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This post is sponsored by OPSM The new OPSM Eye Check App is available to download for free from the iTunes App Store (iOS) or Google Play today. [table id=8 /] After my youngest was born 8 years ago,  I started experiencing bad headaches.  At times they were quite painful and really hard to cope with, especially when you […]

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  • TP

    Pretty handy app! Downloaded and gave it a whirl on my S4 and works really well! Turns out I have blurry vision in one eye but my sight is pretty good over distances. Eye test booked now, thanks Kat.ReplyCancel

I’m so excited the school holidays start here in QLD next week.  I’m really looking forward to taking some time off with the kids, we have quite a bit already on our to-do list so it’s going to be a busy one! During the September holidays I usually like to: give the kids bedrooms a […]

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  • Miss Maudy

    School holidays… Can’t come quick enough! Two totally cranky kids – one of whom is bursting into tears if you look at him sideways, t’other is spending his time looking at the first one sideways at every opportunity!

    Despite ‘losing’ an entire week, and almost missing enrollments for school holiday program, I am more or less organised – except for the first Monday, that is. Two days of holiday program, play date one day, one day with their dad, I am on leave for the second week. Just need to work out what to do with them on that one day….

    On the week off I have, we will do ‘dinner and a movie’ with the kids (4pm screening of a movie, followed by a meal out); probably one other ‘family’ activity, return a couple of favours with play dates, and have a couple of days at home.ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca Murphy

    I thought it said the download was free… but when I click on the download for free link it says its $2.95?ReplyCancel

    • Michelle Maree Rayner

      The ‘School Holiday Planner’ is free, the checklist isn’t. Hope that helps!ReplyCancel

This post is sponsored by Howards Storage World The 2nd, 3rd and even 4th kitchen drawers can easily become a disaster zone, very messy and hard to find what you are looking for.  I had the opportunity recently to organise my sister-in-laws kitchen drawers, I shamelessly was really excited to organise somebody else’s drawers LOL. […]

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  • Marita Beard

    Envious. Our kitchen is a weird design, I have one drawer between stove and sink suitable for cooking stuff like that, then two huge drawers below it for pots and pans. Right down the other end of our long kitchen bench is another two smaller drawers – one is for our 4MyEarth sandwich wraps and reusable lunch bags, the other the medicine drawer. Below them are two more huge drawers which hold our tupperware.ReplyCancel

  • Karen Waudby

    This is great. I was thinking of doing this today anyway…your blog has given me some great ideas and inspiration. Thank you.ReplyCancel

  • Kay

    Great, that just inspired me to do mine! What a difference!! Have you already done a blog on the medicine cabinet? Where is the best place for this, and how to organise it? I have two ill kids and just have so many medicine and vitamins, I have no idea about how to best organise it all or where to keep it..ReplyCancel

    • Vickie Saunders

      I did mine recently. I ended up pulling everything out & sorting it into different categories. I then bought clear containers with clip on lids that fit into my cupboard and labelled the containers with the different categories.

      For me, I ended up with
      * cold & flu / sinus
      * kids medicine / vitamins
      * adult vitamins
      * panadol / other medicinReplyCancel

  • Bec

    all I could think when I read the ‘not doubling up’ sentence was ‘People really have so many/so messy utensils that they don’t know what they have??’ I have never accidentally bought a utensil that I already owned, that seems very odd lol!ReplyCancel

  • I love how you did this! I could really use some organization for my cooking utensils. My biggest problem is that my drawers are rather short and my measuring cups get caught when I open and close them. I’ve been considering just hanging them up on the wall or something and then organizing the rest of the drawer. Thanks for the inspiration!ReplyCancel

    • mommaBear

      I saw this recently and LOVED the idea!ReplyCancel

      • mommaBear

        OK, so the link/picture didn’t come through. Do a Google _image_ search for “hanging measuring cabinet door”.ReplyCancel

  • madesmart

    Love Love! you make us proud and your kitchen looks fabulous doing it!ReplyCancel

  • I love Howards Storage World. Amazing. I’m like a kid in a candy store in that place!!ReplyCancel

  • I know these organizing tips are really great but I also like to share one thing and that is apart from these tips this article is also very well organized and pleasure to read this.ReplyCancel

  • […] How to organise the 2nd and 3rd kitchen drawers […]ReplyCancel

  • Cherie

    I am so glad to see someone has the same ridiculous draws as me! A trip to HSW is in order. Thanks for sharing :)ReplyCancel

  • Clinton N Deb Horne

    I clicked on the free download of the 2014 calender and to do list and it brought me to this page. Is this free printable no longer available?ReplyCancel

  • Rachel Lote

    Going to be doing this today :D.ReplyCancel

  • Nic

    Is that first drawer double layer?? I think that would be rather impractical.ReplyCancel

  • Melissa

    I love this idea. I spend so much time digging for a utensil though I think we may have too may to organize like but I guess that means purge time. I also need to purge my takeout menus since they’re spilling out of my junk drawer and into my tools drawerReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      It is great i agree Melissa.:)ReplyCancel

  • Anne Lawlor

    I did this about 2 years ago. For readers from Ireland I bought the dividers in Home Store & more. They are a bit expensive as I had a lot to buy but I will have them forever.ReplyCancel

  • Caroline

    I bought a lot of madesmart inserts at HSW then saw them for a fraction of the price at Trade Secret. Worth looking around!ReplyCancel

  • Leanne

    The plastics (Tupperware) cupboard.ReplyCancel

I have always wanted to create a photo wall in our home.  I much prefer to have photo’s on the wall rather than framed on a hutch or side table, purely for the fact that it make it so much easier to dust. It’s taken me a while to put up the photo wall because […]

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  • willie hutto

    I too have done a photo wall project. the first time was using 5×7 matching wood frames. 3 rows 5 pictures per row. the middle row frame was side to side. all others were up and down. hung above my couch too. then when we moved I did the heart picture set-up using the frames. of course being years later I couldn’t find the same matching frames, but made do. my heart was a little wide. took a whole wall. lol. but since we have down sized once again, I am only dreaming of a picture wall. just waiting for an idea to spark my interest. p.s. the heart set-up was one I found on pinterest. took FOREVER to measure and hang. I used 5×7 papers and blue tape and rulers before I actually put a nail in the wall.ReplyCancel

  • Julia K

    That looks so lovely Katrina. Well done !
    A photo wall is on my “one day” list too :)ReplyCancel

  • toushka

    I’ve had many photo walls. Now in a new home and still deciding where to create the next one. Which wall? What frames? Etc. I’m a big fan of 3m picture strips too! ReplyCancel

    • LOL Toushka, I have been in this home for 8 years now and always wanted a photo wall, I just didn’t put one up because I procrastinated so long, don’t take as long as I did :ReplyCancel

  • Mandysgirls

    I have just done one after deliberating for so long, at the moment all the frames are different colours and I was planning on spraying the frames, but I have to say, I quite like the differences. It’s a big wonky though as the frames move, but it’s in my hallway so it’s not as crucial.ReplyCancel

  • Edie

    I love using the command/3 m stripes they only issue I had was if the paint does come off how do you fix that?ReplyCancel

  • Cherie Clark

    This is perfect I have always wanted to have a photo wall but up my stair well but the project seemed a bit overwhelming and I was not sure where to start. I love it and I’m going to recycle our old frames. ReplyCancel

  • Faye Herman

    How do I print this out to read step by stepReplyCancel

  • […] Get rid of the wall hangings that you have no place for, if you really do love it, find a wall in your home to display it. […]ReplyCancel

Sometimes it’s just not possible to own all the beautiful bowls and dishes needed for every occasion. But it is easy enough to make exactly what you need using a few key items from your cupboards.    I love this idea I found on pinterest (apologies as original source is unknown).  This clever person came […]

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  • Monique

    I love this idea!!!ReplyCancel

  • Wench

    Wouldn’t the wine glass be somewhat unstable for dipping into? Great idea in theory, mind you.ReplyCancel

    • Caris

      Maybe a bit of blue tack underneath for stability? The base would protect the chips from contacting itReplyCancel

  • Shauna Oberg

    Very smart!ReplyCancel

  • annie

    Or maybe a fake wine class, or a margarita glass from party city and use one of those strips they use for those hooks they advertise on tv. The come off ass you pull the tab. Or you can buy ring stickers at home Depot apply to bottom then to the bowl. Remove when your doneReplyCancel

  • […] Chip and Dip Bowl This isn’t necessarily a recipe but I do this a lot when I go to parties or events and I need something quick.  The typical open a bag of Lays and pop open the dip is so tacky to me.  This puts a fancier twist on the classic chips and dip. […]ReplyCancel

If germs aren’t kept under control it can become a never-ending battle once cold and flu hits the household.  Teaching children from their early years how to cough properly is a benefit to themselves and those around them, especially when it comes to becoming sick at kindy or school.  But it’s not just the children, […]

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  • Renee Simpson

    A good way to help prevent colds etc is to take Inner Health Plus everyday. I work in childcare so I try and take as many preventative measures as posssibleReplyCancel

Organising your bills and receipts Paperwork in the office can easily become a mess, get lost and keeping on top of it can be somewhat challenging.  Soon after becoming a SAHM I took on the role of managing the household bills.  My hubby had this under control but as I like to do, I created […]

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  • Nicole

    I use a binder with sheet protectors. When a bill comes in, it goes into that month’s sheet protector. When it’s paid, I staple the confirmation to it and it goes to the back of the sheet protector. I don’t keep receipts like that, but I should.ReplyCancel

  • Wow, I’m nowhere near that organised but I do a fortnightly budget and factor all bills and direct debit transactions into each one. I then pay all bills due that fortnight on the first day that we’ve been paid so that i know there’s nothing outstanding for that fortnight. Gives me peace of mind! We have a very sophisticated (haha) system where all outstanding bills go on the fridge and after that I mark them with ‘paid’ and they eventually (didn’t say I’m perfect) get filed. Hopefully. Haha.ReplyCancel

  • Carly Joyce

    We have a computer desk drawer that doubles as a ‘pending’ filing system. All bills and junky ‘to do’ jobs get put in there and every Friday I empty the drawer and go through it. I set up the bills to be paid the day before they are due via internet banking and check the scheduled payments to ensure there is enough money in the account (we have a dedicated mortgage and bills account) for the bills coming out that week. We had previously worked out how much our bills were for the year and some of my hubby’s pay gets put into this account each fortnight to cover that amount. Each year around tax time we do a review and make any changes needed. Once the bills have been scheduled to be paid they are filed for one year.

    I definitely need to do something about the receipts though. I’m sure we could save a lot of money if I was a bit more on top of the miscellaneous stuff :)ReplyCancel

  • Hmm, this is something I need to get much better at. I have a good budget and balance it up every month based on the credit cards (largely), but I don’t tend to keep most receipts, and I don’t enter the actual money spent anywhere, which I’ve been thinking would be useful.

    Thanks for this Sanity post Kat, you’ve inspired me to take another look at our systems :)ReplyCancel

    • Keeping track of what you spend can really help when trying to save your money and you can see if you are overspending on electricity for example, if you find your bill is a lot higher than you budgeted or compared to last month then you know you need to switch off lights more often and watch how much you use the clothes dryer for example. Hope your new system helps!ReplyCancel

      • Thanks, me too :) I do keep track from month to month (like looking at the big bills and whether they match our budget – and as much as possible I have them direct debited monthly anyway), but it’s more things like the grocery bill I need to work on, keeping track over the month of whether we are staying within budget.ReplyCancel

  • […] put your receipt safely away in your Bill Organiser to easily refer back to if you need […]ReplyCancel

  • Lisa

    Kat – just wondering where you got your 6 white boxes from for storing your monthly batch of receipts in? Also, what size boxes do you find the best size for storing your EFY/tax in. Feeling very inspired to get our paperwork in order. {{{Thank You}}}ReplyCancel

  • Karen

    Really inspired. Thanks – I am starting today! Thanks KatReplyCancel

  • […] have shared with you how I use my bill organiser for all bills I recieve in the mail. However, using BPAY View and receiving the majority of my […]ReplyCancel

  • […] the budget with the Bill Organiser and you are on the road to organised […]ReplyCancel

  • rebeccar

    Do you have a new bill organizer for 2014/2015?

    • Katrina

      Hi Rebeccar yes I do just released it yesterday, click on the bill organiser above and it will take you to the new 2014/15 version. :)ReplyCancel

  • Fiona 'Fi' Keller

    I separate my bills and receipts. My receipts go into a binder with sheet protectors each marked with a week and are also separated into months. My bills stay on my desk and once they are paid I staple the receipt and file it in my expanding file.ReplyCancel

  • […] download so you can start organising instantly, purchase here. New 2014/2015 Bill Organiser is now […]ReplyCancel

Household Budget The choice of becoming a stay at home mum and reducing the family income to one wage is a big adjustment.  A few things that I needed to learn quickly was: How much income was coming in How much to anticipate our bills were each month The cost of raising our newborn twins, […]

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  • Elizabeth36

    Wonderful series, Kat – thank you. I’m a work at home Mum, but feel I’m living your posts from trying to run the household to cleaning smelly toilets. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and wisdom. You’ve just reminded me to look at that budget this week and check on the bank.ReplyCancel

  • Jo-Anne Wizz

    Being on a Pension there is never enough money to buy the simplest things or luxuries!! Love the article, Great Work!!ReplyCancel

  • Louise

    Great Subject – Kat you should already mention to have a cup of coffee when your doing the budget hahaha :) My husband used to do all the bills and keeping track of them until he kept saying I’m spending lots here and there which naturally got me off guard and arguments started. On our excel sheet and couldn’t understand it, I started looking around and created a new one which gave me all the information that I needed and I soon realised that the spending of money started in the house & kitchen ie: meal planning. Once I started meal planning & using what was in the pantry I realised my food shopping was decreasing. As a SAHM we are the ones that control what goes on in the house and where the money goes, plus I don’t feel like I’m in Groundhog Day of toddler, nappies, food, cleaning etc. Now we are a happy household and we know exactly where all our money is going :)ReplyCancel

  • Renlish

    Thanks for this! I’m not a SAHM or even an M, but I’ve recently started working at a new place that involves a 25k paycut and I’m still spending money like I’m earning a wage which includes that 25k. Been needing a budgeting tool for a while and this looks fabulous. I know as a serial hobby-ist, I spend way too much on stuff that I want as opposed to need. Foolish but it’s easy to get used to when you have the extra dollars.ReplyCancel

  • Trina

    Awesome, i will be becoming a SAHM again as of november with the impending birth of your 2nd sweet baby. Trying to get my head around things again for this has been interesting. Great timing!!ReplyCancel

  • Rowena

    Thanks. This is so helpful. It is a struggle sometimes adjusting to one income and to go backwards.ReplyCancel

  • Amie McIlroy

    We recently sat down and redid our budget (after not looking at it for a year!) and we got a huge shock. We really needed to tighten our belts and get a hold of that spending. Things are settling now we have the budget but the urge to splurge still crops up here and there, but having the budget makes you stop and think.ReplyCancel

  • […] Throughout the week I empty the receipts from my purse into my receipts bin, each week I add these receipts to the ‘actual spending’ tab in our household budget […]ReplyCancel

  • […] week I have shared posts about budgeting, organising your bills and receipts and today I wanted to share with you about saving money and not […]ReplyCancel

  • Anne At Home

    Hi Katrina, I am loving this series! I am really interested in your budget spreadsheets: I note that they are Excel but you say won’t work with Mac numbers – will they work on a Mac running Microsoft Excel? All other Excel programs seem to work fine for me. Thanks in advanceReplyCancel

  • […] love a good budget, this one is very […]ReplyCancel

  • […] After I come home from a day of shopping I take all my receipts out of the shopping bags and file them into my receipts box.  Every few weeks (weekly would be preferable, but sometimes time gets away from me), we go through our receipts and enter our spending into our budget. […]ReplyCancel

  • Lisa

    I bought this but the spread sheet is locked for editing and excel wants a password to unlock it. Can anyone help as I cant use it!?!ReplyCancel

    • Ashleigh Louise Payne

      I am also having difficulty editing fields with “other” to say what I want them to.ReplyCancel

    • Ashleigh Louise Payne

      Hi Lisa. I found this problem only in the Actuals by Month sheet, but if I edited the same field in the Budget by Month sheet it changed both. This worked everywhere except the category headings. Hope this helps.ReplyCancel

  • Kelly Rogers

    It’s a big decision for some to stay at home. But for me, it’s dropped on me because our company will close our office and transfer to another country. Sigh.ReplyCancel

  • Phillippa van de Steeg

    Great to see that you’ve created a system to help us all keep track of our in comings and outgoings. I always say that you can’t take care of what you’re not paying attention to, and this will help people pay attention to their own situations :)ReplyCancel

My kids toilet was smelling putrid recently, even after a general clean.  We all know how bad little boys are at aiming into the loo, goodness knows how it just gets everywhere.  The photo’s that I am going to share in this blog posts are disgusting, I actually wondered whether or not to share them, […]

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  • Linda Ann Bourke-Templeton

    love it now to get the offener to clean it :)ReplyCancel

  • Shan

    Great idea! Will be doing this on the weekend! My absolute least fav job is always mopping and vacuuming! Detest it! 😉ReplyCancel

  • krystal

    just wondering if you have any ideas on how to clean thick mineral deposit on the bottom of the toilet bowl, i have move into a rental property and i have tried many home made (vinegar, bi-carb, peroxide and cream of tartar) and commercial chemical (drain cleaner, CLS and general toilet cleaners) and the only thing that has done anything is a pumice stone but in 39 weeks prego and it so hard to scrub now. any ideas.ReplyCancel

    • Carolyn Williams

      Krystal you could maybe try Coke as in Coca Cola. Pour a can into the toilet and let sit overnight. I haven’t personally tried this but have read about it.
      Good Luck.ReplyCancel

      • krystal

        thank you Carolyn i have heard of that and should try it.ReplyCancel

        • Theresa

          I would turn off the water to the cistern, and flush the water (as much as possible) away before pouring in the coke, to avoid it being too diluted.ReplyCancel

    • Michelle T

      I have taken all the water out of the bowl and put straight CLR and left it for a couple of days. Then scrubbed. Did a good job.ReplyCancel

      • I am total agree with you. Cleaning toilet is very important. Especially the toilets used by kids. Here you have described the best ideas. Now i have no worry for my son. Thanks a lot.ReplyCancel

    • Kraftykat

      Denture cleaning tablets left overnight in the toilet bowl work a treat.ReplyCancel

    • Catherine

      Dump a whole container of citric acid in the bowl (baking isle)and let it sit a while. No need to empty water or anything.ReplyCancel

    • Michelle

      Someone told me that pouring coca cola into the toilet does the job. Haven’t tried it myself but she said it worked amazinglyReplyCancel

    • Naomi

      Citric Acid. We had the same problem. Sprinkle in about 2-4 tablespoons and leave sit for as long as possible, over night is good. Then it should scrub off easily. Might have to repeat if it’s particularly bad.ReplyCancel

    • vicki

      Had the exact same problem, clr worked great. I put half the bottle in, left it over night then scrubbed with the toilet brush. Alot came off but not all so i repeated the next night and i have a very clean toilet i am proud of.

      Hope this is helpful and wishing you all the best and your new baby.ReplyCancel

  • Naki Mum

    Thank you, thank you and again, THANK YOU!! Not only for the how-to on cleaning, but also for the photos! Cleaning the toilet is high on the list of things I hate to do. I’d rathersit out on the deck and have a cuppa than clean the toiletReplyCancel

  • Janeane Thompson

    I used to take our toilet seat off regularly to clean as I have 3 boys. But friend shared a tip with me a couple of years ago and it is not necessary for me to do it anymore. ….. After you have taken the seat off and have it all clean, you just need to boil the kettle and pour it all over the toilet. Over the top where the buttons are to keep that sterile, over the whole seat, front and back and this will run under the seat to flush out anything that is under there. I also pour the hot water over the s-bend and let it run down onto the floor tiles to clean up any floor spillages. I have the mop and wring bucket on hand to mop up the water as it pools on the floor. I do this process weekly and the toilet area is always clean and never any smells and still looks like a brand new toilet….. I hope this tip helps youReplyCancel

    • Kate

      Thank you Janeane this was such a great tip! I did this on the weekend and all the gross hard-to-reach places like the s-bend got flushed out beautifully. I also rolled up a towel to guard anything washing out the door. Such an easy way to do a gross job.ReplyCancel

      • Janeane Thompson

        I am glad this tip has helped :-)ReplyCancel

  • Tinz

    Hi Kat – thanks for the post! Great to know. (Question: Just wondered, where did you purchase your toilet roll holder you have in the corner of your pic?) Cheers!ReplyCancel

  • Jacinta L

    Our toilet is just like this, I am pretty sure I have the worst aimers on earth I end up with entire puddles on the floor. However as we are a 2 female to 4 male ratio I refuse to dismantle the toilet and clean it. The males in the house are responsible for cleaning the toilet including taking the seat off to clean in and around and under every 2 weeks. I figure when they sort their aim out they won’t have to clean it anymore so is good motivation to take their time and be more careful.ReplyCancel

    • Kat

      Great point Jacinta!ReplyCancel

      • natmardon

        I also started making my 7 year old son clean the toilets when he started believing it was completely acceptable to wipe poo on the walls, toilet seat, toilet paper holder etc. He doesn’t do it anymore, but still has to clean them…. but on that note, he certainly doesn’t do a good enough job to clean them this good, so I still need to do it once a week too. I will do this, thanks!ReplyCancel

  • my3boys

    I have 3 boys and a husband & only 1 toilet!!….take the toilet seat off every time I clean the toilet and give it a wipe over. I also soak the plastic screws in the bucket of water I use to clean the toilet, while Im wiping over the toilet. Its absolutely worth the extra couple of minutes to clean under the seat……
    The other thing Ive done is to soak the whole toilet seat in the bathtub with hot water and disinfectant/vinegar… a treat!ReplyCancel

  • Liz

    It’s so good to see cleaning ideas using eco-friendly cleaning products opposed to chemical laden ones that you inhale. Toilets and ironing are my least favourite jobs. Thanks for sharing Kat :)ReplyCancel

  • Karine Plateau

    I discovered and read your blog one week ago (all and every articles) and I thank you so much! I really don’t like cleaning and I hate chemical products. Thanks to you I bought all I need to do my eco-friendly cleaning products and you are a really good teacher to get me organized. I will start with the 20 days challenge and continue with a good weekly planner as well as your daily tasks. Than you again!
    A hug from France.ReplyCancel

  • Joanne

    Cleaning my oven, it is desperate for a clean but dont know where to start.ReplyCancel

    • Marie

      Hey, one of the easiest ways to clean an oven is to remove the racks & loose dirt, wet everything down with vinegar- use a rag, and sprinkle baking soda over it all. Shut the door and wipe it down the next day. You might still need to put some dish-soapy water in the sink and wipe everything again. You may even need to use a chore boy or the green scrub pad on it but everything should come off with comparable ease. Have fun!ReplyCancel

  • Carly Joyce

    I was super inspired by this post and so I completed this task today. I soaked the seat in the bath in hot water and some Sard Oxy Plus soaker which worked beautifully. After cleaning all the muck (so gross) I put the seat back on and tried the boiling water. I’m so happy with the results, doing a wee is a real pleasure!!ReplyCancel

  • stef_antz

    Thankfully we don’t have toilet seats like this to worry about. However I have been caught out in the night when i’ve gone to the toilet only to be welcomed by stepping into a puddle on the floor….Yes, really! My most hateful job around the house has to be cleaning the oven. Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • sempre

    I have THREE sons and their bathroom is disgusting. I’ve tried everything I can think of to get them to take responsibility but it’s a losing battle. However, removing the seat like this is a big help in counteracting the smell. I have discovered an excellent toilet seat at our local hardware store which actually clicks on and off, making the job simple. Now if only I could work out a way of counteracting the puddles on the floor caused by ‘not me’ …ReplyCancel

    • Libby

      Ping pong ball in the toilet for them to aim at. They love it. Clean the toilet as normal with the ping pong ball on it.ReplyCancel

  • sempre

    Oh, and an excellent addition to your cleaning armoury is a steam cleaner – not the floor mop although that is good too, but the little handheld accessory with the nozzle. It’s just matter of point, blast, and then wipe off. Simples!ReplyCancel

  • Susan

    Deifinately the job as described is my least favourite.ReplyCancel

  • Susan

    One other thing, the menfolk in our family sit down to pee. This stops all kinds of mess and stops the urine aerosolling as it hits the water or the bowl. I can always tell when there have been other males in the house. This really works.ReplyCancel

  • Chris

    Cleaning the shower is the job I dread. Can never seem to get the water marks off my glass, plus reoccurring mould in the grout. Would appreciate some eco-friendly ideas, as all the natural products I’ve bought just aren’t doing the job well enough.ReplyCancel

    • teresaq

      Try brillo pads for the glass. Work like a charm, then maybe Rain-x.
      Not sure how eco-friendly they are, but the brillo-pads are certainly
      less chemicals. When using the chemicals for the waterspots, if not
      careful they can damage the glass.ReplyCancel

  • Tracey Hall

    I would say the toilet is the worse as I not only have badly aiming males but also one who has a colostomy bag that sometimes drips onto the floor. He does not check properly so it is up to mum to clean it as I usually notice it when he has left to go home. I have no sense of smell so the smell does not get to me, it is the mess and how does other stuff beside urine gets under the seat.ReplyCancel

  • Seanne

    I would of liked to see an after picture to see how well this workedReplyCancel

  • I believe that toilet must be the cleaniest part of the house. Maintaing its cleanliness is really a must. Thanks for sharing this.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Absolutely Mini Clean, if it’s not clean it stinks and the stink drifts. My daughters bedroom is right next to the loo, so I find it important to ensure it’s smell free for her benefit so it doesn’t drift into her room.ReplyCancel

  • Kelly Taylor

    I made master 12 do this himself once because it was just so putrid!
    Pleased to say his aim has dramatically improved since… still not perfect but he knows the threat of cleaning it again is just one mere cm away!ReplyCancel

  • Kellie Sracek

    I’ve always done this, but most of my friends had no idea the seat even came off!!! When they did it the first time the were totally grossed out! ReplyCancel

  • Sonia Bentancour

    JANEANE THOMPSON… what a fantastic idea!!! I am off to do now as I too HATE taking seat off etc to clean!!!ReplyCancel

  • Alicia Colgan

    Oh my lord I’ve been wondering where the stench could possibly be coming from… Now I know!!ReplyCancel

  • Yvonne Bentley

    Yes, everyone’s toilets are like this, so don’t feel bad. It is just a way of life, I have had mine all my toilets replaced, and on a regular basis clean underneath. We are on holidays at the moment and the toilet stinks, but I can’t bring myself to clean it as I know all these strangers have done this. lol. So for now I will open the window and put some disinfectant in for now.ReplyCancel

  • Fiona Roxburgh

    Thanks heaps another job for me to do grin and bearing it but truly thanks hadn’t thought if it myselff. ReplyCancel

  • Kellie Clarke

    Do you dilute the vinegar in the spray bottle or not?

  • Kellie Clarke

    sorry i’ve re read it and it says pure vinegar thanks!

  • Sometimes our use lavender oil and put a few drops in my toilet brush bowel which makes it smellReplyCancel

  • […] all know toilets can smell, I like to keep a diffuser close by to the kids toilet to gently give a fresh ocean smell to cover […]ReplyCancel

  • michelle

    Does anyone know how to clean outdoor tiles that are indoors? It seams logical with general floor cleaner but the are textured and a massive pain to clean. Ive tried soo many brands as well as a steam mop but after renovating our builder didn’t do a great job at cleaning up and the tiles look terribleReplyCancel

We are a family of 5 and over the years we have found it really hard to find accommodation that suits 2 adults and 3 children, typically most hotels/motels have a limit of 4 per room. When the kids were younger this was ok I would top and tail 2 kids in one bed so […]

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  • Ms_MotorbikeNut

    Our family stayed in the Big4 Emerald Beach Holiday Park back in 2007 & we all loved it, it was right on the beach & close to Coffs Harbour must go there again next year when we have some more time & $ saved

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXXReplyCancel

  • Trish

    We are booked in for a few nights of camping here in October after we return from 4wding to Cape York and I cannot wait for the kids to wear themselves out on all the great playground equipment. I think they will be over the moon with play equipment after being cooped up in the car for 4 weeks. We always try to stay at Big 4 whenever we camp – their facilities are wonderful and they always have excellent playgrounds and activities for children. We have three boys (8, 6 and 3) so we NEED something to keep them active and entertained.ReplyCancel

    • Suzi Del Popolo

      Can I suggest cheap fold up scooters… They don’t take up much room as opposed to taking bikes like we did when I was a child, but they are easy for the kids to get around the park and up to the kids activities area, and extra play equipment when bored!ReplyCancel

  • Sounds like a fabulous time was had by all!

    We have stayed in cabins a bit, just in caravan parks, nothing as fancy as a resort :) – but yes, have found them much more convenient than hotel rooms, even back when we had only one child (we also have three). Kids sleeping in a separate room, living room & kitchen separate to bedrooms, usually a small verandah with a table and chairs. What’s not to love?
    For our big road trip we have planned for next year (if the aussie dollar doesn’t drop too much further), we are planning on camping, but I can see a few cabins along the way will be luxury we’ll sometimes be prepared to pay for (if they have that sort of thing in the States, which I’m not sure of).ReplyCancel

  • Missyj

    I have not yet had kids but my husband and I do travel a fair bit and we love the Big4 parks and have stayed at many of them. We also have a Big4 membership which is fantastic – we’ve saved a fair bit of money using it. One of my favourites is Swan Hill resort along the Murray River in Victoria, lovely rooms, fantastically friendly staff and great grounds & facilities. We can’t wait to have kids and travel Australia visiting these ‘resorts’ that are far superior than ‘normal resorts’.ReplyCancel

  • Rowena

    I love your blog and guides. However, I thought this guide was aimed at those staying at home with babies and toddlers. Not sure about other families but holidays like this are not on our horizon for a few years yet. With only one income and three kids under 6 this idea will have to go on the bucket list.ReplyCancel

    • Suzi Del Popolo

      Hi I just wanted to say we stayed at this park in 2008 with two Tweens and in a tent. For a very cheap holiday, we had a site with our own ensuite, and a caravan/tent spot. So it doesn’t have to be the cabins and luxury all the way- the park activities are all free! We spent more money outside the park on island trips etc. it was however one of the best trips we ever did, we packed the kids’ fold up scooters and hardly ever saw them!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer

    I too have 3 kids and find it hard for accommodation for 5 (any other suggestions or websites that help with this would be appreciated). Even though my kids are all under 6 years of age, I love posts like this. It gives me something to look forward to and the confidence that there are places out there for “larger” families to go to (more than 4) :)
    Glad you had a great holiday.ReplyCancel

  • […] school holidays we visited our beautiful friends that live in Arlie Beach.  We were invited over for dinner and I heard all about my friend Stacey’s famous […]ReplyCancel

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang As a toddler I wasn’t overweight, but it was mid way through primary school that my weight increased. I was teased a lot, I was short, freckly and fat.  However, looking back at my school photos I wasn’t ‘fat’ I was a little chubby which most kids outgrow as […]

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  • Carly Joyce

    Love it Kat, great work! My cousin is a nutritionist and she has taught me quite a lot even though I felt I was already nutrition conscious. Firstly to limit fruit intake to two-three pieces a day but to have loads of veggies. Fruit is great but also tends to be high in sugar so moderation is definitely important. I now send my daughter to school with one piece of fruit and some cherry tomatoes or carrot sticks and then she has something similar for afternoon tea. We almost always have veggies in our dinner.

    She also told me that it’s not what you eat in a day that matters, but what you eat in a week. If you have a ‘naughty’ day, just make sure to be extra vigilant for the rest of the week. We had bacon, eggs and sausages for tea one night and then grilled chicken and steamed veggies, chicken stir-fry, tuna casserole etc. for the rest of the week. You have to let loose sometimes!ReplyCancel

  • Merryl Chantrell

    Don’t be too hard on yourself about being overweight. There are a lot of us around. We were not all meant to be stick thin. I am now 60 and I have found the easiest way to look after my weight is to make sure my portion sizes are not humungous and to make better food choices. Beware of added Sugar or anything derived from Sugar such as Glucose or Fructose. Don’t cut out Dairy or your bones will suffer. Not too much fat reduced either because the Sugar content is often higher with these products and remember fat is flavour.
    I have only been thin twice in my life and both times I was very sick. With a little extra weight there is something to fall back on.ReplyCancel

  • Mishelle Smethurst

    I have just started clean eating and decided to get the family on board. Funnily enough, my 4yo daughter LOVES eating clean and is actually enjoyiong food more now that it is clean. There is absolutely no flour (we use almond meal) and NO SUGAR (we can use a little natvia) and definitely NO BREAD but have selected recipes that have foods with such rich flavours, you don’t need to add them in… I have just bought a food dehydrator so I can make my own raw onion bread, because I do miss being able to just have a sandwich for lunch :)ReplyCancel

  • Emily C

    What a fantastic post Kat! I love to see people making healthy choices but even more so, I love to see them teaching those to their children. I have been blessed to have parents that live very healthily and have passed their habits and knowledge down to me and my sister. In the past year I have struggled to maintain a healthy weight through a series of traumatic events falling on my family, but those habits have been strong and I have pulled through mostly ok. I understand very much how hard it is to keep yourself healthy through the rough times. Though I don’t yet have my own children, when I do have them I hope I can bring them up to embrace a healthy lifestyle too.
    You are doing a wonderful job making positive decisions with your own health. Well done!!! From your pictures, it certainly looks as though your kids are happy, healthy and active and that is such an excellent start in life for them. Thank you for sharing your journey and keep up the fantastic work!ReplyCancel

  • Marita Beard

    My 10yo asked yesterday for a letter to excuse her from sport at school because one of her friends mums had written a similar letter. I was not impressed and told 10yo that she had no reason to miss out on sport at school and it helped her brain be smarter to do sport. Between 2 hours of swim squad, 1 hour taekwondo after school and Step Into Life, Athletics and Zumba at school she does a fair bit.ReplyCancel

  • I think it’s great that you are focussing on getting them moving Kat. My kids’ school does pretty much all of those things you talked about (though there’s not been an assessment on making a sandwich yet!) which I love, including not having any junk at all in the canteen.

    I was also a chubby child – well, from puberty really – and it saddens me no end to look back and realise that’s all I was, a little chubby, for most of my teens and twenties. And yet I felt fat. My mum was always (it seems to me) focussed on losing weight, and she too was no more than a little chubby. But she also is tall with a large frame so she didn’t meet the current ideal of beautiful women.

    So for me, I want my children to eat healthy food and stay active, and I am realising as they get older that that is easier with organised sports (my 3 and 7 year olds are still very active naturally, but my 11 year old has discovered books in a big way, so I could see him really slowing down over the next few years without some kind of sport and/or family activity), and also that I need to be a better role model. If we get out as a family to kick the ball around or yes, go for walks and let them scoot along with us, it can make all the difference I think.ReplyCancel

  • I was an overweight vegetarian kid & teen (I hit a size 16), I was busy playing piano & reading. It was awful to be teased at school & be nick named ‘the fat kid’. I didn’t eat crap, we didn’t have any in the house!

    I’ve just reached my weight loss of 25 kilo’s down after my last pregnancy. It’s the 3rd time in my life I’ve had to make the journey (once as a teen, twice after pregnancy). I’ve really been conscious this time round that I have a 5 year old little girl that watches everything I do, so I’ve taken a different approach I really want her to consider her ‘health’ over being ‘skinny’. So I get outside with them, kick a ball, garden & jump on the trampoline (although I’m sure I look like a complete idiot to my neighbours…lol….).

    Thanks for sharing your story KatReplyCancel

  • I quite like reading a post that will make people think.
    Also, thank you for allowing for me to comment!ReplyCancel

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang So if you have read my blog long enough you would know that I am a little OTTO (over the top organised) when it comes to my dirty laundry. I sort my laundry into whites – colours – darks and linens and prefer to wash them all separately. But […]

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  • Jackie Tracy

    My partner just can’t get the concept that colours, particularly reds, shouldn’t be washed with whites. Yes, he put his new red t-shirt in with my white skirt and a few other things, and yes, my skirt ended up with a messy pink tie-dyed look. Not in a good way. The socks were a uniform pink but my skirt – ruined :(ReplyCancel

    • I like to seperate all my washing so that way the whites don’t dull and the colours stay bright. Wonder if your hubby is doing it on purpose so it doesn’t have to do the laundry again LOL.ReplyCancel

  • K Sizzle

    I had white surgical stockings that were washed with a red tshirt. My surgeon declared they were the first pink stockings he had ever seen. ReplyCancel

  • Wendy Hatton

    I am notorious for tossing everything in together in spite of the occasional small ‘accident’. However a green t-shirt from the Op Shop (I never wear green, what was I thinking) managed to taint absolutely everything in the wash a horrible dirty yellowish green. Definitely a colour I would never consider being seen dead in. I acquired quite a lot of ‘gardening’ clothes from that incident.ReplyCancel

  • Carley Smith

    I had been soaking all my baby sons white clothes in napisan and when it was time to wash I tipped them out of the bucket into the washing maching, not remembering that I had put a bunch of red jersey thick trimmed bibs in there the day before to wash seperately first because I knew they would run for sure, I forgot to get them out! and ALL my sons white clothes were now tinged in various shades of pink…..I eventually got most of it out through soaking. Years later and I still check the machine 3 or 4 times before putting whites in there just in case theres a sneaky dark colour hiding in there.ReplyCancel

  • Miranda

    But did the sheet have any colour on it? It could be that your colours and darks have been washed enough times already not to run onto anything anyway. It would be good to see it with a brand new red t-shirt and a white pillow case or something and see if it still works.ReplyCancel

  • Kat Tat

    While I have had a few couple run catastrophes I really don’t worry about white V colours but if you think my clothes are going anywhere near my husbands stinky socks then think again. They have to be wrangled into the machine , beaten a couple of times with a big stick and then have a heavy object thrown on top of the machine to keep them in.ReplyCancel

  • Carol Taylor

    Grandson’s new denim jeans somehow got entangled with pre-wash of new baby’s clothes. Grandbaby’s pink and white garments turned a dull shade of blue!ReplyCancel

  • Humera

    All in all its a good product,m using these for few months and had 1,2 mishapps so its highly recomended 😀ReplyCancel

  • Tracy Brewis

    What a great idea for expensive uniform items. Honestly, whose idea is it to put dark trim on a light top? Will give this a go.ReplyCancel

  • Shaz

    I bought a lovely black pashmina in India and when we got home it got caught up in the clothes to be washed. Not only was everything in the wash ‘touched’ by the black (even jeans) but an expensive memento from a great trip was totally ruined. Bummer.ReplyCancel

  • Suzanne Black

    It has to be a red t-shirt in with whites….now we have pink socks, pink undies, pink singlets…looks like something from Dr Suess when the cat came back.ReplyCancel

  • MichelleM

    Husband spilt coffee on his top while at the shops, we hurriedly
    bought a $7 replacement… Threw it in with my colours… My cute pink shorts came
    out with blue spots!ReplyCancel

  • Amy Lovesowls Oppusunggu

    My hubby decided to wash his cricket shirt with the red sheet. saying this he has gone off to cricket today in a pink shirt bless him for trying :)ReplyCancel

  • Angela

    Can we see a photo of the white sheet after the load?ReplyCancel

  • Kim Geling

    I love these! My kids can all do their own laundry when I have these in the cupboard and we’ve never had a failure. The best test was a pile of red & white christmas tea towels that I bought… the colour catcher came out bright red and not a smear of colour on the white stripes :)ReplyCancel

  • Kathryn Fincher

    Grabbed the wrong red tshirt (new one, not the old one i thought it was) and turned all our whites, including hubbys favourite tshirt pink! Oops!ReplyCancel

  • Tina

    I use these a lot! I make patchwork quilts and usually don’t wash my fabric beforehand. I pop 1 (or sometimes 2 sheets if I think it needs it) in with a quilt for it’s first wash and have never had any colour runs. I have done black and white quilts, red and white quilts, blue red and white quilts… most of my quilts have white backgrounds, and I have NEVER had a colour run or white go dull. I have had excess colour rub off on my sewing machine from putting a quilt together on a few occasions, but never had a colour run in the wash.ReplyCancel

  • Nicki

    Husbands white shirt came out streaky with pink lines… Only realized when he was about to wear it to his first business dinner in his new job! ReplyCancel

  • Anna

    Washed my cream pants (that I loved to death) and husbands favorite shirt (white) with a bright red shirt. The pants and the white shirt came out with horrid pink uneven spots! Had to throw them in the bin as nothing managed to fix it :(ReplyCancel

  • Nikki

    Bought my Mr4 some white skivvies and a superman cape found its way into the same load! He was devastated when they came out pink!!ReplyCancel

  • Helen

    I had a load of whites in the machine and my 8yo threw her purple jacket in (oh and it had a tissue in the pocket. We ended up with lilac clothes with white tissue spots all over them, but the kids love their “new” socks and undies 😀ReplyCancel

  • Kirsten Benhiam

    My husband bought t-shirts that had white sleeves and red and dark blue bodies. We washed them and the sleeves came out pink and purple.ReplyCancel

  • Joni

    My white breastfeeding top got an unsightly brown smear in the left breast area when a stray new, brown toddler sock made its way into my whites washing. I did not notice until it was too late and even went to Playgroup dressed in the top as I was too tired to change it.I had 3 children under 4 years at that stage…ReplyCancel

  • Merryl Chantrell

    I have been doing the washing for 50+ years and Colour Catcher sounds too good to be true and I would love to try them.ReplyCancel

  • marypreston

    I accidentally tie-dyed a load of laundry by throwing a batik skirt into a load of whites. Pretty jazzed actually!! Couldn’t repeat if I tried.ReplyCancel

  • Kim Featherstone

    my daughter put her new red Dora jumper in the my partners business shirts… unfortunately they now have red blotches on them, wish it had turned them pink, but no, just blotches.! lol, had to laughReplyCancel

  • Jessica

    I was travelling with two friends and we all washed clothes in the one load. I added a pink shirt that I had washed hundreds of times and was sure wouldn’t run. Of course, it did run and turned all their clothes pink. I don’t think they’ve forgotten yet!ReplyCancel

  • Vikki Ryan

    I once owned one lovely pink top but whilst I was out of town for the weekend with my girlfriends my hubby kindly decided to help by doing the washing….you guessed it I no longer own a pink top…..all the colours went in together and my lovely top came out shades of blue and pink…still I was grateful for his kind gesture. Colour Catcher would be great for when hubby does the washing though!ReplyCancel

  • Lindy Sparrow

    My cousin had kindly offered to give my house a clean, and he decided to do a wash. He put the WHITE karate gi in with a red towel. And my son had a tournament in two days!!!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel Kriss-Newell

    cream handknitted jumper. Hubbie assisting, 1 jumper + greasy work clothes=
    shrunk, pilled, lovely murky grey, ruined jumper. Remains a secret from my mum.ReplyCancel

  • Cathy Stone

    Blue pen left in my husband’s work shirt, kids white school shirts were in the same wash. The ink went everywhere, white tops were no longer white but lovely patches of blue on the clothing. White tops were confined to the rag bag.ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca Crosbie

    Hubby left the wet work clothes sitting with the whites and didn’t hang out, so my whites had lovely tie-dyed marks of blue and black….ReplyCancel

  • TajKai

    Long ago when I was a foreign exchange student, my red socks were washed with my host father’s work shirts, turning them pink. So upsetting!ReplyCancel

  • Cath

    When we were engaged I turned my husbands red and white
    hockey top pink. That was 15 years ago. He still talks about it!ReplyCancel

  • staceyshailer

    Washing a brand new pair of dark jeans with my white work blouses and singlets…ReplyCancel

  • The first time my boyfiend did our washing I ended up with allllll of my whites being a not so lovely grey colour. I have to tell myself that he’s helping me out (even if he’s not really).ReplyCancel

  • Libby Oldershaw

    Years ago my Dad (who was a Fashion Agent) went on a business trip to Hong Kong. While there he had several beautiful business shirts tailor-made. He was so proud and showed up the precision of the cut, skill of the stitching and the quality of the lovely white crisp cotton. Of course they had to be washed before wear and he loaded them carefully into the washing machine. Our trusty washer which had never played up in all it’s years of work decided to blow it’s gearbox showering the formerly pristine shirts with oil. The language which poured forth from my dad more befitted a drunken sailor than a man of fashion!My dad has never laughed and yes, a new washing machine was delivered pretty promptly!ReplyCancel

  • JQ

    a yellow shirt of my daughter was mixed with the whites, and all whites turned into a disaster white and yellow dyed colored clothes. i have to wash everything again and soak with bleach. one false move can make your world turn upsidedown.ReplyCancel

  • Tracy Weston

    I washed my old purple skirt with some maternity tops a friend lent me. They were all white, now they are ALL mauve :(ReplyCancel

  • Vannessa Bradbury

    I decided it was a good idea to help mum with the washing when i was younger not realising that she had redyed my school shorts burgundy ……….needless to say everybodies clothes even my dads came out pinkReplyCancel

  • sonlee

    I am so sorry – call it OCD – but I cringe when I see the way the washing is hung out – I never hang t’shirts by the bottoms as it seems to pull them out of shape – I always hang up shirts to dry on coathangers again for the same reason – and I hate ironing so tend to hang clothes so they don’t have to be ironed. I hang all my clothes insides out so they don’t fade, and hang the tops just under the armpits.ReplyCancel

  • Infoxicating Lady

    How do these work with front loaders? Throw them in with the laundry like normal?
    Also, I’m slightly obsessive about laundry loads, too. Once a week, the girls school blouses (white. Honestly, what kind of idiot thinks a white blouse is a good idea in infants and primary school?) get hot washed with bleach. Hubby;’s hi viz work shirts also get hot washed (separately), as do his socks.
    School shorts, trousers, skirts get washed with hubbies work shirts/pants. Underwear for 5 people is a load of washing by itself.
    Towels get washed separately, too – and if its the white towels, they get hot washed and bleached, too.ReplyCancel

  • susanne

    Hello everyone, This is a topic near and dear to my heart. I have a step daughter who washes all kinds of clothes together… she also uses white face clothes that were purchased for the babies and then they end up as dish rags, next thing I see she is wiping the floor with them. Her tea towels look dirtier and older than my cleaning rags. After reading through the posts I have come to the conclusion that most of us like to sort according to colour and also dirt type. Dark kids socks tend to get washed with the blue jeans where the extra agitation will do the socks some much needed cleaning. While white towels, socks and face clothes and tea towels get the extra clean to stay white and bright. Sheets and shirts can also be washed together. Yes I have OCD and my clothes and towels seem to last longer than most. P.s I have a dryer too, don’t get me started on that!!!ReplyCancel

  • nancy

    Where did you buy the storage shelf you have next to your washing machine for all the dirty clothes? How much?ReplyCancel

  • Haley

    I really would like to know where you bought the storage shelf you have! I’ve been searching and can’t find one!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Haley, I got them from Howards storage world.ReplyCancel