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I have put together a list of information, sharing with you How to start a Blog and lessons I have learnt along the way. I hope my tips help you create a successful blog.

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  • Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge on this topic. I wondered if you have any advice for getting a good header design? I have tried a couple of things but I’m just not happy with it and I’m not sure how to go about getting one that I like and would be attractive to readers. My blog is aimed mainly at women and I feel mine is a bit masculine at the moment.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      If you like using an image behind your logo you could use an image from one of your blog posts or purchase a stock image with the feel you are wanting for your blog. I don’t mind your logo, perhaps you need to just freshen it up with a matching colours in your sidebar and a new background image.ReplyCancel

  • Lillian

    you are such a clever chook Kat I don’t know how you do it all. I often wonder if I want to start a blog, so I appreciate you putting this together that I can refer back to.ReplyCancel

There is always something to learn about blogging, from code to SEO, time management to what is the best plugins. As I look back on the past 5 years of blogging I share a few lessons I have learnt.

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  • Serious dedication, Kat! What an incredible effort to keep at this for 5 years – good on you. You’ve created a really wonderful resource for parents. And I love your honesty :)ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Naw thank you Eva, I do love this little space.ReplyCancel

  • Bonnie

    Thanks for the tips. Your timing is perfect. I am just starting a blog of my own. I am looking forward to your help.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Bonnie, please share your blog with me when you have it up and running, I’d love to visit it!ReplyCancel

  • Lana

    Congrats Kat! That’s awesome. How /where can you find the blogging community? Is there a forum or meetup group people go to?ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      I have found a wonderful group of blogging friends from conferences that I have attended and we keep in touch via facebook. You can also find groups on facebook like QLD bloggers, Brisbane Bloggers, search your local area and add bloggers into the title and you may find one. There is also the Aussie Bloggers group which is a wonderfully supportive group.ReplyCancel

  • Annette Higgins

    I just started my own blog at WordPress and did my first post.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Annette that is so exciting, please send me the link I would love to read it!ReplyCancel

  • Trudy Stanton

    I have beenr reading your blog since shortly after you started, it’s my place to go to when I have my morning cuppa. What I love about your blog Kat is that it’s real, it’s honest and you don’t sugar coat anything. You give us some great tips and remind us to do things in our homes that can easily be forgotten, or as busy mums we don’t have time to think of. The biggest would be that I was doing everything for my kids, they were 7 and 9 at the time and I stepped back and saw that your 6 year old twins were making their bed and as you put it, not perfect, but they still did it, and they were helping with chores around the house. Thats that day that big changes happened in my home, for the better. From the bottom of my heart Kat, thank you, thank you for everything you do to run your blog and share with us.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Naw Trudy, music to my ears thank you so much for your beautiful words xReplyCancel

  • Donna Stanley

    Kat I don’t know how you do it, I don’t have a desire to write a blog, but I love learning more about you and how you are a master at blogging, you just simply amaze me in everything you do, your dedication, how open you are but yet still have your privacy (I love how you have kept that about your kids, I admire that despite us all wondering and wanting to know more about them) and mostly I just love your passion for what you do, it’s clear how much you love it.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      I do love it, and I think if you don’t have a passion for what you do you shouldn’t do it! Thank you Donna xReplyCancel

  • Cheryl

    I only read your blog, I make sure I find time for it every few days. Congratulations on 5 years, you are just amazing.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Thank you Cheryl, you are very sweet xReplyCancel

  • felicity

    Hi kat,I love the practicality of your site,I check it every day,I even check it before all my other emails!!!im a bit of a control freak !I love every aspect of your site ,its so fresh and clean,a pleasure to read.Happy birthday ?ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Thank you Felicity, that’s so sweet that it’s your #1 task!! So pleased that you enjoy reading the site and your feedback, it’s exactly what I am going for!!ReplyCancel

  • Annette

    Thanks for your wonderful tips about blogging. This is perfect timing as I started a blog on Friday.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Wahoo, another bloggers, how exciting, please share your blog URL here I would love to visit it!!ReplyCancel

  • Congratulations on 5 years! I just looked back to check and realised I just passed the 4year mark and forgot all about it. I think I have some learning to do though. I think I understand blogging just as much as I did when I first started. It is just a bit of an all consuming hobby for me. Looking forward to reading your tips.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      There is so much to learn and then when you think you have learnt that element, it changes and there is a different way to do it. Never ending! Yay congrats on 4 years!! You may enjoy the tips I share on Thursday!!ReplyCancel

  • You were a natural right from the start, Kat. Sharing useful, useable information in such a positive, uplifting, meaningful way. I’m so glad you found such a good niche and settled in so quickly and so well. xReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Thank you lovely and I remember you commenting on my blog way back then!!ReplyCancel

  • Bev Lange

    Hi Kat, happy 5th blogiversary (love the name). I am a quiet follower of most of your things, my kids are grown up and gone but I still love reading your tips etc.
    Whilst I may not always do the job for the day, it’s always in the back of my mind to do another time and wow, who would have thought there are so many extras that need to be done.
    Keep up the fantastic work that you are doing, you are a true joy with your positive attitude. xxReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Thank you Bev, there is always something to do around the home, no rest for the wicked!! Thank you for taking time out to message me, I really appreciate it xxReplyCancel

  • Congratulations Kat! You lessons and tips are invaluable, as is everything you share here. Bring on the next 5 years!ReplyCancel

  • pam davies

    Congratulations Kat ! take a bow I can’t believe how 5 years has passed so quickly !ReplyCancel

  • Congratulations Katrina, what an incredible achievement! I certainly find it a struggle to find a balance between blog and family (especially with two under school at home). It’s something I’m really working on. Thanks for your tipsReplyCancel

  • While working on my blog I have learnt the importance of making notes about post ideas. Too many times I have had a great idea and not written it down, thinking that I would easily remember it later. Unfortunately that has not always been the case. I am only a beginner blogger so I am very interested in learning about how other people go about things in this space.ReplyCancel

  • Congrats on 5 years Kat! You’re an inspiration to me and really live what you share online. Here’s to the next five years xxReplyCancel

  • Congratulations Kat, 5 years is amazing. Balance is a struggle for me so I’m going to take on board your tips and I look forward to the rest of the tips this week. Your blog is fabulous and I love visiting it and all the practical advice. Well done to you on such a milestone and here’s to the next 5 years. xReplyCancel

  • Great list! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us :)ReplyCancel

  • Congratulations on 5 years! I’m just starting out on my blogging journey, so looking forward to learning from a guru! Thanks for sharing.ReplyCancel

  • Well done! 5 years is a great effort. Here is my tip – don’t write a post for the sake of writing – eg if you think you must write every Tuesday and Thursday for example. Write because the inspiration strikes you or because something really interests you – it comes through in the posts if it is an ‘obligation’ post.ReplyCancel

    • I agree completely. I make sure I take notes when a topic occurs to me and then write as much as I can while the inspiration is still strong. This might be between cooking dinner and supervising homework, whenever I have the ideas. I then schedule that post for a later date so I don’t feel like I have to rush to get something published.ReplyCancel

  • Congratulations Kat! And great post… I am new to blogging and found your lessons learnt very helpful. I look forward to reading more tips!ReplyCancel

  • WOW!!!! 5 years! You are such an inspiration to me (and so many others!) Kat. I love the lessons you’ve learnt and there’s certainly a lot of tips I will be taking away from this post – particularly about finding a good balance. Happy 5 years! xxxReplyCancel

  • Love those top tips! Happy Blogaversary! Congratulations on all you have achieved in the last five years and here’s to (at least) five more!ReplyCancel

  • Congratulations on 5 years! Your blog was one of the first that I followed regularly and has always been an inspiration. I think privacy and anonymity is important and have kept my kids names and faces out of my blog. They are great hand models! I don’t have my photo on my blog either – which is a “no no” …Oh well! Still working on finding a good balance.ReplyCancel

  • I’ve kept my daughters real name off the blog too for the same reasons. I occasionally google her name to make sure nothing links back to my blog just incase. I’m more worried about in the future when she gets to school as well because I know how cruel kids can be and I can only imagine it’s gotten worse now with social media.

    Congrats on 5 years Kat!ReplyCancel

  • Happy Blog Birthday – what an awesome 5 years it has been for you! Your blog is a true inspiration to others moms and wives out there – I love it all. Thanks so much and keep it up xReplyCancel

This is a guest post by Louise Glendon from Click.Love.Grow As mums I know we love to record our little one’s special moments, and sometimes it’s fun to take more of a pro-looking portrait, so we have something that’s extra special to keep or to pop on the wall! Whether you’re using a fancy DSLR or your […]

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  • Sam

    Thanks Louise- that was a great story. I’m currently trying to work out which camera to buy so I can take better shots of the kids, rather than my iPhone- would you have any recommendations (up to $400) Thanks SamReplyCancel

  • Some excellent tips here! One of my aims this year is to improve my photography. My first step in this adventure is to purchase a new camera, once I find that, I can look into a photography course, and an online one, sounds like a fabulous idea!ReplyCancel

  • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

    I want to improve too, I’ve switched from Auto but know I need to learn so much more and this course is fantastic for helping with exactly that. Hope you can find a camera you love soon xReplyCancel

Finally the 2015 Monthly Calendar Pages with To-Do list are ready for you to download.

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A few weeks ago I released the 2015 Weekly Planner, however I have received so many requests for the Daily planner version that I have taken some time out and created the 2015 Daily Planner for you too! 2015 Daily Planner – now available! The 2015 Daily Planner will help you to keep track of all your […]

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  • Kylee

    I have been waiting for this thank you Kat, I really appreciate you making it, I loved using the planner last year, kept me really organising, especially with planning even just the little things like medication for the dog.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      That is wonderful, Kylee! So lovely to hear.:)ReplyCancel

Apple released details last week of the new iPad’s being released, just in time for Christmas!  I love the look of the new iPads, they come in silver, gold or Space Grey. The iPad 2 is said to be alot more powerful, better graphics and improved battery life (up to 10 hours).  Like I have […]

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  • Maree

    I have been trying to find a good money app, this one sounds great, especially that it’s Australian money. Thank you for sharing this list Kat.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      My kiddies really enjoy it! A really fun way of learning.:)ReplyCancel

  • Di

    My kids absolutely love Lightbot, it is such a great strategy and thinking game, their favourite at the moment is Ace Writer, teaching them to write.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Ooh i will have to have a look at Ace Writter!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Ooh i will have to have a look at Ace Writer!ReplyCancel

  • Sandra

    this is great, I have getting my daughter an iPad for Christmas and have been curious which are good games to put on there ready for her, she is a similar age to your kids so I’ll just use your tips!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Wonderful Sandra! The kids love these apps and great learning apps too.ReplyCancel

  • Crystal

    Highly recommend an app called Little Builders. It’s designed for preschoolers and there are no in app purchases.ReplyCancel

  • My 3 year old loves bugs and buttons (great for mates learning), Toca Boca and the play-school apps are fun and interactive for littlies!ReplyCancel

  • kirsty

    I recommend AGAINST Clash of Clans. It is the worst app you could consider installing. My kids are beyond obsessed with it, they are always checking in to see what is going on with it and have recently started hiding from me while they do it. It is a game that never ends and they talk about it when they are no where near the ipad. They get upset with people leaving their clan, raiding and it brings out anger streaks in them that I previously didn’t know existed. They also chat to complete strangers who join their clan, which has also had a negative effect. Which means that this games needs adult supervision, especially when they don’t like what these random people ask them to do (in terms of the game)

    I don’t know how long your children have played this game for, or if you have ever monitored it, but all I can say is be very careful if you allow your children to play this game. And no, I didn’t allow them to install it, their father did after their much older cousins introduced them to it. Worst mistake ever!ReplyCancel

  • Adi

    Flow Free is so much fun! I even enjoy it – great recommendation!
    Is there a list for younger kids as well?ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Adi, I have had a few readers reply with some apps for the littlies. Here is a list for you: Bugs & Buttons, Toca Boca, Playschool apps, Little Builders.ReplyCancel

The 2015 Weekly Planner is now available! The 2015 Weekly Planner will help you with your time management, keep track of your to-do list, meal plan ideas and upcoming appointments.  It includes: Cover page and spine label 2015 year at a glance page Month at a glance pages – October 2014 – December 2015 (spread over […]

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  • Lauren

    Hi Kat, just wondering if this can be printed in A5 size? It looks great, exactly what I’m after but I’d prefer a smaller size than A4. ThanksReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Lauren, I have just had a play around with the file and it is really easy to convert to A5, ooh it’s so cute!! When printing chose print to A5 (you must have A5 paper in your printer). My printer won’t allow to print double sided on A5, so I printed all the odd pages first (press more options in your printer settings to find the odd/even option), keep the pile as is, then turn your pile upside down and you will have the back of the first page, put this in your printer and print the even pages. Special thanks to Meg for sharing this idea in the comments below.ReplyCancel

      • Lauren

        Thank you Meg & Kat! now I’ve got next years diary just about sorted :)ReplyCancel

  • Lisa

    I would love a5 also.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Lisa, I have just had a play around with the file and it is really easy to convert to A5, ooh it’s so cute!! When printing chose print to A5 (you must have A5 paper in your printer). My printer won’t allow to print double sided on A5, so I printed all the odd pages first (press more options in your printer settings to find the odd/even option), keep the pile as is, then turn your pile upside down and you will have the back of the first page, put this in your printer and print the even pages. Special thanks to Meg for sharing this idea in the comments below.ReplyCancel

  • Diane

    Hi Kat, I like the idea of A5 too. My question though is, as I don’t think my printer could print double sided – could I take the downloaded pdf on a usb to officeworks and have them print it – or would that breach your copyright? ThanksReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Diane, I have just had a play around with the file and it is really easy to convert to A5, ooh it’s so cute!! When printing chose print to A5 (you must have A5 paper in your printer). My printer won’t allow to print double sided on A5, so I printed all the odd pages first (press more options in your printer settings to find the odd/even option), keep the pile as is, then turn your pile upside down and you will have the back of the first page, put this in your printer and print the even pages. Special thanks to Meg for sharing this idea in the comments below. You are welcome to take to officeworks, this won’t breach the copyright.ReplyCancel

      • Diane

        thank you Kat & Meg – clever ladies!ReplyCancel

  • Nicola McGowan

    Kat can you please advise how many pages is it to print in total? Trying to work out printing costs! Great looking planner, thanksReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Nicole, it is 163 pages. I have just had a play around with the file and it is really easy to convert to A5, ooh it’s so cute!! When printing chose print to A5 (you must have A5 paper in your printer). My printer won’t allow to print double sided on A5, so I printed all the odd pages first (press more options in your printer settings to find the odd/even option), keep the pile as is, then turn your pile upside down and you will have the back of the first page, put this in your printer and print the even pages. Special thanks to Meg for sharing this idea in the comments below.ReplyCancel

  • Monique

    I would also like to know if it will print in A5 if I change printer settings.Will it line up properly?ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Monique, I have just had a play around with the file and it is really easy to convert to A5, ooh it’s so cute!! When printing chose print to A5 (you must have A5 paper in your printer). My printer won’t allow to print double sided on A5, so I printed all the odd pages first (press more options in your printer settings to find the odd/even option), keep the pile as is, then turn your pile upside down and you will have the back of the first page, put this in your printer and print the even pages. Special thanks to Meg for sharing this idea in the comments below.ReplyCancel

  • Meg

    In my experience it should print in A5, I have done it with other products (recipes & charts) it worked just fine. I have previously bought A5 paper at Officeworks & printed a diary out. My printer also doesn’t have a double sided option so I printed the odd pages first then restacked the paper (you may need to remember to reshuffle the order to make sure you get the right page corresponding with the dates, learnt that the hard way!); then print the even pages. It takes a little time to do manually but so worth it. I got a quote to get it printed & bound but worked out it wasn’t worth it. I printed the monthly calendar out for the year then the weekly calendar one month at a time so I didn’t do it in one go. Hope that helps :)ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Meg you are a super star, I have been trying to work out all morning how to do it, but my printer wasn’t allowing me to print double sided, your comment came at the right time and I have managed to print it all in A5!! Thank you so very very much for sharing your tip, I’ll let the other ladies know, I really appreciate it, thank you!! xxReplyCancel

  • Rebecca

    Hi Kat
    Is it possible to type into the document before printing so birthdays etc are neat. Do you have public holidays and school terms noted at all?

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Rebecca, no it’s not editable sorry. I have left the calendar blank as all states are very different.ReplyCancel

  • Francene

    Hi, do you post to NZ? If so what are the charges? ThanksReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Francene, the 2015 Weekly Planner is an instant download so there is no posting involved. Once you have brought the item you are able to download straightaway.ReplyCancel

  • Kirsten

    Hey Kat,
    Where do you get your cute little tabs from. I looked for someone the other day and couldn’t find any like that. Thanks.ReplyCancel

  • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

    Hi Kirsten, I actually got them a while back but you can purchase them from Officeworks. They are from a company called Avery, here is the link for you:

    • Kirsten

      Thanks so much. So motivated to get a head start on being organised for 2015!ReplyCancel

  • Belinda

    Hi Kat,
    Just downloaded the new planner and I think it looks great! However I was a bit disappointed that the daily task has been removed. I thought that was a great feature of the 2014 planner, it gave me some really good ideas to keep on top of all those jobs that get forgotten. But anyway great job and I love the A5 idea!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Belinda, Yes i am loving the A5 idea too!ReplyCancel

  • Rayna

    Hi Katrina,
    This may seem a silly question – just wanted to know if you thought this could be printed and stuck on the fridge – more like a calendar option with extras – if I put it in a folder my family wouldn’t see what’s coming up so I thought on the fridge with the extra weekly page to add more details (our son has CP & we have ALOT of appointments which require paperwork and or equipment to be taken etc). So the appointments can be added on the monthly pages & then the details on the weekly page. I presume that would work?
    PS love your daily emails & inspirational quotes – if anyone needs them, I do!!!ReplyCancel

  I have a little obsession I should share with you. I love all my iProducts, I am certain I have just about all available and can honestly tell you it would be very hard for me to go back to a windows computer.  All my devices talk to each other and they are all […]

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  • Kati Wenk

    I love this, I need all the help I can get to use my devices to their fullest. Any more?ReplyCancel

  • Jaimee

    This is great Kat thank you, I had no idea how to get that shortcut screen, I’ve seen people use it, but never asked, great time savers. Also love that picture of you, your smile says a thousand wonderful words, beautiful facetuned or not.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Ooh thanks Jaimee for the beautiful comment!.:)ReplyCancel

  • Me Too

    I too have a love affair the apple products, I love how they all sync together just makes my life so much easier, great tips thank you.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Yes they do make our lives easier, Me Too!ReplyCancel

  • Linda Morgan

    Ooh I have been looking for a todo list that can sync to all my devices, this one looks great, you are wonderful for sharing this post, I’ve certainly learnt a thing or two.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Ooh thanks Linda.:) It is fantastic!ReplyCancel

  • Kim Monohan

    Ooh so that’s how you photoshop on the iPhone, getting this app!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Ooh Kim yes i do love Photoshop too! It’s a great app!ReplyCancel

  • The Filing Fairies

    Did you know that you can also use the volume control on your phone headset to set up longer reach selfies!ReplyCancel

  • It’s amazing (and probably scary) how much I rely on my phone. I’ve been looking for a good “ToDo” app so going to try out your recomendation today.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      That’s great Amber! I’m sure you will love the apps like i do!ReplyCancel

  • Ev

    I ?? them too.
    My friends call my The apple guru.
    I luv short cuts & every tip around.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      The Apple Guru!! I love it, Ev!.:)ReplyCancel

  • So funny that you should write this blog post Kat. I have just hit publish on my blog about my trip to Brisbane last week…I purchased the MacBook Air and wanted hints and tips. Decided to streamline my apples….I do love my apples. I too love that they talk to each other, so user friendly and may help me to get a little better at this blogging business. Thanks for the post Kat!ReplyCancel

  • Thanks for the tips. I really like the one about turning the phone to landscape for a different view of my calendar, will definitely be doing this from now on. xTReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      it’s little things like that that should be shared in a manual to make life so much easier, I like that little feature too!ReplyCancel

  • Wow thanks, i didn’t know i could use the volume buttons to take photos. I’ve also just purchased both the apps. FMS will be my teacher soon hehe (Clever Cookie)ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      LOL she is a clever cookie, I’m looking forward to chatting to you about social media in a few weeks then!! Ooh yes makes taking selfies so much easier, wish it helped me with my funny one eye closed thingy when I take selfies though :)ReplyCancel

  • Wow I never knew about the photo one that you can pick a favourite and I’m TOTALLY getting the Facetune app, you still look the same but with just less beauty lines (nicer than wrinkles right) You look great in dark blue BTW. I also had no idea about the calender OR the keyboard. Thanks for sharing Kat. xReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Ooh yay Emily I’m glad I could help you, I like the facetune app for smoothing the skin, also makes my freckles disappear, gotta love that!ReplyCancel

  • Why has nobody ever told me you can use the volume keys to take pic’s, I am only on my third iPhone, you really think I would have known that. Many thanks! xx NReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      LOL Nikki, it’s amazing the different features we find.ReplyCancel

  • Travel Bug Within

    I loved this post – BUT I am a samsung user – so need to search for just as informative post for non-apple fiends like me!ReplyCancel

  • Leanne

    I love your demonstration of how you hold the phone with your right hand to take a picture and the calendar landscape mode tip! These will help me immensely! I don’t know if this is a real tip or not, but I love being able to save any image from a website onto my camera roll just by holding my finger on it and clicking Save Image. I used to screen shot so many things, but now I just do this if it’s an image. Thanks Kat!ReplyCancel

    • Leanne

      I meant to also mention a couple of my favourite apps.
      * For photo editing: PicTapGo (free),
      * For listening to music you didn’t know you wanted to listen to (hahaha) according to your mood or what you’re doing: Songza (free, uses data),
      * To save and share the kiddoes’ artwork: Artkive (paid); and
      * For the smarty-pants kids in the family: Codeacademy!ReplyCancel

      • Katrina

        Awesome, thanks for the tips Leanne. They are great.ReplyCancel

  • Linda Richardson

    This was fantastic! I have always had an iphone but you showed me things I didn’t know! The holding of the phone blew me away, I just took a mountain of photos as I sat here holding my phone comfortably and I am embarrassed to say I didn’t know about volume controls for selfies OMG!!! ReplyCancel

  • Money Making Mummy

    my partner asked me to buy one of the fancy faster iPhone charges and I refused but I’m glad now that I know all he needs to do is turn on airplane mode. thanks :)ReplyCancel

  • Leesa Watt

    great post KatReplyCancel

  • Tracey Barron

    There is a book that I borrowed from the local library, called “iPhone Made Easy” by Chris Smith and Kieran Alger – full of really useful stuff, including backing up your iPhone.ReplyCancel

  • Julianne Dimasi

    I’m really loving an app called TIcketyBoo Milestones. I can finally log all my babies cute moments, as they happen on my phone. I always forget to write that stuff down and now I don’t have to anymore. It’s so handy!ReplyCancel

  • Amy

    Great tips!
    I am envious. I have all these devices too but can’t make the calendars sync. Any tips?
    Thanks so much.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Amy try connecting with iCloud to get your calendars to sync!ReplyCancel

This is a guest post by Louise Glendon from Click.Love.Grow Kids are hard enough to pin down and photograph at all, let alone together, cooperative, happy, and looking in the vague direction of our lens! And that’s without considering composition, light, exposure and everything else that makes a photograph a good photograph! Even if you bribe them […]

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This is a guest post by Helen Butler from Clutter Rescue How’s your paperwork process at the moment?  Is it a streamlined machine, with inboxes, outboxes, in-between boxes and more colour coding than a spring garden?  Or it is a pile of this, a pile of that, another pile of whatever, with to-do’s strewn all […]

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  • Beautiful coincidence that this was posted today – my task for the day is to tidy my desk!ReplyCancel

  • Lordy… my desk!

    At home, I work off the dining table which, as it needs to be cleared for meals, never gets that bad. My desk at work however… dirty cutlery, some crockery, a report that I dropped (only 135 pages to restore to order). It will probably only take me 15 minutes to sort out.ReplyCancel

  • Definitely need this advice today. My desk is a culmination of my art shop, PhD study and mailing supplies. Everything is here at the moment. Going to give this a try today and see how I go! :)ReplyCancel

  • JessB

    Eep, how did you know I have piles of paperwork all over the house?! I actually want to sell my desk, which I don’t use that often any more (because it’s covered with stuff), so I simply have to get rid of all of the things.

    I’m already imaging what I can do with that space, so that is spurring me on.ReplyCancel

  • […] because of what I do, but also because it was around the same time as our paperwork challenge and ‘Four Steps To A Clear Desk’ article on The Organised Housewife’s blog. […]ReplyCancel

  • Marie T Chandler

    This is great motivation. I do like to tidy my desk – to clear my brain and my desk. I like scanning any of those papers that I want to keep but am not sure why, then they are digital and can be filed away till I need them. I also found old gift boxes and tupperware are brilliant for storing the extra pens and stationery in my desk drawer – it can make it bright as well as organised! My husband has even caught the declutter bug since I have been dropping hints from your site Helen – thank you! :-)ReplyCancel

  • […] to thank the beautiful Helen from Clutter Rescue for the introduction to Peter Walsh! Love this photo of […]ReplyCancel

Click Love Grow’s Photography Course for Women is here! read more details here  This is a guest post from Louise from Click Love Grow What do you do with your images after you take them? Do you have difficulty finding them once they’re uploaded to your computer? Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to […]

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  • Rebecca Lockwood

    Hi, are you able to help with info on keeping photos in an organised matter on Apple Mac’s iPhoto program? On our old computer we used to have our photos saved by date in folders, but when we transferred them over to Mac it jumbled them up everywhere and now I can’t save/store/organise them in the same way.ReplyCancel

    • Angela Woodall

      I have been using iPhoto for a few years for our photo storage and love it. I probably (no, I know) I don’t use it to it’s full potential, but it is easy to navigate around. You should have several options – on your left menu bar you will have library options where you can browse through events which you can create yourself or iPhoto automatically creates on each import (creates one for each day/import). You can also look through all the photos here. Next you have Recents where you can search by dates and go back to last import, 12 months or your entire library. What I like is the next option – Albums. You can create as many albums as you like and call them whatever works for you. Simply click on File at the top and it gives you many options. Albums are in here. Then you just select and drag/copy into your folders and you can select as many photos as you want at once. It will copy them and keep the original in your library though, so be careful if you choose to delete from an album as it may delete the original as well. If your Mac has jumbled them up then just start with creating your own albums or events first and drag them into it. Do bits at a time. Good luck.ReplyCancel

      • I really need to use your tips here Angela and organise my photos a lot better in iPhoto too, thanks for sharing.ReplyCancel

      • Rebecca Lockwood

        Thanks Angela & Claire, yep, all my photos are jumbled, so I’ll try tagging faces and also sorting them into albums. I think I just need to get my head around how iPhoto stores it differently. Thanks again.ReplyCancel

    • Claire B

      I also tag everyone’s faces in there so then if I’m looking to do a photo book or something special for someone I can quickly and easily look under FACES and it shows all the photos of them. It was great when my Dad passed away and my mother-in-law as I was putting photobooks of each of them with my girls together and I was able to just go into those folders.ReplyCancel

  • Bec

    Is there any way of sharing where those beautiful photo albums came from (top of the page; green purple and black and white)?ReplyCancel

    • Louise Glendon

      Hi Bec, they’re gorgeous aren’t they! I bought them from Michael’s when we were living in the US. Its similar to Spotlight in Aus.

  • Tracey Myszka

    Hi, do you have any idea’s on what would be a good second hand camera to start with. I would love to take the Love Glows photography course or one similar.ReplyCancel

  • Julie C

    Is there a way to back up photos and how to do it???
    I’d hate for my stuff to get stolen ( computer) or fritz out and lose all my pics.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Julie you could save all your photo’s to an external hardrive or a cloud system like dropboxReplyCancel

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I LOVE to cook and bake for my family, there isn’t a week that goes by that I haven’t baked something delicious for afternoon tea or for their school lunchboxes.  I LOVE cookbooks, I honestly don’t need anymore than what I have, but a new one is always a welcome gift! However, I am trying […]

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  • Angela Woodall

    I also have a binder for all my recipes I come across or have been handed down to me. It’s bursting at the seams so this is a great idea to split between two as I’ve been wondering how to go about resorting them. I do find, however, that the 4 ring binders work better as the sleeves just don’t seem to stand nicely in a 2 ring binder. I also did one for mum several years ago as a gift, retyping all her old recipes and adding in some of mine she liked. I made up some cool dividers and designed a front cover to slip in the plastic. She also has her old handwritten book back to keep for prosperity as there are a lot of old recipes handed down to her in it too.ReplyCancel

  • Leesa Watt

    now when are you publishing that cook bookReplyCancel

  • Jo

    Hi Kat – Love this idea and particularly how pretty it is! I have a hodge-podge of handwritten, magazine and printed recipes but would love to get them all organised and reprinted… which sparks a random question – your stuff is always colourful and you obviously make and print your own labels and a million other things – do you have a recommendation for a good printer for home? We don’t have one at present and when we did I was horrified at how much ink cost and how often I had to order new ink (which I could only do online and then wait ages for it to arrive). Any suggestions on economical ways to set up a home printer situation? Do you find your kids print homework related stuff on it as well or do they do that at school? Just interested to know what works for you.
    Thanks, and thanks for the site. With a 21 month old boy and another (over)due any day this site helps me keep pottering away at a calm and ordered home life.

  • Chloe

    Hi Kat I purchased this download a week ago and finally got the binders. I can’t wait to start filling it up. Do you have a special way of getting the spine in? I managed to slip it in, in one folder but can’t seem to get it in the other. It’s driving me insane! Haha.ReplyCancel

  • Wendy

    Hi Kat, love this idea & think it’s great. I’m in need of a good recipe clean out, and not to mention all the ones I’m still yet to try.
    Just wondering if you’ll be redesigning this in the new bright colours your changing to now?
    As I would love to see it bright & colourful, think it helps the cooking mood ????ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Wendy, Sorry at this stage i am keeping the colours and designs.ReplyCancel

  • Deena

    Hi Kat, I love the recipe designs – I’ve downloaded it and it is so handy!
    I was just wondering, what font have you used on the folder? I’m trying to add extra dividers and want everything to look consistent.


  • I absolutely love this! I was searching high and low for something as pretty at the shops to store all my favourite recipes.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Oh fantastic Michelle! I am so glad this has been posted at the perfect time for you.:)ReplyCancel