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Chocolate Coconut Custard

I must confess, I’m a little addicted to this chocolate coconut custard.  It’s super easy to make in the thermomix (links to regular recipe included below), a great dessert to make the family, which they all love.  Thankfully, this recipe only makes 5 serves so there is usually no left overs, which I say is […]

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  • Lucy @ Bake Play Smile

    Yum! I am loving my thermomix and have been on the lookout for lots of new recipes. Can’t wait to try this one! :-) ReplyCancel

  • Lauren

    This was delicious!!!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      so glad you liked it Lauren, we have this all the time, might have to find a new flavour!!ReplyCancel

Super Easy Yoghurt Cup icy poles

  It has been so hot here in QLD the past few days and we have done all we can to stay cool.  These heat waves come and go with no warning and there are times when I don’t have any icypoles ready in the fridge. Often I grab some yoghurt tubs, push in a […]

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  • zose designs

    So easy and healthy. We will be making these this week for sure, during the next heatwave in Victoria!ReplyCancel

    • Poor Australia! And of course it’s right at the start of school! These are perfect for after school.ReplyCancel

  • Eva Lavelle

    Brilliant idea!!! So going to put some in the freezer for this weekend….another scorcher here in Tassie too!ReplyCancel

  • angelic_ky

    I wonder if you could do the same with custard tubs (yogo etc). Maybe not as healthy thoReplyCancel

Ham and Corn Muffins

Lunch doesn’t always have to be a sandwich, you can switch it up with a salad, wrap or a savoury muffin.  This is a delicious muffin, especially if you are introducing the kids to the world of savoury muffins.  It’s easy to make and freezeable.  I take them out of the freezer in the morning, […]

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  • Di

    Why does this need sugar?ReplyCancel

  • lindsey

    Hi, I have never heard of creamed corn? Could I just blitz normal corn in food processor? Or add in whole corn?

    • Katrina

      Hi Lindsey, yes just mash some up with a fork or blitz it in the food processor, it will help the dough to stick together :) ReplyCancel

  • lindsey

    Thanks katrina, will try these this weekend. Trying to think of different snacks/lunches for my mr 3. Love your blog lots of great ideas and organising tips :) ReplyCancel

Homemade Shredded Chicken Breast for School Lunchboxes

I love a BBQ Chook bread roll, it’s a quick and easy lunch to make the family.  However they are too expensive to have often and high in fat, but I have found an alternative.  I purchase a kilogram of chicken breast (it’s cheaper from the supermarket deli than packaged in the meat section), poach […]

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How to Pack a Healthy Lunchbox

This is a guest post by Mona author of The Lunchbox Revolution The school lunchbox is one of the hottest topics when it comes time to get the kids organised to go back to school.  My goal is to take some of the stress out of your morning rush and help you pack a lunch […]

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  • Deb Horne

    The lunch ideas look great! I also love the idea of sorting lunch out on the Sunday WITH the kids :) ReplyCancel

  • meandmyreadymadefamily

    I am so glad you did this guest post! They are some great ideas to involve kids in packing their lunches. Because lets face it. If they don’t have a say they probably won’t eat them!!ReplyCancel

    • It’s amazing what kids will do if they can be involved in the process!ReplyCancel

  • […] The Organised Housewife with some tips for packing a healthy lunchbox. […]ReplyCancel

  • Rachel

    Some solid and useful information, thank you.
    I’m going to be a little controversial here. Let me begin by saying I have every respect for parents who go to the time and expense of investing in wholesome food and quality containers etc I have put 3 step children through the school routine and still have my youngest 3 in school. It is my experience that particularly where money is tight it is better to feed them well at home where you know how much they really eat. The 4 pm snack attack is a great time to “dose them up” on fruit/ veg and wholefoods. Sending them to school with brown rice is ok if you know they love it, however if they are unsure their peers will be happy to tell them it is “yuck” etc. “Sweet” treats – Favourite fruits
    “savoury” nibbles – crackers, cheese, dips, sandwiches, wraps, muffins.
    Presentation is important, what will it look like after it is shaken, tipped upside down, exposed to temperature variations etc. Is it going to be safe to eat?
    Is that $10 container going to go missing in week one? Sometimes a “disposable” water bottle with stickers to personalize it outlasts and out wins against the $15 brand name one. Is it cute for them, or you?
    Just some things to think about :) ReplyCancel

Tomato, spinach & cashew dip

This tomato, spinach & cashew dip is my absolute favourite dip of the moment.  It’s so flavoursome and a really lovely snack when you are feeling a little bit peckish for something savoury.  I usually make sure I have some homemade dip in the fridge especially for those moments around 4pm when I’m feeling a […]

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Thermomix Pink Lemonade

We have been having a great play with the Thermomix over the school holidays, making loads of smoothies, desserts, dinners and we made homemade lemonade.  Usually when we go out to dinner we get the kids a jug of ‘pink’ lemonade, they love it, so I used some raspberries for some added colour to our […]

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  • Kate

    Yum!! That sounds delicious! I’m going to make some this weekend!ReplyCancel

  • KP

    do you think I could do it in the blender, without a Thermomix? Ingredients would be the same, wouldn’t they?ReplyCancel

  • SuzC

    4 and 2 year old not so keen on this as lemonade (we used soda stream water, maybe that was the difference) BUT I halved the amount of soda water and made the most delicious icypoles. They love them! Thanks for the inspiration :-) ReplyCancel

Kid Friendly Green Smoothie

I make the kids and I fruit juice in my thermomix nearly every second day, we love it, so refreshing, tasty and really healthy.  I have been wanting to try a green smoothie for a while now but have been worried that I wouldn’t enjoy it.  We had family stay with us over Christmas and […]

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  • Thanks for sharing lovely Kat! And I am definitely inspired to try and get my little one to try (and LIKE) a green smoothie. As you say, when it comes to veggies, we have to persist!ReplyCancel

  • […] have been having a great play with the Thermomix over the school holidays, making loads of smoothies, desserts, dinners and we made homemade lemonade.  Usually when we go out to dinner we get the […]ReplyCancel

  • Sarah

    I cut, wash and freeze spinach, kale or whichever greens I buy, in zip lock bags, peel, chop and freeze bananas and keep a bag of frozen mixed berries in the freezer.
    Each morning I simply pour into my blender 500ml orange juice and 250ml almond milk, two large handfuls of greens (I started with a smaller amount, and have worked my way up!) and mix. Then add a handful of berries and half a handful of banana and a teaspoon of vital greens powder and mix again.

    Very, very quick and very, very easy. It blends to a lovely dark reddish-purple colour and my 4.5 year old will drink as much as me. Having trouble getting my 3 year old to even look at it but maybe one day! I can’t believe how flat I feel if I don’t have a smoothie now- I particularly missed my blender when on holidays!ReplyCancel

  • […] and passed the glass back each time, it was far too sweet.  Now all I drink is water, coffee or homemade juice, I don’t feel the need for anything more.  I am truly proud of myself for quitting Coke and […]ReplyCancel