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Continuing with the Organising You month, one of the most important areas is our health.  Far too many often neglect our own health, yes I put my hand up.  Below you will find a few of the tips to help make that all important start. This is a guest post by Cathy Kosterich , from […]

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  • Thanks for this information 😀 Off to check out the website!ReplyCancel

  • Jess_cook88

    Im in the process of organising my health as i have 3 kids and for too long never put myself first. I dont need to lose weight but that doesnt mean im fit either so will be working on eating healthier and drinking more water. The biggest thing is getting my moles checked out asap, seeking out a naturopath and also getting a blood test for all levels.ReplyCancel

This is a guest post by Sarah, from the blog Mums the Word. How can something so insignificant make such a big impact on my schedule? I was wondering this after telling HB for the hundredth time how totally amazing my new coat rack was..HB had already made tracks and wasn’t listening to me, too […]

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  • neeny_81

    good idea to have the kids have their own hook… such a simple idea works magic :)ReplyCancel

  • Trish

    I got my hubby to make a basic one the other day …just need to pretty it up boy style with stickers and names and pictures. I have a white board above it.ReplyCancel

  • KitchenAid Platinum Collection KSM156 Stand Mixer Raspberry Ice is awsome the colour sounds yummy too!!ReplyCancel

  • Lynndi

    KitchenAid Artisan KSM150 Stand Mixer Empire Red
    Product Code: 91010 , it’s my dream mixer, if I could wave a magic wand this is the one I want. And Candy Red looks more professional and screams qquality.ReplyCancel

  • HAHA sorry when i first read the description of this i saw “rack” anyways, great post :-)ReplyCancel

This is a guest post by Giovanna Scott, from The Organised Carer Having a child with Special Needs can be harrowing.  Keeping track of the test results, reports and documentation for all the government departments is equally so.  I thought I could manage it all until I was stuck one day at my son’s […]

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  • Sam

    Thanks for that, I have just bought one! I am forever digging up medical results and really need to keep it altogether.ReplyCancel

  • Kate Puddles

    It sounds like a great way to organise all that very important info and paper-work, I have a friend who would be interested in this, I will let her know about it! Thank you ReplyCancel

  • Marita

    Awesome! I made my own home made version of this when Heidi was diagnosed with Autism many years ago. Great to see an easier solution as we have so much on our plates – especially in the early days when everything is such a steep learning curve, that being able to get a ready made folder is brilliant.

    The best bit of advice I ever got when Heidi was first diagnosed was to keep all your paperwork, make sure communication was in writing so you could refer back to your notes later. So vital, especially when you have a disagreement about what was actually said later on. ReplyCancel

  • That’s a fabulous idea G! The stress of caring for a special needs child shouldn’t be made more difficult by damned paper work. I’m so glad that this system is making your life a little easier. Thanks for sharing.ReplyCancel

  • My special needs sons are 4 and 8. I wish I had heard of these folders earlier! My paperwork is in piles around the house, so I'm off to check them out now. Thanks so much for sharing! ReplyCancel

  • I'm always in awe of you Gigi! You are a super mum xxxx
    I would love to have you as a classroom mum :) ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous Mum

    This is an awesome idea and I wish I had had this at my fingertips last year when we were wading our way through the endless stressful autism assessment process. I now look at the crammed plastic sleeve where I have kept all the endless reports, forms, appointment cards, receipts, contacts etc and wonder how we ever got through it all. You are to be applauded for such a wonderful tool which will no doubt help all those stressed out mums/dad's out there going through such situations. Well Done. ReplyCancel

  • Marelle

    Well done my beautiful friend Gigi for your guest post
    I also have always been in awe of you beautiful lady xxx
    Marelle ReplyCancel

  • As a therapist, I can say that this is a FABULOUS idea! We tend to give parents so many pieces of paper (together with all the other therapists and agencies that you are seeing) that I often wonder that you don't need to bring along a filing cabinet on wheels to each session! Yay you for making parents lives easier! ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca

    I got given one of these from my support person the first day I met them. I love it . It means I always have what I need for my child no matter where we go. ReplyCancel

  • What a great idea! I totally need one of these! ReplyCancel

  • Paulette

    Wow! This looks fab. I have a folder for each of my boys, but they’re a bit small and starting to overload.
    Thanks :)ReplyCancel

  • Ruth Beaver

    I recently bought 2 of these ( 2 kids) and for the first time in 13years I feel truly organised with their medical and school paper work.ReplyCancel

  • […] post by Giovanna Scott who guest posted over at The Organised Housewife provides some more ideas for […]ReplyCancel

This is a guest post by Naomi, from the blog Seven Cherubs. Often I have people come to my house who are totally shocked that nine people live here.  Not too many people say it, but some people. They are amazed at how organised it is. Notice I did not say how ‘clean’ it is. […]

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  • I love this idea and I picture so many bags from my house going. One question I inherited my mums clutter boxes of her 6 kids kids lives of things we made to casts and all that in-between stuff. I moved a year ago and go rid of much of her things as hard as it was but how do you part with the stuff that has a sentimental attachment? I am becoming my mum I have kept loads of my sons school things it’s a huge deal for him to achieve things as he has a disability so how do you choose what’s important on these items?ReplyCancel

  • Have been planning to do just thatReplyCancel

  • Marita

    I hear you on decluttering working.

    Our grade 6 class has a once a term collection by Southern Cross Recycling to pay for their graduation (they get about 20cents per kilo). So I started saving up all our recycling to contribute to school. But it adds so much to the clutter having big pile of recycling building up. So now I get rid of it straight away and just save stuff for a couple of weeks before the grade 6 recycling collection day.ReplyCancel

  • I do something quite similar, but I have to admit I am a bit sneaky about it. My kids are hoarders (the complete opposite of me) and want to keep every scrap of paper that ever enters the house, so I tend to pick up a bag once they are in bed and have a go around the house. I manage at least a bag a day, and I only have 3 kids!

    We have started packing for our big move to the country and I have a box set aside for things we don’t want to take, so that they can be donated. Packing up and moving house is a great way to evaluate what you actually want and need!!!ReplyCancel

  • I love that idea! We gather a lot of clutter as well and it can be so frustration, so I’m always throwing things out and cleaning up! I love the idea to throw out a bag a day!ReplyCancel

  • I only have 3 in our house and I still struggle with all the “stuff”…. am definitely going to give this a go. Thanks for the great tip Naomi.ReplyCancel

  • I tend to do a big declutter every few months, but it makes sense to do a little each day. Might just try the bag idea and get on top of the piles that are slowly growing. Thanks :)ReplyCancel

  • Just an idea, encourage your little ones to wrap nana & pop’s, aunty & uncle’s presents in special child created kindy paintings and drawings, doesn’t hurt as much as throwing them out. ReplyCancel

  • Love this idea im a bit the same just recently when i went through all the clutter in my room i had a plastic bag on my bed and i was BRUTAL i just chucked it all in and forgot all about it

  • Great post! I do the same. I have a garbage bag that sits in my hallway cupboard and I fill it with clothes the kids grow out of or that we don’t use etc… and every month or so I take that to the salvation army.
    I also throw away something everyday when it comes to kids toys, papers, books etc – things that haven’t been played with for a while or that I find behind the couch etc….
    My motto is clean as you go….throw out things on the spot rather than waiting until it piles up!ReplyCancel

  • Great post, Naomi. I do this as well. I’m very liberal about tossing stuff away and am slowly, very slowly, teaching the rest of the family to be less hoarder-like.ReplyCancel

  • Kate @ Puddles and Gumboots

    I’m very big on throwing things out regularly, but I’m not as systematic as that. Great idea, I think I will start doing this :-)ReplyCancel

  • To Alyeesha Lee …. Take photos. Store photos in a few different places. Eg on comuter, on external drive, on CD, on DVD, print the photos and store in a shoebox or other box.ReplyCancel

  • Robyn

    I have 8 children and do almost the exact thing, but I use a box. Every week without fail there must be boxes of goods that leave our house. We are always blessed with other people’s no-longer-needed-goods, but the house quickly fills up. I always say that our house is tidy, not necessarily clean!ReplyCancel

  • Thanks for all the lovely comments ladies and I so love your additional suggestions…awesome work!ReplyCancel

  • Mumof 2

    Great idea. Something we tend to do in our home is gather toys the kids are outgrowing and anything else lying around the home and list them on sale sites eg. Gumtree. Free to list, local to your area. Make a couple of dollars with things that are no longer of use to your family and use the money putting it towards things you now need..ReplyCancel

  • My family is tiny compared to yours, but this would be a fantastic system for me too. We have far too much crap. Recently I was going through the boys’ rooms and got quite ruthless (I’m generally very sentimental). Joel was the one holding back.

    But then come house inspection time (we’re renting) there’s always a panic, because we just have too.much.stuff and nowhere to keep half of it.

    I might try this, see if a day at a time manages to escape Joel’s notice.ReplyCancel

  • I so agree with your bag method – I do it too. I have also put up new Ikea expedit shelves – if the books and dress ups don’t fit in it – then there is way too much and time to bag some for friends and charity. Clutter can be so overwhelming, thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • What a simple but fantastic idea. Great post. I try & declutter every few months but really should try and do it more regularly to keep on top of things.ReplyCancel

  • Leisha

    I love this post! We have a garbage bag that either hangs off the back of the front door or is near the front door on a hook. Everytime we come across something that is no longer fitting or used or loved, it goes in the bag/s. Once a week that bag/s goes to the charity shop. During school holidays we have a massive reorganisation of the kids’ rooms and a big declutter (especially now to October) in time for the new lot of goods being received over Christmas. The kids and I do it together so that I can help teach them “how to organise” for when they need to be able to organise their own homes.ReplyCancel

  • Great post, Naomi! I so agree that too much clutter can weigh us down. When i lighten my load, i also lighten my mood. ReplyCancel

  • Great idea Naomi! I am going to start doing this tonight!

  • Julie

    Awesome post, we have a family of 7 visiting us right now. I am soooo glad I have nagged and organised the life out of kids (at times) and that they know how to
    1. clean up after themselves,
    2. behave in someone else’s house and
    3. Ask! (for help, for permission, for things that don’t belong to them)
    * I do understand that our guests are visiting and that everything is new to them, but a LITTLE manners wouldn’t go astray!!

    Its nice to hear my kids say to me, “thank you for nagging and teaching us”ReplyCancel

  • Narelle Peake Fousketakis

    I love this idea… we are having a de-cluttering this week. It is really a freeing experience. Study is a complete mess and well 4 kids with toys – drives me nuts that they just leave stuff everywhere.ReplyCancel

This is a guest post by reader Jennifer Kerr. My motivation for being organised has come from a need to save money and live on a tight budget, but also to use my time as wisely and effectively as possible, given I’m a new mum to a five-month-old daughter. I am not an expert. I […]

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  • These tips are great. I am a big fan of ‘a little bit, often’ to get through those dreaded chores. I am a big fan of meal planning too, and deep freezing, it does cut out the 5’o’clock panic. Thanks for the tips for the laundry soap too, I know many people who are looking for such a recipe. ReplyCancel

  • Mtomsey77

    These are great common sense tips. I must admit I am pretty good with the organising of food too. I only work on a week budget (mainly because I don’t have that much room in the pantry, & alot of the fresh veg, etc would not keep for the fortnight). But I will sit down one night of the week & go through the recipe books & make a plan for the week, & as you have said I will only make a shopping list of those ingredients I don’t have. We are a family of 5 so organisation is essential, especially now that 2 are in school & with all the extra curricular activities after school. Preparing myself during the day, saves time after school for running around & homework.

    You are so right, it saves so much time & money. Alot of people don’t understand how we survive on 1 wage. But shopping at Aldi for the majority of the shop, & of course sticking to budget meals helps. We still go to the grocer for fresh fruit & veg, but we have to cut out alot of Deli items that are not necessary and too expensive.
    I suppose one part I do fail at is the washing. I have usually been able to do it all on one day, but now with an extra child the amount of washing has some how doubled. I have lately been following The Organised Housewives tasks of one load a day, and it has made such a difference. I feel more motivated to wash, hang & fold one load a day rather than 6 loads in one day.

    Thanks for the tip of the Laundry Liquid I will try this which will also save on money for the more important things like shoes & handbags.ReplyCancel

  • julie mcdonald

    Jennifer, it sounds like you are a well oiled machine… most days! We all try to be and with a small baby it is even harder – things can go pear-shapes pretty quick! So much good advice here, especially the meal preparation during the day and a load of washing a day. I do that because otherwise those baskets just overflow and someone is yelling for that T-shirt they wore 4 days ago!
    I am more organised for having found The Organised Housewife – sometimes we just need a prod to do that bit extra around the home. That reminds me, I need to wipe out my washing machine again!ReplyCancel

  • Kia

    Thanks for your guest post Jenny and congrats on your new addition…some great tips you have there, we are a family of six, 2 adults and 4 kiddlywinks aged 3 – 10 yrs. Washing is so true I wash everyday atleast 2 loads…i think our washing breeds??? LOL but I am terrible at putting it away. I have now made it Mondays is my put it into piles and put it away day and I have just started to get the kids to do their own putting away which has been very helpful and I have finally let go of the guilt associated with asking them :) I am really enjoying the tips and tricks on this website/blog it helps me kepp on the straight and narrow and lets me know I am not the only housewife in the world hee hee…ReplyCancel

  • Eva

    I love the idea of the homemade washing liquid, but is it only suitable for top loaders? Thanks for the tipsReplyCancel

  • Jenkerr Designer

    Thank you all for your positive comments! Eva, yes the recipe is suitable for front and top loaders, and once you buy all the ingredients, it breaks down to be about half a cent a wash! Can’t beat that value! ReplyCancel

  • Rachel

    H Jennifer, this was a good read. I too plan my meals a week in advance but I think I might up it to two weeks – this will help as I live out of town. I do like the idea of using all the fresh ingredients first too.
    I also wash every day. Small machine and short clothesline. But it is great to just be able to do a little bit everyday and then I seem to find more time for the bigger cleaning jobs.ReplyCancel

This is a guest post by Melanie, from Refinancing your mortgage gives you breathing space to raise your family I’m Melanie Smith. I’m a mum with 2 young children.  Yes young 3 and 1. If your young family is anything like ours, you’re no doubt trying to juggle a work-life balance that gives you […]

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  • We struggled to make ends meet when I was on maternity leave as well…these are great tips for mums-to-be! Thanks for sharing.ReplyCancel

    • Melanie Smith

      Happy to share Lisa. Thanks for taking the time to comment.
      Hope all is well now. it can be a very hard period. But good news is it isn’t forever.ReplyCancel

  • Robhernow

    By increasing your home loan term from 25 years to 30 years you will pay another $82K in principal and interest on a $300K loan at 7%. You should be advising your clients about the potential for increased debt by taking this option. ReplyCancel

    • Melanie Smith

      Thanks for your contribution Robernow,
      yes you make a valid point and yes I do talk about the long term implications. However this is a strategy for the short term to help families with the issues of cashflow when they are struggling with a new or growing family.
      I would also talk with them about all the option available to them. However for this post it was really just about the options they could consider for this period of time. I know when I first got my babies at home on one income for a short amount of time it was hard to make ends meet and hard to see the wood for the trees no one suggested anything like this for my family. I really wish someone had though because it can be a very difficult time. I’m sure if you have small kids you will agree.
      But thanks for reading my post and taking the time to make a comment. Discussion is a good thing.ReplyCancel

  • Hi Melanie,
    Yours tips on refinancing are interesting ways to increase cash in tough times while still adapting to the changes in life that we are all trying to deal with.

This is a guest post by Fiona, from the blog My Paperless PHD. We moved into this house nearly four years ago. One of the things I loved was this massive storage cupboard in the main hallway (in addition to a separate linen cupboard!) I shouldn’t be surprised at what happened really. I am a […]

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  • Shae

    What a lovely post. So motivating I love the reward idea. Well deserved!ReplyCancel

  • Jas

    i am loving this site Katrina……getting me so motivated with my decluttering and organising….i have a hallway closet to get to soon too…thanks for your tips Fiona. Where did you find the suitcase storage containers? love them!!!!ReplyCancel

  • T T

    I love plastic containers just need a better way of labeling them so I can find what I’m stacked and packed away. Great job.ReplyCancel

  • astonmel

    Oh how I miss my big hall cupboard! I must admit, it is a breeding ground for hoarding, but properly arranged… it looks great, good job! I now have just one linen/hall/everything that doesn’t have a home cupboard. :-( ReplyCancel

  • Space -- the final frontier of organizing | Smart Living Blog

    […] Take Fiona Trapani, for instance. When she moved into a new house, the “massive storage cupboard in the main hallway” looked like it would always be sufficient, but within two years, it was “filled to brimming” and “no longer accessible.” It took three weeks and several trips to her local donation center, but she finally got everything organized, as the before-and-after photos can attest. Best of all, she took another photo two months later, just to prove that clutter control can be permanent. (The Organised Housewife) […]ReplyCancel

  • […] everyone, and welcome to my new subscribers. The guest post last week for Organised Housewife has helped generate more traffic to this blog and has doubled the number of wonderful people who […]ReplyCancel

  • have just read this post,lucky for me i have a head cold and can now catch up on all the blogs you miss having 5 kids! Im more than a little envious about the storage let me tell you! i have a 5 bedroom home with NO storage,its ridiculous! any how ie decided to sort the christmas decs and would love to know where you have purchased the suitcase storage containers from ? thanks in advance!ReplyCancel

  • Maggie

    Wow, love the pictures. You’ve come a long way! keep up the good work I will be watching your progress.ReplyCancel

  • […] Read this post here how Fiona decluttered and organised her Hallway Cupboard […]ReplyCancel

This is a guest post by Marita Beard, from the blog Stuff with Thing. I like to empty out and wash down the inside of my fridge and shelves once a month, usually the day before I do our big monthly grocery shop. I wash the shelves in hot soapy water in the sink. Today I […]

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  • Catherine Way

    Wow, yuk! Smoke sure does hang around a long time.
    I never thought about putting my fridge shelves in the dishwasher. That sounds like my kind of lazy.ReplyCancel

  • Felicity

    Wowee – who would have thought that the smoke would have permeated the shelves?!?
    Putting your freezer racks through the dishwasher was a genius idea – will be trying this myself.ReplyCancel

  • Kyz

    OMG how disgusting!!ReplyCancel

  • Smiley

    I would love some more information on the little lunch bags that are in the fridge? What do they contain and what bags are used? ReplyCancel

This is a guest post by Kylie from Kylie Ofiu, author of 365 Ways To Make Money Being organised can save you a lot of money. The same as being disorganised can cost you a lot. I am not an organised person by nature, but I have learned to be better since realising how much money […]

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  • I love the point about having some simple meals to whip up easily. If everything is ready to go and you know what you are doing, the answer is right there.

    I’m loving these guest posts. gemmaReplyCancel

  • […] Being Organised Saves You Money – The Organised Housewife […]ReplyCancel

  • {Worth a mention} Zoku Quick Pop Maker and more » The Organised Housewife

    […] a stay at home mum and struggling to live on one wage.   Kylie Ofiu guest posted a few months ago how being organised saves you money and I also had the pleasure of meeting her at a blog conference earlier this year.  Kylie has a […]ReplyCancel

  • We always plan our meals and usually do meals that have 4 serves for 2.5 of us – that way there is normally enough for 2 work lunches too….ReplyCancel

This is a guest post by Fussy Eater’s Mum of Life with a Fussy Eater No matter how much I want to be an Über Mum (painfully organised and impeccably clean) it will always be an uphill battle. Life on Fussy Farm means that I have to accept that flies, spiders and dirt will constantly […]

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  • TJC

    Thanks for the inspirational post!
    Although you after picture is missing or do we need to imagine that one. *giggle*

    Now I am off to read your fussy eater blog.ReplyCancel

  • Ooooh, the after photo?! Would love to see it!
    Feeling very inspired, though first of all I have to actually GET a laundry room…..
    Off to get some recipes from Life With A Fussy Eater now!ReplyCancel

    • Having a laundry would help to keep all items like towels, sheets and cleaning items organised. However you still can work around it if your laundry is in the bathroom or kitchen area.

  • Leisha

    Had a little giggle this morning!! The laundry reminds me of my BTOH (before The Organised Housewife) days + the fussy eating part. Add a little of the “no I can’t be bothered using the toilet today” and it can certainly make your head spin. Absolutely love your Healthy Chart and will be spreading the word… Ever thought of doing one for the toilet training? Thanks Fussy Eater’s Mum!!ReplyCancel

  • Crafty Girls

    Can’t wait to see the after shot FEM!ReplyCancel

  • bec ritchie

    will the after photo be appearing soon.?..loong forward to seeing itReplyCancel

  • Jacqui Honeywood

    Holy crap FEM I thought that WAS the after photo – does it get better than that?? Good on you for taking inspiration from someone else and sharing that with everyone. Can you come and do my laundry next please xxReplyCancel

    • Fussy Eater's Mum

      See my point, Katrina’s advice really works! But sorry Jacqui, you’ll have to do it yourself!ReplyCancel

  • Crafty Girls

    OMG, WOW! That is absolutely unbelievable, the difference it’s made! Have you noticed a strange shift, like, now you actually ‘enjoy’ being in the laundry? Oh, and your laundry is about a million times bigger than mine. LOL ReplyCancel

  • Love this! So great to see the change! :) Now for me to get started… School holidays here at the end of the week! I’m inspired! :)ReplyCancel

    • No worries : ) We loved it Bek, it was so yummy! I just used a whole can when I made it!ReplyCancel

  • I’ve been meaning to say (for a few days now), how much I enjoyed this guest post by Life with a fussy eater. I also love the transformation. You have a wonderful way of inspiring others Katrina! ReplyCancel

    • Thank you Gemma. I want to provide more ‘real’ organising stories. Mine are real life but some may not like the way I do things, this give good varitey :)

  • Di4mk63

    great job, love the size of your laundry, totally jealous!ReplyCancel

  • Cat

    Excellent job. What a massive laundry. Laundry envy has hit hard. Mine is the size of a shoebox, or two, but I too am empolying some tips from The Organised Housewife. Thank you ladies.ReplyCancel

  • Awesome job!!! Looks fantastic – you must feel so much better for it. I couldn’t even tell you had cupboards before the clean up!!! After doing the 20 day challenge last year I’m happy (and proud) to say my Tupperware, pots ‘n’ pans, medicine, laundry & bathroom cupboards are still as clean as the day I organised them. Her methods work and I think many of us refer to Katrina as “Saint Katrina”!!!ReplyCancel

    • That’s awesome work Megan that you have been able to keep your cupboards organised. I’m no saint, just happy to share my ideas :)ReplyCancel

  • what a transformation from the first picture to the next. Clearly Katrinas tips have done you well. Let’s hope it stays that way!ReplyCancel