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{Terrified & Excited} Aussie Bloggers Conference 2011

This time next week I will be heading down to the Aussie Bloggers Conference which is being held in Sydney, quite a long way from home.  I know the kids will be in good hands with my husband, I’m really not worried as I know they will all have a great time.  I’m a bit scared being in a big city all alone, but thankfully have found some lovely bloggers to meet up with for dinner and pre conference drinks.


I am absolutely terrified to meet everybody.  I find it super easy to sit at this computer and chat away, but in person it’s a whole different ball game.  What will people be expecting me to look like?  I know I have shown a few photo’s of me, but I am really worried about meeting people in real life, I am short and round, didn’t loose the 20 odd kilo’s that would of made me super beautiful for the conference.  I am a dag and always wear thongs, it’s rare to not see me in thongs, so I’ll be wearing something thong-like (on my feet :)).  I don’t drink alcohol, tea, coffee or softdrink, give me a glass of water or my new favourite a Zarraffa’s Coffee Fusion and I’ll be happy.  I am who I am….from what I have read in the Aussie blogging world each of these women are so lovely and feeling exactly the same way so i am sure they won’t care about my little quirks!!!!  That’s me terrified in a nutshell.

But…..I am so so excited to meet everybody, share experiences, talk blogging for a full day, learn and improve.  I know I still have so much to learn about blogging, it should be a blast!!

Are you attending the conference?

I have tried to go through the attendees list, but it’s just so long.  So please leave your link in the comments section so I can have a look at your blog before the big day.  Look forward to meeting you at the ‘Aussie Bloggers Conference’!

 I have 3 wonderful sponsors who have helped get me there – Felton Grimwade & Bosisto’s Pty Ltd • Axon Education Centers • Inner B.  I am truly grateful to these lovely people for their kindness and generosity. 

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  • This time next week I’ll be sitting on the tarmac waiting for the plane to take off! Squeeeee! I’m just as nervous as you. I come across as very confident but have definitely been known to become the loud one to try and hide my shyness. Can’t wait to meet you, Katrina!ReplyCancel

  • Will be great to meet you!ReplyCancel

  • It’ll be great to meet you, Katrina!ReplyCancel

  • Chelle

    How very exciting. I couldnt do it – I would miss the kids to much. I would be worried that they wouldnt be feed and that their dad would leave them somewhere 😉 He loves them dearly but lacks all the good mothering skills.
    Have the BEST time EVER – this is your best reward for the HUGE work and effort you have done and created here. I cant wait to hear all about your adventures GOOD LUCK!!ReplyCancel

  • I am so excited to meet you, Katrina! I’m like you. I can chat with everyone and anyone online but meeting new people in person terrifies me. That is until I get to know them, and then they’ll be wishing I shut up! 😉 See you in Sydney! xxReplyCancel

  • This time next week I will actually be in Sydney and if I can get past my pre-departure and ‘OMG I am meeting new people and they will think that I am all kinds of crazy’ anxieties I am sure that I will be having a blast. I am happy to join you in a glass or 2 of sparkling mineral water – I don’t do alcohol or coffee these days either! See you in Sydney!ReplyCancel

  • Hi Katrina, I hope you have a fantastic time at the conference. You know what? I bet you won’t be the shortest or roundest person there, or the only one wearing thongy things on your feet or the shyest or nervous-est! Once the ice is broken I bet you’ll have a super time and meet some lovely peeps. Remember, water finds it’s own level and you will too! Enjoy!

    Cheers – JoolzReplyCancel

  • Squee, I’ll be there!
    Secretly nervous, but looking forward to the conference – I reckon it’ll be a cracker :)ReplyCancel

  • kerryn brown

    I would like to join The 52 week Declutter Challenge!ReplyCancel

  • I’d be like you, but I’d be afraid to meet with you. You’re so organised, whilst I am only half way there!

    😀 Just have zero expectations, and you’ll have a great time!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Thankyou Su, I love your words of wisdomReplyCancel

  • Alicia

    Hey Kat,
    Love the new look blog…..
    Just wanted to wish you a great time at your conf. I wont be going as I dont blog (yet!?) but I do live in Sydney. If you need anything whilst visiting this neck of the woods do yell out. You will have a super fun time, just be your great self.
    BTW I am glad you clarified about wearing thongy things on your FEET….LMAO otherwise that def wouldnt be shy hehe!!
    ENJOY lovely xxxReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Last time my hubby and I were in Sydney we were catching the train back to the airport, but we got on the wrong train, sadly we didn’t realise until we were out near Olympic Park…lol. I’m a bit worried I may make that mistake again :)ReplyCancel

  • I’m another terrified one, so you’re definitely not alone!

    We can be terrified together over Friday night Thai :)

    Looking forward to meeting you!ReplyCancel

  • Casey

    The site looks amazing. I am uber jelous!!! How on earth did you do this? C’mon share your secrets….


  • I’ll be at AusBlogCon and I can’t wait to meet you, Katrina. No need to be nervous. It’s going to be a great weekend.ReplyCancel

  • […] bloggers, such as The Organised Housewife, have written about their nervousness and others have been tentatively stepping out from behind […]ReplyCancel

  • It’s only a matter of days until we will all be chatting away. Can’t wait – don’t be nervous, I think everyone’s feeling pretty similar. Time for excitement!! Please do come say hi, I would love to meet you xxReplyCancel

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