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December – New Releases, Special Offers and More

Wow can you believe how quick this month has flown by, Christmas is just around the corner. I hope all the recipes have helped you to create some delicious food for your friends and loved ones and that you have enjoyed the Christmas craft ideas creating many special moments with your children. I am in the […]

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  • Rachel

    Hi, I can’t find any information about the flip lid lunch boxes. Are you able to fit an apple in them or are they too narrow?ReplyCancel

November 2014 Daily Inspiration Quotes

Here is a summary of all the quotes that I share on Facebook and in the newsletters into one blog post, as an easy reference to refer back to when you need a little inspiration. all images were created by and copyright to The Organised Housewife November Daily Inspiration Please share your favourite quote of the moment […]

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  • Inga

    Please remove the Bill Crosby quote.
    Whilst it’s a great quote the man is far from great, with all of the allegations against him, it’s hard to believe that there is no truth to them.
    Whilst people are innocent until proven guilty, I do not believe it is okay to promote those accused of heinous crimes.ReplyCancel

Weekend Catch Up #15

A look at my week via the photos I have shared on Instagram.  From Instagram My Mr 11 has just finished Jason Segel (Marshall from How I met your mother) latest book ‘nightmares’, he loved it. We found it at @targetaustralia. Christmas gift idea for a tween. #christmas #christmasgiftidea #tween #book #jasonsegel #nightmares #bookfortweens #reading […]

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  • Michelle

    Hi, I love your Santa letter printable a but have you ever considered doing a template for smaller children. My son is 5 and his writing is bigger because he’s only in prepReplyCancel

    • Hannah

      You could always print on bigger page / split printing to double sided to spread it over two pages :)ReplyCancel

      • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

        Thank you Hannah, wonderful idea.:)ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      I totally hear what you are saying Michelle! I do like hannah”s idea.ReplyCancel

  • Anna

    Hi Kat, I was drawn in by the title, how to keep pre made salads for a week & I can”t see the article, I’m really tired so that probably explains it but i would have been interested


Here is a summary of all the quotes that I share on Facebook and in the newsletters into one blog post, as an easy reference to refer back to when you need a little inspiration. all images were created by and copyright to The Organised Housewife October Daily Inspiration   Please share your favourite quote of the […]

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  • Ebony

    Nobody is worth your tears and the one who is wont make you cry.ReplyCancel

Weekend Catch Up #14

A look at my week via the photos I have shared on Instagram.  From Instagram couldn’t wait, just opened my first Christmas pressie, a glass reusable coffee cup, thank you Reusables etc! a wee bit emotional this morning this is the kids last karate tournament for not sure how long. all three kids are starting […]

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  • Gayla

    Your kids are soooooo cute! Should post more pictures…please!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      thank you Gayla, they are adorable and such good kids!ReplyCancel

Weekend catch up #13

A look at my week via the photos I have shared on Instagram.  From Instagram Aren’t these little Christmas dolls cute… you can purchase them online here. I am so lucky to have these beautiful friends still in my life, 20-25 years on. starting my eight week challenge today, I easily forget to take my […]

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  • I love sonny angels… ive been collecting for my daughter. We have good fun opening them to see which one we get :)ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      How cute are they!! I agree Leanne.:) Kate and i have them sitting on our desks.:)ReplyCancel

Weekend catch up #12

A look at my week via the photos I have shared on Instagram.  It’s been a quiet week here as I have been super busy helping the ladies in my 20 Day Challenge, had the little one home sick all week from school and we are learning a crazy new routine which see’s the kids and […]

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  • MoniqueM

    Hey Kat.. Good luck with your 8 week challenge… you are a strong, focussed woman and I believe this will happen for you. You have inspired me to look after myself better and so I too am embarking on a exercise and better eating plan. Should be easier with all the summer salads in season again. (Thats my positive thinking… ????). I love the 20 day challenge and your daily emails. Thank you!!!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Ooh thank you so much Moniquem! That is so lovely of you!.:) xReplyCancel

My truths about Gastric Sleeve Surgery

In June 2013 I had Gastric Sleeve Surgery, it was a huge decision to make which you can read more about here.   This is absolutely the best choice I made for a healthier me and I have no regrets.  However, I have had a few hurdles after my surgery, it’s certainly not the easy option […]

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  • Elizabeth

    It will be one year next Tuesday since I was sleeved, and I have to say, yes, yes, YES!! Pretty much everything you wrote is absolutely spot on, right down to chocolate, except for me, I can’t eat it because it tastes like hot vomit.

    I’ve lost 62 kg so far, with about 20 or so to go. Have had a four month stall (well, sort of, I’d be + or – 4 kg), but since heading off on holidays a couple of weeks ago, I’ve somehow managed to drop 6 kg in that time! I think for me, it was the shakeup in what I was eating, definitely a lot of different things than the usual!

    I wouldn’t change my decision for anything. It was the best thing for my family, and the best thing for me.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      So glad to hear somebody else has stalled too, this has been unexpected, mine has been since January, I am starting an 8 week challenge this week, upping my exercise routine and completely changing my diet. Hopefully with what you mention above this will work! Congratulations on an amazing loss of 62kg!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Limpus

    I was sleeved 0n 24th June 2013. Something that has changed my life and I would do it all again in a heart beat. LOVE LOVE LOVE my sleeve and everything you have written is spot on. I was 130kg’s my go weight was 80 and lucky for me I smashed that and now weigh 62kilo’s ????????????. Best decision I ever made as so happy to be around and be able to run with my kids xoxoxReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Wow Lisa that is AMAZING to be at 62, what did you do to lose those last few KG, did you have a plateau?ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Limpus

    I was sleeved 0n 24th June 2013. Something that has changed my life and I would do it all again in a heart beat. LOVE LOVE LOVE my sleeve and everything you have written is spot on. I was 130kg’s my go weight was 80 and lucky for me I smashed that and now weigh 62kilo’s ????????????. Best decision I ever made as so happy to be around and be able to run with my kids xoxoxReplyCancel

  • Janice

    I am 3 years now since sleeved it has also changed my life You have covered everything to a tea. My journey is eacactly the same and I would not have changed a thing. i drink herbal tea and have found I loved to make a jug of ginger and lemon and leave that on the bench and sip that through the day I have taken to making a nutriblast and drinking that through the day as my snack getting my extra vitamins rather than take tablets It took a year for my hair to grow back
    I also am a cheap date and will often leave more than half of the meal but have learned that it is the social rather than the food that is the main enjoyment
    Don’t get me started on the snide comments Oh you did it the easy way Grrr
    When asked now how i lost my weight I Just say A lot of hard work you now because it was. Congrats on your achievements My daughter The Plumbette was really inspired by your talk at problogger and you are such an inspiration.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Janice, ooh Rebecca is so lovely, I wish I had more time to spend chatting with her. I hear you when people say it’s the easy way, it makes me angry, because it’s not easy, it’s very emotional and I didn’t just have the surgery and that was it, I have added in so much exercise and strength training and watched my diet, it assisted yes, but we still work very very hard. I should switch my coffee’s to tea but have never been a tea drinker, can’t really stand the smell. Glad to hear your hair has grown back, I can’t wait till mine is the length that I can put it back in a hair tie.ReplyCancel

      • JoJo

        I was never a tea drinker – it’s a matter of finding the right one. I suggest you try Lotus Peak White Tea from the supermarket. It’s fruitier and without the tea smell. I drink it black, but my coffee white ( I thought I would drink tea with milk and never liked it, but tried without milk and vola!!) I add like 10 grains of sugar (my coffee is sugar free though – weird). 10 grains of sugar and no more – another weird. Even the peach and mango tea is delicious. A great one to make and put in the fridge for an iced tea later in the day.. I’m a converted tea drinker. Funny.ReplyCancel

  • Kat, it’s so good of you to put your experience out there for other people and from the times I’ve seen you this year, you’re really looking fabulous. Keep up the great work. XxReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Thank you Eva and feeling so good too! I just wanted to share that it’s so much more than having surgery and losing weight, hopefully this will help those thinking about having it or those with loved ones that are going through it. :)ReplyCancel

  • Sophie

    I am three years post gastric sleeve surgery and still not at my goal weight, however I really wasn’t doing much to lose the last 10kg until recently. I too have tuckshop arms and an apron tummy and want surgery to remove it when I reach my goal weight. I’m worried about the massive scars though. I also lost a lot of hair which didn’t grow back until my diet became very high in lean protein, fruit and blveg. I’ve lost 50kg and had a second baby since the surgery. I’ve never regretted it but the first year was tough.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Sophie I’ve heard, but not certain that they can do the tuckshop arms now without many scars, interesting!! That’s good to know about the hair and increasing protein. I hope you are able to lose the last 10kg!!ReplyCancel

      • Elizabeth

        I’ve seen some absolutely amazing results with the tuckshop arms (or in my case, batwings!) The scarring is almost non existent!ReplyCancel

  • Karen

    I’m having my sleeve on 15 November at Westmead in Sydney. I’ve followed your journey Katrina, along with a couple of friends who have also been sleeved. I can’t wait to begin my weight loss journey. Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Very exciting for you Karen, wishing you all the best for the surgery, all I can suggest in the lead up is to not over indulge before you start your shakes, you will be able to eat whatever you want after the surgery, just in time.ReplyCancel

  • The older we get the harder it is to shift those stubborn kilos, Once I hit 40, it has just been so hard!!! I think you look great Katrina and well done to you :)ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Thank you Mandy, feeling so much healthier and look forward to more years with my family xReplyCancel

  • Michelle fiorillo

    Good on you for sharing, I too have had the surgery and cannot explain how much better for it I feel. I still have a way to go with what I want to lose, but am determined to get there :)ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      You will get there, it’s possible, determination is an awesome key to achieving it xReplyCancel

  • Nicole - New sleever

    I’m 8 days post op and so far loving my my new lease on life. So great to read this – thank you ????ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hope it helps you Nicole with the journey you have ahead. Do you have something on hand that will help you puree your foods?ReplyCancel

  • Theodora

    Thank You for publishing this article. I cant tell you how much this means to me right now. Im booked in to get this procedure done in late November and im very nervous. Your honesty is what i needed
    to hear. Upon turning 40 i swore that i was going to make changes and now turning 50 next month im 7 kilos heavier than i was then.
    Ive had it. Now after reading this im excited and my future.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      You should be excited Theodora, don’t be nervous all the wonderful changes and improved health outway everything else. I’ve mentioned above to another, one thing that I forgot to mention in the post is don’t eat like your on death row before the shakes (I did and put on weight). You WILL be able to what you want eventually, but you may not feel like it either, like I don’t feel like chocolate anymore. Wishing you all the best in your journey.ReplyCancel

  • This was a fascinating insight, thank you so much for sharing, Kat. Can’t wait to see you reach your goal!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      And I will Stace, I’m determined to not sit with this extra 10kg. Went hard at bootcamp yesterday, feeling it today, but it’s a good feeling!ReplyCancel

  • Wow! You truly are an inspiration Kat! Good on you for first of all, making such a life changing decision for yourself and your family and for also sharing your journey with others.
    You always look beautiful whenever I see you and I have the upmost respect for all of the hard work you have had to put in!
    I might add that you are absolutely beautiful on the inside too!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Shuck Jenni, you are making me blush, thank you so much lovely. I am feeling so much healthier and learning to love myself a little more and really enjoying dressing up more!ReplyCancel

  • Janelle

    Congratulations to you Katrina. My husband had this surgery in 2010 and lost about 50kg (at best). He has put on some since then but is still much healthier weight. It was the BEST action and outcome for him. He would agree with all your comments, though there would be some minor differences in his case (bound to be some individual variations).
    When we eat out, with family/friends they are getting used to him not ordering at all (just asks for an empty plate). He then passes his plate around the table and gets a small taste of everyone’s meal. He loves that he can still eat any food he wants, just in much smaller portions. So he enjoys a taste of several dishes from the menu. We find buffet style restaurants no longer value for money, as he can’t eat as much (and they won’t charge him for a child’s meal!).
    He tries to focus on eating protein, which fills him quicker, but I make sure he gets some vegies as well as meat. He avoids pasta & bread as he finds these fill him up too much. He snacks on nuts (protein) and has several small meals like you.
    It was definitely the best decision for him.
    Keep striving to reach your goal Kat. You can do it!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Janelle, I love that idea of passing the plate around and trying everybodies, might try that next time. I hear you about buffets, I tried once asking if I can go in as a child and they laughed at me, was very embarrassing, but they just didn’t understand the little I can eat. I hear you with the pasta, I love fried rice, but can’t eat it, rice fills me up far too quickly, I am best to stay away from it. Thank you for sharing your husbands journey xReplyCancel

  • Jess

    It’s great to read others stories on how well their sleeved surgery has gone. I was sleeved on the 25th July 2014 and 14 weeks post op I’m still having trouble keeping foods down. I’m getting quite worried that I only can have 2 t spoon full of egg before I vomite it back up. I have 1/4 of a sandwich no crust and I vomit back up. This is happening quite often. Can’t eat chicken can’t eat meat all comes back up. Is anyone else having this trouble. I’m booked in next Monday for an endoscopy to see if there’s any reason why this is surgeon was great but feel like there’s no after care and he keeps telling me to eat slowly. He foesnt understand that I am eating slowly and I’m vomiting after 2 small mouthfuls
    It would be great to hear from anyone with the same issues
    Thanks JessReplyCancel

    • Kellie

      Hi Jess – i’m in the same boat as you. I’m over six month post op and still struggle with most foods and vomit regularly when my body rejects food. Chicken, eggs and red meat seem to be the worst for me, it took me about 5 months to eat chicken and keep it down… I have no idea why it happens! Like you, i’m eating slowly, not drinking with meals, but it doesnt seem to help. I find that if I eat while doing other things and dont focus on the food, I do better… if I sit down and try to eat, that’s when I get sick. Maybe because i’ve been vomiting so much, its now becoming a mental issue (ie fear of food) and my body is stressing out? Who knows!
      Good luck!ReplyCancel

    • Suzy

      Vomitting isn’t normal and needs to be discussed with your surgeon, could be a simple stricture that’s fixable through endo.ReplyCancel

  • Kellie

    I had a sleeve in March this year and have lost about 30kg with 5kg to go. I’m still struggling alot with food – i can only eat very small amounts (about 3 mouthfuls per meal) and only moist/stew/casserole type foods… anything dry, forget it!
    Like you, my tastebuds have totally changed and sweet foods dont have the same appeal. My hair is also falling out (who can remember vitamins every day?!?) but its slowly getting better.
    Overall, i’m happy with the sleeve but would hesitate before recommending it to people, especially if they think its going to be a quick, easy weightloss option. From the experience I have had, there has been nothing easy about it!ReplyCancel

  • jim

    how much did it cost i need to loose 50kg so i can have heart sugeryReplyCancel

  • Courtney

    I had my sleeve done is feb of 2013 and have lost 65Kg I have just booked to have my Tummy tucked next April to finish off my weight loss process it truly was the best thing I have ever done. Just need to take my vitamins more often hahaReplyCancel

  • Cheryl

    Hi Katrina
    I read this simply because I read your blog and I was curious, not because I’ve been through it.

    I just wanted to congratulate you on how well you’ve done so far, and what a truly lovely photo that last photo is of you with your girls.ReplyCancel

  • Cathy

    If I may ask… How much was it? I have been thinking about it and wondered if part of it be covered by health insurance … You look awesome btw xReplyCancel

  • Shannon

    I will be having the surgery in January. I have about 62kg to lose. Thank you for sharing your journey.ReplyCancel

  • Samantha

    I had the surgery last year December it was the hardest thing my family and i went through.I had major complications which left me in coma for two weeks and in hospital for three months. I am very lucky to be sitting here right now.At 24 years old i was 130kg and have lost 38kg. Although i have lost the weight it was a very tough time in my life. All the best for everyone doing the procedure :)ReplyCancel

  • Nicole

    Hi just read your article as it’s something my GP has mentioned to me to consider. My question is around pain, uncomfortableness, what could you physically not do for awhile after the surgery?
    I am a single mum with a 2 year old and little support so I’m a bit worried about how I’ll be after the surgery. I could get some help for a few days but it wouldn’t be all day or for long
    Thanks so muchReplyCancel

  • Lou

    i had a lapband with placating in June this year. The picaro on part is basically a reversible sleeve, the stomach is folded and stitched rather than cut and removed. I have lost 23kg in 4 months and I am so happy I made the choice to do this. I still have 20kg to go but it’s only a matter of time until that comes off. I feel like a million dollars. I have had more vomitting episodes than a sleever but still not that many. I hit my green zone 4 weeks ago, I know exactly how much I can eat, how much I need to chew, drink and bite size and it’s really just second nature now.ReplyCancel

  • Lou

    plication, not placating. Got to love auto correct:)ReplyCancel

  • Amanda

    Hello….I have 40 kg to loose….and at age 42 have found this very hard to do. How did you all start the process of surgery?ReplyCancel

    • Rocco

      Hi Amanda. I had my Gastric Sleeve surgery on 24 October 2014. It was the best decision I’ve made. I wrote down in my blog: You can check it out and hopefully it will help. Good luck.ReplyCancel

  • Leah

    I was wondering if spending the similar amount of money on a trainer, psychologist and nutritionist might have achieved the weight loss in a more holistic manner. Cutting 2/3 of your stomach away might not be dealing with the reason why overeating was occurring in the first place.ReplyCancel

  • Anne

    Hi there, I was sleeved 3 weeks ago, lost 9kgs in that short time now I’ve plateaued, is that right? Im assuming my body is in shock, I’m doing everything right as far little meals 5 times a day, but just isn’t budging??? Can someone tell me how to get moving again?ReplyCancel

  • Liz

    Hi, I had my sleeve done in March 2013. I plateaued so many times for months on end. I have lost 30kg. I haven’t exercised. I have about 10kg to go to get to the doctors weight goal. I would love to get another 5-10kg off after that goal. I’m going to start exercising. Tuckshop arms/bingo wings are all part of the package. I get embarrassed when I wave to people because my whole arm waves at them, but at the same time I’m proud that I’ve lost enough weight to have bingo wings :) I went off chocolate after my surgery too, but sadly I love it again. I just don’t and can’t eat a whole block like I used too. A few squares here & there are enough to satisfy the craving. I am starting a daily exercise plan to do along with my kids to get them up & moving too. I want to feel fit in my new body, and also be a good example to my children. Thanks for sharing your story Katrina. I have had friends who have had this surgery and have hidden it from people because they are embarrassed about it. I told everyone. What’s the point of keeping it a secret. I don’t care if anyone thinks I’ve taken the easy way out. It’s nowhere near being an easy way out. My surgery was a bad experience. I ended up needing a second surgery that same night because my abdomen was full of blood. I ended up staying in hospital for 7 days instead of 3. My blood pressure dropped dangerously low & the oxygen levels in my blood were always too low as well. But after all the lows, it’s the best decision I’ve made for myself.ReplyCancel

  • Anon

    Wow, reading all these comments makes me think my surgeon seriously stuffed up.

    I am 3 years out and only 8kg down from surgery day. I can eat atleast 2 full sandwiches in a sitting, am hungry all the time, no difference in taste at all. I am still 93.5kg :(
    Its taking a huge toll on my mental health nowReplyCancel

  • kate

    Thank you for your story. I am considering this. I just had not read a personal story before, mainly off the websites advertising this. Reading this has reaffirmed how I want this. I have to remember that we eat to live, not live to eat. Thank you again for your honesty.ReplyCancel

  • Roslyn Woodhouse

    gee, isn’t it great how people think they can have an opinion on your weightloss- in reference to the people telling you you did it the ‘easy way’

    i’m having the exact opposite problem, with friends and family telling me i should have the surgery and when i say ‘i don’t think it’s the right answer for me’ they say ‘why, don’t you want to lose weight’

    each of us have our own journey to go through. good on you for being brave enough to not only go on yours, but to share it with us. i am attending oa meetings- a 12 step program to help me deal with food addiction, and have cut sugar out of my diet because it was my main trigger food,along with a calorie controlled diet. i wish you all the best.ReplyCancel

  • Margaret Wyatt

    i had the surgry 4yrs ago my doctor told me if I have a optifast meal replacement once a day I will never need a vitamin, so for breakfast every day I have a shake and a piece of fruit and I have never had an issue, I do no that it is hard to get the last bit off and you can still put weight on if you do not do the right thing but I also have no regretsReplyCancel

  • Suzy

    Just thought I’d post a message here too to show there is another side to the surgery. It’s great when it goes well but the risks are huge, tho admittedly rare. I’ve had complication after complication and more than two years down the track I’m still back in hospital facing yet another surgery with a tube up my nose. I recommend the surgery as have seen so many successes, but it isn’t easy and if you pull the short straw like me, it’s a living hell that’s impossible to describe. Hope your story continues to go well, and all those who follow in your footsteps.ReplyCancel

  • Mary

    Suzy. My husband is having surgery next week in Mexico and I’m very nervous about it. What were the complications that I should be aware of?ReplyCancel

  • Michelle

    Hi there, thank you so much for sharing your story. After many attempts and over many years at losing weight and succeeding then piling it all back on ‘with interest’, my GP has recommended I consider having the gastrectomy. I have watched numerous Youtube clips and read through and watched volumes of videos and testimonies and find the general consensus to have gastrectomy is ‘highly recommended’. I have spoken with three colleagues at work who also have had the sleeve done and they all look absolutely amazing. I am still a little nervous, however feel I have enough information to support my decision. It is far more helpful when you read testimonies of other Australians (especially when they too are on the Gold Coast) having the sleeve rather than Americans all the time so thanks again.ReplyCancel

  • Thank you for sharing this post. I accidentally found your blog and I totally loved it. I had my sleeve on 24 October 2014 and I am now in my 4th week. Reading your blog was inspiring. And I mentioned about you in my blog, hope you don’t mind. My blog about Gastric Sleeve is Again, thank you :)ReplyCancel

Weekend Catch Up #10

From the recent survey that so many of you kindly filled out (thank you), I learnt that quite of  few members of this community do not follow The Organised Housewife on Facebook and Instagram.  I ask a variety of questions on facebook and share a more personal side of me via photos on Instagram.  Because you are missing out […]

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Weekend Catch Up #9

From the recent survey that so many of you kindly filled out (thank you), I learnt that quite of  few members of this community do not follow The Organised Housewife on Facebook and Instagram.  I ask a variety of questions on facebook and share a more personal side of me via photos on Instagram.  Because you are missing out […]

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  • Karen

    Have you got any tips how to store balls in the garage? Soccer, rugby, etc (multiples!). Looking forward to some suggestions. Thanks.ReplyCancel

    • Elizabeth

      Karen, we keep all ours in one of those mini garbage bins in the garage. For some reason our youngest has collected every sort of sports ball available, despite not playing many ball sports. We also have a collection of bouncy balls he has picked up along the way! I find the mini-bins great as the lid keeps spiders etc out and they are cheap at most discount stores. Hope this helps.ReplyCancel

  • Elsy Carolina Arguello

    Hi there,im a big fun of yours and have been for sometime,i love your site and all the hardwork you do .thank you for sharing all those wonderful tips and ideas to keep our home beautiful…
    I actually bought finish diswashig balls and to my surprised was really dissapointed,all of them were kind of melting as if it has been wet then dried i thought maybe if i buy them at a different woolworth? Did so and still not right,i bought 2 big boxes just to throwthem out$$$$$$ .I have send the company 3 emails and still no reply,it has been well over 3 months so….anyways i just wanted to share my experience with you.
    Once again thank you for all your hardwork!!!ReplyCancel

    • Ashleigh

      I am having the same problem. I have bought the ones that are in the dissolvable packet, the packet does not dissolve and I find the whole mushy tablet just sitting the bottom of the dishwasher. Its very frustrating as I need to do the whole load again to rinse off any residue.ReplyCancel

      • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

        Ooh no, I’ve never heard of this happening, I use mine everyday and have had no problems, have you contacted the manufacturer?ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Ooh Elsy that is awful and I can imagine your frustration. I can’t explain why they have not replied but that would have been my first advice was to contact them. Are you using them on a regular cycle? I use them daily for many many years and have had no problems.ReplyCancel

  • Bree

    Hi Katrina, Love your sons bed. Where did you purchase it from?ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Hi Bree, i got it from Forty Winks! It is a lovely bed.:)ReplyCancel

  • Have fun being on TV!! How super excitingReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Thanks Nat! It was very exciting, really enjoyed it.:)ReplyCancel

  • Ms_MotorbikeNut

    G’day really pleased your doing a Weekend Catch up now as some people like myself don’t like Facebook so don’t use it, so for me the weekend catch up is great.

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXXReplyCancel