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{RECAP} How to Declutter

Before you join me on the decluttering mission let’s have a recap of the steps of Decluttering.  Please click on each of the links below to direct you to more details about each step.  

Step 1: Determine what are your organising goals

Step 2: What is clutter

Step 3: 5 steps to clear your clutter

Step 4: Start the 52 things in 52 weeks Challenge

Step 5: How to part with sentimental items

Step 6: Create a to-do list

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What is your biggest struggle when decluttering?

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  • newsurfiegirl

    Actually getting started is my biggest struggle, once I start it’s ok! Another thing is not trying to do too much, I sometimes find my energy waning and I still have quite a bit to do, what is left sometimes gets left in a big box to be done later :0(ReplyCancel

    • I’ll be giving one task a week so it won’t be too overwhelming and can fit into busy schedules. I look forward to you joining us!ReplyCancel

  • Kirstyvi

    Kids toys and clothes.
    kitchen stuff… much do you actually use?
    husband’s stuff…oh wait! we are moving soon and he will have a shed. that should give me about 4 cupboards worth of extra space in our new place.ReplyCancel

    • Sheds are great places for storing seasonal and not used regularly items!ReplyCancel

  • Shanabanana

    Kids art work – 3rd son wants to keep every scrap hes touched, I dont want to stop his creative spirit but how to keep some masterpieces with inviting creatures into it please!ReplyCancel

  • Decluttering, I think this is the story of our lives!
    I live in an apartment and have to be very smart with clutter.
    Recently, to make room for baby#2 we did a huge clean out. We also put in extra shelving :)
    The hardest thing is parting with things…. I just want to keep everything!!ReplyCancel

  • SoulPancake / Conversations / Tips on how to declutter?

    […] recap of the steps of Decluttering. Please click on each of the links below to direct you to ……52…/recap-how-to-declutter/Chamber offers declutter workshop | Sun JournalLEWISTON — The Androscoggin County Chamber of […]ReplyCancel

  • Bec Waterhouse

    Staying motivated is my biggest problem. I always have a lot going on so it’s really easy to get side tracked by something else rather than continuing to declutter like I’d intended tooReplyCancel

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