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When I started the “Organising You” month I read via the comments that many of you don’t regularly visit the hairdresser.  One courageous reader admitting she hasn’t been to a hairdresser for over year and was well and truly in need, which I am sure so many of you are feeling the same.   Whenever […]

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  • Yep I have all those issues, but when I get there (every 6 months or so) if feels great!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Hey kat…another cheap alternative… Ur local Tafe! At my local tafe haircuts r free! I got a whole head of foils for under $40 for short/medium hair! Yeah ok..not entirely happy with my haircut..but that was my fault as wasn’t descriptive enough! They r young keen new hairdressers..they need the practice to learning the skills! For a price like that…I’m happy to b a guinea pig! Last time I went to the hairdressers in a salon…it cost me almost $150 for cut & 1/2 head foils! Thats almost 4 trips a year to the tafe hairdresser for the same price!!!ReplyCancel

  • I pay $90 for colour, foils and style cut hairdresser works from home so she doesn’t have to put her little boy into care. Love it I try and go every 6-8 weeks ReplyCancel

  • My biggest thing, apart from now having two babies, is finding a hairdresser I like. I’m fussy when it comes to who cuts my hair because I’ve had so many teeny boppers who don’t listen. It’s been about 5 weeks since my last haircut, when my mil was here, before that was 6 months and before that was over a year. ReplyCancel

  • Going tomorrow…..first time in about 6 months lol…..I to struggle to fibd a decent one. Last time I went I wanted a chance so sat down and said go for it do what you want…..she turned around and said oh I think ill just do the same WTF I would have thought that was a dream for a hairdresser!!!!ReplyCancel

  • *find….change bloody swipe textReplyCancel

  • I go every 6to 8weeks and i find the money to do it as it always makes me feel great and i have an awsome hairdresser that works from home $90:-)):-))ReplyCancel

  • Lisamareemccann

    ooh Kat lovely! just want to share that i used a ‘just cuts’ at home colour (they sell them now!) and it was so much nicer than a supermarket hair colour AND CHEAPER!! They are actual hairdressing ones so not as damaging to your hair and a nicer colour :) ReplyCancel

  • Lesaboys

    I have my hair colour and foils done at the hairdresser every second time and then colout at home in between. This means the full colour goes over the foils but you still get variation in the colour. Saves money and time.ReplyCancel

  • I’m one of those who never go to the hairdresser. I haven’t been to the hairdresser for myself in about 6 years.ReplyCancel

  • I was a hair model yesterday, got my hair colored for free and came home with a bag of products also for free. It’s been years since I had my hair colored it was 90 per cent grey. I feel fantastic now. ReplyCancel

  • LOL – I’m actually off to the hairdressers today. I’m sooo bloody grey that it’s depressing so I regularly visit the hairdressers for a “boost”. I use the time to write lists, letters and emails and sometimes I say to hell with the work and just sit and read a novel. My hairdresser has an arrangement where she rings through coffee orders to the nearby cafe and they deliver to us – love my “salon pampering” !ReplyCancel

  • That was me up until a couple of years ago… I would look at my hair, decide that I needed a hair cut and/or colour… by the time I’d get around to booking it in and actually GOING, at least another month would have flown past and my hair would look shocking. The Bloke would just get his cut at one of those Just Cuts places, and I would book the kids in whenever they looked a bit like they’d been sleeping in a hedge.

    I cracked it one day, booked ALL of us in for a cut (and me for a colour) and we book the next two appointments while we are there – cuts every 8 weeks, I get foils every second cut (chemically enhanced natural blonde = minimal visible undergrowth, and no need to recolour in between). That way, the other adult amuses the kids (or we take in turns playing Angry Birds, lol); we ALL look tidy AND I get regular hair cuts.

    (Which reminds me… I need to call and see when the next one is due!)ReplyCancel

  • I havent been to the hair dresser in over a year. would really love to goReplyCancel

  • Channy

    I make an appointment and go every 7- 8 weeks – nothing gets in the way of my hair appointment. I need those two hours to sit and relax!! I go to a lady who does it from home- she is fantastic and I save around $100 on salon pricing. ReplyCancel

  • Kylie

    Up until last Thursday, it had been over 15 months since I had my hair-cut. But now that the baby is a little older (14 months now), the 2 big kids are back at school, I was able to find time to just walk into a salon while I was out doing other shopping and just get it done. I think when you find it hard to make appt times with school, sport and hubby’s unpredictable work hours (nights, weekends & away trips at short notice), the trick is to head straight to the salon after dropping kids at school and being there when they open the doors, chances are they don’t have too many apppointments booked for that time and can fit you in.ReplyCancel

  • cath

    I have a fantastic hairdresser who I have used for over 20 years. He used to run two salons but now does mobile hairdressing. He comes to my house (morning, afternoon or even in the evening on any day)and does my hair. In the old days we would get the ‘girls’ together for lunch and champagne and make a day of it but now I am just happy that I can leave my 2 year old asleep while getting my hair done. If she wakes I can take time out to get her a drink, food, toys and then go back to getting my hair done knowing she is in a baby safe environment. I can even check on dinner cooking in the oven or stir something on the stove top and get my hair done at the same time. Would never go back to the restrictions of a salon again!! My 2 year old has her fringe trimmed each time he comes while sitting on my lap and gets very excited when its time for “john cut hair”.ReplyCancel

  • Gayemurphy

    I try & go to the hairdressers at least every three months, now that I’ve gone back to having short pixie cut hair style. When I had long hair it was never within 6 months of the last trim. In the last 5 years I have changed hairdressers many times. I thought I had found a good salon & they were reasonably priced – but my last haircut end of Jan, she insisted on giving my hair a “quick hair dry”… the dryer was on for less than a minute – she only waved it over the back of my hair twice & I was charged $7 for the privilege. Previously I have always insisted on letting it air dry – it’s short, it won’t take a moment – but the way she had said it made me think that she needed to before she put a little smidge of product through…. WON’T make that mistake again. I had been quoted a price before I got there – so that was how I knew that the short “blow dry” cost that amount… The next time I visit I will make sure I get “re-quoted” at the actual salon, not just on the phone & make sure I tell them NOT to “blow dry”!ReplyCancel

  • Oh I am the WORST at this too. Everytime I go I have to apologise for how long it’s been as my hair is clearly in need of a cut, so as to prevent being told so by the hairdresser! Then add in kids and the expense…. yep, so true. I actually bought a home colouring this morning to give it a go. It’s not a permanent just in case!!ReplyCancel

  • I always shout myself a “good” haircut and colour when I am home in Australia. So the last time I did that was um, 15 months ago?! I have had about 5 haircuts since then- but my hair is short and I should go more often but I am not usually as satisfied as when I do it in Australia and I can`t justify the cost of colour here {or risk the chance of my hair going orange. It has happened!}.

    I will be in Australia in March. Already have an appointment- 2 days after I arrive!!! My mum will take the afternoon off work and watch my boys.

    My husband does watch the kids on a Saturday or Sunday while I get a cut sometimes but now I work a lot on the weekends it is sometimes hard to fit it in. When I get it cut in March it will be 4 months since my last cut.


  • Lauren

    To save money, see if a hairdressing salon near you needs a hair model for a student. Last time I did this it cost me $20, and the girl who cut my hair was about three weeks away from being a licensed hairdresser. They are all supervised by experienced hairdressers who will advise if needed. You can also ask a TAFE if they need hair models! This goes for beauty schools too….people need to practise their techniques!ReplyCancel

  • Kathryn

    I love going to a hairdresser purely to have some pampering and get to read a magazine! With colour, I get roots done every second appt, rather than full head to save a few dollars. ReplyCancel

  • Roslyn Richards

    As a Hairdresser myself, and a teacher of Apprentice hairdressers, why not go to the local college to have your hair done. The service is just as good and the results are sometimes better as every step of the process is monitored by the lecturer. Saves alot of money as you are usually paying just for the cost of the product.ReplyCancel

  • Belinda

    I went on Monday. I don’t do anything to my hair apart from a trim every 6 months. I actually got it cut from shoulder blade length up to just sitting past shoulders (4 inches). ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous

    Im going on the 18th, at the same time as my eldest son’s girlfriend so we can take turns looking after my little one! One of the advantages of large age gaps between kids….and the hairdressers love to cuddle him too, even some other clients.

  • Mumma K

    I really need to visit the hair dresser too I haven’t been since September last year and I’m sick of my hair style, might take your advice and have a look on Pinterest for some inspiration :) ThanksReplyCancel

  • Nicqui

    Thanks for this post – It made me realize just how long I’ve been putting off my visit to the hairdresser. I’ve made an appointment for Saturday morning when my hubby can watch the kids and am looking forward to a little bit of me time :)ReplyCancel

  • Belinda

    Thanks for this post, Made me relise that I have not seen a hair dresser in almost 6 years and I have not had a hair cut in about 3 years so I think it might be a really good time to change that :)ReplyCancel

    • Absolutely and your hair will feel much healthier afterwards too. enjoy it Belinda!ReplyCancel

This is a guest post by Kate, from the blog Puddles and Gumboots. “Help! My house is an absolute chaos, I feel completely overwhelmed and I don’t know where to start.” These were the words a friend said to me recently when she rang me in tears. I think this happens to nearly all of […]

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  • Oh my gosh! This is like a glimpse into my place! I did this almost in the exact order last week, though didn’t quite get floors finished. LOL. (I have the ‘clutter basket’ – laundry basket – still half full from the other day as evidence!) I think I’ll print this out and pop it in the back of my diary for next time I’m feeling overwhelmed, as a reminer of where to start! Great post! Hayley xxReplyCancel

  • Thank you so much for having me guest post today, I hope people find it helpful :-)ReplyCancel

  • Oh I so need to get my house back into shape. Tomorrow’s my day of purging and cleaning. Thanks for these handy hints!!ReplyCancel

  • Sladenkel

    just what i needed to read today thank you so much

  • This is a really great step by step run down for when things get overwhelming. And i think the “clutter basket” is so helpful, i’ve been doing this for awhile now, although i use two – one for around the house stuff & one for the toys. The good thing about the toy one is there’s a spot in the playroom where it sits so if i don’t really want to sort through it i can still pack it in the room neatly.ReplyCancel

  • Sometimes, when I think it’s all too much – I play a “game” with myself. It’s called “Idle Hands”. The idea is that my hands are never empty – so I start by picking up ONE thing. I take that and put it away, then pick up two things from the room that first thing belonged in and put them away, picking up another thing from each room etc etc. While it’s a bit of a scatter-gun approach to tidying up, it gets me started. And it’s usually enough to fix the house when it’s all bitty. Like it is right now, actually!ReplyCancel

  • Thank you so much for this timely post, I only recently subscribed and to find this in my inbox dismorning was an absolute god send. Last week I decided to update the toy room and office and as I like a blank slate to work with the entire home become chaotic and messy as the one room took over many! And I didn’t know where to start to get it all in order again but now thanks to your post it doesn’t seem as overwhelming, thank you.ReplyCancel

  • MultipleMum

    great post Kate. It is so true that sometimes it is all so overwhelming you don’t know where to start! This is a fab guide xReplyCancel

  • thanks so much for this post it helped me so much i already feel more on top of my home than ever thanks againReplyCancel

    • That’s wonderful news Jodie!ReplyCancel

      • thank you your blog helps me so much my son was diagnosed with epilepsy late last year and trying to learn how to manage that as well as the house and everything has been so hard but your posts give me hope that i can get there so thanksReplyCancel

  • Thank you for helping me see the wood for the trees! Its so easy to feel completely overwhelmed and just flounder. I agree that getting on top of the laundry is a great starting point to feeling back in control.
    My dining table/room is the black hole of the house – something that I hat because its the first room you walk into when you come into the house! I will conquer it this week!ReplyCancel

    • It is otherwise it will just keep piling up and become a huge job. Would love to hear how you go!!ReplyCancel

  • Fleur.Muller74

    This is my new go to guide! ReplyCancel

  • Just wanted to let you know, I started this list at 9.30 and stopped for 30 minutes for lunch and another 30 minutes for school run… it’s now 4.15pm and I’ve finally finished!!! I have needed this so much! I always, always find my house so overwhelming. 3 kids under 5 makes for a very messy, busy household and I never know where to start!!! This list had me going from top to bottom and even doing alittle bit extra, like wiping down the kitchen cupboards, and cleaning the windows!
    Thank you so very much for this! I’ve never felt so tired, but from something that was worth it! My house looks great, even my 5yo commented when he got home from school!! All I have to do is fold Mt Clothesmore and continue with the never-ending laundry that seems to be the bane of my existence! I was considering taking it all to the laundromat to clean all at once and then bring home to dry! My poor small washing machine is constantly on the go!

  • Mel Duker

    Lovely and simple :o)ReplyCancel

  • sets makers and higher, they’d rather wear such asReplyCancel

  • I really like this article but I think it takes a lot more than will power to get the energy changing and moving in your home again. The first step is really to admit that something needs to be done and to do something that drastically change the way you see your house. That first step here is what I’ll agree with the most – letting the sunlight and air in can really do wonders with changing the feeling of the space you live in!ReplyCancel

This weeks meal plan Monday – Salmon and Brocolli Pasta Bake Tuesday – Crustless Quiche Wednesday – leftovers from freezer, on toast Thursday – Fish fillets with pasta and vegetables Friday – Pie with potato and vegetables Saturday – Chicken and Bacon Risotto Sunday – Ham and Potato Cakes with salad Baking – White chocolate and raspberry […]

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Haggus and Stookles Too often we forget to keep organised one area that we use very often… the car.  Today I am reviewing some items that will keep all those bits and bobs tidy and ready to grab when needed. Haggus and Stookles is an online store with products that help to make outings and travelling […]

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  • Kim

    I would love any of these!ReplyCancel

  • Great giveaway idea.ReplyCancel

  • Doyley_04

    how do I enter the giveaway? These would be very handy – especially as I have a Ford Territory and can see exactly how great they fit and would be fantstic as we travel alot (being 1.5 hours away from the nearest woolworths/coles) we make regular trips to get groceries and go shopping

  • Can’t seem to find where/how to enter?ReplyCancel

  • I looked at these a while ago but they weren’t part of our budget.
    Would love to win any of them.ReplyCancel

  • Monique farmer

    What a great ideaReplyCancel

  • Kari

    A really great idea, I also keep a squishy esky type bag in the boot to keep the cold shopping from melting on the way home, especially if you have to make another stop or two on the way home. Its also handy for other things and folds down quite flat.ReplyCancel

  • Grant-deanna Platts

    Excellent organising tools for the car. Love the idea!ReplyCancel

  • Bedford68

    My car looks like a mobile tip! This could really help, Thanks love your page.ReplyCancel

  • Mel - Maya Mo and Me

    High Road Cargo Net – I am sick of losing stuff into the boot! Especially hatsReplyCancel

  • That Cargo Tote would be awesome. There is so much crap floating around in the back of my car!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel Beecham

    My car is a permanent mess.. I need these!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle

    these look absolutely fantastic, our long trips would be super organised 😀

  • The High Road Cargo Pack In Car Accessory is definately what i need in my car! We are forever trekking between school, sports and the beach!! At least i know i will have everything!ReplyCancel

  • This looks great to organise my mess of a bootReplyCancel

  • The High Road Driver Pockets In Car Accessory, my husband is always putting his sunglasses on my seat. Not the best thing to sit on!ReplyCancel

  • Tegan

    Since getting my new smaller car at the beginning of last year i have wanted something to put all the stuff i need in the car in and not have it fall all over the boot. This would be ideal!!ReplyCancel

  • High Road DriverPockets In Car Accessory – what a fabulous idea!ReplyCancel

  • Kristy Murray

    I could so do with one of these, with 5 children being organized is something we strive for. :-)ReplyCancel

  • Cargo Net is so easy to use and everything that is needed quickly is conveniently accessible, and can be seen by all (even a ‘boy’s look’ can’t miss things). ReplyCancel

  • Lianne Dawson

    I think the high road cargo tote is ideal, I hear my staples that live in the boot roll all over the placeReplyCancel

  • Amanda

    Awesome ideas – one of the only places I have left to organise and this would do it for me – the cargo tote and some of the organisers for backs of chairs for my cherubs.ReplyCancel

  • belinda b

    High road cargo tote! (just love this for the boot!)ReplyCancel

  • Theimperfecthousewife

    High Road Driver Pockets In Car Accessory- We do a lot of long car trips… how handy would this be!ReplyCancel

    • Theimperfecthousewife

      I love the pockets. What a great way to keep things ‘together’.ReplyCancel

  • Sabrina Campbell

    Trunki SnooziHedz Travel Blanket/Pillow/Toy – Blue: because whenever we travel and I put a blanket on my son it just falls off. This is an awesome idea!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah

    OH what a decision!!!!!! There are two that would be perfect on my car and wha tI have been lookng for! The first one would be the High Road Cargo net and then the Stuff and Scuff Seatback Protector! Awesome products!!!!!!!!! Sarah Everett ReplyCancel

  • I love this idea. It would really get my car in order again with the kids aroundReplyCancel

  • High Road Rubbish Bin In Car Accessory is a must with my kids. We travel a lot, so there is always food being consumed and therefore rubbish. I love all the products thoughReplyCancel

  • Jodie Emerton

    Wow I was only thinking yesterday I really need to start and organise how I put stuff in my car I only have a small one and with 2 kids it can become filled quite quick so how wonderful would it be to win this great prize to start my organising ReplyCancel

  • Jodie Emerton

    Wow I was only thinking yesterday I really need to start and organise how I put stuff in my car I only have a small one and with 2 kids it can become filled quite quick so how wonderful would it be to win this great prize to start my organising I am thinking the High Road Driver Pockets In Car Accessory would be the product I would need to start with quite a hard choice considering all the fantastic productsReplyCancel

  • Kathryn

    Love the high road cargo net. Our boot is a mix of necessary car things like hats, to stroller and car sun shade. This net would be a great tool for organising all the small thignsReplyCancel

  • Alex Toys Car Valey – We travel from Newcastle to Sydney regularly and Master 2 gets quite cranky by the end of the trip. Something that would entertain him would be fantastic. Not too easy to turn around and entertain him from the front seat!ReplyCancel

  • I never knew such products existed. Is there a way that the High Road Cargo Tote in Car Accessory manages to keep in place?? I have a few boxes in my car as well as my green shopping bags but as I turn corners they tend to drift (even with a carpeted boot) and strew the contents everywhere. Tired of trying to keep it clean & willing to pay for a good quality product if it does the job!! ReplyCancel

  • Misty

    I LOVE the Tote!!! We also have a Ford Territory and I am forever having things roll around in the boot when I go around corners…..because yew – I do have a tendancy to just chuck them in the back and not pack them properly. I love the fact that it is waterproof too! Perfect for winter for umbrellas etc but also in summer for wet towels and swimming stuff! Great products!ReplyCancel

  • micknjan

    What a great idea, would love to win one for my daughter who has 3 children and always has loose items e.g. footballs, hats, sunscreen etc etc in the car.ReplyCancel

  • Tam

    The Cargo tote would work great in our car, especially keeping the kids bulky loose items together. Hubby is always complaining about things rolling around in the back.ReplyCancel

  • Natalie

    I love the High Road Cargo Net as I would use it in the summer to store things such as hats and sunscreens, and in the winter would store a couple of jumpers. I find that when I take the kids out I sometimes forget to pack a hat or if the Melb weather changes I may not have a jumper in the car. The net would help store these items neatly and gives me one less thing to worry about!ReplyCancel

  • Katrina

    High Road Rubbish bin as I have 3 year old twin boys and my car always seems to accumulate mess. Something like this would really help organise my messy car.ReplyCancel

  • Crystal

    The high road cargo tote would be amazing for us! I only have a small car & am sick of having things everywhere in there, we carry nappies, wipes, spare sippy cups, toys etc in the car for our 10 month old & hate the hassle of trying to find things that have rolled all over the car!ReplyCancel

  • Rachael T

    I would love the high road cargo tote in car accessory to story all our ALdi products without using plastic bags and always forgetting to replace our green bags back into the car! It would also be handy to stop smaller objects always rolling around on the floor into hard to get places, like under the pram etcReplyCancel

  • Great ideas! Something like this would be good when we leave home and head to the city! ReplyCancel

  • Camilla

    I love the sound of the cargo net! I always have stuff floating round the boot of my carReplyCancel

  • Tanya

    My station wagon desperately needs some of these products as the boot is currently covered in loose objects, and when I open it I never know what’s about to roll out.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous

    I love anything organising or storage related – but hubby cannot justify the cost most of the time :( then complains about the mess/things rolling around in the boot etc. Very frustrating! The cargo net would be perfect for my car and it’s live-in bits and pieces.ReplyCancel

  • Jodie Parke

    That looks like a great idea, we have a few small items in the boot and it would just lift them up out of the way.ReplyCancel

  • Love to get the MoMo the Monkey Sleep Trainer for my lil squirt who wakes up at all hours of the night and comes into our room to ‘get up mummy!’ReplyCancel

  • Alieshacarol

    wow i love the tote, it’s so neat & a great size too! :)ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Rayner

    Love love love the look of the Tote. I have a large boot and so rather than pop things in it, I often put them in the front seat. Not the safest option if we were to be involved in a car accident! It would be so wonderful!!!ReplyCancel

  • Paula

    Wow – I haven’t seen these before.

    We are driving to Sydney during the year and the “rubbish bin” would be fantastic, but I think the High Road Cargo Pack In Car Accessory would be great in my car all of the time.ReplyCancel

  • I love the High Road Cargo Pack In Car Accessory. We have a wagon and often the items we put in the boot towards the back of the seat NEVER stay there and start rolling all over. I would love something to help us get organised in the car – I feel like our car is a big cargo ship full of ‘stuff’!ReplyCancel

  • Scritch

    High Road Cargo Tote would be great, or maybe the net or perhaps both i can’t decide

  • Jo

    My husband would love me to keep the car more organised! The Net would be great, but so would the Tote!! The Cargo Pack does look ideal though.ReplyCancel

  • I need the cargo pack in car accessory as i am forever having things go every wear in the back of my car. it can at times look as if i am going to the tip and it is just things we need. ReplyCancel

  • Gayemurphy

    I like the High Road Cargo Tote In Car Accessory, as it would stop the groceries from rolling around the boot! It would also be handy in keeping all the misc extra’s that I need to take in the car for the kids in one place!ReplyCancel

  • Lucy McLean

    I love the idea of the High Road Kids XL Car Organiser however as I only have a small car it would not fit between my kids car seats so the most helpful item for me would be the High Road Cargo Pack In Car Accessory – lifts things up off the floor of the boot leaving more usable space in my tiny hatchback!ReplyCancel

  • Naressa

    I’d be happy with anything that helps me keep my car looking organised and tidyReplyCancel

  • Bel

    These look great and would stop the shopping bags and kids stuff flying all over the boot!!ReplyCancel

  • mcmandeth

    The high road cargo tote would be great in our boot to store all the kids things that are currently in there all over the place!ReplyCancel

  • Irene

    My car is desperately in need of organizing. My boot always seems to have bags of clothes to drop off to people in need and bags of toys to donate. Not to mention the wet weather gear & spare hats & sunscreen I like to keep at hand! This cargo net or accessory tote would be an amazing improvement!ReplyCancel

  • The High Road XL Swingaway organiser would be perfect for us, as it would save me having a bag of stuff at my feet every time we go on a 3 hour trip to Sydney or 5 hour trip to visit our families.ReplyCancel

  • Tracy

    Love the tote, currently using ikea bag! Thank you:-)ReplyCancel

  • Michelle K

    I love the High Road Cargo Tote In Car Accessory. At the moment stuff in the boot rolls around. This would make life less stressful. Great giveaway! Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • JodieD

    There are so many GREAT car accessories! with 3 toddlers, all in car seats, in a people mover I would love: High Road Rubbish Bin, High road Cargo Tote, High Road Kids XL car organiser, High Road XL Swingaway organiser and the High Road Driver Pockets (for me of course!). Absolutely ANY of their products would be a huge help in my car!ReplyCancel

  • Liz

    I spend half my life reaching back (stupidly, while driving) to retrieve toys, books, a drink bottle or some random thing. And then there was the High Road Kids XL Car Organiser. Clever!ReplyCancel

  • Megan

    Definitely the High Road Rubbish Bin In Car Accessory, no more packets and wrappers floating around the car, perfect!ReplyCancel

  • TraceyB

    I to am a shortie and there is nothing worse than having to try and climb into the back of a patrol wagon in the woollies car park to reach something. The High road Car hooks are a brilliant idea. No more escapes from bits and bobs.ReplyCancel

  • Bek Cheb

    Loving the idea of the High Road Cargo Net, sick of items swishing about in the boot and making it all messy!ReplyCancel

  • Wwo, so many organisational things for the car. I love the:
    High Road Cargo Tote In Car Accessory I also have a 4WD and am short, plus the 4WD is lifted). I love the idea of putting things I need to reach most often in the boot with this, no losing all my stuff and easy to pull out and reach the back of when I need the stuff not used often.ReplyCancel

  • Ivylee99

    Love the look of the High Road Cargo Net. We seem to always have ‘stuff’ floating around in the car. This is such a great idea! I want one!!ReplyCancel

  • kerry santillo

    Apart from the great cargo net, the TrayKit – Kids Travel Play Tray and Backpack. what a wonderful idea everything in its place to keep little hands busy ?ReplyCancel

  • Definitely the High Road Backpockets In Car Accessory. To keep all the kids “stuff”ReplyCancel

  • Catherine H

    The tote would be an awesome replacement for the plastic storage tub on wheels that I currently use!ReplyCancel

  • Andy

    The Tote! It would save me (and all the school bags/pram) getting drenched with wet umbrellas rolling around! ReplyCancel

  • Maryanne Greenhill

    The Cargo Net caught my attention – I’m a sucker for storage solutions, but after looking and the ‘Haggus and Stookles’ web site I really like the High Road Cargo Pack in Car Accessory…. It would give my kids a pocket each to put their travel goods for the long trips to the city. Awesome!ReplyCancel

  • sophie.hills

    The High Road Cargo Pack In Car Accessory looks fantastic! With 5 kids, and a twin stroller, there’s always a messy boot!ReplyCancel

  • Jane

    Ok, well I’m loving both of these products but for me the real winner would have to be the
    Diono Kids Stuff ‘n Scuff Seat Back Protector as I have a little wriggler whose feet are constantly on the back of the seat in front! ReplyCancel

  • Emma

    Just what I’ve been needing lately! I too am tired of the ‘stuff’ all running around in the boot of my station wagon :)ReplyCancel

  • Lisa U

    I have been getting my life organised and i now have more time to mother 3 children under 4 and study. I asked santa for a couple of extra hours every second day, he must be getting it ready for next year. Maybe my present was this website!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Virginia Mason

    Totally loving the High Road Kids XL Car Organiser. We often having days literally spent in the car from school to appointments, sporting activities – it can get too much.. Having this between my two cherubs would keep them occupied and help them tidy up after playing. I can’t stand stuff ending up on the floor in the car, it gets damaged and dirty in an instant. This organiser seems to buckle in and stay put – hooray!ReplyCancel

  • What a wonderful idea!ReplyCancel

  • Brendan Dieckmann

    The High Road Cargo Net would keep me organised as I tend to carry around a lot of bulky items that always move around in my boot.ReplyCancel

  • I would love the High Road Cargo Tote for my car boot I always get funny looks when I’m hanging out of the car boot trying to reach something thats moved to the back of the seats :-) ReplyCancel

  • Kelly

    My car is a MESS and no matter how often it gets cleaned out , it doesn’t take long for it to get messy again. With a 4yo & a 2yo and regular long car rides, it is full of toys, books and random items so Haggus and Stookles products would make my life easier!ReplyCancel

  • Louise

    I would love the cargo net! I am also rather short so have to climb in the boot to get all the unorganised clutter! What great products.ReplyCancel

  • Helen al Hariri

    Love the cargo tote, the maxi car seat protector and the puff and stuff! Oh those pockets look good too!!!ReplyCancel

  • I love the Trunki SnooziHedz Travel Blanket it’s great for kids who are only just in a booster seat and have frequent naps in the car like my 3yo saves them hurting there neck and keeps them warmReplyCancel

  • Channy

    I would love the High Road Kids XL Car Organiser, I dont have drink holders in my back seat,this would be great for long trips with my 7 & 9 yr old.ReplyCancel

  • kathy hanson

    I could definitely use these products. My car is always in disarray, taking this here and that there! ReplyCancel

  • Jodie henderson

    hmm did you walk past my car and see what a mess it was in lol…
    I think i definetly need the High Road Cargo Tote In Car Accessory with a dicke seat and prams in the boot this would stop my groceries falling out of the bags and rolling everywhere, and most importantly stop them attacking me when i open the tail gate…. thanksReplyCancel

  • Kylie

    I really like the look of the market tote bag. With Amelia starting dance I am often seen struggling back out the the car with three sets of shoes, three water bottles, the ipad and 30 toys that Baden descided that he ‘needed’ReplyCancel

  • C Jp3

    Id love the High Road Backpockets as I don’t have any pockets in the backseat. This would most likely also let me keep my car for longer too.ReplyCancel

  • Rach

    Not sure the cargo net would work too well just yet as we had to put a shelf in the back on the car to store our twin pram underneath – though not too much longer and we may not need it. But the cargo tote looks like just the thing to sort out my shelf as everything is always sliding around up there and it is in full view of everyone.ReplyCancel

  • Amie Codlin

    My car is in desperate need of organisation. I love the High Road cargo net for the boot as it will stop all of the random items floating around, but with two young boys, I also think the High Road Rubbish Bin In Car Accessory would be great as my car always gathers little bits and pieces of rubbish from the kids.ReplyCancel

  • Fiona Remfrey

    I keep a pretty tight lid on the car mess, not because I am super organised but because I love new car smell and I am trying to hold on to it for as long as possible.
    I have a few extras that float around like the car jack, first aid kit and furry kids dog toys and on trips to the dog park (not helping with the new car smell I know!) everything gets a little muddled up. The High Road Cargo Pack In Car Accessory would be fantasic for organising the floaters and to help make sure I throw the ball for the dogs instead of a rolled bandage. Confused looks all around!ReplyCancel

  • Mick

    Love the car organiser-not only keeps things handy and in place but teaches the littleones to keep things tidy as wellReplyCancel

  • Alice

    Looks Like car organiser would be very handy :) ReplyCancel

  • malleemum

    Too be honest…any ideas on organising will help me…………. we love the seat back protector the kids keep their own things organised in it ……..including drinks and hats we are ready to go…ReplyCancel

  • Lots of great products, but probably the most useful for us would be the High Road Puff & Stuff In Car AccessoryReplyCancel

  • Tonyandvic

    High Road Backpockets In Car Accessory would keep all the kids toys and things off the floor especially on long car trips/holidays :)ReplyCancel

  • Erin Goralski

    We have a 7 seater & it always seems to be in total chaos! Would love to win this to give organizing the car a go!ReplyCancel

  • Lorraine

    I’m loving the High Road Backpockets In Car Accessory! What a nifty idea to hang it from the air vent. And what a good price. Loving it!ReplyCancel

  • Nattyj

    Oh My! It has to be the ‘High Road DriverPockets In Car Accessory’. Such a clever design and idea – I NEED one of these!ReplyCancel

  • Kiara

    High Road driver pockets!!! Wow-what a brilliant idea (would save my mobile ending up getting left in the car because i’d be able to see it as I stop!!!) :)ReplyCancel

  • Anisa

    I really like the High Road Kids XL Car Organiser. It would be great for in between the carseats on long trips to stop boredom and everything in one place.ReplyCancel

  • Meredith

    I love the cargo net organiser. I can imagine the difference it would make in our can. Fantastic!ReplyCancel

  • Flellis

    I like the “High road Car Hooks” and “Cargo tote”. But to be honest I know the “Chuckies Travel sickness bags” would get used.ReplyCancel

  • I’d love the High Road Back Seat Organiser In Car Accessory or the High Road Car Hooks In Car Accessory or the green Annabel Trends Squidgy – Travel Neck Pillow or the High Road Cargo Net ….. or all of them!! What great ideas.ReplyCancel

Continuing with the Organising You month, one of the most important areas is our health.  Far too many often neglect our own health, yes I put my hand up.  Below you will find a few of the tips to help make that all important start. This is a guest post by Cathy Kosterich , from […]

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  • Thanks for this information 😀 Off to check out the website!ReplyCancel

  • Jess_cook88

    Im in the process of organising my health as i have 3 kids and for too long never put myself first. I dont need to lose weight but that doesnt mean im fit either so will be working on eating healthier and drinking more water. The biggest thing is getting my moles checked out asap, seeking out a naturopath and also getting a blood test for all levels.ReplyCancel

Welcome to the another ‘Love it, Like it, Link it’ Blog Link Party!! Here are 5 that I loved & liked Puddles and Gumboots  – Parenting Methods – your way is the right way reassurance that we are parenting right …………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Just for Daisy  – Playing the rainbow rice In a previous post Rebekah shows […]

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Valentines Day… as explained by Wikipedia is an annual commemoration held on February 14 celebrating love and affection between intimate companions. It is traditionally a day on which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery and sending greeting cards (known as “valentines“). My husband and I celebrated Valentines Day each year before we were married.  I […]

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Have you been struggling to know where to start?  TODAY is the day to start getting YOU organised, tidy the house, exercise, be social whatever your priority is… you can do it, don’t procrastinate, please just try. Follow these steps: Print the weekly planner, calendar or get your diary and write in all your appointments for the […]

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  • Great post – i love it :)ReplyCancel

  • So true about the computer, it can very easily take over your precious time. Great post.ReplyCancel

  • Got a new “to do”note book, school starts tomorrow, planning in my head my new debt bustin strategy and about to email re aphotgraphy course to learn how to use my camera better, then I’m going to write a list of pages I need to scrapReplyCancel

  • Hey I just bought the cleaning checklist from you and for some reason it had for you to send to my postal address. Can I message you through my email address so you can just send it to there please?ReplyCancel

  • Sherie

    Love it, sounds just like me lol except I still have 2 littlies at home so even though it’s just over an hour i try and walk the kids to school, and home again unless it’s really hot. i just did my routine sheets the other day of the kids routines morning and afternoon, cleaning check lists, and my routine – but do need to change it a bit to put “me” in too :-)ReplyCancel

  • scrap that it’s thereReplyCancel

  • Thanks for reminding us xoReplyCancel

  • Tellie C

    Sounds great! This page is so inspiring! Well done Katrina! I now always make sure that after Ive dropped my eldest 3 to school and got the littlest to sleep, that I wash the breakfast dishes and then put a load of washing on and fold the clean laundry (Im still guilty of using the dryer to much) and then once those things are done, I can have a coffee and sit down on the computer until my little Miss wakes up, and I’m trying really hard to then, get off the computer, Ive even started turning it off. I don’t need to waste anymore time on the computer, when I could be spending it with her!
    I am going to try and use my slow cooker a little more often too. The afternoon routine in our hosue is still really hectic. 3 big kids wanting/ needing to do homework and needing help, bathes and me trying to get dinner organised and cooked, all the while listening to my Bubby scream and whinge because she is weaning herself from and afternoon sleep, its really frustrating trying to help the big kids, while she is crying and then I need to attend to her, and can’t help them, then things need to be cooked for dinner and my partner isnt home until about 6.30pm…… so I’ll work on this routine abit more to make things as easy as possible in the afternoon’s/ early night! ReplyCancel

  • Just love your blog and all the great, inspiring and motivational ideas and tips XXReplyCancel

  • Gayemurphy

    I wrote out a routine for the kids – Morning, Afternoon & Evening, the morning one is the one they’ve practically nailed as we worked hard on getting it down pat last year… I’ve rearranged this years after school activities, so we’re still working on the afternoon routine & the evening routine is thrown into disarray when Daddy goes away for work… What I’ve been wanting to do is write my personal routine out, so that I keep on top of everything that needs to get done… As I ran out of time to get the “must do’s” done within a time frame so I missed out on coffee with a friend last week & card making this week… I’ve rescheduled the card making for next week & my girlfriend even said to me – make sure you write down everything that you “must do” within the time frame, so that we get to do this next week!… lol re-prioritising the importance of writing out a daily routine!ReplyCancel

  • Melanie

    So true Katrina – I was in a similar routine to you. I’d drop the kids at school and then “fluff around” on the computer and suddenly it was time to pick the kids up again. No housework done, no exercise, nothing really productive to account for my time spent that day.

    So this year I’ve written up a weekly chore schedule, which includes housework/laundry chores and exercise to be completed each morning from when I get home after school drop-off. Then, and only then, do I allow myself computer time. It’s funny – at first I was craving it as it was my old routine, but now, it’s not so important that I can even skip a day!ReplyCancel

  • […] Being a stay-at-home mum can be isolating. Get out there, give it a go. You can do it!   […]ReplyCancel

Pin It Now that the kids have returned back to school this is the month to get YOU organised.  It’s so easy to but ourselves last with having to care for kids, make extended family happy or be there for friends in need, too often we neglect ourselves.   Do you have a pile of […]

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  • Nicole

    Where do I sign? Yes to all of that.ReplyCancel

  • Bec

    Sounds like just what I need Cant wait :)ReplyCancel

  • marilynfiggett

    I’m in!! :)

  • Emma

    I’m looking forward to feeling less cluttered, both around the house and in my head! I need help with pretty well everything you mentioned above :)ReplyCancel

  • I need to you come to my place Katrina and help me get my shiz together. I have clutter hotspots in my house, and no idea where or what to do with all the paperwork that comes through the door. The other problem area is clothing. We obviously have too much, and I am will to cull, but I’m thinking it’s mostly about routine. HELP!!ReplyCancel

  • Keeping the dining table clear – we have no dining room so the kitchen has a dining table and, naturally, it becomes the clutter spot. It’s my “shiny sink” but I need to find a place for everything, and everything in a place, so that I can keep it that way!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous

    This is perfect timing for me! I have just finished working and embarking on a new life as Mum to a preschooler. I am looking forward focusing a little more time on me rather than everyone else! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Rayner

    Bring it on! Like oh so so so many mums, I put myself last. And when I actually do take a little time for myself – I feel guilty! Argh! Any help, well ALL help, greatly anticipated and appreciated :)ReplyCancel

  • Sorry that was an incomplete comment! My “shiny sink” dining table is necessary for me to sit at and enjoy my cup of tea, my lunch, my mail opening and letter writing, which are the little things that I love to do for myself during the day, but get put off doing when I see a pile of mess on it instead. (Another goal should be to read my comments properly so they’re complete).ReplyCancel

  • Sarah

    Great plan. I’d love some help with magazines that come into our house. Not trashy ones that can leave as quickly as they came, good quality ones, particularly gardening or business/investment improvements. I get ripping out the few articles I want to keep but then I get suck with what I do with them then so that they stay as a focus (rather than just another book binder on the shelf) but not necessarily forever.

  • Anne

    i need help with: 1) making a too small, cluttered house with no storage space feel under control, 2) working out how to make the most of every free 30 mins 1hour etc instead of checking emails 3) sorting through a to do list that only only ever seems to grow longer 4) putting myself first – definitely – but how? anneReplyCancel

    • I am with you Anne, our teeny tiny townhouse has NO storage, I have a 2 year old and a 7 month old, both very clingy to me at the moment, I go back to work at the end of the month 2 days per week, back to uni in march and have fundraising to organize for my 2 year olds operations… oh and the baby is a TERRIBLE sleeper, im up to her at least 2-3 times per night :/ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca

    Just perfect for me at the moment im trying to organise all my uni notes and teaching resources and am at a lost where to start or how to file all the paper trail so that when i start my final year of uni i can be organised and ready for all the challenges aheadReplyCancel

  • Lisamareemccann

    cleaning and time management and getting off the computer hehehe :) ReplyCancel

  • Livbruce

    I’m in too…especially on time for me… I got o hairdresser only once last yr!ReplyCancel

    • That needs to change, we will get you there!

      • Amanda B

        I need to go to hairdresser also.. haven’t been since March last year! ReplyCancel

  • Janithom

    I need to try and organise my small home, in particular the tops of cupboards and dining table that end up being the dumping area for everything. And to stop being disctracted by the current book I’m reading (which is an ongoing thing!!) but to complete some quilting projects and just generally try to be more organised in the kitchen etc thanksReplyCancel

  • Sandra

    Can definately do with the help!ReplyCancel

  • Carol

    I definately want to de-clutter my house, with a 3rd baby on its way, we have no room for it right now! I need to clear up so many things in the house but just don’t know where to start.ReplyCancel

  • Julie c


    Time for me to exercise.
    Keep kitchen benches uncluttered.
    Some king of way to “work smarter” on the internet so that it is not a time waster and I’m getting what I need – not wasting time randomly looking for info.
    Getting back into the workforce goals/ motivation / help.

  • Organising my new house we move into in MArch De-cluttering clothes, shoes etc, that the kids have grown out of now, but when the containers come from Melbourne that is when the big job starts.ReplyCancel

  • Kellie

    Glad you asked. I need more time to cook and freeze meals and snacks. Need to get a hair cut, lip wax and remove my old toe nail polish! When I do have time I forget to get them done! I have 3 kids (9, 7 & 3) There’s always “house” things to do. This year I’m getting organised, decluttered and simplifying our lives. Thanks to you Katrina, I’ve recently discovered you, you’re inspiring! ReplyCancel

  • Kirsty

    This year my goal is to de-clutter my whole small house so it works better for us. I am particuarly focussed on it since I’ve just found this site. I have also joined the gym so I am focussing on that too. I LOVE this site!ReplyCancel

  • Emma

    I’m excited! Let’s do it! I need help with EVERYTHING ! ReplyCancel

  • kylie

    this year i want to organise my time better.i have a son in grade 3 and a 4 yr old son who goes to daycare twice a week.i want to get into a good routine all week.while keeping the two days i have no children to concentrate on ME.i clean every day but my house is crashed again by the time i go to bed.over it!stressed and tired.i want to lose 10kg this year and i dont never know where to fit that in.ReplyCancel

  • Amanda B

    I want to do date nights with my husband but hate paying for babysitters.. we talk about it then we do one at home and then nothing for ages!! we tend to get on our computers and talk from our computer chairs!! UNHEALTHY!ReplyCancel

  • Starx

    sounds great Katrina, I work 4 days a week and am so disorganised. I need to make time to exercise and sort out my scrapbooking area as well as everything else. Help!!!!

  • kt

    well now my tafe course got cancelled i guess i do have more free time. I need to improve on my whole house and myselfReplyCancel

  • i am unorganised with uni, housework, mummy and wife duties heheReplyCancel

  • Skatty24

    I am a fulltime working Mum to 2 Girls, with a husband who works away!!! I need organisingReplyCancel

  • Tellie C

    looking forward to what you come up with!ReplyCancel

  • I need to become a more organised housewife fullstop.

    I enjoy your newsletter and fb daily tips although rarely go through with the great advice I read- that is what I NEED to do. PUT IT INTO ACTION.


  • Narelle

    I want to prioritize time for exercise. My mind gets enough but my body needs it too, to have better balance. Yes there is house stuff, but I think exercise will lead to better all round “performance”ReplyCancel

  • Kate

    I need help with getting all my organizing plans and ideas out of my head and into action!! How do I start? Where do I start?ReplyCancel

  • Cathy

    I need help to get everything organised in my house!!! I am particularly drowing in paperwork and just can’t work out the best way to keep/throw everything that comes in! Looking forward to it all!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa

    Oh – now you’ve hit a sore point! That would be the long list starting with “stop saying yes to volunteering”, “clean out the kids rooms who have severe allergies”, “visiting a beautician at least ONCE this year”, “catching up with friends and not feeling guilty”, “spending qualitty time with my DH” and “starting the journey to lose 40kgs” … Thanks Katrina – looking forward to crossing off some things on my procrastination list!ReplyCancel

  • Jeninbalmain

    I am definitely in. I have been making attempts to declutter our townhouse. My little guy has just started kindy and my baby is turning 1 this weekend. I am going back to work in March so I know that I need to be organised to get everything done. My main problems are paperwork (I end up drowning in paper!) and clothes (need to get rid of those piles)ReplyCancel

  • Suse T

    Want to comment, but please excuse if it sounds like a whinge.
    Three kids 5, 3 and 7 months and a husband in a 3 bedroom house, with way too much stuff.
    Something on every night after school….ballet, swimming lessons (separate nights), little aths. One evening with a meeting and an another with husands sport, topped off by tea needing to be on table by 6pm to fit routine of getting small grumpy kids to bed.
    Every flat surface getting ‘stuff’ on it as soon as I’ve cleared it. I starting to get somewhere with your de-cluttering hints, then Christmas hols happened and now I feel completely overwhelmed back at the beginning wondering how the terms activities are going to fit, let alone how to organise my house.
    Going back to work two days a week in July and would love to have organisation before then.
    Personally would love to lose 6kgs by eating better and getting time to excercise, read more, finish and do more sewing/knitting projects, learn to crochet and get to bed waaaay, waaaay, earlier.

    • L Hickey

      You can do it, Suse!!
      When I get some free time (after kids are in bed!!) I’d like to reply to your email, as I’m in a similar position. But, after being inspired by this site as well as some others, I’m getting back on track, feeling more organised and looking after myself!
      All the best – I hope to contact you soon!
      – Lou xReplyCancel

  • Jantina F

    Im just disorganised in general!!! Use to keep a tight ship but after having my baby and suffering from PND I was suddenly a fish out of water. While I’m now back to being me again I’m having trouble fitting in baby, work and house work …. Let alone me time ! Looking forward to your posts this month!! XReplyCancel

  • Well, the good news is….
    after reading all of the comments posted already I can relate to every word that you’ve all written, Clutter everywhere. Never home. Kids. Husband – everyone’s list is basically the same. 2012 bring it on – 2012 the year I get organised !!ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth

    I need help with everything – balancing the wife/mother/employee roles eeeepReplyCancel

  • Kari

    I look at everything and get totally overwhelmed, the clutter is so bad it’s suffocating me and I just want to curl up in a ball and disappear. I can relate to everyone elses comments as well so I’m hoping you have some great hints!ReplyCancel

  • I’m in Kat. Love your structure to the day, really must adopt this for myself. Looking forward to being super organised!!ReplyCancel

  • Kylie

    Count me in. I just did a blog post and printed off your weekly planner this morning – half organised for next week (fingers crossed)

  • Cass

    I’m not sure what I need to be honest. With 2 kids both starting new schools (each is at a different school) it’s a whole new world for me. A gentle reminder to take the time to stop and ‘smell the roses’ and focus on myself in some way will be greatly appreciated this month. :)ReplyCancel

  • Gayemurphy

    I need to re-organise my children’s rooms we swapped rooms late last year in hope that they’d be easier to keep clean & it’s now worse than before! (large Christmas toys DIDN’T help!) & to get into a routine – I had started de-cluttering nearly 2yrs ago, now it feels that I’m constantly de-cluttering! Upside: I have been able to successfully use the area for school notices & that’s worked out well… so far!ReplyCancel

  • Mumma K

    I am totally in, organising doesn’t come naturally to me I start but find it hard to finish… With a 2 yr old and a new baby due in August I really need to stick it out and get this family and house organised, thank goodness for the organised housewife :) I’m happy to start anywhere as everywhere is pretty much disorganised lolReplyCancel

  • Debbles

    What a great site….will be returning often me thinks and sharing with others!!ReplyCancel

  • Wow, just what I need to organise me! I want to come first for a change.Help!Looking forward to it.ReplyCancel

  • Caz Pen

    My Mum (who was very organised – unfortunately this did not get passed on to me!) always used to love saying ‘Do a little & often’.
    Im starting to understand what that means with 3 children under 7 – if you don’t keep on top of things they soon get out of control! Loving this website for keeping me motivated Katrina! Wonderful.ReplyCancel

  • I live in a 2 storey house that has clutter everywhere with the ‘I just need time to go through that’ problem. I work full time and run a sporting club canteen at the weekend so essentially work 7 days a week so am extremely time poor. I know what has to happen I just don’t get to it because I get so tired and have nothing left to give at the end of the day. You tips have been great and I am slowly starting the declutter processReplyCancel

Quotes for January 2012 Each evening on facebook I publish a ‘Quote of the Day’.  Below is a summary of these quotes with image credit including links to websites where I found the quotes. I hope you are able to find motivation and inspiration from each of the quotes.   image credit:  home grown hospitality […]

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This weeks meal plan Monday – Tuna Pasta Bake Tuesday – Homemade Pizza, as requested by the birthday girl Wednesday – Chicken caesar salad  Thursday – BBQ sausages and steak with salad Friday – Chicken and Spinach Lasange with vegetables Saturday – Beef Enchilada’s, inspired by The Fridge Door Sunday – Easy dinner, eggs on toast Baking […]

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  • SusieQTpies Scraps

    Thanks for hosting! I linked up and gave you a Pin in Pinterest under my Meal Planning Board! I’m following you, too! I’m on Pinterest.

    Have a super week! SusieReplyCancel

While the kids were on holiday’s I was trying to learn to balance my blogging and family time.  Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to answer every email and reply to every comment.   If you are awaiting a reply, can you please resend your email or repost your comment below.   I really do appreciate all your […]

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Frost Bite Cookbook The delightful Susan from Frost Bite saw our discussion recently about freezing lunchbox treats and offered to giveaway 3 COOKBOOKS, ooh my readers are so lucky!  Not only is freezing treats convenient it saves money and you know exactly what ingredients are in the treat.  To have dinner in the freezer is […]

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  • What a fantastic opportunity. I have looked at this book a few times, with the mindset of when I have a few more dollars spare…how do we enter to win?ReplyCancel

  • Agreed Rhiannon! This would be perfect as my partner and I don’t live together, it’s a little tricky trying to cook for two, but on the days during the week when I am not there it would be very convenient for him to be able to get a single meal out of the freezer in the morning before work! We do this but we need some new ideas! Santa got him a sunbeam food saver for Christmas for those frozen meals, he (and me!) would love this book! How would we enter to be in the running Katrina? Cheers!ReplyCancel

  • Looks great how do we enter the comp, was just talking about this book the other day!ReplyCancel

  • Lauren Kapper

    I always have homemade sausage rolls frozen in the freezer…..whenever i need an easy dinner that I know my two boys will eat I put them straight in the oven and before long dinner is ready, or when friends drop in at lunchtime is a very handy and filling lunch :)ReplyCancel

  • Anthea

    I would love to win this so much…as a mum of four, aged between a first food 4 month old and a fly in fly out teenager I definitely need to start freezing meals more often :)ReplyCancel

  • This book would be of tremendous use. I’m at university, my eldest starts school tomorrow and my youngest starts kindy on Tuesday. Oh and my partner works 80 hours a week, so with an extremely busy household, any tips on freezing food are always helpful.
    Yours in hope…ReplyCancel

  • Michelle K

    I love having spag bol sauce frozen ready to go. All you need to do is pop on some pasta and whip up a quick salad. :-)ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Whitton

    This would be perfect as my partner and I don’t live together, it’s a little tricky trying to cook for two, but on days during the week when I am not there it would be very convenient for him to be able to get a single meal out of the freezer in the morning before work! We do this but we need some new ideas! Santa got him a sunbeam food saver for Christmas for those frozen meals, he (and me!) would love this book! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win Katrina.ReplyCancel

  • oooohhh with my eldest starting school, youngest starting family day care and me starting part time work I could use the ideas in this book!ReplyCancel

  • As a full time working single mum this book would be ideal. Last year we often weren’t getting home till 6 so having something in the freezer is ideal. We have been doing this, but really the range has been pretty limited and new fresh ideas would be a welcome sight!

    BTW I’m loving your blog, ideas and daily tips! <3ReplyCancel

  • Kel

    yep, spag bol is definitely a favourite of mine. Also a good curry and beef strogonoffReplyCancel

  • Oooo! Yes please! Anything that will help my house run smooth and make meal time a little easier, with school, dance and swimming lessons, work and university it gets a little crazy sometimes.ReplyCancel

  • Margot Thompson

    We would do love the Frostbite cookbook in our house!!!!! I have just returned to work & in between a busy toddler & teething bub it’s sometimes hard to have the head space to think & plan the weeks menu or the energy to cook when hubby & I get home from work. Frostbite would be such a huge help & would take some of the angst out of our night time routine. Thank you for the chance to wine – fingers crossed xxReplyCancel

  • Anonymous

    Shepards Pie is always a winner around here as you know it is full of vegetable goodnessReplyCancel

  • Yes please. I’m about to head back to work after maternity leave with my second child, and this would be a huge help. ReplyCancel

  • ann norman

    Single, working mum of 2 fast- growing, lovely kids. Always need “extras” in the freezer & the more variety of ideas I have, so much the better!ReplyCancel


    I love the idea of a cookbook specifically focussing on meals that are suitable to freeze. With 3 school aged kids, shift working hubby and me studying at uni f/t this year I have to get a bit smarter in my food planning area. Thanks for opportunity to enter this competition. KReplyCancel

  • I’m finding myself cooking 5 different meals 3 times a day, catering for tastes, ages, allergies and intolerances! That’s 15 meals every day! (its a good job i enjoy cooking, but that madness!!) didn’t realise until I started reading about this book on your site! I’m thinking it could help!!! KReplyCancel

  • I have failed miserably a few times when it comes to freezing food! From soggy pastry pies to spongy mashed potatoes, I could really use the tips on just what I can freeze and know it will be yummy and edible in a couple if weeks when I dig it out during the witching hour.ReplyCancel

  • Maahaa111

    i am due to have my second baby tomorrow and would adore some help getting this house organised, nothing better than pulling a pasta bake or creamy potato bake from the freezer and walking away fromt he kitchen!!!ReplyCancel

  • Robyn

    As a working mum, this book would be so helpful! What an awesome giveaway. Thanks Organized Housewife!ReplyCancel

  • Paula

    I freeze almost everything. We always have different curries (in portion sizes), Spaghetti Bol Mince, Burrito Mince, Apricot Chicken, and the latest addition is Home Made Stir-Fry frozen. I would love a new recipe book to add to my collection of “freezer” recipes.ReplyCancel

  • Paula

    I freeze almost everything. We always have different curries (in portion sizes), Spaghetti Bol Mince, Burrito Mince, Apricot Chicken, and the latest addition is Home Made Stir-Fry frozen. I would love a new recipe book to add to my collection of “freezer” recipes.ReplyCancel

  • Ooo, this book would be well used in our household. I’m just about to head back to work after maternity leave and I’m already dreading dinnertimes. Freezer meals would ne great!ReplyCancel

  • I love cooking and freezing food, but often just do the same things over and over. This would be great to get fresh new ideas. Thanks for the chance to win!ReplyCancel

  • Samantha_k

    I find that school lunches are the hardest and freezing snacks for my daughter’s lunch doesn’t always go to plan, so any help would be great, especially as I have a newborn and his solid food is the only thing that seems to be working right nowReplyCancel

  • Barbara

    What awesome ideas! Thx so much!ReplyCancel

  • tracey pybus

    This would be brilliant! I usually do spaghetti or rice in the freezer but would love more ideas now that both kids are in school.ReplyCancel

  • i have to cook 2 meals every single night. My husband will never eat what i cook the kids and vice versa. This book would be so appreciate as it would help me out at the witching hour tremendously.ReplyCancel

  • Good luck in the giveaway everyone! Feel free to pop over to my Frost Bite page and say hello. Susan xxReplyCancel

  • Melissa

    I’m just getting into freezing meals and treats. I love it!ReplyCancel

  • Lianne Dawson

    I would love this one1ReplyCancel

  • Narelle

    Freezing meals is something I am working on improving so would love one of these cookbooks to help out there. I do freeze a lot of lunchbox snacks, that makes mornings a lot easier. ReplyCancel

  • Love TOH & FB… GoodluckReplyCancel

  • Tonya Grech

    What a great book, at the moment I make a big 3kg batch of spaghetti Bol n freeze it into batches so I usually have that in the freezer. It’s our favorite, but can get boring.ReplyCancel

  • DonnaG

    Sounds like my kind of book :-)ReplyCancel

  • Dionne

    I was about to send you a msg asking if you had a listco freezable dinners similar to the snacks and treats list. This would solve my problem! I’m about to have baby number 3 and want to be organised with a fully stocked freezer so I can at least be suremy boys won’t starve during those crazy first few weeks :)ReplyCancel

  • As a young mummy of four gorgeous children aged 7 and under I would love this book!! We live away from all family so having meals in the freezer would help on those exhausting days when the baby has been up all night to be followed by a day of school pick ups, drop offs, daily jobs, tantrum throwing toddlers and cleaning up after all of them. XReplyCancel

  • Felicity

    Favourite dinner meal to freeze…lasagne- cut up or left whole..everyone loves it. Perfect for just the family or unexpected guests… Just cook some vegies up or prepare a salad and u hav a meal!! Easy to heat up for farmer hubby when he finishes at all hours of the night too:-)ReplyCancel

  • Freakin-hippy

    I know it sounds a bit lame compared to the other entries, but I love making big batches of real gravy when I make a roast, and freezing it for other meals later.ReplyCancel

  • Tanya Camilleri

    Chicken and rice with chicken tonight sauce.ReplyCancel

  • Jay

    Love freezing spag bol sauce, made with lentils and heaps of vegies as well as minceReplyCancel

  • vegetable lasagna 😀ReplyCancel

  • andrea brown

    I love to cook sweet potato and sour cream quiche and feeze it for hubby to take to work yumReplyCancel

  • Neisha

    With twins due in 10 weeks this is exactly the book we were looking for to help prepare us for the busy (unknown) days ahead. Preparing frozen meals for when we bring home the babies we hear is essential for survival. :)ReplyCancel

  • love love love freezing muffins for the kids lunch boxes. Such a time saver!ReplyCancel

  • I am a huge fan of freezing Lasagne. I often make a big one, and freeze half for another night.ReplyCancel

  • Louise Pickett

    i would love to get more in the routine of freezing food more ready for a later date !!! at the moment my favourite thing to freeze is my “base mince” which I use for many different meals and its soo handy to just grab out of the freezer add a few things too and away we go , lasagna, sheapards pie, mini pies , mince stew , mince curry, bolognaise etc etc :)
    and i love cooking ahead for school lunches/morning teas etc especiallly with another bub on the way it would be handy to have some more freezer food :)

  • Adreanne Nuttall

    I’m trying to oganise our house to free up more time leaving quality “Family Bonding Time” So this would be a blessing and just a much needed inspiration on cooking and that i sometimes lack!! With the added bonus of freezing. We love our spag bol, beef stroganoff, savoury pies. Always looking for healthly ideas with veg for my lil one.ReplyCancel

  • Sara

    We just went from a 280 litre fridge to 610 so I am feeling overwhelmed by how much space I have to store food! Our old fridge only ever had ice packs and iceblocks and ufo’s(unidentified food objects) Only thing is I don’t have the first idea where to start with freezer food ???? Would adore this book :) how do we enter?ReplyCancel

  • Naomi Dubojski

    I love to free pretty much everything – but tuna mornay would be one of my faves!ReplyCancel

  • Symone tickle

    Oh I would love this!!!!!! Love cooking and to be able to be organised would be god send!!!!! We are a family of 7 sometimes 9 when my partners kids are here!!!!! Would love love love this!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Nina

    Love freezing soup – so nice to reheat!ReplyCancel

  • Brooke Powell

    2012 is the year I get organised, menu plan and save money! This book would help the process so much, by giving no excuses to buy convenience food. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Robertson

    I make a dish every forntnight, Nannie’s noodles. (Basically her recipe (she was italian) she used to make us all the time. All her recipes she left for us to enjoy are Nannie’s something!!!! This last week I planned ahead and made double the amount, so next fortnight it is ready to go and just need to cook the pasta.Will be great with kids back at school, needing easier/quicker nights. Definitely need more ideas of foods I can freeze, cause I am really bad at that partReplyCancel

  • Melindar888

    bolognese sauce is my favourite to freeze as you can use it for so many things and is a very quick dinner if in a hurry. ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca Harvey

    Would love a copy of this. I’ve just gone back to work after nearly 18 months maternity leave and I’m exhausted. This book would be a lifesaver!!ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca Moller-Nielsen

    I like to make a second lasagna whenever i make one and put it in the freezer. Also Chilli Con Carne, make a huge batch in the slow cooker.ReplyCancel

  • colette

    I really need to get organised with bulk cooking & baking this year!ReplyCancel

    • colette

      I always bulk freeze spag bol mince … can be used in so many recipies!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle

    This looks fantastic, life can get busy with three kids, two with special needs. Thanks for the opportunity!! :)ReplyCancel

  • Venny Sarmiento

    Wirh number three here in three weeks, we finally defrosted our freezer last week so I have empty drawers ready to be filled! Hubby is NOT a fan of frozen/defrosted meals so I would love to convert him to make our lives easier – especially with three kids all on different schedules! New ideas please!!! Ps. Can you freeze egg yolks?ReplyCancel

  • Brooke

    Bolognaise sauce is always my favourite to freeze. I make up a big triple batch in my slow cooker and feeze family sized portions. It’s so quick and easy to prepare and ALWAYS tastes better reheated! :)ReplyCancel

  • Lindsie Shipham

    Im a big curry freezer! that and soups but in the 35C temps soups arent that good to me. But i do always have problems with the small things i try to freeze and i know i can freeze so much more than i do. Would love a cookbook to help me out!!ReplyCancel

  • Kylie

    This is my year for being an ‘organised jousewife’ lol and I’m just starting to meal plan etc. winning frostbite would be an awesome help, for some new recipes to try, knowing what and how to freeze dishes, and if I have a freezer with some easy yummy meals on hand, it’ll stop us buying takeout on those lazy nights! :) would really love to win this!!!ReplyCancel

  • Julianne

    I cook about 3 kgs of bolognaise mince and make spag bol, lasagne, nachos and mince jaffles out of the mince. I can freeze the spag bol, lasagne and also freeze 100g portion sizes of the mince in chinese containers which makes the perfect size to reheat for the nachos or jaffles.ReplyCancel

  • I’ve just individually wrapped a hot cross bun in cling wrap and frozen them for a quick lunchbox addition.ReplyCancel

  • Amanda

    This would be awesome in our house! I love to prepare meals well ahead & freeze as living out of town you just can’t pop to shop for things all the time! Plus hubby working away it’s always great to have some meals prepared for those times you just can’t be bothered!
    Would love the chance to enter to try & win to give me more of an idea of what is good to freeze etc!
    Good luck everyone!ReplyCancel

  • Scritch

    Spaghetti bologonaise sauce and a curryReplyCancel

  • Margaret Perusich

    Bolognese is also my favourite freezing food. But before I freeze it I’ll also use some of it to make some individual bolognese pies (one of the best little appliances I ever bought – a twin pie maker). I can then freeze the pies as well, which means I also have quick dinners for my youngest son when he decides he hates what everyone else is having. I just love your blog – I’ve had it set as my home page for months now and I love getting more helpful tips each time I log on. MargaretReplyCancel

  • Fionna Marshall

    This book looks awesome, it would be such a help with Miss 5 starting school next week.

  • Kate C

    Oh that prize is fantastic. Susan has some fantastic recipes and for people on the go this book is a must!! Even if you don’t win guys. Seriously check out Frost Bite. She’s great! Not icy cold like a freezer at all. HeheReplyCancel

  • Lisa

    ANY meal that can be frozen and brought out at a busy time is fantastic!! I’m just starting a family daycare service at my home and this book would definately help me on my journey to becoming an “organised housewife” :) :) :)ReplyCancel

  • Michelle

    Just did my back to school baking and can’t believe how well the biscuits freeze, they were beautiful when defrosted.ReplyCancel

  • Would love a copy of this book – really need to get a bit more organised this year! I’m another one here who freezes mince – we call it ‘magic mince’ – and it has garlic, vegeta stock, celery, carrot, corn, red lentils and a bit of tomato paste added to it. I freeze it in 400g portions and then it magically becomes shepherds pie, nachos, pastry pie filling, bolognese, mince toasted sandwiches – whatever you can think of. Great way to get some extra fibre into the kids too, as they don’t really notice the red lentils – they sort of disappear into the mince mixture. ReplyCancel

  • anita

    Lasange, because its so delish, and requires a little more effort to make then the standard meal. Its such a treat to have a lasange from the frezzer for lunch!ReplyCancel

  • My favourite dinner to freeze is lasagne.ReplyCancel

  • elise

    I don’t even know where to start. Not sure what can be frozen or not, so scared to tryReplyCancel

  • Emmavellar

    Huge fan of the ricotta and veggie tarts! so yummy and great for lunches or dinner. ReplyCancel

  • Powerchick007

    i like to freeze risotto or lasagne because theyre easy enough to make in bulk.ReplyCancel

  • Hels

    I usually freeze curries because that’s something my kids don’t eat, so it makes an easy meal for me when they are having ‘kid food’. I also freeze Taco mince for the evenings we want something quick and easy.ReplyCancel

  • Leona

    favourite meal to freeze is extra mexican mince or leftover roast chicken. makes for a quick and easy weeknight meals. I use the chicken in anything from pad thai to fried rice to homemade pizzas.ReplyCancel

  • Morrocan bef casserole is my fav to freeze for dinner…the batch I make is always enough for 3 nights and often I pass one of the packages to a friend ‘in need’ around the time I make them.ReplyCancel

  • Nicole Romano

    The book would be a great addition to my household I don’t often freeze food as I’m not sure what will freeze and thaw well. My fingers are crossed.. :-)ReplyCancel

  • Kym

    I like freezing a chicken pasta bake with garlic bread on top. You prepare and freeze most of the meal and just have to do finishing touches before you wack it in the oven. Super easy meal for weeknights.ReplyCancel

  • Irene

    I always have some form of oat cookie in my freezer- so easy for for lunches & fills little tummiesReplyCancel

  • Michelle

    Have never frozen meals before but would love to be able to! ReplyCancel

  • Vacooper

    I love to freeze servings of lasagne in the freezer. So easy just to reheat with some steam fresh veggies in the microwave when you are in a hurry.ReplyCancel

  • Vicky

    In the wake of Cyclone Yasi, our family of four, has gone from busy to down right chaotic. Hubby is a carpenter and has been working from sunrise to well after sunset, seven days a week since helping to rebuild the community. I’ve returned to work to help my mother in-law and the kids have school and after school chaos. Winning this book would certainly help our family share quality time together while hubby is home, instead of mummy in the kitchen running in circles, trying to figure out the age old question… ‘What’s for dinner?’ReplyCancel

  • Bell

    I would love to know snack ideas that I can freeze for the school lunchboxes. We are trying to cut cost this year and if I can make food myself and freeze it I will save us some money.ReplyCancel

  • Maria

    my favourite meal to freeze is a ‘chicken and vege soup sauce’ that i use for last minute dinners for my son. using some chicken pieces and whatever vegies i have (usually a good way to use up odds and ends) and some chicken stock/herbs – make a simple soup by simmering with minimal water till everything is tender and tasty. when cooked, puree or mash to use as a sauce for pasta – our favourites are ricotta agnolotti or ravioli. i freeze the soup in large ice trays (until frozen) and then transfer to a container or freezer bag. this way i can grab just enough blocks depending on how many mouths there are to feed.ReplyCancel

  • Vicky

    In the wake of Cyclone Yasi, our family of four, has gone from busy to down right chaotic. Hubby is a carpenter and has been working from sunrise to well after sunset, seven days a week since helping to rebuild the community. I’ve returned to work to help my mother in-law and the kids have school and after school chaos. Winning this book would certainly help our family share quality time together while hubby is home, instead of mummy in the kitchen running in circles, trying to figure out the age old question… ‘What’s for dinner?’ReplyCancel

  • Tanya

    I am getting a new full sized freezer in a month or two so need some great ideas on how to fill it with easy meals and snacks.ReplyCancel

  • Allidon

    With working full time and having my youngest starting school i am keen to find recipes for healthy snacks to make on the weekend and freeze.ReplyCancel

  • I’ve heard so many great things about this book. I’m so disorganised and so desperately want to be more organised – cooking and freezing is top of my list!ReplyCancel

  • micknjan

    Would love to win one of these for my daughterReplyCancel

  • Sarah

    Ooh, having lasagne in the freezer is an awesome quick dinner!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous

    This book is like a dream come true. I would love to freeze more often but have been worried about what would work and what wouldn’tReplyCancel

  • Amelia

    Frozen vegies is as close to freezing as I get. Would love to be able to freeze some snacks for school lunches. ReplyCancel

  • Tellie C

    I love freezing left over ganache from cakes I make, its far to expensive to waste! I would love to know the ‘correct’ way to freeze alot of vegetables! ReplyCancel

  • Katrina F

    I love freezing the good old bolognese sauce because its so versatile. You can reheat as is or make lasagna or put onto baked potato or nachos.ReplyCancel

  • Starx

    I need to be organized!!!! This book will at least help me with the leftovers. It will help so much with saving time and money.ReplyCancel

  • Curry is my favourite meal to freeze. It always tastes better than when you first make it and makes the house smell wonderful while reheating.ReplyCancel

  • Taurus

    I love freezing spaghetti bol….such an quick easy meal to make and the kids love it no matter how often we have it :) ReplyCancel

  • Cassie

    I freeze Bolognaise sauce – quick to defrost and kids always eat it!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Misskate76

    I have a chest freezer that has nothing much in it yet is always seems to be full. it would be wonderful to be using it properly, filling it with useful meals instead of just pieces of meat, loaves of bread and frozen veggies!!!ReplyCancel

  • leah

    I love freezing beef strog & chilli con carneReplyCancel

  • Kellie Haley Chapman

    I am just starting my adventure into freezing meals and school snacks. This book will help heaps. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of the book!!ReplyCancel

  • crystal jones

    My favourites to freeze would be spaghetti sauce, honey mustard chicken (only have to cook rice then) lasagne!
    Would love this book :)ReplyCancel

  • Lynda

    It would absolutely love to win, I have three boys who are always hungry and I am back to work three days a week…this would be a kitchen necessity.

  • Kiara

    Seems I’m likeReplyCancel

  • Kiara

    Sorry-stupid phone- *seems like lots of us like to do Bolognaise, my kids love it & it’s very easy to throw a pot of pasta, re-heat the mince on & dinner is done! 😀 would love to get many other meal ideas tho to help out whenReplyCancel

  • Melly

    I love a frozen lasagne for a quick and easy mealReplyCancel

  • I am in disparate need of this book, I only found out recently ( through T.O.H.W.) that you can freeze your muffins! I freeze a lot of baby food but would love to learn more ideas for the whole family, for fast and easy re-heats on those busy evenings!ReplyCancel

  • Mel - Maya Mo and Me

    Shepard’s pie!ReplyCancel

  • B-prepared

    Lasagne is my fav meal to freeze – i make the lasagne and freeze uncooked (meat cooked though), so after defrosting it is cooked in the oven one time only. I find if the pasta (lasagne) is frozen uncooked it doesnt dry out as much in the oven. I also freeze in portion packs so there is no wasage in those aluminium take away containers.ReplyCancel

  • Sandra

    How much easier would life be with this little gem!!!ReplyCancel

  • I love freezing lasagna for those night’s that cooking is all too hard. ReplyCancel

  • Amie Codlin

    I need some more inspiration for dinners – so unmotivated at the moment. Would love to win this book!ReplyCancel

  • Jas

    What a fab book!ReplyCancel

  • Melanie Gardner

    My favourite meal to freeze is spaghetti bolognese – I just make the pasta and a salad on the night and dinner is ready in 10 minutes with next to no washing up!ReplyCancel

  • Belinda Fletcher

    My favourite meal to freeze is a sausage hot pot that I make in the slow cooker. It’s perfect for getting home on a winter night and still having something hot, full of vegies and very filling!ReplyCancel

  • Tracey R

    Can’t go past spaghetti Bol or Shepards Pie. They taste even better when thawed!ReplyCancel

  • Jane Lennox

    My favorite meals to freeze are curries, I could definitely use some more inspiration! ReplyCancel

  • kylie f

    I make huge batchs of bolognese sauce and freeze it in meal size portions – easy to defrost and make into a yummy meal.. possibilities are endless! (and the kids <3 it as well!)

  • I always freeze casseroles but would love to be able to freeze more meals ReplyCancel

  • Susie F

    i like to freeze zucchini slice which i then use for a quick dinner, lunch or snack…………… but it’s about the only pre-made thing i do freeze as i’m not sure what i can & can’t!!! Would love to win this book to learn more :)ReplyCancel

  • I love to freeze spaghetti bog mince. That way I just have to cook fresh pasta and dinner is ready in minutes.ReplyCancel

  • savoury mince.. its so versatile.. can go with pasta, mash.. can go in a pie.. ReplyCancel

  • Katherine Heufel

    Bolognaise sauce.ReplyCancel

  • Lizzy Gullo

    Good old spag bol – always a favourite. And sandwiches for the kids lunchboxes. Not very exciting!ReplyCancel

  • Jenny Perras

    I also love to freeze bolognese meat sauce. I always cook a huge amount and then freeze it either for individual serves or I wish to make lasagne later. Always love the taste later as it has infused all the flavours. :))))

  • Kim

    Ooh would love to win a copy! I’ve got a new bub due in a few weeks and am right in the middle of filling the freezer. Would love some new ideas with a brand new school kid and visitors for a month all at the same timeReplyCancel

    • Kim

      ATM my fave to freeze is a big lasagne.

  • Brooke Elmer

    With bub #2 arriving in 8 weeks (give or take!) it would be fab to get a copy of this working in my freezer ASAP to make sure we have convenient & simple meals ready to go on the dsys that our universe is outta control!ReplyCancel

  • Bianca

    Pretty boring here, but a vegetable loaded bolognaise sauce is my favourite dinner to freeze for it’s pure versatility! ReplyCancel

  • Sandyleeaird

    I love to freeze any kind of mince mixture then ican just grab it out and cook up some fresh pasta and there is our dinner!!

  • Erin

    I would love to win this.. Need as much help as I can with regards to cooking & quick tips..ReplyCancel

  • neeny_81

    I’ve been thinking about getting more organised food wise this year and making little snacks for my daughter is definitely on the cards (for better health and to save money). Would love to win a book to give me ideas and inspiration. My favourite meal for dinner to freeze would be our sausage curry stew (my dads recipe).ReplyCancel

  • Stonkie76

    I love to freeze curries – they are always as delcious as they were before freezing – but that is the extent of my freezing abilities ( hence why I would love to LEARN more about freezing foods)ReplyCancel

  • We are always freezing left-overs for those random dinners we often need. Also Lasagne is a great freezer staple for us too – cut inot portions and into the freezer for a night when we can’t be bothered cooking!ReplyCancel

  • annette2325

    I always have muffins in my freezer, i bake with wholemeal flour, oats and add in fresh fruits like rasberries, apple etc. They are super yum and super healthy for you, great for impromptu playdates, lunches, breakky, snacks on the run!ReplyCancel

  • Red Phoenix Style

    Bananas. On a stick. For my nephew. They are like ice creams. That is about the limit of my freezing ability…. probably a good candidate for the book ha ha!ReplyCancel

  • Donna Sneddon

    At times my life’s so hectic
    As we plod along each day 
    Your book is so convenient 
    I wish to win this give away
    More time to spend with my family as I stack my food to freeze 
    Your clever little cookbook would make my life a breeze
    The best cookbook to have in my cupboard I would like it to be Frostbite
    and from all the reviews that I have read it defiantly gets the GREEN light.ReplyCancel

  • Red Phoenix Style

    Bananas. On a stick. For my nephew. They are like ice creams. That is about the limit of my freezing ability…. probably a good candidate for the book ha ha!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Stedman

    We are always freezing left-overs for those random dinners we often need. Also Lasagne is a great freezer staple for us too – cut inot portions and into the freezer for a night when we can’t be bothered cooking!ReplyCancel

  • Red Phoenix Style

    Bananas. On a stick. For my nephew. They are like ice creams. That is about the limit of my freezing ability…. probably a good candidate for the book ha ha!ReplyCancel

  • Kdbhome

    I currently don’t freeze anything except casseroles because I lack ideas! Going to try he cheesy sausage tarts tonight though :-)ReplyCancel

  • I have to say I am not a good cook at all, I know the basics that is about it (but am wanting to improve)….so this would be perfect to help me make meals which will allow me to pop extras in the freezer for those times when I don’t feel like cooking :-) Oh I guess my fave meal to freeze would be home made icy poles for my little girl….Please pick me as I’m in need of some help….LOL!!!ReplyCancel

  • Kdbhome

    I currently don’t freeze anything except casseroles because I lack ideas! Going to try he cheesy sausage tarts tonight though :-)ReplyCancel

  • Jane Morgan

    made the Cheesy Sausage tarts but kids ate them all before I got to freeze any! But it did inspire me to whip up a whole batch of cakes, muffins and savoury slices which are now frozen and ready for back to school lunches- no more devon sambos in this house ( for the next few week anyway lol)ReplyCancel

  • Smithsjal

    Love ‘Frost Bite’ cook book & love freezing ‘lasagne’ & ‘meringues’ReplyCancel

  • Monique

    My fave dinners to freeze are – spaghetti bolognaise sauce, chicken casseroles, curried mince, and pizza!ReplyCancel

  • Lee-annem

    I, freeze spaghetti bolognese. I usually make enough for two meals when I make it and freeze the rest as my girls love it.ReplyCancel

  • Angela

    I agree with others that spaghetti bolognaise is a great meal to freeze! Freezing meals is ideal for a camping weekend – grab some frozen meals out of the freezer, transfer to the camping fridge/esky and they are ready for use…ReplyCancel

  • Gilly

    We’ve been asked to make alot of freezable meals recently, for new mums, a few people who are ill and i always find myself making the same stuff, this book sounds like it would give me some great ideas on healthy and nutritious melas for us and for others!ReplyCancel

  • Tanyamaree25

    Awesome, this is what i need, Hubby works away 7 on 7 off and i am cooking and freezing meals i DEFINATELY could do with some help.ReplyCancel

  • Tamara Potter

    I make big batches of soups and casseroles during winter and freeze the leftovers. Great for hubby to pull out and take to work.ReplyCancel

  • Misskate76

    My tomato bushes are fruiting like mad at the moment – i always make up some tomato base sauce and freeze it for pasta etc, particularly good for when tomatos are out of season – really easy meal in minutes, just add pasta!ReplyCancel

  • Bon

    Soup is great to freeze and so easy to defrost and reheat :)ReplyCancel

  • Kim Jarrold

    Would LOVE to win the Frostbite book so that I can have everything in the freezer for us to just to take out of the freezer and eat.ReplyCancel

  • Wendy

    I try to freeze the leftovers from most of our meals, but I like to make an extra big batch of bolognaise sauce then bring it out for spaghetti, lasagne, rissoles etc With a husband in the Army and working away alot it is so convenient to have it in the freezer to bring out when the kids are going feral! ReplyCancel

  • Sharon

    Vegetarian Curry – I get to use up any leftover veg and it is always an easy dinner for when I am not up to cooking! :)

  • Allison McCartney

    My eldest daughter starts school on Tuesday & I have been inspired from The Organised Housewife to prepare lunches & snacks to freeze in preparation for our new routine. I would love some more recipes to try from the Frostbite cookbook!ReplyCancel

  • Linley Simons

    I try to be an organised housewife but fail quite frequently, with my daughter starting pre primary and baby going into daycare this year when I go back to work I’d love to be frostbitten and have a freezer full of goodies ready to go for an easy lunch or dinner xoxReplyCancel

  • sam


  • Rani Jeffers

    I would so love to win a copy of this book. I had the original frost bite book, then a friend borrowed it and lost it never to be seen again. :(

    Hopefully (if I’m lucky enough to win) I can get back to cooking and freezing my favourite, like beef stroganoff.

    So glad this new book is out.

    Thanks to both of you for the chance to win.ReplyCancel

  • FJ

    I’m forever cooking that little bit extra to ensure I have some emergency meals on hand. When you’re working full time with 2 boys to feed, sometimes it’s just not an option for them to wait while I prepare a meal. But a frozen meal is so much quicker, healthier and economical than pizza or the forbidden drive thru. I would love some new freezable ideas.ReplyCancel

  • Elissa

    I always do double/triple batch of spaghetti bol and freeze. I have had my eye on this book for a while because I seriously have no idea what can be frozen easily. I am determined to make meals ahead and freeze them this year for the nights when we have after school swimming and dancing. It would make life so much easier! ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous

    I had just added this book to my birthday wish list after reading so many good things about it on your blog! My birthday isn’t until April and I could sure do with some help learning to cook freezer-friendly food for my family, particularly with term 1 starting tomorrow (yikes!). I’m not too good at cooking freezer-friendly food, but have purchased some Tupperware antarctica contained on ebay after reading your article on organising the freezer. Seriously, your blog is changing my world (and my families too) for the better. Thank you Kat:) ReplyCancel

  • Jodie o'brien

    Thanks so much for an opportunity to win, i have a 14 month old and in 15 weeks time a newborn so i would like to get started preparing and freezing meals for my family for when i will be in hospital and too busy to cook with the newborn baby, the sooner the better!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Teresaleanne

    To be honest I have never frozen dinners in advance but I love to freeze lunch box fillers, especially the Banana Choc Chic Muffins mentioned in a recent post, they are to die for. Perhaps a copy of the Frost Bite Cookbook will encourage soem frozen dinners. Thinking about it now, they’d be great for weeknights when we have afterschool activities.ReplyCancel

  • kim

    I wish I could tell you what my favourite meal to freeze was but I’m not much of a freezer but desperately want to be, that’s why I’d love this book! :)ReplyCancel

  • Jordana Ferrara

    I desperately need some freezer meal inspiration! I freeze spag bolognaise & chicken curry, but tgat is about it! I have 3 daughters – 6 year old, 4 year old and a 7 month old – I have a home based business and am about to start studying uni by distance ed again. These are the reasons I need to get organised and this book seems it would help-ReplyCancel

  • As a single mum of one, small meals are essential. I often cook larger sized meals and freeze leftovers for another night, but the one thing I always make specifically to freeze is lasagne. I freeze it in small foil trays so that I can pop it in the oven and have the perect amount for Mr 4 and myself for dinner.ReplyCancel

  • Tanya Reale

    Lol–Frosbite is what i call my freezer!! Never realised there was a better and easier way, would love to learn more ways not to ruin so much food !!!ReplyCancel

  • Gabby Howlett

    I haven’t got a favourite frozen meal just yet, I’ve just organised my freezer with a massive clean out ‘The organised housewife’ way , ordered tupperware so I can bake/cook & freeze & now I’ll be needing this book to complete the perfect freezer! ThanksReplyCancel

  • Tam_2121

    Since going back to work after maternity leave I REALLY need to freeze more. The kids don’t like having to wait for me to prepare a whole meal after I have finished work so having meals already made that just need to be defrosted are a GodsendReplyCancel

  • Jasmine Ridley

    I alwys have some form of meal frozen for those nights when i am too tired from work, usually it is Lasagne or extra spaghetti (minus the pasta),, but i cook a few other things in bulk as it doesn’t take any extra time when i am making the original mealReplyCancel

  • Micheala Munoz

    This book would be really great helping to save time, money and wastage. As a mum of a young child whos hubby works away 4 days a week I’m always looking for new and interesting recipes that allow me 2 freeze left overs so I’m not eating the same thing for the 4 days and I’m not Being wastefulReplyCancel

  • Rachael Arnett

    Chilli con carne and pumpkin soup are my picks for the freezer, especially in Winter! At the moment my favorites to freeze are green chicken curry and sticky chicken- both weight watchers recipes- so vital for me at the moment when im too tired to cook a healthy meal for myself!ReplyCancel

  • Melhovey

    My favorite meal to freeze is 2 actually, Spaghetti bolognaise sauce and lasagne, they are both a hit with the 4 kiddies when we need a meal served up QUICKLY!ReplyCancel

  • Lucy

    Sausage rolls are the current faves, pop veges such as carrots, celery, zucchini, capsicum, etc in the food processor and process until fine, add a can of lentils, then mix through with an equal quantity of beef mince. make into sausage rools and freeze – hidden veges galore! Also cooked pasta and homemade pesto for a super quick dinnerReplyCancel

  • A book to get your teeth into, now for a digital verision for the Ipad :) ReplyCancel

  • Caroline

    For me the best dinners to freeze are leftovers! It definitely helps avoid ordering takeaway food if you have homemade food ready in the freezer for those nights you just can’t be bothered to cook!ReplyCancel

  • Mottgirl

    Fav dinner to freeze is curries. The husband can then take it to work for lunch, and NOT BUG ME ABOUT MAKING HIM ANY!ReplyCancel

  • Monique

    My favourite dinner to freeze is lasagna. I make a large Lasagna, we eat half of it at one meal and freeze the rest for an easy weekend meal another time. I also work 2 nights a week on night shift so I also put away small portions of it for myself to take to work. I also love to make a huge batch of sausage rolls and freeze them. the kids love them on the weekends in winter.ReplyCancel

  • Sanja

    Fave dinner to freeze is chilli con carne. With a little baby in the house it’s great to make a big batch and freeze it in smaller portions, then hubby and I can have it with rice, tacos, burritos and so much more! This leaves more time with baby and less time in the kitchen 😉ReplyCancel

  • Meganh737

    I like to cook extra dinners and freeze them for my husband to take to work for lunch. My son is changing to a school where he now as to take his lunch so I will make foods he can take in his thermos. Anything from curries, tuna bake, pasta, casseroles all freeze and reheat well. ReplyCancel

  • J_shalders

    Soups so it can be a quick lunch or the starter for the evening meal!ReplyCancel

  • Reannonhope

    Spag bol meat…I always cook as if Im feeding 10 people instead of just our family :)ReplyCancel

  • Becci Sundberg

    I freeze all sorts for my fiance to take to work to cook. His fave would have to a nice veggie ladened stew!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle

    Home made pizza dough is always a winner in our house-just defrost on the sink, knead, roll out and top! Friday night dinner is done!ReplyCancel

  • Alecia_Roos

    I had to go back to work full time after my husband was made redundant. We have 2 daughters and I often freeze meals so they can eat while I am at work (as I work my hours to try and avoid them going to daycare so may not be home for dinner. I do up a massive pot of bolo sauce and make 2 x lasagnes (to freeze) and also freeze the rest of the sauceReplyCancel

  • TabItha

    I like to make huge pots of soups and freeze them in individual portions in zip lock bags. It makes it easy for my parents, who can’t cook, to eat when I work nights and my partner (an apprentice chef) is working.
    It also makes easy lunches for me at work or uniReplyCancel

  • Estherng84

    Hmmm… the hubs doesn’t really like frozen leftovers but we do freeze curries and spaghetti bolognaise!!ReplyCancel

  • Alimitch81

    living on my own I freeze most things but I love freezing rissoles and patties it make an easy meal served with salad.ReplyCancel

  • To be honest, I am really bad about making enough to freeze. Spag Bol and my roasted garlic, pumpkin and potato soup are my two big ones.ReplyCancel

  • Jo

    Easiest and always in the freezer has to be Spag Bolog!ReplyCancel

  • Jo

    I often make a large batch of zucchini slice to freeze. Yummy for lunch and easy to defrost in the microwave.ReplyCancel

  • Jess_cook88

    Lasagne is the clear winner for this family as its pretty much spag bog but that gets a bit boring sometimes and making it from scratch and freezing it is good for quick dinners but also for lunches

  • JodieD

    pasta bake… easiest meal to make, easy to freeze & easy to reheat with a side salad.ReplyCancel

  • Kelly B

    It would have to be spag bog…but I am really keen to find more recipes that are quick & easy to prepare & taste just as delicious if not better once frozen & reheated!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Price

    This would make my life easier, the organised housewife plus frost bite, I would be content for the rest of the year! ReplyCancel

  • Jackie Connelly

    oohhhhh awesome… if i won this it would def be my bible for sure.. i have 5 children and have just been diagnosed with Inflamatory Bowel Disease….

    My fav meal to freeze is Lasagne but id love to find gluten free recipes and lots more healthy foods for my lil tribe :)ReplyCancel

  • Tonyandvic

    Meatballs are a regular in our freezer. Just add fresh pasta and tomato salsa and we are done! ReplyCancel

  • Massaman Curry and Lasagna are top of the list at our house ReplyCancel

  • Kathryn Betts

    Spagetti bog!!!ReplyCancel

  • Cathy Delahunty

    I would have to say slow cooked chilli beef is my favourite to freeze. It is so easy to cook in the slow cooker and makes enough for four meals. Then all I have to do is add the tortillas, avacado and sour cream! ReplyCancel

  • Wendy C

    with 4 school aged kidlets, i can never be too organised, especially when it comes to food… :)ReplyCancel

  • Kelley

    Hi. I freeze all kinds of things, but my favourite thing is enchiladas – the ultimate comfort food around here.ReplyCancel

  • I love to freeze bolognaise sauce and use it for different meals,like pasta or shepherds pie.ReplyCancel

  • Alicia

    I lke to freeze lasagne or pasta bake. Would love to expand my repetoire! LolReplyCancel

  • Jodi S

    I’d love to learn more recipes that can go in the freezer. I try to make a huge basic bolognaise mince and freeze into several portions. Then each one can be tweaked to use for spaghetti, shepherds pie or lasagne etcReplyCancel

  • Kirsten

    My fave freezer food is sausage rolls of all types, cooked and incooked. So easy!ReplyCancel

  • Donna

    I love to freeze curries. They are a great “go to” meal when I don’t feel like cookingReplyCancel

  • Anonymous

    My favourite thing to freeze is bolognaise sauce. It can go over pasta, be put into lasagne or have spice added and become taco mince. So versatile!ReplyCancel

  • Cass

    I love to freeze soups, especially chicken soup. Perfect to defrost when someone is feeling sick and in need of some homemade chicken soup.ReplyCancel

  • Cara Devaney

    I love to freeze bolognaise sauce – boring? maybe. A classic which is usable is so many ways? absolutely! ReplyCancel

  • Rad

    bolognaise mince as it can be used in so many dishes ReplyCancel

  • Jane

    It seems that like most commenters below my favourite meal to freeze is Bolognaise mince! So versatile and so quick to defrost and reheat when you need a quick meal after soccer practice :)ReplyCancel

  • Danya

    I need to do more freezing for my children. Lunches and healthy snacks, so I think this book would be perfect for me!! Thank you, great giveaway!ReplyCancel

  • Carly

    My favourite meal to freeze is chicken fajitas. I have only frozen the filling before but I’m considering freezing them already assembled as we toast them before eating. Yum, I know what we’ll be having for dinner tonight!ReplyCancel

  • Emma

    A vegetable tomato-based pasta sauce has worked okay in the freezer and lets me add meat or mince or just have it as is. I’d love to know more about freezing batches of food and what works the best as I’ve had a few disasters that have turned out watery when I’ve defrosted them. Not sure what’s going on there.ReplyCancel

  • Penny Schelbach

    My eldest child has just started kindy, and I have two other smaller children at home. I need all the help I can get with organising and planning ahead for meals. But I do like to have a constant supply of cupcakes and muffins in the freezer at all times. Great for luche boxes or ever when someone drops in for a cuppa unannounced.ReplyCancel

  • Lee

    I always have a homemade bolognaise sauce in the freezer – not just for an easy pasta meal but also use it for homemade pies. Yum, yum!ReplyCancel

  • Melanie Day

    Chicken and leek pie filling is usually in my freezer. That way i defrost in the fridge overnight and only have to add the filling to the puff pastry and throw it in the oven;)ReplyCancel

  • With a little one in Kindy and a 12 month old we need to learn some freezable meal ideas! I love all the ideas on this comment list. Especially the sound of the chicken and leek pie filling Melanie! I freeze the usual suspects, bolognaise, homemade biscuits and snacks etc. It is definitely giving me some inspiration! ReplyCancel

  • I have never been fantastic at feezing things, hence why I need the book!! But the best thing when my daughter was little I would grab a can of pie fruit apple. It is pure apple with nothing added, puree it and then freeze it in ice cube trays, so cost effective. But seriously I really need the book because I am clueless!!!ReplyCancel

  • I think that our favourite thing is bolognaise sauce. So easy to cool some pasta or some mashed potato and have a meal on the table!ReplyCancel

  • Raelene Charabie

    Favourite dinner to freeze is MEATLOAF!ReplyCancel

  • My favourite thing to freeze for dinner is spaghetti bolognese. Delicious and everyone’s favourite!ReplyCancel

  • Carren

    savoury mince yumReplyCancel

  • Debbie

    Love freezing dahl or other curriesReplyCancel

  • Louise

    Zucchini slice is always good to freeze – doesn’t take long to defrost, it’s filled with veggies already, I just add some baked beans when I serve it up. Another fave is home-made chicken & apple balls – also doesn’t take long to defrost and can serve it with mixed veggies, mashed potato – or baked beans! If I don’t win a copy of the book then I think I will have to buy it…and another freezer to put everything in!!ReplyCancel

  • Lady_Cena

    I love to freeze home made muffins & cakes for the kids lunch boxes. I do up a big batch and freeze them individually wrapped so that they are good to go during rush hour in the mornings. Chocolate brownies are also great. It takes a while to wrap them all individually but is so worth it on those busy mornings when I’m trying to get the three kids out of the door.ReplyCancel

  • Kylie Byrne

    I love freezing soup especially pumpkin soup and vegetable soup. It’s one of the few ways I can get my 2yr old to eat vegies, so at least I know I can get a serve out for him if he will not eat what we are having for dinner.ReplyCancel

  • Melanie

    Yes please. Any help with ticking off the daily to do’s welcome here!ReplyCancel

  • Kath

    I like to freeze spaghetti bolognese.ReplyCancel

  • Jen

    I love to cook up a double batch of lasagne and freeze half and eat half. I also make up my husband’s sandwiches and freeze them, so he can just pull that out in the morning as he leaves very early.ReplyCancel

  • fleur

    Freezer cooking is the best!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole

    I love stocking up our freezer with snacks and quick easy dinners!!!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa

    I <3 freezing curries and also buying jam donuts in bulk wrap them individually and freeze themReplyCancel

  • Heather

    I am new to the whole freezer deal so i would have to say nothing fancy just shells, but I did it and LOVED it so Im ready to learn more!ReplyCancel

  • isa

    Chili con carne is easy to make in large quantity and easy to freeze!ReplyCancel

  • My favourite is lasagne. I make a big batch, we eat half and freeze the other half for a quick dinner (and it just happens to be mine and my son’s favourite meal!)ReplyCancel

  • With teenagers who are starving when they get home from school I am always looking for new dishes to have on hand so they don’t snack on junk. It also saves me getting bored with my work lunch and buying unhealthy food. My personal favourite is freezer meals are chicken soup (it is a comfort food thing) and tuna mornay. Love the name of the book. Happy cooking!!!ReplyCancel

  • Pam G

    Love to freeze lasagne, bolognaise, slow cooker meals, soup etc. Would love to have some recipes specifically for freezing, though…ReplyCancel

  • MultipleMum

    My easy freeze dinner is spaghetti bol. I make a vegetarian version and it freezes really well.ReplyCancel

  • I tend to freeze all our left over dinners – sometimes with some sad results…..a guide on what should and shouldn’t be frozen would be a god send!ReplyCancel

  • mummy mel

    Like everyone else, I love to freeze Spaghetti Bolognaise. Its always an easy meal for the kids. Have just been given a pressure cooker and have found beef stew is easy, freezes well and is a hit with everyone too.ReplyCancel

  • Leimay Cherry

    I’m another Spag bog freezer, although i love making the basic mince/sauce mix filled with grated (hidden) veg so that i can make Shephards Pie, Spaghetti, Lasagne, Mince on Toast, Toasties and several other things for those lazy nights :)ReplyCancel

  • My favourite freeze meal is Spaghetti Bolognaise sauce because I can use the mince as a base for lasagne or spaghetti.ReplyCancel

  • Fave thing to freeze would be fetticuneReplyCancel

  • Kate

    Any meal made in the slow cooker. I have a big 6 L cooker, which means I don’t have to cook that night and I can save half for another night. Perfect! ReplyCancel

  • Jessica

    Felafel is great from the freezer, and I am a bolognese person too – also taco mince and curries come up great.ReplyCancel

  • Meg

    Our favourite frozen dinner has got to be mock pumpkin soup :) Vegie soup made with lots of orange vegies to make it look like pumpkin LOL (my kids wont eat anything but pumpkin soup so i add extra vegies without them knowing to bump up the healthy). Easy to make, freeze and defrost and comes up yummy everytime!ReplyCancel

  • Tracey

    I to have to admit Spag Bol is my favourite. Although looking at the book I may be able to expand that list!!ReplyCancel

  • Jodied40

    I am new to the freezing of meals so really still exploring what I can and what I cant freeze. I know this isnt a meal but I have recently learnt that you can frezze bananas. So no more wasting of bananas, lol.ReplyCancel

  • Carmadyhgg

    My favourite freezable dinner would have to be vege/mince bolognaise… I usually freeze in batches so can be defrosted and made into different meals.. Ie. Lasagne, pastitsio, spag bol, pie, etc….. LOVE FROSTBITE!ReplyCancel

  • Jodie

    Our household needs this book like everyone else! Toddler, 7 mth old & 2 working parents this would certainly help save money and time in our householdReplyCancel

  • Bianca

    Spaghetti bolognese is so good for freezing! And pea and ham soup. Yum!ReplyCancel

  • Dani

    Slowcooked Apricot chicken would be our favourite to freeze, only because our absolute favourite (lasagna) our son can only eat infrequently due to a tomato allergy.ReplyCancel

  • Stacey

    Thanks for making school lunches easier to pack. I was starting to come to a loose end when the school won’t allow such things as muesli bars as they are not considered healthy regardless of the Be Natural branding (only ones my kids can have due to allergies). Thanks for the inspiration. :) (I bought the Frost Bite book the other day but it has a grey cover is this the same book?)

  • Melanie

    Favourite dinner to freeze is a dahl I make in my slowcooker.
    great on rice, potatoes, in puff pastry, or as a side to another curry etc. cheap, easy versatile AND healthy! what more could you want?ReplyCancel

  • hayley

    What a great giveaway!! Thankyou!!! I love having bolognese sauce (protein varies between beef/chicken/tuna/lentil/chickpea) in the freezer…it is such a versatile dish to serve with pasta, mash, rice, on a pizza, as a pie/pastie filling, or on top of some steamed vegies! too easy and never boring!!ReplyCancel

  • Melissa

    As a busy working mum, i would love to know more about freezing food so i could spend more time with my lovely family. I spend so much time in the kitchen some days after work that it seems i dont get quality family time. Thank you for your wonderful blog.ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca

    I am a mum of 2 girls (4&6) I have 2 jobs & often I go to one job in the morn, pick up the kids from school/preschool, come home cook dinner, eat & head off to the next job, THIS BOOK WOULD BE A LIFE SAVER & HOPEFULLY CHANGE MY LIFE, by allowing me to spend a bit more time with my beautiful girls on those afternoons!!!ReplyCancel

  • Jade

    I am so boring but I love doing mass Spag Bol and freezing it up for future!ReplyCancel

  • I’m a big fan of freezing meals but I’m bored with the old faithfuls. I can’t wait to try out some new recipes to help make my life a but easier.ReplyCancel

  • Lisa

    I have a recipe that makes two quiches, so we eat one that night and freeze the other. It is always such a hit with our family :)ReplyCancel

  • Dana Nelson

    I’m new to freezing meals… Not that I don’t know how to throw something in the freezer, I just never know what to do with it after that!!ReplyCancel

  • Brandy

    I love freezer meals, such a time saver and great to have on hand, but I need new ideas. One of my favourite freezer meals is Cabbage Roll Casserole, great!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda s

    Every now and again I cook up a big pan of a kilo or two of good quality mince, heaps of grated veg, lentils and some tinned tomatoes. I freeze in family size quantities and can turn it into so many different meals with the addition of a few simple ingredients. Easy to make spag Bol, lasagna etc or anything Mexican with the addition of a jar of a salsa. (we eat the meat as a filling for wraps, tacos, tortilla stack). Or by adding some gravy, it’s good for pies, pasties etc. I love that it’s so versatile & I can choose at the last minute what we are going to have.ReplyCancel

  • I love any type of pasta to freeze, I make up a big batch and freeze in single serves for lunch. Hubby is not such a big fan so looking for more inspiration. I’m starting Tafe in 2 weeks (3 nights a week) so anything I do and freeze for later will help hubby with the kids when I’m not there.ReplyCancel

  • Sounds fabulous – just what I need!ReplyCancel

  • spottsy7

    Making pasta sauces to freeze. And today I made a banana and mango frozen yogurt to use up the left-over fruit before it had to be thrown out.ReplyCancel

  • Missiv84

    I’m trying out a new tuna patty recipe to freeze for easy toddler meals :) would love one of these books to help me out with some more ideas!!ReplyCancel

  • Ingrid

    lasagna or anything out of the slowcookerReplyCancel

  • In our house I would have to say a Lasagne to freeze or lately mum’s sausage casserole. Both home cooked, both easy & child friendly & both with meat & veg! Both can then be either reheated in the microwave or thrown in the oven after a long day.ReplyCancel

  • Naomi Ellis

    Great giveaway Katrina xReplyCancel

  • Fussy Eater's Mum

    Freezing food is essential in the country. My favorite dinner to freeze is a homemade pasta sauce.ReplyCancel

  • Becs

    my fave to freeze is pumpkin soup, i make a big batch as it’s a staple in our house over winter.ReplyCancel

  • christine

    Just started working again 5days l need help feeding my family.ReplyCancel

  • brella

    spaghetti bolognaise sauce – loads of veges and quick and easy to defrost too :-)ReplyCancel

  • Jodi

    My favourite food to freeze would have to be bolognaise sauce. Thaw it out, boil some pasta… easy on a night I don’t feel like cooking.ReplyCancel

  • My favourite food to freeze is mango puree. When they are in season, take the flesh off, process very briefly, pour it into iceblock trays or into small containers or bags and then when they are out of season you always have yummy mango available for desserts, cakes, cheesecake etc!ReplyCancel

  • Jostait

    I love to freeze stews of any kind, so easy to reheat when you have a late day at work.ReplyCancel

  • C Jp3

    I love freezing the sauce for bolgnaiseReplyCancel

  • Cherie

    I love to freeze bolognaise sauces and stews. Than when Im having a slack night the children can still have a nutrional meal. To win the cookbook would be fabulous I would learn alot more i could freeze and reheatReplyCancel

  • Amanda

    Oh just what I need – freezer ready meal ideas for those afternoons when it’s jam packed with kids sports and no time to cook. This would make one happy mummy.ReplyCancel

  • Stephy01

    I love making bulk pasta bakes to freeze for lunches :)ReplyCancel

  • Bec

    Definetly lasangna…or muffins for a quick treat for the kidsReplyCancel

  • Kylie

    I love to freeze marinated chicken wings in a foil oven tray so I can get them straight out of the freezer and either put them straight into the oven or defrost and then cook!!! So handy!!ReplyCancel

  • Nett

    I love to freeze thick potato and leek or pumpkin soup. I add milk/water to dilute when I heat it

  • Debbie Mowatt

    I love to freeze my apricot chicken. The kids love it and it’s do easy to take and heat up, throw some rice on the stove and it’s done!
    I’d love to win this book as my twin have just started school and I’m making stuff for their lunch boxes and freezing them so I have a selection of different treats that I know what is in them as my sons behaviour reacts badly to some addicitoves etc! This would be a perfect addition to our kitchen!ReplyCancel

  • Donnah francome

    I agree with the bolognaise sauce, but when I cook it I slightly diversify a big batch into taco meat, pasta sauce and lasagna meat sauce. Frozen in batches 1 cooking session can produce 3 different dishes and up to about six meals.ReplyCancel

  • Melanie Dennis

    This book would be invaluble to our family. I have the worlds fussiest four year old that eats a seperate meal to us every night and mind you (non meat too) unlike us. We also have a 7 month old that is already wanting more than pureed veg. My favourite meals to freeze would be curries and eggplant mousaca. Wish me luck!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda

    I like to freeze casseroles and bolognaise sauce – also small portions for easy meals for the kids, and baby.ReplyCancel

  • Lyndall Leonard

    Wow….so many people! I freeze heaps of meals to give to others in crisis. My standbys are lasagna, sausage casseroles, soups, quiche, rice and other stews. Would love some other ideas – especially for summer when these things are too heavy!!ReplyCancel

  • Lauren Maybury

    I love to freeze most things – sweets – lemon slice doubles as dessert for the “unexpected” guests and when you have children and work there is always a reason to have healthy and good quality food on hand when you rush in the door at 6.15pm and tea has to be on the table in 15 minutes while you bath the kids…nothing is easier than zapping it in the microwave or oven. I also freeza a lot of fresh fruit and vegies from our garden for when they are in season and abundance – saves wastage. Priceless I could not live without the freezer!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole Spencer

    Organisation especially at dinner time isnt my forte so this book sounds great!ReplyCancel

  • Monique farmer

    I fail when it comes to knowing what can and can’t be frozen. This book would b a welcomed edition in my kitchen :)ReplyCancel

  • Julie Ferguson

    This sounds like a fabulous book for anyone watching what they eat, be it for allergy, weightloss or budget … or all the above!ReplyCancel

  • Sharon

    As a mum with 4 kids under 5 (including a set of six month old twins) the only way we survive is by freezing meals!! Our menu is getting very boring so some fresh ideas would be most welcome :-)ReplyCancel

  • Lee Salisbury

    As a full time (6 days a week) working mum of three boys who are fussy eaters – cooking dinner at the end of the day is excruciating! But your ideas and freezing info makes my life easier and makes feeding my family more enjoyable and less of a chore! I would love to win this book to help me enjoy my cooking life even more!ReplyCancel

  • Joyce

    I usually freeze leftovers of meals made in the slow cooker. Then i just reheat it with some rice/pasta/polenta/mashed potato to go with it.ReplyCancel

  • jenno

    we just love to freeze meatballs, spag bog sauce and mashed vegies. they make such quick and easy meals on those days you are just too tired or rushed to cook from scratch!ReplyCancel

  • Rachael T

    I would love to win this book for my sister, she has just bought a huge freezer for the very reason of freezing dinners etc! With 3 boys under 4 she has her hands pretty full so this book would be a life saver! I love to freeze pumpkin soup amd low fat choc muffins, yum :)ReplyCancel

  • Cath Pearce

    Would love this book! Love to bake/cook on weekends …. Struggle during the week! This would be such a help to get preparedReplyCancel

  • Kerrie

    We love freezing meatballs whether they are beef, chicken, pork or veal, marinated, plain or with hidden veges (hee, hee) they are always handy for dinner or school lunches and you can serve them in spaghetti, skewered, with dipping sauce, on mash potato and so many more ways! So versatile, easy and inexpensive which we love!ReplyCancel

  • Franklinbt

    I love freezer meals! My favs to freeze are soups,although i often wonder if i should be freezing alot of things so there books would be a fantastic asset to my kitchen!ReplyCancel

  • kath

    My son is getting his tonsils out this week and my husband will be left home with my eldest two daughters while I’m away. Yesterday I cooked a lasagne and divided into Tupperware Heat and Eat containers. He can cook but as I’m away for 10 days and he is a farmer I want to make life a bit easier for him. Have also made some cake ready wrapped for school lunches. Loving this blog, is definitley helping create a more organised me in 2012! Thankyou :)ReplyCancel

  • Erin

    This book sounds perfect for me and my family. Crossing toes and fingers :)ReplyCancel

  • Seva

    curry and lasagne are the recipes I freeze, would love to expand on my list though!ReplyCancel

  • Spaghetti sauce is the favourite freezing meal around here – spag bol sauce can be used with pasta or on toast or just on its own, making it perfect for an easy meal, late night snack or an after school snack for the kids.ReplyCancel

  • Lauren B

    My favourite dinner meal to freeze is Lasagne. Quick easy and simple to make and takes no effort to reheatReplyCancel

  • Michelle Bailey

    I don’t have a story to share that is any different to most of the above…I am entering this comp on this awesome blog because I would soooo love to give “freezer cooking” a go. :-)ReplyCancel

  • Vanessa Blackwell

    I love the sound of this book. I definitely don’t use my freezer to its best!ReplyCancel

  • Denise

    This wReplyCancel

  • Tanya4673

    My ‘freezer friendly’ recipe list is quite small- but lasagna is always a freezer favourite!ReplyCancel

  • Fiona

    I love to freeze casseroles, easy to defrost & reheat.Yum!ReplyCancel

  • Gayemurphy

    We have a “tucker box” freezer that used to get filled with “extra meals” – but as we’ve grown in numbers, so that went by the wayside – would love to get back into a habit of making freezable meals that feed a family of 5 & keeps the “menu ideas” fresh!ReplyCancel

  • Neece

    I can freeze spag bog really well but would love more dishes to freeze as hubby is a shift worker I’m studing 3 kids at school one in daycare. It wuld really make life so much more organised.ReplyCancel

  • Gayemurphy

    oops – forgot to say what our fav frozen meal was – pumpkin soup!ReplyCancel

  • Pinkbubble

    I love making double batches of pasta bolonaise and freezing the rest in portions

  • Meegan evans

    Need lots of new ideas of foods to freeze = more organised!ReplyCancel

  • LivH

    i love making lasagne and sweet goodies!ReplyCancel

  • Jill

    I love to freeze lots of things, chocolate brownies, shortbread, and left over dinners.ReplyCancel

  • Katie Owens

    Working on a dairy farm I get home late and by the time I make dinner my two little girls are eating very late therefore going to bed late. A book like this would be a godsend. Dinner ready in the freezer just to heat up and go would save so much time and heartache in this household. Fingers crossed.ReplyCancel

  • Kirrily

    I’m not very original – spaghetti bolognese. I also like freezing chic chip cookies – they are still super crunchy when defrosted and are so handy for playgroup morning teas etc.ReplyCancel

  • Dani

    Leftover chowmein with the rice cooked in it …. one pot meal to cook and one container meal to reheat.ReplyCancel

  • rubysmummi

    Lasagne always survives the freeze, reheat process so well! ReplyCancel

  • D_annmac

    Slow cooker meals like Casserole! ReplyCancel

  • Jeantunbridge

    I always freeze leftovers from dinner but the best is savory mince, full of veg and easy meal to make.ReplyCancel