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I am a planner and like to think ahead and am already planning my Christmas blog posts! However, over the next few months I would love to feature some guest posters (you don’t have to be a blogger) sharing craft projects, room makeovers, Christmas recipes and more. I thought it would be fun to seek some contributors to share posts about Christmas, summer, school holidays or back to school. If this sounds like something you are interested in, please keep reading!

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  • Hi Katrina,
    Will you be contacting all the contributors who have submitted an idea after the 20th?

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Hi Charlene, Yes Kat is going to try to get onto that today. We received an overwhelming response, which is fantastic.ReplyCancel

This is a guest post by Lisa from Mummy’s Undeserved Blessings Are you one of those mums who are really good at rotating your kid’s toys? I admit I am terrible at rotating toys.  I think that is a great idea, but I NEVER get around to it. I think in my five years of […]

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  • Karen Morley

    Great tips Lisa :)ReplyCancel

  • Eva Lewis

    Brilliant idea Lisa. I find that my son has so many toys and does get overwhelmed quite easily. I tried rotating them on a shelf, but it hasn’t really worked. I am going to do this, such a great idea and an easy way to keep everything tidy!ReplyCancel

  • Elyssa King

    Can I please ask where that white kids table & chairs are from??? 😉 ReplyCancel

  • Belinda Denning

    Elyssa King I was wondering exactly the same!! ReplyCancel

  • From Mum to Me

    Great idea – I started rotating toys a while back, and would put them away in the spare room. Then one day I realised I was always putting toys ‘away’ and never getting any others out. Oh well… back to the drawing board – maybe this would be a good time to do an inventory. ReplyCancel

  • H.

    This is a great idea. It’s like an in-house library, really isn’t it. A small photo beside each one is a good idea for non-readers.

    It also helps to identify toys that the kids have grown out of or no longer ask for that can be passed on to friends or a charity.ReplyCancel

  • Rachel Hockey ?

    Yes and the tent please!! Gorgeous space! ReplyCancel

  • Elyssa King

    Does anyone have an idea, where to find these white table & chairs????? Would really love to know 😉 ReplyCancel

  • Vanessa Rowse

    Great tips Lisa! Thanks for sharing. xReplyCancel

  • Nice reading your post. I like your blog .ReplyCancel

Thank you to Belle Amie Mother of Three for sharing her families meal plan Meal planning tips:  How to meal plan, benefits of meal planning, more meal plans & meal planning printables. The difference between eating healthy or eating unhealthy can come down to the difference in being prepared or being unprepared. If you are unprepared for the week, you can […]

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  • Michelle Rise

    Yum! Testing this with the fam tonight. I’m sure it will be gone in seconds.ReplyCancel

This is a guest post by Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts A couple of weeks ago, Katrina shared my Project Life organisation on her Facebook page. It sparked many questions about what actually is Project Life and how to do it, so Katrina asked me to share a bit more about Project Life and what […]

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    Love the Project Life Album just went to purchase over $100 worth of stuff and then it said “Sorry we dont ship to Australia” – very disspointingReplyCancel

    • AlyceB

      Yes, that is the biggest pain about the Project Life organisation! Spotlight sells a lot of the basic stuff, as do other Australian scrapbook stores, especially online.ReplyCancel

    • Danya Breman

      Teanna I buy from Crafthouse. It’s based in New Zealand and used to be the only way we could get PL :) I just ordered a few days ago. Spotlight and some other shops now sell in Australia I believe. Check out Crafthouse :)ReplyCancel

  • TrinaR

    WRMK also sell albums and similar photo inserts and are readily available in Aus. The albums are very good quality too with many colour options.ReplyCancel

    • AlyceB

      Oh boy, when we move back to Australia, I can’t wait to get supplies so much more easily!!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel Lote

    I’ve only just seen these thanks to this blog! I’m going to ask for them for my birthday….even if it isn’t until September >W<.ReplyCancel

This is a guest post by Amy, from The Parent Patch Something was very different about this afternoon.  For the first time I was able to sit back and just watch as my daughter jumped happily and carefree on the trampoline with her brother without the stress that would normally be associated with this activity […]

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  • Life Living

    We have made similar changes to our childrens diet and I agree the difference in their behaviour is amazing. I cannot believe they are the same children. Simply the best thing we ever did. Certainly a big and sometimes overwhelming change, but worth every difficulty. Thanks for sharing this story. xxReplyCancel

  • Nay

    Have you tried A2 milk. It has the old protein rather than the now common A1. It made a world if difference to our boy with ASD. There something to be said for unprocessed food.ReplyCancel

  • Sally Lane

    Wow, I have just recently started thinking about food” being the cause of so many problems in kids. These days kids each so much prepackaged and processed food that there must be a link between that and all of the behaviour problems that occur these days. Well done on taking the leap!!ReplyCancel

  • 26 Years & Counting

    I don’t like ‘diets’ and fads – food should just be eaten as closely as it come out of the ground (or off a tree, or off an animal) and that’s pretty much my philosophy on food. And it makes a HUGE difference – my husband has had many medical misdiagnosis’ in the past few years and most things are gone just by eating real food – and I never knew we ate ‘bad’ to begin with.ReplyCancel

  • Joy

    My three children have food allergies that are extensive and we always say ‘if you cannot pronounce the ingredient… then you cannot eat the product’ you would be horrified by what is in some products that appear good for you… things like how come when I cut an apple it goes brown and yet the bags of apples at McDonalds do not go brown……. they don’t add anything to the apple they spray the inside of the bag…. it is a horrific mine field of yucky stuff and chemicals for so much food these days …..ReplyCancel

  • Fiona Jenkins

    Interesting read ..I’m sure there HAS to be a link between the amount of preservatives/additives/colours in prepackaged foods & behaviour or medical conditions in kids.

    I still remember an assay I did many years ago when working for AgResearch with field crickets & orange ‘food’ dyes used in foods, snacks & packaged meals.

    Depending on the dose of dye in the coating on the maize kernel, they either ‘twitched’ themselves to death or refused to eat until they starved & died.
    My girls weren’t allowed anything ‘orange’ (Rashuns, burger rings, twisties) for many many years after that!ReplyCancel

  • Katie

    Hi Kat. I certainly wouldn’t disagree a diet low in preservatives is healthier than one full of preservatives, and I’m really glad this family has had such success with eliminating them. However I am wondering: should an article like this come with a disclaimer? I’m not clear if the author has any training in nutrition and as such sweeping statement about avoiding gluten and dairy or dietary changes fixing medical problems is getting a bit close to medical advice from someone who shouldn’t be dispensing it. Otherwise I love your blog!ReplyCancel

This is a guest post by Kylie, from Get Me Organised As I sit down to write some tips on organising your office filing and paperwork, I recall the phone conversation I had with a girlfriend this morning.  She has been flat out at work recently, and also very busy at home with her husband […]

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  • Filing is great, but i never no how long i should keep receipts for bills that i have paid eg: power bills and phone bills etc. Have you got any advice???ReplyCancel

  • Hi Katrina – thanks for the opportunity to be a guest contributor on your awesome blog! Carly, depending on whether you need them for tax purposes, I would suggest that one year as a maximum. If you will be using for a tax claim, you need to keep for 7 years although your accountant may advise that certain bills can be kept for a shorter period than others. Hope this helps :)ReplyCancel

  • Ferial Reynolds

    we use an online money management program, which allows me to take a photo of the paper work then store it in a file section and then I have the paperwork readily available online and can shred the paper. Yay, to moving closer to a paper free home/office.ReplyCancel

  • Wendy

    Is the get me organised site working? The links in the article don’t work…ReplyCancel

We almost always forget ourselves when it comes to organising our lives. Here are a few simple beauty and grooming tips.

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  • […] I wrote a guest post on The Organised Housewife, sharing some simple to follow tips on how to organise your beauty regime. Some basic housekeeping for your face, hair and nails that will help lessen your day-to-day regime […]ReplyCancel

  • Great skin care tips mentioned by you in the article. Having regular facials really give glow for your skin, face Scrubing is also a good option.ReplyCancel

  • Tia

    This is a great post, however, there is one thing that I disagree with. I am a beauty therapist and I wouldn’t recommend exfoliating any more than twice a week (unless specified by your skincare professional) as some exfoliants can be quite astringent and excessive use can cause irritation, dryness and dehydration in the skin. Dryness and dehydration over a long period of time can lead to sensitivity, thin skin and fine lines that make the skin appear prematurely aged. So please be careful when choosing an exfoliant and make sure you adhere to the two week maximum rule, or follow your skincare professionals advice.

    P.S. For those who don’t know: a facial exfoliant is the same thing as a facial scrub. Exfoliating is the same as scrubbing the skin. People do often get these two confused as different things.ReplyCancel

This is a guest post by Alyce, from the blog Blossom Heart. Greetings! My name is Alyce, and I over-think.  Am I alone in this? Probably not, but maybe I am… I am a girl after all; us girls do like to over-think things. But maybe people will think I’m crazy, maybe it’ll sound like […]

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  • I hear you about talking to yourself – in your head or muttering to your kids. Careful it doesn’t spill out when you’re out by yourself, like it did witg me! Lol! But I think I’m going to start getting a diary instead of just relying on the organiser in my phone. Too many things happening atm.ReplyCancel

  • gail

    Katrina–I do the same thing with replaying secnarios in my head, conversing with my various selves (no, I do not have multiple personality disorder). I was concerned at one point, but as a quite mature–ahem–grandma, I now think it’s just what caring people do. Thanks for your blog.ReplyCancel

    • At my mums group we actually had a discussion the other day about how it’s kinda funny that we all rehearse and/or replay conversations in our heads :)ReplyCancel

  • gail

    Sorry–The post is Guest Alyce, not Katrina.ReplyCancel

  • Caz

    OMG thank you I am not aloneReplyCancel

    • Thank YOU I’m not alone, lol! I hope you can find some peace :)ReplyCancel

  • I regularly talk to myself too and I’m sure some comes out aloud by the look on some peoples faces…lolReplyCancel

  • neeny_81

    Yes I can relate to you Alyce! Definitely! I make sure I read a book before sleeping, I let myself get caught in the story and my thoughts go away until I am so heavy eyed I might have accidentally dribbled… lol ReplyCancel

    • Haha!! Yes, when my husband is away, I sleep terriibly, so I stay up late so I’m nice and tired. In fact, even when he’s at home and on the rare occasion goes to bed before I do, I’ll stay up later than usual so I can just go to sleep when I’m in bed.ReplyCancel

  • Hehe, I’m worried that my husband might hear me when I’m muttering to myself in the shower sometimes!! But no indication so far of this 😉ReplyCancel

  • I’m so glad that I’m not alone. Thank you for this post. I also use a diary to jot down the things I need to do for the week to prevent me from suddenly waking at 2am realising that I need to to A, B, or C the next day and then can’t get back to sleep because I don’t want to forget. So, yes, the diary certainly helps. I also like to read before I turn off the lights as this helps me wind down and fall asleep quicker and I’ve also recently started a gratitude journal that I keep by my bedside where I write 3 things I’m grateful for that day no matter how bad a day I’ve had. :-)ReplyCancel

  • Amanda

    Such a great post. I keep a book and “brain dump” in there multiple times a day. Thinks i need to do for home, work, the kids, thinks i think i want to research etc anything that comes to mind goes in my book and i love it! Sooo easy!ReplyCancel

This is a guest post by Susan, from the blog Frost Bite. As women or homemakers we are juggling all day, every day and quite often we put ourselves last in the list of things to do.  So I was thrilled to hear that The Organised Housewife is focusing on YOU this month. So what […]

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  • Love this article! I’m never sure what I can or can’t freeze. This has inspired me to try againReplyCancel

  • I wish! The Bloke is a trifle picky and really doesn’t like to eat reheated frozen meals. And after an unfortnuate incident involving a steak dinner and a bad oyster – he also refuses to eat casseroles. Ever again. Even chicken ones. This makes me roll my eyes a lot, and also makes me a fairly epic failure at meal planning.

    However, for the next few months, our relative work hours are going to be VERY conducive to him being in charge of dinner during the week (he will be home at 3.30pm compared to my normal 6.00pm) So, come Saturday morning, I will be sitting him down and asking him what he’s planning to cook us for the next week! {insert evil laughter}

    School lunches involve me whacking together eight vegemite sandwiches, chopping half into bite sized pieces for the gummy kid and the rest go in whole for the big kid with teeth, and bunging the whole lot into the freezer. Then, if I am feeling charitable toward the wee monsters, whip up a batch of muffins or cupcakes and that’s lunch done for the week! They get a lunch order once a week because I can only fit 8 tupperware sandwich keepers in my freezer! ReplyCancel

  • Di4mk63

    This is excellent! I have just converted my mother to freezing left-overs! As my Dad has just passed away, she is still learning to cook for one, so the idea of having a meal ready in the freezer is great, for those days when she is too tired, too hot, or been out in the garden too late! Thanks for the great post!ReplyCancel

  • Sarahlouise_perry

    I love it, especially the part about swanning around like a domestic goddess! I have just boughtSusan’s book, looking forward to putting into practice!ReplyCancel

  • Mel

    Great post! Am just tracking down the book now. I need to expand our repertoire of freezables for those days where the toddler, baby and I are all decompensating and a freshly cooked meal just isn’t going to happen.ReplyCancel

  • I have been finding mornings so much easier now I have a freezer full of baked goodies. Hubby used to take frozen meals (mostly curries) to work for lunch, but now he is making himself salad wraps. Thankfully he makes them himself so it doesn’t add to my morning stress. ReplyCancel

  • I’m a big freezer fan. I live in a unit but still have my little freezer attached to the fridge and another bar freezer. I couldn’t live without them! ReplyCancel

This is a guest post by Caz Makepeace, from the blog yTravel Blog. image credit There’s the pull that comes with being a mother. From one direction to the next, the demands never stop. The dishes continue to pile up in the sink as you race around in a frantic 15 minute pick-up-everything-from-the floor-and-shove-it-somewhere dash. You’ve […]

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  • Wait!? The is such a thing as taking a break??ReplyCancel

  • * there … I hate it when I do that :/ReplyCancel

  • Ha ha. My break is coming up in 15 hours – a weekend in Sydney by myself – no kids, no hubby, no breaking up fights, horrendous dinner times, repeating myself all the time, etc. cannot wait!!ReplyCancel

  • I love her phrase “don’t break this date with yourself”. The idea of making a date with yourself is wonderful. There are too few such dates in my diary. I’m making two today; a haircut and a morning to visit friends. Thanks Caz and Kat!ReplyCancel

  • Waiting for the night off so I can sleep all the way through without the break up of sleeps for my lil boy’s feeds & without the guilty feelings the next day…… Dream dream :)ReplyCancel

  • Going camping weekend after next to sit on the beach with a glass of wine and a book!ReplyCancel

  • […] all mothers, not just those with newborns, The Mother’s Guide to Taking a Break is a guest post by Caz Makepeace on The Organised Housewife. This bit, “Place the word […]ReplyCancel

  • […] contributing their posts the ‘Organising You’ series:  Organising and celebrating you, A mothers guide to taking a break, Making your freezer work for you and Organising my […]ReplyCancel

  • Pam

    Needed to read this today thank you! Time to make the date for our return to Thailand – we’ve been just talking about it for way too long :)ReplyCancel

This is a guest post by Julie, from the blog Beautiful You by Julie. image credit:  ‘Be Yourself Be Beautiful Ebook’ from Beautiful You by Julie. Sometimes, (ok lots of times!), as women, wives, mothers, entrepreneurs, employees and all the other hats we wear – we put everything and everyone ahead of ourselves.  We come […]

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  • Thank you – its good to be reminded :)ReplyCancel

  • Easy to say, hard to do!ReplyCancel

  • Tia

    Great guest post. As a mother I definitely put myself last and that needs to change!ReplyCancel

    • Your right Tia, you have to look after you and I am sure you will be a better mother for it! ReplyCancel

  • Roze

    very true! think everyone needs ‘me’ time…i love to have a cup of tea an flick through emails once my 1year old is asleep :)ReplyCancel

  • Hi Katrina!
    Long time reader here, don’t think I have commented before though. Life has always been too busy! But the more emphasis I put on myself the more organised I am, the better life flows and the more time I have for fun stuff like blogging and blog reading!!

    Oh my goodness, great guest post. More people need to know this! I have been working on this myself! I’m learning the importance of putting myself first. I love that has a flow on effect to the rest of the family (and family life) too.

  • […] guest posters from last week contributing their posts the ‘Organising You’ series:  Organising and celebrating you, A mothers guide to taking a break, Making your freezer work for you and Organising my […]ReplyCancel

This is a guest post by Naomi, from the blog Seven Cherubs. One thing I have seen over my time as a mother is that women and mothers tend to place themselves last on the list when it comes to kindness. It is just what we do. There are so many demands for our time […]

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  • All too often we, as mums forget to put our needs first or forget that we matter too at all. Great tips there Naomi. I’ve now started to have my “me” time on one of my day offs – because I deserve it. It sure does change how you feel afterwards. ReplyCancel

    • Sevencherubs

      Thanks Norlin, love that you are finding some ‘me’ time on your day off. Keep it up and enjoy xxReplyCancel

  • Lov your work Naomi and your book and you can now add AWESOME fundraiser to your bio!!ReplyCancel

  • Tellie C

    The ‘pocket of happiness’ post, made me come up with an idea. As I was looking for things for my kids, this came up, and Ive decided to sew (or buy) 4 little pockets – 1 for each of my children and every night, write 1 thing I love about them, or 1 thing they did well and put it into the pocket, so they can check it and read it in the morning. Hopefully it will inspire them to keep up the good work for the rest of the day 😀 ReplyCancel

  • I spontaneously had a $20 neck and shoulder massage on my child-free/study day…. SOOO good. I had to consciously not feel guilty though!ReplyCancel

    • ooh wow, I bet you felt good after it (maybe sore the next day, they always hurt the day after). Did you let your mind relax?ReplyCancel

This is a guest post by Kate, from the blog Puddles and Gumboots. “Help! My house is an absolute chaos, I feel completely overwhelmed and I don’t know where to start.” These were the words a friend said to me recently when she rang me in tears. I think this happens to nearly all of […]

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  • Oh my gosh! This is like a glimpse into my place! I did this almost in the exact order last week, though didn’t quite get floors finished. LOL. (I have the ‘clutter basket’ – laundry basket – still half full from the other day as evidence!) I think I’ll print this out and pop it in the back of my diary for next time I’m feeling overwhelmed, as a reminer of where to start! Great post! Hayley xxReplyCancel

  • Kate @ Puddles and Gumboots

    Thank you so much for having me guest post today, I hope people find it helpful :-)ReplyCancel

  • Oh I so need to get my house back into shape. Tomorrow’s my day of purging and cleaning. Thanks for these handy hints!!ReplyCancel

  • Sladenkel

    just what i needed to read today thank you so much

  • This is a really great step by step run down for when things get overwhelming. And i think the “clutter basket” is so helpful, i’ve been doing this for awhile now, although i use two – one for around the house stuff & one for the toys. The good thing about the toy one is there’s a spot in the playroom where it sits so if i don’t really want to sort through it i can still pack it in the room neatly.ReplyCancel

  • Sometimes, when I think it’s all too much – I play a “game” with myself. It’s called “Idle Hands”. The idea is that my hands are never empty – so I start by picking up ONE thing. I take that and put it away, then pick up two things from the room that first thing belonged in and put them away, picking up another thing from each room etc etc. While it’s a bit of a scatter-gun approach to tidying up, it gets me started. And it’s usually enough to fix the house when it’s all bitty. Like it is right now, actually!ReplyCancel

  • Thank you so much for this timely post, I only recently subscribed and to find this in my inbox dismorning was an absolute god send. Last week I decided to update the toy room and office and as I like a blank slate to work with the entire home become chaotic and messy as the one room took over many! And I didn’t know where to start to get it all in order again but now thanks to your post it doesn’t seem as overwhelming, thank you.ReplyCancel

  • MultipleMum

    great post Kate. It is so true that sometimes it is all so overwhelming you don’t know where to start! This is a fab guide xReplyCancel

  • thanks so much for this post it helped me so much i already feel more on top of my home than ever thanks againReplyCancel

    • That’s wonderful news Jodie!ReplyCancel

      • thank you your blog helps me so much my son was diagnosed with epilepsy late last year and trying to learn how to manage that as well as the house and everything has been so hard but your posts give me hope that i can get there so thanksReplyCancel

  • Thank you for helping me see the wood for the trees! Its so easy to feel completely overwhelmed and just flounder. I agree that getting on top of the laundry is a great starting point to feeling back in control.
    My dining table/room is the black hole of the house – something that I hat because its the first room you walk into when you come into the house! I will conquer it this week!ReplyCancel

    • It is otherwise it will just keep piling up and become a huge job. Would love to hear how you go!!ReplyCancel

  • Fleur.Muller74

    This is my new go to guide! ReplyCancel

  • Just wanted to let you know, I started this list at 9.30 and stopped for 30 minutes for lunch and another 30 minutes for school run… it’s now 4.15pm and I’ve finally finished!!! I have needed this so much! I always, always find my house so overwhelming. 3 kids under 5 makes for a very messy, busy household and I never know where to start!!! This list had me going from top to bottom and even doing alittle bit extra, like wiping down the kitchen cupboards, and cleaning the windows!
    Thank you so very much for this! I’ve never felt so tired, but from something that was worth it! My house looks great, even my 5yo commented when he got home from school!! All I have to do is fold Mt Clothesmore and continue with the never-ending laundry that seems to be the bane of my existence! I was considering taking it all to the laundromat to clean all at once and then bring home to dry! My poor small washing machine is constantly on the go!

  • Mel Duker

    Lovely and simple :o)ReplyCancel

  • cheap pandora outlet UK

    sets makers and higher, they’d rather wear such asReplyCancel

  • I really like this article but I think it takes a lot more than will power to get the energy changing and moving in your home again. The first step is really to admit that something needs to be done and to do something that drastically change the way you see your house. That first step here is what I’ll agree with the most – letting the sunlight and air in can really do wonders with changing the feeling of the space you live in!ReplyCancel