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Quick Organising Tip – Find a home for my phone

I mentioned in the 1st Step to Decluttering – Create organising goalspost, that I always loose the phone.  What I did mean was the home phone, which never get put back on the charger (aahhh so frustrating, my fault totally), but sometimes my mobile phone goes walkies too.  I’m happy to say I have created […]

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  • Great idea! We don't have a house phone. I usually keep my mobile, keys nad purse ontop of the computer hutch, but it does look messy. Looks like I'm searching for a basket, or even better scrap alter a nice one! ReplyCancel

  • Katrina

    That's a great idea scrap one. Please share when you have finished it!! ReplyCancel

  • My husband has ALWAYS been really bad at losing his keys – he seriously looks for them at least TWICE a day. And no matter how many times he loses them, he refuses to take responsibility for them and keep them in 1 place. For his birthday a couple of years ago I purchased a key hook/rack thingo and he refuses to use it and simply puts his keys on our buffet/hutch unit … or the bedroom drawers … or his pockets … or in his ute … or above the fridge. Not sure this will work for us, but I'm going to give it a go for his things – and have a safe keeping spot for him somewhere and in something. Just to figure out where haha. ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Where you able to give it a go Tam, has hubby learnt to put his key’s in the same place everyday?ReplyCancel

  • Jenni

    great idea. This is what we have been doing as well but are finding the area needs to be decluttered weekly as heaps of other stuff gets dumped in the basket as well!! ReplyCancel

    • Yep My hubs dumps every piece of paper, used list, random pocket findings, mail … in his basket. At least its nice and big and if we are ever looking for something its usually easy to check the basket and 9 out of 10 times we will find it there. The basket also hides the untidy nature of his pocket emptying as he comes in the door. ReplyCancel

      • Katrina

        Gotta love the basket, at least you know where everything is! ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      You are in a great routine Jenni by decluttering it weekly!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      You are in a great routine Jenni by decluttering it weekly! ReplyCancel

  • Lisamaree_82

    I put my “basket” (a melted vinyl record bowl) into the drawer :) Even less bench clutter.ReplyCancel

  • We have a basket type drawer right at the front door and hubby still walks straight passed it and dumps his gear on the bench….everything from his pocket….gum, keys, wallet, phone, pens… name it!! So frustrating!! LolReplyCancel

  • Clairevirg

    We have a basket for dumping such things – we call it Niknak (???- I don’t know why!) The only thing ids , evrything ends up in here and we do have to have a clear out every now and then.ReplyCancel

    • It’s great that is all in one spot instead of spread out, great work!

  • Barbara

    my hubby is the same as Tam’s (a few comments below) always losing his keys, glasses, phone etc. I think this problem could be a male thing. I bought a wooden station for everything but somehow has now become used for some thing else but what it was bought for initially. I love all your ideas katrina. I spend along time on your site as everything you do inspires me. Thank you from another Gold Coast mother.ReplyCancel

  • Kim

    I love the idea and will go and *repurpose* a basket and yes my hubby dumps his wallet on the kitchen bench but luckily for me he is tidy so will mostly take up the challenge love your buffet and the drawers!!!ReplyCancel

  • Cara Tatnell

    looks good. I have done the same with a gorgeous timber bowl that my friend brought back from Fiji as a gift to me…great for phones and keys etc.ReplyCancel

  • I really need to do something for my hubby’s stuff. He leaves his wallet, keys, phone, and wedding rings all over the house! Every day it’s in a different spot. It drives me crazy!!ReplyCancel

    • Aah, find a dedicated spot for it, and if you don’t like nagging just pick it up and put it in it’s new ‘home’ and after a few days he will get the hint JReplyCancel

  • Macs Mum

    This is a good habit – and at the end of the day, take the basket or box TO BED WITH YOU. That way, if for some unfortunate reason you are unlucky enough to be broken into, people won’t be able to just pick up you wallet/purse and steal the car.
    Then, just bring it down in the morning again….!ReplyCancel

  • Got a beautiful basket with flowers whilst in hospital that we are using for keys and what not at the front door. We did have a box each, but they seemed to be full of stuff that shouldn’t be there! Hopefully Hubby will be able to keep it up! He usually leaves them all around the house and wonders why he can’t find them!!!ReplyCancel

  • Miranda

    We have a little box on a shelf for hubby’s wallet, phone and our keys. We call the area we leave things to hand back to people (casserole dish to give back to mum, cardi I borrowed from my sister, a hand-me-down toy we have in mind for a friend) “The Departure Lounge”. Before someone leaves my house I am trying to get into the habit of checking “The Departure Lounge” (hall cupboard) for anything I might have for them. It means it is out of the way while we store it there; I just have to get the habit going so we remember to give it back! I found even if it sat at the front door I’d forget to hand it to them – so it’s more about the habit!ReplyCancel

  • thanks for idea Katrina – I am always looking for my phone.ReplyCancel

Are you drinking enough water?

Do you drink enough water?  I struggle to drink my 8 recommended cups each day. It’s also easy to lose count on how many you have had.  I have tried otehr methods like tallying it on the fridge but it just doens’t seem to work.  Now, I use this great way to encourage myself to […]

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  • I've seen this tip before – I think via Flylady – but works so WELL with the tupperware drink bottle. What a shame my DD recently lost the bottom of mine :-(. It would have been good to finally have a use for that bottom part :-).

    Libby ReplyCancel

  • Such a great idea. I need to drink more water, I have an addiction to caffiene and need to stop drinking so much soft drink. ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      same I love Coke, this helps me drink more water. ReplyCancel

  • [...] This goes in hand with becoming healthier, however I drink alot of coke, so this needs to be a goal of it’s own.  I don’t drink tea, coffee or alcohol….just don’t like the taste and have no desire.  So Coke has always been my ‘cuppa’. Instead of Coke I’ll try and drink more water. [...]ReplyCancel

  • [...] it. Now that I am home all the time I find it hard to get in to a new habit. I read a great post on The Organised Housewife, which I believe was first mentioned by FlyLady; it says to keep hair ties on your water bottle. [...]ReplyCancel

  • [...] as I have been drinking alot of water [...]ReplyCancel

  • Amy Jade

    Awesome idea I always take for granted I drink enough water but I know somedays I certainly dont. I have a tupperware bottle too so I have  already started using your awesome tip!! Hey girls who drink too much soft drink perhaps you could give yourself a visual and get an empty container and each time you have a can of coke add 9 teaspoons of sugar to the container and see what it looks like at the end of the week it might shock you into cutting back or giving it up completely :) ReplyCancel

    • Ooh now that is a really scary thought to put the sugar into a glass, but certainly good to look back and see what you have consumped, great idea.ReplyCancel

  • Ollie

    Love this idea. I can go a whole day without drinking one glass of water (and often do). I will try this. ThanksReplyCancel

  • Mrsrachelbell

    I am doing the 12WBT, and have been drinking 2 litres a day just before we started… I have a 1.5 litre bottle that I drink and then add 500ml when I have emptied the bottle.. IIt looks like a lot, but its not once you get going, and your skin feels soft I feel less bloated… Dehydrated bodies dont burn fat!ReplyCancel

  • Do you know if you can still buy these drink bottles???ReplyCancel

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

This week we will continue in the kitchen, cleaning out the pantry and the dreaded under the sink cupboard.  However, today I would like to share some tips. Kitchen cleaning tips When cleaning the oven place a few old towel in your bathtub (enough to prevent scratches) then place your shelves and sprinkle nappy-san over […]

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  • LaTisha

    Denture tablets also work well for the toilet bowl ReplyCancel

  • Great tips- my pantry needs as much help as it can get!
    PS- Thanks for the linky love- linked ya back! ReplyCancel

    • anytime ;) I've taken photo's of the pantry just have to write up the post, hopefully tonight so it's ready to read tomorrow ReplyCancel

  • Great tips

    Going to use for my kitchen cleaning for sure .

    thanks a lot sharing your great cleaning ideass and tips over here ReplyCancel

  • Great tips! I’m going to try the oven cleaning tips… I put my dishwashing brushes in the dishwasher…. never thought to do the same with the sponges! :) Great!ReplyCancel

  • Katherine

    I never thought to put my sponge in the dishwasher! Thank-you. I normally just throw them away (gets costly). Will try the oven rack & napi-san this weekend! I use one of those BBQ lining mats in the bottom of my oven, so the oven is always clean and i just pop the mat out and wash off in warm soapy water (trick my uncle told me). Makes cleaning the oven so much easier.ReplyCancel

  • Nat

    Great ideas, thanks!! I also put my sponges/washcloths in the microwave for about 20 seconds, that kills all the germs as well…i put them in damp.ReplyCancel

  • Nae

    I cut my scourer sponges in half before I use them. It works out much more economical!ReplyCancel

    • That’s a great idea, as I find I usually fold them over so they are easier to handle!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa

    Halved lemon or lime in the kettle also works wonders!ReplyCancel

  • Danielle Raward

    Heard a tip that you can put the dishcloth in the microwave to kill the bugs & germs on it too. Wet it and stick it in the microwave for a minute! Germs be gone! :) ReplyCancel

  • Liljaneymac

    A great way to clean your kettle is to cut a lemon in half, place both halves in the kettle, fill with water and boil it. It removes all the build up from inside, without chemicals. Pour the lemon and water out, rinse the kettle and you’re done :)
    Once you’ve tried this, you won’t do it any other way….ReplyCancel

  • Tintin

    Another oven rack cleaning tip is if you have a large laundry tub, is to try lining it with foil (shiny side up) then placing your oven racks in. Sprinkle with napisan fill the tub until the racks are submerged and leave overnight. Wipe off clean in the morning.ReplyCancel

  • I want to clean the mesh above my Daughter’s exhaust fan…..can you give me any tips please. The mesh does come off in two pieces so I can soak if necessary.ReplyCancel

    • jodi

      I don’t know if your mesh is metal like mine. but I always stick mine in the dishwasher. Comes out good as new!!!ReplyCancel

  • Larmo

    What is a denature tablet and what is napisan?
    Love the tips.ReplyCancel

    • Denture tablets can be found in the toothpaste isle, it to clean teeth for the elderly mostly. Napisan is in the laundry section, I use it to help brighten whitesReplyCancel

Mt Junk Mail

Majority of mail we recieve is junk mail.  It is easy to accumulate a mountain of it especially in your busy zones such as the kitchen bench, dining table or the office desk, which makes these area’s look untidy. Take control of your junk mail!  Use one of these examples to rid of your Mt Junk […]

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While talking on phone you can

There are a few chores you can do while talking on the phone, a few could be: Wipe down the bathroom counters Sweep the floor Clean the main area windows Fold the clothes Edit or upload photo’s or; bake some cookies These are all quiet and your completing some of your tasks while chatting…multi tasking […]

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  • Sarah

    If I'm on the phone to my mother I'm usually on Facebook or checking my emails… I tend to be stuck on the phone for a LONG time!!! LOL! ReplyCancel

    • Yay my first comments…thankyou!! Facebook is another great time waster, but I find I can't concentrate on the conversation i'm having if looking at facebook…lol. ReplyCancel

  • Celeste Williamson

    I just came across your website and I love your tips and I’m for sure going to visit your website often.
    I have a simple question for you when do you go to bed? I saw your AM routine how about your PM routine? I just have a hard time organizing my time and I think that will help me a lot.

  • Jo

    I get told off for doing everything while on the phone. Apparently sorting out the tupperware cupboard is noisy. I cook dinner, do gardening, put away groceries, make school lunches, grocery shopping while on the mobile phone.ReplyCancel

  • Misty

    Weed the garden, wipe bathroom vanitys, polish furniture, tidy kids rooms, apply makeup, collect mail.ReplyCancel

  • Betty

    Dust,dust, dust!ReplyCancel

  • Gayemurphy

    Depends which task is requiring to be done… I have a headset so I can chat to my girlfriends & get: beds made, pots & pans washed, washing hung out, folding put away, junk mail folded (I deliver to two areas), dishwasher packed/unpacked & everyday household paperwork filed. What I have worked out though is when I’m doing a serious de-clutter of the kids stuff – I need to focus on the task at hand.ReplyCancel

  • My mom, sister, and best friend all live out of state (and two of them out of the country), so I’m on the phone a lot. When I talk to them I run in place and fold laundry at the same time. Workout accomplished, laundry dealt with, and nice phone call gotten in. ReplyCancel

  • Facebook certainly is doable whilst on the phone but yes it also takes your concentration from the conversation at hand.
    I have also made the bed, put washing on to wash, folded clothes, peeled potatoes and carrots, put meat on to cook, pegged washing on the line, unloaded the groceries, sent text messages, written notes and more whilst been on the landline – love cordless phones!!ReplyCancel

  • Katrina

    Thanks for the ideas. I tend to walk around picking up strays and finding their proper home. Especially books, and I often end up tidying the kids bookcases. If I’m hiding from the kids I tidy my bedroom!ReplyCancel

  • Amber

    I have done stuff like wipe down the bathroom, clean mirrors, even as far as started on the shower… put the books back away in the kids rooms, feed the animals… ReplyCancel

  • Eleise Bott

    I always weed the garden! I get outside and do a job.ReplyCancel