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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I don’t know where to start, I find cleaning and have the house organised very overwhelming, can you help?

A:  It is a struggle find the perfect place to start, just knowing you have to make a change is a great step.  You will find more details HERE to help you access and create a list of everything you would like to accomplish.

You could also follow along in the Declutter Challenge, it’s a simple task each week to help you reduce your clutter.  More info HERE.

Q:  How do I clean my oven

A:  I use bicarb and vinegar.  More information HERE

Q:  How do I clean the washing machine

A:  The washing machines needs a good clean every 3 months to remove the buildup.  More information HERE

Q:  How do you store your jewellery?

A:  I have made a jewellery holder on the wall in my wardrobe, easy to access and see what I have.  More information HERE.

Q:  How do you organise the kids wardrobe?

A:  Over the years I have tried many different ways, folding shirts in drawers or using drawer dividers.  However I have found using a hanger is so much easier for them to see what clothes they have.  More information HERE.

Q:  I see your meal plans each week and I think it’s such a great idea, what are you meal planning tips?

A:  There are so many benefits to meal planning, mostly saving  you time and money each week.  More information HERE here on how to meal plan.

Q: How do you organise all your recipes?

A: I have created organisers for all my favourite recipes that I enjoy cooking my family, one for baking and one for cooking meals.  This way I can purge the cookbooks that I don’t use often, add my favourite recipes from the cookbook to my organiser.  Read more HERE.

Q:  I am having trouble downloading from the online store.

A:  Try downloading the newest version of Adobe Acrobat . You should then be able to download successfully, please let me know if you have any further problems.

Q:  Can I view all your Quote of the Day’s in one post?

A:  I publish all my quote of the days each month, with credit back to each image creator.  View them here.

  • Rachel

    Hi there
    Wasnt sure if you had anything on how to sort pet (namely a cat – see you have one too) stuff. Eating area, litter area, storage of their stuff…
    Couldn’t find anything but may have missed it.
    Would love any ideas as at the moment our kitten shares our narrow laundry and only entrance to the backyard…needless to say it gets a bit messy and smelly :)
    Thanks so much for your blog – wonderful ideas and reminders that I really need in my quest to be more organised

  • Charahhuntley

    Hi, I have over 2000 photos on my phone and hundreds of printed photos lying around the house, was wondering if you have any ideas about storing photos.   I am not a scrapbooker unfortunately so was hoping to find a easy and convienient way of storing pics.  thanksReplyCancel

  • smarter than you

    omg at first i thought the way you spelled organize on your blog was some cute word play but you consistantly mispell organize organizing and oganized wtfReplyCancel

    • I think you mean ‘consistently’.ReplyCancel

      • Hi Smarter than you, please read my about page, you will see that I am from Australia, this is how we spell organised JReplyCancel

        • Not Smarter than you

          Katrina Being Canadian we also get that a lot from our American neighbours. They think the whole world should spell like them and weigh and measure and talk like them. LolReplyCancel

  • Catherine

    Smarter Than You, this blog is written by an Australian lady. In Australia, and also England I believe, organise is spelt with an s not a z.ReplyCancel

  • Aslyn

    hello there,
    I love your cleaning advice and right now I am in the middle of moving….how do I declutter everything before I leave?? I have just a lot of “stuff” I don’t know whether to keep it or toss it. I’m stuck. Got any advice??

    • Jo-Anne Wells

      Hi, this was me about 16 months ago – the moving part that is with a LOT of stuff. For me, it was about decluttering on top of working out what I wanted to keep with me and what I was prepared to let my ex have. It was a very emotional move believe me. I started with the worst room which was my office. I work from home so I had a lot of stuff to sort through. I arranged for a skip and had boxes organised in the garage for donations. I then proceeded cupboard by cupboard, drawer by drawer, bookshelf by bookshelf, sorting either into packing boxes, donation boxes or out to the skip. I also did a LOT of shredding – a week’s worth. I was ‘done’ in my head (not physically) after a week in the one room so I moved to the other end of the house and systematically worked my way through using the same method. Cupboard by cupboard – room by room. The things I let him have I left in the cupboard and gave him instructions to check every single cupboard. Slowly but surely I got through it. The garage was a nightmare. What should I keep? Plus, he had stored heaps of boxes up in the ceiling and I had no idea what was in most of them. I had friends come over to get them all down and I went through each of those boxes to ensure I didn’t leave anything behind I wanted to keep. I kept all the kids memorabilia – baby clothes, toys, books, important records etc. I purchased large plastic bins and emptied box contents to make sure everything was ok and labelled them clearly with the child’s name as I found mice had got into a couple of the boxes and destroyed beautiful baby blankets and clothes!

      I also shredded years and years of school newsletters and notes – my husband was a hoarder! I even found bank records dating back to the early 80’s. I gave up shredding after a while and simply left a huge pile of boxes in the garage for him to decide what to do with it. I figured why should I do all this? In the end I only did what I needed to do for me but made sure I looked at everything!

      I have to say I was fairly ruthless but it was kind of liberating actually. It was hard at first but then it became much easier. Now, I love how I know exactly what I have and more importantly, it is all stuff I want.

      So my advice is to work out a plan. Create a list of questions that would suit your situation – mine were things like: do I ‘need’ this? Or do I need to keep this for a particular reason? will I or anyone else ever ‘use’ this? Does it hold important sentimental value? If the answer is no to all of them then it needs to go.

      Throughout the 3 weeks of solid sorting and packing, day and night, I lost count of the number of trips to op shops and school uniform shops etc. I had a large garage so as each box was packed it went out there. That was also where all the packing material was – large boxes, book boxes, bubble wrap, tape, sharpies and labels. I had two ‘kits’ containing these things – minus boxes – just in case someone else wanted to help. I also took an inventory as each box went out into the garage so I knew exactly how many boxes I had for which rooms and what was in them.

      Not sure if this helps your situation at all. Sorry its so long but if you want to email me pls feel free: [email protected] Best of luck with the move!ReplyCancel

  • Jodie

    Hi! Do you have kids reward charts for daily / weekly chores / to dos?

  • Karen

    washing a quilt? QS down, single polyesters, KS wool. Do you have ‘how to’ suggestions for these? I have washing machined the synthetic quilts, but the others? Bulk makes it difficult and I am nervous about wrecking the expensive down & wool ones. I have mainly spot cleaned and aired the down quilts in the sun (once I had one sent off to be cleaned: they re-fluffed it etc, but they cut the very end off to do so, effectively shortening it, and we both woke in the night with asthma – not typical for us – so they ‘re-did’ it without chemicals, only to have it delivered by a courier van driver who smoked!needless to say we didn’t go to the trouble of that again!!)
    p.s. I love your ‘bite-size’ declutter tips.ReplyCancel

  • Dearne


    I love your blogs and have been participating in the declutter challenge!!

    However, I work full time and generally find that by the time we do the after school sports, homework, dinner and bed routine, I am just exhausted and all i want to do is stop for the night and unwind. But what I am finding is that i am spending my entire weekend cleaning as by the end of the week, the house is a disgrace.

    Do you have any routine that could help whereby you schedule something each day so I can focus on family time during my weekends?


  • Keera

    Hi! Quick question, what app do you use to make and edit your quotes. Most apps I know requires photo, I notice yours just has text and different colour backgrounds. What app do you use?

    Thankyou in advance!!! xoxoReplyCancel

  • Kylie Kennett

    Hello, I made a purchase online and have received a paypal receipt but no downloads as yet, is there a waiting period? I thought I read they were instant??

    Keen to start getting organised

  • Ange

    Hi, I can’t seem to see a reply to the same question I’m about to ask that was asked earlier. Any tips on organising photos?? I don’t have them printed (I live out west so am not near any stores that can print them). I should get online and get them printed but then think I should make a photo book and haven’t done that either. This is my New Years resolution to get onto my photo problem. Any advice is appreciated!ReplyCancel

  • Katrina - The Organised Housewife
  • Naomi

    Hi Kat,
    My 8 year old wants to get a lunch box that she can take both salad and snacks to school on one day, or a sandwich and snacks on another. Do you have any ideas as to where I could find the appropriate lunch box or what box would suit? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.ReplyCancel

  • Jayne Harris

    Hi Kat

    Could you please tell me how to clean the steam vents of a stem iron ? I buy a good quality iron and just recently it’s stopped steaming properly


  • Kylie

    Some of your recipes need a thermomix, can you suggest any replacement, specifically like the coconut caramel? Also, trying to subscribe to daily tips and haven’t received anything? Thanks. Ps, loving your ideas.ReplyCancel

  • Nikki

    Hi Kat.
    I love the daily declutter emails and try and do as many as I can. However I am finding that my email account is getting very ‘cluttered’ with the daily emails because I love to keep each one. I was wondering if you do an option of monthly or weekly for the coming month/week. I could then print it and put it beside my calender and then plan jobs for the kids or swap them around. Just an idea.

  • Angela J

    Hi there,

    I love your website. I used to come here all the time for tips. I’d like to re-subscribe but every time I try I get access denied – you don’t have permission on this server.

    How do I subscribe these days?

    Thanks :)ReplyCancel

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