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An under the bed Christmas gift wrapping station to help keep all the bits and piece for wrapping presents organised and together in one place.

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I was so honoured when asked by Stockland if I would contribute some of my Christmas Organising Ideas to their website …. would love to, you know me I LOVE Christmas! is filled with some Christmas inspiration, recipes gift ideas and handy tips so that you can enjoy all your special Christmas moments.  Pop into your […]

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  • Greta

    Kat, I just love how simple your tips are, I always hurt my back wrapping presents on the floor, never ever considered using the ironing board, sheer brilliance.ReplyCancel

  • Julie

    Brill tips, especially the one on wrapping pressies on an ironing board.:)

    I never iron, so it would be put to good use at Christmas time.:)ReplyCancel

Last year I created this look shelf nook for all my gift wrapping, but we have changed the room around and no longer have this space.  I have created a portable wrapping basket, which is working really well.  At Christmas time I like to sit in front of the TV and wrap my pressies, so now […]

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  • OMG this is so organized & everything look so perfect. I wish I was as organized as you. Thanks to your blog I am trying to.

    Thanks for sharing this, which also reminds me that I need to go gift shopping!ReplyCancel

22 days till Christmas Day Daily Cleaning Tasks to prepare for the silly season Christmas organisation, recipes, crafts & more Use ‘The Organised Housewife Christmas Planner’ to help organise tasks throughout the series.  This 45 page planner will keep all your checklists, planners, budget, travel information and more together in one folder.  It is a […]

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  • Christmas 2013 – pt 5 | Nightwolf's Den

    […] Day 22Christmas task: Christmas cards mailed.Household task: Cleaned our dishwasher. All sparkly clean again. […]ReplyCancel

Are you holding onto Christmas Decorations that you haven’t placed on display for years?  It’s time to declutter your decoration collection. When you are decorating your house this Christmas have a look at the items you have left and don’t want to display.  Why are you not displaying them? Is it broken? Do you have the time […]

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  • A-M Russell

    Voted. A-M xxReplyCancel

  • now that is a tough thing to do considering some of those are ones I placed on the tree some 40+ years agoReplyCancel

  • Have been voting regularly. I have decluttered a lot of Christmas things since last year. I have given away a whole tree as I used to painstakingly put up 2 full sized trees. Not any more. I also gave my mum about 6 little ceramic ornaments that she ‘loves’ and a couple of perfectly good soft toys – a little reindeer and christmas teddy. I literally streamlined my stuff. Also last year I gave up the kids paddlepop stick and macaroni ornaments from childhood that I held on to as they were getting tatty and the kids aren’t little any more. I feel liberated and lighter. My tree has all my favourites on it and same with the other decorations. I recommend the in with the new and out with the old philosophy and downsizing is less stressful to pack away and store at the end.

    • As long as it’s big enough to fit what you want on it :) Packing is the worst of the jobs for sure.

  • can i keep my glass ones!! just until the toddlers are a little bigger and i have a less chance of breakages :) please!! oh and Jo if you want to sell those vintage decoration i take a look :)ReplyCancel

  • TheModernParent

    I am so guilty of this!! Every year I think I put out less decorations than are actually left in the box. I will definitely throw them out this year. I do have to keep some of the sentimental and homemade ones which I have to admit are looking rather tatty and not very festive! Thanks for reminding me to be ruthless!ReplyCancel

  • I am so guilty of this….but it’s all going to change! :)ReplyCancel

  • donate them too the schools hospitals or homeless shelters ect ect spread the spiritReplyCancel

  • We keep our Christmas decorations collection very small – otherwise we’d spend a fortune buying new ones and have to find cupboard space to store them (which is a tough job)!ReplyCancel

  • I’ve just bought the most georgeous Christmas Decorations boxes from Phoenix Trading. I’m a box girl, and love things in their place so I’m v happy :-)ReplyCancel

A few of readers spied my Christmas box on my hutch in the photo of our big tinsel candy cane asking what is in it. I purchased the tin box from Target a few months ago.  I have put this box in a central location of the house for when I have a spare minute […]

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  • Sevencherubs

    I have the same box that I picked up from target. Love the idea of putting all of the Christmas cards etc in them. N xReplyCancel

  • Kylie Whittaker

    The Target tins are now on special for $8.88!!! I bought one the other day but tempted to go back for another!!!ReplyCancel

    • Regina

      Oh Kylie I was going to try and stay away from the shops today but I think you just changed my mind doh!ReplyCancel

    • I love it, I wonder what I could do with another, that is a great price!ReplyCancel

  • The box is now on special at Target stores for $8.88!!!ReplyCancel

  • Thankyou Kylie, that is such a great price!!ReplyCancel

  • Ange

    I REALLY want to know what you are doing with the marshmallow sticks! ReplyCancel

  • Kate @ Puddles and Gumboots

    ooh I so want that tin! I will have to see if they have them at my nearest target!ReplyCancel

    • Kate, they had them at Target Westfield Helensvale last time I was there. Not on sale, but they are now!! ReplyCancel

  • Purchased two of them today for $6.21…bargain!ReplyCancel

  • Wow this is a fantastic idea and love the box!ReplyCancel

  • Lise

    I’ve got one of those tins too, I use it for my “Errand Station” on my desk next to the kitchen. It is sooo cute, looks much nicer than the wicker basket I used previously. Hmmm, now to think of a reason to buy another one on sale…ReplyCancel

  • Malinda Blair

    I went and bought 2 of those tins today… and the matching 3 pots on a tray… and 2 matching square trays! Not sure what I’ll do with them all but too cute and such a good price to pass up!ReplyCancel

    • ooh Malinda, I didn’t know about the square tray’s I might have to go have a look. Would love to see what you are using them all for :)ReplyCancel

  • […] I like this idea of a Christmas to-do box. […]ReplyCancel

  • Marissa

    Always love your ideas. I have actually followed this one immediately! I too found the tin box for a bargain $6.21 yesterday! It is stocked and ready. I have also included self sealing cello bags to package baked/homemade gifts. Thanks for the tip!ReplyCancel

    • Great idea Marissa, you are one step ahead of me. We packaged some up today too!ReplyCancel

  • JSmith

    what did you do with the marshmallow sticks?ReplyCancel