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Too busy to clean the bathroom? Use these simple tips to speed clean the bathroom, leaving it tidy and with streak-free shine each day.

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  • Denai

    I love cleaning my kitchen. I love cooking and inspiration can happen at anytime day or night (the joys of a shift worker). Kitchen is always cleaned last thing at night so it’s ready to go straight away the next time a recipe pops in my headReplyCancel

  • trileen

    I prefer to clean the bathroom as its the one place that is often neglected in our house:( once its clean, its bright white and sparkly, and it makes the whole house feel clean and fresh. ..not to mention getting rid of germs and making everyone a bit easier to keep ‘sickie’ free xxxReplyCancel

  • Laurie

    I prefer to clean the kitchen! Once the kitchen is clean the rest of the house seems manageable. Plus it feels like we spend most of our time in the kitchen!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah

    I have the kids help. When in the shower I spray the glass and tiles and they take it in turns in wiping. They also take it in turns to help me clean the toilet. With 2 boys I want to raise boys who know how to clean a bathroom.ReplyCancel

  • Shauna

    I much prefer cleaning my kitchen than my bathroom. This is largely for one simple reason – there is no shower in the kitchen! I find cleaning the shower particularly burdensome. However, having just read about the Chux duet, perhaps these could make the job at least slightly more pleasent?ReplyCancel

  • Nicole

    I prefer cleaning the kitchen as the build up of grime is quicker and easier to notice when not cleaned everyday.ReplyCancel

  • Anastasia

    The kitchen is my domain! I cannot rest until I have clutter free bench tops and I can hear the hum of the dishwasher. Oh and the peace and quiet from all 6 kids being in bed.ReplyCancel

  • Kylie

    I prefer to clean the bathroom as my little cherubs 1 & 3 LOVE helping wet down surfaces for me as they splash about but the wetting agents they use in the kitchen (cake mixture, choccy milk, nutella) are a lot less helpful! 😀 xoReplyCancel

  • Pauline Howatson

    I like cleaning the kitchen. The bathroom is cold and not much fun to be in at this time of year.ReplyCancel

  • Amy Lane

    I prefer cleaning my kitchen. It reminds me that I have been there cooking up a storm for my family, which is one way I like to show them how much I love them.ReplyCancel

  • Bec

    Cleaning the bathroom is one of my least favourite chores (esp the old grout scrub!) but after i’ve done it and im having a relaxing mummy’s bubble bath, there is nothing better! So i so prefer the bathroom as the daily/hourly clean up of the kitchen no longer brings me that kind of satisfaction!ReplyCancel

  • Jenna

    The bathroom. As i spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing meals etc its nice to retreat to a different part of the house. Also from the time we moved in together my husband has always been in charge of maintaining the kitchen. I tend to all other cleaning requirements but the kitchen is his responsibility. Its fantastic ????ReplyCancel

  • Kristin

    I prefer to clean the kitchen – not only is it the hub of our household, but as it’s cleaned every day it’s a lot easier! The bathroom stresses me out, especially mirrors….ReplyCancel

  • Tammy

    I tend to regularly wipe down the kitchen after I’ve cooked or prepared a meal, so that doesn’t seem such a chore when it comes time to do a full clean. Cleaning the bathroom is much less fun and is laborious because I don’t clean as I go in the same way.ReplyCancel

  • Alison

    I find cleaning the bathroom more satisfying because it’s so much quicker and easier to clear the clutter and get it clean. Maybe when I stop the kitchen being everyone’s (me too!) spot to put down the day’s debris I will feel differently!ReplyCancel

  • Molly

    Neither ?? But I do like some serious order in my house, and with three (very) young children I’d love some ‘Duets’ to make the job quick and easy XReplyCancel

    • Molly

      Sorry was supposed to be a smile after ‘neither’…not question marks :-)ReplyCancel

      • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

        lol Molly it’s OK I question cleaning sometimes too :)ReplyCancel

  • Samantha

    I actually like cleaning both as they are the 2 areas that have to be clean at all times to me. But to choose one would be the kitchen as all doors except the boys bedroom remain closed so my 15 month old can’t get into mischief so the kitchen remains visible at all times.
    I also love to cook and keeping 3 boys fed and full I feel as though I live in the kitchen!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah

    I’m not a fan of cleaning but always feel like everything else is more manageable when my kitchen is clean. Then I can tackle the bathroom!ReplyCancel

  • Kierra Weinert

    Hmmmm…. I can’t really say I enjoy either partially! Perhaps the bathroom because it is smaller and rewarding to see the through that shower glass once it’s clean! Having two young boys the wet areas certainly cop a beating so small tips and new product ideas certainly help to inspire!ReplyCancel

  • Leah

    Struggle with the bathroom especially the showerscreen
    grime – does my head in!! Kitchen is where the heart is probably why it is much easier in keeping it tidy and clean.ReplyCancel

  • Claire

    I prefer to clean the kitchen. It’s my place to create clean healthy food and so it’s important that I have a clean work space to do so. I avoid chemicals altogether and can become compulsive about it at times 😉 My natural cleaning alternatives work a treat for all my wet areas. I believe “Everything has a place and a place for everything,” just to convince the other inhabitants of my abode of this! Lol.ReplyCancel

  • Karrina Merritt

    Kitchen for sure! I love to see my appliances shine, the chrome glitter and my reflection in my gloss doors???? nothing beats creating amazing dishes in a organised clean environment.ReplyCancel

  • Shaghig

    They both give the same satisfaction when cleaned completely but I have to admit the bathroom is always left last because I have to turn my back to 3 kids under 4 when I do it.ReplyCancel

  • Helen

    I prefer cleaning my bathroom, I will spend up to an hour making it shine. Love my bathroom to be sparkly clean so it gives me that resort look and feel, afterall it is the one place I can retreat in peace! For some unknown reason noone else wants to clean the bathroom either! Have tried all types of cleaners looking for the perfect cleaning regime and have to say these Chux Duets are what I need!ReplyCancel

  • Lucy Towers

    I much prefer the kitchen as I feel like cooking in a spotless kitchen helps motivate me to cook wholesome and delicious foods for my family. With 3 males in the house, the cleaning of the bathroom on the other hand seems to always be an enormous task that I dread as I never know where to start!ReplyCancel

  • I prefer to clean the kitchen as it is the first impression of the house. If it is clean, the house feels more manageable! I aim to do the dishes each night with a quick sweep so in the morning it feels like a clean slate to begin!ReplyCancel

  • Courtney

    I prefer to keep the kitchen clean and tidy. I feel because this area is the hub of the house, it makes the rest of the house appear tidier. Having the right tools to keep the glass, stainless steel and stone clean also helps! And… I can’t close the door on my kitchen like I can shut off the bathroom!!ReplyCancel

  • Claire

    I prefer to keep the kitchen clean so that when I get up to make a bottle for my baby at stupid o’clock I give him milk not gravy powder.ReplyCancel

  • robyn Bouma

    i prefer cleaning the bathroom. I like the bench free of clutter. Always nice to see when it is clean and fresh and trying to keep family out so it stays that way for at least 5 minutes.ReplyCancel

  • Rema Oliver

    Options to clean 2 bathrooms or 1 kitchen….definitely I take the kitchen option. The kids use the main bathroom to brush their teeth (toothpaste splatter everywhere) because they sing while brushing their teeth and the electric toothbrush is not brushing but splattering and then bath time is in our bathroom. I really struggle to find good cleaning products that still remain hygienic to re-use again and again. I take to using bathroom wet wipes but then this really doesn’t help the environment.ReplyCancel

  • Kim

    The kitchen is the heart of our home, so when it’s clean and sparkling I feel a great deal more organised and ready to tackle my ‘to-do’ list. In saying that, I would love to try those Chux cloths on my bathroom, they look great!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda

    I prefer to clean the kitchen. Once the dishes are done and the bench is wiped over I feel I can relax for the evening. It’s so nice to start dinner preparations, packing lunches or making breakfast with a clear bench. I use Chux wipes and a homemade spray but I’d like to try the Chux microfibre cloths, they sound great for the job.ReplyCancel

  • Hayley

    Definitely prefer to clean the kitchen, as there is no toilet to clean!! I gag every time!! :)ReplyCancel

  • I prefer the kitchen because it just seems easier and I have more motivation to do it, BUT the place that needs the most attention is my bathroom! I always feel like that’s the embarrassing part of my house because it gets neglected and it’s the one place I panic about before guests arrive! I’d love to not feel that panic anymore and maintain it better.ReplyCancel

  • Naomi

    Well I don’t know about you but I live in my kitchen lol! I’m thinking about moving my bed there to save myself time. Truthfully I installed a high gloss kitchen and it’s horrendous to try and keep clean so I would love these cloths to save my sanity! Help a sister out ??ReplyCancel

  • Naomi

    Well I don’t know about you but I live in my kitchen lol! I’m thinking about moving my bed there to save myself time. Truthfully I installed a high gloss kitchen and it’s horrendous to try and keep clean so I would love these cloths to save my sanity! Help a sister out ??ReplyCancel

  • Annie

    When I wake up…well I know I’m goanna be, I’m Goanna be the girl who cleans up after you…..when I come home….I know I’m goanna be, I’m goanna be the girl who cleans up after you…

    Well I would walk 500 hundred mile s, and I would walk 500 more just to be the girl who has chux delivered to her door,

    Okay so you have to be thinking like the proclaimers for that to work, I’m not a fan of cleaning at all but I like the results. If I had to pick it would have to be the kitchen as a clean sparkly kitchen makes me want to cook. So I’m forever cleaning my kitchen.ReplyCancel

  • bathroom definitely. There’s something nice about shiny taps and glass and a fresh smelling bathroom, and I like it clean and neat for any visitors too!ReplyCancel

  • Charmaine

    Lately, I find cleaning the bathroom weekly easier and therapeutic. Crazy I know. I love the feeling I get when I’ve finished cleaning and do a final wipe down with some eucalyptus oil. The bathroom positively sparkles. To stay on top of it, I keep some wipes handy in the cabinet for mid-week wipe down.ReplyCancel

  • Danielle

    Getting up to a clean kitchen sets the tone for the day! A shiny sink is like a great big smile! A clean kitchen makes it easy for my family to make their breakfast and lunches and get set up for a great start to school and work. Who wants to fight for counter space and make food in the middle of a mess?!ReplyCancel

  • Anna

    I prefer to clean the bathroom. It’s so satisfying to have it clean and clutter free and the upside is, unlike the kitchen, no-one goes in 5 minutes later to make a snack and so it stays clean for the rest of the day!!ReplyCancel

  • The idea of hanging the cleaning cloths under the bathroom sink is the best cleaning tip I’ve come across. When I think about the time it takes to wipe down the surfaces when the cloth is hanging and ready, it’s really no bother as you walk past. Thank you, I love this tip, it’s going to save me so much time xxReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      you just have to make things easy for yourself sometimes Nicole, if it’s too hard it won’t get done!ReplyCancel

    • Jacelle

      I recently bought the bathroom duets and I also love Katrina’s suggestion of hanging them in the cupboard. I’m off to the shops to get 2 hooks!ReplyCancel

  • Mary-Jane Vella

    I much prefer cleaning the kitchen. To me, it’s one of the most important areas of the home…where meals are prepared, so it NEEDS to be clean at all times. Once that is done I seem to have a clearer headspace for cleaning the rest of the house ????

    I love your tips as I already keep on top of the bathrooms as mentioned by you. Although, I would love to pick up your tip of keeping the cleaning cloths hung up and handy…much easier than having to fetch them from the laundry!

    Thank you ????ReplyCancel

  • Jacelle

    My kitchen is quite a visual part of our home so I really like to keep it clean and tidy. If it’s messy it seems to flow through to the rest of the living areas appearing messy even though they are tidy.ReplyCancel

  • Yvonne

    The kitchen, I always do the dishes every night after dinner, dry them and put them away. Wipe the benches as I go, and also the cupboard doors. The fridge is a breeze with labelled storage containers,meat, dairy, a double pull out plastic wire drawers, divides the cheese. The oven I wipe out everytime you use it, it keeps it sparkling clean. The only gripe is the floor, but thats when Iroomba vac (Norman) my girlfriends is called Harvey. (Harvey Norman) where he came from. Problem sorted…now for a cuppaReplyCancel

  • Angela

    I love the idea of hanging the clothes inside the bathroom cupboard. I end up wiping things over with tissues or wet wipes because they are at arms reach!!ReplyCancel

  • Debbie Collins

    It’s the kitchen for me. The room that can be seen from all living spaces in the house and that gets a constant workout from my constantly hungry (and messy) brood. There is something extremely satisfying to me to see clean surfaces after all our bellies are full (My pre-children self is rolling its eyes right about now!)ReplyCancel

  • Abbie

    I prefer to clean the bathroom! It is much quicker and tidier as i use the used face washer to wipe down. I have 2 little boys and a husband that love to use every cup, plate and bowl in the house so the kitchen takes a while!!ReplyCancel

  • Laura Scriven

    I prefer the Kitchen it’s easy to do,
    The bathroom is lots to get through!
    The shower, vanity, loo and floors,
    It’s mess galore!ReplyCancel

  • Karen

    I love my kitchen and cooking but I feel more in control if my bathroom is sparkling clean. With two young boys it can get very messy with their curiosity with water, teeth cleaning, “helping” mum clean with their wet flannels. When the tub is clean, mirror streak free, vanity dry I feel like its all going to be ok :)ReplyCancel

  • karen r

    I clean the shower whilst in it saves me getting in there later and I always squeegee the water off the screens to prevent soap scumReplyCancel

  • It has to be the kitchen. With 3 boys in the house the bathroom is never a pretty sight or smell!ReplyCancel

  • Julie D

    I’m a clean kitchen fan. It’s where I prepare food and my family eats, so things have to be hygienic. My kitchen is the place where I entertain friends so again it’s a place where people need to feel comfortable and relaxed.ReplyCancel

  • Kylie

    I prefer the kitchen. It is one of the first rooms people see when they come to my house. And if it looks untidy I can’t sit and relax.
    As long as the kitchen/dining/lounge room is tidy, I can close off the rest of the house. Its out of sight, out of mind.ReplyCancel

  • Erin

    Kitchen! My bathroom is old & so hard to keep clean, feels like I just waste my time when I do clean it.ReplyCancel

  • Susan

    I prefer to clean my kitchen because I clean it more regularly, making it a more manageable job. Cleaning the bathroom often seems like an overwhelming chore! So far I haven’t found any product that inspires me to clean our bathroom more often. I love the organised housewife’s ‘Tips to speed clean the bathroom’ and am excited to try Chux bathroom duets. They sound like just what I need! Can’t wait to tell me friends about them too????ReplyCancel

  • Melanie S

    No comparison for me – the kitchen – as I can do it all standing up. The bathroom requires time on my hands and knees which my joints don’t enjoy! On the other hand, our two Master 9’s and one Miss 7 love to scrub the shower glass so much during shower time they often forget to clean themselves…ReplyCancel

  • Mary-Ellen Pedersen

    Short & Sweet, cleaning the kitchen is a treat, its the last job of the day then lights out and off duty!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Simone

    It would have to be the bathroom as the kitchen sink is never empty. One pile of dishes is done, then the next is already waiting. The bathroom at least stays empty for most of the day!ReplyCancel

  • Mascha Blommerde

    I prefer cleaning the kitchen as all my cleaning products are there. Also my kitchen is nicer and newer, so easier to clean and keep clean! It is always a bit of a drag to clean my bathroom as it is so old and also because there is no where to keep cleaning supplies, there is no cupboard to keep them!ReplyCancel

  • Cassandra Merrick

    i love cleaning my bathroom as its white with silver taps and once its clean it sparklesReplyCancel

  • Linda

    I prefer to clean my kitchen as I love to have it neat when I walk in the door from a hard day at work. You can always close the bathroom door – no door on my kitchen!!! LOLReplyCancel

  • Raylene Swain

    I prefer to clean the bathroom, as much easier, to tidy and clean being smaller I have things in tubs as you do, but I also have a yellow cloth for toilets, I love colour coding LOL, so each bathroom has a yellow cloth as well so I can do the loo’s, but love your idea of the hooks, so off to buy some hooks now!!ReplyCancel

  • Laura

    Love the satisfaction of having a tidy kitchen, not a huge fan of the process tho! We’re about to move into a new house and I’m worried about keeping it all looking clean and new so would love to give the Chux Duets a go. They sound great and with a new baby anything chemical free is very appealing.ReplyCancel

  • Karen

    I don’t really like either! But I LOVE the examples of organising the bathroom space. My 3 boys are great at cleaning themselves and their teeth etc. BUT terrible at leaving the evidence that they have been there!!! I haven’t ever used the Chux cleaning duets, but would definitely love to give them a go (and teach the boys how to use them!). Hanging them in the cupboard is fantastic! :-) Making things easy for the kids to be involved is always the way to go – Thanks :-)ReplyCancel

  • Tabitha Armstrong

    The bathroom door keeps the mess out of sight so when I enter I get a fright! The kitchen however, is in plain view so keeping it clean I simply must do! There is nothing worse than grotty food stains so the kitchen takes precedence while the bathroom remains. Dirty.ReplyCancel

  • Julianne smith

    Hi Kat I love walking into both the kitchen and bathroom gleaming but the kitchen certainly is more of an up keep in our house just satisfying walking into s tidy kitchen ready for the day ahead ! Iam very fortunate to have a country kitchen in an off white which is really hard to keep spills and finger marks at bay so I would love some chux duets to make that job a little easier without chemicals ! Great tip hanging the cloths at easy reach inside the cupboard door I always look to your website for inspiration keep up the great work ????ReplyCancel

  • Anne Haylock

    The kitchen is the hub of our home and the first room any visitors see so if I have to keep something clean, it’s the kitchen. Maybe the Chux Duets might inspire me to clean and actually enjoy it?ReplyCancel

  • Laura W

    The kitchen is central to everything that goes on at home so it’s important to me to keep it clean. With two small children it’s easier to clean and keep an eye on them than in the bathroom. Not to mention we are slowly renovating our house and have put in a new kitchen but still need to replace the bathroom, so at least when I clean the kitchen it looks clean, unlike the bathroom!ReplyCancel

  • Jenni

    I prefer cleaning the bathroom as with 3 teenagers ( 2 of them boys) the kitchen is never closed and almost impossible to keep tidy unless they are away. Although with the chux duets it would be a lot easier to wipe everything over and then throw them in the wash weekly.ReplyCancel

  • Deborah

    I love cleaning the bathroom which gets done every morning after the kids and husband have finished in there it gives me great pleasure to see the bathroom free of long hair, toothpaste gone from the vanity and mirror, and talcum powder curtesy of my husband mopped up from the floorReplyCancel

  • even with the great chux products i hate house work, so i would pick the bathroom because it is small and easier to cleanReplyCancel

  • Jill Hamilton

    I love my bathroom and kitchen clean..I speed clean every couple days so the job isnt so daunting…love my bottle of Citrokleen and my chux clothes makes me feel betterReplyCancel

  • Penny Bryant

    By far and away my favourite room to clean in our house is our bathroom!! It has just been renovated and the rest of the house is still very dated. We’ll get to the rest eventually…ReplyCancel

  • Louise Thomsen

    I prefer to clean my bathroom because my children (6 & 3) love to help – it’s a much safer area for them to clean independently too.ReplyCancel

  • Selina Lee

    I much prefer to clean the kitchen as my partner tends to just dump stuff on the bench so its just a matter of picking up his stuff and giving the benches a quick wipe. I love when my sink and taps are sparkling!ReplyCancel

  • karen capri

    I prefer to clean my kitchen. I cant stand a dirty sink. If you wash dishes when meal is finished then it looks much tidier. Also wipe benches down each time you wash dishes. Less chance of bench tops being stained.ReplyCancel

  • amanda ellem

    Love..a strong word. But the bathroom is the most rewarding job. It can look transformed after 4 kids create carnage in the morning.ReplyCancel

  • Angela Dennis

    I’d much rather clean the kitchen than the bathroom. I find it much easier to remove grease and grime than try to keep on top of soap scum which seems to be irremovable without a jackhammerReplyCancel

  • Sakshee

    I prefer cleaning my kitchen as it better be clean and free of any contaminants as I begin cooking for my little one’s first tastes of food. And, I am a cleaning freak if ever I have some other family member cook in my kitchen I go about cleaning it thoroughly so it’s back to my shiny hygienic kitchenReplyCancel

  • Mark

    The kitchen is my domain after tea is finished. My wife baths the girls and I clean up the dishes etc & make sure we have a clean slate for the next day.ReplyCancel

  • I love to clean my bathroom. My kitchen is always clean but the bathroom is from another planet. So after I have cleaned it looks amazing.ReplyCancel

  • I hate cleaning both equally. I am not a fan of cleaning, just the result. A necessary evil, but I guess if I had to choose I’d go with the kitchen seeing it is the room that is most commonly viewed.ReplyCancel

  • Samantha Masters

    I love to keep both my kitchen and bathrooms clean. It just makes me feel organised and when my children help it is a great time to chat about what’s been happening..ReplyCancel

  • Chloe

    I enjoy having a super clean and organised house and I don’t generally see cleaning as a chore. But sometimes when I am cleaning my kitchen for what seems like the 100th time in the same day (I have 3 hungry kids to feed), I remember a latin lesson we had in high-school about a poor guy called Sisyphus… For some reasons the gods decided to punish him and as a punishment he had to push a rock up a mountain but as soon as he was up the rock would roll down again and he had to start over again and again for eternity. I reckon sometime cleaning the bathroom and kitchen is a bit like the punishment of poor Sisyphus… eternal circle of dirty, clean, dirty, clean…ReplyCancel

  • Charlotte

    I prefer to clean my bathrooms. With 3 kids 2 teenage boys and a 10 year old girl our bathroom gets very messy, I really don’t know how all that toothpaste gets every where. I love a clean fresh bathroom. Nothing better. Now to teach the kidsReplyCancel

  • Shelley Feutrill

    Unless my kitchen is tidy I can’t seem to concentrate on moving forward with any other projects, cleaning or work anywhere else around my home. Making it sparkle at night puts a smile on my face when I’m the first to walk into it each morning…..especially the sink gleaming from the morning sunshine!!ReplyCancel

  • Lisamarie

    The kitchen needs to be clean and tidy it’s where u prepare food for the family
    It need to be hygienic that’s why I prefer cleaning the kitchen as it’s High kn my priory list to be apostles with Chux kitchen duets it would make hard work a breeze .ReplyCancel

  • Dusanka

    The bathroom is definitely my preferred cleaning room as once clean it at least stays clean for a little while. Whereas the kitchen never rests and I’m forever cleaning.ReplyCancel

  • Megan

    Bathroom – hands down!! I will always tackle the bathroom & toilet (seperate in our house) first as that has the most germs and brings the most satisfaction to me, with that clean smell and shiny look. My partner still doesn’t understand how it brings me happiness haha :)ReplyCancel

  • AB

    I infinitely prefer cleaning the bathroom! Every household I have lived in – flatmates, as a couple and now a family – it has been my job. I love the excuse to splash a bit (ok, a lot) of water around :)ReplyCancel

  • Amanda reynolds

    I prefer the kitchen as it is in the middle hub of the house and just saddens me if it is not clean. The bathroom is upstairs out of sight and not in your faceReplyCancel

  • Jenny

    If I had to choose, it would be the kitchen. It’s right in the centre of our house, there’s always something happening there. Maybe that’s why it’s sometimes called the heart of the home. When it’s clean and ordered, everything else seems a bit easier to manage.ReplyCancel

  • I’m just in awe of your neat bathroom cupboards. When you open ours it’s like a toiletry avalanche! You’re right about the mirror and tap splatter, a little wipe will make the world of difference!ReplyCancel

  • Chantelle Williams

    I prefer to clean my kitchen as with two young kids I feel like I spend most of my day in there feeding the kids! I did get the kids to help clean the bathroom venetians the other night whilst they were in the bath. Why did i not think of this before, it was easy! The chux duets would definately of helped to clean them. I need some!ReplyCancel

  • Sharon Blythe

    I prefer to clean the kitchen because it’s central in the house, the first room everyone sees and I don’t have the mould problem there.ReplyCancel

  • Chason Gripton

    Kids & husband
    Helper (mum)
    Enjoys cleaning the bathroom

    I prefer the kitchen as it’s the hub of the house and the whole house looks tidier if the kitchen is cleanReplyCancel

  • Daniella

    Id rather clean the kitchen as that where I spend most of my time everyday.ReplyCancel

  • Krystal

    I prefer cleaning the bathroom. It’s smaller so it’s easier to get everything sparkly. Also most of the typical bathroom clutter has a place so counters and surfaces are easier to clear before cleaning.ReplyCancel

  • I love cleaning my kitchen. Being a single mum to 5 beautiful kids, I encourage their independence. They love cooking and making a mess. I let them go and be creative, then come along afterwards and help clean up. Works well for our little family.ReplyCancel

  • Nikita

    When I clean my bathroom it seems to stay clean for at least half an hour (toilet training). Kitchen only stays clean for 5mins it feels like and is a constant job because I can see it all day. So more satisfaction from cleaning the bathroom :)ReplyCancel

  • Eman

    I love to clean the bathroom, I fee like that’s where most germs and bacteria are, only problem is keeping it clean I feel like I can clean it every hourReplyCancel

  • karina winter

    I prefer bathroom because with 4 kids my bathroom has toothpaste hair brushes and accesories and i dont even want to know what else everywhere, sink, mirror if it can attract yuck and grime it will have some. So a good clean leaves it sparkle smelling clean and me feeling accomplished. Even if it is only until they get home from school and a kiddy tornado rips through.ReplyCancel

  • Nikki

    Definitely the bathroom! There is something about a sparkling white sink and shining mirror that takes all my sadness and stress away! Straight towels is one of my biggest things so I’m glad you mentioned it! (And what’s wrong with male’s brains that they just cannot understand this!? He says he has a ‘towel fairy’ who does it so he doesn’t bother!) ??ReplyCancel

  • Joanne Brown

    After spending 6 weeks relying on my husband to clean (I was laid up after an op) I would have loved to clean the bathroom. Walking into a clean fresh bathroom would have and be amazing . I could put up with the kitchen being a bit grotty but I love the bathroom. The duets sound amazing, and so quick and easy I’m sure I could even train my husband to use them. I find the kitchen is constantly being used in our house and harder to keep clean but the bathroom, once cleaned is great for a day or two if I’m lucky. So my vote is bathroom.ReplyCancel

  • Brenda Humphreys

    The bathroom, I like to wipe mine down every day after I get out the shower. When I found these Chux Duets they were a GOD SENT. They are awesome and make my job so much quicker and easier, because who wants to spend hours scrubbing bathrooms. The cloths are awesome quality and last so long even after washing so many times. Great PRODUCT Chux, thank you.ReplyCancel

  • Emma

    The kitchen as I turn up the volume and sing/dance as I wipe, sweep and tidy! Now that I say that out loud – I should use the same approach for the bathroom.ReplyCancel

  • emma

    the bathroom as there is less clutter there!ReplyCancel

  • Keira

    I prefers clean my kitchen because it’s the centre of our house and if it’s shining sparkling clean I feel like the rest of the house is clean too (even if it’s not ????).ReplyCancel

  • Amy Armstrong

    I prefer the bathroom because when I’m done I can shut the door and know that it will remain clean for at least the next 20-30 minutes!! I can’t say that about the kitchen!
    My rule is frequent, small steps…I too clean the bathroom with the kids in the bath and a little bit every time I walk through keeps it looking pretty good.
    I’m about to have 4 under 6 years old, so yes please, anything that helps with the cleaning and budget would be welcome in my house!!!ReplyCancel

  • Raelene

    Definitely prefer cleaning the kitchen! The bathroom makes me cry when I try to clean it. I’ve let the shower screen and grout go too long that the soap scum build up is massive and beyond anything I can do! I’ve tried all sorts of chemicals which I hate using but it never makes a dent! So I stick with making my kitchen nice and clean instead…and that makes me happy!! Because I can actually get it clean! :)ReplyCancel

  • Danielle Cook

    Definetly the kitchen! I am surrounded by boys – 2 sons and a hubby…. so needless to say our bathroom is a tad gross!
    If I can find something that makes it easier and quicker – I AM ALL FOR IT!!!!

  • Anne

    The kitchen, I can shut the door on the bathroom and pretend it doesn’t need doing…ReplyCancel

  • Lucy

    I prefer the bathroom because my husband does it! Lol seriously though when I do clean the bathroom I love how our white tiles shine, sink tap sparkles and there is nothing better then a clean toilet! I clean the kitchen but if I had to choose if swap with my husband!ReplyCancel

  • Kathy Laube

    I prefer to clean by bathroom. Always have. My friends think I am mad but I find it very therapeutic. I also have my husband hooked to wipe the shower glass with a squeegy every morning.ReplyCancel

  • Melanie

    I prefer the bathroom – I feel more reward when the bathroom is clean and it’s easier. For less effort there’s more shiny surfaces… I’m easy to please. ????ReplyCancel

  • Melanie

    I prefer the bathroom – I feel more reward when the bathroom is clean and it’s easier. For less effort there’s more shiny surfaces… I’m easy to please. ????ReplyCancel

  • Julie

    Scum, I hate it in all forms! Bathroom scum, pond scum, human scum LOL!ReplyCancel

  • S Panop

    I don’t particularly like cleaning but I love to keep my kitchen clean because it’s where I live. A clean kitchen allows me to cook scrumptious things for my family; an expression of my love for them :) Help me clean it quicker so I can love them more!ReplyCancel

  • Helen

    Giving the bathroom a proper clean is an event for me. I plan my bathroom cleaning time for when there are no kids around. I gather my cleaning supplies, turn up the music and go for it. I get time to my self, a cleaning ‘workout’ and a sparkling bathroom all at the same time. Definitely prefer the bathroom.ReplyCancel

  • Esther

    I like cleaning our ensuite bathroom, when my hubby gets home from his long drive to work he loves seeing a clean bathroom, something of a rarity at the moment with a 5 month old!ReplyCancel

  • Raquel

    I love cleaning my kitchen especially after our baking days I have with my 3 year old son! He loves rolling our goodies we made in coconut. And cleaning it reminds me of the fun we had & how much he loves to cook!!ReplyCancel

  • Karen Grainger

    I love a clean kitchen and bathroom. But I don’t enjoy cleaning them. For the sanity of my family a clean kitchen bench, dishwasher on makes for a much more pleasant morning.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah

    My preference is absolutely the kitchen. Like many others who have commented, our kitchen is central to our household, probably because the kids are always in there eating ! Having a clean kitchen gives me a sense of accomplishment and feeds my motivation to maintain the rest of the housework. I haven’t tried the chux duets but will defiantly try them after reading all the posts ! Thank you for the tips – always helpful ????ReplyCancel

  • Julie Kirby

    I prefer cleaning the kitchen as I can clean up as I’m cooking and eat as well!..
    I’ve never managed to get the kids to clean the bathroom but they do a bit in the kitchenReplyCancel

  • Natasha Horsham

    If you look at what I clean the most – it’s the kitchen. I can’t pull out food to make something if the benches are messy I don’t want to get sick. Since I seem to walk in the kitchen often, we all need to drink, if the kitchen is clean I feel better. But there are times I just walk away as its too messy. Anything to help would be appreciated. ThanksReplyCancel

  • Joni

    I’d prefer to clean the Kitchen any day as I have 4 messy children who create havoc in my bathroom, no matter how hard I try to stop them, they still make a daily mess. The oldest is a teenager and has started popping pimples on the mirror!! HELP!!ReplyCancel

  • Belinda

    I prefer to have a clean Kitchen as it is the heart of the home and sees so much traffic during the day! If the kitchen is a mess it stresses me out when I walk through it but a tidy kitchen makes me feel on top of things which makes me more productive! Also, it is much easier to cook meals in a tidy kitchen! Having to do a load of dishes and tidying so I can see the bench first does not inspire me to cook!ReplyCancel

  • Robbie

    I actually hate doing either but I guess if only had to choose to do one – the bathroom as it always looks clean when it’s done whereas the kitchen doesn’t have the same sparkle.ReplyCancel

  • Danielle

    The kitchen clean has now become part of my routine,
    The bathroom though, oh how I wish it would glow!
    So the question you ask, it’s a difficult task,
    But the answer must be, the bathroom for me ????ReplyCancel

    • Danielle

      Should be a smiley face not questions marks tehe!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Broadbent

    Kitchen for sure! I love cleaning my kitchen. If my house is an absolute mess (3 kids under 3) and I’m losing my mind, cleaning my kitchen calms me. Weird, right? I get such a feeling of accomplishment if my kitchen is sparkling and organised. It’s like my who life is suddenly calm. Being in the middle of the house it also has a huge impact on how the living areas look. If they’re messy but the kitchen is clean, then it makes everything else look ok. If the living areas are tidy but the kitchen is a mess, the whole house may as well be because it drags everything else down.
    My bathrooms don’t get super messy. I don’t hate cleaning them but I don’t get quite the same satisfaction from them.ReplyCancel

  • Kirsty White

    My bathroom never looks clean with three kids splashing their toothpaste around! With Chux Duets even the kids could help keep it clean(er). I wrote this to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star:
    Dusty, dusty bathroom shelf
    How I wish you’d clean yourself.
    Mirrors, taps and bath scum too,
    Chux Duets how I love you.
    Sparkly, sparkly, clean and new
    The kids can use Chux Duets too.ReplyCancel

  • Natasha Langfeldt

    I hate cleaning both kitchen & bathroom with a passion ….I would rather shovel horse manure, however I find the bathroom the easiestReplyCancel

  • Naysie

    The Kitchen – as you see it first, and I mess it up, so I clean it up!! Kids constantly mess up bathroom twice a day, so forever cleaning it, drives me nuts and can’t wait till they are older to take responsibility for it.ReplyCancel

  • Clair moscrop

    Kitchen over bathroom; it’s the ‘heart of the home’ and makes such a difference to the overall look of the home when it’s clean. It never lasts for long though with a family of 5!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole C

    Call me crazy but the bathroom is my favourite room to clean, there’s just something about a clean bathroom that calms me. Its relatively easy to maintain if you keep on top of it and once you’re done, you’re done…there’s not that one last cup or container that magically makes it’s way to the sink when you’ve just let the water out 😉ReplyCancel

  • Meg

    Hi there
    I love to clean the bathroom (as my kitchen I cleaned and wipe every night as I don’t won’t to see the mess 1 st thing in the morning :))
    I am really fussy about bathroom cleaning . We like shinny , sparkly bathroom and keeping habit of CAG – clean as you go !!!ReplyCancel

  • Such great ideas Kat! Cleaning the bathroom is my least favourite job – especially the shower. These will definitely make it a bit easier!ReplyCancel

  • Kia Mellor

    I enjoy cleaning the bathroom because it gives me the happiest feeling as the kids only use it twice a day but the kitchen has a constant supply of clean and dirty dishes and mess ???? There’s something to be said about sparkling tiles ????ReplyCancel

  • Michelle

    I hate cleaning the kitchen. With two toddlers and husband I’m always cooking and cleaning! But I love cleaning our bathroom, my husband’s renovated it himself. He’s done a wonderful job and it’s the place i go to remind myself of our hopes and dreams. For this reason there’s no clutter or dirt allowed!ReplyCancel

  • Anna Spilsbury

    I feel like I’m so much more organised and I’ve got my “life together” when my bathroom is clean. I clean my kitchen daily, but when my bathroom is clean, I feel like my whole house is clean and sparkling. I don’t “love” doing it, and I am always looking for products to make the job easier and for my bathroom to shine. A clean bathroom is so important for when guests visit and I think it’s one way to make them feel more comfortable, welcome and at home. No one likes a sticky, grimy bathroom.ReplyCancel

  • Kirstyn

    My fave would be the kitchen,
    it’s a walk-through and it’s visible.
    But to face my grimy bathroom,
    Only makes me miserable!ReplyCancel

  • Sylvia Campbell-Morton

    To be entirely honest, I hate cleaning. And, I hate chemicals. I also hate a messy bathroom and a messy kitchen, But….as I am the mother or three great but messy children and a husband who helps when he can but doesn’t mind mess and dirt – well I’m up against it!! Anything that can help make my life more pleasant would be wonderful. As I spend a LOT of my time in the kitchen, I guess this is where I spend more time cleaning up. So I guess if I had to make a choice – I’d say I prefer to clean in the kitchen. The toilets and bathrooms just have to wait until I have the time and the motivation!ReplyCancel

  • tam partridge

    I live in a house with 3 men hubby and 2 teenagers so my cleaning happen with lighting speed and lots of elbow grease lol
    my kitchen gets a clean up while cooking tea and diswasher on straight after
    bathroom gets a tidy up while brushing teeth and taking a shower
    i hate house work so i love anything that makes my life easy and can get me in and out fastReplyCancel

  • Michelle

    I prefer cleaning the bathroom as I usually do it whilst I am having a shower and can do two things at once, especially using microfibre cloths as there are no fumes and gentle on septic tank.!ReplyCancel

  • Eileen McGarvey

    I prefer cleaning the kitchen because it is the heart space of our home. Its where people congregate and share with each other. When my kitchen is clean, even if everything else is a mess, I feel okay.ReplyCancel

  • sam

    Id rather clean the kitchen as that where I spend most of my time everyday.ReplyCancel

  • Amanda

    Definitely the kitchen. cannot get up early every morning and be able to think clearly about what needs to go into the kid’s lunch boxes that day if I’m surrounded by mess. Clear kitchen, clear mind, healthy lunch boxes…happy kids, happy mum! ????ReplyCancel

  • Danyelle

    Neither!! As I’m a shift worker and live alone it’s quite often that the sandwich plate and tea cup just get rinsed and stacked for washing. Then when I’ve got enough washing up its a big chore!
    Bathroom much easier as I clean it while I’m in it (trying not to suffocate on fumes). I have just found that dryer sheets cut through the build up in the glass screens though and smell better than bleach. You do still have to squeegee the screen to stop the streaks :(ReplyCancel

  • Maggie Wolstenholme

    I prefer to clean the kitchen as its the one I spend the most time in! However, I do love to have clean bathrooms and one day when the kids are older perhaps I’ll get time to spend longer in the bath 😉ReplyCancel

  • Tara Jane

    i love cleaning both, anything is better than vacuuming! But there’s something about scrubbing the toilet that is very satisfying lolReplyCancel

  • Kelly Dorne

    Neither ?? But I find I wipe down the bench tops regularly as I’m cooking or brushing my teeth, I feel more accomplished.ReplyCancel

  • Christine

    Both – they are public areas and need to be kept clean. In the kitchen all benches and hotplates are wiped at night and dishwasher put on. Nice to come out to in the morning. Same thing in the bathroom. A quick wipe of the mirror and benches with a quick sweep of the floor (football training and grass!!!) and it is good to go. An Airwick dispenser also keeps the bathroom smelling lovely.ReplyCancel

  • Jane Schubert

    I definitely enjoy cleaning my kitchen the most. We have a lovely open-plan home so when the kitchen is clean and clutter-free it makes the entire living area feel clean. The bathroom is not too bad, but boys can be messy and it’s a constant battle.ReplyCancel

  • Kylie Clynk

    I definitely prefer cleaning my kitchen, we have recently renovated it so having a new & clean kitchen makes me happy! Bathroom is a lot harder to keep under control with two little busy boys!!ReplyCancel

  • Ajshe

    I like cleaning my bathroom… It’s the only time I can clean and no one comes in as they are scared I’ll get them to scrub the shower. So this allows me to have some time to myself.. Sad but true.ReplyCancel

  • Julie s

    I much prefer cleaning my kitchen because I always end up gagging whilst cleaning my toilet!! At least it’s just food I’m wiping up in the kitchen!! ;0)ReplyCancel

  • Kiersten Noonan

    I prefer to clean the kitchen for 2 reasons:
    1. I love cooking and there is nothing worse then having to move things around or wash bits and pieces while trying to cook.
    2. It doesn’t matter how much I scrub I can’t get the water marks off the shower screen. It just depresses me.ReplyCancel

  • Gail

    As a rule I would always rather clean the bathroom first in case I have a visitor who needs to use the bathroom & we have all been into a bathroom we would rather not use . Of course the kitchen is also important from a health and hygeine perspective. Lets face it , we just have to get down and clean it all , it feels so good & looks so good when it is done !ReplyCancel

  • Pauline Ford

    Definitely the BATHROOM. How easy is it to wash the bathroom , just put the kids in the bath. By the time you’ve wiped up all the water. Hey presto, clean.ReplyCancel

  • Dianne

    I much prefer to clean the kitchen because it is the centerpiece of our house, all the family fun happens around here and it is always on display. I hate cleaning the bathroom because no one ever sees it except for your family and they never appreciate the effort it takes.ReplyCancel

  • Katrina

    Our Kitchen – it’s the heart and hub of our home, where meals are prepared with love and everyone gathers around. Keeping it beautifully Duet clean, glistening, so it runs like a mighty machine.ReplyCancel

  • Lina Blake

    I love cleaning!! Said no one ever hihi.. But there’s something about a clean, streak free sink that really gets my satisfaction levels bubbling.. I enjoy cleaning the kitchen sink and benches, and I don’t leave the house at all unless theyre done.. I’m happy for the bathroom sink to get a once over every morning and night, but its the love in the kitchen through of meals prepared for my house of princes that makes it my fave by far xxReplyCancel

  • Candice

    Kitchen is my fave place to clean, my favourite memories are made here, from dancing with my hubby and daughters to cooking up family recipes to long phone calls and chats with family and friends. I love to clean it also as it’s the place where everyone that comes to my home ends up in while I make them a cuppa and as long as they don’t need to use the bathroom I look like I am on top of it all!ReplyCancel

  • Suzanne

    I prefer cleaning myself, in my bathroom, in a long hot steaming shower. With my eyes closed. So nothing looks dirty therefore nothing needs to be cleaned. The water washing any dirt down the drain. Easily. Without any effort. My favourite kind of bathroom cleaning.ReplyCancel

  • Erin Wong

    I definitely prefer the kitchen because that’s my favourite space. I gave up an extra bedroom to get a bigger kitchen so I would certainly call it my baby. And it doesn’t feel like a chore cleaning & maintaining my babyReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Kemp

    I prefer to clean the kitchen! If my kitchen is a mess them I am a mess!! The kitchen is the hub for most families. When my kitchen is dirty my whole house seems dirty to me. Not to mention I have 3 bathrooms in my house so the kitchen takes less time!ReplyCancel

  • Kirsten

    I don’t enjoy cleaning either. I find it easier to keep on top of cleaning the kitchen as I do it more regularly (each evening before bed). The bathroom on the other hand builds up so it is a much bigger job. I do like the way the bathroom shines when I’ve finished cleaning it though.ReplyCancel

  • Maddie

    Oh I’d much rather clean the bathroom! If you do it regularly, it feels so much more rewarding to see a shiny sink and clean bath! With 3 children under 6 though, and 3 bathrooms that all get used, it’s a pretty constant job! Thanks for the chance to try out this amazing looking chemical-free product!ReplyCancel

  • Eleanor

    I prefer to clean the bathroom because it’s quicker. I’m trying to encourage my husband to cook more, so when every surface of the kitchen is covered in food/food prep I can’t get cross, but instead cheer him on and then spend an hour cleaning up. Once he has the cooking down I’ll move onto the cleaning #husbandtrainingReplyCancel

  • Caroline McLeod

    I love cleaning my kitchen.
    Nothing feels right until it’s done. I love to see clean benches, a scrubbed sink, swept floor and clean cooktop every time the dishes are doneReplyCancel

  • Kelly phelan

    I find my bathroom easier to clean and doing it daily doesn’t take long with a big clean once a week it’s easier than cleaning up kitchen with 6 kids in our house it’s always in useReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth Davies

    I prefer cleaning my bathroom as it is fairly easy , but my kitchen just seems a massive task to me with appliances,etc so I find a lot of excuses not to do it!ReplyCancel

  • Mellissa

    I prefer to clean my bathroom as it shines beautifully when cleaned and makes me feel good and proud of it :)ReplyCancel

  • Yvonne

    The bathroom is my favourite as I automatically clean the kitchen as I clean the dishes at the end of the night. I wipe the stove and bench tops and appliances down every day so I never really appreciate it when it is done.ReplyCancel

  • Ingrid

    I prefer cleaning the bathroom, because it happens less frequently and I finish up the shower scrubbing part with a nice warm shower :)ReplyCancel

  • Claire

    I would always choose the kitchen. Whenever I am overwhelmed by the chaos of our house I head to the kitchen and start there. I get the dishes done, put away any jars of herbs/oils etc, wipe down my cooker, benches and cupboard doors then clean the sink.
    Our kitchen is all open plan so it instantly makes the whole house seem tidier and gives me motivation to tackle the next task.ReplyCancel

  • Susan dawber

    The kitchen is the place to be in our house. Therefore the kitchen is the place I love to clean. If the kitchen is clean and tidy the house seems clean and tidy ! It also gives me a great sense of satisfactionReplyCancel

  • Maria Stringer

    That’s easy, I prefer to clean my kitchen because my husband cleans the bathroom, I got the easy job!ReplyCancel

  • Tracey

    Kitchen- the kids are great at helping in cleaning the kitchen. Teamwork always makes things easierReplyCancel

  • Margaret Johnston

    i am a clean the bathroom girl, I hate cleaning the kitchen. When I was a child cleaning the bathroom was my job and now as a adult it is the job I like.ReplyCancel

  • Must be honest have never tried chuxproducts only used no name sponges and would love to try themReplyCancel

  • Karla

    Where did you get those cool looking baskets and towels? Our bathroom is all black and white, needs colour!ReplyCancel

  • Fiona

    I prefer cleaning the kitchen, so I can control the clumps of cornflakes and the clusters of crumbs, to convert it from contaminated to cleansed. Of course this is where callers and company are more likely to catch sight of chaos and clutter. I would be very chuffed to use some Chux!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica

    Most of our house keeping is a tried joint effort but a big joint effort is in the kitchen every night from the cooking to the cleaning always walking out leaving it Spick and span. Each night one of the kiddies cooks and I help. who ever doesn’t cooks sets the table with hubby then who cooks helps hubby tidy off the table and who sets the table packs the dish washer while I clean the benches and the table leaving only a weekly clean of the splash back, cupboard doors, draws and fridge, it gets done quick and is easy so without a doubt kitchen is my favourite room to clean. We do it together we have a system and it works ????ReplyCancel

  • Jessica

    Most of our house keeping is a tried joint effort but a big joint effort is in the kitchen every night from the cooking to the cleaning always walking out leaving it Spick and span. Each night one of the kiddies cooks and I help. who ever doesn’t cooks sets the table with hubby then who cooks helps hubby tidy off the table and who sets the table packs the dish washer while I clean the benches and the table leaving only a weekly clean of the splash back, cupboard doors, draws and fridge, it gets done quick and is easy so without a doubt kitchen is my favourite room to clean. We do it together we have a system and it works ????ReplyCancel

  • Margaret

    I prefer cleaning the bathroom but confess, it’s because hubby does the shower screen. I hate the shower screen! I’ll happily clean everywhere else but he always cleans it better than me. The only downside, is that he doesn’t clean it as often as I clean the bathroom, lol! I tend to wipe the kitchen over daily and clean up spills as they happen. I also have timber doors which are way more forgiving than white, especially with young kids!ReplyCancel

  • Leanne

    I have a love/hate relationship with cleaning my bathroom. I don’t like the idea of cleaning the bathroom and it’s mainly because I don’t have a good system/processes in place. However when I’ve done it I feel great, and I love standing back to look at it shine.ReplyCancel

  • Lily

    The bathroom! I love being able to douse every surface with water and bleach once every 2 months for a true clean. It’s just feels so fresh and new after a good scrub down. I do the general clean in between but look forward to the every corner is tackled clean.

    My kitchen has wood floors and doesn’t have a drain point so I can’t wash down every surface.ReplyCancel

  • Zara Ahmed

    Hands down kitchen over bathroom cleaning anyday! No poo- laden grottiness to deal with? Yes please!ReplyCancel

  • Stacey

    Having just had a new kitchen installed I would have to say it is the place I prefer to clean the most to keep it shiny and beautiful. It is also the heart of our home and where I spend many hours creating and destressing by whipping up wonderful meals for my family. It’s where we hang and catchup and where we sit for coffee with visitors so keeping it clean and beautiful is important to me.ReplyCancel

  • Bobbie

    I prefer cleaning the kitchen because I hate cleaning the toilet! I also prefer cleaning the kitchen because my partner enjoys helping in the kitchen, making it an easier job to do.ReplyCancel

  • Sammy Chung

    If I had to choose between cleaning the kitchen or the toilet, I would clean the kitchen because that would keep me motivated to cook. You can live in a messy home, but you can’t live without eating.ReplyCancel

  • Roslyn Woodhouse

    Please will you tell me where you got your chevron towels?ReplyCancel

  • Anna

    I prefer to clean the kitchen as it is open plan and in the center of the house. The bathroom is a little more hidden so it tends to be more neglected :( Any tips on making life easier are welcome so thank you for the above tips.ReplyCancel

  • Bela L

    I prefer to clean my kitchen.
    The bathroom’s such a chore.
    My boys miss the bowl,
    It eats at my soul!
    To forever be scrubbing the floor.ReplyCancel

  • Bathroom for sure. easier to clean and much smaller/less mess 😉 I hate cleaning the kitchen but love to cook so go figure lolReplyCancel

  • Lyn Roe

    I much prefer to clean the kitchen as there’s only one of them, there are 2.5 bathrooms. However as I do loads of cooking, baking etc I am the one who makes the most mess in the kitchen, plus as it’s an open plan house, the kitchen is the first thing people see coming down through the house, so I insist on keeping it clean!
    My husband wonders how many different cleaning products I can continue to buy, you’d think after 44 years of marriage he would be used to that by now.ReplyCancel

  • Trish Gill

    The bathroom by far! Less clutter and MUCH MORE of a chance that it stays clean for longer than 5 minutes. Plus it’s usually the same stuff making it dirty which is far easier to clean!ReplyCancel

  • Emma Mc

    Definitely the bathroom. Mainly because the whole family is in and out of the kitchen all day, so although it’s clean, it’s generally untidy. But when you clean the bathroom it stays clean for longer, so I feel like I have accomplished something!ReplyCancel

  • Pat Parkin

    I prefer, rather love, cleaning the bathroom especially when I come to the hand basin. My cat sits on the bath edge or on the toilet lid and watches me closely. I deliberately run the cloth over the edge and she tries to catch it. We both have fun and the bathroom is cleaned. Two jobs done at the same time. Exercise the indoor-only cat and clean the bathroom. : -)ReplyCancel

  • Joanne Cardamone

    I much prefer the kitchen, it’s my domain. I love cooking and I ensure that whilst cooking I clean up bit by bit so that there’s no huge mess at the end.ReplyCancel

  • Jen G

    Kitchen! I have two young sons who love playing ‘sword fights’ over the toilet bowl – need I say more? Also, while cleaning the kitchen I sometimes find treats I’d hidden from the kids … so it really can be more rewarding ;o)ReplyCancel

  • Please, leave a printer tag, so your recipes can be printed easily

  • Beth Anderson

    There is something delightful about having a clean kitchen. Walking in the door & seeing a perfectly spotless bench top & sparkly sink. As much as I love a clean bathroom, a clean kitchen truly warms my soul!ReplyCancel

  • Jodi Taylor

    As a busy small business owner i find bathing the kids often a chore(extremely sad i know!) but using organised housewives tip to clean bathroom while bathing the children has let me share precious time otherwise lost,many a conversation with them and has reminded me that i am never too busy to have time for the kids!Best of all,i have a clean bathroom every night, definitely made easier by the chux duet cleaning system!love it :)ReplyCancel

  • Crystal

    Definitely the bathroom. We have two little ones and a third on the way (3 under 3 by Christmas!) – to stop them getting into mischief the bathroom door stays closed; so it’s always tidy and doesn’t take me very long to clean. The kitchen on the other hand seems to occupy hours of my time every day, with food preparation and tidy up the bench tops and floors are always in need of cleaning.ReplyCancel

  • I love cleaning the kitchen. My family all gravitate around the kitchen bench whenever i am in there, so whilst I’m cleaning i am able to enjoy my boys’ company. my oldest will usually play whatever new song he has learnt on the guitar, my middle child likes to “help” clean up or practice telling me jokes (at 3, this is a hilarious challenge) & my youngest likes to create more mess for me to clean whilst giving me gummy grins. It may be chaotic & never-ending, but it is wonderful to me!ReplyCancel

  • Vicki

    I prefer to clean the bathroom, because with 6 people in the house, I’ve no sooner cleaned the kitchen and somebody is preparing food or drinks and messing it up again. I can enjoy the bathroom staying clean for longer than the kitchen, due to mornings and evenings being the main time the bathroom gets used & messy.ReplyCancel

  • I have to be honest, I loathe cleaning *both* of them. I live in man’s land, so cleaning the bathroom is a necessity, and needs doing each week. But because the bathroom is clutter free, it’s a ten minute job that has to be done. The kitchen is the hub of the house, though. I love to cook and the kids will do their homework at the bench while I prepare food. Cleaning the kitchen is something that gets done every night so it’s clean to start the day. Given a choice – I’d pick getting a cleaner!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle

    The bathroom. Once leaned it’s so shinny. Nothing beats clean bathrooms.ReplyCancel

  • Miranda

    Kitchen definitely! Once the kids are in bed I can wash, wipe and tidy the bench… and finally relax with my husband. I could not imagine heading to the bathroom after dinner to clean. Our 1 year old has cerebral palsy and so cleaning while he is in the bath is not possible unfortunately. The bathroom is therefore a weekend task and one that I certainly don’t look forward to!ReplyCancel

  • Debbie

    Please Please choose me for the Chux I work 10 hour weekdays and Saturdays so I hate cleaning both the bathroom and the kitchen and anything that would make life easier is a miracle as far as I am concerned.ReplyCancel

  • The kitchen is clean,
    The bathroom smells,
    Chux Duets are mean.
    No grime can dwell,
    No need for steam,
    But the bathroom can wait, oh well!ReplyCancel

  • Jodie

    I have to say my kitchen it is in the centre of my house and where a lot of visitors sit at the bench and as it is the centre of the house when this is clean I feel good and the rest of the house seem to fall into place :-)ReplyCancel

  • ange

    The KITCHEN, the first thing i do when i pop downstairs in the quiet of the morning when all the others are snuggled in bed, i pop on the kettle and whilst its boiling i clear the kitchen surfaces to get ready for the day :)
    that 5 min wipe down whilst my earl grey brews clears the kitchen and clears the clutter …for a little while before the day starts.
    For a thorough clean i pop on the slow cooker and tidy and clean the kitchen – there is something satisfying about multitasking :))ReplyCancel

  • Lauren

    I feel a greater accomplishment after cleaning my bathroom as it is often neglected and not done as often as it should be!!! Doesn’t stay clean for too long though, with my 2 little munchkins!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Jodi Neville

    Cleaning the bathroom is the best as you can see the difference immediately especially having 2 daughters that share a bathroom.ReplyCancel

  • Carro

    The kitchen, with the assistance of baby gates I can keep the kids out and admire my clean kitchen from a distance, safe in the knowledge the kids can’t get in and mess it up…..ReplyCancel

  • Jolene Phelps

    I have old cloth nappies that I use to wipe down splashes after each bath session, hang up towels and bath mats to dry out and be ready for the next bathing session. Every Monday, I clean over the bathtub with gumption (if required) and bathroom cleaner and wash the linen popping out nice fresh ones! I love a clean bathroomReplyCancel

  • Sarah

    In the past I would have said the kitchen. However, since I followed your tips I find the bathroom easier. I am now in the habit of giving the bathroom a quick wipe down every morning, it makes such a difference. The bathroom stays clean all week and is not so daunting come bathroom cleaning day.
    The kitchen on the other hand, seems to require constant maintenance! It is only just before I head to bed, that I feel it is done for the day.ReplyCancel

  • Kim

    They are both important areas to keep clean, but nothing beats a clean and tidy kitchen (especially when you first get up of a morning!). After all the kitchen is the central hub of the home… where nourishing meals are prepared and conversations often over a hot cuppa or a glass of wine take place. Keeping the kitchen clean and functioning is so important for the overall health and well-being of the family.ReplyCancel

  • Kathryn

    Love cleaning my kitchen. It gives me such a satisfying feeling when everything is put away, sparkling and fresh in the central area of our house.ReplyCancel

  • Kathy Chaudhry

    I prefer cleaning the bathroom because I can go in, shut the door, do a quick but thorough clean with my Chux Duets…and with the time I have saved, I can relax with a good book without the rest of my family knowing!ReplyCancel

  • Deb McNair

    I love maintaining a clean and tidy kitchen, which is great match with my husband who loves to cook up yummy food but doesn’t like cleaning up afterwards! I love to have benches and table spaces all clean and tidy before I relax with a hot cup of tea – before the next food frenzy with my munchkins starts!Maybe a two hour reprieve? Love it!ReplyCancel

Whenever I make homemade beef rissoles I usually double the batch so I can pop some in the freezer to have ready as a meat and 3 vegetable meal or hamburgers.

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  • Gail

    I have stayed here with my husband and kids a few times, it was great especially with the beach so close, the kids never had an opportunity to get bored.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

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    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

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  • Brit Mahoney

    I’m the same as you Kat I have always heard about it in passing but have never been there, I think our next Gold Coast holiday will need to be here, just had a new bub so need something that the other 2 kids can do while I am with the youngest.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      I truly wish I had visited sooner, my kids loved it now at 10 and 12 but they would of had such a ball here while younger too. I hope you can get an opportunity to visit soon!ReplyCancel

  • suzy

    Hello Katrina, Wish I knew of it when my son was younger. He is now 15. Just wondering if there is anything that caters for teenagers from 13 to 16 as it seems the teenagers in this age bracket seems to miss out. Would you know of any holiday places that cater for this age bracket? What an awesome holiday! Thank you for sharing. Have a gorgeous day!SuzyReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Suzy, they still may enjoy Paradise Resort, I know kids this age love their technology, some rooms have an xbox in the room, laser tag is fun and then with this package they have available your teenagers would love Dreamworld, you get a FREE 7 day pass. It has quite a few thrill rides, my kids can’t get enough of them and then there is WhiteWater World next door. The beach is also walking distance from Pradise resort so they can visit it with their boogy/surf boards.ReplyCancel

  • I keep hearing amazing things about this, I know my girls would love to have a week here!ReplyCancel

  • Shelley

    Wow looks fantastic! Thanks for this amazing review Katrina. As a mum of 4 (ages 8-2) this looks like an amazing place my whole family would love & since we are in NSW not that far to travel. Will definitely have this resort on the top of my list :)ReplyCancel

  • Lisa

    hi just wondering if is any good for teenagers? My children range from 18 years to 3 months old. I was looking for a short break after Christmas when family visit from UK! Many thanksReplyCancel

  • This is one of my kids’ favourite places ever. We used to do last-minute specials and stay regularly when we lived in Brisbane, but now they live interstate and I live in the country. They are coming for a visit and their only request has been to visit the Paradise Resort. I’m booking for a night or two – wish we could do the five night thing – because it really is awesome for kids. Even beter, for me, as a single parent, the kids are having so much fun that I get to relax as well. I thought they might be too old for the resort, at 14 and 12, but they have begged to go back. And it looks like there is even more to do there now!ReplyCancel

I’m following a restrictive diet over the next few weeks, so my family meal plans are going to be very bland, just meat and veg. I’m going to share some readers family meal plans.  Which is a fantastic way to show what others are eating in their homes.  I’d love to hear what you are […]

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I met with a friend for lunch at a local cafe recently and must say I had the most deliciously light lunch… avocado and feta smash with smoked salmon.  It was so good, so much so I couldn’t stop thinking about it, I saw some smoked salmon when at the grocery store recently, my mouth watered so […]

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How becoming organised has helped a reader stay in control of her bills, mail, other paperwork and appointments.

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  • Eleanor

    a,so, seeing that most bills comes with BPAY, I also have set up alerts in my bank account. When those bills are issued, it appears in my bank account and an email is sent as a reminder to pay the bill when I am ready to do it. It automatically marks as paid when I go in and use the links in the online account. No more missed bills. :-). More and more bills also comes electronically now so there has been a less need to get any of those bills in the mail and more online so the inbox is now sorted into various categories depending on the household needs, e.g. Childcare weekly statements, after school care monthly statements, electricity/gas quarterly bills… Gets confusing with the different periods so they are all marked as flagged as a follow up and unflagged when paid.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Love your system Eleanor! Sounds like it works great for you.:)ReplyCancel

  • Helpful post Annette! Kat I’d love to read how your get on top of your inbox (perhaps you have and I have missed it) because my inbox is out of control!ReplyCancel

my mother told me to be sure to try and do three things that will help to keep a tidy home, they worked for me and now my daughters use these tips too.

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  • Love it! So simple but so trueReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      sometimes it’s the simple things that can make such a big difference 😉ReplyCancel

  • I always feel better if the kitchen is clean and the floors are swept. I always mean to make the beds and it does do wonders but I hardly ever do :/ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      I make my bed after I have my shower, some mornings I may not feel like it, but it’s just something I do now out of habit before I leave my bedroom in the mornings.ReplyCancel

      • Sandra Liddicoat

        I always make my own bed. I grew up doing it everyday and can’t bare to get into an unmade bed. However, making my children’s beds is another story. Whose mother did that for them. My husbands mother did, I think she deserves a medal. I try to teach my children to make their own bed, not always successfully ????ReplyCancel

      • Tane

        I’d love to make my bed straight after getting up but it’s hard to do with the husband still in the bed :)
        (Un)fortunately my mother-in-law does it but not the way I like. She tucks everything in at the foot but it suits her height. She’s almost a foot shorter than me, no covers to for my shoulders to snuggle under unless I pull it all apart again.ReplyCancel

  • Robyn

    Great tip. I live by this rule too but I include one load of washing to my list. If the beds are made, dishes are done and a load of washing is washed and hung up (with yesterdays load folded and put away) than I feel like I have accomplished something, even if i don’t get to anything else.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      I like to do a load of washing everyday too, Robyn. I find it is a greatway of keeping on top of it.ReplyCancel

      • Kirstie

        Omg, you get away with one load a day? I do a minimum of 3 a day and never have a day without any washing to do!
        I need to do these, but the folding one just doesn’t seem doable to me! But I need to fold all my clothes, hubby’s clothes, kids clothes separately or I feel really stressed over itReplyCancel

  • Kate

    I hang clothes on coat hangers on the clothesline, when dry they can be placed straight into the wardrobe, it’s saves handling time.
    Anything that goes into a draw I fold in half before hanging in the clothes line, then it only takes one more fold when removing from clothes line.
    I also place clothes in the basket by family member so when I bring the washing in it doesn’t need sorting, I just walk into each room and place that persons pile in their bedReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Great tips, Kate!ReplyCancel

  • Jude

    Great! Thanks so much, Kay, for sharing. I just treasure those tips from those who have “been there, done that.”

    My Nana had 3 tips too:
    1. Make the beds
    2. Clean up the dishes after each meal
    3. Sweep the verandah.

    When friends of mine got married at their pantry tea we organised to make a book of tips from all the friends, aunties, grandparents etc about housekeeping and marriage. I remember getting all sorts of funny, useful, practical and bizarre tips!

    My Grandma’s tip:
    Don’t put it down, put it away.ReplyCancel

  • Ruth Ward

    Hi Kat,

    my daily essentials top 3 are:

    1- wash, dry and put away dishes

    2 – do the laundry

    3 – empty the bins

    fairly similar!

    Ruth WardReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Perfect Ruth! I too love to get all those 3 done and dusted out of the way.:)ReplyCancel

  • Fiona

    Love these tips – l do an old-fashioned nurse’s practice which helped a lot on busy wards in the past for us. We did a simple “tidy round” which works at home too. A quick tidy-up of surfaces which really makes a difference all over. ?ReplyCancel

  • I always make my bed as soon as I get up.
    I always empty the dishwasher and put the dirty dishes in for the next run.
    I always sweep the floor or do the washing.
    Folding up clothes is always helpful too although the ironing pile always grows out of control.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      I love your daily routine Sue! A great way of staying on top of things.:)ReplyCancel

  • Cammie

    These tips sounds great! I grew up making my bed every day but as a wife and mom now I usually let it go. Just recently started trying again! I’m not sure how my mom got me to make my bed when I was little…she is amazing! I have been trying to do dishes more often too, which makes my whole kitchen look and feel better! I work full-time and so does my husband so that makes its hard to keep up sometimes. Thanks for the simple tip reminder!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Sounds like you are getting back on track and doind a wonderful job, Cammie.:)ReplyCancel

  • Sheila

    I separate twenty minutes every day to rearrange something: drawer, closet, refrigerator …. Another thing that even I who is very tired is how to take the makeup know? I spend a damp handkerchief in the sinks, weights and bench. Collect all that is out of place and put in a basket if not lively to save time. Tidy the sofa cushions and sleep with their house in order. This makes it easier and my life the next day. I learned from a friend of San Diego.It changed my lifeReplyCancel

A checklist of essential items to pack in a nappy bag, plus tips on restocking it so you aren’t left without nappies on your next outing.

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  • Jillian Ives

    Include a spare outfit in a ziplock bag for you! My daughter knocked coffee all over me while we were out. I was able to change into a maxi dress and new undies. My mum has a horror story about my sister and a white outfit and a poonami. So I took her adviceReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Fantastic idea, Jillian!ReplyCancel

  • Julia K

    Years ago now as my eldest is almost 25 – I had a nappy bag which sort of folded out into a series of cubes. I know this sounds totally “over the top” – but I always used to pack it in EXACTLY the same way. Nappies in one section, food in another, clothes in another etc. I was working full-time and when I’d come home – I would undo the nappy bag and know INSTANTLY what needed topping up / replenishing. I would quickly do this and aside from adding bottles / food from the fridge in the morning – I was all good to go.
    My day carer loved it as she too knew EXACTLY where everything was and nothing was EVER omitted. As I said – it sounds over the top – but the more you can do on auto-pilot the better !!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      I love it Julia! You sounded so super organised!.:)ReplyCancel

  • Belinda

    I think you have it pretty much covered Kat but my big tip for new Mums is to always have your bag packed and ready to go. It is hard enough to get out the door with kids without adding the need to pack the nappy bag!! Also, having a little toilet bag with a couple of nappies, wipes and a disposable change mat is useful if going out to dinner as you don’t need to lug the whole bag to the toilet (where there sometimes isn’t a lot of room) also handy when travelling on planes or even in the car.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Wonderful tips Belinda, thank you for sharing.:)ReplyCancel

  • Sandy

    I have a small over the shoulder satchel that I use for my daily run about bag and keep a well stocked nappy bag in the boot at all times which definitely has a change of clothes for me; got caught out once never again. In my satchel I have three nappies, a small packet of wipes, a change of clothes for 2 year old in a ziplock bag, a bottle, two packets of travel formula, my phone which has my cards in it, and in another section I have two balloons, a packet of dome crayons, a couple of sheets of paper folded up, a small bottle of bubbles, a toddlers puzzle and a small book; for when I go out for a meal so she s entertained. And then a heap of snacks and a couple of hot choc drink packets for me.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Love the sound of your well stocked nappy bag.:)ReplyCancel

Cook dinners for the freezer to help you save time on those busy nights and money when cuts of meat are on special. Try these meal ideas for the freezer like bolognese, pies, bakes, soups & more.

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  • Kaycee

    Great list Kat. :)
    One thing I find myself doing alot at this time of the year is doing a big beef casserole in the slow cooker for dinner then putting the leftovers into pies (with a bit of bacon and cheese added)and freezing them for quick easy meals. I also do this with other leftovers (chicken, gravy and veg; roast meat, gravy & veg; casseroles; mince with added bacon and cheese; salmon/chicken mornay; etc) I do have a pie maker (or 3) so it makes it quick and easy to do – and also fills the freezer with things I know my family will eat! :)ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Great idea Kaycee, my son gave me a pie maker for Mothers Day so I will definatley use this tip. I love Tuna Mornay and would love to see your Chicken mornay recipe, do you mind sharing :)ReplyCancel

  • We’re huge fans of the freezer. I work really long days and don’t have time to cook when I get home so our freezer is full of curries, meat pies, cottage pies and bolognaise and chilli. I love your list because now I can add a few more things to my repetoire!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      we had the cottage pie with sweet potato last night, was so delicious!ReplyCancel

  • Karina

    Thank you so much for these freezer ideas – my days with little kids and a baby are hectic so this takes away some time spent on trying to think of healthy dinner ideas!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      happy to help Karina, bolognese and rissoles are always a great start!ReplyCancel

  • Julia K

    I freeze muffins and unbaked cookies also.

    A tip for freezing meals is to freeze leftovers – even if there is only a single serve. These are great for lunches – or – every now and then we’ll have “freezer finds” for dinner which means that each person may be actually eating a different meal as I am using up all the single serves from my freezer.

    My DH is working away from home at the moment. The other night I made a large Butter Chicken as my grown up DS and his partner were here for dinner (the younger kids had chicken strips as the Butter Chicken was too spicy for them)- I froze the remaining Butter Chicken & Rice into 4 X Single Serves. When I’m on my own with the little ones and crave something spicy – I will prepare nuggets and veggies for the little kids and I’ll enjoy my spicy butter chicken.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Love your way of planning, Julia! You sound very similar to me!ReplyCancel

  • Jenni

    I always make double batches of muffins or banana cake and frreze half ( I slice the banana cake and butter each slice first and put in packs of 2 slices) , also freeze cooked pinwheels (potato and pizza). this makes linches easy. I also make a double batch of bacon and vegie slice, one big dish and the rest in ramekins which are great for work lunches. Premade Meatballs and rissoles are in freezer also. Makes life much easier. Pumpkin soup and pea and ham soup also.ReplyCancel

  • Barb

    What are rissoles? I’m from Canada and have never heard of them…ReplyCancel

    • SusieV

      They’re like a meat pattie (for a burger), except we eat ‘rissoles’ without the burger and perhaps with gravy, mash and veg – a very old fashioned, but much-loved meal here in Oz! You can, of course, use it as a burger pattie, also!ReplyCancel

  • Carissa

    Perfect timing! I have just done another big kitchen day today. Triple batch of Lentil Bolognese, 2 big vege lasagnes, bag each of chicken, lamb and pork in marinade, 3 bags of cheese rolls, lots of fritters, and a swag of smoothie bags. Have mince and vege mince cooking right now for tacos tonight and enough left over for 2 more meals.
    My favourite is the smoothie bags. Spinach, banana, berries and various bits of fruit into sandwich bags – makes much better smoothies from frozen.

    Will be adding some of these recipes to my list for next time.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Ooh lentil bolognese that sounds delicious! I have never heard of it before!ReplyCancel

  • This list is brilliant!
    Love, love, love it. Inspired much!!!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Awe thanks Dannielle.:)ReplyCancel

  • These are so handy thank you. I’m going to try the lemon chicken rissoles this week. You have inspired me to sort out my freezer as I have no space at the moment but I do have a lot of bolognaise in it!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Awe happy to help, Vicki.:) I must admit the lemon rissoles were super tasty!ReplyCancel

  • Grace

    I like to make double batches of things like turkey tetrazzini, sausage & rice casserole, stuffed pepper cups, and tallerini and freeze in meal-sized portions. I also like to brown ground beef with onions and peppers and freeze in recipe-sized portions for a quick start on things like Sloppy Joes, spaghetti, and other favorites. Since I have fibromyalgia, it is easier for me to make smaller batches of things when I am feeling well and then just pull something from the freezer during times when I am in a great deal of pain.ReplyCancel

  • Great list. I must get better at cooking and freezing meals. It would certainly make my life easier at times. My kids love meat balls which is so easy.ReplyCancel

  • Shannon

    I often make two sandwich loaves of sandwiches on Sunday afternoon. I keep them seperate by a square of paper between one sandwich and the next then stack them back in the bread bag to freeze. We either toast them up in a panini press, or grab and go for instant lunches.
    Loving your ideas! Going to make the lemon rissoles tonight!ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Wow what a great idea Shannon! Ooh i hope you love the lemon rissoles, we sure did.:)ReplyCancel

A kids lunch box idea to help create some variety in the the school lunch boxes.

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  • Karen

    How do you keep lunch cool. Do you place the lunch box into a bag with freezer brick? If so which bag do you use?ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Karen, I use an ice brick in the kids lunchboxes. Keeps everything nice and cool on those hotter days.ReplyCancel

  • I needed this inspiration. Thank you! Will be making a zucchini bread I think!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      The kids love the zucchini bread and it is perfect for their lunchboxes.:)ReplyCancel

  • Great ideas Kat. I sometimes feel as though I give hubby boring lunches!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      LOL i know the feeling Lorraine, i like to mix it up for hubby and the kids.:)ReplyCancel

Weekly meal plan plus family friendly recipe ideas to help you work out what to cook for dinner.

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  • Julia K

    this week at café de knock

    sun 7 june ham & cheese toasties
    cream of cauliflower soup

    mon 8 june butter chicken w/ rice & garlic naan

    tues 9 june scotch fillet steak, kumera mash & broccolini

    wed 10 june crumbed fish with lemon sauce, pan-fried baby potatoes and veggies

    thurs 11 june greek lamb meatballs w/ fettucine

    fri 12 june wiener schnitzel, salad & chips

    sat 13 june homemade hamburgers

    baking carrot, honey & sultana muffins
    choc chip cookiesReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Julia, i just love reading your meal plans! They sound amazing!ReplyCancel

  • I love barley soup! In fact I love barley anything really. The other dishes also look really tasty too Kat!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      It’s funny Lorraine i hadn’t cooked with a lot of barley until i made this soup and everyone just loved it, quite a popular winter dish in our house now.:)ReplyCancel

Chicken Enchiladas are one of our family favourite Friday night dinners, I think I say this all the time when I share a mexican recipe, but we truly do love anything and everything mexican in our household.  I love that this recipe is so quick and easy to prepare, with the option to poach your own […]

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  • Yum! I can see myself making this and keeping portions of it for other nights! 😀ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Absolutely Lorraine.:) They are super delicious and freeze really well too. Though ours don’t make it to the freezer that often LOL, they make a great next day snack.:)ReplyCancel

  • Kym

    I made these and they were so good! First time and I was a bit concerned but the husband loved them. I was quite proud of myself too :)ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Great job, Kym! They are so yummy aren’t they? And i’m pleased hubby enjoyed them too. A popular Friday night dinner in our house.:)ReplyCancel

Don’t listen to any negativity around you from either people giving it or the thoughts in your head. Change your mindset, think positive and be happy.

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  • Sarah codling

    I feel just as guilty working part time that I either don’t spend enough time with my kids, or that maybe I should work more to make things easier. It is a hard road for all mums, no matter their work status! It took me finally talking to a psychologist to realise that everyone has the same struggles! I was trying to be the prefect mum- work, spend time with the kids and keep my house immaculate- in reality it’s not possible, and I realised that my real friends don’t care if my toilet is clean as they realise I have 3 boys under the age of 7!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Absolutely Sarah, you are so right xReplyCancel

    • Danielle Rego

      As another part time working mum Sarah I felt the same and I too went to see someone before I realised that it is ok if there are days things just don’t get done. We all do the best we can and all mums have struggles of their own – we just don’t always feel like thatReplyCancel

  • Julia K

    The idea of having a series devoted to “Helping Mums Thrive at Home” is a great one and I applaud you Katrina for devoting the time and effort to it.
    I have been married for over 28 years and this time has included us both working, me working F/T and studying part-time – then we had our first son. Having just completed my studies I wanted to gain the fruits of my hard work and so made the difficult decision to return to work when the baby was only 10 weeks of age. It was hard yakka and I felt SO guilty and missed my son dreadfully. I tried to assuage that guilt by rationalising that this was the best decision for OUR FAMILY at that point in time. I wanted more children but CRAVED to be a SAHM and realised that dream when my first son was 10.5 years old and I gave up my job to be a SAHM to him and my new baby daughter. We now have 4 children aged from 24 down to 7 and I consider myself to be lucky to be a SAHM. Our situation has changed again and my husband now lives and works interstate (even though we are still very happily married). There is still guilt – maybe he could move back home into an admittedly lower paying job if I went out and worked also ? But we have made this decision for OUR FAMILY at THIS POINT IN TIME. Even though my children are at school during the day – I am busy looking after the home as DH rarely gets home and when he is here – I want him relaxing – not racing around fixing things. I also love the fact that I am here for the kids after school – I KNOW WHERE THEY ARE at all times and with teenagers – this is a very important thing. So – once again – I remind myself of WHY we have made this decision and that does help with the guilt.
    Another thing I did was to write a card to my husband explaining just how grateful I am for all that he does. It must be so hard for him being away from his family and working long hours. I detailed exactly what and why I am so grateful. It is so important to communicate with your spouse about your feelings (good and bad) and gain reassurance from one another so that you remain on the same page. I encourage other mums to talk to their husbands about how they are feeling. Men don’t always “get it” and they have feelings too. Keep the lines of communication open – so very important.
    I look forward to reading other people’s comments and enjoying the rest of the series.ReplyCancel

  • Karen

    There is “mother guilt” regardless of the decision you make and it is no different for those of us who work be it full time or part time. Working mothers feelings of guilt for not spending enough time with their child, trying to be the best mother and role model you can and also trying to do the best by your employer – motherhood pulls you in all different directions. The best remedy for those days that get you down is to talk to someone. I have found that only another mother can relate to what you are going through, the dumb stuff that you do to cope sometimes and a good laugh can make things seem much better. You aren’t alone we have all been there.

    I don’t wish to hijack this discussion as I do understand that it is specifically targeting SAHM however, as a full time working mother, I have found some of the harshest judgements I have received for my decision to work comes from SAHMs. Believe me, it is no easier being a working mother. We are all mothers and as women we are our own harshest critics. There are challenges for all of us regardless of where we spend our days so how about we support each other instead of trying to pull each other down.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      I totally hear what you are saying Karen, it is so hard finding the happy balance with work and being a mum xReplyCancel

  • Amanda Morris

    I am a working mum of 3 little treasures. My eldest two are now at school (7 & 6) and our youngest will be 1 next week. What a refreshing read Kat. I am a working Mum riddled with guilt but for different reasons, the usual working mum guilt that working Mums feel that we should be at home with our kids, when we take them to child care and OSCH when it is freezing cold and raining when we should be snuggled up on the sofa having cuddles, being rushed constantly, the slapped together dinners some nights, I could go on and on. Then of course there is the work guilt, the late starts, the large number of sick days, unable to give 100% to your colleagues, etc etc. Sadly we are not in a position for me to stay at home. That being said we don’t live in a lavish home, drive an expensive car or have expensive holidays. We are just a family of 5 trying to make ends meet. People can be so judgemental when it comes to working Mums as they make you feel guilty for putting your children in care to make a living and make you feel like you want it all. Yes I have a career but my family comes first always!. I am not one for regrets but I do wish that I had set myself up financially a bit better prior to having children I would be home with them every day in a heart beat. The idea of staying home, looking after our home and being there for my children for every step and precious moment would be a dream come true.

    But it is refreshing to read that what may sound like a dream to me also comes with it’s own set of problems and issues that you have mentioned Kat. Just goes to prove that us mothers do not give ourselves enough credit. As the saying goes damned if you do and damned if you don’t …… I think we all need to stop being so hard on ourselves. They are little for such a short time. It’s sad to think we need to feel guilty and like we are stuffing it up for that time…….ReplyCancel

  • kristy

    There is nothing quite like mothers guilt. Starts from pregnancy i believe. ..did i eat something wrong or when you’re breastfeeding or not or on routine or when they are toddlers are they eating healthy foods and it goes on. I am lucky i stay at home with my beautiful daughters (4 & 2 1/2) but i work from home and have done continually since before they were born. . My work is seasonal so there are quiet times but when its on its flat out. Busy time coincided with the birth of baby no. 1. Crazy busy and i look back and think i should have taken some time but…. We are graziers as.well and my husband is a contractor so we are both self employed with no guaranteed weekly income. My guilt as the girls are getting older is that they are bored and I am constantly saying mummy just finish this work then we can play or i just put on a dvd. Then the guilt comes in about not doing.lots of things and being busy and impatient. … i also donr think we value what we do when we are home with kids. You cant measure your productivity or your achievements like you can in an office or somewhere. And it id so repetitive it can really feel like groundhog day….
    Working from home is really hard. It is so hard to find the.balance between work and kids and the everyday chores our partners and timeout for ourselves.
    I take my hat off to mums. We are all doing our best. Thanks Kat for ypur great blog…ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Ooh thank you Kristy!.:) I agree with you xReplyCancel

  • I sometimes joke that I have two full time jobs. (The joke part is that I’m not actually joking. I have two full time jobs. I work and I am a mother.)

    Sometimes, I feel a tiny bit guilty that I work full time – particularly when I can’t go to school events during the day. But I do my best to go to things, my son knows I’m doing my best and that if I can only come for an hour, the main thing is that I came.

    But most of the time, I accept that I’m not cut out to be a stay at home mum and that working is such an intrinsic part of my ‘self’ that I can’t see ever stopping work in some form. I stayed home for 15 months with my oldest, and the best thing for me and by extension my family was going back to work a couple of days a week. Then work drives me mad with expectations that I participate in night time activities, and while I am within my rights to say no (and I do say no – regularly) the sighs that ensue when I do…

    On the whole though, I’ve made the right decision for me and for my family, and that’s the main thing for us.ReplyCancel

  • i work part time and intend to continue doing so even when my son goes to school. Over the past three years I’ve been presented with a few big opportunities at work that I’ve knocked back because I don’t want to work full time. Being a people pleaser, it’s been hard to say no (especially to the extra income!) but I just remind myself that there will always be job opportunities but my son will never be this young again. I don’t want to miss out on his childhood and I don’t want him to miss out on being with his mum. Part time work is the perfect balance for us.ReplyCancel

  • This is a great post! I’ve just written a blog post on all Mommy Guilt and how dangerous it can be… xReplyCancel

  • Leanne

    I am a sahm with a 5 yo boy 3yo and 8 month old girls. We are on a farm. I sometimes feel guilty when asking for help or time out from my mother in law and husband. “This is my job i should be able to do it” but then i end up having no ‘me time’ as it’s not a 9to 5 job its 247.
    Then as my kids are my everything atm when someone does take them for a while i for guilty for not looking after then …. and i have nothing else (other than clean the house) to do ! Hard to think about/care for myself! Just keeping reminding myself that they will grow quickly and all too soon i will have to get a real job !ReplyCancel

  • My kids are 16 and 14 and I have been a SAHM and worked part time and full time over the years and for most of that time my hubby has been an interstate truck driver so is away alot. No matter what choice you make it is never easy. I found when my kids were little that being at home with them all the time was very socially isolating. We lived in a small country town and there wasn’t much to do for young families. If I am completely honest I went back to work because I was lonely. Now I would love to be able to stay home again and enjoy the last couple of years with the kids before they move into adulthood.ReplyCancel