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In June 2013 I had Gastric Sleeve Surgery, it was a huge decision to make which you can read more about here.   This is absolutely the best choice I made for a healthier me and I have no regrets.  However, I have had a few hurdles after my surgery, it’s certainly not the easy option […]

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  • Elizabeth

    It will be one year next Tuesday since I was sleeved, and I have to say, yes, yes, YES!! Pretty much everything you wrote is absolutely spot on, right down to chocolate, except for me, I can’t eat it because it tastes like hot vomit.

    I’ve lost 62 kg so far, with about 20 or so to go. Have had a four month stall (well, sort of, I’d be + or – 4 kg), but since heading off on holidays a couple of weeks ago, I’ve somehow managed to drop 6 kg in that time! I think for me, it was the shakeup in what I was eating, definitely a lot of different things than the usual!

    I wouldn’t change my decision for anything. It was the best thing for my family, and the best thing for me.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      So glad to hear somebody else has stalled too, this has been unexpected, mine has been since January, I am starting an 8 week challenge this week, upping my exercise routine and completely changing my diet. Hopefully with what you mention above this will work! Congratulations on an amazing loss of 62kg!ReplyCancel

    • michelle

      hi, i had my sleeve done 5 weeks ago now and im still finding eating really hard,i get sick at least 3 times aday[i dont over eat or drink]i know it will get better im really happy i had it done and ive lost alomst 2 stone as well i did lose 8 stone myself before i had the op[i lost the weight in 10 months so i wasnt over big when i had it done]i wouldnt go back and not have it done,ReplyCancel

      • Lekisha Counts

        Hi, i had the surgery around 3 or so weeks ago.i feel horrible on n off. However, im starting to feel better more than i feel worse. Someimes im aok but i have experienced severe bac pain and it feel like im the only one. I can only eat two to two n a half of bites or spoons of anything.i try to bite every bite 25-30 times n it still is not enough. Sometimes i might forget but im human! The food often gets stuck at the top of my throat. Then i feel like i im having shortness of breath n can hardly breathe so…i then feel as though i must drink to help it go down n i end up feeling sick n nauseated.Please help any suggestions!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Limpus

    I was sleeved 0n 24th June 2013. Something that has changed my life and I would do it all again in a heart beat. LOVE LOVE LOVE my sleeve and everything you have written is spot on. I was 130kg’s my go weight was 80 and lucky for me I smashed that and now weigh 62kilo’s ????????????. Best decision I ever made as so happy to be around and be able to run with my kids xoxoxReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Wow Lisa that is AMAZING to be at 62, what did you do to lose those last few KG, did you have a plateau?ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Limpus

    I was sleeved 0n 24th June 2013. Something that has changed my life and I would do it all again in a heart beat. LOVE LOVE LOVE my sleeve and everything you have written is spot on. I was 130kg’s my go weight was 80 and lucky for me I smashed that and now weigh 62kilo’s ????????????. Best decision I ever made as so happy to be around and be able to run with my kids xoxoxReplyCancel

  • Janice

    I am 3 years now since sleeved it has also changed my life You have covered everything to a tea. My journey is eacactly the same and I would not have changed a thing. i drink herbal tea and have found I loved to make a jug of ginger and lemon and leave that on the bench and sip that through the day I have taken to making a nutriblast and drinking that through the day as my snack getting my extra vitamins rather than take tablets It took a year for my hair to grow back
    I also am a cheap date and will often leave more than half of the meal but have learned that it is the social rather than the food that is the main enjoyment
    Don’t get me started on the snide comments Oh you did it the easy way Grrr
    When asked now how i lost my weight I Just say A lot of hard work you now because it was. Congrats on your achievements My daughter The Plumbette was really inspired by your talk at problogger and you are such an inspiration.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Janice, ooh Rebecca is so lovely, I wish I had more time to spend chatting with her. I hear you when people say it’s the easy way, it makes me angry, because it’s not easy, it’s very emotional and I didn’t just have the surgery and that was it, I have added in so much exercise and strength training and watched my diet, it assisted yes, but we still work very very hard. I should switch my coffee’s to tea but have never been a tea drinker, can’t really stand the smell. Glad to hear your hair has grown back, I can’t wait till mine is the length that I can put it back in a hair tie.ReplyCancel

      • JoJo

        I was never a tea drinker – it’s a matter of finding the right one. I suggest you try Lotus Peak White Tea from the supermarket. It’s fruitier and without the tea smell. I drink it black, but my coffee white ( I thought I would drink tea with milk and never liked it, but tried without milk and vola!!) I add like 10 grains of sugar (my coffee is sugar free though – weird). 10 grains of sugar and no more – another weird. Even the peach and mango tea is delicious. A great one to make and put in the fridge for an iced tea later in the day.. I’m a converted tea drinker. Funny.ReplyCancel

  • Kat, it’s so good of you to put your experience out there for other people and from the times I’ve seen you this year, you’re really looking fabulous. Keep up the great work. XxReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Thank you Eva and feeling so good too! I just wanted to share that it’s so much more than having surgery and losing weight, hopefully this will help those thinking about having it or those with loved ones that are going through it. :)ReplyCancel

  • Sophie

    I am three years post gastric sleeve surgery and still not at my goal weight, however I really wasn’t doing much to lose the last 10kg until recently. I too have tuckshop arms and an apron tummy and want surgery to remove it when I reach my goal weight. I’m worried about the massive scars though. I also lost a lot of hair which didn’t grow back until my diet became very high in lean protein, fruit and blveg. I’ve lost 50kg and had a second baby since the surgery. I’ve never regretted it but the first year was tough.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Sophie I’ve heard, but not certain that they can do the tuckshop arms now without many scars, interesting!! That’s good to know about the hair and increasing protein. I hope you are able to lose the last 10kg!!ReplyCancel

      • Elizabeth

        I’ve seen some absolutely amazing results with the tuckshop arms (or in my case, batwings!) The scarring is almost non existent!ReplyCancel

  • Karen

    I’m having my sleeve on 15 November at Westmead in Sydney. I’ve followed your journey Katrina, along with a couple of friends who have also been sleeved. I can’t wait to begin my weight loss journey. Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Very exciting for you Karen, wishing you all the best for the surgery, all I can suggest in the lead up is to not over indulge before you start your shakes, you will be able to eat whatever you want after the surgery, just in time.ReplyCancel

  • The older we get the harder it is to shift those stubborn kilos, Once I hit 40, it has just been so hard!!! I think you look great Katrina and well done to you :)ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Thank you Mandy, feeling so much healthier and look forward to more years with my family xReplyCancel

  • Michelle fiorillo

    Good on you for sharing, I too have had the surgery and cannot explain how much better for it I feel. I still have a way to go with what I want to lose, but am determined to get there :)ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      You will get there, it’s possible, determination is an awesome key to achieving it xReplyCancel

  • Nicole - New sleever

    I’m 8 days post op and so far loving my my new lease on life. So great to read this – thank you ????ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hope it helps you Nicole with the journey you have ahead. Do you have something on hand that will help you puree your foods?ReplyCancel

    • helen cross

      Hey Nicole,
      I have loved reading Katrina,s blog and have found jt very infotmative and encouraging. I am having sleeve done on 11th Jan andcam now on pre diet to reduce my liver, i am paranoid that i will not reduce it enough and they wont be able to do op ahhhh.
      Have you just had soups and yogurts in the last 8 days? I got a nutri bullit for xmas and am enjoying tge fruit blasts. Good luck with your continued journey

    • helen cross

      Hey Nicole,
      I have loved reading Katrina,s blog and have found jt very infotmative and encouraging. I am having sleeve done on 11th Jan andcam now on pre diet to reduce my liver, i am paranoid that i will not reduce it enough and they wont be able to do op ahhhh.
      Have you just had soups and yogurts in the last 8 days? I got a nutri bullit for xmas and am enjoying tge fruit blasts. Good luck with your continued journey

  • Theodora

    Thank You for publishing this article. I cant tell you how much this means to me right now. Im booked in to get this procedure done in late November and im very nervous. Your honesty is what i needed
    to hear. Upon turning 40 i swore that i was going to make changes and now turning 50 next month im 7 kilos heavier than i was then.
    Ive had it. Now after reading this im excited and my future.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      You should be excited Theodora, don’t be nervous all the wonderful changes and improved health outway everything else. I’ve mentioned above to another, one thing that I forgot to mention in the post is don’t eat like your on death row before the shakes (I did and put on weight). You WILL be able to what you want eventually, but you may not feel like it either, like I don’t feel like chocolate anymore. Wishing you all the best in your journey.ReplyCancel

    • Lynelle

      Hi Theodora, I too am having surgery on the 24th Nov. I am also getting very excited and a little nervous. But I’m 66 and a bit worried I’ve left it a bit late. But anyhow I am determined to get my weight under control for once in my life. I have struggled for my whole life being the fat one so at last hopefully I’m conquer it. I have a hyateis Hernia and stones in gall bladder so getting them all done at once.ReplyCancel

  • This was a fascinating insight, thank you so much for sharing, Kat. Can’t wait to see you reach your goal!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      And I will Stace, I’m determined to not sit with this extra 10kg. Went hard at bootcamp yesterday, feeling it today, but it’s a good feeling!ReplyCancel

      • linda

        I am having a hard time one month post op and realize I have been doing everything wrong and need help and guidanceReplyCancel

        • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

          Hi Linda, I am so sorry I am only just seeing this now, how are you feeling now?ReplyCancel

  • Wow! You truly are an inspiration Kat! Good on you for first of all, making such a life changing decision for yourself and your family and for also sharing your journey with others.
    You always look beautiful whenever I see you and I have the upmost respect for all of the hard work you have had to put in!
    I might add that you are absolutely beautiful on the inside too!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Shuck Jenni, you are making me blush, thank you so much lovely. I am feeling so much healthier and learning to love myself a little more and really enjoying dressing up more!ReplyCancel

  • Janelle

    Congratulations to you Katrina. My husband had this surgery in 2010 and lost about 50kg (at best). He has put on some since then but is still much healthier weight. It was the BEST action and outcome for him. He would agree with all your comments, though there would be some minor differences in his case (bound to be some individual variations).
    When we eat out, with family/friends they are getting used to him not ordering at all (just asks for an empty plate). He then passes his plate around the table and gets a small taste of everyone’s meal. He loves that he can still eat any food he wants, just in much smaller portions. So he enjoys a taste of several dishes from the menu. We find buffet style restaurants no longer value for money, as he can’t eat as much (and they won’t charge him for a child’s meal!).
    He tries to focus on eating protein, which fills him quicker, but I make sure he gets some vegies as well as meat. He avoids pasta & bread as he finds these fill him up too much. He snacks on nuts (protein) and has several small meals like you.
    It was definitely the best decision for him.
    Keep striving to reach your goal Kat. You can do it!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Janelle, I love that idea of passing the plate around and trying everybodies, might try that next time. I hear you about buffets, I tried once asking if I can go in as a child and they laughed at me, was very embarrassing, but they just didn’t understand the little I can eat. I hear you with the pasta, I love fried rice, but can’t eat it, rice fills me up far too quickly, I am best to stay away from it. Thank you for sharing your husbands journey xReplyCancel

  • Jess

    It’s great to read others stories on how well their sleeved surgery has gone. I was sleeved on the 25th July 2014 and 14 weeks post op I’m still having trouble keeping foods down. I’m getting quite worried that I only can have 2 t spoon full of egg before I vomite it back up. I have 1/4 of a sandwich no crust and I vomit back up. This is happening quite often. Can’t eat chicken can’t eat meat all comes back up. Is anyone else having this trouble. I’m booked in next Monday for an endoscopy to see if there’s any reason why this is surgeon was great but feel like there’s no after care and he keeps telling me to eat slowly. He foesnt understand that I am eating slowly and I’m vomiting after 2 small mouthfuls
    It would be great to hear from anyone with the same issues
    Thanks JessReplyCancel

    • Kellie

      Hi Jess – i’m in the same boat as you. I’m over six month post op and still struggle with most foods and vomit regularly when my body rejects food. Chicken, eggs and red meat seem to be the worst for me, it took me about 5 months to eat chicken and keep it down… I have no idea why it happens! Like you, i’m eating slowly, not drinking with meals, but it doesnt seem to help. I find that if I eat while doing other things and dont focus on the food, I do better… if I sit down and try to eat, that’s when I get sick. Maybe because i’ve been vomiting so much, its now becoming a mental issue (ie fear of food) and my body is stressing out? Who knows!
      Good luck!ReplyCancel

    • Suzy

      Vomitting isn’t normal and needs to be discussed with your surgeon, could be a simple stricture that’s fixable through endo.ReplyCancel

    • michelle

      Hi,i had my sleeve done on the 31st madch 2015 and im still being sick after eating some meals[very small meals as well and once i start getting sick i find it hard to stop as well]im just hoping it will get better i dont always get sick but most of the time its the evening mealReplyCancel

  • Kellie

    I had a sleeve in March this year and have lost about 30kg with 5kg to go. I’m still struggling alot with food – i can only eat very small amounts (about 3 mouthfuls per meal) and only moist/stew/casserole type foods… anything dry, forget it!
    Like you, my tastebuds have totally changed and sweet foods dont have the same appeal. My hair is also falling out (who can remember vitamins every day?!?) but its slowly getting better.
    Overall, i’m happy with the sleeve but would hesitate before recommending it to people, especially if they think its going to be a quick, easy weightloss option. From the experience I have had, there has been nothing easy about it!ReplyCancel

  • jim

    how much did it cost i need to loose 50kg so i can have heart sugeryReplyCancel

    • bess

      It can cost up to $8k but you can access your superannuation to pay for it.ReplyCancel

      • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

        My surgeon is no longer taking on patients using their super to pay for it, only private health fund. Not entirely sure why, but they told me about this policy only just recently when I was enquiring for a friend.ReplyCancel

    • kellstar

      There is a dr at gold coast who does it for no gap just have to be insured .pay excess and $500 for anaethiesists and scans.thats it. I’m getting mine done in 3weeks. He’s highly recommend!ReplyCancel

  • Courtney

    I had my sleeve done is feb of 2013 and have lost 65Kg I have just booked to have my Tummy tucked next April to finish off my weight loss process it truly was the best thing I have ever done. Just need to take my vitamins more often hahaReplyCancel

  • Cheryl

    Hi Katrina
    I read this simply because I read your blog and I was curious, not because I’ve been through it.

    I just wanted to congratulate you on how well you’ve done so far, and what a truly lovely photo that last photo is of you with your girls.ReplyCancel

  • Cathy

    If I may ask… How much was it? I have been thinking about it and wondered if part of it be covered by health insurance … You look awesome btw xReplyCancel

  • Shannon

    I will be having the surgery in January. I have about 62kg to lose. Thank you for sharing your journey.ReplyCancel

  • Samantha

    I had the surgery last year December it was the hardest thing my family and i went through.I had major complications which left me in coma for two weeks and in hospital for three months. I am very lucky to be sitting here right now.At 24 years old i was 130kg and have lost 38kg. Although i have lost the weight it was a very tough time in my life. All the best for everyone doing the procedure :)ReplyCancel

    • beth

      Hi Samantha,

      My goodness 2 weeks in a coma! 3 months in hospital! Do u mind if I ask what the complications were? Im 26 and will be having the surgery the end of this year.ReplyCancel

    • Sandy

      Hi Samantha
      Who was your surgeon please ???
      I’m looking at having it soon but tossing between 3 surgeons
      Mr Justin Greenslade mr Gregory Nolan or Dr Abid
      All based on the Gold Coast or Brisbane
      But so had to decide as well as is it worth it or get a personal trainer that works you hard ????

      It’s so hard to know what’s the best for you …

      I hate the thought of hairless and so many people say how wonderful it is but I love a long lunch drinking of course with mates but worry if I can’t drink with them
      By problem isn’t the long lunches its the size of my meals now and no exersie
      I would love some feed back

      Thanks in advanceReplyCancel

  • Nicole

    Hi just read your article as it’s something my GP has mentioned to me to consider. My question is around pain, uncomfortableness, what could you physically not do for awhile after the surgery?
    I am a single mum with a 2 year old and little support so I’m a bit worried about how I’ll be after the surgery. I could get some help for a few days but it wouldn’t be all day or for long
    Thanks so muchReplyCancel

  • Lou

    i had a lapband with placating in June this year. The picaro on part is basically a reversible sleeve, the stomach is folded and stitched rather than cut and removed. I have lost 23kg in 4 months and I am so happy I made the choice to do this. I still have 20kg to go but it’s only a matter of time until that comes off. I feel like a million dollars. I have had more vomitting episodes than a sleever but still not that many. I hit my green zone 4 weeks ago, I know exactly how much I can eat, how much I need to chew, drink and bite size and it’s really just second nature now.ReplyCancel

  • Lou

    plication, not placating. Got to love auto correct:)ReplyCancel

  • Amanda

    Hello….I have 40 kg to loose….and at age 42 have found this very hard to do. How did you all start the process of surgery?ReplyCancel

    • Rocco

      Hi Amanda. I had my Gastric Sleeve surgery on 24 October 2014. It was the best decision I’ve made. I wrote down in my blog: You can check it out and hopefully it will help. Good luck.ReplyCancel

  • Leah

    I was wondering if spending the similar amount of money on a trainer, psychologist and nutritionist might have achieved the weight loss in a more holistic manner. Cutting 2/3 of your stomach away might not be dealing with the reason why overeating was occurring in the first place.ReplyCancel

  • Anne

    Hi there, I was sleeved 3 weeks ago, lost 9kgs in that short time now I’ve plateaued, is that right? Im assuming my body is in shock, I’m doing everything right as far little meals 5 times a day, but just isn’t budging??? Can someone tell me how to get moving again?ReplyCancel

  • Liz

    Hi, I had my sleeve done in March 2013. I plateaued so many times for months on end. I have lost 30kg. I haven’t exercised. I have about 10kg to go to get to the doctors weight goal. I would love to get another 5-10kg off after that goal. I’m going to start exercising. Tuckshop arms/bingo wings are all part of the package. I get embarrassed when I wave to people because my whole arm waves at them, but at the same time I’m proud that I’ve lost enough weight to have bingo wings :) I went off chocolate after my surgery too, but sadly I love it again. I just don’t and can’t eat a whole block like I used too. A few squares here & there are enough to satisfy the craving. I am starting a daily exercise plan to do along with my kids to get them up & moving too. I want to feel fit in my new body, and also be a good example to my children. Thanks for sharing your story Katrina. I have had friends who have had this surgery and have hidden it from people because they are embarrassed about it. I told everyone. What’s the point of keeping it a secret. I don’t care if anyone thinks I’ve taken the easy way out. It’s nowhere near being an easy way out. My surgery was a bad experience. I ended up needing a second surgery that same night because my abdomen was full of blood. I ended up staying in hospital for 7 days instead of 3. My blood pressure dropped dangerously low & the oxygen levels in my blood were always too low as well. But after all the lows, it’s the best decision I’ve made for myself.ReplyCancel

  • Anon

    Wow, reading all these comments makes me think my surgeon seriously stuffed up.

    I am 3 years out and only 8kg down from surgery day. I can eat atleast 2 full sandwiches in a sitting, am hungry all the time, no difference in taste at all. I am still 93.5kg :(
    Its taking a huge toll on my mental health nowReplyCancel

    • OMG

      ANON – I am so sorry for you – my heart bleeds for you – I have just been reading everybodys stories and felt inclined to reply to some of them until I came to yours. WOW. There is no way you should have ever been able to be eating that amount of food at any time. Even 3 years after surgery. I am almost 2 years after surgery and can only eat half a sandwich. 60 kilo loss. I don’t know how old this posting is so I hope you have seen your surgeon and insisted on some sort of ultra sound or scan to see how big your stomach actually is. This would then prove that he or she stuffed up and did not take enough. If you haven’t seen your surgeon – do so – get scans or whatever you need to do and find out what happened. Good luckReplyCancel

  • kate

    Thank you for your story. I am considering this. I just had not read a personal story before, mainly off the websites advertising this. Reading this has reaffirmed how I want this. I have to remember that we eat to live, not live to eat. Thank you again for your honesty.ReplyCancel

  • Roslyn Woodhouse

    gee, isn’t it great how people think they can have an opinion on your weightloss- in reference to the people telling you you did it the ‘easy way’

    i’m having the exact opposite problem, with friends and family telling me i should have the surgery and when i say ‘i don’t think it’s the right answer for me’ they say ‘why, don’t you want to lose weight’

    each of us have our own journey to go through. good on you for being brave enough to not only go on yours, but to share it with us. i am attending oa meetings- a 12 step program to help me deal with food addiction, and have cut sugar out of my diet because it was my main trigger food,along with a calorie controlled diet. i wish you all the best.ReplyCancel

  • Margaret Wyatt

    i had the surgry 4yrs ago my doctor told me if I have a optifast meal replacement once a day I will never need a vitamin, so for breakfast every day I have a shake and a piece of fruit and I have never had an issue, I do no that it is hard to get the last bit off and you can still put weight on if you do not do the right thing but I also have no regretsReplyCancel

  • Suzy

    Just thought I’d post a message here too to show there is another side to the surgery. It’s great when it goes well but the risks are huge, tho admittedly rare. I’ve had complication after complication and more than two years down the track I’m still back in hospital facing yet another surgery with a tube up my nose. I recommend the surgery as have seen so many successes, but it isn’t easy and if you pull the short straw like me, it’s a living hell that’s impossible to describe. Hope your story continues to go well, and all those who follow in your footsteps.ReplyCancel

    • Sandy

      My heart goes out to you Suzy
      What happened ??
      And hope you will be fixed soon and look back at it as just another experience in lifeReplyCancel

  • Mary

    Suzy. My husband is having surgery next week in Mexico and I’m very nervous about it. What were the complications that I should be aware of?ReplyCancel

  • Michelle

    Hi there, thank you so much for sharing your story. After many attempts and over many years at losing weight and succeeding then piling it all back on ‘with interest’, my GP has recommended I consider having the gastrectomy. I have watched numerous Youtube clips and read through and watched volumes of videos and testimonies and find the general consensus to have gastrectomy is ‘highly recommended’. I have spoken with three colleagues at work who also have had the sleeve done and they all look absolutely amazing. I am still a little nervous, however feel I have enough information to support my decision. It is far more helpful when you read testimonies of other Australians (especially when they too are on the Gold Coast) having the sleeve rather than Americans all the time so thanks again.ReplyCancel

  • Thank you for sharing this post. I accidentally found your blog and I totally loved it. I had my sleeve on 24 October 2014 and I am now in my 4th week. Reading your blog was inspiring. And I mentioned about you in my blog, hope you don’t mind. My blog about Gastric Sleeve is Again, thank you :)ReplyCancel

  • Great article. Thank you for sharing this to us.ReplyCancel

  • Kate - Kat's Assistant

    Ooh thank you Melinda! Wow you are doing so well! I will be sure to have a ead of your website xReplyCancel

  • Karinka

    Hi I’m booked for my sleeve aug 31 2015. Ive had 2 failed gastric bands ( just never worked well) I’m 52 yrs 4 children, 111kg and a yoyo dieter. I’ve not exercised for years. I used to run. I have 2 nursing jobs and my own business- I’m always busy. I’m a shocking eater- don’t eat big meals but I’m a smackers esp in the pm as I don’t sleep well ( it’s 2am now and I’m up at 7) I’m so sick of the yo yo- ing and the weight worry consumes me constantly. This might sound silly but I’m so frightened I won’t be able to eat enough and get too thin yet I want to lose weight permanently. My children keep saying I’ve done it before myself so I can do it again . I feel so anxious and tired of it all.ReplyCancel

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  • Kristy

    Thank you for sharing your story it sounds like it has been a roller coaster ride for you. I was wondering if you’ve been checked for food intolerances? I know that wheat and corn have had an effect on me and it might just be something to consider if the last few kilos are getting hard to shift. A good nutritionist or kinesiologist would be able to help. Good luck :)ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      I have spoken to my dietician about my food intake, thankfully my hair has grown back and is now looking really healthy. I am going to book into a naturopath, which should be really interesting :)ReplyCancel

  • Christine Day

    Hi Katrina,
    Thanks for this very timely post. I am 63, use a wheeled walker so exercise is very restricted also due to various medical problems. I am booked in to have gastric sleeve surgery on 17th September. I am quite excited at the prospect but the thought of of it all is also a bit scary. Such a huge lifestyle change is ahead. We go out for dinner as entertainment so am realising that I won’t be able to enjoy the large portions I have been ordering and eating with gusto! I think I have been overcompensating the last few weeks as I seem to have put on more weight because I have been indulging more than usual, probably knowing it’s all coming to an end soon. Also alcohol is a big downfall for me, I really do enjoy my wine!! My doctor and his related professionals helping with the surgery have been excellent, however no one has yet mentioned hair loss. However after a particularly traumatic operations many years age I did lose some hair so now I will really make sure to eat protein and take the vitamins as ordered. Thanks again Katrina.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Christine, wishing you all the best for your surgery. I did exactly the same, eating too much before the surgery and put on some weight, but… whilst you won’t be eating as much you will be eating a different type of normally soon enough. It’s all in the mindset :)ReplyCancel

  • Susan

    I had this done at the end of June last year. Without a doubt the best thing i have ever done (with the exception of having my son)
    Before surgery I was 108.5 kg, today I am 71.3. I have energy which I never had before. I have clothes choices which i never had before! (Was size 20 now size 12/14 – still have big boobs!!). I did not have any hair loss, but i did have the bad breath for a while when ketosis kicked in, which is normal with major calorie restriction, and it was easily managed and eventually went away. Unfortunately my sweet tooth only vanished temporarily but due to the fact my tummy is so small i can’t overdo things anymore so as long as i balance my diet it’s okay. I am saving to have abdominoplasty for my excess tummy skin but in the meantime spanx is my friend! If yoy have a family history of obesity, and have tried for years unsuccessfully to lose weight, yo-yo ing on diets, losing and regaining, or find yourself, like i did, slowly but surely eating myself to death, i would highly recommend you consider this procedure. You can’t do it till you are mentally ready so take your time, do your research, see multiple weight loss surgeons till you find the right one for you, and if you are sure it’s for you, go for it!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      thank you for sharing your story susan, you have done so well!!ReplyCancel

    • Lou

      Hi Susan,
      I’m a band girl, who has so much trouble with texture.
      I chew meat a spit it out.
      I’m seriously thinking about a sleeve but want to find out if texture of food is an issue.
      Would love to hear your thought.

  • Bess

    Hi katrina,

    I had my sleeve op done last September. I’ve began plateauing at about 30kg lost. That was 10kg ago and it’s taken me months to lose it. The first 30kg just seem to drop off. I’m 5 kg from goal weight but 10-15 from where I’d ideally like to be. Is it normal that during winter, I’ve been more peckish? Will I find it easier to get back on track once the warmer weather starts? I’m so so scared of putting on the weight again. Everyone says how amazing I look and I do feel great but am beating myself up about chocolate and being peckish. Look forward to your comments/advice.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Bess, I have put on a little bit of weight and have not lost anything for over 18 months, I will post about it soon. I too am not close to goal weight but my surgeon is happy where I am at. Yes over time you will find that you are grazing and eating more, try to stick to the right portion sizes as you don’t want your stomach to stretch.ReplyCancel

  • pam Tanner

    Have you suffered with low iron and muscle soreness. I am 15 months post op. I am currently dragging myself around.ReplyCancel

  • Thanks for this very timely post.ReplyCancel

  • hi guys, what do u think about gastric sleeve in Mexico?
    any advice?ReplyCancel

    • Mark S

      Why, do you need a holiday? Should a complication occur (heaven forbid) could you afford an extended stay remembering that most travel insurers won’t cover for planned medical or post-op events. We have some of the best medicos in the world so have the holiday then the Op here, or the other way around but you will have a different view to eating.ReplyCancel

  • Joe

    can anyone qualify for a sleeve?ReplyCancel

  • Liz

    January 2016 – I have my appointment with the surgeon on the 20th! I am so excited to get started! Thank you all the informationReplyCancel

  • Liz

    January 2016 – I have my appointment with the surgeon on the 20th! I am so excited to get started! Thank you all the information.ReplyCancel

  • naomi r

    i visited the surgean today. have been waiting since april 2015 for private health to kick in. am booked for gastric sleeve 6 april 16 in Canberra. thankyou for your blog and everyones comments. i am 44 in may and weigh 136 kg…9 weeks and countingReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      that’s great to hear Naomi, wishing you all the best with your journey, happy to answer any questions you have xReplyCancel

  • Mark S

    Long story condensed, Banded in 2011 and lost 50kg and then the band slipped(2013). New Years eve Air Ambulance to Newcastle for re-adjustment. Lost 10kg more then Wife and I when on world site seeing/sporting trip. (Proud to say 2013 World No1 & 2 respectfully). Many problems and bouts of weight gains over the last 2 yrs (+15kg) with little exercise due to injury and 60yrs of age. Seriously looking at Sleeve, but firstly band has to be removed then 3 months recovery followed by the sleeve surgery. Then it all starts again with the dieting. Seems as though I only eat salads now but a FULL block of Cadburys (other health food group) is not out of the question. I need option for very limited exercise. And this seems to next best option. Wonderful to read the success stories but seriously you all need to outline to other readers just how much HARD work it is too maintain that constant watch on the intact of types and quantities of food. Lifestyle change is a polite PC way of saying, your in for a major overhaul to your psyche and it will definitely affect those around you. Would be most happy to hear from anyone who has done the transition from band to sleeve. Anyone thinking of Banding, remember the constant band adjustments/consults. I live on a remote farm and travel is a pain. 2 days for a turn around appointment @ $200+ in fuel. It is reversible but the sleeve seems vastly more convenient. Any commentsReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      I hope somebody maybe able to help you with their experience Mark, I know my surgeon will not do the band, when he did mine he only recommended the sleeve, now he recommends bypass rather than the sleeve.ReplyCancel

I have just celebrated one year of not drinking any softdrink!!  I was addicted to Coke, I could easily of had between 2-4 cans a day. I have had a sip or two in this time of lemonade and I twisted my face and passed the glass back each time, it was far too sweet.  Now […]

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  • Julie Mell

    You look fabulous ReplyCancel

  • Andy Painter

    I gave up coffee. I loved coffee but even the smell of it made me start to feel ill so I guess the body was guiding me. Keep up your excellent work!ReplyCancel

  • Hayley Kruger Gradwell

    I think you’re really Awesome!!!

  • Nina

    Hun, do not cut your fat intake. In order to lose more weight you need to eat more fat and cut bread, pasta, rice and potatoes altogether.

    Your exercise regime looks fine providing you get enough low paced cardio. Unbalanced ratio of high and low paced exercise can cause your weight to plateau.

    Try these and you will succeed!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Thank you for the tip Nina, I’ll look into that. I can’t eat a lot of rice and pasta, fills me up too quickly, so that will be an easy area to cut out!ReplyCancel

  • Julia K

    Oh Katrina – that is just a stunning photo of you. You’re smiling with your whole face. What a year you have had – congratulations !ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Naw thank you Julia, yes my dimples have come back too, they have been hiding for a few years!!ReplyCancel

  • Belinda

    Love the photo, you’re gorgeous.

    Good for you in kicking the soft drink. I never used to drink it but I do much more now than I ever did before. I think I will need to use you as inspiration!

    I love your blogs & really enjoy reading your email each morning. ThanksReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      It was hard to mentally make the change Belinda, but what helped was knowing I am making a better choice for my body and future health. Create an alternative while you are giving it up, when you usually had a glass of softdrink change it to something else, I used sugar free cordial for a while, now it’s just plain water. It’s a good idea to not have it in the fridge or house at all, so there is no temptation. But the whole family on a detox until you are at the point that you know you don’t want it.ReplyCancel

  • Peta Sladden

    Congratulations on giving up coke. I have to admit I’m not the best eater but really don’t eat all that much. It is my addiction to cola soft drink that has put and kept the weight on. I found that when I drank more coffee I lost 11kg in four months and I am hoping that I will be able to cut down on the soft drink even more over winter as I will drink more coffee. Now my size doesn’t bother me but I would like to be healthier. So I do know how hard the addiction to coke is and hopefully this time next year my addiction to it will be gone. Thank you for making me remember it is possible.ReplyCancel

  • Ashley Middleton Longstaff

    I think you have done amazing Kat. Have just sent you an email with an idea that might help. ReplyCancel

  • Yibba Yabba Mama

    Well done! I am so glad you are sharing your journey, it may just be the thing to inspire someone else to transform themselves to a healthy new person. Don’t be disappointed by the plateau….you look so great and so happy…what more could a woman want? ReplyCancel

  • Silvia Llorens Colongues

    To remember to take the vitamins, what I do is place them inside the Breakfast cupboard. I have a cupboard just on top of the coffee machine so in the mornings I go straight there and make coffee. I have the coffee, sweetener, jams, honey, tea, cereals, etc. All that we need to start preparing breakfast. So I see the vitamins straight away and take them with my breakfast. If I don’t see them I forget just like you! Congratulations! You’re an example for us!!!ReplyCancel

  • Well done Katrina! My sister had the same issue and now she drinks a lot of soda water instead. And well done on your weight loss too!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Thanks Lorraine!! I had some fizzy water the other day, ooh it was horrible, plain old normal water is all I need!!!ReplyCancel

  • Sally

    That is an amazing job Katrina, give up the juice as well and all fructose (except fruit) but eat the full fat foods as they have less sugar and fill you up quicker therefore eating less. I have read the David Gillespie books and is so easy to do and you will feel amazing and have so much more energy. Basically anything with more then 5grms of sugar to every 100grms is not allowed, except for diary, you have to add 4.7 grms (total 9.7grms / 100gms) to allow for luctose. Good luck with your last few kgs.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Thanks Sally, the juice I have is homemade, nothing but pure fruit and ice, so good!!ReplyCancel

      • TDMJ

        Sally is right on the money :) I’ve recently given up sugar, which I thought I’d NEVER be able to do – and it really wasn’t that hard – like you Kat, now, if I touch anything that’s been sweetened, it revolts me. It actually feels like I’ve made a huge difference for not that much effort!?

        Juice isn’t great, even if it’s home made – sure, it has some nutritional value, it’s still so much sugar, which can cause a blood sugar spike and make you crave more sugar!!

        Some other ideas, in case they’re helpful?

        * eat the whole fruit – your absorption of the sugar is slowed by all the water and fibre;
        * make vegetable juice with just a little fruit added until you get used to the taste.

        Good luck Kat, you’re doing an amazing job and I’ve no doubt you’ll get there 😉ReplyCancel

        • Katrina

          Thank you, I have been meaning to make more green juices, they are filled with the veg like you suggest 😉ReplyCancel

  • Jo

    I’ve been addicted to diet coke for about 15 years. I tried giving up or cutting back several times, but never lasted very long. For some of this time (including most of last year) I was drinking up to 4 litres a day!

    In April I had to have blood tests done and my liver function test came back ‘abnomal’. I was told in no uncertain terms to stop drinking diet coke. I did some research (something I’d never done before because I just didn’t want to know!) and was horrified by what I discovered soft drinks, especially diet soft drinks, do to our livers!

    In the last week of April thjs yearI was ‘down’ to 1 – 1 1/2 litres a day. On Sunday May 4th I had my last bottle of diet coke. I have one or two cans of full sugar softdrinkReplyCancel

    • Jo

      a week now, usually Friday night after work. I’m not game to have diet coke – it hasn’t been very long and I don’t want to fall off tbe wagon again. The withdrawals this time were enough! Don’t wanna do that again!ReplyCancel

    • Jo

      Stupid phone! keep hitting submit when I’m not ready!

      Well done Trina. You are looking fabulous xoReplyCancel

      • Katrina

        LOL, calling me Trina, I just realised who Jo is (only my family call me this name :) this is my cousin!!!). Jo I am so so proud of you as I know you have tried to give up before and reading about your withdrawals. I had horrible headaches, but honestly looking after your health and increasing your energy levels makes it all worth it. Love ya xxReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      That’s awesome Jo, nearly a month with no Diet Coke, that is an amazing achievement considering how much you had regularly. I am so proud of you. Continue with it, it’s a personal goal for you to reach 1 year and it’s such a milestone, you won’t be bloated and you will have so much more energy, I’m so excited for you!!!ReplyCancel

  • Carly

    My cousin is an amazing dietician and her advice is to change up the exercise regularly to ‘shock’ your body as it becomes conditioned to the regular exercise you do. If you normally run, try cycling for a couple of weeks or incorporate some heavier weights into your resistance training. You look absolutely amazing so please don’t be disappointed with a plateau, you are so much better off than you were this time last year and you’ll be even better off this time next year :)ReplyCancel

  • Ashley

    Kat I think you have done amazing and looking so well. I have just sent you an email with an idea that I think might help.ReplyCancel

  • Susan

    Well done Katrina. My brother has lost 60kg in the last year and has become a runner. Read a bit about the sugar as suggested by some other readers it’s not really as painful as it sounds, it does require a lot of noticing what is in things though. Weight loss is about 80% related to what you put in your mouth and 20% to exercise. I personally exercise to maintain my mental health.
    Good on you. Keep going.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      That’s right Susan, I think the exercise is also just as good for the mind as well, I love getting out and exercising now 😉ReplyCancel

  • Anne-Marie

    Many people say they eat healthy but don’t look at portion size. Get on to one of the calorie counting websites and workout how many calories you are truly consuming vs what you should be eating. Fruit in particular is good for us but if you are juicing the fruit you could be having many more serves than you think. Look for the hidden calories in your diet and you will soon be on your weight loss journey again.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Yes, I have been told to use My Fitness Pal to help track the calories :)ReplyCancel

  • That’s awesome Kat! You look fantastic and that’s such a hard habit to break. Well done xReplyCancel

  • Renee

    Kat, you have done an amazing thing with your life, remember to be kind to yourself and in all honesty don’t get too hung up about those last kilo’s. I’ve lost almost 30kg, it’s taken me 2 years, I’ve always struggled with my weight, but slow loss is good loss from my experience. The last 2 months I’ve had a bit of a blow out (Easter, I got married, I had a hand injury & couldn’t weights train etc etc), I was expecting to get on the scales & just cry, instead, yes I have put on just under 2 kilo’s, but I was actually pretty excited about that. WHY? Because it means I’ve re-trained my body, I haven’t starved it, I automatically portion my food for my requirements without even thinking now. I couldn’t be more THRILLED!

    I’m back into getting those 2 kilo’s back off (& hopefully they’ll take a few extra friends with them…lol…).ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Thank you Renee, your right, I need to be kind to myself, but I do know that I have it in me :) You have done so very very well in your journey, 30kg is an amazing effort I can just imagine how different you feel… and for the better. Do you know I didn’t eat any Easter eggs over easter, no desire!!ReplyCancel

  • Kylie

    Huge congratulations Katrina, you are looking fabulous and have so much to be proud of.
    I agree with the comment about eating more fat – as long as it is animal fats, ie butter, lard (beef dripping or pork lard for example), cream. coconut oil is also wonderful and it’s good to cook in as the quality and structure of the oil is not destroyed by heat.
    As a family (my partner, myself & our 3 children for medical food intolerance reasons), we have given up all grains, starches and sugar, so no rice, wheat, sugar, potatoes or starchy flours such as tapioca or arrowroot. and we have increased our animal fats, cutting out all vegetable oils. My partner lost 15kg in a bit over 2 weeks and is now steadily losing a little more each week. I lost another 5kg in that 2 weeks after hitting a plateau with my weight loss and I’m now maintaining my weight. Losing a few more kgs would be nice but that’s purely to bring me under my pre-baby weight and fit back into a special dress I wore not long after meeting my partner :)
    As a side note, my children are happy & healthy and thriving on the eating plan.
    You don’t need to give up the yummy baked goods either. there are some wonderful delicious Paleo recipes around that would be perfect for you.
    here’s one I’m sure you would love:
    FYI – Flanneries is a good source for the chocolate 😉ReplyCancel

  • Let me congratulate you too, Katrina. That’s great achievement. And I know that amazing feeling of being proud of yourself as well. I used to smoke too much when I was younger, but now I haven’t had a cigarette in 6 years!

    Keep up the spirit and good luck in your next task!ReplyCancel

  • Hi,That nice post TksReplyCancel

  • Deanne Shannon

    You are really inspirational Kat. I have tried several times to give up Coke and I go good for a little while and then something happens and I go straight back to it. I turned 40 this week an have decided that I am going to get back on track and hope to loose 25kg ideally in 6 months but realistically 12 months. My goal is to go in the mothers day fun run next year and just to declutter my whole life finances, house, weight etc to be the best version of me. On my 40th birthday invitation I had a photo of me 18 years old and friends who hadn’t known me back then didn’t believe that was me and then I heard my hubby say yes that is the woman I married. I would love to give him back the woman he married. So I am sitting here drinking my last bottle of coke not for a short while this time forever. Thank you for your blogs advice and guidance I really enjoy all of it and feel like I am talking with friends when I talk to you.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      I’m so excited for you Deanne, this is going to be such a positive change for you and will improve your health so much, you may get another 40 years!! It’s tough giving up the soft drink but be very very in that first week, then the next week won’t be as hard and by the end of that fortnight you will be so proud of your achievement and the desire should be gone. Have an alternative on hand for the cravings, I used sugar free cordial as my alternative in the beginning, but now I find that too sweet and am just happy with water. Wishing you all the best and a very big Happy Birthday!!ReplyCancel

  • Hi! Im kristine from the Philippines today is October 9, 2015 and exactly this is my 365th day of not drinking softdrinks or sodas. And Im happy and grateful for reading your post Katrina. At first it was very hard because I really like the taste of softdrinks. But when I set my goal Ive been dedicated dnd I discipline myself coz I always visualized after a year of being a healthy and I do believe that my story can inspire other people. If you are reading Katrina’s blog and my comment I thank you for taking time to read and get inspired. Happy changing lives! To God be all the glory.ReplyCancel

 Do you ever feel like this….. sometimes you need to realise you are worth the self-intervention!  The best thing I did was take some time out for me to get my health back under control. {image credit} I am trying really hard to feel more confident in the person I am, I took a leap […]

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  • You look gorgeous! And also like you’re feeling a little bit better too! I love seeing you hanging out with Kelly! I miss her gorgeous face!ReplyCancel

  • Looking fabulous Kat! I’d be still swaying too. I sway after a long plane ride!!ReplyCancel

  • You’re so gorgeous Kat. You look fabulous…and that smile! Loved that we got to chat a bit more this time. xxxReplyCancel

  • Katrina Chambers

    You looked lovely and fresh! Love those shoes! XReplyCancel

  • DeludedPrincess

    I was on the same cruise. Didn’t see you unfortunately. I wasn’t there as part of the bloggers group though. You may have seen me? I was on crutches so I kind of stood out it seemed.ReplyCancel

    • I remember seeing somebody on crutches and felt a little sad, it must of been you!! Did you enjoy it, it took a few days for my swaying to disappearReplyCancel

      • DeludedPrincess

        Yup that was me, don’t feel sad! I had a ball. The only thing I missed was going on the waterslides lol. Otherwise both hubby and the staff looked after me so well and it was amazing. Encouraging everyone to do a cruise now. ReplyCancel

        • DeludedPrincess

          I didn’t stop rocking till Wednesday afternoon. Made me feel more ill on land than it did on the shipDid you enjoy yourself? Ready to book the next cruise? ReplyCancel

        • The conference went for 2 full days, so I wish we had more time to rest and relax on the cruise…. next time.ReplyCancel

  • miss Prudence

    Kat, you are looking wonderful – so fresh and full of energy. Just beautiful. Glas you are feeling so good and taking on new challenges!ReplyCancel

Week by week I am feeling different, so much healthier, I am enjoying the exercise and as silly as it sounds I can now comfortably paint my toe nails!!   To date I have lost 33kg, you can read my past stories my decision to choose weight loss surgery and living with weight loss surgery. The […]

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  • Yvette

    oh how wonderful, proud and amazing you look!! Congrats on the weightloss and you shine beautifully in your new outfits!!! Well done!! xxReplyCancel

    • Thank you Yvette, your right though getting out of my old frumpy clothes into new ones really has lifted my spirits!! Have a lovely Christmas xReplyCancel

  • Beautiful! This is a lovely story and you look so happy! I love that top!! New clothes and looking after yourself always wins :)ReplyCancel

    • Naw thank you Eleise, it was so nice to be able to tune out and just enjoy a day of pamper, never had 4 hours of it ever so it was a lovely experience.ReplyCancel

  • Michelle

    Well done!! You just look amazing!!!ReplyCancel

  • You look amazing, Kat and it is obvious that you now feel amazing, too. Well done!ReplyCancel

  • Richo

    WOW you look fantastic and what amazing people to help you realise it :)ReplyCancel

  • Natski

    You look fabulous – was going to suggest that you would look even better with a fringe – I think you could even have a bit more hair in the fringe – shows off your gorgeous hair more. Lucky you xReplyCancel

    • yes Natski, I need to cover my forehead a bit more, it’s a very high one, we played around a little and my hair is just too thin at the moment to cut in a fringe, but I would like to give it a go when it’s a bit more healthier.ReplyCancel

  • NIcole

    Thanks for sharing your happiness with us, it’s just lovely.ReplyCancel

  • TheMorleyReport

    What a wonderful ongoing story! I loved the pics at the end of you laughing! I understand 100% where you are coming from my dear and want to say to you WELL DONE! Here’s to a wonderful 2014 :) Have a great Xmas and a Happy New Year to you too! xxxReplyCancel

    • Naw thank you, I had such a fun time taking the pics and had to put in a few of the candid happy shots, hope you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the new year xReplyCancel

  • Louisa | Mrs Notable

    I’m so pleased you had this very special spa day and shopping treats. No one deserves it more. Thank you so much for sharing your story Kat, you know how much it means to me. Thank you darling heart xxReplyCancel

    • You are more than welcome Lousa, and I am so glad that I can share the reality of my story, the good and the bad, thankfully all good. Wishing you nothing but pure happiness and success for 2014 xxReplyCancel

  • Archie!

    Well Done! Thank you for inspiring us all! :)ReplyCancel

  • Tracey Mathers

    We were so excited to be a part of this. Thanks for sharing your story with us all and wow you must feel amazing with what you have achieved. Tracey MathersReplyCancel

    • Thank you so much Tracey, I am starting to have that amazing feeling! Thank you so much for the shoes, you have such a great variety, my favourite was the pink sandals with bling around the whole shoe!!ReplyCancel

  • You look stunning Katrina. I know you have sacrificed a lot to achieve this. Well done.ReplyCancel

    • Thank you Trish, I have worked so hard, still quite a bit to go, but I’m feeling good and know it’s worth every moment.ReplyCancel

  • LoveThePost

    Glad your spirits are lifted – you are looking amazing. keep up the good/hard work.ReplyCancel

  • The chevron top is awesome, suits you so well and you look amazing! Congratulations on the weight loss that is a huge achievement! :) xxReplyCancel

    • Thank you Karrien, I love this top too, it’s so colourful and I have a freaky love for everything Chevron!!!ReplyCancel

  • lj6

    The penultimate photo is awesome :) you look so happy.ReplyCancel

  • Beej_75

    Anyone who loses 33 kilos deserves a great day like this. In fact, it should be covered under Medicare. Good for you.ReplyCancel

  • That’s a great chevron top – it looks amazing on you. And congratulations on the weight loss ReplyCancel

  • Look at you. You’re oozing happy. Congrats on getting results from all your hard work. xReplyCancel

    • Thank you Chantelle, I am feeling so my happier and healthier, I am so happy with the progress. Have a happy new year with your family!!ReplyCancel

  • Love the bright colours. You look amazing. Hair, clothes and a massage. It all sounds heavenly. Well done you!ReplyCancel

  • Fashionista

    Clap clap clap clap clap. Standing ovation. Clap clap clap clap clap. Well done you! A perfect example (and inspiration) to us all that hard work and persistence pays off. Big time.

    And thank you for sharing your story.ReplyCancel

  • Tracy Lou

    Your hair is amazing. You look so happy!ReplyCancel

  • Thanks for sharing. Who in their right mind could possibly have anything negative to say (though I know they do)! We all have to travel the journey that is right for each of us & judging by the smile on your face & glow of health you have done just that. Love the haircut! xxReplyCancel

    • Thank you Tracee. I’m missing my longer hair, but must say the short hair is so easy to look after!ReplyCancel

  • Zara

    lovely– you look so amazing and fresh !! lots luck and well wishes for the journey ahead!!!ReplyCancel

  • Vicki Garatoudi

    Kat, you look amazing, it looks like your hair is growing?ReplyCancel

    • Hi Vicki, yes it is growing back very very slowly, I have a little moe-hawk of fine new hair growth at the topReplyCancel

  • Mandy

    Hi Kat, Congratulations – you look fantastic in the photos. I totally understand what you meant by even though you had lost a lot of weight you still felt the same size. I discovered that it takes a long long time to see yourself differently. Other people notice the changes before we do. I think new clothes in a smaller size help a lot! Congratulations and keep going! MandyReplyCancel

  • Judy Cox

    I have to say Tracey from Sorbet is amazing. I was like you and hated shopping for clothes. After an hour in the change room and the the magic of Tracey I was transformed too. At 45 I have finally discovered by girly side and love looking at shoes and jewellery to match my outfits now. Good on you for loosing all the weight and you look fabulous. The colours really suit you.ReplyCancel

    • She is amazing, makes me look at my wardrobe so differently, the the layering and one top can be worn so many different ways….. wish she would always come shopping with me LOLReplyCancel

  • Leanne Rowe

    Thanks for sharing your story. You look fantastic and so much happier ReplyCancel

I am now 4 months, 3 dress sizes smaller and 28kg lighter post Gastric Sleeve weight loss surgery.  You can read more here about why I chose to have the surgery.    Thank you to everybody for your wonderful support after my initial post I shared about my surgery.  The response was overwhelming and truly touched […]

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  • Valentina Cauchi

    Kat, Thankyou for sharing and being honest about it as well. Some people can sugar coat situations or things so it’s great to have you being upfront about it all. You are very Brave and Courageous for talking about your weight-loss journey. BE STRONG!! You are a BEAUTIFUL person and coming from someone who has very thin fine hair, it’s all about the style/cut you have. A layered cut will give volume which I’m sure your hairdresser would have told you. Just remember, we are 100% behind you in your journey. I read your posts on how you got to the point of no return with your weight gain and how you finally had the courage to make the decision to do something about it, (I wish I could find it in me to do something and I find you inspirational), It took a lot of time for all of this to happen for you and you are on that positive journey where the end result will be amazing. Just Be Kind to yourself each and every day, No Pressure. We, your supporters are SO PROUD of YOU for how far you have come and how far you will go!!! All the love and best wishes to you, Valentina xxReplyCancel

    • Naw Valentina, thank you so much for this truly beautiful message. It has been such a journey, emotionally and physically, changing so many aspects of my life. But I am so glad I finally realised I needed to do something about my health. I remember there came a point that I just told myself nothing can be done, just get used to being this size. Ooh my never ever just be overweight because it’s too hard, health is so so important, for the now and most importantly to be here in the future. My future was my drive for the surgery. I am nearly 30kg down and I feel amazing, still have quite a bit more to lose, but I am over half way!! Thank you again Valentia, I really just wanted to share with those thinking exactly how it is, there are hard times, but it’s worth it.ReplyCancel

  • Belinda

    Congratulations on your weight loss. I also had gastric sleeve surgery in June and 25kgs down so far. Best decision everReplyCancel

    • That’s awesome Belinda, congratulations, I bet you are feeling amazing. How is your hair going?? I’m eating a lot of protein like the dietician recommended.ReplyCancel

  • Leesa Leech

    Just one correction on this I am a Gastric Bander and I do know when I am full you have the same full feeling you would. And only throw up when you do not take notice of that feeling. Like you was worth the hard times of understanding and learning what you can eat and can’t. I have lost a total of 48kg in 3 years and never have looked back my loose skin is my reminder of where I came from and a reminder to never go back.ReplyCancel

    • Wow what an inspiration Leesa, that is amazing. I’m curious what my skin is going to be like after all this, I am working hard at the gym to make it as minimal as I can, but I am positive I will have a lot of excess around my middle section.ReplyCancel

      • Leesa Leech

        yes the Gym would help that is my next goal but I have MS as well so going hard at a Gym is not an option for me and I am recovering from a relapse at the moment so as soon as I am feeling up to it I will be making a trip to the Gym. Keep with the posts I love what you do and you have actually inspired me to organise things and have just got all my receipes to gether to work on meal planning as I have had to give up work. My daughter who is 4 always ask about my wobbly arms god love her.ReplyCancel

        • It must be hard Leesa, hopefully you can make it out for some exercise soon. That’s awesome that you are meal planning, I would be so lost without doing mine weekly!!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer

    Congratulations! Very brave of you to put yourself out there with such a private matter.

    I hear Biotin is very good to take when you are having hair issues. You can get it at the vitamin counter in the drug store…worth a try.ReplyCancel

    • Hi Jennifer, I just want to share my story in case others are struggling with the decision to have it or not, I want to share exactly how I feel the ups and the downs, it certainly is life changing surgery. I have heard Biotin is good, thank you for the recommendation too, I am going to buy some next week when my current hair, nails and skin vitamins run out.ReplyCancel

  • Julia

    Well done on the weight loss and also on being brave enough to come out about the surgery. People can be very judgemental and their interest in your weight loss can border on obsessive sometimes!
    About the hair loss…have you thought of checking your thyroid? It may be in overdrive causing the hair loss. Mine did that after we lost a child to cancer and the dr thought all my symptoms was a grief reaction. Turned out to be Graves disease and perhaps caused by extreme stress. Anyway once fixed the hair is all back and the drains are clear!
    Anyway my point is don’t assume the hair loss is due to the diet change, it may be an unrelated condition…
    Congrats, JuliaReplyCancel

  • Mel

    Hi Kat, congratulations on your weight loss and thankyou for your honesty on your weight loss surgery journey. I am looking into getting a sleeve and was wondering where you went for your surgery. TaReplyCancel

    • Hi Mel, I had my surgery on the Gold Coast through Alamanda with Dr Nolan as my surgeon. Highly recommend him, I had no complications and he answered all questions I had :)ReplyCancel

  • Sally Lane

    Hi, congratulations on your weight loss and for being brave enough to share everything with us. I can imagine the hair loss has been difficult to deal with because you are probably feeling so much better in all other aspects. I’m not sure if this will work for you but I used to lose a lot of hair (not to the same extent as you) and I didn’t really know why but recently I have been having a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with the mother in it (it says this on the bottle, not sure what it is though) and I have noticed quite a difference in my hair loss. It tastes disgusting but it is supposed to be extremely good for you. It may be something worth trying.ReplyCancel

    • Anything is worth a try Sally, thank you for letting me know your tip. My hairdresser recommended a shampoo and treatment which I have been using and I ‘think’ I can see little whispers of new growth!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Scodellaro

    thank you XXReplyCancel

  • Louisa | Mrs Notable

    thank you Kat. Despite telling you I had a call I needed to make after problogger, I’ve been putting it off. About to look up the number and send an email off now. Thanks so much for sharing, I can’t tell you what it means to me. Thanks doll xReplyCancel

  • Geordie

    Congratulations Kat. What research did you do between sleeve & band? What was the reason you chose the sleeve?ReplyCancel

  • Dee

    Congratulations! My biggest problem is that I love sweets. I think about the sleeve, but I wonder whether it could help someone with a sweet tooth like me. Any opinion?ReplyCancel

    • Dee

      also, I am a vegetarian. Bit worried about the protein…ReplyCancel

  • Brooke C

    Congratulations on your weight loss. I will be 2 years post sleeve this December and have lost a total of 65kg. Like you I am still having massive hair loss, but that is a result of having a baby 6 months ago (a surprise, I was not prepared for the fertility following a drastic weight loss) as well as the surgery. I feel fantastic, and would recommend the surgery to anyone.ReplyCancel

  • A good friend of my sisters had gastric sleeve surgery about 12 months ago, and I have watched her health absolutely blossom. Good on you, it’s such a brave thing to do but so worthwhile. Do you think your hair will come back after your body gets used to the new normal? Hope so, but you will still be beautiful even if you are bald! You’ve always been beautiful inside and out :)

    • Naw, thank you Lisa you are so kind xx. Yes I think I can see some little baby hair fuzz at the moment, I started a treatment from Stefan for hair lose when I got my hair cut. My hair is still falling out, but I have confidence once my body get’s used to this new normal it will stop.ReplyCancel

  • kytravelrn

    Biotin 10,000 mcg daily will remedy the hair loss. Many people start taking it before the surgery and the hair loss isn’t so severe.ReplyCancel

  • Julie Maddocks

    Hi Kat, my mum had the same surgery in Feb 2012 and has lost a total of 54kg and has gone from approx a size 24 to size 16. She has more energy and as my 7 year old says is Nannie is healthy. People think this is extream, but I believe that it was the only way that she could and I have known alot of people to have the “band” and fail. I wish you all the best and enjoy the “New You”. Julie xoReplyCancel

  • Cheryl Williams

    My husband had the same surgery 4 years ago and lost 175+ lbs in 2 years. He maintains his weight within 4 lbs either way. He has never regretted having the surgery. As a matter of fact, he is the “poster boy” for his surgeon and if a patient has any doubts about the surgery, my husband contacts the patient and becomes their “cheerleader”. It was a life changing decision for him and one of the best decisions he has ever made. He still, to this day, has a tendency to “try to overeat” or “eat too fast” and will occasionally get sick, however, he knows his limits. Best of luck to you in your recovery and new life!ReplyCancel

  • Lucy Bishop

    Hi Kat,
    I have just discovered your blog & love it! What an inspiring story – you are doing so well with your amazing weight loss after the sleeve surgery. Go you! I’m from the UK and also write a lifestyle blog – I’m a new mum, my son is 8 weeks old (Bert) and I am also trying hard to lose weight – I managed to lose 4 stones pre-baby (in order to help get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy) and now I’m trying hard to lose my baby weight (I’ve lost 2 stones since my 40 week mark of pregnancy) and have one more stone until I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight. At the moment I’m really fired up and excited, I’m at that early stage. Am trying to get out loads with the buggy/pushchair, and am using an awesome pedometer to count steps/calories/distance/speed when I walk – which is really helping.
    I just wanted to drop in, say hey, introduce myself, and congratulate you on the fab inspiring story. I’ve signed up to all your newsletters and look forward to hearing more.
    Lucy xxReplyCancel

  • Marita

    I love your little bowls! so cute :) I’ve been using the kids ikea bowls too and they are so much better for portion control. Will have to find myself some cute little grown up bowls to use.ReplyCancel

  • Marita

    Wish I had something helpful to say about the hairloss, I think you are beautiful no matter how your hair looks. But reckon if my hair started falling out I too would find it distressing.ReplyCancel

  • Fiona Webb

    Hi – ive just found your blog. I had the same surgery in 2009 and have gone from 137kg to now sitting at 63. Ive just had my tummy tuck and believe without a doubt that the sugery has been one of the greatest things ive ever for to myself. best luck xxReplyCancel

    • Christine Macdonald

      Fiona…..just read your comment and think you have done splendidly. How long was your recovery from tummy tuck and where did you have it done? Congratulations on your great efforts.ReplyCancel

  • Raelene Charabie

    Great to read your story :-)
    I too have had this surgery, eating life will not become a daily issue after about 12months, well that’s what I found.
    I have platoed after lossing 5o kg and have gone from a tight size 26 to a comfortable 18.
    I still want/need to lose about 20 kgs, but it is coming off slowly. Just need to stop snacking :-)

  • Lin

    Hi Kat,

    I am considering this surgery and Im wondering how you are going now with it after all this time? Do you still NOT regret your decision? How is your hair – has it improved?
    Love to hear any advice you have on this.
    Thanks heaps xxReplyCancel

  • Radhs

    Hi Kat
    Congrats on the new you and for sharing your experience.
    I believe Dr Nolan did your surgery. How much did it cost? did you do any homework to find out all available surgeons. I am in Gold Coast. How did you come across Dr Nolan. Please reply.

  • I am seriously considering the sleeve surgery. I have found your blog helpful, especially about the hair loss.ReplyCancel

  • joyce

    Hi love the comments. Have not read any negatives.. about leakage can it happen at anytime. Or only in the first few weeksReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Joyce, what do you mean by leakage?ReplyCancel

I have had a lot of people ask me over the past 3 months about my weight loss and I have been very vague about it.  Today I am going to share with you my full story. Please note up front and you will read this towards the end of the post that I am […]

Continue Reading...

  • Natasha

    Congratulations Kat – you look amazing! Thank you for sharing such an emotional story. By doing this you are an inspiration to others! xxooReplyCancel

  • Amanda

    I lost 40 kilos on Tony Ferguson – I hid it from everyone too because i thought i was going to be judged. Its hard. Well done!!ReplyCancel

    • Urooj Ashfaq

      I just wanna lose 25 kg in 4 months but how I can’t understand what to eat what to do I don’t knowReplyCancel

  • Kate

    Wow, good on you =) That would’ve been difficult to share but I commend you. I’m an overweight mum, i’m 24, and like you I did the fad diets. time to get this ass into gear for summer =) I don’t want my daughter to be embarrassed of me at the beachReplyCancel

  • Ann B

    You are a very brave woman – don’t let anyone tell you any different. i admire you for the strength it must have taken you to write this & for the inspiration that you will give to others ( like me) Thank you so much, you have probably just saved my life!ReplyCancel

  • Kylie Look

    well done, you look simply stunning and happy! you should be proud of yourself for taking this decision into your own hands and going for it! For the small number of haters out there, be proud and share your story! I think you are amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Kathie

    Love your blog! I don’t normally comment but just had to say Thank you so much for sharing a very personal part of your journey. I’m sure others will read about it and be motivated to take control of their lives. You look fantastic!!!ReplyCancel

  • K-Lee

    Thank you so much for sharing Kat. Nothing but love here for you making the decision to improve your quality of life and following through with it in a real way. Keep up the great work, you are looking amazing.ReplyCancel

  • Louisa | Mrs Notable

    Kat, thank you so much for sharing this story. I know exactly where you were, thats me, my size 22 self. Despite totally turning my diet around and eating no crap, exercising a little {I know I should be doing more, but its sooooo hard to move when you’re so big} I can’t shift it. I had a photo shoot recently, and bam. Getting those photos pack is just gut wrenching. Thanks for forcing me to look at something I looked into three years ago, and should have sone something then. Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow at #PBEVENTReplyCancel

  • Teresa

    Kat, Firstly congratulations on making the right decision for you to lose the weight. You look fantastic. You have done the best thing for you and your family. Personally I have 75kg to lose and I really have tried everything an it just isn’t working for me either. You’ve given me hope that there might be a way to do this.

    Keep it up your doing great.ReplyCancel

  • Maioha

    Congratulations on being courageous enough to share your story. Here’s to a long and healthy life with your children and grandchildren :)ReplyCancel

  • Natalie Popple

    I too do not normally comment on blogs but i found your story as inspiring as your Organised Tips. You are going places girl and you empower your readers with the knowledge that they too can achieve what they can conceive. ThanksReplyCancel

  • Laura McClure

    Looking good! Well done you :) having my sleeve done Monday and its great to hear of your success. ReplyCancel

  • denise

    I love that you look so happy – good on you!ReplyCancel

  • Angela Daris

    Can I just say congratulations on being brave enough to share your story with everyone. I wish you well, and hope that you find happinessReplyCancel

  • Danielle

    You look amazing!! Keep up the good work :) xReplyCancel

  • Michelle McGurk

    wow I had a lap band 2 yrs ago and still cant get the weight off!! you look amazing I wish I could afford to have this done. keep up the good work :)ReplyCancel

  • Jo Matheson

    Congratulations on your loss so far. Don’t let anyone judge you for what you have done for you and your family. I admire you, 1 for having the courage to have the surgery in the first place, any surgery is a big decision, and 2 for sharing your story. None of us like to be judged and shouldn’t be for making a life changing decision.
    Looking forward to reading the rest of your story.ReplyCancel

  • Lisa

    Congratulations, I think you have amazing commitment to organise your body like you organise your house :). I look forward to reading more about your progress.
    I can relate to the shame that you feel when you realise you have let yourself go but getting in the right mindset is really hard. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right people to help motivate as well, lots of health professionals (I’m one of them) are fat phobic, and think people who are overweight are just fat and lazy- and that assumption can be defeating. You’re clearly not lazy and you’re breaking all the moulds. Good for you for having the surgery, it’s definitely not an easy option. ReplyCancel

  • Tanya

    Thank you for telling your story. It’s one that needs to be told because alot of people out there think having the surgery is the easy way out and it’s everything but. Stay strong, you look AMAZING.ReplyCancel

    • Absolutely, that’s what I will share in my next post, how having the Surgery has really changed my life and eating habits. Thank you Tanya xReplyCancel

      • Anna

        Hi can you pls give me some information about where you had this done, you look great :)

  • Jax

    Well done! You look great,, I am struggling to lose weight, and think this surgery will be my last resort! Thank you for sharing and good luck with the rest if your journey! ReplyCancel

  • Kylie

    You do look amazing and I had wondered what you were doing to achieve such results. When I logged on to your blog today I was excited to get some useful tips to help me on my weightloss journey. (I have lost 35kg over 18months with moderate exercise and healthier eating, so have gone from 129kg to 94kg). I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed to hear that you had the surgery… that doesn’t help me get the boost I need! But its by no means your job to provide others with motivation. Surgery is not the easy way out like lots of people think, and I’m sure you have your own struggles. My best wishes too you for continued weightloss, and increased health and happiness.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah

    You are a very brave lady Miss Kat! I have nothing but admiration for you :) Congratulations of your journey and Thank-you for sharing and inspiring. I look forward to your updates xoxoReplyCancel

  • Karen Moore

    well done. We all need to do what is best for us. Exercising will help all of us live happier, longer lives. I just need to get back into exercising so that I have more energy too. Well done & thank you for sharing your most personal story. You are an inspiration to your kids!!ReplyCancel

  • Gary's

    So you cheated, hope u eat healthy now & exercise ReplyCancel

    • Brenda

      See, I don’t know where this ‘cheating’ mentality comes from. It’s not like we’re in the running for a gold medal, or a prize when it comes to having a healthy weight. Our health is its own reward. And there are many different paths to that point. If Kat – and many others – have taken this path and it has resulted in a healthier body, then they and their families are the winners. Their success takes nothing away from those who take a different path. Be glad for their success, and accept that for them, that is the right path. I’m happy for you Kat, your body and your family will thank you!ReplyCancel

      • Absolutely Brenda, I feel so good and I know in my heart that I wouldn’t of lost the weight without the help of the surgery, After 10 years of trying all it resulted in was me being gradually getting heavier. Thank you for your support xReplyCancel

    • Ren Shen

      Sorry, are there some previously unwritten “rules” to weightloss?? Did you actually read her post?? Could you please expand on how this is cheating?? I’m holding back here – I hope you appreciate that because I could really let loose on you right now.ReplyCancel

    • Julie

      Hi Gary,

      I would just like you to know that Katrina did not ‘cheat’ or ‘take the easy option’ in her journey to health & happiness.

      I am just 9 days post op for the same procedure & it is certainly NOT a ‘cheats / easy’ option.

      We are not all blessed with genes – (nature)- that assist our bodies to quickly burn off excess calories or free of all emotional hurdles – (nurture)- to keep us balanced and free from reacting less than positively to the stings and arrows of life.

      Life and medical advancement has provided us all with what you may call a ‘cheat’ card to help us all through.

      What is your emotional crutch Gary: Alcohol / cigarettes / gym junky / fast car / loneliness / bravado with mates???

      Listen & learn from all people and you will be amazed at the insight you’ll have into your self & others.

      Well done Katrina.ReplyCancel

  • jessie.batterham

    You in no way cheated you have chosen to take control of your health and the gastric sleeve was the best option for you to do that. Dont let other peoples comments get you down at the end of the day you looking after number 1 and you will be around for your grandchildren.
    Stay postive and I for one would love to read your journey. :)ReplyCancel

  • Krystal Ferguson

    You look amazing and so much happier now! Good on you! Keep up the great work, and YES, PLEASE SHARE!ReplyCancel

  • Anita

    Wow Kat, that’s an amazing and extremely personal post. Personally I think you made the right decision. You did it for you & your family. It is no-one elses business why you did it. Until someone walks a mile in your shoes, they shouldn’t judge. Congrats for putting yourself first for a change. As a mum I know that we tend to put ourselves last on the “self care” list however, if we run ourselves down to the point where there is nothing left to give, who will look after the family?? Yes hubby can step up and in to help out more but if we don’t put ourselves first, health wise at least, everything else will eventually come crashing down. As your doctor said, you won’t be around to see your grandkids, and it was a decision you haven’t made lightly, it wasn’t a decision you made on a whim. If people read your post properly it was done because it was recommended to you by your medical professional!!!! Obviously there were other factors involved but you mulled it over and chose to make the best decision for YOURSELF. If others don’t agree, well they’re entitled to their opinion, but they shouldn’t berate you or make you second guess your decision. As the saying goes, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”.
    I think you ROCK!!ReplyCancel

  • Maree Crosbie

    Thank you so much for sharing your story and your feelings behind it all. Remember if anyone makes judgmental comments that says more about them than you, You are a brave woman for making a decision and taking the action. I look forward to reading more.ReplyCancel

  • You are so courageous to take this option and even more so to share it , in your own time. You look great Kat , it cannot be easy for you. So proud of you.ReplyCancel

  • Chelsey

    No matter what way you try to lose weight, it’s still difficult (and surgery is scary! I could have never gone through with it). The
    only people who judge you for it and say, “It’s easy–all you have to do
    is eat less and work out more” are people who very clearly don’t know
    what they’re talking about (and I’ve noticed that they’re also usually the people who are
    blessed enough to eat what they want and not gain anything). Thanks for
    sharing this! I was diagnosed with a psuedotumor last October and was
    told if I didn’t lose weight, the next time the pressure built up I
    would permanently lose my eyesight. It’s been a huge
    struggle and I’ve fallen off the wagon who knows how many times. One thing that keeps me going, though, is to see other people who have struggled and succeeded. :)ReplyCancel

  • kryz

    Congratulations. You are very brave for sharing your story. Keep up the great work. It is not the surgery but the person that makes the weight loss work, at the end of the day. All the best.ReplyCancel

    • Your right Kryz, there is still so much work after the surgery and the exercise is a huge element of that and who would of thought, I am enjoying going to the gym!!ReplyCancel

  • Carmelina

    Thanks for sharing!! It’s popped up in my inbox the same morning I decided its time to take charge of my health and focus on being HEALTHY instead of focusing on the losing weight part. I know one will follow the other. While I’m not as big as you were- I’m headed in that direction and with 2 beautiful boys and a desire to grow our family some more I cannot afford to continue this loss of control.
    Thank you for sharing- you are so brave to do so!!
    Good luck to you in the reminder of your healthier you journey!! No matter how the journey starts, it’s tough for all those who start it, but deffintately worth it in the end!!ReplyCancel

  • I had a lap band in December 2009. After 45Kg weight loss, and making sure I could keep it off, I finally had a tummy tuck in May this year, to remove 3.8kg of excess skin from my tummy. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Absolutely no trouble keeping up with my 3 kids now! I have to admit, I often accept the compliments on my weight loss with the statement “Oh thanks, but it’s not me. I didn’t do it. I had a lap band, so I can’t take the credit for it”. I’m trying to stop doing that, but it’s been a few years now and it’s still happening, so who knows! Regardless, good for you. Who cares how you do it, as long as you feel happier and healthier.ReplyCancel

  • Noni

    All the best with your recovery, Kat. I had the same surgery two years ago. Whilst I initially lost 40kgs (and got to a Body Fat of 23%) with a LOT of exercise, as soon as I dropped the exercise, my weight started going back on (have re-gained 12kgs and 10% BF). I certainly can’t eat the quantity I used to, and will never be the same size I was prior to surgery, but be aware that it is a tool – your tummy will increase in capacity with time. Use the gift of surgery wisely. Again, all the best – it certainly is a fabulous tool.ReplyCancel

  • Paula Rutter

    Congratulations Kat, I have just started on a “wakeup Call” myself having been told my blood pressure is sky high due to weight and stress. I eagerly await your continued blogs so that I can keep motivation up :) Thanks for sharing, PaulaReplyCancel

    • Thank you Paula, I’m really excited to share the next post, about how the surgery has effected my day to day life.ReplyCancel

  • MissMandy

    High five to you Kat, you do what you have to and the results are amazing. I can relate to the tiredness, I too went to the doctor much the same time to you, high cholesterol, exhaustion and drinking coke with minimal water. I’m not heavily overweight (lucky for me) so I decided to do Michelle Bridges 12WBT just to give me some perspective on healthy eating again. All my friends say ‘oh you eat healthy’ but it’s more than meat and three veg, it’s portion sizes, it’s snacks, it’s the coke vs water, so much education to it. Just the smile on your face is worth it’s weight in gold, good on you.ReplyCancel

    • Thanks Mandy, I stopped drinking coke and coffee 4 weeks before the surgery because I was worried about the side effects from the caffeine withdrawals. Just doing that helped me lose a few kg, good luck with 12WBT it’s such a great program!!ReplyCancel

  • Julia K

    Congratulations Katrina on making a courageous decision that will have life long benefits (and hopefully long life benefits). I have read through the comments thus far and they are overwhelmingly positive. Ignore the naysayers and keep on keeping on !ReplyCancel

    • Thank you Julia, the comments have been a complete inspiration for me and hopefully for those that are thinking of improving their health too xReplyCancel

  • Ren Shen

    I had the same surgery last December and like you I kept it quite for a while until I had it right in my own head. Congratulations on your success and the decision to make your future longer and more healthy.ReplyCancel

  • Amy

    Thank you for sharing Kat! I know that it would have been hard for you to share and you have shown a lot of courage in both sharing your story and having the surgery.

    I am currently the largest I have ever been and I do feel like I am judged because of my weight. I gained this weight after the birth of my third child when I was diagnosed with PND and the medication led me to stack it on. But that was two years ago now, I am slowly losing the weight and as much as I would like to speed up the process I want to do it with small changes to my daily life so that I can continue to manage it.

    Anyway, thanks again for sharing! You look fantastic and it sounds like you feel pretty fantastic too. xReplyCancel

    • All you need to remember Amy is to put your health first, don’t get caught up in the busy-ness of being a mum xReplyCancel

  • Jess Doyle

    Congratulations… I am a fellow sleever, I am 5 months post op, and 35kg down since the day of op, and 66kg down since I started my journey in November last year. I still have a long way to go, but, there is no stopping me now :) I love that the message is getting out there, that there IS a way to lose weight, that isn’t the EASY option, I love that people are talking about it, that it is becoming a realistic option for people who are genuine about losing weight, forever.
    Thank you for sharing :)ReplyCancel

    • Wow Jess 35kg post op is amazing and 66kg all together is just phonemal you should be so very proud. I can’t wait to share a post about the experience of being a sleeved and showing those (that thankfully nobody has said today it’s an easy option) just how hard it is, but despite being hard it’s worth itReplyCancel

      • Melinda Carr

        What can you eat now
        Do you catch colds easier are u afraid of getting sick and slower recovery because you can’t get the good stuff from food
        I’m wanting to do the surgery but am so scared I’m as single mum with a under 6 yr old and if I get sick post op what happened if I meet sum one and have another baby how do I feed that baby the nutrients gosh I sound like a negative nancy but I need to know everything 3/4 of stomach is a lot
        I just want to dot my i’s and cross my t’s I have only put my weight on after my ex partner walked out when lil one was 2 months old I lost a lil weight from stress then got into a terrible head space if I became unattractive to men then I would never feel feel this pain n heartbreak again. In 2010 I found out my lil boy who just turned 1 had a massive stroke before birth as milestones were not being meet n physical signs were showing he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy hemiplegia of left side then in 2012 diagnosed with Epilepsy absent seizures, then lost 3 family members in 2012 one being my rock my best friend my beautifu nan who was my everything apart from my son She lived with us and it hit me very hard and then my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in November of 2012 another hard knock but she has just gone 3 years clear so far xx so it’s been a very emotional 5 years the birth of my beautiful child was to be the happiest time of my life he brings so much joy but now he’s getting older I need to be fitter healthier and mentally stronger. I need to be here for him as his dad is not envolved in his life at all which is sad for him as he is missing out on the most beautiful lil boy xx so I’m needing help and advise from those who are struggling just like me. I already train 3 times a weekReplyCancel

  • Silvana

    Kat thank you very much for sharing your inspirational story, I applaud you for sharing this as it does help others & do keep on sharing. I know how difficult it is to talk about our weight & then being judged, picked on. You look beautiful both before and now, stay strong & I wish you all the very best :)ReplyCancel

    • Thank you Silvana, it was difficult to talk about it then, but now I have lost some weight and feeling so much better about myself it feels easier to open up. I will continue to share my journey xxReplyCancel

  • Shy

    You are very brave, I kept my sleeve surgery a complete secret. I am 18 months in and it was the greatest decision I ever made. Believe it or not after the hype is gone and you have lost all your weight you will feel the greatest sense of relief, not having to worry on a day to day to basis about your weight. It is all consuming at first,the surgery, the changes to your eating habits, the comments from family and friends, but when it all eventually dies down and know-one gives a hoot anymore, all you are left with is a healthy mind and healthy body- the greatest gift of all. Ride the wave.ReplyCancel

  • Lorraine R

    Thank you for sharing such a personal struggle and story. A friend of mine had lap band surgery for similar reasons, but I feel maybe your surgery is better. My friend has had to have her lapband deflated (loosened) a couple of times due to other surgery, and then had to go through the reinflation and all that entails. Even a few years down the road, with careful eating, if we go out for a meal, she will often have to get up and walk around during the meal to aid digestion. And it has caused a lot of reflux issues. But the weight she has lost has helped her so much with self esteem etc. If that is surgery is the option you are left with, though it is hard I would say do it.ReplyCancel

  • Racheal

    well done for sharing and being honest about it, its a tough decision to make but you have to do whats right for you and your life. big hugs xxxReplyCancel

  • Wendy

    Thanks for sharing your story Kat. I am looking forward to hearing your tips about continuing your weight loss journey as have to tidy up my diet and increase my exercise also.ReplyCancel

    • I have found so many great healthy recipes, so I look forward to sharing them with you WendyReplyCancel

  • Trish

    Good on you! Sounds like you’re doing a great job in getting healthy again… my kids are my motivation too :)ReplyCancel

    • Aren’t they ever, a really good excuse to work hard on our health, I couldn’t imagine not being here or them as they grow into adults xReplyCancel

    • Aren’t they ever, a really good excuse to work hard on our health, I couldn’t imagine not being here or them as they grow into adults xReplyCancel

  • Teresa

    Hey Kat….think that you have done a wonderful thing for yourself.
    I myself lost 52kg 2years ago, after following the Coherns programme. It took me 12 months to loose the weight, started 2010 finished 2011. I have put all but 4kg back on and have a daily battle of hate and humiliation with myself. It has been a gradual gain, but it has still returned none the less. Thinking that my stomach would have shrunk over the 12 months, was very disappointed to find that it hadn’t. After going to the doctor’s and being told just eat healthy (I was)the weight just kept returning, if only they would do this procedure for those who had done the hard yards as well, not only the obese.

    I feel like people judge me all the time….wondering how this could happen after doing so well… answer is I never feel full…no matter how much I eat….people who don’t have this feeling just don’t understand….
    I am booked in next week to have my sleeve done….I am hoping that this will help me in my plight to have a normal life….not necessarily a skinny, but healthy life….ReplyCancel

  • Ali

    Kat, what a great story to share. What a huge decision to make and also brave… But you have done it for absolutely all the right reasons.. It’s so easy to put everything before ourselves, but if we are our best selves we can be better for our families, and friends! I’m sure most of us are supportive and if people aren’t please please please don’t let them bother you, as you are now on a course to being a happier, healthier you!! xxxReplyCancel

  • Surygery or not, I really just want to help others to take control of their health, to realise that making changes now and putting their health even before the kids and the busy-ness of life with give them so many more years at the end of this road. Thank you Louise for your kind words xReplyCancel

  • Andrew's wife

    Please keep sharing. You might just save my husband’s life.ReplyCancel

    • I will, I’m looking forward to sharing the next post about how living with a sleeve has affected my lifeReplyCancel

  • Thank-you so much for sharing your story. As a person who has been overweight most of my adult life, I know how embarrassing it can be to talk about your own weight, even when you are seeing the results of hard work from working out at the gym and eating sensibly. I always struggle with being the centre of attention, and sometimes it seems easier to just bury your head in the sand and continue down the same path, so you don’t have to meet with the questions about your weight loss, because in the back of your mind, after trying so many other ways to lose the weight, you are sure this will be a short lived attempt, just like the others.
    You are a brave and inspirational woman!
    Thank-you for having the courage for the rest of us who are struggling with their weight to share your story.

  • Bronte

    You should be so proud of what you have accomplished..thank you for sharing your inspiring story. You look amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Sonia@Natural New Age Mum

    Congratulations for taking the step. You are very brave. :)ReplyCancel

  • Candice

    I also have problems with obesity. Your blogging with the mention of healthy food and exercise has been one of the things inspiring me to lose weight and so far I’ve lost 5kg. It was interesting reading your story about how you’ve lost weight and you are definitely an inspiration! :)ReplyCancel

  • Clare

    Well done you, I think it is couragous of you to share your story, you are right, there is alot of judgement out there about surgury and weight loss in general. I think that you have made the best choice for you and your family. That is the best message you can share, you can always make choices!!! Better to be alive, step up and be proud that you chose to make improved choices for your life.ReplyCancel

  • Bec

    Congratulations Kat. I think you are very brave to share your personal story (and its nice to read nice comments below that aren’t critical or judgy mcjudgy). You’ve inspired me to look seriously at my health as I’ve also used the excuse that I’m too busy for too long, my second baby is 18 months old now! I will start today. So thank you. You seem like such a lovely person and I wish you all the best.ReplyCancel

  • AMS

    You look amazing, well done. Thanks for sharing.ReplyCancel

  • kirbstar

    Well done! I have lost 45kgs myself through eating and loads of exercise, took 2+ years, and really would love another 10kgs gone. Look forward to reading more….ReplyCancel

  • TRU08

    Truly Inspiring Kat. Thankyou so much for sharing your story. I have just started on my Journey to having the sleeve done, I can only hope to be as successful in losing the weight as you. Looking forward to reading more from you xReplyCancel

    • When is your surgery? My biggest tip would be to ensure that you eat nothing but good food, I am proud to say that I have not had any soft drink or chocolate bars since 4 weeks before my surgery. I couldn’t imagine putting that type of food in my mouth now. You have to be kind to your body and eat really well and when you feel you are up to it add exercise into your routine as it will help you with losing the weight and I have heard ‘yet to experience’ will help with the excess skin as well. I am getting tuckshop lady arms, but my trainer is telling me to be patient. Please let me know how you go. xReplyCancel

  • KK

    Hey Kat, Go you good thang. I am booked to have this done in December but worried about the recovery time. I would love to hear more from you on how you found it. Cheers, KReplyCancel

  • Linda

    Dear Kat,
    Don’t be embarrassed. You look great and you wanted to change your life so you can be around for your kids. Congratulations.
    Luv LindaReplyCancel

  • TC

    Thanks for sharing Kat. I’m very interested to hear more. I am considering similar but just trying to work out how to financially achieve. Please continue to shareReplyCancel

  • Alethea

    I think you are inspirational and very brave to share your story when you have been feeling so vulnerable. I hope it gives you further strength to read all these encouraging comments. You have nothing to be ashamed of and everything to be proud of!ReplyCancel

    • Reading through all these comments Alethea has been so wonderful, never did I imagine to receive such wonderful words, they have really encouraged and inspired me xReplyCancel

  • julie

    sharing such a personal story is inspiring. both my sister and my mum used the same procedure to loose weight. i have never thought of some of the emotions that went with it. Brave little you. congrats on the loss so far.ReplyCancel

  • Kate

    Do keep sharing :-)

    I am sure you have heaps of healthy recipes but if you are interested in any others, I found this one on Jamie Oliver’s website the other day and it is yum!

  • Rachel

    It is lovely to read your story. Weight loss is a major issue for a lot of us, and your story is about so much more than the surgery – it’s also about the journey! Thanks for sharing :)ReplyCancel

  • MM

    You are beautiful! I have been lucky enough to be blessed with a super metabolism but I have watched family members be miserable for years because of their weight. It takes a lot of courage to take such drastic action. Pretending that diet and exercise is the only way just isn’t realistic! You are inspiring not a cheat!ReplyCancel

  • HappyLapinette .

    Having a gastric band, I recognised myself a lot in this blog and well done for sharing your story :) I would love to read more about it ! I find it hard when people see surgery as the “easy way” they don’t realise you still have to make the right decisions for it to work. I wish you great success with it and can’t wait to read more :) Lts of love from rainy Northern Ireland xxReplyCancel

  • Robomum

    You’ve made an excellent decision and you’re looking fantastic. I wish you continued success.ReplyCancel

  • Michelle

    Congratulations on your bravery in ‘coming’ out about your surgery, I am 5 days out from surgery and I know my journey is long. A gastric sleeve is NOT the easy way, it is just a tool……. Ultimately you have to follow your dietician/specialists plan otherwise it just won’t work……. Good Luck in your journey and as a follower of yours I would be happy to continue reading about it :)ReplyCancel

    • Hi Michelle, how are you feeling after the surgery, it can be a very hard process, but now 3 months out, I am feeling great, I am suffering from hair loss, which is quite bad at the moment. What stage are you at at the moment, just remember it does get easier and eventually you can eat most foods, I still haven’t eaten many hard crunchy food like raw carrots, all with time.ReplyCancel

  • Amy

    Good on you Katrina. Thank-you for sharing your story :-)

  • kimberley

    Congratulations on your progress! I would love to see more posts like this, I really enjoyed reading your story.ReplyCancel

  • Jadey

    Well done! It’s very brave of you to share. I am a Bandit so I understand.

    Keep up the great work.ReplyCancel

  • Prerna @Social Media Direct

    Thank YOU Kat for sharing this and kudos to you for being brave both for the surgery and the sharing!! I look forward to reading more about your journey as I make my own towards a healthier lifestyle. Thank you!!ReplyCancel

  • kat

    im booked to see my surgoen tomorrowi was nervous until i read this im now pumped and cant wait to meet with him so i can start a new life a healthier life. i would love to read more of your journery with gastric sleeve surgery.ReplyCancel

  • niX

    Wow – Congratulations and what an effort! You are looking fabulous and you have definitely done the best thing for you and your family. Would love to read more :)ReplyCancel

  • Donna

    Congratulations – you look great and can’t wait to read more about your weightloss journeyReplyCancel

  • Fiona Brown

    Well done!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you, you look amazing xxxReplyCancel

    • Thank you Fiona, you have been such a wonderful help through this process xxReplyCancel

  • Klak

    Well done! I love following your stories! It’s very inspirational!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa

    I love reading all about your battle with obesity and your success at fighting it. Good on you. There is no easy way to lose weight, so ever feel that you took the ‘easy road’. You have done what you needed to do to save your life. Congratulations.ReplyCancel

  • karen h

    i hope your doctor also got a sleep study done for you and you are / were treated for sleep apnea too!ReplyCancel

  • Katrina Chambers

    I am so happy for you! You look great. I’d love to hear more!! High 5’s to you. XXReplyCancel

  • Louise

    Thank you for sharing your story Kat, you are brave to overcome your emotional fear and I feel that you will have so much support here because you are telling it like it is and not pretending it to be something else. I struggle to find the motivation to not eat the junk I do and feel embarrassed of my size, its like holding up a sign saying “I eat crap and have no self control”…. but it is just not that simple, food is my emotional support in good times and bad times and I can’t get away from it! WELL DONE for taking the steps and keep it up. We all want to hear your story xxxReplyCancel

  • Sharlene

    Well done on making a decision that benefits you and then subsequently your family. You are worth it. Keep up the great work.ReplyCancel

  • Libby

    Kat amazing! My husband had the surgery only 7 weeks ago (Dr’s orders) , and his life has changed dramatically! It has taught us portion sizes is the golden key, and that you can survive on 1/4 cup of food 3 times a day! Keep it up, selfishly we need you as much as your family XReplyCancel

    • LOL Libby thank you. I’ve been told though you need to eat at least 6 times a day. Now, 3 months after surgery it’s very hard to remember to eat that many times a day, just because I never feel hungry. But please make sure that your hubby is keeping up with all his vitamins, I let them slip early on and I am now suffering a lot of hair loss because my body is in shock after the surgery. The vitamins are very important.ReplyCancel

  • Nikki

    Oh GOOD ON YOU! That’s all. :)ReplyCancel

  • Marsha

    Thank you for sharing your story :)ReplyCancel

  • marrisa

    Well done and keep up the great work!!ReplyCancel

  • Jac@CommonChaosChronicle

    Kat you are an amazing woman and such an inspiration to so many. Please continue to share your story when you can. You have no idea how many people you are truly motivating right now. xoxReplyCancel

  • Toni Swales

    congratulations.. i have been considering the op my self nothing i do seams to help me lose weight so i end up just giving up and eating what ever only thng stopping me is the cost sigh..ReplyCancel

  • Hayley

    Thanks for sharing your story. It must of been such a difficult time for you but i am so glad that you are seeing the rewards for all of your efforts. I think you are amazing.ReplyCancel

  • Barb

    Thank you for sharing your story, I had the surgery last November and I understand fully where you are coming from when it comes to telling people. I too am worried about the negative reactions people may give but I have no regrets and highly recommend it. I have been struggling with my weight for over half of my life and had looked at this surgery 7yrs ago and finally plucked up the courage last year. I have gone from a size 22 to size 14, having lost 38kgs in 10months. I did it due to health problems arising but have benefited so much physically, mentally and emotionally from having the surgery. All the best to you and enjoy every step of your journey ahead to a healthier and happier you.ReplyCancel

  • Seva

    Hi Kat, I can tell by your photo how happy you are, I could relate to everything I read, I had my sleeve done in March 2012 and can tell you it only get better and easier. Have you joined any of the support groups? Did you get your surgery done on the coast I had mine done at Greenslopes.
    I must say that was extremely brave writing your story I have only told a few friends and my immediate family. Keep up the great work. I met you at the Brisbane MasterclassReplyCancel

  • Kim

    No judgement here. Someone I love very much had this done around the same time as you did. I think it is one of the bravest steps ever. I will admit though, that until I went through the process with her and have seen her blossom, it just wasn’t even in my realm of thinking.
    She too is feeling and looking amazing. I think you’re amazing for sharing your journey. I’m going to hook her up with this post.ReplyCancel

    • Thank you Kim, it really is hard to understand how the whole Gastric Sleeve process works.ReplyCancel

  • Jo

    I watched my two sisters go through this surgery and it has changed their lives. For them , they felt it was their only way to live a whole life and I thank them for being so brave so they could be around for their children. It is a courageous decision to make and you should be very proud of yourself for taking control of your life. Best of luck!ReplyCancel

  • Brooke

    What courage you’ve shown! I, too, had the surgery earlier this year and have lost 35kg to date. I chose this option because I’d tried everything else and, after over 20 years of being obese and constantly trying to shift it I had to resign myself to the fact that I needed help. That was the hardest part – that I couldn’t do it myself. Now I wish I’d done it years ago. I now eat less than my toddler and have never had so much energy! I’m loving my new life, and cherishing the time I’ve given myself with my young children. I have been overweight since I was 17 so I have no idea what I will look like as an adult without a weight issue, and I can’t wait to look in the mirror on that day!ReplyCancel

    • Ooh Brooke that’s truly inspiring, your right, though about learning how the new you will look, I can’t wait either. I’d love to see your before and after photo’s when your at goal :)ReplyCancel

  • emily

    if only it was an affordable option. For many of us its not.ReplyCancel

    • Dawn Richter

      Some also don’t want all the risk and permanency of the surgery. Another option is a book called Trim Healthy Mama. It is no diet. You aren’t allowed to starve, no counting calories and no deprivation. 41 pounds gone since June and chocolate, cheese, and butter are all staples in my diet. :)ReplyCancel

      • Rachel

        HI Dawn I have heard about this book but isn’t it written by Americans? I was concerned about food options etc with the availability here in Aus or have I misunderstood the purpose of this book?

        • Dawn Richter

          It is, but I know that a lot of people all over the world are following the plan. There is a FB group you might want to check out and ask/look for others possibly in your area to get some insight on where they get their specialty ingredients from. But it is doable in virtually any setting, with any conditions/allergies/special circumstances, as it is merely a framework.ReplyCancel

          • Rachel

            Thanks :)

  • Christine McKechnie

    Thank you for Sharing Kat, You have done an amazing job even with surgery it is still hard work. keep up the good work and the blogs, I would love to read more on how you are going. <3ReplyCancel

  • Sharlene

    Thanks for sharing, what an inspiration you are….. I too am feeling tired and lethargic all of the time, for me having a disabled child to care for seems to take up all of my energy. Thanks for showing me it can be done. Good luck with the rest of your journey….. look forward to hearing the rest of it. :)ReplyCancel

  • Liz

    Congratulations on this wonderful and brave step you have taken. My husband did the same thing about 4mths ago and hasn’t looked back, happier, healthier and more energetic. Hats off to you for taking control. Well Done and all the best for a happy and healthier long future ahead. Thanks for sharing and inspiring many of us.ReplyCancel

  • Dawn Richter

    Congratulations! If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t offer those you love the best of you! <3ReplyCancel

  • Melissa Groom

    Kat when we come to point where we no longer what other people think of us that is when we will truly soar! Now spread your wings and fly!ReplyCancel

  • kytravelrn

    You Go Girl!!!

    On October 25, 2011 I weighed 210 lbs (50 kg) and wore size 22 pants. I’m only 4′ 11″ (149 cm). I had the R-N-Y gastric bypass surgery that day.

    By August 2012 I had lost 105 lbs (47.7 kg) and was down to size 4 pants. Today, I’m still at 105 lbs and size 4.

    Losing half of myself was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I feel 25 years younger. No more aches and pains!! Instead of sitting because it was too hard to move…..I now move just for the pleasure of being able to!!

    I’ve inspired others to have surgery and they have lost a total of about 2500 lbs (1337 kg). I wish I’d done this years ago!! I’ve probably spent the cost of the surgery on diets and weight loss programs over the years!!

    I could write about this all day!! If you, or anyone else needs support andor encouragement, my email is [email protected].ReplyCancel

    • Wow thank you, I love hearing how much people have lost from the surgery. Your starting point and mine are the same, and I am now down to a size 18, still quite a way to go, but I can’t remember the last time I was in size 18!!ReplyCancel

  • Samantha Ashmore

    Congratulations Kat on making a positive change for your health. Anyone who reads your blog will know your an intelligent woman who would not make this choice without the proper research. You are always an inspiration.xxReplyCancel

    • Thanks Samantha, no it was a really hard decision to make, more so because it’s not reversible, it’s permanent, I had to put images of myself as an old lady only being able to eat limited amounts of food, it’s a complete life change, but I have no regrets and so pleased to be getting my health under control.ReplyCancel

  • [email protected]

    In the end Kat, it doesn’t matte how you get the weight off. You have taken control of your health and will be around for a lot longer for it. I too am in the process of losing weight (17 kgs down) and I believe that once you have your mind-set sorted, the body will follow. Well done. I look forward to hearing more about your journey!ReplyCancel

  • tracy

    This is so inspiring. Don’t worry about what everyone else thinks, it is your decision and your life. Last year I lost 22 kg. I celebrated that weight lose by over indulging and putting it all back on plus 10 kg. I am so disappointed with myself and dream of the time I was healthier. I vowed last night to stop what I am doing and get my weight under control again.

    Your blog landed in my inbox and added to my enthusiasm. Today, I can’t wait to re-start my weight lose journey.

    I look forward to hearing your journey as an inspiration for me to do the same thing.ReplyCancel

    • That must of been really hard Tracy to lose it and put it all back on, but you know it’s is a new day and only you are responsible to make the changes for your health. How have you gone with so far, I am pleased that my story has inspired you to improve your health again xxReplyCancel

  • Melina

    Congratulations and well done Kat!!!ReplyCancel

  • Rachael

    Congratulations Kat! You must be feeling so fantastic and full of energy these days, just brilliant. Good on you. :-)ReplyCancel

    • I am, I just went on what is a long walk for me, and I felt so good doing it!!ReplyCancel

  • Cathy Player

    My husband had this surgery 3 years ago and had similar results. You have given the greatest gift to your family imaginable. Congratulations you BRAVE thing!ReplyCancel

    • Thank you Cathy. To hear those words you won’t be hear to see your grandchildren is devastating, I can’t wait to kiss, cuddle and run around with them. In many many many years to comeReplyCancel

  • Sara

    Please keep sharing!! I’m so proud of you. I think this is the first time I’ve commented on your blog but I have been following for a long time. I’ll admit, your recipes never sounded appealing to me, as they were too unhealthy for anything I’d feed my kids (or myself) but lately they have been great! Strawberry roll-ups and the chicken roll in particular. It’s a brave person who makes a big decision to change their life and an inspiring one who actually does it, no matter how. I’m sure you already know you must keep up the exercise and healthy eating for the surgery effects to continue. You’ve clearly the made the choice to be healthy, not just to lose weight. Good on you!

    I must ask if anyone other than your Dr spoke to you about your weight? My sister is obese and I’m worried sick about her. She was in a car accident two years ago that still limits her mobility so I feel it’s unfair of me to say too much, however I have recently lost over 10kg myself (mainly baby weight) so I know exercise only plays one part and that healthy eating is the primary factor. I’m at a loss as to how to broach it with her, despite the fact my parents and I discuss it behind her back. Any tips would be appreciated.

    Well done again!!ReplyCancel

  • Jess

    Congratulations, you look fantastic! Even better, you feel fantastic! I love your blog and tips and am very impressed that you are sharing your story to inspire others. It doesn’t matter what other people think, it’s what you think that matters. It must be hard feeling judged by being in the public eye the way you are, so you are very brave for getting it “out there”, well done. Thank you for your wonderful tips and ideas to make MY life easier, it’s changed everything about the way I run my house and I love you for it! xxxxReplyCancel

    • Aaw Jess, thank you so much for your beautiful words. I am feeling great and comfortable now in my body, there was a stage it was a struggle just to get up off the couch and my sleeping has improved. your right I am loving the way I feel now. I still have quite a way to go, another 20+kg to lose if i can. I can only image how much healthier I will feel then.ReplyCancel

  • Ren

    Well done on your weight loss. No judgement here at all for the method you chose. I was a tad disappointed to find that it was surgery only because I was hoping to find tips on how I might jumpstart my own weight loss again without going under the knife. I lost 50kg and still have another 27kg or so to go. I did it the old fashioned way of just exercise and diet (WW) but I’ve hit that ceiling that I can’t seem to bust through. But you can only be congratulated for taking your health in your hands and *doing* something about it – many don’t and suffer for it. You look amazing and it’s obvious that the results are worth the effort.ReplyCancel

    • Thank you Ren, that’s why I wanted to tell the full story, because people were asking how I was doing it, they wanted to know the secret to losing so much so quickly, I am so glad I can share it and it’s the right decision for me and I am feeling so good for it.ReplyCancel

  • Cas

    You are looking amazing, and being so brave sharing your story !!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole Ohm

    Well done! You have done a wonderful thing for yourself and your family! As a nutritional cleansing coach, it is my pleasure to help people shed vast amounts of weight in a healthy, sustainable way. The joy of the physical and emotional transformation I see is unbelievably rewarding. We only have one body to live in so good on you for starting to treat it well!ReplyCancel

  • Who are we to judge? Congratulations on getting to a place where you feel happier about being yourself.ReplyCancel

  • Liz P

    Congratulations to you Kat for recognizing you had a problem, asking for help and advice and going ahead with the surgery. I can only imagine how proud your kids will be in years to come that they have a mum who is so brave and determined to make changes to her life and I bet hubby is excited to have a happy wife on her way back to good health!
    Keep up the great work and keep posting your progress, the good days and not so good days, the support and motivation you will receive from others and give to others will be inspiring!ReplyCancel

  • Leanne

    Thanks for sharing and well done! How can people judge what they don’t understand or haven’t experienced. I am not extremely obese but I am 30 kg overweight and currently considering this surgery. If I don’t do anything I will eventually be 40 plus kgs etc overweight! I have to do this too as I have tried everything else…well done! would love some details of the recovering, eating, what was “allowed”, what wasn’t, some of the risks and future warnings you might have been given and also, how do you not “stretch” your stomach again? Thanks again for sharing! Well done…ReplyCancel

  • Tan

    Well Done you are very brave. My doctor also told me that surgery was my only option left as I had tried diets, gym memberships etc for 20yrs and had failed. A friend of mine who had this surgery earlier this year was given Duromine to take prior to surgery to loose 10kgs before the operation. I had to beg my doctor for this drug as she does not like it, but I am one of the lucky ones who have not experienced and side effects and have been able to take up to the 40mg dose and with extreme willpower as well have now lost 17kgs in 3months. I have not given up my sweet treats but have cut them down by 90% of what I had been consuming per day, and have found not eating bread everyday has also helped. I personally did not want to go down the surgery road as I was worried about loosing weight too rapidly and then needing surgery to remove excess skin. I am also fortunate enough to have a very physical job from 8pm-12am 3-5nights a week which I use as my free excersice. Good luck for the rest of your journey.ReplyCancel

    • I’ve never heard of Duromine, but 17kg in 3 months is a great effort!! Congratulations!ReplyCancel

  • sami veloso

    Congratulations for taking a brave step towards a better future for yourself and your family.ReplyCancel

  • Tammy James

    Hi Gorgeous. Thanks for being brave enough to share this with the world, you have such a gorgeous spirit and shining personality I’m happy you made the decision to change your life for you and your family. xxReplyCancel

  • Carly Joyce

    Kat if you had an over-sized nose that made it hard to breath and had a nose job many people would say that you did because you were vain but you know the truth of it. Your health has to come first and damn everybody who can’t see that!

    As a parent your job is to be around for your kids and to set a good example. I think that you are doing an amazing job and have ensured that your kids not only have you around for longer, but have a happier and healthier you for longer.

    You have in no way taken an easy road. Losing weight is extremely hard because you have to eat to live! You can’t abstain from all food the way smokers, alcoholics or drug addicts can abstain from their poisons. If an alcoholic had to take three small drinks a day but no more I think the wagon would be empty quick smart.

    Great job xxxReplyCancel

  • KC

    Congratulations on taking the first steps on what will be a long journey. You obviously have the insight to know that this is not a simple fix, but it will be something you have committed to for the rest of your life.
    It’s very interesting that developed world continues to get fatter and sicker, despite all the “health” and “nutritionist” and “medical” advice regarding healthy eating and the food pyramid. There are a number of scientists and health practitioners who have been advocating for years that FAT in our diets is not the problem – it is SUGAR. Sugar and complex carbohydrates (think bread, pasta, cakes, biscuits etc) that are supposed to make up the bulk of our calorie intake: these are the problem. In general, exercise will make you feel good and will make you “tight” but 90% of weight control is what you put into your mouth every day. Increase your vegetables and protein and cut right back on your carbs and you will see a change. Avoid any packaged food, especially if it says “low fat” – chances are it is packed with sugar instead.

    I hope that your journey inspires others to also take steps to living healthier, leaner and cleaner. Well done!ReplyCancel

  • Susan Austin

    Congratulations Kat! What an achievement, and well done making that big decision to have the surgery. Your health and longevity are so important to those close to you, as well as all your followers.

    All the best for future good health and great weight-loss results!

    Susan x
    FROST BITEReplyCancel

    • Thanks Susan, I am feeling great, I just went for a really long walk with my daughter and so glad that I didn’t lose my breath!!ReplyCancel

  • Deb h

    Thanks fir sharing your story- your honesty and openess is amazing. I wish you so much happinessReplyCancel

  • nattynoo

    Congratulations on your weight loss and the decision to have the surgery!! I can really relate to your story – my Mum had the gastric sleeve surgery 2 years ago now and after being obese for my whole life (30 years) she has now lost a total of 55kgs and feels fantastic! Her only regret is that she didn’t have the surgery years ago!! You have made the best decision and will continue to feel great and live a happy healthy life with your family!!
    Thank you for haring you story with us and best of luck for the rest of your journey!!ReplyCancel

  • Ptquilter

    Hi Kat; First I’d like to Say Congrats on your weight loss. And Congrats on having the surgery and choosing LIVING instead of Dying. I too had surgery 10 yrs ago. It will be 11 the 24th of Jan 2014. I have lost 130 #’s I too was on every weight loss diet you can name in my life. and at age 55 I decided to get the surgery.I have beautiful Grand Children I so want to be here for. I applaud you for taking that risk. I had someone say to me once, before my surgery that my surgery wasn’t necessary that it was an Elected Surgery. It wasn’t a life or death situation. I was so angry and hurt, I said how is choosing to risk your life in surgery and to saving my life and having a better life not a life and death situation. I could die if I didn’t choose to have the surgery. I was a diabetic, I had high blood pressure, I had shortness of breath, back problems and hip and knee problems. I too snored so bad my Physician ordered a sleep study. I was told that if I didn’t do something I was going to die if I continued this lifestyle. SO I chose surgery. I had a Gastric bypass. The Gastric Physicians hadn’t yet developed the sleeve. But I did it and I tell everyone. I am so glad I did and changed my life. It is not an easy choice. Especially after you listen to what they (physicians) tell you. It is a risk and anyone that chooses Life is better for it. I am no longer diabetic, I don’t have high blood pressure my cholesterol is normal my back pain is resolved. In a nut shell I have a better life now after my surgery. Oh Yes and I don’t snore anymore. When I see someone on the street or in a store or anywhere and they are obese I cry inside for them I want to go to them and say I know you are a sad person inside that body there is a better way to live. There is a better way to change your life. I wish I could go to them and say this was me before my surgery, this is me now. I am so happy for you and I hope you cotinue on this road to LIFE. GOOD LUCK SISTERReplyCancel


    Kat I met you at PB event, and although your blog isn’t in a genre I’m typically interested in I wanted to check it out since you had so many great tips for building an audience, marketing, etc. As a medical journalist I wrote many stories about weight loss surgery, so you don’t have to convince me that it is not a quick fix. Although I haven’t personally struggled with weight issues, I love reading about other people’s triumphs. And of course we all have our own struggles! Great post, and keep up the fantastic job.ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Le

    Awesome story and you’re doing brilliantly. I had my sleeve one month ago. Nearly 10kgs down and have cracked the double figures :) Like you, I am mostly keeping this to myself (have had a lot of negative stuff from my sister, wish she didn’t know) but am sharing it with friends who I know will understand.ReplyCancel

  • Cathy

    Kat you are extremely brave to be honest and share the truth of your weight loss journey. So many things we read in today’s world are about quick fixes and unrealistic methods. That you had to go the hard yards to try and turn your life around and you are willing to share your story with candour is both refreshing and courageous. Well done Kat. Here’s to you continuing your journey to great health and happiness :)ReplyCancel

  • Quigley Quigley

    Hi Kat, I met you briefly at the PBEvent and just wanted to say how wonderful you are to share your story ! YOu were incredibly helpful in the talk with Darren and now reading this I am further inspired by your courage in honesty. I’m so happy for you in your improved health and happiness and send you loads of love and support in your continued success! Wishing you all the best Kat! xxquigleyReplyCancel

  • Binnabobo

    Bless you. Your authenticity is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story.ReplyCancel

  • Karen

    Congratulations :) I had the sleeve surgery on 28th June this year. It’s not the easy option that many people seem to think (which is why I have only told my closest friends and family), you still have to work with it. It’s a huge decision but I certainly have no regrets xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxReplyCancel

  • Colleen

    You’re amazing for sharing such a personal thing – and you’re looking fabulous. You’re an impressive, inspiring woman with a big heart. Good on you!ReplyCancel

  • Beck Pryde

    You go girl! Well done, with not only making the decision to have surgery, but also the other healthy steps in your life. :) I can’t wait to hear the next instalment. :)ReplyCancel

  • […] going to do the same to my wardrobe as well, being that ‘fingers crossed’ with my weight loss I won’t be wearing any of the clothes I have now next […]ReplyCancel

  • Fiona

    Congratulations, I wish you all the best in the months ahead. You are giving yourself and your family a great gift.

  • Naomi :)

    Congratulations on your decision to have surgery, I also had Gastric Sleeve Surgery 7 months ago and have lost 38kgs! I too felt embarassed at times about taking the ‘cheats way out’ but I also feel brave and empowered that I had the sense to make this decision for myself and my family. Best decision I have ever made and it sounds the same for you! Congrats and goodluck on the rest of your Journey!ReplyCancel

    • Wow Naomi, that is an amazing achievement, congratulations to you on the remarkable effort. Your right, I do feel empowered that I made this choice. No regrets!ReplyCancel

  • Abby

    So impressed – congratulations on taking that huge step forward it must have been scary!! But you look fantastic and I’m so happy for you having a bright future ahead! :)ReplyCancel

  • Kim Henderson

    You are amazing. since reading your story I have upped my health insurance and on Sept 13 2014 I too will have the surgery. I would love to hear more about your journey. Thankyou for the inspiration.ReplyCancel

  • Alison Devenish

    Would love to more of your journey Kat!ReplyCancel

  • Karin Mary

    Thank you for sharing your story – very brave to share something so personal with the world. All the best for your future weight loss and health.ReplyCancel

  • […] months, 3 dress sizes smaller and 28kg lighter post Gastric Sleeve weight loss surgery.  You can read more here about why I chose to have the surgery. […]ReplyCancel

  • Karen

    Good on you Kat. Such a wonderful brave thing you have done for yourself and your family. You looked great before. Now you look even better. Thanks for sharing. I am struggling too. Putting everything and everyone else first.ReplyCancel

  • MelB

    Kat you are an inspiration and you shouldn’t be judged. A huge congratulations to you for your upbeat attitude and zeal for life and also for your great weight loss if only more people were like you. Big hugs xxReplyCancel

  • […] can now comfortably paint my toe nails!!   To date I have lost 33kg, you can read my past stories my decision to choose weight loss surgery and living with weight loss […]ReplyCancel

  • JULI

    Well done Katrina. You should be so proud that you took the
    courageous option and had the surgery. I wish you all the very bestReplyCancel

    • Thank you Juli, I am feeling great and I have no regrets, I know I would of never have been able to lose all this weight without the surgery, I have tried for years, and I am really happy with my progress. Hope you have a wonderful new year xReplyCancel

  • Becs Shopandsell

    you look amazing! congratulations for the weight you have lost. I am too considering this surgery, could you please tell me what surgeon you used and hospital you went to, thanksReplyCancel

  • karen

    Well done for being brave enough to share your story. I’ve been considering the surgery for a while and I loved hearing your story, looking forward to hearing moreReplyCancel

    • Thanks Karen, do as much research as you can so you know it’s the right thing for you. It is a permanent surgery, so it will be a change in diet, lifestyle and the amount you eat for the rest of your life. GoodluckReplyCancel

  • EdenEve

    I am curious to know just how much it all costs?ReplyCancel

  • Sam

    That’s Awesome!! If you’re looking for help to budge those last kg’s to get to your goal weight then you HAVE to try ‘Isagenix’ It has completely changed my life! Its a Nutritional Cleansing Programme that I started on New Years Day and I have lost 8kg and 55cm to date! This programme rids toxins from your body which helps you loose weight quickly along with flooding your body with all the antioxidants, superfoods and nutrients that your body needs to perform at it’s peak! I’m sleeping like a baby, have mental clarity, energy levels through the roof, I’ve built lean muscle mass, curbed all my cravings, my anxiety is completely at bay and I just wish someone had introduced me to ‘Isagenix’ a long time ago but better late than never… If you want to find out more go to or feel free to ask away with questions.. Good luck on the rest of your journey!!ReplyCancel

  • MummaM

    I commend you for taking the jump towards a better healthier life. I completely understand the journey, I am at the doorstep of surgery, the most scariest thing I have ever decided to do. Much like yourself I have always found it difficult to get the weight off, and more so now after having two kids I am the heaviest I have ever been.
    I have mixed feelings, like I feel like a failure because I’ve taken this option, but I am hoping it will help get me to those goals. I am an emotional eater and for some reason I fall back into old habits. I work nearly 70 hours a fortnight, many sees me work nightshifts and by the time you get home its finding time to do housework, grocery and shopping and dropping and picking up kids from school… life is so hectic.

    I know its not easy just to get an operation and I know I still have to change my lifestyle, but if I can see its working and I do plateau and eat healthy food and fell full i can think reach my goal.

    How have you found the lifestyle change? has it changed your diet much? do you feel full? I drink lots of water during the day and i love my water… worried it will affect the amount of food I eat, and don’t eat enough.

    I am so glad you took the journey and you look amazing.ReplyCancel

    • It is a big lifestyle change, I don’t enjoy eating sugary food, it has certainly changed my taste buds with me now happily eating savoury foods. I eat my dinner rather quickly, when it takes the rest of the family double or triple the time, I find it frustrating sitting there watching them eat, something I just have to get used to. Drinking lots of water is good and all I drink these days is water and coffee, soft drink is far too sweet. It won’t effect the amount of food you eat, but you won’t be able to drink and eat at the same time. You can drink about 30 min after eating. Hope this helps.ReplyCancel

  • Vicki Garatoudi


  • Vicki Garatoudi

    Who is anyone to Judge the how you stay alive to look after your family. Congratulations and well done on your thus far success. I will watch with anticipation as I am looking at having this done too. I applaud you and thank you for sharing your journey xReplyCancel

    • Thank you Vicki, and wishing you all the best in your venture to better health.ReplyCancel

  • Michelle

    Thanks so much for sharing your story :). You look great and from the research I’ve done on this surgery, it does seem most people believe the benefits outweigh the negatives. I have my first appointment with a surgeon next month for this same surgery. I’m a little nervous as I’m a single mum, but I want to be around for a long time for my 2 year old daughter and I’ve struggled so much over the years with my weight. I just wanted to ask about your energy levels after the surgery. I know that the amount you can/want to eat is a lot less, but do you find that you are lethargic and have no energy because you’re not eating as much, or is it the complete opposite? Many thanks!xReplyCancel

    • Hi Michelle

      No I haven’t had to feeling of no energy, in fact the opposite, because I am losing weight I am enjoying the exercise, which then makes me want to eat healthy food, so it all works together nicely. Good luck with your appointment.ReplyCancel

  • Kim Pietrini

    Thank you for sharing. I have just joined a health fund today in the hope that I too can have the surgery in 12 months time. ReplyCancel

  • Iffat Zafar Aga

    Hi there ….just loved reading your story ……. I too am so interested in such a surgery ….. I d really like t o see your pic from now since I see this article dates back to sept 2013 …..could you plzzzz share your recent pic also?. Thks. ReplyCancel

  • Lauryn

    Congratulations! On your success! I have read your story & I myself am looking into getting the sleeve surgery. I would love to chat with you & maybe get some inspirational thoughts. I have been struggling with my weight ever sense I graduated high school & been on depression pills. Made me gain weight & never could keep it off. I am very active and workout 2 times a day, I have also tried weight watchers, but my insurance said I had to do weight watchers before I get the sleeve. I would love to get some information from you regarding your experience Thank you.ReplyCancel

  • LavenderMe

    You look great! I’ve made an appointment to see a surgeon to have a sleeve done. I have heart failure and small vessel disease (so surgical intervention for my heart & blood vessels isn’t an option). I’m on the maximum medical therapy available, and can’t walk more than about 5 metres without chest pain. So exerise on any sort is really difficult and exhausting. I know I need to lose the weight (about 40kg) and my cardiologist has told me that a sleeve is almost certainly the only way I’ll be able to do it because of those limitations. He told me 2 days before Christmas that I won’t live till I’m 70 (I’m 64), but that if I have surgery & if I survive that, I might make it. I’m also an asthmatic and diabetic – so not a good surgical risk.
    I’m sorry this is gloomy – I think you have done an amazing job Kat – I’m just not dealing with this very well at the moment. The cardio was very clear that it may be difficult to find a surgeon and/or an anaesthist willing to take me on.ReplyCancel

  • Bec

    Hi K, Congratulations on your loss. I have just started on Duromine as i have degenerative athritis in all my joints (32 inherited in my genes). I felt i am ‘cheating’ but needed to throw everything i could at improving my health and making over the way i see my food and exercise. Sometimes to achieve we need some support!! Good on you, and i hope this makes your life long and lovely with your family. I think sometimes as Mums we just lose prioritising ourselves (sleep, nutrition, exercise) because we constantly put others first xxReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Bec, Ooh thank you! And i think it is fantastic that you have taken a positive step into turning your life around. We all have to do what is best for ourselves and take the right path. I look forward to hearing how your journey goes, Bec xReplyCancel

  • […] June 2013 I had Gastric Sleeve Surgery, it was a huge decision to make which you can read more about here.   This is absolutely the best choice I made for a healthier me and I have no regrets.  However, […]ReplyCancel

  • Tania

    You look fabulous Kat. Your journey is yours to make, you choose what’s best for you and your situation. Well done and don’t let anyone judge you. To everyone with similar problems talk to your GP that’s what they’re there for. I’m having good results with a couple of great apps MyNetDiary and Pacer. I need major abdominal surgery, wait list puts it end of 2016, losing 20-30k will make a big difference to my recovery. The wait time is giving me the chance to lose weight safely over a period of time. I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and it’s a great app for tracking foods over the day.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Awe thank you Tania! I hope your surgery goes well and keep up the great work woth your weight loss. It is always a working process but one i am achieving. I will have to have a look at the apps you mentioned.:)ReplyCancel

  • Helen

    Carol, you sound like a troll!! Katrina is doing a fabulous job in her weight loss journey!ReplyCancel

  • Hi Kat, I just stumbled onto your gastric sleeve weight loss testimony and also read all the replies you received. I’m having a GS on 14 Dec with Dr Candice Silverman at John Flynn. Today I booked in to see the Psychologist & GS Dietician in Nov. As a child I was made to eat ‘everything’ on my plate or it was served up each meal until eaten so as an adult no matter how big or small a serving is, the plate HAS to be clean, the packet empty, all the drink (whatever it is)must be finished. This is my biggest concern – MY HEAD (and now perhaps the hair on my head after reading about that problem), ha ha! I’m excited but also scared but thankful for your honesty & sharing your journey.ReplyCancel

  • Robyn Roberts

    Kat, you are truly an inspiration. My husband had the same surgery in Sept 2014 and has lost around 50kg. I am determined now to lose weight and improve my health so that I can enjoy life again as I have many of the same health problems you mentioned.. I am sick of making excuses not to exercise. You should be incredibly proud of what you have achieved.ReplyCancel

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang As a toddler I wasn’t overweight, but it was mid way through primary school that my weight increased. I was teased a lot, I was short, freckly and fat.  However, looking back at my school photos I wasn’t ‘fat’ I was a little chubby which most kids outgrow as […]

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  • Carly Joyce

    Love it Kat, great work! My cousin is a nutritionist and she has taught me quite a lot even though I felt I was already nutrition conscious. Firstly to limit fruit intake to two-three pieces a day but to have loads of veggies. Fruit is great but also tends to be high in sugar so moderation is definitely important. I now send my daughter to school with one piece of fruit and some cherry tomatoes or carrot sticks and then she has something similar for afternoon tea. We almost always have veggies in our dinner.

    She also told me that it’s not what you eat in a day that matters, but what you eat in a week. If you have a ‘naughty’ day, just make sure to be extra vigilant for the rest of the week. We had bacon, eggs and sausages for tea one night and then grilled chicken and steamed veggies, chicken stir-fry, tuna casserole etc. for the rest of the week. You have to let loose sometimes!ReplyCancel

  • Merryl Chantrell

    Don’t be too hard on yourself about being overweight. There are a lot of us around. We were not all meant to be stick thin. I am now 60 and I have found the easiest way to look after my weight is to make sure my portion sizes are not humungous and to make better food choices. Beware of added Sugar or anything derived from Sugar such as Glucose or Fructose. Don’t cut out Dairy or your bones will suffer. Not too much fat reduced either because the Sugar content is often higher with these products and remember fat is flavour.
    I have only been thin twice in my life and both times I was very sick. With a little extra weight there is something to fall back on.ReplyCancel

  • Mishelle Smethurst

    I have just started clean eating and decided to get the family on board. Funnily enough, my 4yo daughter LOVES eating clean and is actually enjoyiong food more now that it is clean. There is absolutely no flour (we use almond meal) and NO SUGAR (we can use a little natvia) and definitely NO BREAD but have selected recipes that have foods with such rich flavours, you don’t need to add them in… I have just bought a food dehydrator so I can make my own raw onion bread, because I do miss being able to just have a sandwich for lunch :)ReplyCancel

  • Emily C

    What a fantastic post Kat! I love to see people making healthy choices but even more so, I love to see them teaching those to their children. I have been blessed to have parents that live very healthily and have passed their habits and knowledge down to me and my sister. In the past year I have struggled to maintain a healthy weight through a series of traumatic events falling on my family, but those habits have been strong and I have pulled through mostly ok. I understand very much how hard it is to keep yourself healthy through the rough times. Though I don’t yet have my own children, when I do have them I hope I can bring them up to embrace a healthy lifestyle too.
    You are doing a wonderful job making positive decisions with your own health. Well done!!! From your pictures, it certainly looks as though your kids are happy, healthy and active and that is such an excellent start in life for them. Thank you for sharing your journey and keep up the fantastic work!ReplyCancel

  • Marita Beard

    My 10yo asked yesterday for a letter to excuse her from sport at school because one of her friends mums had written a similar letter. I was not impressed and told 10yo that she had no reason to miss out on sport at school and it helped her brain be smarter to do sport. Between 2 hours of swim squad, 1 hour taekwondo after school and Step Into Life, Athletics and Zumba at school she does a fair bit.ReplyCancel

  • I think it’s great that you are focussing on getting them moving Kat. My kids’ school does pretty much all of those things you talked about (though there’s not been an assessment on making a sandwich yet!) which I love, including not having any junk at all in the canteen.

    I was also a chubby child – well, from puberty really – and it saddens me no end to look back and realise that’s all I was, a little chubby, for most of my teens and twenties. And yet I felt fat. My mum was always (it seems to me) focussed on losing weight, and she too was no more than a little chubby. But she also is tall with a large frame so she didn’t meet the current ideal of beautiful women.

    So for me, I want my children to eat healthy food and stay active, and I am realising as they get older that that is easier with organised sports (my 3 and 7 year olds are still very active naturally, but my 11 year old has discovered books in a big way, so I could see him really slowing down over the next few years without some kind of sport and/or family activity), and also that I need to be a better role model. If we get out as a family to kick the ball around or yes, go for walks and let them scoot along with us, it can make all the difference I think.ReplyCancel

  • I was an overweight vegetarian kid & teen (I hit a size 16), I was busy playing piano & reading. It was awful to be teased at school & be nick named ‘the fat kid’. I didn’t eat crap, we didn’t have any in the house!

    I’ve just reached my weight loss of 25 kilo’s down after my last pregnancy. It’s the 3rd time in my life I’ve had to make the journey (once as a teen, twice after pregnancy). I’ve really been conscious this time round that I have a 5 year old little girl that watches everything I do, so I’ve taken a different approach I really want her to consider her ‘health’ over being ‘skinny’. So I get outside with them, kick a ball, garden & jump on the trampoline (although I’m sure I look like a complete idiot to my neighbours…lol….).

    Thanks for sharing your story KatReplyCancel

  • I quite like reading a post that will make people think.
    Also, thank you for allowing for me to comment!ReplyCancel

  • It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d without a doubt
    donate to this brilliant blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for book-marking and aadding your RSS feed to my Google account.
    I lookk forward to new updatss and will share this website
    with my Facebook group. Chaat soon!ReplyCancel

I shared this image on instagram and facebook earlier today With the following caption:   I have a confession, I tried really hard to stay caffeine free, but I just can’t go without my morning coffee. I am however really proud I haven’t had any soft drink particularly coke for 10 weeks now!! What’s one thing you […]

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  • Veronica

    Well done Kat on your weight loss, I’m glad you’re feeling so much happier and healthier. 15kg is alot of weight, that’s awesome. I know you’re not a dietician and your primary focus is on organising homes but I know I for one struggle with my weight despite having healthy meals and planning the weekly meals and as a working mum I have very little to no time to exercise on a regular basis. I’d love for you to share some of the tips that have helped you lose so much weight so far. Congrats again.ReplyCancel

  • laura

    where did you buy that mug? I love it!!!! good work on the no coke for 10 weeksReplyCancel

    • Hi Laura, I have listed the stockists in the post. Thank you, I couldn’t imagine trying it again anytime soon, water, juice and coffee is enough for me now.ReplyCancel

      • laura

        before i read your reply and where the chevron mug was purchased from, I bought the same one from my local woolworths!!!ReplyCancel

  • Lady Dorothy

    Congratulations on the weight loss! I personally know how hard this is to do. Keep up the good work!ReplyCancel

  • Corrie Pierce

    Congrats on the weight loss and thanks for sharing that with us. Sometimes we don’t see a need for change until it hits us in the face, usually by something negative. Good on you for embracing and doing something for you :) You should be really proud of yourself and what you have achieved! I’m a massive fan of your site and I subscribe to everything you have!!! xxReplyCancel

    • thanks Corrie. Yes it was my Dr giving me a reality check, but seeing the video really emphasised how much I really needed to change. So pleased your enjoying the blog, hope you like the new series starting soonReplyCancel

  • Kirsty

    Well done Kat, that’s awesome. One thing I have learnt over the years, is that weight loss is a journey, not just a destination. Keep up the awesome job you are doing!ReplyCancel

    • that’s truly right Kirsty, I am having a lot of fun on my journey too. Thank you xxReplyCancel

  • Belinda

    Fantastic Job Kat…you’ve made changes and you have stuck with them. I too have tried to go caffeine free. I lasted about 6 weeks, but it was the morning cuppa that got me undone. I would wake up and my first thoughts would be about it, it’s my little ritual in the morning before the chaos of getting kids off to school and going to work. Kat with everything you have done- you are certainly allowed to have it (but not the guilt that goes with it). You are awesome!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle

    My morning coffee was a real ritual too, but I’ve replaced it with a good chai – seems to give me the same milky sensation without the caffeine. Congratulations on your hard work. I’ve just started the journey and have a long way to go. ReplyCancel

  • Mel Hince

    Hehe I have my morning cuppa in the same mug :) Definitely can’t do without a good coffee! Well done for how far you’ve come. I reckon if you’re still under your calories for the day, enjoy it, savour it.ReplyCancel

I have been extremely tired lately, my energy levels are low and my back is really playing up.  I have not been exercising as I should, my ‘excuse’ is that I don’t have time.  I have been watching what I am eating by eliminated white bread from my diet, using brown rice instead of white, […]

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  • Jessica Jorna

    Hi Katrina,

    I was looking at doing this program too! I’m interested to see what you think of it, as I was unable to sign up for this current one (I’m going overseas for a month) but want to do the next session. 

    Thank you so much for you motivational poster, I’m going to print it out and put it on my fridge (^_^) 

    Jess xReplyCancel

  • Bronte

    I am doing it too. A few friends are too. I need to lose 25-30 kilos so I obviously won’t be doing that in 1 round  but I am really excited to start feeling better. Sleeping better and just generally feeling alive again. My goal is to be able to run after the kids and not feel like I am going to have a heart attack! I have been doing the tasks that she get you to do as 90% of weight loss for me is a mind set. Also in pre season I am cutting out sugar from all the things I didn’t even know had hidden sugar in it. But that means eating really good wholefoods which we should eat anyway. Best of luck..we can all support each other. Its a new beginning for us!!!ReplyCancel

    • Wow Bronte, I love your determination and I look forward to joining this journey with you !ReplyCancel

  • sharonthoms

    Hi Katrina, good luck with that. Healthy eating is all about the foods that we keep on hand from day to day.  Changing any habit it easy providing that when the cue comes along (the urge to eat) that the routine of what we will eat, has been planned and organised. You know you get hungry around 10am and reach for a couple of biscuits and a coffee, instead your ready with your new routine of some sliced apple with a sprinkle of muesli and a dollop of natural yoghurt. The important part to making the new eating habit stick, is that there is a pay off from the new food routine, that you have used to replace the bad eating routine. There must be an equal to reward to make the new habit stick. 
    The cue, the routine and then the reward. They are the three parts to forming a new habit. So to make it easy make sure that you have all your meals and snacks at the ready and make certain that you are enjoying the new foods that your eating.  I’m sure that’s where Michelle will be able to help you.
    Anyway best of luck, from SharonReplyCancel

    • Ooh thankyou Sharon, that advise is priceless and you know my blog is all about creating routines and habits and your exactly right, I just have to change my current habit. I have managed to change from Coke to water. I find I don’t eat during the day, and am hungry at 4pm. I KNOW I need to snack inbetween meals and have lunch. This habit I WILL change! Thankyou for your encouragement and support xReplyCancel

  • Kylie

    I’ve done Michelle’s program and its amazing and you can get amazing results :)
    Bronte – you could lose close to that amount… I lost 18 kilos when I did the round last year and my girlfriend has just finished this round and she lost 22 kilos….

    Good luck and keep us updated!! If you have an iPhone or Android phone download the MFL (Myfitnesspal) app – a great way to track what you are eating and what you are using in energy :)

    Good luck
    Kylie xReplyCancel

    • Thankyou Kylie, I have just downloaded the app, so will have a good look at it. Wow your and your friends loss is inspiring and so encouraging that I CAN DO IT!! Thankyou.ReplyCancel

  • Jayne

    Good luck! The 12WBT is fantastic!! :)
    I lost 10kg on the program, Round 3 2011. (fell pregnant and am slowly gaining the 10kgs back, lol)  – But I am signing up for Round 3 in September ready to lose my baby weight for good!!! Think I might be crazy, bub is due 27 August, so will be doing it with a newborn and a 2 year old! ReplyCancel

    • Wow I love your dedication, you know that just shows that this program must be great. Well I am ready for the season to start. ReplyCancel

  • Mardi

    Fantastic news! I started Round 2 this time last year. I’m now 33kg lighter, happier, more healthy and in training for my first half marathon. Organisation is the key to success – I think you’ve got it sorted!ReplyCancel

    • Ooh wow, I am loving all these success stories. What would be your best organising tip for the challenge?ReplyCancel

      • Mardi

        I spend my Saturday nights meal planning (riveting, I know) and do a big weekly shop on a Sunday morning. I buy absolutely everything in that shop, so I have no excuse to pop back to the supermarket later in the week. I also lock in my training times so I can’t avoid them. Good luck – you’ll have a ball.

  • nmrobbo

    Well done Katrina! I too have joined for the first time this round Katrina!! I am getting throught the pre season tasks and looking forward to the 4 June! I am a bit nervous about making it all work (I have two children with busy schedules and I work full time) but I am going to make some time for me!! Looking forward to hearing about you get along!! ReplyCancel

  • Kerith

    HI Katrina!! Congratulations on the decision to look after YOU as you spend so much time looking after others (us included!) I know you will not regret this next step. Follow the program and you will succeed, understanding that it is a journey, like everything else. There will be days that are just terrible and days where you will feel on top of the world.
    I second the MFP app/online advice. I track every single day (1200cal) and train 6-7 days. It is a great program if you really get into the spirit of it. Immerse yourself into the groups around you so you have like minded people to support you.ReplyCancel

  • kath

    Hope  you love 12wbt! I lost 30+kg on the program,went from an 18-10 and am now growing again with a miracle baby after 5+ years of infertility! My story is at courage2start.blogspot.comReplyCancel

  • RACH

    ooh I joined this round for the first time too and so excited to be doing it with you – will need inspiration from everywhere.  Finally time to kick those baby kilos for good (the twins really helped me stack it on), and definately no plans for anymore and need something to help me get motivated.  It going to be interesting trying to fit that much exercise around the kids and hubby’s work trips.  I get a bit in but it is going to be a challenge to get that much…but always up for a challenge.
    WE can do it!!!ReplyCancel

  • Bronte have the first few days gone for you on the program? ….I must say I am pretty hungry! but trying to fight a cold so will get there..ReplyCancel

  • […] few weeks ago I was ready to start the Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation challenge.  I had completed all my preseason tasks, however the day it started was the day after my mum […]ReplyCancel

At the beginning of the year I set myself Goals for 2011, so far I am sticking to them.  Did you make a list too?  As we are halfway through the year I thought we should take a moment, look at the lists we created to ensure we are still on track. As I was writing this […]

Continue Reading...

  • Kellie simmons

    I wouldn’t be too worried about your pic you are a beautiful woman best of luck on the journey I will be putting up my own pic soon and will be jogging along beside you every step of the way


  • Domjomcmillin

    I think you are very brave and beautiful:)
    I’ve beentrying tomotivate myself butalways talk myself out of it which shocker isn’t hard to do
    I want to be healthyand fit so you have inspired me ( let’s just hope my head doesn’t hear lol)ReplyCancel

    • I am hoping to inspire eveerybody Dom, let’s do it, we can, just need to change our thinking!ReplyCancel

  • Yay for you! You are gorgeous!

    I started my blog in the hope that writing about it would help my weightloss… I’m not so sure yet. It’s early days and life keeps getting in the way!!! Perhaps some ‘community’ will help?!

    I’ll be following!ReplyCancel

  • K8T

    Good on you! I would love to join you on this great journey. I have been told that you also need to break down the big weight loss into little goals and reward yourself once you reach each. Today this is the first thing on my “To Do” list. :-)ReplyCancel

  • Jamie

    The first thing that came to mind when I saw your photo was that you look full of determination :) good luck :) I also have some weight to lose before my wedding in 8 months so I’ll see you along the road to weight loss!ReplyCancel

  • Jill

    Hi Katrina congrats on the beginning of your journey, I am going to join in , I had lost 43kgs through weight watchers and through bad binging habits I now have only lost 11kgs. So today I have taken charge. I am still following weight watchers, last night I pulled a basket out of my house organising supplies and filled it with today’s food, other than my dinner. But my brekkie, lunch and snacks were all in there and pointed out so I new I am on track. This morning waking up I feel in control and hey even a little organised. ReplyCancel

    • Graet work Jill, on a mission, we can do it, I am loving the enthusiasm!ReplyCancel

  • Sar

    I have been picking up on some advice from Michelle Bridges, TBL trainer, and I want to pass on what motivates me to eat well and exercise for health…Dont Think, Just Do. Dont get paralysis by analysis, dont analysize everything about diets and exercise, just keep it simple. Your trainer is right about the 20% exercise/80% diet = weightloss, Michelle even put up an example about two people: one who didnt change their diet and exercised like crazy every day, and one person who didnt exercise but changed their dietary intake…The one who didnt exercise lost the most weight simply because of the food factor. Exercise is ultimately for health, strength, well being and protecting your future self against injury and problems. In Michelle’s book she also has a great saying to get the runners on the feet and the healthy food in the cupboards/stomachs…Just Freaking Do It (the clean version!!)

    I love your strength of character to post a pic of yourself and to publicly declare your weight loss goals, this shows to me that you have what it takes to reach your goals until you find your happier, healthier version of you not too far away!! I’ve lost 9 kilos in the past year and I can tell you any amount of weight loss is life changing/mood changing/personality changing/FASHION changing (!!) and it is all soooo exciting. My kids are happier, my husband is happier, and all because I am now happier – I’m now not taking out my self-loathing on everyone around me. GO FOR IT you shrinking housewife you!!!!! xxReplyCancel

    • LOL, thankyou so much Sar I enjoyed reading everybit of this comment. Would you like to join in on the FB and give motivation to the others, you have a real nac, reading this makes me want to go for a run around the block. I’m going to paste this onto The Shrinking Housewife page :) Thankyou Sar x

  • I want to lose a bit more. I have lost 17kgs since my 2nd daughter was born. It was more, but some crept back on.

    Go you for posting your pic and being so honest. I don’t know anyone who has really had success with Jenny Craig. Your new plan sounds great though.

    Good luck. I’ll join you. 5kgs for Blogopolis! :)ReplyCancel

    • yay, looking forward to meeting youa t Blogopolis. We can do it!! 17kg is awesome, please feel free to stop by The Shrinking Housewife FB page and give any tips!ReplyCancel

  • Joyce Ries

    Woohoo you can do it! I wont join in as I dont need to lose weight, but I will tell you my story, Last year I lost 18kg! 2 weeks ago I had a baby and am now back in my pre pregnant clothes…mostly just by eating well now, but I joined the 12 weeks body blitz. 84 days of eating well and working out- you can stay focused for that long- its nothing in the grand scheme of things! Good luck on your journey :)ReplyCancel

    • Thankyou, Please pop into my The Shrinking Housewife FB page to give any tips!ReplyCancel

  • Toni Blackmore

    Gosh, you’ve already got a healthy glow, look forward to future posts. Would love to see other comparison shots of you and your (beautiful) trainer. Perhaps linen cupboards or laundries :) All the best.ReplyCancel

    • LOL Toni, the sunshine in the background helps. Kate is gorgeous and great motivation to keep going. What comparison shots are you wanting, her laundry and my laundry???ReplyCancel

  • Haircuts4

    Katrina you are my inspiration and make my job that much more enjoyable. I feel so blessed to be a part of your journey. Love your blog and all your tips on becoming more organised, I am going to start today! Your pt Kate xxReplyCancel

    • KATE!!!!!! I couldn’t be doing this without you. You worked me hard today, I’m feeling very tired and guess what……MY LEGS ARE SORE!!! Looking foward to having my 12 month after shot with you beside me and me trim, healthy and fit :)ReplyCancel

  • dani.brennan

    Hi Kat, just joined you on your new facebook journey, although will be patiently watching and starting mainly on an eating healthier approach and light treadmill until my baby is born in 4 weeks time.. Im having a c-section, so give me a few weeks to recoup and ill be on the bandwagon.. but as I said in my post and as your stop sign clearly states, stop making excuses. LOL. ReplyCancel

    • I’m glad you like the stop sign, I love it too! Wow Dani, you should be resting up as much as you can. I am looking forward to this journey, been on it a few day’s now and feel fantastic. Wishing you all the best with your new little bub, enjoy all the cuddles, smiles and love he/she will bring xxReplyCancel

  • Christine

    Congrats on beginning your journey. Will be popping over to your Shrinking housewife blog to follow your journey there. I’m also on the weightloss journey, I have about 45kg to lose (i know shameful but we all have to start somewhere). I’ve been attempting to blogo the journey out so feel free to have a look ReplyCancel

    • Not shameful, I am probably not being realistic with the amount I have to lose, alot. But we can do it, we can get there, so happy to be doing it together!ReplyCancel

  • Jamesj333

    Hi there Katrina

    You rock !! keep it up . I’m on a mission myself too,to be healthy in my body. i lost 27kg but have but back on 2 dress sizes. So I enlisted the help of a personal trainer .

    Would love to join you in your mission .

    have a great weekend Jacky ReplyCancel

    • The trainers are great motivation, there is no way I can not go when I know Kate is there waiting for me. Good luck, looking foward to sharing the journey with you.ReplyCancel

  • Kaye_85

    This might sound a little odd, but what font is that for your goals?ReplyCancel

  • Karen

    Hi Katrina. This is a encouragement from me to keep going as seeing u last saturday at the pics I noticed the u have lost weight even though it didnt show on the scales. I am back on track on the treadie each morning (weekends included) running 5kms in 30mins now. As soon as u feel fit enough we should make to time to do a afternoon or evening jog together as running on treadie by myself can get boring after a while. Keep it up and don’t give up as I would love to see the Katrina b4 the kids were born. After loosing 5.5kgs myself I can tell u that I feel a big difference in myself as well.

    Your Friend – KarenReplyCancel

    • I’ll be jogging with you before you know it!! thankyou for your encouragement and support, your such a lovley friend xxReplyCancel