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Coconut, Almond & Macadamia Balls

I made these Coconut, Almond & Macadamia Balls on the weekend for a little snack during the kids karate tournament.  They were absolutely delicious. I made these in the thermomix, however you can make them in a food processor, I have included the food processor instructions below. Coconut, Almond & Macadamia Balls   Print Prep time 15 […]

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  • Carla da Costa

    Totally making these this week xReplyCancel

  • Geraldine

    This recipe sounds yummy! I have all the ingredients except for coconut oil. Any suggestion what I can use instead? Thank you! I love your organised ideas. Not sure if it’s okay if I asked for your idea on a side table with shelves in terms of trying to keep it tidy? Thanks again.ReplyCancel

May Quotes Of The Day

Here is a summary of all the quotes that I share on Facebook and in the newsletters into one blog post, as an easy reference to refer back to when she needs a little inspiration.  I thought it was a fantastic idea, please find below the inspiration shared during May 2014! MAY 2014 DAILY INSPIRATION image credit image […]

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  • Rae Belanger

    I love this siteReplyCancel

  • Rae Cummins Belanger

    Thanks for all the great info, you obviously put a great effort in to your site. – RaeReplyCancel

  • Daisy Supera

    the best !!! keep it up ! tnxReplyCancel

{MEAL PLAN} Chunky bolognese with zucchini noodles

Meal planning tips:  How to meal plan, benefits of meal planning, more meal plans & meal planning printables.   This weeks meal plan MONDAY – Oven roasted chicken breast with vegetables TUESDAY – Chunky bolognese with zucchini noodles (thermomix recipe) WEDNESDAY – Slow Cooked Beef Vindaloo THURSDAY – Left overs FRIDAY – Simple eggs on toast  SATURDAY – Creamy Chicken and Pumpkin Pasta  SUNDAY […]

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Curried Fish & Vegetable Pot Pie

I had my Dad and his friend over recently for dinner, it was a wet and miserable day and I felt like a really warm winter dish for dinner.  I have to say, this Curried Fish and Vegetable Pot Pie would absolutely be in my top favourites for winter dishes, it was so good.  I […]

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  • Looks delicious and easy to follow. I will be heading to the grocery and try this one out! I love fish recipes.ReplyCancel

A remarkable few days in Noosa, Queensland

Last week I spent 5 days away with my blog agency The Remarkables Group.  They held their annual general meeting on the Sunshine Coast, it was a great opportunity for me to get to know the rest of the group, there are so many amazing ladies in the group, funny, fashionable and so clever I felt a […]

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  • Kristle

    We are wanting to holiday in Queensland later this year, I think Noosa will have to be on our list, this looks so peaceful and I truly love relaxing on the beach. Thanks for the list Kat!ReplyCancel

  • It was so lovely to hang with you more! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. I could have eaten five of those cheese souffles xReplyCancel

  • J cross

    I’ve just booked my trip. Thanks for the tips!ReplyCancel

  • Amazing pictures! So beautiful,clean and peaceful. I will visit it someday!ReplyCancel

  • Great vacation (meeting). Noosa Resort looks really amazing.ReplyCancel

Creating a toy inventory

This is a guest post by Lisa from Mummy’s Undeserved Blessings Are you one of those mums who are really good at rotating your kid’s toys? I admit I am terrible at rotating toys.  I think that is a great idea, but I NEVER get around to it. I think in my five years of […]

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  • Karen Morley

    Great tips Lisa :) ReplyCancel

  • Eva Lewis

    Brilliant idea Lisa. I find that my son has so many toys and does get overwhelmed quite easily. I tried rotating them on a shelf, but it hasn’t really worked. I am going to do this, such a great idea and an easy way to keep everything tidy!ReplyCancel

  • Elyssa King

    Can I please ask where that white kids table & chairs are from??? ;) ReplyCancel

  • Belinda Denning

    Elyssa King I was wondering exactly the same!! ReplyCancel

  • From Mum to Me

    Great idea – I started rotating toys a while back, and would put them away in the spare room. Then one day I realised I was always putting toys ‘away’ and never getting any others out. Oh well… back to the drawing board – maybe this would be a good time to do an inventory. ReplyCancel

  • H.

    This is a great idea. It’s like an in-house library, really isn’t it. A small photo beside each one is a good idea for non-readers.

    It also helps to identify toys that the kids have grown out of or no longer ask for that can be passed on to friends or a charity.ReplyCancel

  • Rachel Hockey ?

    Yes and the tent please!! Gorgeous space! ReplyCancel

  • Elyssa King

    Does anyone have an idea, where to find these white table & chairs????? Would really love to know ;) ReplyCancel

  • Vanessa Rowse

    Great tips Lisa! Thanks for sharing. xReplyCancel

Dancing in the loungeroom

This post is sponsored by Nick Jr. When my kids were younger we enjoyed dancing around the lounge room singing the good old-fashioned nursery rhymes.  I had Old Macdonald’s Farm animal sounds perfected!  I’m not much of a dancer but I have to admit that these shows helped me just as much as the kids and […]

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  • Natalie

    LOL, I dance around my lounge room too and honestly it’s so much fun, makes me laugh and exhausts the kids ready for nap time!!ReplyCancel

  • Jac

    I was actually getting quite overwhelmed with being a stay at home mum and I must just add that I agree that something so simple can bring so much joy. I too dance, jump and sing around my house with the kids, it’s also a great workout for me and helps me to learn that there is more to keeping house than keeping it tidy, it’s about the fun times we have in it.ReplyCancel

Task 24 – Declutter 52 Things in 52 Weeks Challenge

A new Decluttering task will be published on the blog each Tuesday.  I will share a link to the task on facebook and in the Tuesday Daily Task newsletter (subscribe to newsletter here). Follow along on instagram with hashtag #declutter52 View previous Decluttering Challenge Tasks here My definition of purge – sell, donate, repurpose or […]

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  • Lynne Krog Vorster

    I am a neat freak when it comes to my cupboards. BUT I hoard books and papers and forever having to go through them but throw so little away. I have wrapping from my stork parties 28 yrs ago. ReplyCancel

  • Oh, I certainly do have a hallway cupboard and it’s a bit interesting. I had to rearrange it completely after my kitchen renovation and I discovered I would no longer have a “third drawer full of crap” and I had to do something with all the bits of crap that I need (string, matches, birthday cake candles, spare keys, labels, candles, those ties for freezer bags, alan keys etc), but had nowhere to put them.

    So hallway cupboard shelf(which was also full of crap)it had to be…

    The hallway cupboard shelf and third drawer have now been consolidated – I have four of those plastic boxes with compartments and one has batteries (sorted by size); one has washers and screws and fixings; one has all the stuff that was in the third drawer and one has tape (electrical, duct, masking etc). There’s a caddy with tools and a proper screwdriver set and miracle of miracles, it’s remained orderly for three months.

    (The rest of the hallway cupboard has wine, Bailey’s, assorted spirits, the filing cabinet, plastic bags, re-useable supermarket bags, the bread maker and the iron in it)ReplyCancel

  • Lynne Vorster

    I am a neat freak when it comes to my cupboards, BUT a terrible hoarder. Boxes and boxes of papers, cards, books, etc, even stork party wrapping from 28 yrs ago. All in good condition.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Can you part with the paper Lynne??ReplyCancel

  • I love that your TV and HDMI cables are all in order. Tuck them away at the back for safety.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      can’t have all the cables showing!!ReplyCancel

{MEAL PLAN} Japanese Chicken and Rice

Meal planning tips:  How to meal plan, benefits of meal planning, more meal plans & meal planning printables. This weeks meal plan MONDAY – Japanese Chicken and Rice TUESDAY – Steamed fish and vegetables WEDNESDAY – Slow Cooker Chicken and Bacon Casserole THURSDAY – Vietnamese Chicken Meatball & Noodle Soup (thermomix recipe) FRIDAY –  Crustless Quiche and salad SATURDAY – Curried Meatballs with […]

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  • Sue

    I missed the June Superfoods magazine and so the curried meatball recipe. Is it possible to have a copy of the recipe. I purchased the July one and found out it was the wrong one.

    Thank you


Chocolate Muffins

Can never go past a good chocolate muffin {RECIPE} Chocolate Muffins   Print Prep time 5 mins Cook time 25 mins Total time 30 mins   Author: Katrina Serves: 12 Ingredients 2¼ cups self-raising flour ½ cup cocoa powder 1 cup caster sugar ¾ cup dark chocolate chips ½ cup vegetable oil ⅔ cup milk […]

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  • How fabulous! Love muffins sooo much, definitely making some of these this weekend!

    I have an Old Country Roses setting too- love your taste! XReplyCancel

Summary of 2014 today’s tasks to date

I’ve had so many emails over the past couple of months asking me if I had a list of all the previous today’s tasks. I decided to create monthly summaries so if you miss some or get behind you can go back and catch up. If you’re new to the blog or don’t know what the […]

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  • Kirsty Luke

    Great idea and really useful for those of us (me) who have fallen behind.ReplyCancel

A day in the life of The Organised Housewife’s day off

A few weeks ago I came home from the last filming of the Win the Organised Housewife for a day Competition.  I was exhausted so I decided to take the day off work (blogging) which is really rare on a school day, I’m home alone!!  In all my wisdom I also decided to share what my […]

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  • Sharnee Snowden

    LOVE your black and white pants….and your bedroom linen is heavenlyReplyCancel

  • Zara Murphy

    Can I have the cake recipe pretty please!?

  • Colour Me Beautiful Australia

    Great to see a busy mum enjoying some me time!ReplyCancel

  • Katrina Dyer

    Sounded like an awesome day, love the gym towel, cute touch!ReplyCancel

  • Bake Play Smile

    What a nice day!! I’m a total sucker for Revenge too… that and The Blacklist!!! xxReplyCancel

  • Sarah Delaney

    thanks for sharing – would love to see a ‘day in the life’ article of your normal day also, being a busy mum of 3 myself, I would love to see how you (and other mums) squeeze everything into your day!ReplyCancel

  • I love a mini TV marathon! I’m like you, I can’t sit still and just watch. On my days off I love to sleep in, drink a lot of tea and relax on the couch. Go out for brunch!ReplyCancel

  • cass

    You need new candles love :)
    Heavenly candles.. I’m telling you.. :) ReplyCancel

  • Hermione

    Thanks for the inspiration. I’m having one of those days today and working Friday instead. No beautiful Qld sunshine here though to dry my washing! It’s going in the dryer and on the line in front of the heater.
    Thanks for a fuller picture of your day’s eating too. I’m having my op in 2 months. Great variety and some good ideas. :) ReplyCancel

  • Fashionista

    A day off to yourself feels soooo decadent. Well deserved. We need our pamper days occasionally.ReplyCancel

  • Ingrid AndPete

    ok i think i need to get on this obsession that people have – Revenge! thanks for sharing your day, I need to take a leaf out of your book, you are so organised, I usually am but your tips are great. Also, I cannot believe how much weight you have lost, you look so happy and healthy! You look fantastic! well done!!!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah

    Ho hum… Funny to see our ‘day off’ still includes chores like washing/folding… Hahaaa… But still a great day pottering about!ReplyCancel

  • Julia K

    What a lovely day – thanks for sharing.

    When I have a “day off” – I like to go to the movies – even on my own. It feels so indulgent just to while away a couple of hours with NO INTERRUPTIONS !

    My youngest DD was a very cruisy baby and on several occasions I took her to the movies – not the Babes in Arms sessions – just the regular ones. Obviously, had she become unsettled in any way – I would have left – but this never happened. I did this when she was about 6-9 months old and in a regular routine. I would drop the older children at school – take bubby into the theatre 10 or so minutes prior to the session starting, give her a feed and then wrap her and pop her into her pram for a nap. I’d have the pram parked in the wheelchair area and I would sit in the row behind so I could see her. By the time the movie starts, bub is away in dreamland and mum gets a break. Win-Win.

    I remember people saying – wow – your baby was so “good”. It wasn’t so much that – it’s just that I knew her routine and worked around it.

    I think it’s so important for mums and dads to get some “alone” time. My DH works away for several weeks at a time and sometimes – instead of coming straight home for his break, he’ll drive to a good fishing spot, spend the afternoon fishing, have a couple of drinks and watch some tv – stay overnight then drive home the next day. I never begrudge him this time – he works 12 hours a day with no weekends off and this time allows him to chill out and relax before he comes home to the children all wanting his time and a list of “to dos”.ReplyCancel

  • Sue Dilkes

    What a great day! Thanks for sharing.ReplyCancel

  • Kirsty

    This was cool to read. Thanks for sharing. I watch Revenge too.ReplyCancel

  • Virginia

    Fantastic day, you made it look like 40 hours instead of 12h!! I wish I could do that too. I think I waste too much time :o( But reading your site is helping me improve a lot

    Keep the great job!ReplyCancel


    thanks to show your journey off. I liked that. Sorry but i’m french, my English isn’t very well. I Watch Revenge too.
    I like read youReplyCancel

  • Jacqui Langfield

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading that! Thanks for sharing itReplyCancel

  • Amanda D'Souza

    Hi, enjoyed your article however did feel a great deal of it was housework! Glad you got in revenge and movies!!! Love yourdIly inspirations and tips.ReplyCancel

  • Pauline

    That’s a day off? Way too many chores – you are so organised!ReplyCancel

  • Helen O'Connell

    A lovely day off, but still very productive!ReplyCancel

  • Tina A

    mmm, yum! Salsa Fresh Mex, movie and then Max Brenner’s – so jealous! I love nights out at Robina :) ReplyCancel

  • What an awesome day! I’m having a very rare one of those today, no icecream as yet but there’s still time!ReplyCancel