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Shoe storage inspiration This is our shoes storage racks.  I purchased the racks from Howards Storage World many years ago.  Have seen similar in the discount shops too.  I use the Ikea baskets to hold thongs and other slip on shoes.  Each family member has their own shelf.  Boots sit on top so they don’t get […]

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  • Liana

    love the shoe hanger idea!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Liana

    on the little coat hangers i mean!!ReplyCancel

  • janerao

    Love the ideas for organising your family’s shoes. I know I need to do something about organising my kids’ shoes especially. ReplyCancel

    • They end up with so many, keeping them organised makes them easy to find.ReplyCancel

  • Adalita Marks

    I love those – I have the majority of mine stored in clear pink lily boot and shoeboxes. I went to howards storage this morning and was in envy of what they had. I went looking for a cultery tray and still have to make up my mind which way to go down. ReplyCancel

    • I could spend hours in Howards Storage World, so many great products and ideas of what to do with them all. ReplyCancel

  • Becn55

    Do you worry about spiders etc? I find we manage to get lots of spiders in our garage and am afraid of storing things in there for that reason. ReplyCancel

    • No we don’t get many spiders, however we do keep ontop of our pest control and respray same time every year, October.ReplyCancel

  • Taryn Wilson

    Hi. Was wondering if there are any ideas regarding my shoe storage issues? I have many shoes… Many, many, many. I store them under the bed, but I always lose the pairs, it takes half an hour scrabbling on the floor to find anything, it drives me crazy? Bed is a king size ensemble, about 15 cm off the floor. My boots end up being squashed. I love your ideas, but I have no walk in garage, shed is across the carport. No room in the wadrobe, no walk-in in the main. We live in Darwin, so thongs go on the front porch, but it just isn’t working. Any suggestions would be a great help? Thanx. Cheers, Taryn.ReplyCancel

    • Take all your shoes out, photograph each pair and print the photo. Have under bed containers. Sort your shoes by colour, occastion or shoe type into the containers and place the photo’s of the shoes in each container on the lid. This will save you having to search through each container. Hope this helpsReplyCancel

  • Sarah Rodrigues

    Hi, I have like 30-40 pairs of shoes and currently I am living with my husbands parents and I don’t have any space on walls or doors or floor. The only space I really have available to me is under my king size bed. Do you know of there I can find some durable long lasting plastic boxes or durable shoe organisers? I have check SO many websites and I hate those flimsy shoe organisers for 12 pairs, they don’t work. Right now they are piled up on my study floor :(ReplyCancel

    • I saw some recently at Howards Storage World, but I am certain that Big w sells some under bed plastic storage tubs. Maybe…. can I suggest you declutter a few???ReplyCancel

    • Jinxmo5

      you can get under bed storage boxes from big w, same warehouse or go lo

  • Tam Wells

    Oh I dream of having a garage like yours to store shoes/school bags etc. Sadly living on a farm means spiders, earwigs and other creepy crawlies, which love hiding in shoes left outside oh and not to mention the dust! After we move and settle in I’ll be looking to find an inside alternative to keep everybody’s bits and bobs organised for school and work. ReplyCancel

    • Tam I have a post coming up on organising school bags inside, we revamped our current area, it maybe the inspiration you need!ReplyCancel

  • Toniyoung

    I have a fantastic shoe cabinet which is like a narrow sideboard – it has two fold open drawers which hold’s about 15 pairs of our shoes (hubbies and mine) I bought it at Ikea. Hemnes I think is the name of it.  It also have a little drawer at the top which I keep all my hair accessories in – but could also be a jewelery draw.I just love it – so clean and neat and a nice piece of furniture too.ReplyCancel

  • Jacqui.

    I love these pics! Thanks for the post!! So many projects to start at home now! http://www.jacqfruit.wordpress.comReplyCancel

  • Ali

    Hey there,

    I’ve searched for this on Howards storage site but can’t find a similar one.
    What is it called?ReplyCancel

    • Ali, I purchased it years ago, they may not stock it anymore, however they also don’t have everything on their website, you may find it in your local store though.ReplyCancel

      • Ali

        Great – I shall go check it out. 😀ReplyCancel

  • Lauren

    What is to the left of your shoes shelves – love the bag hanging hooks – love to see the whole area from furher back :)ReplyCancel

    • It’s the rubbermaid shelving system. I’ll see if I can find a link, possibly if you search garage organisation you will see a better shot.ReplyCancel

  • Karen

    I love this idea! ThanksReplyCancel

  • Darlene Brown

    I like to keep my shoes stored in a clear container with a good fitting lid, then labeled on the outside of what shoes they are. I’ve always had a little fear of a spider hiding in the toe of my shoe in a dark closet.ReplyCancel

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