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  • Yvette Louw

    i love this!!!! this is so what i need.ReplyCancel

  • Caz Pen

    Im starting to feel a bit overwhelmed at the moment.
    Im at that stage where although my house looks decpetively tidy most days -it is usually due to the ‘Quick toss it in a drawer or cupboard to get out the door quicker’ attitude!
    So now my dilemma is where do I start with the cupboards etc etc etc… Does anyone else have this undelying stress rolling around in their house & mind!!!LOL!!ReplyCancel

    • Sandymumfour

      Hi there I was in the same boat only a month ago but the 20 day challenge(although its going to be more a 25 day challenge for my house) ,worked for me so well I actually have a linen closet no junk, crap or stuff shoved in there I can find my face washers lol. I still haven’t done my kitchen cupboards, kitchen looks clean but I’m scared of my cupboards lol. Good luck. If you want it to happen it can but things actually look worse before they are better xxooReplyCancel

  • Asma

    please give ideas on how to keep a study room neat.ReplyCancel

  • […] maison est un champ de bataille? N’hésitez pas à fouiller la catégorie Organising By Room qui vous propose des solutions de rangements pratiques pour chaque pièce, solutions illustrées et […]ReplyCancel

  • This sounds to be a great idea of maintaining a well organized homes those that found in NYC, also these are best ideas for Web design for real estate.ReplyCancel

  • Kristy

    Hi Katrina, Don’t suppose you have any awesome tips on moving interstate?
    Thanks :) ReplyCancel

  • BT

    I have greeting cards from when I got married to birthday cards from 20 years ago. What can I do with them besides just throw them away?ReplyCancel

    • Annon

      Maybe put them in a scrapbook or a keep safe box :)ReplyCancel

    • Suzanne

      Create a Memory Album. On the same page you have the card, place photos & keepsake or memory items about that person/couple. It’s fun the have a “Now & Then” photos to see how they’ve changed: a single person may now be twice married with 6 kiddies! Did you go to a concert with the card giver? Do you have the ticket stubs? Put them on the same page. Perhaps jot down a few things about their personality/character. Have fun with this.ReplyCancel

    • Leisa

      I have 3 girls all born in august 4 years apart. We had a combined 1,5, & 9 birthday party & were bombarded with cards. I sorted them into 3 piles for each girl then laid them on nice backing in a square a pile at a time & took a photo, then threw them away. It makes a nice photo & instead of having a box full of cards I have a photo to put in an album to go with the party photos.ReplyCancel

    • GVF

      For cards I do not neccessarily want to keep, I cut parts of the fronts out to make gift tags, particularly for Christmas. ReplyCancel

  • Z

    Hi Kat, Is there a tab on your site where I can find all of the 20 days challenge (org and clean) in one spot?ReplyCancel

    • No, but I am working on creating it as one ebook so it’s easy to access :)ReplyCancel

  • Victoria

    Hi, I read your blog on Facebook and love it. As a natural organiser, declutter-er (lol) I look for helpful tips to show my partner who is useless around the home. I have found your travel section useful as we recently went overseas.
    I have just finished looking through your baby section and cannot thank you enough. We are childless, but many of our friends are thinking and starting to plan for babies. I will eb sharing this around.
    May I suggest a wedding section?
    Love your work. Keep it up!ReplyCancel


    We have lived in our current home for 12 years. I like a clean and tidy home but my husband is a hoarder. I have gotten him to put “most” of his stuff in our extra room, however now I have a lot of catch up cleaning to do. Where do I start?ReplyCancel

    • My hubby likes to hoard as well. Where to start is a good question, I always start at the front door and work my way through the house from the left to right, left to right. If you start in the most messiest room it may become too overwhelming from the start, so start smallReplyCancel

  • Desperate Housewife MD

    HELP! We just made a major relocation….overseas because of work. Now, the problem is organizing things/stuff in its proper place. My boxes from abroad already arrived and stored in rooms in the house, some in the living room/bedroom/everywhere. Note though, that this place is temporary for one year, as we are now looking into buying our own place by next year, let us say until August 2014. I really do not know where to begin, which stuff to take out, etc. It is just me and my husband. No help. kids are grown up with families. They visit, they help, but not enough to get everything done. Should I unpack everything now and pack again later, or …….i welcome all suggestions; and will see which one applies best to my situation. thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Fi

    Hi Katrina – I need suggestions for organizing my son’s end of year schoolwork which comes home by the bagful in the last week of school. He’s just finished year 2 and I’d like to be able to keep it some sort of order to look back on in years to come. Any help would be appreciated!ReplyCancel

  • Kiki Pitman

    I love all of your organising ideas, in just a few days I am more organised than I was before the weekend! I am a full time working mum who is also studying part time at uni. I don’t have a spare room in the house for a study, so my study area is supposed to be one section of the dining room table but it soon often overtakes the whole thing! Do you have any hints and tips for organising this part of my life?ReplyCancel

  • these are great organising ideas. it is hard for me to apply a lot of them as our house is teeny, but they motivate me to declutter and work on my own ideas to organise things which is excellent. you are inspiring.ReplyCancel

  • Jo Walsh

    Found your website. Love it got inspired and so far today washing hasn’t been done, kids not fed. But I do have a great organised pantry, kitchen drawers, under stove cupboard with cooking tins and front entrance to the house. I used an underbed shoe storage container with dividers and a 2 tier shoe rack in the pantry for storage vReplyCancel

  • Roxyk

    I would love tips for organising the master bedroom please! How can it express the personality of both occupants and still remain a calm and peaceful space for “sanctuary” and sleep?…ReplyCancel

  • Katie Anderson

    I use wooden coat hangers (love them!) and I am just wondering how can store unused ones? I at the moment just hand them up in the spare bedroom but we will be moving soon and won’t have a spare room. thanksReplyCancel

  • katie

    Hi, I would like some tips on storing wooden coat hangers and pant hangers please. We currently have them hanging in the spare bedroom but will be moving soon and won’t have a spare room for storageReplyCancel

  • Fiona Roxburgh

    I wanted to make a sewing machine and over locker cover as mine sit on top of table in sewing room , I found material too expensive (or what I wanted anyway) I found some satin type table runners which are going to look awesome and it’s stiffer than material so should work a treat only cost me $14.00 for 2 runners and I think it will be enough to do both I will post some photos on completion. ReplyCancel

  • Kim

    Hi, do you have an emergency contact list?ReplyCancel

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