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Keeping the kids toys tidy and organised starts with good storage solutions and the key is to make it really easy for the kids to place everything back where it belongs when they have finished with it. I’ve found some clever toy storage idea’s for train tracks, hope they inspire you!

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Styling outdoor furniture for spring entertaining with cleaning maintenance tips so you can relax and enjoy your space

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  • Relaxing & playing cricketReplyCancel

  • Emma Trease

    Being out in the garden with my two girls helping/playing then we all enjoy eating dinner outside admiring our surroundingsReplyCancel

  • Kylie Raven

    our favourite activity is sharing food with family or friends while we laugh and spend time together. Watching the kids play and giggle as they go on the slip and slide brings joy to our household .ReplyCancel

  • Melina

    Watching the kids play ( and joining in )and using their imagination and turning whatever they find laying around the backyard into cubby houses or whatever else takes their fancy that day. It’s the simple things, I guess.ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca Fuller

    I love sitting around with friends and family having a BBQ while the kids are playing footy and cricket or jumping on the trampoline!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole True

    We enjoying sitting around with friends and their kids playing cricket or kicking the footy while the charcoal chicken is cooking and finishing off with cooking marshmallows over the fire pit.ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Fletcher

    My favourite backyard activity is lying on a blanket with a magazine or book, listening to the birds, enjoying the sunshine and just relaxing.ReplyCancel

  • Sam

    I love reallazing outside with a good book! Or having my niece and nephews over some fun outside, a real favourite of theirs is bubble blowing, and there’s nothing like relaxing with family and friends sharing a mealReplyCancel

  • Kristy

    currently our favourite thing to do in the backyard is we are building a vegetable garden with herbs and vegetables that we will use to put on pizza and cook in our pizza oven!ReplyCancel

  • Cathy

    My favourite backyard activity would be to spend quality time with family and friends. It’s about enjoying the little things in life whether it be cooking on the BBQ to share some food with the people you love or watching the kids play by using their imagination to discover more of the outside world.ReplyCancel

  • Tracy

    Bbq and bonfire with the family.ReplyCancel

  • Definately enjoying a wine while i watch the husband mow our 1 1/4 acre block !!!ReplyCancel

  • Sandy

    Spending time with my 6 children in and around the swimming pool, relaxing and having fun.ReplyCancel

  • bbq with music with family & friends & off course our petsReplyCancel

  • Justine S

    Backyard basketball and tipsy cricket with my 2 boys and dog as fielderReplyCancel

  • My favorite backyard activity is a dinner party out on the back deck. We have the table brimming with home cooked food, fairy lights and music on, while the kids and adults all entertain each other and cook marshmallows over the fire. Add a few drinks and some chilled out banter and it is my ultimate backyard activity!!!ReplyCancel

  • Sitting on the verandah knitting, watching the kidlets in the sandpit and trampoline.ReplyCancel

  • Samantha

    My fav activity is having a party!!!! Be is a party of 1, one for the kids or an adults only kind of party ?ReplyCancel

  • Suzy

    Entertaining friends and playing old fashioned games with the kids like duck duck goose and chasey and playing with them on the play equipment xReplyCancel

  • Mary Preston

    I love to read beneath the trees in the backyard. At least 10 degrees cooler in summer. Free air conditioning & fresh air.ReplyCancel

  • Jessica

    Sitting outside on a nice summer day reading a book or entertaining family and friends. Nothing better than a Summer BBQ with the ones you love!ReplyCancel

  • Virginia

    Enjoying playing with my kids, planting herbs lettuce and tomatos and cucumbers and watching their excitement as they grow and teaching them how to care for them and then eating them!ReplyCancel

  • Jacelle

    We love playing with our little dog Zena in our back yard. She is such a happy girl and brings our family so much joy. She brings us together more than we ever thought a dog could. We love her so much!ReplyCancel

  • Emily

    Quality family time relaxing watching our little one playing with the dogs and playing in the pool all together. Summer time is the bestReplyCancel

  • Caitlin

    Playing with bubbles outside with my son. Seeing his excitement as he tries to catch and pop them makes my heart smile.ReplyCancel

  • Tamika

    Either early morning before it gets too hot, watering the garden and collecting Vegies and eggs or early evening enjoying BBQ, music, friends, family and kids over for dinner.ReplyCancel

  • Marnie

    Sitting out under a tree reading an awesome book!ReplyCancel

  • We love to get out in the garden. Living in Melbourne you like to make the most of the warmer months. At the moment we are working on our veggie garden and look forward to getting some fresh vegetables and herbs. Very rewarding.ReplyCancel

  • Kerry

    Gardening with my 5 year son whilst smelling the BBQ cooking in the background.ReplyCancel

  • Trish

    a book, a glass and sunny spot…. if only I had a comfy spot to sit!ReplyCancel

  • Bobbie-Lee

    My favourite outdoor activity is two things. I love running around playing with my kids playing monsters (their favourite game) and drawing on the patio cement with chalk with my 5 and almost 2 year old. They love that they have a hug space to draw whatever they want instead of being limited on a chalkboard.ReplyCancel

  • Bernie

    My favourite outdoor activity is roasting marshmallows around our fire pit with the family!ReplyCancel

  • Jacqueline Plazina

    It’s a bit of an old school activity but I love playing totem tennis in the backyard with my daughter!!! Reminds me of when I was a child :) haha xReplyCancel

  • Cassandra

    I love chilling out watching my husband mow the lawn!ReplyCancel

  • Heather

    I enjoy tending to my vege patch with my daughter and teaching her about healthy foods and cooking with our homegrown goods. :)ReplyCancel

  • Katrina

    sitting outside around our fire pit having a cheeky red wine & toasting marshmallows with our childrenReplyCancel

  • Kellie

    Sitting on the steps with a coffee watching my son do tricks on his skateboard and my daughter learning to rollerblade. Precious and treasured momentsReplyCancel

  • Reading in the sun with a glass or rose or a hot coffeeReplyCancel

  • Alison Wade

    Playing with the dog and gardening. Getting the backyard ready for our baby on the way and entertaining.ReplyCancel

  • Jane Chirnside

    I love having BBQsReplyCancel

  • Liz Hegarty

    A good old Aussie BBQ with friendsReplyCancel

  • Zoe

    Sitting back with good food, family and friends and some good music while the kids wear themselves out in the backyard – living the good life!ReplyCancel

  • Charmaine Lavender

    Kicking the football around with the hubby and son while the dogs try and chase it.ReplyCancel

  • Julia K

    I love decorating the outdoor table with a crisp white tablecloth, napkins, fresh flowers and lighting candles in my candelabra over the table. Then I make a beautiful meal to share with my husband and family. This time is so precious as DH works away so it is like a celebration when he comes home to have some R&R.ReplyCancel

  • Rubi merc

    We love to Draw with chalk on floor, play with water hose, jump on trampoline and explore plants and insectsReplyCancel

  • Rachel Dutko

    My boys absolutely love digging in the dirt with their spades and Tonka truck, and making mud pies. I love getting down and being involved with their play, and enjoying the moment. I love seeing them playing in nature, its just dirt, it’ll wash off!!ReplyCancel

  • Janine

    We recently built a house so at the moment our backyard consists of only dirt! Therefore I’d have to say our favourite activity is playing in the mud! :0ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Ross

    As a family of 4 we love the outdoors. We often have a BBQ on the weekends, play in the pool and play table tennis. It’s a great feeling just spending relaxing family time together outdoors.ReplyCancel

  • Jacqui

    Gardening and playing with the kids and dog.ReplyCancel

  • Danielle Nicholson

    We got married in 2009 and have spent the last 6 years creating an inviting and safe space for entertaining family, friends and their little ones. We’re are so close to finishing. Being with family and friends outdoors, especially in the warm weather is the most satifying and fulfilling activity because it never seems to matter what we’re doing, we’re enjoying one another’s company, so entertaining is our fav backyard activityReplyCancel

  • Ashton Hall

    I absolutely love anything outdoors and when entertaining recently we sprayed twister on the lawn! We had an absolute ball playing that outside in the fresh air- so much fun for all ages!ReplyCancel

  • Our favourite family time in the backyard is sitting on top of the cubby house looking up at the clouds and stars. Wine + nibbles + happy kids = a family little family!ReplyCancel

  • Naomi Wearne

    My current favorite backyard activity is watching my 9 month old son chase the cat while I try to turn our sandpit of a backyard into an inviting entertaining area! Looking forward to summer barbecues with friends and family in a few months time.ReplyCancel

  • Jude

    Booknics- Like a picnic on a rug but with books instead of food. Just bought a bigger rug so all 4 of us can booknic together.ReplyCancel

  • Gail Johnson

    My favourite family backyard activity is when my Grand-daughter comes to visit. We lounge up on the deck whilst it is transformed into her “stage.” Having drinks & nibblies with the family as the future Star of “Australia’s Got Talent”, entertains us. Very Precious! <3ReplyCancel

  • Melanie

    I want to sit in those comfy SuperAmart chairs
    Watching my kids play with our beagles without caresReplyCancel

  • Ann-Maree

    Sitting in the back yard watching the kids play in the pool and enjoying quality time with family and friendsReplyCancel

  • Christina

    I have the biggest smile as I turn the sprinklers on and sit and watch my husband race around in and under the cold sprinklers with our daughter.ReplyCancel

  • Elise

    Having meals on the deck in daylight savings, sometimes there’s even time to watch hubby mow the lawn while I finish my wine 😉ReplyCancel

  • Jodie

    Swimming with my entire family. Bomb dives are a particular family favourite.ReplyCancel

  • Marg

    My children bowling me out cause of the look of sheer joy on their faces, they beat MumReplyCancel

  • wanita

    watching the children play and the chickens happily scratching around with themReplyCancel

  • Bianca Brennan

    My favourite backyard activity is to grab a picnic rug and lay on the grass with my girls picking out animals in the clouds.ReplyCancel

  • Angela M

    Blowing bubbles for my daughter and my dog! :-)ReplyCancel

  • Ashlee

    We have a tiny backyard as we live in a townhouse, but we make use of it as well as we can. On summer evenings we have often been known to drag our dining room table outside (squeezing it through the doorway!) and eat dinner in our grassy courtyard, then enjoy card or board games by candlelight – although the angle of the lawn makes that tricky!!ReplyCancel

  • Sue Stubbs

    Soaking up the sunshine as we work the vege garden and tend the flowers followed by a swim and play in the pool and a bonfire bbq at night.ReplyCancel

  • Jodie

    Spending time with friends enjoying a great BBQ cooked by Hubby and a few drinks and music with the kids laughing and making noiseReplyCancel

  • Sandra Page

    Our family loves to roast marshmallows on our outdoor fire. We compete to see who gets the most golden brown and ooziest marshmallow.ReplyCancel

  • I love playing a mean game of handball with my son and then flopping down into our chairs and relaxing while hubby cooks a barbie.ReplyCancel

  • Jillian B

    Warm lazy days, watching the gardens growing and flowering, swimming with my family and loving life!ReplyCancel

  • karen

    Shared family lunches around the big rustic handmade table in the courtyard…enjoying the food, wine and sunshine under the grapevine…ReplyCancel

  • Kylie ellerington

    On the weekends when the sun goes down me and my boys get our torches and go bug hunting they love to see all the different bugs at night it’s great funReplyCancel

  • Aimee

    Playing outside with our son who just turned 2. Chasey, running under the sprinkler, water play, playing with the dogs, ball games, racing in his cars, even mowing the lawn with his Dad; anything active out in the fresh air!ReplyCancel

  • Donna W

    I just love watching my boys play together, especially on the trampoline. I sometimes join them too!ReplyCancel

  • Emma Bickley

    Actually being IN my backyard after enduring most of 2015 not being able to get anywhere near it while we renovate our house. I miss my veggie patch, the girls miss their cubby house and – believe it or not – dad misses mowing the lawn! Aussie summer in the backyard, here we come!ReplyCancel

  • Kate Jackson

    Sitting back cuddling our 3 month old boy and taking sometime out in the fresh air watching my 3 year old son playing in his cubbyReplyCancel

  • Nicola Hampton

    I love sitting and watching a small bonfire while having a drink and some dinner.ReplyCancel

  • flick

    This sounds weird but i love to watch my 3 year old play and fold washing at the same time straight off the line[it stops the clothes creasing as much],you dont really notice how long it takes to fold then its ready to pack away,i also have a basket for each person,no sorting when you get inside.ReplyCancel

  • Jen

    Watching my 2 year old daughter and dog chasing bubbles from our bubble machine!ReplyCancel

  • Louise S

    We love playing with our children! 2 young boys with a ton of energy!
    We also love eating dinner outside on warm nights.ReplyCancel

  • Sandi

    Sitting in the sun with a good book on a warm spring day.ReplyCancel

  • Ian

    After a feed of BBQ prawns, fish and fresh muddies, just chilling with the neighbours , cranking up Pink Floyd “The Wall” layin back and watching the stars. Truly doesn’t get any better than that!ReplyCancel

  • Sandra Mansell

    I love to lie in my hammock with a good book. In the summer I lie in it of an evening and chat with hubby while he cooks dinner on the BBQ.ReplyCancel

  • Dawn Malone

    Enjoying family and friends over for a catchReplyCancel

  • Julie D

    I don’t think you can beat a backyard bbq. The pace of cooking outdoors is so different to just putting something together in the kitchen. At a bbq People are more relaxed, there’s time to chat and reconnect. Roll on Summer and let’s fire up the bbqReplyCancel


    sitting in the sun with a good book, some good music and a cuppa or better still a glass of bubblyReplyCancel

  • Mary

    I love playing under the sprinkler with my kids (and dog lol). Then drying off on the deck, watching the summer sun set while feasting on a delicious bbq. With a glass off wine or bubbly it’s totally relaxing!ReplyCancel

  • Mandy hogan

    Gardening with the kids: planting veggies/ fruit trees – picking produce from the garden; sitting on the decking doing an activity with the kids- watching them play on their bikes or in the sand pit.ReplyCancel

  • Julia Parker

    Family Birthday Parties. Too many for inside, so we set up under the patio…anything that combines friends, family and cake has to be a winner!!ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie Greer

    My family loves to sit and watch the local wallabies feeding and in Spring, eat early dinners by the barbecue.ReplyCancel

  • Maria

    Love going on picnics at a local lake. It’s a lazy day of eating, swimming and napping.And the kids can make as much mess as they like.ReplyCancel

  • Fabian

    Playing Bocce (Italian lawn Bowls)
    Everyone can play no matter age, size of group or skill level. Always Fun.ReplyCancel

  • Amy Clarke

    Soaking up the sunshine! :)ReplyCancel

  • Micheala

    Spending time with family and friends, having BBQ,s and enjoying each other’s company, kicking the football and watching the kids splash in the pool in summer!ReplyCancel

  • Sandy F

    Having water fights with my husband and two boys then relaxing with a bbq for dinner.ReplyCancel

  • Karen

    Pitching a tent and backyard camping is the best. Star gazing and telling funny stories is great family time.ReplyCancel

  • Di

    Playing under the sprinkler with the kids during Summer.ReplyCancel


    Bocce, we have so much fun and an overload of laughter playing bocce in the backyard.ReplyCancel

  • Ern

    Barbecue with family & friends, followed by backyard cricket.ReplyCancel


    Re-cultivating our demolished backyard gardens, after husband decided that having 6 free-range chickens would be a good idea.ReplyCancel

  • Glenda B

    Nothing better than relaxing with friends and a chilled glass of wine on a warm summers night while hubby does the barbecue.ReplyCancel

  • Kathryn

    Playing outside with the dogs while my partner takes care of the garden! Love enjoying the Perth sun and seeing my family so happy.ReplyCancel

  • karina l

    Painting with the little one. We can make as much mess as possible, and to clean, all I need to do is hose her down!ReplyCancel

  • Sonya N.

    Ours is fruit picking – we’ve just moved and our new place has mandarin, grapefruit and plum trees and the kids love picking their own fruit for their school lunches.ReplyCancel

  • Andrew

    Our backyard is full of opportunity
    With so much fun to be had
    And every chance we get to enjoy it
    Always makes the family glad.

    Little Miss Five really comes alive
    As she uses the trampoline
    Acts so funny bouncing up and down
    Like a cute little jumping bean.

    Master Twelve really likes to delve
    Down into his vegie patch
    Weeding, pruning and watering
    So he’ll get another bumper batch.

    Miss Seventeen is no drama queen
    Goes out back to get a tan
    Enjoys the sun whilst getting study done
    As often as she can.

    My wife loves doing crosswords
    Sitting out on the deck
    Head down, pencil a constant blur
    She prefers old-school to high-tech.

    And there I stand at the BBQ
    Turning sausages with extreme zeal
    Ensuring everything’s perfect before
    Sitting down to a great family meal.

    Our backyard is full of memories
    Of all the good times that we’ve had
    And every chance we get to enjoy it
    Always makes the family glad.ReplyCancel

  • megan

    I really enjoy being in the sandpit with my little boys who are 3 and 2 years. There is something therapeutic about digging holes and making castles and of course race tracks
    ha haReplyCancel

  • Lisa G

    Laughter, always with, never at.
    A smokey BBQ and mozzie splat.
    Tipperty run or water balloon fun
    Being together is my number one.ReplyCancel

  • Andrew Mitchell

    Oh firing up the BBQ with some juicy steaks and consuming a beer or two while cooking.ReplyCancel

  • Paula Crilley

    Backyard antics while entertaining friends and family by the pool!ReplyCancel

  • Tammy Clarke

    We love spending quality time together in the back yard playing basketball and having a bbq.ReplyCancel

  • Penny Marrett

    My all time favourite thing is a barbecue with family – whether it’s just sausages on bread or a full feast. I love being outdoors and the smell of the wood burning, the greens & blues of the bushland & sky. Can’t wait until spring to do it all again!ReplyCancel

  • Petta

    Going out at night, lying on the grass and looking for shooting stars and satellites with the kids.ReplyCancel

  • Helga Grenkowitz

    During the warmer months we will have all of our meals outside; and of course going for a walk with our dogs around the property (acreage) twice a day.ReplyCancel

  • Teresa

    Fun, laughter and great food shared with family and friends !ReplyCancel

  • Margaret Thompson

    I love to sit in my Gazebo with a book or doing some embroidery while listening to some gentle relaxing music.
    My dog and cat usually keep me company.ReplyCancel

  • Rhonda Lockery

    In the summer we sometimes camp in the back yard with the kids
    then after a wild night with not much sleep
    we fire up the bbq
    and the adults enjoy some fantastic foodReplyCancel

  • Luke

    My favourite outdoor pastime would have to be sunbathing because it invariably means winter is gone!ReplyCancel

  • Lauren

    When I’m not out playing with the kids, I love to find a comfy spot in the sun with a coffee and watch them play. Their wonderful imaginations never fail to put a smile on my face (or give us a bit of a laugh!). If you asked the kids, they’d say sitting around the fire pit and having toasted marshmallows in the cooler weather is the best thing to do.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Fleming

    My favourite backyard activity is getting on the trampoline with the kids and having a good old bounce with them! It takes me right back to my childhood. I am quite sure my hips and knees never used to hurt the way they do now though!ReplyCancel

  • Aaron Kaczmarczyk

    We love to play Footket Ball, a mixture of cricket and football that exemplifies the random house nature our family has!ReplyCancel

  • Renee kujic

    Sitting outside on a warm melbourne summer night with family and friends around tge bbq watching the kids run around the yard :)ReplyCancel

  • Melissa Wainwright

    I love to carry our 11 week old son around the backyard and point out all the new sights to him. We point out flowers (pretty colours!), doggies (gentle!), Mama’s basil (smells yummy!) and magpies (watch out!).ReplyCancel

  • LittlePoppet

    We love exploring out new back yard! We’ve just moved and Miss 5 is over the moon at the amount of space she has now. Its awesome.ReplyCancel

  • Fiona

    I love gardening and getting outside with the kids. Better than computers and Ipads – planting, watering and special digs! Kids are amazed at how things grow, eating fresh herbs and vegies you know, teaches them to eat healthy while having fun. Nothing better than outdoors in the sun!ReplyCancel

It’s handy to have a shower cleaning kit separate to your household cleaning kit. Fill a little basket with cleaning items you would only use in the shower. It’s much easier to carry all the products in a caddy, and can be stored easily, out of the reach of children.

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  • Yvonne

    Great tip, time to do the shower. I remember once I used a bleach substance and another cleaner. I thought I would save time and put one on and then the other. The fumes together nearly made me sick. Obviously they are not meant to put on together. I am very cautious now. Great idea with the peg basket.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Ooh no, that would have been very toxic, the Dettol Bathroom Mould Remover doesn’t have a horrid chemical smell, it’s very subtle. Yes the peg basket is a great idea as it has holes on the bottom and water can easily drain through :)ReplyCancel

  • Chloe

    I see you use the Duets cloth. I though you could go chemical free with those. Is this your experience?ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Yes used with some water they clean the bathroom mirrors and vanity, but I find you need a little more than water to clean the shower.ReplyCancel

  • Emily

    Hi. Do you use the detol foaming as a glass cleaner too fornthe shower screans or would you use a windex spray?. Also do you use the clean the vanity? And what product do you use for cleaning toilet and floors? :) thank you.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Emily, I use the foam to clean the shower screens, usually a spray, leave for a small period of time and then rinse is all that is needed. I use the Chux Duets to clean the vanity tops and mirros. Search smelly toilet on my blog to see what I use to give the toilet a good clean and I just use vinegar and water to clean floors :)ReplyCancel

  • Cleaning the shower is my least favourite job!!! Maybe if I make up one of these kits, it won’t be so awful?? Thanks Kat!ReplyCancel

  • Katrina

    I have this soap build-up that I cannot get off my tiles! Tried most products including the Dettol.
    Any suggestions?ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Hi Katrina, I find the Dettol Rapid Foam works great on my tiles. Maybe just let it sit for a while and then give it a good scrub with a scrubing brush.ReplyCancel

      • Emily

        I brought the detol rapid foam and it is fantastic. My white shower tiles had started getting a green tinge to them which i coukd not remove with other sprays. This removed it with just wiping the foam off bearly no scrubbing needed – my shower now looks as good as new :)ReplyCancel

        • Kate - Kat's Assistant

          I love it too Emily! I find it brings my shower up looking lovely.:)ReplyCancel

  • Jacqui

    Each day when I am in the shower I use the chux scrubbing cloth to scrub down the walls with the chux Magic for stubborn marks. When I turn the water off I just wipe down the shower with the second chammy cloth that comes in the pack and I don’t get any mould in my shower anymore. It’s so quick and easy.ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      A wonderful habit to get into Jacqui! I really need to start doing this myself, although i must say i do give my shower a clean twice a week so it does stay nice and clean. But i like your method.:)ReplyCancel

  • Jacqui

    Each day when I am in the shower I use the chux scrubbing cloth to scrub down the walls with the chux Magic for stubborn marks. When I turn the water off I just wipe down the shower with the second chammy cloth that comes in the pack and I don’t get any mould in my shower anymore. Shower is clean and dry. It’s so quick and easy.ReplyCancel

  • Clare

    I have black textured tiles in my shower- they are the most awful things to clean. I have tried various products but all leave white streaks on the tiles which I then have to scrub several times over to remove. My steam cleaner prevents the streaks but doesn’t clean it well enough. Any suggestions? Thanks xReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Hi Clare, Have you tried the Rapid Foam from Dettol? I found it worked great and brought my tiles up really shiny. Black is definitely a harder colour to keep clean though.ReplyCancel

      • Clare

        Hi Kate, thanks for coming back to me. I’ve had a look and I don’t think it’s available here in the UK. Dettol do have a Power & Pure foam so I may give that a go. Thanks xReplyCancel

        • Kate - Kat's Assistant

          Hi Clare, It sounds very similar. Let me know how you go, i am curious.:) xReplyCancel

  • If you want a cheap way to clean soap scum in bathrooms:
    If they have heavy soap scum treat with a creme cleanser then wipe down with damp cloth.
    In a spray bottle add 1 cm original palmolive dishwashing liquid and add a capful of cloudy amonia (not too much as it is very strong).
    This can be used to clean your bathroom shower screen and is also very good an all mirrors.
    Spray it on shower screen/mirror – wipe over with wet cloth, use good quality window squeegy then dry off with dry towel and finally use two good quality window cloths (try window wizard micro cloth) and it comes up a treat – you will be a genius window cleaner and mirror in no time – and it costs about $5 for the palmolive/cloudy ammonia/spray bottle and it will last you about a yearReplyCancel

  • Karen wright

    I have hard water stains on my glass shower screens that I just can’t remove no matter what I’ve tried. Do you have any suggestions? It’s not soap scumReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Hi Karen, Have you given the Dettol Rapid Foam a go? It is great and i as amazed at the results i got in my shower.ReplyCancel

Needing some inspiration for your school Book Week, Book Character Parade, there are ideas to help you create something fun at home with your kids.

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  • Michelle Luck

    Thanks for some great ideas. My girl wants to be a Disney princess every year – they ARE her favourite books – but I want something different. Last year it was Cinderella, this year it’s Belle, but I might show her this pic of the Little Miss and Mr Men characters and see what she thinks.ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      I just love the little Miss, especially little Miss Sunshine.:)ReplyCancel

  • My goodness why is it I always forget about book week until the night before!!!

    Definitely upping my game next year!!ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Yvettte, i used to be the weekend before but i have to say in the last year or so i have been a little more prepared. Though it does seem to creep up on us very fast!ReplyCancel

  • Josephine

    My daughter saw Princess Bride recently (based on a novel written int he 70s) and decided she wanted to go as Inigo Montoya. We had the boots. I found the shirt, vest, belt & pants at a second hand shop (dyed the grey pants brown thanks to google!).

    My daughter and I embellished a purchased sword with gold pipe cleaners and gemstones that we applied to pipe cleaners with sticky tape, and to the sword with a glue-gun – that was a fun shared activity.

    Finally we stuck on a Spotlight mustache, used face paint crayons for the scars (which didn’t work very well sadly), and sprayed her hair a dark brown.

    It was such a success that one of her classmates asked who she was ‘for real’ – he didn’t recognize her!

    How do I upload a photo / video?ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Wow that sounds amazing! What a fantastic effort.:)ReplyCancel

Growing up I always remembered my grandmother cooking a roast every Sunday, it didn’t matter if she had a house full of guests or if she was cooking for two, without a doubt she would make a roast, it was her family tradition. It got me thinking about regular family meal ideas, and what other families do?

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  • Julia K

    I love cooking pork. One time I decided to see how far I could stretch out a pork roast. I purchased a large boneless pork roast on special then:
    Night 1 – Roast Pork and Vegetables
    After we had had dinner I chopped up the rest of the pork and froze it it two separate portions.
    Night 2 – I used the leftover vegetables from Night 1 and made a vegetable frittata which I served with salad.
    Night 3 – Using one of the packs of leftover pork – I made a stir fry which I served with rice.
    Night 4 – I ran the remaining pack of leftover pork through the food processor which made mince and I used this to make pork meatballs.
    By freezing the meat on the same night I cooked it – we weren’t eating pork three nights in a row.ReplyCancel

    • Kimberly

      That’s brilliant Julia!ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      This is amazing Julia! I love the variations of one piece of Pork! Pork meatballs sound so good.ReplyCancel

  • Jackie

    We have taco tuesday’s every 2nd Tuesday, we love it, so easy to make and the kids eat the lot.ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Ooh i love Tacos! They are usually a Friday night dinner in our house.:)ReplyCancel

  • Crystal

    We do, whatever’s in the fridge or freezer Wednesdays and homemade pizza Fridays. I love that I don’t have to think about dinner on these days.ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      I agree Crystal, a few less nights to think about is always a bonus!ReplyCancel

  • Growing up we would always have a roast on a Sunday night too! Mum was great at making crackling, but I’m still to master the art! It was absolutely fantastic meeting you in person over the weekend – you’re such an inspiration to me!ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      I am still to master the crackling as well, Lucy.:)
      Just passed on your message to Kat and she said it was lovely seeing you over the weekend too xReplyCancel

  • Jude

    Friday night is pizza and games night at our place. Pizza dough in the Thermomix is super easy. We don’t enjoy bought pizza bases much anymore. I whiz up two batches of dough so one goes in the freezer for next week – less cleaning dough off the Thermomix blades. I make the bases on rectangular biscuit trays. It uses the oven space much better. If we aren’t home on a Friday night my son will still have pizza if he can because he loves the Friday night tradition so much!ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Oh i just love pizza night in our house too! We usually do homemade pizza’s on a Saturday night. I’m with you Jude on preferring homemade over brought ones!ReplyCancel

I was looking after my friend’s son recently and made him a yummy lunch, then I started reminiscing, remembering making plates of fun food for my kids to help motivate them to eat. I didn’t have all the clever little dinnerware and gadgets that are now available. I’ve put together this list of Fun Baby & Toddler Feeding products just in case you didn’t know about them, all of these are available online.

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Use these simple how to keep the house tidy tips, to stay in control of your home when Mum is not feeling well

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  • D young
  • Hi Kat. Sounds similar to my routine for coping with housework when working full time. Then I catch up at weekends. Do you have any other good shortcuts for full time working mums? Mine is to prepare the kids packed lunches the night before so they can easily grab them from the fridge in the morning rush around before school runs.ReplyCancel

    • Karen

      I’m a Mum that works full time also and I too make lunches the night before as there is no time in the morning. I do a meal plan for each week and also cook ahead on the weekend. Soup and anything in a slow cooker are my friends and I make the infamous zucchini quiche often to use in lunches. My 10 year old has a thermos she takes to school with hot soup in (soup I made on the weekend!) which she loves. I don’t stress about washing clothes each day and only do it on the weekend. At the moment it is too cold and wet to hang out clothes so our laundry is full of clothes airers with washing from the weekend on them and we pick off what is dry during the week. Many of the tips here are just not feasible if you work outside the home but you can pick and choose the ones that will work for you and your family. Our home is not perfectly tidy and clean, there aren’t enough hours in the day when you work full time but we are happy, healthy and well fed which I believe is all that is important.ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Fantastic that you are preparing lunches the night before, this is a big time saver in the mornings. I also use Routine Charts which my kids use for Morning, AAfternoon and Evenings. They can be purchased from my shop. I find them a great time saver. Here is the link for you:

  • PlanetCookeUK

    Hugely disappointed by this article to say the least. It sends the wrong message from start to finish – the notion that hopefully your husband/kids are “willing to do these jobs for you”? Because I’m female, they are automatically all MY jobs?? And I should be grateful of any ‘willingness’ from others to do these jobs on my behalf? Erm no. Perhaps the suggestion that household chores should be undertaken by those that live within that household is a little too 21st century for your author? Sure every family is different but if you perpetually reinforce that dirty laundry, dishes and dinners are mum’s responsibility you’ll continue to stifle the progression of women of not only in our generation but also your daughter’s and her daughter’s. None of them will thank you for it I can assure you.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi there, I hope you do read more of my blog, you will learn that my blog is about sharing responsibilities amongst all family members, not just mum. In my post I did say let’s presume you don’t have the support of your partner or kids, because he/she maybe at work, and the kids maybe too young. If you do have the support of kids and hubby than this post would be redundant to that situation :)ReplyCancel

  • granny app

    Similar thought crossed my mind. However, I get where Kats coming from too. Sometimes we don’t realise how much we do until we are unwell. My family are good at taking responsibility and helping out but it can be easy to “make a rod for your own back”.ReplyCancel

  • Jude

    Thanks for some great tips to help make things a little easier for those of us who choose to take on the “housewife” tag. It would be ideal if husband and kids automatically did everything but they don’t always see what needs doing because their usual week revolves around other areas of responsibility. Warm appreciation shown to husband and kids is important. We thank the checkout operator at the supermarket for their service, even though it is their job and they get paid to do it. As the saying goes, you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.
    Friends and grandparents may also provide support and help when mothers of young children are sick too. So don’t be afraid to ask for help and develop real-live face-to-face relationships!! Family is the place where children can learn to show thankfulness to their hardworking parents. NB 4 yr olds can peg small items of washing on a clothes airer, age 7 and up are fantastic at so many things and age 11 can probably do most of a meal so its worthwhile to spend time training the children to contribute to the family and as they get older they will be wonderful skills to have and you will be blessed by their love and care.ReplyCancel

  • Great tips Kat! I like the one where the clothes are washed but not put away or folded. You really need to pick your priorities I agree :)ReplyCancel

  • Julia K

    Some years ago – a new family moved into our school and I became an acquaintance of the new mum. We’d had coffee once or twice but we were just acquaintances. I knew her husband worked away and she had a young baby as well as her primary aged son at school. By chance I heard that both she and the baby had been unwell so I made a simple meal (including salad and a dessert) and dropped it into her son’s classroom that afternoon. Little did I know – that simple act on my part was – in her words – an act of kindness that went above and beyond. I didn’t know it at the time – but their family was going through a major crisis and she really was at the end of her rope. She said that that simple meal restored her hope and gave her something to hang on to.
    I’m writing this to encourage other mums to put your hand up and ask for help when you need it. At the same time – reach out and help someone else when you can. The simplest of gestures can really touch others. What goes around comes around and you never know when you may be the one needing help.
    I should add that this lady and I now have a wonderful friendship – who would have thought ?ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      That is really beautiful, Julia! What a wonderful friend you are, all starting with a simple kind gesture.:)ReplyCancel

  • Julia K

    PLANETCOOKEUK – I think you have totally missed the point of this post. This whole blog is aimed at the “Housewife” – be that male or female and the article addresses how that “Housewife” can get by when he or she is unwell.
    In families where there is one party (male or female) working outside the home and the other party (male or female) is primarily responsible for running the home – then the laundry / cooking / cleaning IS their job.
    Try not to get hung up in the male or female side of things and take these excellent tips on board.
    I happen to be the housewife in this family and I’M PROUD OF MY JOB so I’m gonna get back to it :)ReplyCancel

    • Kylie

      Well said Julia K !!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Thank you Julia, hopefully she will read more of the blog and learn my tone certainly isn’t saying women have to only clean the home. It’s far from that.ReplyCancel

  • Kristy

    You are more than welcolme to organise my whole house as I’m a full time working mum with 3 messy kidsReplyCancel

  • Annette

    I think an important point is whether a family member can help by minding the kid/s so the primary organiser of the household can get some rest. I have lost both my parents but my Uncle and Aunt are fantastic and a good friend.ReplyCancel

  • La Hola

    This post is so 1960s! I am going to take a Bex and have a lie down after reading that sexist post.
    Or maybe it is satire? Let’s hope.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi there, you may have skimmed over the bit that says lets presume you don’t have the help of your partner or the kids. I shared this from a scenario point of view of mum at home with young kids and hubby is at work. Sick or not, housework should be delegated amongst all family members. Please read more of my posts and you will see I get my kids often to help around the home and share responsibilities with my husband.ReplyCancel

      • La Hola

        #everydaysexism or was the header clickbait??ReplyCancel

  • Joanne

    Thankyou Kat for a very practical and helpful post. I think your tips are great and I will certainly put some of those things into place next time I am sick. I love being a wife/Mum/ homemaker and am disappointed not to be able to do the things I normally do at those times when I am sick. But you have given some very wise and useful strategies for managing those times.ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      My pleasure Joanne.:)ReplyCancel

  • Laura

    Thank you for yet another wonderful post Kat. I am surprised at some of these comments having a go at you. I wish we could go back to the 1950’s when all of the women were able to stay home and not be made to feel guilty about it! (** I say this tongue in cheek, so please don’t get your knickers in a knot feminists!)

    I am a mother of two who works from home and takes care of ALL of the home duties as my husband often works away from home during the week (and even when he isn’t travelling for work he often works 12 – 14 hour days). This works for our family, but I know it isn’t for everyone.

    Keep up the great work Kat.ReplyCancel

  • […] The Organised Housewife Can never go wrong with a delicious lemon and honey combination.  You can also find my top tips to help you keep the house tidy while mum’s feeling sick. […]ReplyCancel

I have a weakness, I love anything Salted Caramel. This Salted Caramel Sauce is super easy, can be made within minutes and ooh so good. Pour over ice-cream or pudding for a sweet dessert.

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  • Oh this looks delicious and so easy xxReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Nicole, it really is. And oh so addictive too.:)ReplyCancel

  • Jan

    what is a thermo mix?ReplyCancel

  • Jean

    ooh wow, this is a weakness of mine too, I usually buy it from the local markets, I’m going to have to make my own now, thank you!ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      I used to as well, Jean. But i have to say this recipe has so much more flavour.:)ReplyCancel

  • Leanne

    You had me at Salted Caramel. I love anything salted caramel, probably anything salted, but yum, over icecream it is my happy place.ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Yes i am with you on this on too, Leanne! So so good.:)ReplyCancel

  • Jen

    Must try. Have you tried Tenina’s salted caramel ice cream? Just devineReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Oh no i haven’t Jen but is sounds good. I’ll keep my eye out for it.:)ReplyCancel

When your shower head starts to do random squirts you don’t need to buy a new one, just give it a good clean. Check out these tips on how to clean a shower head removing the build up of mineral deposits which are clogging it up and affecting your water flow |The Organised Housewife

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  • Jackie

    this is very timely I have been saying to my partner we need to buy a new one, going to try this.ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Absolutely give it a try, Jackie. May even save you some dollars in not having to but a new one.:)ReplyCancel

  • Louise

    The squirts have been driving me crazy lately. Great tips Kat.ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Yes i know exactly what you mean, Louise! Hope it gets rid of those annoying squirts for you!ReplyCancel

  • Jo

    I think you could just use the vinegar and have a brilliant result!ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Maybe, worth a try Jo.:)ReplyCancel

  • Love the new dettol easy and faster.ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Me too Jenny! It is so easy to use and my shower has never looked cleaner.:)ReplyCancel

I appreciate learning about new and fantastic apps or plugins to help optimise the blog, either to improve productivity or to make tasks easier. Over the years I have used a few different apps and plugins, there are a select few that I continually use to help organise and streamline my blogging.

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  • Thank you Katrina, this list is really helpful. I am finding blogging is taking over my life, which is really difficult when I am also trying to run a business and a family with 5 kids. xxReplyCancel

  • Kate

    i love “remember the milk” app. It’s a to do list app but so versatile, it’s the only way I can keep up with business and family tasks. I like too that they regularly update the app to make it better.ReplyCancel

  • Oooh thank you for all of these great tips! I’m off to create my signature now!!ReplyCancel

  • I use Wunderlist for our grocery shopping! It’s fantastic and has saved me so many times from driving back home to get the shopping list 😛ReplyCancel

  • Sandy

    What Id really like to know about is a great app for storing all the store cards I have. I must have three card holders now. Just ridiculous!ReplyCancel

    • Ev

      The App. Stocard. Or Wallet Guard. Are both fantastic.ReplyCancel

  • When I write, I am very particular with grammar. So, my favorite app is Grammarly. It gives me confidence that the articles I made are error-free.ReplyCancel

  • Really great, helpful list, Kat. I use and love Trello for project management and use it to map my eCourses from start to finish. It’s absolutely brilliant and awesome that I can give someone else access (such as a VA) to mark off tasks or edit things.ReplyCancel

  • Some great ideas here. I use asana for project management, and like Eva, I love that you can give access to someone else to set them tasks (and they can set you tasks) and keep the project on track. I haven’t heard of CoSchedule, but I’ll be checking that one out. Thanks for a great article!ReplyCancel

  • Kat, these are great suggestions. I love Dropbox for keeping files synced across devices so I can access them on the go if needed.ReplyCancel

  • I love Co-Schedule – I don’t know how I blogged so long without it. Thanks for all the top tips especially the one about the signature! That’s so cool! xReplyCancel

  • Oh, I love Evernote. I have only started using it this year but now use it for home and work since I can easily sync it across my phone, iPad and work computer. A friend recommended Trello as well but I haven’t taken the time to investigate that one.ReplyCancel

  • CoSchedule is my favourite although I did recently download Wanderlist but yet to give it a go. I use Google Docs for my brain dumps since they auto sync plus OneDrive to keep everything accessible from every device. Huge time saver instead of relying on one device or external data storage.ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      I love Wanderlist too.:)ReplyCancel

It is easy to get distracted when working at home, I share my top productivity tips for working at home to help you create balance between family and work and more.

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  • Chloe

    Thanks Kat. I love the working in fit wear – you would be ready to do exercise whenever! I’m a sahm to two littlies under four and I find ‘oh we got to go for a walk’ and I’m in my pjs then it’s another half hour…. Great tip!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Yeah, no excuses then!!ReplyCancel

  • Emily

    I’m definitely going to try working in my gym clothes, I find it really hard to switch off house/mum mode when I need to work on my business. Love these tips Kat, this week has been brilliant, certainly changed a few ways I look at things.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hope they help Emily!ReplyCancel

  • Maria

    Kat, I have often wondered how you do it and I just love that you are so structured with your time. I find it hard to switch off when I have so much to do, and honestly I probably do neglect the family and I feel so guilty for it. But your right there is always something, it’s never ending. You are just brilliant.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Maria there will always be something probably just as important as each other, running your own business is never ending, but for your own sanity you do need to switch off and take a break, you will be a better person for it tomorrow if you do :)ReplyCancel

  • Hayley

    I have only just started working from home and I am really struggling already, especially with family thinking I am home doing nothing all day, they don’t get it. I’ve really enjoyed reading your tips, your honesty that you screen your calls as I have considered this but wonder what my family would think if they knew, but I need to if I want to get any work done. Thank you for sharing your tips Kat, I find these priceless.ReplyCancel

  • This post is perfect. Just the advice I need right now. I work two jobs from home, and organisation is paramount to getting anything done. Must turn off my notifications!!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      notifications are so distracting, if I don’t turn them off I wonder.. ooh what did Bobby just say, I should go look, Cathy just replied to a post, curiosity takes the better of me.ReplyCancel

  • Great tips :)
    I do love that one of the things about working from home is that I can choose to not to dress up some days for work – can wear my trackie pants and I always wear my woolly slippers not matter what else I am wearing 😉
    And my office will never ever be as tidy as yours – no matter how much I try :) – but I am working on getting it more organised.
    And I do love the freedom by being your own boss like today I am going to help set up a Haven for Assist A Sista – any orders coming in have to wait till tomorrow – would not be able to do this if I worked for someone else.
    Will come back next week to read this to remind me again to try and be a bit more organised 😉
    cheers TeaReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Love that you are taking time out for such a great cause Tea. I must admit, I have worn trackie pants and bed socks each day through winter, which is probably as comfortable as PJs, but I love that too about working from home, comfort xReplyCancel

  • Venessa O'Connell

    Hi Kat,
    Thank you for the great article. I also work from home and feel so very blessed to be able to. My 1 little tip that I try to follow is to have a general tidy and purge once a week in the office. I also Pride myself that I try to recycle as much as I can from packaging, cartons etc. Keep up the great work Kat.

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      That is a great idea Venessa, a once a week tidy up, fabulous idea especially if you are time poor and can’t tidy the desk each day :)ReplyCancel

  • These are excellent tips and most of them I am failing but well aware of it. The screening calls and to do lists I’ve got mastered but pjs and a clean work space I’m totally filing, plus set work hours. Would you believe it’s all on the to do list 😉ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Start with the clothes Holly, change to gym clothes and see if that helps energise you and then do the next task on your to-do list!ReplyCancel

  • What fantastic tips! I think the biggest thing for me was turning off email notifications. They used to be automatically set to beep and show a box on my screen every time one arrived. So distracting! Sometimes I would find myself taken off on a huge tangent and not getting back to my 9am task until after 2pm. No longer. Now I only check them when I have finished the task I set myself, not before.ReplyCancel

  • Fiona

    Thankyou Kat! What great advice. My downfall is consistency, on the exception of exercising and being dressed for success even if that means being in gym gear (they are so comfy).ReplyCancel

  • Definitely a To Do list and sticking to it. I agree that working from home has its own set of distractions and without my To Do list I feel that I am constantly busy without being productiveReplyCancel

  • Thank you Kat for a terrific post. I have been struggling with the work/life balance of late and this post has reminded of what needs to be done to achieve that balance! Thanks again.ReplyCancel

  • Jody

    Hi Kat. Thank you for that article. I’ve just started working from home with my new venture, and I really have to sit down and think about how to balance work with everything else that comes with being a SAHM to two little munchkins (3 years & 9 months). Your article definitely reminded me off things I need to focus on to make it work more smoothly. Thanks againReplyCancel

  • Kat

    Great tips Katrina. Just wondering what is the name of your Ikea desks? I love how your work area looks. Thanks KatReplyCancel

  • KAT… these tips are so good! Plus we have total desk envy hehe.

    Note to merrymakers: get off Facebook! xxReplyCancel

  • Laura

    This is so helpful. I started working from home 9 months ago and I have been struggling to find balance. Some weeks I do heaps of work and the housework falls behind, other weeks I feel like I have stayed on top of the housework but have fallen behind on my work. I too found sitting on the lounge I wasn’t getting anything done so I have taken over one end of the dining table. I have been working on my hubby to turn the guest room into a study, but no such luck yet!ReplyCancel

  • Emma

    You can download a “Do Not Knock” sign (used to be able to get it as a sticker) from the ACCC so that pesky salespeople don’t disrupt you. I’ve found it’s cut the door knockers down considerably!ReplyCancel

  • Janna

    Thanks for the great tips. I have recently returned to study while still working full time and I think these tips can also be applied to my situation as well. I can be so easily distracted from my homework and assignments and as the study is all online I only have myself to keep me on track!ReplyCancel

  • I love it when a blog post multiplies and turns into two posts :) love these tips although I am guilty of breaking pretty much all of them! I could definitely be more productive.ReplyCancel

  • Great tips Kat! As a fellow WAHM I found most of them I already do but there are a few news ones there to try. Thanks for sharing :)ReplyCancel

  • Hello my new BFF

    Your Blog and Site is just what I needed (as I sit here in my P.J.’s, hee hee) to read this morning. I had these exact thoughts this morning as I got out of bed before I read your blog post about not working in my office space in my pj again. I said to myself….I am going to wash up, get dressed just as I did when I went to my office, even a little lipstick, lol. Then no more TV while I am working, no more distractions. I have small a TV on my desk – kick that thing out of there, lol.

    Get organized, I got a whiteboard; I am going to use it for my calendar – when to do my campaigns, newsletters, blog, inventory, etc.

    I am just starting the blog, so your blog tips will help. Thank you for being here in this cyber world of madness, I think I can make it now. DezReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      whiteboards are great to help you stay organised, my hubby uses his as a to-do list. Wishing you all the best on your blog journey.ReplyCancel

This exquisite children’s blanket is made exclusively from Anlaby merino wool, a family heirloom that will be treasured and loved.

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  • LaTanya

    We have a beautiful crochet blanket that my grandmother made for me, that I will pass on to my son for his family one day.ReplyCancel

  • Catherine Heald

    Anlaby Giveaway-My granny knitted a jumper for my brother about 20 years ago. About 15 years ago she suffered a stroke which left her without the use of one of her hands. I’m expecting my first son any day now and this jumper is the last thing she was able to make. I can’t wait for the baby to wear it!ReplyCancel

  • michelle harris

    we have a old crotchet blanket of my grandmothers i now have 2 grandchildren myself and when they visit,they always ask or that blanket,i would never dispose of it,its ull of loveReplyCancel

  • Rebeka Lambrinakos

    Our family heirloom isn’t a physical item and this is why I’d love the Anlaby’s Woodlands Friends Blanket. Our heirloom is our middle name, Maree which has been passed down four generations so far. My newborn daughter now shares the middle name tradition :)ReplyCancel

  • Maria Braund

    My Christening Outfit. All 3 kids of mine have worn it.ReplyCancel

  • Julia Burford

    Our piano. It was given to my parents by an old family friend, and it is being passed down to me soon. I plan on keeping it and passing it down to my kids :-)ReplyCancel

  • Sharon

    We have a case as an heirloom in our family. My grandmother gave my mother a houndstooth overnight case to take to hospital when she had her four children. I have taken the case when I had my 4 children,as have my 2 sisters and my 2 sisters in law. My mother has recovered the case with decoupage and the case continues on. It has now also been used by my own daughter and daughter in law when they went to have my 4 grandchildren. There is more to come….We love family traditions.ReplyCancel

  • Liz

    I have a blanket that was knitted by my grandmother which will be handed down. My mum also made some bunny rugs when my son was born. I have kept one for all my children <3ReplyCancel

  • Katrina Angus

    I sadly do not have an heirloom to pass down, but would love the opportunity to win this to start one in our family. Lovely ideaxxReplyCancel

  • Trina Joy

    I unfortunately do not have an heirloom but would love to start one with a beautiful Anlaby’s Woodland Friends blanket. My 5 year old loves snuggling under blankets but nothing as beautiful as this. Thanks for the opportunity :)ReplyCancel

  • Kim

    It’s a toss up between an old post sorting box/cabinet that came from my Grandmas house from when she was a child. My aunt had it once Grandma passed away and now it’s with my sister and she will pass it down to one of her children or my Grandmas engagement ring which she gave to me and my husband used it for our engagement ring as that was the ring I wanted. I will pass this on to my daughterReplyCancel

  • Sonya

    My grandmother had a lovely wooden bassinette that she used with her 4 children, then my mum used it with her 3 children, and I have used it with my 4 children. I only hope that one day they will be able to do this also, as a special family heirloom passed down through the generations. Adding a special baby blanket to this would be a lovely addition, so I would love to win this prize thanks :)
    Also I have used family names as my children’s middle names, with a special occurrence being that the eldest of the 5 generations being girls, who alternate the names Nance and Jean (originally as the first names, then being passed on as the girl’s middle name) so hopefully that can continue also.ReplyCancel

  • Amy Wren

    My Great Aunt’s Eternity ring. It was my great great Aunt’s who passed it to her sister (my grandmother, before she left England for Australia in the 60’s), who passed to my mother, who will pass onto me when Mum is ready to part with it.ReplyCancel

  • felicity

    The most treasured item that i would pass down to my daughter is my mother in laws epern its like a vase,its old a bit cracked but with some flowers its beautiful,hopefully it teaches my daughter that its ok not to be perfect,shes still badeautiful.As for my son i have no idea as he is about to be a father himself i thought this blanket would be perfect,its like giving him a big cuddle when i cant be there.ReplyCancel

  • anna donato

    My photo albums. Photos are like souls. Photos are my history, my family and my friendsReplyCancel

  • Jess Powell

    My wedding dress! I used the fabric & had it made into a little dress which my first daughter wore for her first birthday and i will have one made for her baby sister also :)ReplyCancel

  • Belinda Irvine

    A wedding ring… It is a plain rose gold band that was worn by my Great Auntie, and passed down to me… This is the oldest heirloom I have, so I used it as my wedding band, and plan on passing it on to my son for his childrenReplyCancel

  • Caroline

    In our family we have a beautiful wind up statue of a wee girl in a garden that was bought in Oberammergau. It plays Happy birthday. Every member of the family gets this played to them, either in person or on the phone) on their birthday no matter where in the world the live by my parents. It will be passed down to me when they sadly pass on to continue the traditionReplyCancel

  • My Grandad came out on the 5 pound boats from uk to Australia and he passed away a couple years ago but gave me his original suitcases that he came with and I keep my baby’s clothes in it stacked in her room. It means a lot to us and one of the kids will have it when they move out one day:)ReplyCancel

  • Gail Johnson

    I have our family heirloom which is a beautiful red cedar pianola. My Grandfather (who died before I was born) saved up every cent he could, which took many years back then, to buy it so his youngest daughter could learn to play the piano & ANYONE could play the rolls & sing. He wanted the love of music to be passed onto generations. I have 4 grown up daughters & would love this beautiful heirloom for my grandbabies, to pass onto each family as they are born. I already have 1 beautiful grand-daughter and more on the way. *Much more portable than a pianola!ReplyCancel

  • Laura

    We have an antique up right organ that has been in the family for over 100 years. There is always a fight over who gets it next!ReplyCancel

  • melissa

    Memories past from one generation to the next.ReplyCancel

  • Janine Smith

    My husband’s grandmother made a teddy bear for every grandchild and great grand child. She passed before we had kids so ours won’t get one which is heartbreaking.ReplyCancel

  • Lisa

    we lost treasured items during our emigration from the UK and unfortunately have nothing to pass down to our daughter born here, I would love the chance to give her something that should could pass down to her children with stories of life and loved ones from England she’ll never meet, something to add to what will be her Australian heritageReplyCancel

  • Melanie

    My great grand mother Tess (Jessica) was a very talented violinist and I have her treasured antique violin. I will pass it onto my daughter one day.ReplyCancel

  • Twyla

    we have many traditions, books are big with our family. We have holiday things and a special silver cup that will go to each baby in turn.ReplyCancel

  • Julia

    I have done some family research tracing the family tree and I have some stories from parents and some aunts and uncles and I plan to put together a book that I will pass on to my kids. I talk to them a lot about the familyReplyCancel

  • Natasha

    My Oma (Dutch grandmother) received a pair of pink glass drinking glasses from her grandmother, and were amongst the few possessions she brought with her to Australia in 1947 and she has now passed these onto to me her eldest granddaughter And I hope, I too have the privilege of passion these onto my granddaughter (in many years to come). These are precious to all of us as they are so fragile yet link many women across continents and generationsReplyCancel

  • Annette Ashby

    My mother had a special dinner set which she got when she was married in 1945 and was used on very special occasions like Christmas- all of us (6 kids) have a plate or bowl from the set and will pass them down through the generations.ReplyCancel

  • Bobbie-Lee

    When I was 13 my great Aunty sent me her cooking book (she lived in America) it contained recipes that my grandmother and great aunty grew up having made for them from their mother and teir grandmother. Its a very special book to me as it gave me my love for cooking and to keep the special book to be passed on from me.ReplyCancel

  • Raelene

    I have been given a beautiful rung which belonged to my great great aunt which will be passed down to my daughter. Love the idea of passing down a family heirloom.ReplyCancel

  • Cathy Hill

    I bought my daughter a large personalised musical snowglobe for her first birthday with the intention of her passing it on to her daughter one day.ReplyCancel

  • We dont have an item passing down the generations, but we do have a name. Every first born male in the family carries Leslie as a middle name. 4 generations so far.ReplyCancel

  • karina l

    My engagement ring! It has so much sentimental value to it and I would love to pass it down to the future generations!ReplyCancel

  • Kirsty Booth

    My husbands grandparents had to flee war torn Czechoslovakia with nothing but the clothes they were wearing, so instead of an item we have an amazing story that I will be sharing with my boys when they are old enough. Having an heirloom blanket to pass down would be great, we could snuggle under it as I tell them about their history.ReplyCancel

  • Rosalyn Hill

    My hubands grandfathers desk still sits in our house. He got it for his 21st from his parents and left it to my husband when he died. It’s definitely our most precious heirloom and we look forward to giving to our children when they are older.ReplyCancel

  • I am 8 weeks pregnant after having a miscarriage 4 months ago. My mum has finally decided that I’m far along enough to start giving me some of the things of mine that she put away. The two best things are all of my books, including my Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit books. She saved them for over 30 years. Then we were looking in her wardrobe the other day and she pulled out a tiny little woolen red jacket that was mine about 34 years ago. And we both just started to cry.ReplyCancel

  • Jillian

    both my daughters wore their Great Grandmother’s & Grandmothers Engagement rings on their Wedding Days & I hope they will pass those on to their daughters to wear on their Weddind Days too. I have just taught myself to crochet & just completed a bear & in the process of making a cot blanket for our new Grandchild expected soon. Hoping they will become heirlooms too.ReplyCancel

  • Gabi

    Each of my Nanna’s grand daughters have worn her antique watch for their weddings. A lovely tradition I hope to continue with the generations to come.ReplyCancel

  • Leizl Mowbray

    We have a beautiful oak cot that was passed down through my Dad’s side of the family. He slept in it, me & my 2 sisters slept in it & my nieces & nephew have slept in it. I remember playing with my dolls as a child, placing them in the cot dreaming of the day when I would place my own child to sleep in such a treasured heritage piece. Unfortunately I moved to Australia, and it was too expensive to bring the cot over when my bubs was born. It was a sad moment but my baby is my greatest treasure and the love from the family is his greatest heritage.ReplyCancel

  • Donna Milne

    I have two things that will be passed down, the first being a christening gown that I had made for my 3 kids and since then all the nephews and nieces have worn this outfit. It has travelled around the world. The second item is my nanna’s childs tea set. She would have been 111yrs old this year and she played with it as a child. I didn’t receive it until I was married but I now keep it safe to pass to my daughter.ReplyCancel

  • Ann

    My christening gown and my grandmother’s silver.ReplyCancel

  • Vivienne

    I have inherited my great grandmothers engagement ring. The ring was passed down to my grandmother and upon her death the ring was passed to my mother and since my mother passed away I now have the ring and would like to pass that down to one of my children who will pass it on to one of theirs.ReplyCancel

  • Vicky a

    A locket which has been passed down from my dads side of the family over the last 3 generationsReplyCancel

  • Christine Burgess

    We don’t have one as such…but I guess 30 – 40 year old hot wheels cars that my husband & his brother used to play with, that now my 6 boys have & continue to play with will no doubt be passed on to their kids.ReplyCancel

  • Tracy

    We have a poem by Rudyard Kipling that has been passed down in our family ”IF” ( Mann is my maiden surname) which is the one line ‘you will be a man, my son’ along with many traditions like Monday night Family Night where we ate together as a family for many years. Red plate acknowledgement meal when someone does well in the family on that day, always sitting at the dining table for meals and giving thanks all day, my grandmothers ring, my nana’s Soetkoekie recipe, too many to mention. But no blanket airloom yet?ReplyCancel

  • Nicola wood

    A lemon yellow and white coloured baby blanket that my great grandma knitted for me. It’s the only item we have after we left the uk to come to aus as a holiday (and ended up staying!) all our belongings were put in storage which flooded. It was the only thing my mum brought with us. I used it with my daughter when she was born. It’s so precious and I can’t wait to give it to my daughter when she has her own babyReplyCancel

  • We have a crocheted cream wool blanket used at the Christenings in the family, passed down from God Mother to God Child in each generation. When my middle son was little he had a blanky that he used to carry around and he called it a ‘ZeZah’, the christening blanket is now called ‘Mummy’s ZeZah’ My family used to grow superfine wool in the Mudgee Region and we lost the farm in the 1990’s, I miss the wool and still work in woolsheds but it’s just not the same. We scour Vinnies weekly to search for woollen jumpers lovingly made by someone elses’ Grandma. I would love to win this blanket to start a tradition of passing down a blanket withing our immediate family, starting with my children’s children. Fingers crossed xxxxxReplyCancel

  • Jo

    My great-grandmother’s engagement ring has been passed down the generations from her to my grandfather, who passed it on to my father. Wearing it connects me with her pioneering spirit. Passing it on will keep her memory alive.ReplyCancel

  • sharon brown

    We have a shawl knitted by my great grand mother which each of our 5 children have used. It will be passed on to one of our grand daughters.ReplyCancel

  • Karla Oleinikoff

    My Grandmother received a Royal Albert Tea Set when she got married in the 30’s, which went to my mother, and has now been passed on to me, which will be passed on to my daughter. The set is absolutely beautiful, and I’m honoured to have such an heirloom in my safe keeping.ReplyCancel

  • Renee Ballantyne

    My grandmothers wedding band simple but very much treasuredReplyCancel

  • Kat Taylor

    One of our family heirlooms are my husband’s 40 year old, threadbare ‘Bobby’ panda and my little brown dog, which our 5year daughter old loves!ReplyCancel

  • Leanne

    My family (as yet) doesn’t have something to hand down from one generation to the next. However I would love to change this and this blanket would be an awesome start to it :)ReplyCancel

  • Jane

    My most treasured family heirlooms are a series of photos taken by a travelling photographer (on horseback) in the 1920s of my family and the workers during shearing season on my families property. The photos were published in a book that documented “Stationlife in NSW during the 1920’s”. I can stare at it for ages imagining what life would have been like back then and am filled with pride at how hard working and brave my ancestors were. They are truly treasured.ReplyCancel

  • Debs

    My nan is 94 and a while ago when we were reminiscing we spoke about a little spotted china tea set I used to play with when I would visit her. It used to be Nans when she was a young girl. For my birthday this year Nan gave me this little tea set. I would have to say it is the most precious possession I own. My mum played with it as a girl and I’m not afraid to let my daughter who is 7 play with it. What makes this an Heirlooms is that it has been played with and enjoyed for 4 generations of little girls not just placed on a shelf to look at.ReplyCancel

  • Maria Stringer

    My husbands baby shawl which was made in England, our two babies were christened with it and I expect my grandchildren will use it too!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah

    My grandmothers glory box. It was her grandmothers and then my nana passed it to me. I have four sons so hopefully there will be a granddaughter for me to pass it down to.ReplyCancel

  • Darla

    My wedding photos.ReplyCancel

  • Karen oliver

    My mother purchased a wedding veil when my oldest sister was married; mum had 4 daughters. Every daughter wore the veil and future daughter in laws on their wedding day. That was over 40 years ago. Her granddaughters have worn the veil on their special day just like my daughter did. Mums great grandchildren will now where the precious and very special veil on their day, and generation after generation. We all cry when it is worn as she was suddenly taken from us way to early but she can watch from above.ReplyCancel

  • Sue Somervillw

    WW1 war letters from family members and family photos all precious and replaceable.ReplyCancel

  • Debbie

    We have a cane bassinet that has been through several generations, incl cousins in each generation, it just gets shared around ?ReplyCancel

  • Gillian Harridge

    My great grandfather’s saddles, they are handmade and make you gasp they are so beautiful. They represent our family history.ReplyCancel

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  • Nicki

    I have just downloaded it, it’s just full of all exciting things to plan. And looks beautiful, thanks Kat. Planning here I come!ReplyCancel

  • Heidi

    Hi there, I have desperately been trying to purchase your blog planner, but my credit card details won’t be accepted by paying through the credit card option or PayPal ???. Are you able to give me bank account details to transfer funds to?? I have made online purchases with my credit card recently with no problem… Not sure who to contact to find out why it’s not working…

  • Fiona

    Fantastic planner! Was thinking of making my own but now I don’t have to. Being new to blogging it was just what I needed. So many things I hadn’t even thought of. Thanks so much KatReplyCancel