    Would love you to like my new FB page
    Good luck! Hugs JacReplyCancel

  • Of course we don’t mind! Good luck!ReplyCancel

  • kendallx3

    Just voted. Love your blog and emails. They’ve been so helpful, keeping me motivated. Good luck!!!! You deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Julie K

    Hi Katrina
    I just love your blog, keep up the good work.
    Good luck!!!ReplyCancel

  • congratulations! I read your blog all the time and I’ll be voting for you! :)ReplyCancel

  • Jenny

    Voted! Good luck, hope you win, and I’m glad you kept blogging.ReplyCancel

This weeks meal plan Monday – Slow cooker Chicken and Bacon casserole with spaghetti  Tuesday – Fish with salad Wednesday – Easy night – eggs on toast Thursday – Hubby takes over kitchen – Chicken Nuggets, vegetables and chips Friday – Dinner out celebrating twins karate belt grading achievements!   Saturday – Hubby takes over kitchen – Quick […]

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  • I have been doing particularly horridly in the meal planning stakes (and blogging, shh) – last week was the first week in absolutely ages I actually did a meal plan, and we ate to it twice. In seven days! This week – I have tried again. And I have worked out tonight and tomorrow night (one will be snags, one will be burgers. Or it will be both tonight and I’m stuck again for tomorrow!) Wednesday night, the kids are at their grandparents, so we may go out. Or not. And Thursday, we will possibly have the GPs over for dinner in thanks for looking after the kids for two days. I am planning to do a LOT of sorting, tidying and rearrangements over the long weekend, so I am thinking a lot of BBQ and things on sticks. Maybe some lamb kofta or something different?

    Man, I would like to get this meal planning business to work for me – because when it does, it’s awesome. It’s just that it rarely does!ReplyCancel

  • Chicken avo risotto, pesto, roast pumpkin and bacon pasta, mango chicken, spaghetti bolognaise, stirfry, penne boscaiola, slow cooked sausages, roast chicken :)

    I have to do two weeks in advance and we’re in the middle of the first week.
    I love autumn for slow cooker season!ReplyCancel

  • Amie McIlroy

    I have now added the Slow Cooked Chicken and Bacon to our weekly meal plan. It was a winner with the family! (And I love it because it is so easy to put together). Thank you!ReplyCancel

Quotes for March 2012 Each evening on facebook I publish a ‘Quote of the Day’.  Below is a summary of these quotes.  I created the images of all the quotes, just trying something a little different this month.   I hope you are able to find motivation and inspiration from each of the quotes. If […]

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