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9 Easy Steps To Maintain A Clean Kitchen, create a new routine to control the mess in your kitchen.

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  • Thanks for the tips, from your various posts you are really organised and these little steps more often keep things clean and less effort involved in cleaning each time. I'm making a comment because I'm concerned about Spray and Wipe being used so often in an area where food is ingested by your family, in the kitchen and the dining area. If not for the environment I would like to urge you, as a stranger, to make the change to vinegar, for the health of yourself and your kids. The residual chemicals left behind after wiping it on the bench, in your sink and around where you eat might build up, and still be present when your kids put food down when you are not looking. I randomly won a Bosistos box of goodies a number of years ago and noticed they are a sponsor for you to speak at the 2011 Bloggers Conference. Perhaps they could give you a few products to try and review too? I used they spray oil on lots of stuff. If you are delaying the change for a feeling that the vinegar won't do as good a job there is also a product called Orange Power which is a natural cleaning spray. Citrus oil is really good at breaking down dirt and I use it at home and feel sage knowing it isn't dangerous to us. It could be a good transition product? Sorry for the long comment, I am going to subscribe to your blog and watch our lives change with organisation however needed make the comment about the Spray and Wipe. ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Hi Ann, thankyou so I am so happy to read your comment doesn't matter how long it is. I completely agree with you and I soon hope to transition over to a green home using vinegar, I will do it soon I promise :) Bosistos have sent me a great pack of goodies which I will be blogging about soon, I am loving their laundry powder. I am so glad that you are enjoying the website. Love hearing comments, keep them coming :) ReplyCancel

      • Jeanette Anderson

        great response from careful with some of the ‘natural oils’…they are often highly fragranced (particularly citrus oil…dlimonene) and can trigger asthma; strong perfume/odours are a major trigger for asthma

      • An alternative to store purchased ‘green’ cleaners is to get a large glass canning jar. Keep all your peelings from lemons/oranges/limes and keep in the fridge. Once the jar is full, fully cover contents with white vinegar. Let sit for 2-3 weeks before useing… and strain it before placing in your spray bottle. Natural cleaner at a fraction of the cost, and a fraction of the chemicals!ReplyCancel

      • Denise Cavanough

        Katrina, I so love there washing powder as well , I also use the eucalyptus spray as a disinfectant for bedding, pillows and so much more.ReplyCancel

    • Kirsten b

      I use lemon oil and water all through the house. If you look up neatfrreak on Facebook, she is brilliant for natural products.. Lemon oil does everything from kitchens to bathrooms to woodwork. Brilliant!! And when you get hot cleaning, you can spray it on your face!! :)ReplyCancel

      • Kate - Kat's Assistant

        Love natural products too.:) Lemon oil? i haven’t heard of that i will have to give it a try.ReplyCancel

  • Tanya

    How LOVELY to read! I very very much love to see how other people keep their homes, i like to hear you dotn wash every cup and dish as it apears and that you do one big lot at night….and i agree less clutter makes it look MUCH better where ever in the house you are :) You are a fresh breath of air for me…i very much need the inspiration..Thank you xox TReplyCancel

  • Jodie

    OK I am starting from the beginning :) I have my work cut out for me 😛ReplyCancel

  • Hi, I found you via Beyond the Baby. I wanted to comment on two things in particular.

    I don’t have a dishwasher and don’t like the clutter on my sink from all the little things used during the day. I place a large plastic basin under my sink and when a tea cup is used or such it is rinsed then placed in the basin under the sink. When the basin is full it is time to do a sink load.

    Another thought is that leaving your dishes to air dry may not be a good idea if there is a chance of any little puddles. I end up with cocky poo on my dishes if there any puddles for them to visit. Gross! Dishes get dried and put away straight away here. Guess it depends on your house and climate though. I am in a 100 year old house in northern NSW so it is warm enough to cockroaches to be prolific especially in summer.

    Best wishes

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  • Bronte

    You should try the Eureka Eucalyptus and citrus spray…smells so nice and doesn’t have any harsh chemicals, cleans up grease, helps with stubborn stains, disinfects surfaces…I love it.ReplyCancel

  • Emmatipper

    Hi Katrina. Save yourself even more time (and money) and use Enjo fibres instead.ReplyCancel

  • Jo

    Can I ask a dumb question? Did you say you put your sponges into the dishwasher? Do they not fall apart? And if not which ones do you use as I am sure mine would. Also I am interested in the vinegar alternative. Do you know what the ratio is?
    Thanks ReplyCancel

    • I use home brand sponges from woolworths and they don’t fall apart in the dishwasher. In the kitchen you can use pure vinegar in a spray bottle using a fine mist, or you can dilute if you would like 1 part vinegar to 1 part water.ReplyCancel

  • Jeanette Anderson

    hi there…try not to use sponges (they are highly unsustainable; meaning they disintegrate quickly…stock up on half a dozen good microfibre dishcloths..and you can wash and polish dry with your fibres)…and a green alternative is good because you don’t have to ‘spray, wipe and rinse off with warm water’ which is often in the fine print on the chemical spray and wipes…vinegar is a good alternative and of course my product; the Nature Direct Spray and Wipe…it’s one of our most popular concentrates! Happy cleaning!ReplyCancel

    • Microfibre clothes are a great idea Jeanette, yes since writing this post I have transitioned over to using vinegar, I need to write about it soon.ReplyCancel

  • Denise Toomey

    Hi Katrina, love reading your blog and all your tips – you really are an “organised housewife”!!! There are so many ideas and products around now for green cleaning but I’d like to share mine anyway. I have 2 spray bottles under the sink that I make up myself – one is equal parts water and metho (I buy the purple metho – it looks nice when made up in the spray bottle – with a teaspoon of water soluble lavender oil (approx 1 litre in total) for cleaning benches, stove top and sink, and glass table tops and the other is simply 1 litre of water with 1 teaspoon of water soluble lavender oil for my ironing spray. This is just magic. Lavender is well known as a calming and relaxing oil when used in oil burners but it also seems to relax fabric!! Just spray garments lightly prior to ironing for a beautiful finish. I recently surprised my niece when helping her with her housework with this little trick – she hadn’t had time to iron her doona cover so I said just put in on the bed, spray it with the lavender and water mixture and then smooth it out with your hands. She was amazed as all the wrinkles just disappeared – no ironing necessary. And everything smells so lovely. Some garments I just spray with the lavender and water and give a good shake and hang them and they don’t even need ironing. You do need a spray bottle that sprays a nice fine mist though so fabric is evenly moistened without becoming too wet. Cost wise it is extremely economical. Anyhoo, just wanted to share my tips for a change as I am always reading yours. Denise xx (PS The credit for this must be acknowledged as it is one of Shannon Lush’s – another cleaning guru)ReplyCancel

    • I love this tip, ooh the Lavender would definitely make the home smell beautiful. May I ask, where do you find the water soluble lavender oil? ReplyCancel

      • Cakebaker

        Eureka make a water soluble lavender oil…..I presume Chemist or health food shops would stock it.ReplyCancel

      • If you mix the oil with a little metho first, that acts as an emulsifier so it mixes in with the water when you add it :)ReplyCancel

    • Cakebaker

      Oooh this is the tip I was talking about on another comment…Shannan Lush’s ‘no ironing’ tip…from memory she talked a out buying the cheapest Lavender oil is that right?….

  • Narelle

    Thanks for the great tips. My kids dry the dishes as part of their weekly chores, and depending on the constituants of the wash up my oldest will often do the washing up also, minus any sharp objects. Vinegar is great for cleaning, I use it all the time. I like the tip about the basket for the kids things. I think I will use that, and not just for the kitchen. Thanks again.ReplyCancel

    • That’s great to get the kids involved, would be such a great help to you!ReplyCancel

  • Kathryn

    Thank you for this post. For some reason it has given me an “I’m doing okay” feeling as this is exactly what I do. Why waste time wiping up when the dishes can drip dry!? It would be even better if hubby did them though! hahaha
    I read all your posts and find time to do some but not others, and I’m okay with that. Maybe when the kids are at school, I will find more time to do all the tasks etc. Love your work. ReplyCancel

    • That’s right, just find the tasks that suit you and that’s a great start Kathryn. Also tea towels harbour germs, so it’s much better for our dishes to drip dry. ReplyCancel

  • Rachel

    I wash my dishes at night and leave in dish rack overnight then put away in morning and start all over i dont have a dishwasher ,would like one but that would mean im one cupboard down.ReplyCancel

    • I have a dishwasher, but find that I still wash every night, yes it would be hard to give up one cupboard. I am wanting a larger oven and would have to give up one, which is why I am putting it off.ReplyCancel

  • Josie Brady

    I just want to point out that vinegar is an acid, and could be damaging to bench tops. It is excellent for removing soap scum, a tip I learned from my builder brother.ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Thanks Josie, i have caesar benches and i don’t use vinegar on them but find it fantastic for everything else in the house especially the toilets.:)ReplyCancel

  • Whoolp

    I did go through a phase of using vinegar but it has destroyed the surface of my kitchen table. the table is wood with some sort of varnish or something on top. it’s basically eating away at the varnish. it’s fine for bench tops though. Now i use the most environmentally friendly one i can find in the supermarket but they seem to keep changing them. i actually stumble across your blog when i was goggling Nature direct spray and wipe. i am yet to try it.
    hope this is helpful. 

    • Maria Wells

      You need to use vinegar mixed with OLIVE OIL when cleaning wood to protect it. I do not remember the proportions, but I am sure you can figure it out. We have used this for years and our wood looks fine.ReplyCancel

  • Snip

    Hi. I put a couple of drops (no more than about 2ml) of bleach in my dishwashing water. Keeps my washcloth white and disinfects everything… Also helps to keep the sponges disinfected and I replase them as soon as they start to discolour. So I don’t use anything else on my benchtops, just rinse the cloth in the dishwasing water. I also have 2 cloths, one for washing and one for wiping down. We do the kitchen as a family at night after dinner and put the dishwasher on. I just unpack an re-pack it in the morning. We only do dishes at night as I don’t put plastics or pots and pans in the dishwasher.ReplyCancel

  • If you **really** want it to shine & sparkle, or if you have grungy stained bits, tip a bit of Cream of Tartar on your stainless steel (works to cut grease on things like toasters ^ cannisters, too) & then rub at it with a damp cloth. I have never seen ANYTHING work better than that!ReplyCancel

  • Paula Kavanaugh

    What are benches? Is that what we refer to in the US as countertops?ReplyCancel

  • Roz

    A friend once told me that he would never have a dishwasher as “people who have dishwashers always have used items on the sink making it look untidy”. I love my dishwasher and have solved the problem of items that need to be hand washed by buying a cheap plastic washing dish that I keep in the bottom of my dishwasher during the day and all hand wash items hide in it until the evening wash up. It then hides on top of the bin in the under sink cupboard while the dishwasher runs and then is unpacked in the morning. Tidy kitchen – no mess on the sink and no excess washing up sessions!ReplyCancel

  • JennyCB

    I use a homemade ‘green’ spray on everything now. You just fill a spray bottle with water and add 10 drops of eucalyptus oil, 10 drops lavender oil & 10 drops of lemon oil. Make sure they are essential oils not just the fragrance because lavender & lemon oils have antibacterial properties to kill germs and eucalyptus oil will cut thru any grease. I use this spray in bathroom, kitchen, on floors, as a air freshener. Great value & I know it doesn’t have any chemicals which could harm the kiddies.ReplyCancel

    • that sounds like a great formula. I probably couldn’t use it as I have an allergy to anything with a strong scent.ReplyCancel

  • Yes, I don’t believe in horoscopes to tell me what to do in a day. But when I walk in a room and walk back out because I don’t know where to start I jump on your daily newsletter/blog. Thank you for the inspiration.ReplyCancel

  • verity

    theres a australian product called Safe4u vanilla fresh, which contains ethyl alcohol and vanilla, safe for use near food. I use it on all my kitchen surfaces. The vanilla fragrance lingers all day.ReplyCancel

  • Sheridan Ridley

    I love that you get the kids to help out and look after their own things. Some people look at me like I am mental when I say I get my kids to get their own snacks for little lunch, and make their own beds, and tidy their own toys!!
    I don’t dry my dishes either. Tea towels help spread bacteria. Just in case you want to justify it – which I do! lolReplyCancel

    • I’ve learnt that about the tea towels too Sheridan, perfect reason not to use them!ReplyCancel

  • Natasha

    Did you say you put your sponges in the dishwasher? Wow I’ve never heard of it, what a great idea! Thanks for all your ideas and inspiration, I love your blog :)ReplyCancel

  • Jacqui Russell

    You can save yourself even more time by giving the children the task of putting away all the clean dishes in the morning. In our house, our 9yo and just turned 7yo have to empty the dishwasher as part of their morning responsibility. This means I can get on with making lunches and putting the washing on while hubby makes breakfast and the children are taking responsibility for helping the morning run smoothly.ReplyCancel

  • Susan

    I just use microfiber and water for most things. I use a little Gumption or Enjo Marble Paste on harder to clean thing if I need to. We have a rule here “if it can’t go in the dishwasher, it can go in the bin”.ReplyCancel

  • Kerrie Fleming

    I do not own a dish washer so my dishes get done twice a day. First I soak them in very hot soapy water. I then disinfect all my benches and rubbish bin. Then I wipe the kitchen table ,and dust dinning room. Then it’s lounge Room and bedrooms. Beds are made rooms dusted then it’s back to the dishes wash and air dry. I then vacuum and mop my kitchen, bathroom , laundry and toilet floors. Using a spray bottle of disinfectant . When floors are dry almost immediately .i clean my mop dry my dishes an put them away. Whole house is cleaned in 45 Min. Unless interrupted . I do my washing every second day, to keep it up to date. So all in all I have the rest of the day to do ironing ewe, so my routine is not that different from yours. But I do like your extra tips ReplyCancel

  • Pearl


    I also used to let my dishes drip dry overnight. But then one night I found a cockroach in the dish rack, drinking water off the wet dishes … I now always dry my dishes!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Oh no!!! Pearl, you must have got a bit of a shock! I know i would have LOL Yes good idea to get them done that night and then you wake to a fresh, clean kitchen.:)ReplyCancel

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  • Hannah

    We are currently building our first home and I am keeping a VERY in-depth list of what to clean when. It’s our first time with a dishwasher too so I want to make sure the kitchen is spotless and the dishwasher is clean. I often follow your example, so the dishwasher on once a day it is!ReplyCancel

  • I love the idea of cleaning the sponges in the dishwasher. That’s just genius! My mum has got this thing about waking up to a tidy kitchen too, and I have it too! I love getting up in the morning and everything being just so! xReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Thanks Sammie.:) I know exactly what you mean it just makes me feel happy in the morning when i go out to put the kettle on that everything is so lovely and tidy and a clean kitchen to prepare lunches for the day xReplyCancel

  • Jane

    Kat…. I just love it, love how you share with us the simplest tips that we just don’t think about, thank you.ReplyCancel

  • Yes, I always like a clean kitchen in the morning! you’ve inspired me to get my 7 year old to start helping now too!

    Thank you!
    Lou xReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      That’s wonderful Louise!.:)ReplyCancel

  • Waking up to a clean kitchen makes the morning start off so much better! Thanks for the tips.ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      I agree with you 100% Ava. Makes for a nice calm start to the day.:)ReplyCancel

  • Really great tips for keeping the house clean! Thank you! I am a green maniac so it was a pleasure for me to read your article! I liked the section for dish washer cleaning – I clean with vinegar my washing machine! Greets!ReplyCancel

  • I am so glad you said when your kids were little you were just too tired to do them that night. I am currently in a phase/slump/rut of everything is too hard and I’m always so tired after almost 17 months of not sleeping through yet! Occasionally I get the energy and get the housework happening then someone gets sick. It’ll happen one day, and I can’t wait to wake up with a spring in my step.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      It does get like that Rachel, you must be exhausted, I hope it calms down for you soon. I have a lovely friend Katie from The Baby Sleep Company that shares tips on how to help bub sleep through the night, and check out her facebook page, she shares tips via video once a week.ReplyCancel

  • Sherelle Lock

    Where do you place your dishcloths in the dishwasher? Up the top of dishwasher on top of the glasses or in the ridge where we out the longer utensils? Will they still get clean if they are sitting on top of other items?ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      I place it by itself on ridge where you put the longer utensils, to give it a thorough clean.ReplyCancel

This post is sponsored by Avon I’m going to put it out there first and foremost, I don’t wear makeup everday.  But for me a beauty routine is not just about makeup it’s about looking after your skin, your future self. To prevent the wrinkles and keep your skin toned as you age. Looking after […]

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  • Mamma

    This is a bit of a silly post. It’s not so much a beauty regime as a hygiene regime.
    Shower, get dressed, put on make up of going out….isn’t that all of us?!?ReplyCancel

    • Nellie

      Not me. I shower at night so I can sleep in until the very last minute.ReplyCancel

  • Renee Simpson

    Love this routine. Just started this day and I feel so much fresher and not look so much like a daggy mummy.

  • Shelley

    I too love this. I came across this website looking for help as I am at the extreme end of unorganised! Yesterday morning I got up and showered rather than just putting on whatever I could find and getting out the door. It made a huge difference rather than coming home from dropping the kids off and showering sometime throughout the day! I actually went straight from there and did groceries etc. You wouldn’t believe how much extra time I had from this one little thing.

    I’ve never really worn makeup mainly due to not knowing where to start. So what might be a normal everyday thing for one person certainly isn’t for another. The simpleness of this post makes it not overwhelming to start looking after yourself rather than everybody else. Thank you!!ReplyCancel

    • Shelley, you have truly brought a tear to my eye…. thank you. Why I write this blog is exactly what you have explained in how it has helped you. Whilst my ways may be ordinary sometimes people just need a glimpse of how somebody else goes about general day to day tasks and is an idea of how they can adapt it to their lifestyle. I can only imagine how much extra time you have by not having to come back home to shower and then more than likely get distracted with other things, but rather drop the kids and continue on for the day…. good on you. You have truly made my week, thank you xxReplyCancel

  • Amanda

    If looking after your skin and preventing wrinkles is your goal, daily sunscreen use (rather than just when you think you need it) is the key, and has scientific evidence to prove it! A big study called the Nambour skin cancer prevention trial showed very clearly that people who used sunscreen daily had far less ageing of their skin after 4.5 years – imagine how that translates if you start the sunscreen young and continue it throughout your life (not to mention the reduced rates of melanoma and other skin cancers)! I think it is important people know this fact and spend their time and money on sunscreen rather than unproven creams and formulas…ReplyCancel

    • absolutely Amanda, sunscreen is always important, I make sure I purchase my creams with sunscreen in it, as I burn even putting washing on the line, my skin is that fair.ReplyCancel

  • Sam

    I’ve been rocking the avon magic face cream stuff and eye wand (face cream make pores and flaws look less aggressive and the eye wand brightens the eyes) then chuck on some avon bb cream, flick of mascara and a run over the eyebrows with the mascara wand (very lightly…helps them stay in place too) and I am done. Takes less than 5 min. And I agree…showering before taking the kids to school def kick starts the day on a good note. On days when I don’t….I find myself wandering in circles and keep passing the mirror thinking how awfully tired and haggard I look.ReplyCancel

  • Melanie

    This isn’t a beauty routine as much as a cleanliness routine, not helpfulReplyCancel

  • Alison Fusca

    Love this!! I too, shower at night (as my 3.5yo showers with me – so much faster than a bath and she feels like a ‘big girl’!) it saves me so much time in ams. Just run the straightener over my hair and quick splash of makeup I’m done!
    Love love love your blog – always inspiring 😉
    Keep it coming xxReplyCancel

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang As busy mums sometimes it’s easy to forget to have the most important meal of the day… breakfast.  Mumathlon mode kicks in, you could be quickly getting the kids ready for school, making school lunches, doing hair, tieing shoe lace, putting washing on the line, out the door all in […]

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  • They are probably great for someone who normally doesn’t manage to eat breakfast, but I am someone who does, and they are not enough to fill me up! I’ve only had the milk & cereal one (I think that’s the flavour) and I did like them!ReplyCancel

Today is ROUTINE MONDAY I will be sharing how I keep up to date with our washing.  Unfortunately washing is one of those tedious jobs that is never-ending, you think you have found the bottom of the pile, but the next day it’s back!  You need to create a system that works for you. I wash certain things […]

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  • Marita

    I was reading this blog post in bed this morning thinking that I could set up a laundry schedule. Then I spied one of my girls dragging their wet bedding to the laundry and remembered why I don’t have a laundry routine. Thankfully they don’t wet every night anymore but it is still often enough that I have to make sure the washing machine is empty in the mornings ready for wet bedding.

    I miss being able to hang out washing overnight. Between the possums and the spiders anything that is left outside overnight has to be rewashed.ReplyCancel

    • Marita

      Ooops forgot, I do have a tip for after the clothes are dry. We have 5 laundry baskets. One each for hubby, myself, Annie and Heidi. I used permanent marker to put our initials on our basket and then I just sort the clean washing into the baskets ready to fold and go straight to their rooms. One spare basket for moving around wet washing and holding cleaning bedding/linen/towels. My girls are getting good at taking their own basket of clean washing and folding it and putting away.ReplyCancel

      • Chrissy

        We do that here Mariata. My boys (2 and 4 years old) love this ‘work’ as they call it. They are also responsible for matching and folding Daddy’s socks and folding the rags, washers and tea towels.ReplyCancel

      • Monica A Hanson

        I mostly wash 2 loads of washing each day. My laundry is set up so with 5 baskets ,1. Towels/teatowels/sheets, 2. Darks, 3. Whites, 4. Coloureds, 5. Reds. I’m lucky I have a bigger laundry, bur we are building another house atm and I wouldn’t compromise on my ability to have this set up in the new house. Everynight I put on a load of washing and set it to finish just before wakeup time, I hang that out and then put on the next load ready for when the kids get up. My children are older so it is one of their morning chores to hang it out before going to school or before going to their activities on the weekend. Then in the afternoon they need to take their clothes off the line and place them in their folding basket. I used to make them fold and put them away everyday, but sometimes their daily schedules are so tight that I am now happy with the basket being empty on Saturday. On their allocated day to hang out the washing they are also charged with washing their sheets, My children are now in their teens, but we have had this schedule since very early primary school, and it takes the all the onus of washing, off me. ReplyCancel

  • So when you say you was colours on Monday is that what you are washing that afternoon and hanging before dinner? Your wording later in the post has me wondering if you might was Mondays load on Sunday afternoon? May be its just too early for me…lol
    I really need to get something happening with this all my routines went out the window shortly after we moved and a new washing machine means I need to change the way I used to work with this task.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Oh and the reminder about napisan!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      I edited the post for you Tammy, sorry it is confusing. This is my schedule what I wash each day, but if I can I will put them on the line the night before. ie, colours on the line Sunday afternoon but all dry for Monday. I find it important to make sure I wash the darks mid week so the kids have school uniforms for the remainder of the week.ReplyCancel

  • Casey

    Hey Katrina,
    Love this post! I love routines and I love piles lol!!! Actually, I also do as Marita does and have a basket for each member of the family so that I sort out the dry washing and take the basket to the wardrobe where the clothes belong (my squids are only little so I still have to put away) but it makes me feel more organised to at least have everything sorted so if I get side tracked and things aren’t away I know where to find everything.
    My routine is really based around the fact that my HH (Handsome Handyman) needs his uniform washed a few times a week and somehow managed to go through dozens of pairs of socks and jocks a week (I still haven’t figured out why!) so I wash his stuff first so he has uniforms, then the kids stuff and lastly mine (always coming in last lol) then towels and then linens.
    I have two hints… The first is to hand tops on the line on coat hangers then you can simply gather the hangers with clothes on and hang them in wardrobe when dry. The second is if you are running really low on time and have a lot of washing to do then seperate into tops and bottoms, wash all the tops first and put onto hangers and hang (this is particularly useful during wet weather as they can be hung in doorways around the house when desperate to get them dry!
    Geez, might have to turn this comment into a post of its own over on my blog!ReplyCancel

  • Denise

    yes Katrina I also love piles and routines. I also have sundays off if I can.
    I used to do certain things on certain days but since the high electricity rates in NSW I have changed.
    I separate my Laundry into whites, colours,socks, towels and sheets.
    I do all the clothes on Saturday and then towels, socks, table clothes and teatowels on Sunday. This because these two days are the cheapest to do washing. Then I change the sheets on Monday and wash them Monday night after 10pm before I go to bed as at this time of night is the next cheapest time for electricity.
    I do a small clothes wash Tuesday night for Hubbies work clothes.ReplyCancel

  • Natalie

    Oh a routine for washing! Yippee! I seem to be washing ten times more than anyone else…. with a toddler and a hubby who has a uniform that needs changing every day it seems to be never ending. The only routine I have managed to stick with is sheets on Saturdays when we do a weekly clean. We have a big wide bookcase in our hallway by the bedrooms so I take all my washing off the line and fold next to the bookcase. Linen can go straight in the linen closet, and the rest is left folded for each member of the family to put away. I don’t care if clothes take a while to leave the shelf, because they are not on the floor!ReplyCancel

  • Leila

    I don’t have a washing routine, although i can see how well this could work for us. We are a family of 6 with a toilet training almost 3 year old boy who some days has no accidents and other days will have 5!

    I seperate our washing into:
    red/pink/orange/purple and usually have 1 load of this per week which includes hubby’s work shirts.
    Blue/green which includes the kids school sports shorts and little miss’ school tunic and skirt.
    Towels/tea towels/ face washers etc (we end up with at least 2 loads per week)
    Sheets/Blankets, at least 2 loads per week as a rule
    Dark clothes we usually have 2-4 loads per week depending on what we have had on
    Whites i usually have 1 load a week of whites and will put my oatmeal and colour tops/pants etc in with the childrens school shirts which are yellow.

    I will have to take note of what is put in the laundry on what days over the next fortnight to month and then make a washing plan of action.

    I put all of our clean washing on the lounge so it bugs me until it is folded and put away.ReplyCancel

  • Cassie

    I have alot of trouble doing washing regularly, but generally, once the small hamper in our bathroom is full, I have a washing day. It can end up being up to 6 loads depending on the diversity of colours/towels. My son has a little laundry drawer in his room and this gets added in on washing day, but not before.
    One tip I’d like to add, on top of hanging tops on hangers etc; We have just three in our family, so I hang our clothes in sections on our Hills Hoist. the fourth section is for linen. This way, when I’m taking washing off the line, every body already has their pile to take out of the basket! I find this so handy. I’ve also started to do this while putting the wet washing into the basket so that when I get to the line, every thing is sectioned off and easy to grab. And I’m not dropping wet clothes on the grass, pet hate!!!ReplyCancel

  • Melanie Graham

    I am a bit spoilt (well a bit lol). My husband does the washing for our family of six. He tends to wash once maybe twice a week which just drives me mad because he doesn’t wash enough, but hey I am not saying a word… just very thankful that he does it. 😉 When I did the washing I washed every day, and he tends to wash whenever he doesn’t have anymore clean shirts to wear lol But it is all good :) We manage lolReplyCancel

  • Fleur

    Thank you for writing about laundry! This is definitely my weakest area as a housewife! I seem to get the washing clean ok, but I am absolutely hopeless at putting it all away. I am really looking forward to your tips in the next installment on laundry!!ReplyCancel

  • Andrea

    This routine is great and will help me so much! I tend to have maybe one or two days a week where I’m running around like a headless chook trying to get all the washing done AND I NEVER DO! Hopefully your plan will make laundry not feel like my enemy.ReplyCancel

  • Oh I like the look of your new blogging schedule, some things to look forward to and keep us motivated. I tend to just wash everyday no real routine hereReplyCancel

  • I wash all my clothes together, I don’t seperate them out. This is just double handling the washing for me. My husband has white chef jackets and these go in with the colours, darks, towels, whatever. I’ve never had any trouble with clothes running colours (new clothes are hand washed at first so they don’t run). I also use a quality laundry detergent, so I don’t need to add softner, brightener, sanitiser, etc, etc. I do at least one, sometimes two loads a day, but usually get one day ‘off’ a week.

    I peg my clothes out in the afternoon too. I usually throw whatever needs to be washed in the washing machine, put it in baskets and then wait until around 5pm before I peg it out. Any clothes that are on the line are folded as they are put into the basket or again, it’s double handling (take them off line, put in basket, bring inside, fold up). It may take a couple of days for the folded clothes to be put away, but they’re folded, in a basket out of the way.ReplyCancel

    • Rosie

      Hi what laundry powder do you use as there are so many out on the market


      • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

        I use liquad Dynamo :)ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Braaksma

    Hi, I have a routine in laundry as well. When we did our extension, I made sure I put in 2 large POT drawers (on top of each other), the top is my LIGHTS and DELICATES, and the bottom is all the DARKS. I have a separate washing basket for TOWELS and SHEETS.

    As for days of washing (that happens every day – rain hail or shine). We have a large indoor kitchen living room, so in wet and cold weather we purchased a clothes line from Mitre 10 (I have seven children, so washing everyday is normal around here).

    Folding I use those wire baskets (two kids per basket) and share for hubby and I.

    I also recommend any of you to go to ALDI atm, they are selling these stackable coloured storage boxes only $4.99 each (PURPLE, BLUE, RED AND GREEN), I have used this for extra storage in my laundry cupboards, in the pantry and linen closets too.ReplyCancel

  • Chrissy

    I hang all our ‘good’ clothes (jeans, polo shirts, dresses, tops) inside on coat hangers above the bath. I have a plastic chain that hangs between two curtain rod holders that is perfect. This way our good clothes don’t fade, get wrecked by the dog and aren’t wet if it rains.

    I also don’t sort washing. I was at least 1 load of clothes a day and a load of linen or towels. I have NEVER understood why people sort (someone care to explain?), no issue with colour running as I also handwash the first few times, and there is no way I would ever have a white load. If I’m super busy everything get’s hung out at night after the kids are in bed and can then be brought in after 9am the next morning.

    I use white vinegar as a fabric softner/additive/booster and it is also great at removing smells from the washing not being hung out in time, I just add 1/2 cup to every wash.ReplyCancel

    • Suzy

      I sort because I’ve had problems with colours running and ruining other clothes. I have friend who don’t sort and don’t have a problem, but it has gone wrong too many times for me! I do 4 separate loads – whites, darks, colours and reds (as I find that a lot of red items continue running all through their lives, also my kids’ school uniforms are maroon, and all 5 family members have a few red or dark pink tops and jumpers, so there’s always enough to make a load).ReplyCancel

  • Great post! I will be taking these tips on to.. I was just thinking yesterday that I need to implement something like this. I’m always getting behind with it.ReplyCancel

  • Oh Wow! I am in love with your Blog. Can’t wait to read more!ReplyCancel

  • I love this idea and can see how it can work, but right now I only wash every second day. My little man is 16 months old and I use cloth nappies, so I already have an extra load just for him. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your routines!!ReplyCancel

  • What an inspiration you are Katrina! I have a seven month old and I am still amazed at how much washing I now have to do. To establish a routine is a great idea. Then to get onto that five storeys of ironing I have hiding away…ReplyCancel

    • Rachaela

      Ironing with a baby? This is one chore that I gave up when I had my babies. I had a friend that only ironed in Summer and I followed her lead. My winter wardrobe doesn’t need ironing. Even the school uniforms get left. I have found that if I shake wet uniform skirts out before putting on the line, and are careful when I take them off, it minimises ironing. Also, if I iron the pleats in with a wet washer, I can usually get away with only having to iron the skirts once every two or three washes, as the pleats stay in. I use skivvies or long sleeve polo shirts for winter uniforms that don’t need ironing.ReplyCancel

    • Rachaela

      Ironing with a baby? This is one chore that I gave up when I had my babies. I had a friend that only ironed in Summer and I followed her lead. My winter wardrobe doesn’t need ironing. Even the school uniforms get left. I have found that if I shake wet uniform skirts out before putting on the line, and are careful when I take them off, it minimises ironing. Also, if I iron the pleats in with a wet washer, I can usually get away with only having to iron the skirts once every two or three washes, as the pleats stay in. I use skivvies or long sleeve polo shirts for winter uniforms that don’t need ironing.ReplyCancel

      • I love these tips Rachaela, do you mind if I add them to the upcoming newsletterReplyCancel

  • Kirrily

    I sort the washing as it hits the dirty clothes baskets. I have three oversized paper bags for whites, coloureds and others. That way it is easy to see which load needs washing.

    I found a 3 compartment laundry basket at Big W late last year, carted it to the registers and left it there (too much to carry along the queue, whilst supervising a toddler rearranging the shelves!). I’ve never seen it in the stores again. Has anyone seen something similar recently???ReplyCancel

    • Missimoomoo

      Yes I have found one at Aldi it is fantastic and eliminates all that sorting that you have to doReplyCancel

    • Carole Adams

      I got one in Ikea about a year ago – It’s actually for sorting recycling but perfect for laundry sorting – it’s dark grey with white metal frame – over all size is bigger than regular laundry basket. It’s not that pretty but very functional – has 3 compartments (1 larger than the other 2) I put colours in the largest, then darks in one & whites in the last (I also put delicates in with the whiles – that way I can easily store them until they’re washed (by hand or on delicate load) & also see them so don’t accidently put them in the machine) Not sure if they still do them but worth checking :)ReplyCancel

  • […] I mentioned when creating a laundry routine, I pre-sort my washing into […]ReplyCancel

  • […] washing 6 day’s of the week, taking Sunday’s off (you can read more about my washing routine).  Most weekday’s I bring the washing in around 1.30-2pm (weekends are whatever time fits […]ReplyCancel

  • […] is a reasonable amount of linen.  Like I mentioned when I wash sheets, I usually take linens off beds, wash, dry and put straight back on beds the same day, saving me […]ReplyCancel

  • […] The Organised Housewife: Washing clothes window.fbAsyncInit = function() { FB.init({appId: "141855935832347", status: true, cookie: true, xfbml: true}); }; (function() { var e = document.createElement("script"); e.async = true; e.src = document.location.protocol + "//"; document.getElementById("fb-root").appendChild(e); }()); […]ReplyCancel

  • […] I mentioned when creating a laundry routine, I pre-sort my washing into […]ReplyCancel

  • Perthcastings1

    I don’t know how many times I have ruined a whole load of washing with something red or something black or blue or green bleeding in the wash. I only use cold water but it still happens, especially if the item is new. I always separate my colours now. We have three girls so our 3 colour piles are whites, darks (denim, black, blue, green) and pink/red. With five in the family I usually have enough of all three colour piles to do a load of each every day. If I’m short of white clothes, I’ll put my white teatowels and/or bathtowels or sheets in with the white clothes.
    PS. Thanks for the tip re: how often to wash the bed sheets. I am a bit slack at that. It’ll be weekly from now on.ReplyCancel

    • Wash as it suits you and your family, glad you are enjoying the site and finding some useful tipsReplyCancel

  • TC

    I hang up most of our cothes inside out, minimising fading. It annoys my hubby as everything then has to be turned in the right way, but in saying that it prolongs the life of the clothes. I am still wearing t-shirts and jeans that I have had for over 10 years. Minimal wash fade and still look great. Some of my hubby’s clothes are more then 15 years old and are still great. The kids clothes still look fab when they have outgrown them, so I sell them on eBay for a little extra spending moneyReplyCancel

    • brisyvonne

      TC why don’t you hang them in a shady spot, or undercover, or garage or carport. You could just rig up a line with some nylon rope or similiar. With my black I do that, it saves turning them inside out and then right side out againReplyCancel

  • Kerrie Lee

    I colour sort (been caught with runs) and have a delicates pile, towels and linen. If a particular load is small then I can add say a white towels to the whites load. If I’m lucky I can eliminate the towel pile altogether that way. I check all all pockets for tissues etc, do up zips then turn all inside out so they don’t fade or rub. Peg them out so they don’t show the peg marks if possible and don’t distort or stretch. When I take them off line, they get turned the right way out that way I don’t have to do it before ironing. I take the stuff that does not need ironing off first and fold it, then ironing goes on top. Once inside I can put the stuff that needs ironing straight to the pile and the rest goes into the relevant persons basket to go away. I have RSI injuries so have to do it in stages.ReplyCancel

  • spottsy7

    Did you know you can also use napisan to soak off hard to remove stains from saucepans and roasting pans? Treat the same as for clothing but remember to rinse really well.ReplyCancel

  • Anne

    I would not wash mop heads and tea towels together. In fact I don’t like to wash tea towels with anything else except tablecloths.ReplyCancel

    • brisyvonne

      Hi Anne, I agree,I would never put tea towels with anything other than tablecloths, napkins, serviettes, or place mats. to think you are drying your dishes with something that has been washed with undies, or mops, sounds a bit yuck.ReplyCancel

  • I wash when needed if its going to rain(like this week) i wash everything on the sunny day(like today) and every other week just wash when baskets are full i have a load of whites which is more like a once a week thing and towels when i have enough i need to wash and work uniforms get washed friday night then daughters basket when full and same with oursReplyCancel

  • Judiannd

    I wash tea towels with sheets in a hot wash. Mop heads and other cleaning rags all together, also in a hot wash.ReplyCancel

  • Kat

    I could never stick to a routine for washing. I don’t have the room to make piles of dirty washing.
    I do love a good routine though. Heehee.
    My kids and hubby put all their dirty clothes straight inthe basket next to the machine, or the machine itself if I ask….and I wash most colors as soon as the machine is full, a load goes on. And like you Katrina, sheets are washed and put back on the same day. Other than that, I wash tea towels with the clothes, but bathroom towels and rags separately.ReplyCancel

  • NekoMama @

    Interesting you wash at night and hang overnight. My husband is very particular about them getting re-wet with morning dew. Ever have this problem?ReplyCancel

  • Megan

    I always fold my washing as I take it off the line, as I hate sitting down to a basket full of washing that needs folding before it can be put away. Plus I procrastinate about putting washing away, so if it’s not folded it gets very screwed up sitting in the basket waiting for me to deal with it!
    When I hang my kids clothes on the line, I hang all the t-shirts on one line, the pants on another etc, so that when I take it off I can fold it and place it in piles for each child. Then when I go to put it away, I have a basket of nicely folded washing already in piles of pants, t-shirts etc for each child, easy to put straight into drawers. ReplyCancel

  • TamW

    I also have a washing routine. I have 3 baskets in the laundry and a fourth in the bathroom. Whites, Darks (Blues) and Red/Colours in laundry which Miss4 is able to sort and Mr in bathroom for “work” clothes – he’s a landscaper so very muddy/dusty often. Monday: Sheets. Red and Blue load from weekend. Wed: if there is a load I’ll do one. (I work Tue/Wed/Thur and often don’t get time.) I do put all washing to soak from daycare in afternoons ready for washing. Fri: Red load in am before swimming. Towels from bathroom and swimming after I get home. and often a Blue load in pm. Sat: Dad’s Work clothes and a White load. I try and fold the clothes as soon as they are off the line (we don’t have any room to hide the clothes and hate them looking at me in the baskets and iron only as I need things).ReplyCancel

  • Tab

    While we don’t really have a routine yet (still adjusting to our 10 month old – so much laundry!), my little tip is about washing baskets. We live in an apartment building and would constantly forget to take a washing basket down with us to the washing lines, so I started using the big blue ikea bags (that cost under $2) to take down washing and then I peg it to the line next to the washing :) We found they can hold up to 3 loads of washing at one time.ReplyCancel

  • Gracee

    Katrina, I am continually inspired by your posts but I have a five month old and a two year old and live in a two story house with the laundry downstairs. I am struggling to keep up with the LOADS of towels, wraps, nightclothes, day clothes to wash, and then there’s hanging them on the line and folding!!! How did you do it when your kids were smaller? XReplyCancel

  • Louise

    I like to do small loads everyday or close to it, but I dont do any colour sorting. I’ll do a separate wash for towels and one for sheets once a week but everything else gets chucked in together. I hang it out in groups (ie. 2 lines for Miss 8, 2 lines for Mr 5 the rest for hubby & me) and then I fold it all as it goes in the basket in the order of the lines so as I walk in the house Miss 8’s is on top as her bedroom is the first one I come to, Mr 5 second, etc. Its amazing how a few little steps can make a huge difference as the small loads all folded and in order are so quick to put away.ReplyCancel

  • Peta

    I generally put my washing on at 10pm – as this is the cheap power time – and then hang it out first thing in the morning [6am] makes it time effective and cost effective :) however sheets I do the same as you so these are done as the kids get up and generally on the weekend :)ReplyCancel

  • laura

    i have a different washing routine. I always do a load at night ready to dry the next morning. I seperate the kids clothes (usually about 3 times a week) Mine and my husbands clothes, towels and sheets.ReplyCancel

  • Dwife

    I just upend the whole basket of washing into the washing machine, towels, colours, everything!! No fabric softner. Im a bad housewife lol
    Seriously though, If I had to only wash colours once a week we would all run out of clothes to wear!ReplyCancel

  • Kerry

    Excellent tips – thank you so much! Which Napisan do you use to soak out stains – I’m new to Australia and so not familiar with which Napisan is best for which job! Thanks in advance.ReplyCancel

  • RachB

    Tip…put the washing in the machine the night before and if you have a timer, put the timer on for breakfast time. Then once everyone has had breakfast and got out the door the washing will be ready to hang out.ReplyCancel

  • […] another I wipe down the sink and basin. I rinse them out and then put in the laundry to dry, then wash when I do the towels.  More details on my washing schedule […]ReplyCancel

  • Emily

    I usually find it easiest to quickly chuck a load in the washing machine before we leave for school that way its finished and ready to hang when I get home from the drop off. (I have an old machine with no timer otherwise I like the previous idea of setting the time to go in the morning)
    Depending on the item and the wind I actually am lazy when it come to hanging and don’t bother with pegs for most items, much quicker hanging, easier to take off and no peg marks!! I sometimes go one further and hang things on coat hangers on the line so they dry and go straight in the cupboard!
    Saturdays for me is all uniforms day, work and school, we have enough sets to get through the wk and they’re not getting worn over the weekend so means its all done in one go and all ready for a new week =)ReplyCancel

  • Zöe

    Like the idea of a routine, however its the routine of getting it hung up then put away which I struggle with, esp with a toddler. I get it in the machine ok but frequently don’t get it hung up so it stays wet all day. Hubby then complains ut smells musty, so it often ends up being chucked back in the wash the next day. I need to find a regular time to hang it up. Also not great at putting it away, so washing stays in the dryer till I need it for the next load. I frequently don’t have time (or toddler gets super factious when I’m trying to do chores!) or am too tired to take one lot down, put it all away then hang another load up. Any tips for that would be great! Especially as no 2 on the way which I know will generate even more washing.

    I’m in the UK so no laundry area, washing machine is in kitchen & wash basket in hallway. Weather too unpredictable to hang outside except in v hot weather. Washing has to be dried inside on an airer (which gets in way in bedroom but no where else to put it) or radiator. So we can only do 1 load a day or every other day as only space to dry 1 load at a time.ReplyCancel

  • Smart Discoveries Team

    Hello Katrina, this is LG Electronics ‘Smart Discoveries’ Campaign Team.
    Our ‘Smart Discoveries’ campaign has a site about LGE home appliance products and living know-how tips.
    We would like to show your post and we intend to link to your blog.
    Your post is very appropriate to someone who is looking for smart ways to live.
    If you don’t want your post in our site, please contact us immediately by-email.
    We appreciate your great content, thank you for your time.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Hi there, thank you for contacting me. I do not wish for you to show my post on your blog, you are welcome to show a snippet and they can click to the link you will include to read the full post. Please email me to discuss further.ReplyCancel

  • […] I roll up the cloths, place in jar and pour the liquad mix over the cloths.  When I need to use them I pick out a cloth, wring out as much liquid as I can, use it, rinse and then put in the laundry to go through my usual kitchen linen wash. […]ReplyCancel

I have shared previously about how we get the chaos out of our morning routine and how having a evening routine keeps me sane.  I’d really like to share details with you again about this as we have had them in place since the twins started kindy, around 3 years old.  The twins are nearly 10, […]

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  • Melanie Mullen

    Hi Kat! I’m very keen to the three charts however I think I need version 2. 4 kids, oldest grade 8 youngest grade 2. Am I able to buy the three charts of version two for the same price as version 1? Or can I only purchase version 2 separatelyReplyCancel

  • Wow – I love these – we have had similar things in our house at different times but I’ve never thought to include the kids making their beds or cleaning up after themselves. I am definitely going to put this in practice for this year. Thanks for sharing.ReplyCancel

  • I absolutely agree about the importance of routines! My son has ADHD but, rather than medicate him, we’ve chosen to work with him to learn behavioral coping skills. Routines are absolutely essential for that, and they’ve kept me sane these past 12 years!ReplyCancel

    • kckmom3

      I would be interested in what y’all do to help your son with his ADHD, if you don’t mind me asking. My 10 yr old son hasn’t been officially diagnosed with this but I think that he has it and it is very frustrating sometimes. Thanks!ReplyCancel

      • (Aaack, my reply got lost!)

        We basically have focused on teaching him ways to compensate for his ADHD symptoms. For instance, if we’re going to a place where he needs to sit down and be quiet, we’ll first send him down to the home gym to run on the treadmill and/or beat up the boxing heavy bag for a while. As he works out, he sings along at the top of his lungs with the stereo. That wears him out both physically and verbally, so he’s able to sit still when we get to our destination.

        When it comes to school, he’s been fortunate to have teachers who don’t make the students sit tight in their chairs all of the time. Our district is very good at encouraging them to work in groups, so it’s much easier for ADHD kids since they don’t have to sit tight and shut up the entire time. Plus the school is very good at sending out weekly emails from each teacher to let parents know what assignments and tests are coming up. That lets us stay on top of him.

        BUT we’ve made it very clear that we aren’t going to cut him slack when it comes to school. He *must* obey his teachers, he *must* do his assignments, and he *must* do his best. After school we give him some time to burn off energy before starting on homework. He gets a break every 20-30 minutes, or between assignments, whichever comes first. We review his homework sometimes before he turns it in, but the older he gets the less he needs us to do that.

        And, of course, we limit sugar, artificial preservatives and screen time as much as possible without getting too crazy about it.

        Btw, how are you liking the weather in KCK today? I’m in Leavenworth. What a difference 24 hours makes!ReplyCancel

        • kckmom3

          I know..this weather is crazy! Yesterday we got some much needed outside time and we had our windows open almost all day but today it’s cold and rainy!! Then tommorow it’s supposed to snow!Oh well, spring will be here before we know it. Thanks for responding…I like your idea about your son burning off energy before you go somewhere where he has to be quiet. We don’t have a treadmill but we do have an eliptical machine and we could probably get him a punching bag too or maybe a small trampoline. I try to limit sugary/processed stuff too. We are homeschooling him this year (he was in our church’s school for the last 3 years and it seemed like he was always in trouble) so we have a little more flexibility but it can still be a challenge trying to get him to concentrate and do his work!ReplyCancel

  • Jude

    Thanks for this….my daughter saw them and has made her own version for herself and her sister and brother. Lets hope it works :)ReplyCancel

I have been busy the past few day’s preparing for my scrapbooking weekend away, so please forgive me today I am reposting an oldie, but it is also a great reminder that something so simple can make a perfect start to the day…a clean kitchen first thing in the morning = Happy Organised Housewife!!  Enjoy […]

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  • Trace

    So you wash your sponges in the dishwasher each night? Now that is a new idea! I like it! :)ReplyCancel

  • julie

    I like this post – an oldie but a goodie!!
    I like to clean metallic things including my stovetop with bicarb – it actually cleans the burnt on oops BETTER THAN spray n wipe and orange spray and so many others i have tried
    Good old bicarb – great for cleaning the sinks and saucepans too just be careful not to spot rub too hard on the chrome or stainless steel shiny parts :-) and it deodorises too
    Great for sneaker-reekers!!

    I just wonder…the children clear the clutter basket of their own things…may i ask, what are the consequences if they do not?ReplyCancel

  • TMorc

    I was diagnosed a couple of months ago with borderline PND. I found your website by accident through Facebook and you have been awesome in helping me take one step at a time in dealing with the mess and clutter. I love this one in getting your kitchen sink and benches clean. It give me a fresh start to the day. I have even managed to get the hubby to unload the dishwasher in the morning as it lightens my load in dealing with the kids. Thank you KatrinaReplyCancel

    • Your welcome TMorc, I am so happy that it has helped you. This is such a great start and will make you feel so much better each morning you wake up to a clean kitchen :) Hope you continue enjoying the website and finding inspiration!ReplyCancel

  • I live by this rule, I love waking up to a clean kitchen! I do have a quick question though, I have heard if you put bi carb in the dishwasher that it cleans it out, is this true?? I would love to hear your thoughts :)ReplyCancel

    • Yes I sprinkle in the bicarb, splash of vinegar, sit for 5 min, then if stubborn dirt give a light scrub, otherwise pour in some hot water to wash away. ReplyCancel

  • Francesca

    I stumbled across your site through facebook. All I want to say is THANK YOU! Also, If you’re looking for a green solution to your cleaning products I highly recommend They have the mixes made up for you and add fragranced oils of your choosing(I love the coconut one). They sell a variety of cleaning products to meet your needs and they also do skincare/eauty products. ReplyCancel

  • Mely

    Ok this sounds very easy, daily i spend maybe 4 hours cleaning my kitchen =( i don’t know whyyyy??? maybe cause i don’t have dishwasher but i think i will buy one for sure, but if i want to do what you are doing to maintain clean the kitchen i suppose need to buy also more plates, pots, glasses, forks, knifes, etc…im reaaaly tired to spend so much time in the kitchen =(… thanks.
    atte, desperate housewife at the kitchen =(ReplyCancel

  • Kari

    Gumption for everythingReplyCancel

Make your bed I have posted about this before however, as I have many new readers I wanted to write about it again as it is such an important task to complete.  Each morning once you get out of bed, within the first 10 min of being up make sure you have made your bed […]

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  • Selin

    and it also sets the example for the little ones too…lol.

    Then they cant say “but you didnt mum, so why should I ” LOlReplyCancel

  • i am lucky to have a husband who makes our bed (very well too) each morning, unless he is running late or I am still in it! Otherwise the rule, is last out makes it.ReplyCancel

  • I think you are so right – I rarely do it, mostly if someone is coming over, and it always feels so much better going in there if it is done, plus you get to enjoy the lovely linen you picked out!ReplyCancel

  • Within ten minutes won’t wash here as there is usually someone else still sleeping in there. 😉ReplyCancel

  • Sally

    I have just started doing this again…makes all the difference. Our bedroom has been a dumping ground for odds and ends for a little while now, and the bed was usually only made on sheet change day! But now…the bed is made daily (not in the first 10 mins, more like the 1st half hour!) and the clutter is getting smaller.
    Thanks for your continued inspirations…ReplyCancel

  • I make my bed everyday but it’s not within 10 minutes of getting up. Often Brian’s still in it as I get up early to start my day, but even if he got up with me it’d be about an hour before I got back to it.
    I like to pull the sheets and quilt back and let the bed have a bit of an air before making it too, so this fits in well with our routine.
    Rarely (maybe some sundays when we are being ultra lazy) it doesn’t get made. But it feel horrible getting into it at night. Luckily sheets get changed on mondaysReplyCancel

  • Heather

    I make the bed but I am inspired to open up the curtains. In the summer we live in 40 degrees so we keep the shades closed.
    Today I am going to open the blinds and clean the room.
    Thanks KAtReplyCancel

  • […] – In response to make your bed every morning.  While yes you should make your bed everyday… You should let it air first… Maybe make […]ReplyCancel

  • Emma

    I do make my bed and my daughters bed every morning, however I do it after breakfast. As soon as i get out of bed I throw back the covers and open the bedroom windows to let the room and the bed air out. After breakfastand showers etc I come back and make the beds, tidy rooms and ensuites.ReplyCancel

  • Emma


  • Louise

    I make our bed as soon as I get up unless I am changing the beds. With the kids, I will make their bed the first time I go into their room and generally get them dressed at the same time. It certainly does make a big difference to feeling organised and tidy
    : )ReplyCancel

  • I couldn’t agree more! I do this every morning. When the twins were little I had no chance to make the bed and I always felt untidy and I would constantly shut the door to hide it but now I do it every day and every time I walk into the room I feel so much better.ReplyCancel

  • Thepearsons

    I have my children make their own beds (ages 9, 5 and 21/2) every morning as part of their routine. It is not always the neatest job, and I quite often go in later and straighten, but I think it is a wonderful habit to get into!! I do the same in my room every morning. I think taking pride in your belongings start with making your bed!!ReplyCancel

  • Fi

    I make mine each morning, the kids beds are tucked in tight, so don’t need making. The teen shuts her door. Mmm . My new plan is to make th embed immediately asi strip it. Then you don’t have that angst when you are ready for b in the evening, and you have to remake the bed with clean sheets. ReplyCancel

    • You can always tell when I’ve stripped the bed at our place. A couple of minutes after hubby races me to bed I hear a load groan…and I snigger…One day, I promise, I will make the bed as soon as I’ve stripped it.ReplyCancel

      • Suzanne

        So I guess this means hubby makes the bed or you make it together?ReplyCancel

  • i make my bed each day after breakfast as i like to open the windows and air it all out.ReplyCancel

  • Suzanne

    I have used duvets for the past 37 years. Roll it back to air out while getting dressed, etc. Give the fitted sheet a quick smooth over, quick shake of the duvet to settle it on the bed then a pillow fluff and you’re done. Takes me 2 minutes. We have a super king-size bed (hubby is 6’5″) and as he is hot and I am cold we each have our own duvet. I sew the linens so even though his duvet is longer&wider than mine, everything matches. Our kids have always had duvets and been making their beds at early ages. It was a point of pride for them to rush into the kitchen,”Momma, I made my bed!” at age 5 or 6. (Of course I would change the linens for wash day.)ReplyCancel

Do you stay up too late and find yourself tired the next day?  Whilst it is a great time to get alot done, or rest while the kids are asleep you are only making yourself more tired and miserable the following day.  I recently spoke to my mum about this same topic, she wakes up […]

Continue Reading...

  • Julie

    These are really good practices. Thankyou for reminding us – it sounds so basic and simple but the experts are saying about 80% of us suffer from poor sleep habits or lack of sleep.

    There is a considerable body of research linking chronic sleep deprivation to depression and weight management difficulties.

    There is also some great new research linking white(a section of UV) light to correcting your sleep patterns/moods should the above good sense advice not be enough

    I used to do shift work at night and still try to be there for kids stuff like assemblies & sports days.
    Sometimes it takes discipline to not just do that one more thing!
    I know all this yet i still have days (well, nights) when they are all in bed and I act like Gollom with my “precious” free-time borrowed from my sleeptime…. !ReplyCancel

  • This is a conversation my Mum and I have regularly. I work 4 nights a week till midnight and get to bed most nights around 12.30ish. On the 3 nights I am home I find it hard to wind down for sleep any earlier so find myself awake and alone for several hours a night :( Then my boys are awake by 6:30 in the morning. I wake most mornings feeling tired and grumpy and I know my poor boys cop my bad mood…..So hard to find balance sometimes and be organised :)ReplyCancel

    • It would be hard to change your body clock. It isn’t a good start to the day when you wake up grumpy. Have you tried reading in bed, lights off just a lamp on, I find this make we weary easily.ReplyCancel

The floors are the basis of making our homes look tidy.  By regularly cleaning your floors your house will feel clean and fresh.  How often you clean your floors will vary between each household.  If you have a crawling baby, you will need to clean regularly to pick up all dirt, grime and germs before their […]

Continue Reading...

  • I use my dust-buster vacuum each morning when everyone has left the house. I would not be without it as it’s great for getting those ‘dust bunnies’ crumbs and insects that we seem to get at our place. I zip through each room, including bathrooms and it takes about 10 minutes. I don’t have pets inside and there are no small children.

    I must admit, as I work in our business, I have a lady who cleans my house – 2 hours a week – (actually I HAD a lady, because she just resigned) so floors get mopped weekly, full vacuum of each room, bit of dusting and she goes over our 2 bathrooms so they sparkle but I do the maintenance cleaning in between.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      I have a dust buster too, brought it late last year, I just love it and it even has a turbo which is great for picking up the cat hair on the rug! I am going to reveiw it on friday just cause it love it that much. They are great as you say for zipping through the roomsReplyCancel

      • Lele

        Hi Kat, how can I find your review on dust busters? I am in the market for a new one would love to hear what you recommend! Thanks. Really love your site, tips and honesty sharing your world with us.ReplyCancel

  • Victoria

    I’ve always been a bit slack when it comes to cleaning the floors as I suffer from hayfever and my vacuum cleaner always makes me sneeze! But then I bought a $49 steam cleaner from Godfrey’s and I steam mop my hard surfaces twice a week because it takes about 10 minutes for the entire house, I just vacuum the carpets once a week now. Steam mops are good for the environment because they use no chemicals and they don’t take long to heat up and you don’t use them long for they don’t take a lot of power.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      I love Godfrey’s my brother owns one! that’s a bargin $49 for a steam mop, great!!ReplyCancel

  • I have a stick vacuum I bought recently and do the kitchen and family room 2-3 times a day. It’s wehre we eat and with an 18 motnh old and a 2.5yo I get lots of crumbs.
    Then my 15yo son vacuums the entire house each day as part of his chores.
    Unfortunately we have carpet in all rooms and halls bar the kitchen, bath, toilet and laundry. Those rooms get mopped twice a week unless needed more often.
    I only use hopt water and homebrand disinfectant to clean my floors.
    We did have a steam mop but didn’t think it was necessary to keep it in this house where we have few lino areas (previous house had tiles everywhere bar the bedrooms and main lounge).ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      I love the dust busters on a stick too! I’m going to reveiw mine at the end of the week just to let everybody know how great they are. I don’t know how the kids do it and get so many crumbs on the floor, their crumbs are like magnets to clean floors!! My miss 6 enjoys vacumming under the table, hope she keeps up that enthusiasm in years to come!ReplyCancel

      • Tried this with oldest two as they enjoyed cleaning house even brought child size broom and mop. Was told these were for girls only my boys do not like cleaning now they are older. Oldest aged 2 would take his little chair to wash up, so we ate off plastic plates for awhile. No it did not work when older, keep encouraging your daughter might be the girl gene that does it.ReplyCancel

  • Mama Currie

    Hi Katrina
    I love checking your blog daily. I sweep/vaccum my floors daily mop out the whole house weekly. Bedrooms & Formal Lounge & Dining Rooms are vaccumed weekly. Wanting to save money on cleaning products, I invested in a Brissel Steam Mop. You only use water, filter has to get replaced approx 6 to 9 mths. I wished I had brought one years ago. No more lugging buckets of water etc. Mopping out our home now only takes me 30mins, where before with a bucket & mop approx 2hrs. Huge saving.

    • Katrina

      That’s a great saving Mama. I did try a steam mop when my kids were babies but found it very heavy and didn’t pick up the food stuck to the floor very well.ReplyCancel

  • All I know is that I don’t clean my floors often enough!!! God help me when I have kids!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      LOL, at the moment all is forgiven then Rah, they probably don’t need cleaning as frequently then. A quick once over once a week/fortnight should be enough. Its the kids that usually leave all the crumbs under the table and in the kitchen.ReplyCancel

  • Vicky Moran

    Weeeeellllll, I have a four yr old that threw up this afternoon and hubby offered to mop tonight for me. I suggested the vinegar and water to which he is quite happy to give a whirl.

    We just bought a big bottle of domestos which I normally use as our whole house has timber flooring. With a 4 yr old, a 3yr old and a 6 month old I only get time once a week – if that – to mop our floors and only on a Sunday night….not sure why a Sunday night though! :)ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      How did the vinegar and water go, do the trick?? At least this will save you pennies in the future!!ReplyCancel

  • Kylie W

    I vacuum the high traffic areas almost every day. I usually miss one day on the weekend (it’s harder to clean around the kids and hubby in a small loungeroom), but it’s rare that I miss a day during the week. My pet hates are dirty floors (and with black tiles in the loungeroom and hallway, every little bit of dust shows up!) and people wearing shoes in my house. I have a shoe rack outside the front door for workboots, thongs and visitors shoes, and another right inside the door for family shoes. Also can’t stand piles of shoes sitting on the floor at the front door! LOL
    I clean up spills immediately and mop weekly at the moment, but will soon start mopping more often as bubs becomes more mobile.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      You are onto it Kylie, love your work!!ReplyCancel

  • Vicky Moran

    Yep we did the mopping last night. I swept the entire house apart from the rugs of course! At 9pm at night it was far to late to start up the vaccy! Hubby mopped with the vinegar and hot water. Must say I am impressed with the lack of film left behind. I hardly noticed the smell of vinegar.

    We also emptied the bucket over the (outside) front door entrance too as we have a lovely (neighbours) cat who insists on spraying our front door. Hoping the vinegar will deter the horrible creature!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Please let me know if the vinegar helps as I think we have something similar happening at our front door, or they are doing their business in the garden. Really not impressed as our cat is a clean and stay’s indoor not allowed outside.ReplyCancel

      • Alex

        Sprinkle some bi-carb where they’re spraying, then go over it with the vinegar.
        Same thing to clean the kitty litter!ReplyCancel

  • My stick vaccy is just a cheapy $55 at BigWReplyCancel

  • […] over your plate” , crumbs always find their way to the floor.  Like I mentioned in the Tips on Cleaning Floors  I do a quick vac daily in high traffic areas, I use my Stickvac for […]ReplyCancel

  • Hi I just discovered your blog recently so I am sorry about the back dated response but I just wanted to share that I use a couple of drops of lavendar oil in my water and vinegar mix to reduce the vinegar smell and it works a treat!
    Thanks for all your great tips, I am on a declutter mission at the moment and your blog has been so helpful.ReplyCancel

  • Perthcastings1

    I was wondering how often I should be mopping, so now that you have put it in clear black & white I will mop once a week from now on. Thanks so much.ReplyCancel

    • Once a week is enough I believeReplyCancel

    • Jane

      I have never mopped/cleaned my floors as much as is suggested here. I am in the paid workforce part time, and so we have a cleaner once a fortnight, who gives it a good clean at that time. If it needs it, we run the vac over in the alternate times and use the dustbuster on any crumbs/dustbunnies that we wish to remove. I have to kids, 8 and 6. They have always been very healthy kids so for anyone NOT doing their floors this often, DON’T STRESS! I prefer to spend time with them than be mopping/cleaning floors.ReplyCancel

  • Perthcastings1

    I mopped TODAY and I can’t stop looking at the floor 😀 Thanks again. ReplyCancel

    • LOL, don’t get cranky when somebody makes it dirty :) Great work Perthcastins1ReplyCancel

  • Kerrie Lee

    When it comes to carpet, as long as the shoes are clean they should dirty the carpet less than socks or bare feet. The oils from feet actually soil the carpet and the oil is harder to get out of the carpet than mud.ReplyCancel

  • Lina

    I have recently found your page and i have to say i am sitting here addicted wanting to know more lol … Thanks for all the hours you put in for a great site

  • […] Continue reading here for tips on how to keep your floors clean longer, how often to clean the floors and the what you should use.   […]ReplyCancel

  • Wash the kids bathroom floor EVERY DAY? My god. That’s a little over the top, isn’t it? ReplyCancel

    • I reference this to the kids toilet, and it’s no OTT when you have a young boy.ReplyCancel

      • Carolyn

        Mopping once a day for a kids bathroom is what I have been doing for years. I have three boys or young men now, and they still miss! It takes 3 minutes. I have a spray bottle of 1 part domestos and 3 parts water, spray the floor around the toilet bowl and mop. EasyReplyCancel

  • Maree

    We have an old house with polished wooden floors. Do you think the vinegar would do the trick on them too? I have heard that it is brilliant on tiles, but not sure on the wood…..ReplyCancel

    • To be honest Maree, I’m not certain about floor boards as our house is all tile. However, I just did some quick research and one article did say not to use strong vinegar.ReplyCancel

      • Carolyn

        I have cleaned houses for years and all the houses that had wooden floors I used methylated spirits in a bucket of hot tap water.ReplyCancel

    • Tess Thomson

      I find the polished floor boards tricky to clean without causing damage. I’ve found the steam mop was no good. Vinegar I have used with success BUT don’t use a full cup, just really hot water and a splash of vinegar should do the trick.ReplyCancel

    • Trish

      Use meths and hot water on wooden floor boards. (Not composite ones though).ReplyCancel

  • Ali

    I’m reading this post while my robot vacuum patrols our main living area. It’s a bit of an investment to begin with, and it will never take the place of a real vacuum/mop but they are fantastic to run every day especially if you have a crawling baby. The best part is you are forced to pick up all the toys before you can use it. :)ReplyCancel

  • Veronica

    We have a shiny timber laminate floor that shows up ANY mark and is such a shame because it looks amazing when clean but doesn’t take long to scuff up again. Do you have any tips on resisting marks?ReplyCancel

  • Tanya

    Hi Kat – I have been using the Sparkle floor wipes for little spills like vegemite toast upside on the lino (12 month old son) but i’d like to be able to put them on mop/sweeper or something so that i don’t have to bend down all the time and so i can use them to freshen up a larger area like the bathroom and toilet. Do you have any idea where i could find one? Thanks so much. Love this post about clean floors, although i struggle to keep clean floors with a baby, messy husband and we live in the bush with dirt roads all around our house.ReplyCancel

    • No I haven’t heard of anything like that Tanya, but the mop I use from Vileda has a micro fibre bottom, so I just throw it in the wash once a week. I also have the rubbermaid mop, which has a water bottle attached, which is perfect of the little incidental spills, it too has a removable mop head.ReplyCancel

    • Sandy

      Hi there. They do have sticks you can put wipes into I think from woollies. I have used one in the past and loved it. I just liked not having to get a bucket of water everyday. When your finished throw out the wipe and your done.ReplyCancel

    • Mellanie

      Hi! I have a dettol brand stick but have been using the Coles brand floor wipes with it (cheaper). I use it for small areas like our bathrooms and bedrooms.ReplyCancel

  • Kim

    I just stumbled on this blog and if you’re like me, you love any tips to make life easier. I’ve been a housewife(amongst other things) for 25 years. After raising 4 children including twins, I’ve become pretty expert on how to clean with minimal effort. My standby miracle cleaner is ammonia. It is cheap and will clean pretty much anything. I chuck about half a bottle into a bucket of hot water, a tiny squirt of Morning Fresh or similar detergent and you are good to go. I recommend a commercial microfiber mop, available at commercial cleaning stores and the old fashioned wringer bucket. I have tried just about every product on the market over the years and this is by far the best option. You will be horrified at how much dirt comes off. It stinks to high heaven, but evaporates very quickly. No residue and completely dissolves any grease. Fabulous for stainless steel too. I use it on everything in my kitchen. The added bonus, it’s a disinfectant. Once you (and everyone else) gets over the smell, you won’t use anything else. My floors are so clean they squeak when you walk on them. Plus it minimizes how much effort you have to put into actually wiping and mopping. I keep a dilute solution in a spray bottle and use it with a microfiber cloth to wipe mirrors, benches, fridge, even my IPad. No streaks. It really is fantastic. An old cleaning method that is still the best.
    An old cleaning queenReplyCancel

    • Hi Kim, thank you so much for sharing your tips, that’s exactly what I love tried and true methods!ReplyCancel

  • Andrea Kruck

    I have just finished vacuuming and mopping my house. I vacuum once a week and try to mop the kitchen/dining area weekly aswell, I usually mop the whole house fortnightly. Hubby will occasionally vacuum but will never mop after and I always feel like the job is half done when you don’t mop aswell.ReplyCancel

  • Alex Craig

    Yes vinegar is the best, and leaves the best finish on my black bamboo floorboards!

  • Alex Craig

    Oh and the best thing ever while you’re mopping the floors is a pair of micro fibre mop slippers, dries as you go ? (not a good look though!)

  • Rebecca Lane

    I have 3 children under 3 years old. I have an robot that runs automatically every night in the kitchen/living/dining room – an essential investment with little ones. I use a steam mop – no chemicals, hygienic and great for sticky messes with kids. I mop once a week fully and bathrooms twice a week. I had a robot mop as well – it used vinegar and water. It was good but not great but esp good when I was pregnant :)ReplyCancel

  • Nic

    I have white tiles :( and these show up everything. I use a bit of mentholated spirits in my spray mop for a quick mop over as this leaves no streaks and the floor dries really quick. I also love my steam mop which I use once as week for a deep clean. My favourite appliance is my irobot roomba, I set and forgot when I leave the house to come home to vacuumed floors!!!
    Love your work Katrina.ReplyCancel

  • I can’t go without my $55 steam mop from Big W. It cleans better than any mop I’ve ever used, and takes only water (not even vinegar! I keep the vinegar to use as fabric softener!). And I don’t have to slop around a bucket of dirty water.ReplyCancel

  • Smart Discoveries Team

    Hello Katrina, this is LG Electronics ‘Smart Discoveries’ Campaign Team.
    Our ‘Smart Discoveries’ campaign has a site about LGE home appliance products and living know-how tips.
    We would like to show your post and we intend to link to your blog.
    Your post is very appropriate to someone who is looking for smart ways to live.
    If you don’t want your post in our site, please contact us immediately by-email.
    We appreciate your great content, thank you for your time.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Hi there, thank you for contacting me. I do not wish for you to show my post on your blog, you are welcome to show a snippet and they can click to the link you will include to read the full post. Please email me to discuss further.ReplyCancel

  • Cath Skeldon

    Hi all, if you try this method, put a capful of tea tree oil in with the vinegar. It’s a natural disinfectant has a pleasant scent keeps bugs like those pesky summer ants away & may just keep cats from spraying.
    Small tip: my husband is a plumber (has been for over 45 years now, worked for many of those years for an Australian university) don’t use vinegar as fabric softener with it being an acid it will rot the inside of your washing machine out & you will find yourself spending the savings you made on machines more frequently.
    Adore your site ??ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Great tip, thanks for sharing.:)ReplyCancel

  • Anna

    Recently I heard about a grout cleaner which I think might be good, haven’t tried it yet but it comes from a reliable source.
    7 cups of water, 1/2 cup of vinegar, 1/2 cup of lemon juice & 1/2 cup of bicarb soda, stir & pour it into a spray bottle, spray on & let sit for a couple of minutes then scrub. We’ve had family business to attend to but as soon as i get the time I’d like to try this one…ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Yes i have used this as a grout cleaner and it works well!ReplyCancel

  • Donna

    I have laminated timber floors, and really struggle to find something to clean them with, that won’t leave streaks – it does my head in!! I have tried enjo floor fibers, micro fibre mops, wring mops, all to no avail. I’m tempted to try a steam mop, although I know they aren’t recommended for laminate floor boards.
    Does anyone have any tips??ReplyCancel

    • andrea

      I use a vileda 360 mop. 2 kettles of hot water and 1 cup of vinegar. Cleans our laminate timber floors really well and dries very quickly.ReplyCancel

    • Toni

      Hi Donna, have you had an Enjo consultant out to make sure you are using the correct fibre and technique? I’ve had all sorts of floors over the years and Enjo were by far the best on all surfaces – including laminate but I did have some tricky tiles once. Got my consultant out and got a few pointers on that particular floor and was back to Enjo’ing again :-)ReplyCancel

  • Barbie

    I vacuum 2-3 times a week and mop once a week on my mat finish tile floors. I use a H20 steam mop and add Lemon Grass Drops. But due to the shape of the mop head, corners are missed, so I either use a hand mop every second time or just wipe corners with a damp cloth. Vinegar on glossy timber floors in my last house tended to leave water streak marks. And the Steam Mop for Timber floors, I believe, wore away the polish. So I used a specific Timber cleaner from the supermarket and a hand mop for that house. But I am about to build a house with glossy porcelain tiles, what will be best for that for no streaks?ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Hi Barbie, i would suggest using a steam mop.I really love my steam mop and it is streak free.ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca

    I have a big house and a 2 year old so cleaning floors is a huge task. We only moved in a few months ago and i struggled to keep up, so we got the LG robot vacuum which cleans the main rooms every night and I spot vacuum with the dyson stick vacuum. Both are great and makes the whole job so much easier. We also got a steam mop for the bathrooms and laundry. Love them all and makes the job much quicker and easier.ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Fantastic Rebecca!.:)ReplyCancel

  • Ros

    Hi Kat what type of dust buster on a stick do you have? thanks.ReplyCancel

  • I’m terrible with the floors. My daughter is 3, and I’ve always hated sweeping/mopping. If it looks really bad, I’ll do it, but I don’t do it every day. I need to get myself a routine!! I’m a casual worker, so I’m not always home, but I do feel bad about the floor :(ReplyCancel

  • Anna

    I used I use a steam mop now I use a spray mop rubbermaid brand you can get at bunnings. It’s great for doing whole house and also just quickly mopping out spills. You can add whatever you like in the bottle.ReplyCancel

  • Anna

    I used to use a steam mop now I use a spray mop rubbermaid brand you can get at bunnings. It’s great for doing whole house and also just quickly mopping out spills. You can add whatever you like in the bottle.ReplyCancel

  • Magdalena

    I love nothing more then having clean floors, with 3 kids and 3 digs, I vacuum everyday, have dyson stick which is great:) but Inmy opinion expecting your guests to take off their shoes when they come visit it’s rude, fair enough if you live in a dirty, muddy area, that’s common sense, but for most of us leaving in suburbs that are already established, where your guest basically walk from their car on a concrete surface , it’s unacceptable. If you worry so much about your clean floors why invite anyone over in the first place?ReplyCancel

  • sarah

    I am new to your blog it is very helpful :) . A friend told me about it .. I use my decor stick with the two pads that can easily removed or my norwex mop and spray lemon oil and water on it wring it out i have wood and lino floors and it does a nice job and I can throw it in the wash with 3 children and pets .ReplyCancel

  • JULI

    Do you know if it’s safe to use the vinegar/water on laminate wood floors?ReplyCancel

  • dimple

    These are great tips. I really need tips on cleaning a leather couch anything i have used didnt do the job i wanted. Im actually thinking of calling a leather couch cleaner. Does anyone know a good company for this?ReplyCancel

  • Belle

    I would love to get to that point where my kids & husband would take off their outside shoes while inside, but it’s just not going to happen – the husband is in and out so often and he just won’t do it.
    But even if I did get to that stage, I would never expect a visitor to take off their shoes before entering my house! I absolutely dread going to people’s houses where I’m required to take off my shoes! If I go barefoot for longer than 10 mins my feet go dead cold -even in summer – and they can even turn blue in winter :( Also a number of my shoes that I wear need powder in them so that during summer they don’t start to stink! So if I have to take my shoes off, there’s powder all over my feet! How embarrassing!!!
    I once had to take my shoes off and walk on dark carpet.. OMG! White footprints! Ever since then, I get very nervous about going to other peoples houses, I case I need to take my shoes off!ReplyCancel

    • Pip

      I agree. I HATE it when people make you take your shoes off at their house. My feet often look less than attractive, and also get quite cold…. I think it’s rude to ask people to take shoes off.ReplyCancel

  • Gemma

    Hi there, can you tell me the make and model of the mop and bucket in the picture please, looking for something like this, thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Hi Gemma, I highly recommand this mop and bucket. It is from Woolworths.ReplyCancel

  • Abby

    Some great tips here!
    But I just have to say that for some people to take their shoes off to enter someone’s house is a very daunting thing to do! I actually think that another human beings’ feelings is more important than my floor.
    My daughter has terrible fungus problems on her toes (which no doctor or specialist has been able to help) and she is also at a sensitive age. We have been in a scenario where there were shoes at the door, and she totally freaked out. I said just leave your shoes on and so shall I. And if we are asked to remove them, then we will just go back home and grab an icecream on the way. (Thankfully we were not asked to remove our shoes)
    I also would never ask an elderly person to take their shoes off, it could have taken them all morning just to get their shoes ON!
    Apart from the expecting guests to remove shoes part, such great ideas hereReplyCancel

  • Anna

    Hi, just a quick question, we have bamboo hard wood floors and we were advised to not use too much water when mopping. I have always just used water and whatever floor cleaners I have, but I know it’s not advisable. Any suggestions on what is good for hard wood floors?ReplyCancel

    • Gwenda

      I use a. Splash of vinegar in warm water and a drop of citrus essential oil to make it smell nice.
      Get yourself a Scooba and it washes the floors and squeegees them dry with minimum waterReplyCancel

  • Jayne

    630i roomba robot vacumm cleaning
    Press a button
    Love it!!!ReplyCancel

  • michelle

    Add a bit of eucalyptus oil with the vinegar for a nice smell.ReplyCancel

  • Sally

    Hi there what mop do you use? I’ve got a steam mop but it’s just so heavy and I don’t feel like it really cleans my floorsReplyCancel

    • Gwenda

      Get yourself a Scooba. Life changingReplyCancel

  • Gwenda

    Try and keep your work/life balance, Kat.
    I have a Roomba and Scooba. I have tiled floors right through out living areas and bedroom carpet two long haired dogs and a forever shedding rag doll cat.

    I cannot tell you how marvellous these robots are. They are relatively cheap on eBay. Roomba will vacuum while you shower or even sit down and have a cuppa.

    Scooba not only washes your floors so clean, he squeegees them dry enough to walk on. As an older person I can’t afford to slip n wet floors. They are dryer than mopping. For the kitchen floor he cleans up crumbs etc. I Scooba every day.

    I. Find if the floors are clean I feel motivated to clean other areas and tidy.

    Thanks for today’s, and every days motivational post. I am off to clean my kitchen and bedroom dump zones. That will take all day!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Gwenda, I tried something similar to a Roomba a few years ago and it damaged my stainless steel fridge and some of my dark mahogany furniture. I contacted the manufacturer and they told me the robot couldn’t pick up dark colour objects, all my furniture was dark so I returned it. Have you had any issues with this? However, I did not know about a Scooba, I’ve not heard of this sounds very interesting. I can just imagine what a time saver they all are for you! How did you go with your dumping zone?ReplyCancel

Ok, I realise you may not be as insane as I am and enjoy ironing like I do, as I mentioned in 20 things about me.  However if we want to look the part it has to be done.  I have not always had a passion for ironing, when the twins were babies I remember […]

Continue Reading...

  • Natalie

    I am another ironing lover – the smell of ironed clothes makes me feel like I am back at my grandma’s house 😀ReplyCancel

  • Erin

    We have a rail in the laundry for hanging clothes on hangers, waiting to be ironed. That way they don’t get crushed in the basket (makes ironing easier).ReplyCancel

  • Carly

    I also get work shirts out of the washing machine before the spin cycle is finished and hang them on the line. They take slightly longer to dry but much less ironing! If I’m in the mood for ironing I will also iron very slightly damp shirts – you need to be careful with this though, make sure your iron is on the right setting :)ReplyCancel

  • LOVE tip number three. I avoid ironing at all costs. DP is an ‘Iron as you wear’ type which annoys me. I’d rather have everything in my wardrobe ready to wear. Especially helpful when your running late.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah

    I usually don’t whinge!But my hubby works at the airport and has gone from the flueros to business shirts!He looks so smart in the shirts,but-man!the flueros were easier!Especially having a one year old at your leg tagging at the iron cord!!!Bring back the flueros andf I guess iron at night when toddler is asleep.This is when I am asleep or studying!I Shake the shirt when it comes out of wash and straight on the hanger.Iron when damp.Do you think sprays are necessary??Hubby has big shirts!!Big shoulders and very tall.Kat-luv your motto-get it done!And always have 6 ironed shirts!!Do you have a specific ironing day.Advice would be appreciated.xReplyCancel

    • Sarah have you seen my how to iron business shirts video? Here’ the link I don’t use spray’s but if there is a stubborn crease which is hard to remove I spray the water in the iron over just that area. When the kids were little I ironed in the evening, once a week, and chose an evening where there was something on TV I would enjoy watching at the same time. But choose wisely, don’t iron through your favourite TV show, you deserve to sit down and relax on the couch while watching that one! I like watching cooking, DIY shows while I iron. ReplyCancel

  • Madeline

    As a working mum of 4, I need to wear business shirts daily. I don’t iron much ( if ever) but I do some preparation when I wash.
    1 Try to only wash the shirts together (Overloading your machine may appear quicker but you end up with more wrinkles.)
    2 Spin cycles are great for removing water from heavier items but leave wrinkles on clothes. so reduce your spin speed and time.
    3 Remove things from the washing machine as soon as they are done (even a few minutes makes creases)
    4 Shake you washing really hard before hanging it. (It is a great exercise for the upper arms)
    5 Either hang shirts on coat hangers inside or in the shade. When hanging them on the line hang shirts from their bottoms in a strong breeze.
    5 Business pants don’t need to be ironed if you follow steps 1-4 and either hang them on pants hangers by their bottoms or hang on the line in a breeze. ( avoid direct sun light if you can if your suit pants are black stops them going brown)
    6. I always wash my own suit jackets using a silk wash then follow steps 1-4 and hang inside on a padded coat hanger (the kind you see at fetes or if your lucky you or your Mum make )
    I don’t iron and never use the dryer.ReplyCancel

  • eliz a buf

    i don’t love to iron, but i don’t hate it anymore. my best tips are to use a slower spin speed and don’t fill the washer too full, these both create wrinkles before you’ve even gotten the clothes out of the washer.

    give everything a really good shake, put into the dryer for ten minutes on medium heat, and the wrinkles will start to loosen. hang everything immediately onto hangers (pants and shirts, dresses, too) and hand on a rail/rack/line to dry in the shade but outdoors if possible. full sun can make clothes feel ‘crunchy’ and they will be softer to wear, and iron more quickly if dried that bit slower in the shade.

    things on hangers that need ironing go into a far corner of our wardrobe until i’m ready for them, items like table linens and hankies just get piled into a basket which fits into our bookshelf, the iron already lives in this same basket every day of it’s life, complete with it’s own personal extension cord and spray bottle of water. i don’t iron the children’s clothes, unless it is something very special for a special occasion… if i fold it quickly out of the dryer or off the racks, it will be ‘fine’ and by the time they’ve had anything on for more than a few minutes, their body heat drops most of the wrinkles before they get all active and sweaty and put in new wrinkles, ha.

    i iron my own clothes that need it *and* that i also enjoy having ironed. anything that ‘needs’ to be ironed (linen, by the way, is NOT meant to be ironed, the way it keeps you cool is through all the teeny wrinkles in it’s weave, it’s just meant to be shaken and hung for best wearing). anything that’s just not appealing to iron has to find a new home with someone else. hubby needs business shirts, but not surprisingly, the most comfortable fabrics are the ones which are easiest to iron, so now that our days of heavily starched, french cuffed shirts are gone, it’s not hard anymore. yay!

    and i iron as often and as much at a time as i have the patience/recorded tv to do, and find that doing it once every week or so keeps me in pretty good shape. :)ReplyCancel

Laundry, it is a depressing word isn’t it, ahh.  I have been reading alot through the comments and facebook page that many of you are frustrated with the laundry, especially having to put away the clean clothes.  It is a never ending task that unfortunately needs to be done.  Create a routine and system that suits […]

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  • I do try to do a load a day with a family of 5 at home (mind you my 15yo is responsible for his own) you really have to. The odd day gets missed and I am gentle on myself on shopping day (every second thursday).
    I try to fold the washing of the line where possible. Sometimes rains coming and I have other pressing matters to deal with so I’ll grab it off the line into a basket and put it on my bed to fold up, lots of room. Or if it’s really hot I’ll fold up inthe lounge with the air con on. Tv going in the room that I’m working in too.
    I first fold up Brians and my washing, doesn’t matter if they get mixed up easy to put away. Finishing with our underwear.
    Then I choose either Ethan or Eli’s clothes to be next. I look at the side of the line facing me (have a lovely huge old hills hoist) and say I see a tshirt of Ethans first then I grab all of his tshirts and fold them together, then I see the next item of Ethans, say it a pj top, I’ll grab all of his pjs and fold. I go around the line in one direction until all of Ethans clothes are folded into piles (in the basket) finishing again with underwear.
    Then I start on Elis and work in the same fashion. This way I don’t miss anything, when putting clothes away (boys are a bit too young at 2.5yrs and 1.5yrs) I can just grab the pile of Ethans tshirts and put away, Eli’s pants and put away etc.
    It’s a little bit of time at the line but saves so much time later on. Even if I don’t get to put the clothes away straight away, they are safe and clothes aren’t getting creased in the basket.
    When it was just Randall and I, I would hang out clothes on separate sides of the line to make it easier. with towels and linen on the other two sides.ReplyCancel

  • Joelene Accatino

    I actually don’t mind folding and ironing, but I think my problem is that there is no room to put it after it’s been folded. So sometimes it just stays in the basket until needed. Maybe I should do a cull….. Good idea!ReplyCancel

  • Casey

    Hey Katrina, absolutely loving the new format! Wish I’d thought of it myself 😉 But I’m just in the process of becoming an organised housewife! I have recently rediscovered the joy of ironing! That’s right… The joy! my fiance saw me ironing and actually said ‘oh… i didn’t think you knew what that thing was!’ Cheeky… (it was said completely in jest).
    Though my favourite time saver is to hang things out on their hangers and then bring them straight in to hang in the wardobe.
    Katrina, how do you keep up in the wet months?ReplyCancel

    • What wet months? This is Queensland, beautiful every dayReplyCancel

      • Yes, here in Qld we don’t have wet months, it’s very dry. However, when it does rain here it rains for a few days and at this time I use my clothes dryer for some clothes, I have a little clothes airer on the wall in my laundry (which I normally use for kids swimmers) and I have a clothes hoist that I put in the garage while hubby’s car is at work.ReplyCancel

        • Rachael

          In Norh Qld summer is hard. Rain almost non stop for 3-4 months. Clothes on the airer take all day (even with the aircon on) to dry. Thank goodness for cloths dryers! :-)ReplyCancel

  • I always do at least one load of washing per day (although there are only 3 of us here at the moment). I gave up on an ironing basket years ago, when I found earwigs at the bottom of it!! It is a great sense of achievement to bring in the washing and fold it and put it away so I aim to do that each time, and before 5pm.

    I hang hubby’s shirts on hangers straight away, put them away ready to iron. I iron my husband a business shirt each morning as part of my routine (eg. as soon as I hear him turn on the shower, I iron it). He is also capable of ironing his own shirts if needed. The only other thing I iron right there and then are any hankys waiting on the ironing board. My two girls have ironed their own T Shirts, shorts, jeans since they were about 10 years old.

    I must confess, I tumble dry all our smalls – with 2 teenage girls, the knickers and socks just become too much to peg out. I love folding smalls when they are warm out of the dryer.
    So I have found, if I wash daily, I really do keep up better.

    Loving your blog – you have some great ideas and hints to making life easier around the home.

    Cheers – JoolzReplyCancel

  • Niki

    Similar to other readers, I try to do a load a day and sort it as I hang the washing out so my husband’s washing is all pegged together, then mine, then my eldest daughter, then youngest (same with smalls but on the inner part of the line). That way when dry, I fold it in the basket still grouped and ending with the youngest one’s clothes all together on top – go inside and put them away for each person in turn. As for ironing – hmmm – just when absolutely needed, even school uniforms get hung in the wardrobe and are not ironed until the day they are needed-I still need a bit of organising here 😛
    Thanks Katrina for all the wonderful advice and help.

  • Corinna

    My routine is pretty much the same as everyone elses, i hang the wet clothes in a line depending on the person they belong to, so just take off line and fold into piles in the washing basket when dry, i also use fabulon in the trigger bottle (not can) to spray clothes that could do with an iron and then hang in the wardrobe it saves alot of iron (i only iron when necessary) the fabulon saves a heap of timeReplyCancel

  • Jen Walpole

    Three loads, wow you must have a big machine! I purged my drawers and put the extra clothes away in unused suitcases, makes so much difference being able to shut the drawers without arranging everything each time!ReplyCancel

  • I hate doing the laundry and most of all I hate folding it and putting it away. I try to wash dry and put away a load a day… I usually manage the first two (weather permitting as we don’t have a drier) but never the third. But it kind of makes me feel better seeing your photos of the piles of washing, except my house looks like that ALL the time!ReplyCancel

  • Leisha

    Hi Katrina – could you include in another post your routine for … dread I say the word … “Ironing”!ReplyCancel

    • Eleise Bott

      I iron when there is a show I want to watch!ReplyCancel

      • That’s the only way to do it!!! But I can’t iron to some shows like Greys Anatomy, I have to sit down and give it my full concentrations JReplyCancel

  • […] The Organised Housewife: Folding Clean Laundry […]ReplyCancel

  • Rebekah

    I hang my hanging clothes on their coat hangers as I place them on the line. This makes the process much easier and definitely saves ironing (which I hate) Also have colourcoded coat hangers for the kids clothes so my husband has no excuse when taking them off the line.ReplyCancel

  • Pam G

    I dump the clean washing out of the basket onto the bed so I can’t go to sleep without sorting it and putting it away. I tend to do all my washing on one day so at the end of it I have a HUGE pile to sort. To stop it being so daunting to get started, I find that sorting it into 5 piles (me, husband, baby #1, baby #2 and linen) really helps. Then I tackle one person’s washing at a time, as 5 small piles are much less scary than one huge one. My sister often comes round for dinner the same day, so sometimes I bring out the baskets of clean washing after dinner and she helps me fold it! Listening to music or watching TV/a movie is also great. My husband dislikes chores, but he’s quite happy to absent-mindedly fold clothes while watching sport, for instance :)ReplyCancel

  • When i hang the washing on the line i hang it in groups according to whose it is. Then when i tske it off the line it is in groups in the basket. I take the basket to each room and fold or hang the washing as i take it out. If my son is in bed i fold his washing and put it in piles on the pool table.ReplyCancel

    • Bubbles74

      I also do this. What’s even better, if my mum pops over, she always folds my washing. By having it sorted on the line, she can easily tell one persons laundry from the next.ReplyCancel

  • johnnie

    ugh! laundry! Each of us have our own hamper in our rooms (3 total). I do one each day (ie: one person). I wash all that person’s items together, hang dry or put in dryer, then take right back up to put away. typically I hang dry all but towels, underwear/socks/pj’s. I noticed that I “sort” too much before doing the families together – sort by color, sort when folding, then sorting by what room to put away. ReplyCancel

  • Sue

    I barely do any sorting of washing! My kids are 10, 13 and 15 and they’ve been doing it for years. They hang smalls on a clothes horse (over a heating duct for most of the year as we live in Melbourne ) and anything that can go on a hanger hangs on a rack in the laundry. When it’s dry, the same child (whichever one is rostered on to washing for the week) puts things into each person’s clean washing basket (in the laundry – a set of drawers similiar to what Katrina uses for dirty washing). Clothes to be ironed stay on the rack on plastic hangers and go onto proper ones after I’ve ironed them ready for their owner to collect (so ironed can be distinguished from unironed!). Towels get washed on Saturday and my husband usually hangs them out, and I generally hang out the sheets and fold them (kids fold towels but not sheets). And no – I’m not lazy. I’m just a busy woman who thinks that kids need to know how to run a household!!!ReplyCancel

  • For socks, undies, bras and bibs, I’ve bought an item from Target with 8 arms, 3 pegs on each, with a hook at the top. A pair of socks per peg, depending on how hot it is, double up on other stuff too, just unhook it off the line to bring inside, socks paired up, less work than actual pegs, also use it to hang smalls during winter in front of the fire. Bought a couple of these when daughter was born, she’s now 4 and still use them every load. Also saves on line space if you have a small line.ReplyCancel

  • Eleise Bott

    I wash fairly regularly unless it rains. When I bring it in off the line I dump it on the lounge in the kitchen, it is only a two seater and where everyone sits most often {because I live in the kitchen} That way when they want to sit down they have to fold some washing first. Also I do all the washing and hanging out and hubbys job it the folding!ReplyCancel

  • I fold as I take the clothes off the line, to eliminate any unnecessary ironing. I sit at the kitchen table to sort clothes into piles – each person in the family has their pile of clothes at their usual seating place. When they come home from school or work they put their own clothes away. If they don’t put their clothes away they can’t have their dinner put at their place.ReplyCancel

  • kiwi_lozza

    I dump it on the lounge floor in the evening in front of my lovely husband and he folds it all for me – I just have to put it away!ReplyCancel

  • Fiona

    I pick my wash days according to the weather, and semi fold as it comes off the line. Socks and jocks go in the dryer. Every Sunday night the two baskets of clothes etc and 1 basket of socks and jocks are ironed, folded and put away (during the ads). School and wok clothes are all laid out . I try to always start Monday with empty baskets. This comes after raising 2 children now 23 and 24 and having two young ones 8 and 5 still at home. I used to work full time as well as doing this and it seems to work…most of the time :-)ReplyCancel

    • Weather is a good factor to involve, thankfully here in QLD it’s usually always sunny, would be much harder to keep to a routine if it wasn’t always like this.ReplyCancel

  • Rowena

    I put a load of washing on every night as the kids (2 & 5) get in the bath. It goes straight in dryer and then folded. Clothes put in pile in hallway outside bedroom doors and I put them away in the morning for them.

    I also do other loads throughout the day – ironing is folded in basket and gets ironed when I have time. Clothes to be folded are dumped on my bed and folded straight away to eliminate more ironing. I’m not working at the moment and kids aren’t at school, so we have limited ironing. Folded clothes are put away before bedtime.

    Ironing board is constantly set-up at side of lounge room and is only packed away when visitors come (unless it is my mum or mum-in-law – they will ‘notice’ the ironing and do it for me, usually in conjunction with babysitting!)

    Hubby’s work shirts are hung on hangers over the drying rack on the dryer – dryer is on at least once a day – my cloth nappies go in the dryer and my clothes line does not get sun and doesn’t dry well in winter. Once shirts are dry they are hung on ironing board.

    Side note – hubby is terrible at matching shirts and ties. I hang a tie around the neck of the hanger when the ironed shirt is hung back in the wardrobe. ReplyCancel

  • Pam

    I hang all my families shirts on coat hangers when hanging the washing out as this cuts down folding and limits creases that occur from laundry piles ReplyCancel

  • mom2four

    I too hate doing laundry!!!! I would rather clean toilets than laundry! I think says something considering I have 3 boys (ok, 4 with DH) So with that being said, we have a total of 6 people in our family. When we were building our house we decided to get two front load washers and dryers, I am soooooo glad we did. We owned our own business so I had to do all the loads on Saturday or Sunday depending on business. Well I am no longer working from the home, but I have found that if I do each child’s laundry on a different day, I do one load of clothes and 1 load of their sheets. it goes into the dryer and I take the basket of clothes from the dryer (we really should have planned a laundry room bigger – oh well, that will be the remodel 😉 ) anyway, I then take the basket into the child’s room it belongs to and fold it right there and then. We tend to hang all our t-shirts, so I just shake them out and lay them flat until the basket is empty. Then I grab the hangers from the closet put the shirts on hangers and hang… then all the bottoms, pj’s, socks, under ware, etc into their drawers and I am DONE! YEAH! This process has made it so much easier… hope it helps someone else!

  • Megs - The Paper Doll Chick

    I do a very similar thing except, I have 6 shopping baskets (the simple plastic ones with 2 handles – any “cheap” shop has them). Each person in my house has their own shopping basket and as i fold I put it straight into their basket. When that child gets home, they take their own basket and puts their own clothes away. Works a treat :)ReplyCancel

  • I wash most days and towel and linen on the weekend – i have 6 white $2 kmart plastic baskets and a dirty clothes basket in each bathroom
    1. for wet
    2. for spare in laundry or linen / towels
    3456 for each person – i fold into the baskets from the line and take the basket to each room – kids put stuff away and if anything needs ironing i go and get it the night before – that way its all sorted and in the right room – no wheres this or thatReplyCancel

  • Karen

    My method is to sort and fold the washing as I take it off the line. Sure, it takes a bit longer but I reckon it saves time in the long run. There are four people in my family, so I go in order of size… I take my husband’s clothes off first, folding them neatly as I put them in the basket, next is me (although my son is rapidly overtaking me in size, but I think I will stick with the same order). Then of course its my two sons. Then when I walk inside, I take my youngest son’s pile of clothes which are on top of the basket and take them to his room. Next is my oldest son’s clothes and I’m sure you get the picture. Obviously this won’t work on a rainy day when you need to get the clothes off the line in a hurry, but it works for me most days. I rarely have piles of clothes lying around waiting to be put away.ReplyCancel

  • Shirley

    I do the washing on my days off (Tues & Thursday) and Sat morning for left over uniforms. My 12 year has to sort at least 2 baskets of clothes per week and put them away as part of her weekly allowance checklist. Uniforms are washed and hung straight onto coat hangers and hung up on the clothes airer (to avoid ironing). Then either the husband or 12 year old collects the uniforms and puts them away for each child. But I must admit folding is way down on my favourite chores. I’d rather watch tv than tackle mismatched socks. ReplyCancel

  • Josie

    Washing in my house is done on Saturdays. I work full time and just find it easier to do it all at once. I have two teenage daughters who help, and hubby pitches in if home. I am an early riser and would normally do 6-8 loads, half before anyone else is awake. My rule is everything has to be put away by Sunday night so we start the week organised. In summer it is usually all finished Saturday – washing, folding, ironing! We all do our own ironing so the task is spread between us. The kids and hubby play sports, I am often driving kids to sport or part time jobs and sometimes things get in the way, but the whoever is left at home just keeps going with the routine. I never have a huge folding or ironing pile.ReplyCancel

  • Josephine

    6 months ago: I did all the laundry on the weekend = no family time, empty wardrobes and out of control clean washing piles!

    Today = we have full wardrobes, empty laundry baskets, and more family time, achieved by a laundry routine and a ‘put away clothing un-ironed’ strategy comprised of:

    – 3 basket system we all use for dirty laundry.
    – washing a load almost daily (usually 6 loads a week).
    – (living in Melbourne) towels, underwear, and as many other items as possible in the clothes dryer, supplemented with a clothes rack or two over a heating vent (these are line-dried in summer); this is annoying but it works.
    – Miss.8 sorts and I then fold or hang almost everything.
    – Hubby’s shirts go straight on hangers in the wardrobe and he irons them himself as needed, as do I with most of my own.
    – jeans, my daughters uniforms and dresses are bulk ironed then put away, (my only ironing fetish is ironing hankies for Miss. 8 to take to school – sad but true!).
    – t-shirts are smoothed flat while on the dining table; I ‘store’ fold them and by the time they are worn they rarely need ironing….

    The last point has been THE BIGGEST IMPROVEMENT EVER!!
    I just thought I was getting rid of the ironing pile = I had no idea it would eliminate the need to iron most items!ReplyCancel

  • Lesley Edwards

    I changed my laundry habits last year as I was sick and tired of clothes hanging around the lounge room or kitchen table. I now do a load of washing a day. Somedays I now don’t do any at all. I hang all clothes in order on the line, so whoever gets the clothes off the line knows whose is whose. When you take the clothes off the line each item is folded, placed in sorted piles and placed on each persons bed. I taught everyone how to fold T Shirts easy so most of these require no ironing. Their responsibility to put away. Those clothes that need ironing go in an ironing basket in the laudry. I made a space in my spare room that has a radio and I iron once a week. The art of folding actually cut my ironing right down. De cluttering the linen press also helped everyone to know where everything went. A much organised laundry has resulted.ReplyCancel

  • Jane

    Once washing machine finishes I sort the wet washing. When I hang the washing on the line I hang in “drawers” e.g. all husband singlets, together, all his under pants, men’s socks,my knicker,bra etc.
    Then when washing is lovely and dry, I fold the sorted washing into linen basket (on trolley) into drawers. Then push trolley to each appropriate room and put away the sorted washing into each family members room or linen press.
    I follow the KISS principle e.g.( Keep it simple stupid) ,make like easyReplyCancel

Today is the first day back to school here in QLD.  My kids have been back into routine this past week, with having to keep a clean room, read before bed and early nights.  They have stuck to it quite well, except for one of my chickadees Miss 7  just can’t keep a tidy room.  So […]

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  • Wow – they put a new look to reward charts! ReplyCancel

  • Thanks Katrina, i am glad our reward charts are working so well in your family. They do look pretty cool on your stainless steel fridge :) ReplyCancel

  • Liesll

    I live in South Africa and we don't have them in our shops. I will try to make one and buy some colourful magnets with names on. I really need to get my kids motivated to do "good". I've noticed that if you concentrate more on the good things they do than the bad, you get more GOOD. Thanks again for a great idea.

    ps: Our shops don't seem to sell the magazine holders is there anything else I can use? ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      A little bit of cheek sell these online Liesll you should see if they can ship overseas, save you the time! If you can't get magazine holders my other suggestion would be to try document trays. ReplyCancel

  • […] so happy you all loved the reward charts I posted yesterday.  Following this post and the picture I added on the How to store paper brought […]ReplyCancel

  • We're using the Little Billies chart in our house too & they have been AMAZING for our family – it's like we have a new little girl. We've steered clear of taking away magnets though, how do you find that works for you? ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Yes I find it works well for us. If one day I give them a magnet for a tidy room, and it's messy the next day, I take the magnet away. They are devestated to lose their magnets so it works well here. ReplyCancel

  • […] big tick to show they have behaved well.  You can purchase reward charts similar to the ones we use, however these charts below are rewards for specific behaviours, personalised to suit your […]ReplyCancel

Can you believe that school will be starting back in nearly 3 weeks (QLD starts 24th Jan), I’m sure this time will fly, or may go ever so slowly if the kids are playing up :).  Are you ready, have you purchased all book supplies, shoes, socks, have you started covering the school books, ooh that […]

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  • Oh I do love a competition :) I have one girl going into grade one and one in kinder this year. I am loving the look of entire Girly Bird range of products by Penny S. I'd especially love my kinder girl to have the bag and lunch box. The thing I find most difficult to get organised for school is lunches. Keeping them creative, healthy and organised. Now I'm off to make sure I'm liking your fb book page (pretty sure I do already). Thanks OHW. ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca Hyssett

    I am a big fan of penny Scanlan. My neice got a pair of her gum boots for Christmas and they are just gorgeous… I do like the overnight bags as well. Until now my girls have shared when they go to Grannys but as they get older they are getting more independant and wanting to take their own. I have just asked my daughter which is her favourite and she likes the new simply daisy style!! ReplyCancel

  • Kirrily

    I love their lunch bags. So many cute designs! There was much lunch box show and tell at playgroup last year. I have already liked your FB page. We struggle with bedtime routine. I have a 2yo and a 2 month baby. My husband only gets home 40 minutes before bedtime, so the 2yo is still fairly excited when bedtime comes around and neither of them are particularly strict about stopping playtime and getting him into bed. Our 2yo is a good procrastinator, so keeps asking for 'one more' story and my husband normally reads 'one more' about 3-4 times, so reading time stretches to 30-40 minutes. Needless to say, sleep time can be a lot later than bedtime. ReplyCancel

  • Chrissy

    I have always loved Stars so the Penny Scallan Backpack ~ Navy Star is my absolute fave.

    It is my oldest first year at preschool this year, so I need help starting a routine from scratch. Someone to kick me out of bed before my kids get up would probably help to LOL.

    I am a fan on FB. Thanks for the great post and giveaway. ReplyCancel

  • Absolutely loving the Penny Scallan Library/Swim Bag with the Girly Bird design! Super cute and practical. My youngest is starting school and she's not a morning person at all! I know my biggest challenge will be facing the chaos in our house each morning. Off to print those charts! Cheers, Lis. ReplyCancel

  • Caroline

    I like the Penny Scallan Sun Hat ~ Girly Bird. I especially like the fact it has a toggle, as usually I end up having to sew them on myself! My daughter would never keep a hat on without one! ReplyCancel

  • Tam

    Ohhhh, just found the most perfect product for my 10 year old daughter. The Penny Scallan Wheelie Bag ~ Simply Daisy! Now that she's older, she's not into the 'character' wheelie bags you find at Target etc, and the plain brown and black ones you can also buy are 'boring', apparently ;).

    The major issue I have is ensuring all their tasks are completed in the morning in time for us to leave for school is always an issue – getting them to remember even the simplest tasks like getting dressed fully (ie uniform AND shoes lol) is difficult at times, and totally frustrating. I am thinking the morning routine chart is just what we need! With 2 different start times and 2 different school campuses every day this year will prove to be challenging unless I can implement something like this (as well as motivation for them to play along!).

    I'm so glad I found you, Kat! ReplyCancel

  • Samone

    I'm only new here – I love your kids routine posters! We don't have a real lot to organise back to school but when at school I'd love some help organizing kids artwork and other info that comes home.

    And I'm living the penny scanlan soft toys I've never seen them before. ReplyCancel

  • Kylie

    The Penny Scallan soft toys are pretty cute, but I think my fave would be the library/swimming bags – love that they are made from waterproof material.

    What I think I need help with the most is getting the children to move from holiday mode back into school mode – they refuse to use the routine charts on school holidays. Bedtime is a nightmare here at the moment. ReplyCancel

  • Zoe

    My favourite would have to be the car one. My son loves everything with cars on it . I think for me its more what to put in the lunchbox which is healthy, which little man will eat and what doesn't contain nuts. ReplyCancel

  • Kristine

    While I am waiting for the bags page to load, I'd say the biggest issue I have with the school routine is MY part in it… making sure the kids put their lunchboxes and drink bottles on the bench, shoes away, dirty socks and uniform in the dirty clothes basket, getting lunches made and packed before going to bed… that and waking the kids up on time in a good mood!

    This year I have all three kids in school full time, DD2 in Prep, DD1 in year 3 and DS in year 5. I NEED to be organised! I'll be doing up and printing of some of your fantastic routine charts for them.

    Okay, my favortie products would have to be the Babushka Dolls Pencil Box…. ReplyCancel

  • Yvonne

    I just love anything that has the stars on them, so gorgeous and very simple and stylish!!!! I love Penny Scanlan products!!! I need help with EVERYTHING for going to school this year. My eldest is starting Prep this year, so I'm a newbie to this whole school thing and it's freaking me out. Forms to be filled in, uniforms to buy, books, covering books, etc etc etc, so much to do!!!!!! HELP!!!! ReplyCancel

  • Kym Paddock

    I'd have to say for me I love the Apple range – the entire range! Am busy organising for my youngest to head off to big school this year (when I can bear to think about it!) and am looking at some lovely things to help create and reflect the exciting occasion it is for her – these would be great. As for me, one of the biggest drama's I have is socks – getting lost (my eldest daughter who is 11 has a maddening habit of taking one sock off in her travels and walking around with just the one) and then finding the lost pairs!!!! After keeping an odd sock box for years and never daring to throw any away even after years of being solitary, I have taken the plunge and purged the lot! (does this count as decluttering???) Bought a whole heap of all white for the 2 girls, and all navy for my son. Also have ordered the sock dots tattoos from Bright Star Kids as this will help me particularly with the whites and pairing up correct sizes. God help me if these get lost or I see someone wearing one only…

    General laundry organisation would be fabulous Katrina – thanks for all the good and inspiring hard work! ReplyCancel

    • Tanya

      Oh Kim , I feel your pain with the odd socks. My husband had a bad accident several years again and nearly lost his leg so now has to wear a compression sock and AFO on that leg everyday. My eldest was about 2 at the time & I was 7 months preggers with the 2nd. DS1 decided one sock must be the go if Daddy does it and DS2 has grown up seeing both daddy and bro with one sock – so now it's just normal!!! Grrrr … I always used to pair up socks before washing but have long ago given up completely. I now just have a clean odd socks container and make a game with the kids of matching them with the pile from washing day. ReplyCancel

  • Lisa

    I love the large lunch boxes. Cute and functional :) I think my problem is the same as Kristine's. I've been pretty spoiled the last few years because my eldest 2 have taken on many of those preparation tasks, getting themselves out of bed and breakfasted, getting their own lunches. My morning routine isn't great, I think the first step will be not jumping on the computer when I'm having breakfast LOL ReplyCancel

  • Leila

    I am loving the Penny Scallan Wheelie Bag ~ Monsters! Is something i'm sure i'd have to steal from my children for my overnight stays.

    I need most help in organising my mornings with all 4 of my children. I have one in year 6 this year, one in kindergarten, one in preschool and a baby who stays home with me. I'd love to get organised enough to make all the lunches (including hubbies if i can) and have everyone ready to walk out the door on time.

    Thanks for all the help so far in helping me become and organised mum with an organised household! ReplyCancel

  • Olivia Wallace

    hi…I luv all their stuff…I hadnt even heard of them until u posted this!! I hve a boy going into Year 5, a girl starting kindy & the youngest goes to preschool 2days a week…I really luv the bags they are a great size & different to the ordinary ones u can only get from the big shops…The lunch boxes are also a hit with my daughter begging for them for when she starts kindy!! Thanks for all the helpful hints you post…I have been trying to get my very disorganised home organised for a while & with all that you post it has been really great & motivating…My two youngest have had medical problems since birth so things have revolved around dr's, specialists, tests…. etc so now things r slowly getting on track!!! THANK U & keep up all the helpful hints!!!!! ReplyCancel

  • Kristy

    Apple Backpack.

    Getting out the door for pre-school!

    No facebook, sorry.

    Thank you. ReplyCancel

  • KymT

    I love the Girly Bird print bag it would be perfect to pack all my little girls things in for Family Day Care which she starts next week. Also on the website I like the Girly Bird Drawstring bags which I would use for her Dance Class bits and pieces which she starts in a few weeks.

    I need help remembering what to put in her bag, I also seem to forget one item, like her water bottle! So I might make a list of items to go int he back, like your checklist above and laminate it and make a swing tag, attach it to the back so I can double check very quickly that everything is there. This would help Daddy to when he drops her off and I am looking after the new baby and he wouldn't have to ask me something 50 times!

    I am a liker of you on FB :) – Kym Teale ReplyCancel

  • Teresa Curyer

    I absolutely love the simply daisy range as daisies are my favourite flowers and were in my wedding bouquet. My favourite of that range is the overnight bag it is absolutely divine :) ReplyCancel

  • Rachel Bradley

    I'm liking the overnight bags… I have that range of name labels coming for uniforms etc, they are gorgeous.

    I have my oldest starting Prep on the 24th, so it is all a bit exciting for me.. I am all organised for her first day, the only thing that I really need organising is her lunches! trying to find healthy stuff to give her that she will eat.. ReplyCancel

  • Seana

    I love the new design lunch boxes with the spot for drink bottles, and I LOVE ALL the designs! The things I need the most help organizing before school goes back are school lunches (my son is fussy and is not a fan of sandwiches or fruit… when I do find a winning combo thats is healthy enough for me and tasty for him he gets "sick" of it so I need variety too) and school night dinners things that leave me free enough to help with homework and bath time! ReplyCancel

  • Michelle

    I love the Penny Scallan Overnight Bag ~ Navy Star.

    As far as helping with back to school – I find the first couple of weeks stressful juggling all the after school activities that start back too, along with meet the teacher / information nights. Utter chaos for a working mum.



    P.S. Liked on FB too :-) ReplyCancel

  • Thanks for a helpful blog from a chronically disorganised person. Do you know, I have admired other peoples apples bag but never knew who made them or where to get them- so thank you for introducing me to Penny Scallons site. I LOVE that apple backpack, actually every single apple thing in her store. Thanks for a great giveaway. ReplyCancel

  • Tracy Williams

    I just love Penny Scallan lunchboxes, the apple and monster designs, with three at school, Gr6, Gr3 and Gr1, I just can't do it but still dream :)

    I love your site, blog and facebook page. I have been trying to organise my house again after working full time for 2 years, I am now part time so I have more time to catch up on all the "stuff" that gathers when you just don't have time to sort it! Plus more time to kiss and hug and stare at the gorgeous children i have! The most difficult thing to organise when going back to school is covering and labelling the school stuff. I try to make them lovely and special so they know which is theirs but now I have THREE lots to do, so I am a bit daunted. Do you have fabulous simple ideas of how to do this? You seem to be so creative and thrifty….. please please please do a blog on this if you have some ideas!!!!


    Tracy :) ReplyCancel

  • Emma Watts

    Yay! I figured out how to leave comments!! I have a 7yo son and 3yo daughter. The 7yo is loving the Navy Star drink bottle and the 3yo has taken a shine to the mini shoppers, which I think is a great idea because then she can carry her own toys around the shops :) Re back-to-school help I'd like new ideas for lunchboxes (things that don't go blah by lunchtime)

    Thanks, Emma ReplyCancel

  • Jo

    Hi – I am loving the Penny S Overnight bags and for my little boy the new car design would be an absolute winner!! I have a 3 year old heading off to Kindy and a 1 year old. Both sleep in until 7:30 or 8am so getting out of the house to be at kindy by 8:45am is going to be our biggest challange esp when Miss 3 does has the words 'quick' and 'fast' in her vocabulary confused with 'slower' and 'procrastinate'. Sorry no FB – am trying to cut down on my own procrastination sources! ReplyCancel

  • Beth Prismall

    My baby is going into grade 2 now, and I am still procrastinating about the book list. I am a part time parent, and this is my first year doing it! So I am an amateur!!

    I AM going to cover them all prettily for her. I am flooded in right now, but she needs a new schoolbag and drinkbottle.

    I LOVE the cupcake range they have. She has the lunchbox because my mum bought it for her. ReplyCancel

  • Alicia Ilievski

    I looove the navy star range for my little boy (2) and the apples for my girl (about to turn 5).

    My girl is starting big school this year! Eeek! I always thought I would be the champagne kids have started school Mum. However as time gets closer the lump in my throat is getting bigger *SOB* *SOB* Not a baby anymore.

    I was wondering if you have a organisation folder or board for all the kids notes, canteen lists etc. I loooove hearing about the way people organise. ReplyCancel

  • Janine

    Hi Kat,

    Loved the Girly bird and simply daisy range. The overnight bags would be great for my girl to take to her after school activities as she thinks she needs her independence these days (so she thinks!!)

    Would love to see some more ideas on lunch box suggestions, but also some after school snacks whilst on the run to sport etc. Easy to pack ideas that are healthy???

    Love your work!! :) ReplyCancel

  • Kerrie M

    Oh no, you want me to choose one!! Okay… Currently, it's the swim bags as I just bought one for my daughter and it is brilliant! As for what I need help with, then it would have to be some great (and different) lunch box ideas! ReplyCancel

  • Jasmine

    Love Penny Scallan Overnight Bag ~ Blue Spot $59.95.

    I find it expensive

    Like FB ReplyCancel

  • Barbara

    Love the overnight bags

    I need another pair of hands

    Like on FB ReplyCancel

  • Shar

    Love the chocolate spot overnight bag! Not only could my daughters (13, 12 and 4) use it, but I'd definitely use it as well.

    Back to school organising – I'm hoping to start meal planning for lunches which means things suitable for me at home (or uni depending on the day), hubby's work lunches, two high schoolers plus kindy or home lunches for my youngest as well.

    Liked on FB ReplyCancel

  • Kristine

    forgot to add, i'm already a Liker on FB :-) ReplyCancel

  • I love the Penny Scallan Stainless Steel Drink Bottles – It is great to see these bottles in such bright child friendly designs.

    As a fulltime working Mum, morning routines are a nightmare for me, I really need to do more of an evening to free up time in the morning. Lunches that can be pre-prepared and waiting to load in the morning would be a winner in my book!!

    I have one son, so the star lunchbox would be marvellous!

    Once I found this wonderful site, I have added it as a "like" on facebook!

    Thank you for putting the time in to this website, and for sharing your wonderful organisational tips. Thanks also for all the wonderful giveaways you share:) ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      that's so sweet Monique, thankyou!! I'm hoping to do a lunch post soon, stay tuned!! ReplyCancel

  • Karen Hancock

    I love the penny scallan wallet set in the super pink girly pattern! They would be so handy for so many uses, popping change in the kids school bags, bits and pieces in my hand bag, even things in the car!

    Hmm the thing i need most help with is myself! I really need to get up and have half an hour on my own in the morning to start getting ready… but i just dont seem to be able to get it done! Oh another thing i need help with is storing all the paper and stuff that comes home from school!

    Thanks so very much for such a fantastic blog, i really enjoy it.

    Oh and i have liked your facebook page.

    Karen ReplyCancel

  • Lani

    What? I only get to tell you ONE favourite Penny Scallan item 😉 It'll have to be the Apple Wine Cooler! Though I do know my Miss 5 would love the Girly Bird Lunch Box for school.

    Like nearly everyone else, I think the hardest thing to organise with going back to school is creative and nutritious lunches.

    Off to like you on FB ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Lani, I'll be doing a lunches post next week, so keep popping back! ReplyCancel

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  • Trish

    I am loving browsing your old posts. Especially since I know you had twins too. Thanks Katrina.ReplyCancel

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