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I’m now half way through my Dietlicious journey/diet.  I am absolutely without a doubt loving their food.  Yesterday I was not feeling very well, but I still managed to eat my lunch, if I wasn’t feeling like it before I sure was after I started heating it up, it smelt divine and tasted just as […]

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It has been such a busy weekend here at The Organised Housewife household; I didn’t get a chance to type up my usual Meal Plan for you all. Instead, some very lovely readers have been so kind to share their family favourite recipes. Thank you to each one of you for taking the time to provide links […]

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Wow I had such a big weekend, non stop.  Saturday saw me looking after a friends 3 kids, plus the neighbours kids were dropping by, it was a very busy afternoon with 6 plus kids, I was tired by the end but really enjoyed it.  Then later that evening I had dinner and drinks with […]

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Apologies that this week’s meal plan is a day late.  I had a fantastic long weekend away with friends, I have caught up on my project life album and also completed a few scrapbooking layouts, didn’t finish as much as I wanted, but we enjoyed the chatting and late nights, along with the scrapbook expo, so […]

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  • Hi Katrina, sounds like a wonderful weekend you have had. I will get back into meal planning sometime soon and hope to join in, in the not too distant future :)ReplyCancel

  • Harismarines


    For More details visit

I remembered to take some photo’s this week!! I am also in the process of updating the recipe section.  You will soon find it easier to search and print my recipes.  Please give me some time to get them all in. I hope you have all enjoyed a wonderful week.  Are you keeping up with […]

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  • julie

    What a shame I don’t facebook!!
    I have enough to keep up with just email but I try to check this blog everyday for all the hints and tips
    I did wonder what happened to the daily tasks you set…
    Having this blog as a one-stop shop would be great

    Enjoy the long weekend all the WA folk!ReplyCancel

  • Your buttons wouldn’t work but I linked back to your blog! :) CheersReplyCancel

I would like you to please forgive me, I always intend on taking photo’s of my meals, however I have the worst memory and I always remember half way through eating.  I am going to try and make this a priority in the future. I love to cook yummy scrumptious meals, I am sure I […]

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  • Monday – meatballs and vegies, Tuesday – stir fry chicken and glass noodles, Wednesday – apricot chicken risotto, Thursday – vegies in the slowcooker and noodles, Friday – baked beans (canned), Saturday – OUT (without kids WOOHOO!), Sunday – tomato soup (canned…)!

    We are moving on Sunday so trying to use as many heavy or frozen items as possible. Canned baked beans and canned tomato soup are not weekly staples in our house – especially not in the same week! Similarly, we wouldn’t usually have chicken two nights in a row but the meatballs have to be eaten today, MIL for dinner Weds so can’t give her baked beans… Aaah, what a crazy week.

    Thanks for the forum for allowing me to plan each week and keep myself accountable, k :)ReplyCancel

  • Don’t be disturbed – those Cinnamon Crumble Muffins are a favourite here too and why not – they turn out perfectly every time. Bri often takes a few in winter to school for her friends. If I take them somewhere I always get asked for the recipe! I say it’s a recipe from my Auntie Betty!ReplyCancel

  • I’ve been slack posting up my meal plan, so much so that the one I did up today – finishes tomorrow!ReplyCancel

  • Julie

    Packet mixes are not an issue if you choose your brands wisely (i.e. the less weird numbers the better!) packet mixes you use at home are far better than many of the highly processed, extensively stored products that can be bought from some independent grocers and major supermarket chains. Their production also produces alot of what amounts to cosmetic waste, the cost of which is passed onto you :-| Also industrial/factory made cakes (a top national bakery) are often produced using bulk packet mixes anyway!
    If you want the convenience of packets pre-measure all your “dry” ingredients into a snaplock bag, that way you are half done to whipping up a batch at short notice (they may even store in fridge or freezer)
    For cookies/biscuits/pastry freeze uncooked, cakes/muffins un-iced. Just wrap well to prevent freezer burn.ReplyCancel



    Your website is incredible. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Tash x


  • Alison

    Monday: roast pork, roast veggies and gravy.
    Tuesday: Cold pork (leftover from Mon) and salad.
    Wednesday: Pumpkin soup with bacon and onion savoury scones.
    Thursday: Braised steak and onions with potato mash, carrots and beans.
    Friday: Homemade pasties, using leftovers from Thurs meal.
    Saturday: Spaghetti and meatballs in roasted tomato sauce
    Sunday: Veggie soup with meatballs, using leftovers from Sat meal.

    As you can see, I do one big meal every second night so that I can use the leftovers in a simple meal for the following evening. Works for me!ReplyCancel

  • What a lovely recipe. My family loves this kind of dish. It really looks delicious.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      It is so yummy, Rachel! My family really enjoy it too.:)ReplyCancel

Here is a comment I receieved this week which tells you the benefits this family found with meal planning: “This weekly meal planner is fantastic. It is saving us an absolute fortune each week on our grocery bill. Instead of buying things from the supermarket just because we always buy them, I am only purchasing food […]

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  • D'Ann

    Tonight we are having BBQ chicken with fresh cut French Fries. Monday it is left over Manwich, Tue is free sandwiches at Chick Fil a, Wed Pot roast, Thursday Buffalo Chicken wings. Friday we leave for Washington DC!ReplyCancel

  • Julie

    When meal planning I first look thought the fridge to see what needs using up, then the vegie garden, the pantry, then the supermarket specials.
    I very rarely throw out any food. Also because i serve a minimum portion on the plates (eg veg the kids are ‘encouraged’ to eat) then help them selves to fill up, the leftovers are usually good to reuse as they are or to make things like bubble’n’squeak
    Also I do things like cooking and freezing any unused carrots BEFORE they go ‘bendy’ and they become ready-made frozen food for future use. In this way it extends their storage life -not that this is ideal – i prefer fresh from the garden where poss buta special is not a bargain if you throw it out!ReplyCancel

I’m back to my regular blogging self today, it feels good to be back in front of the laptop getting back into a regular routine.  I hope you all didn’t miss me too much, lol.  As I mentioned last week I have changed my Meal Planning posts to Monday’s, I’ll explain more in another post […]

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  • Raelene Graham

    Thank you for the review on the Phillip air fryer, have been considering buying one of them or the tefal actifry,love to read real reviews!ReplyCancel

  • I’ve not heard of the airfryer before this review, so I went off and did a bit of research (it took a bit of looking too!).

    Are they worth the $300 price tag though? Sounds very expensive for something that could very easily get lost at the back of the cupboard after the newness wears off.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Neither had I Renee. I have considered purchasing a deep fryer in the past, which would be alot cheaper than the airfryer, but the airfryer is a healthier option. Yes $300 maybe a little excessive, but it is so much easier to clean than an oven. Will also reduce the amount of oil you need to cook with, therefore making the food healthier.ReplyCancel

  • Love the idea of these fyers and wondered how well they worked. Would love to hear how homemade wedges go. Not sure I could afford one if they are that much thoughReplyCancel

  • […] Monday – Chilli Con Carne Pasta Bake made from last nights left overs […]ReplyCancel

  • I own a Philips AirFryer and use it often to enjoy French Fries, Fried Plantains, Chicken Wings, Chicken Fried Steak, Homemade Sweet Potato Tater Tots, you name it! IT’S AMAZING! Everybody should have one! Just saying…ReplyCancel

This weeks meal plan below, don’t forget to link up your meal plan below. Today I would like to dedicate this post the my dear husbands Uncle Paul. Sadly Paul passed away unexpectedly over easter and today we are laying him to rest. He was such a happy and easy going young man whom was […]

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Now that winter is approaching, it’s a good time to use up alot of the food or meals you have in the freezer, to then restock with yummy casseroles and soups. Create your meal plan using food from the freezer Clean the freezer wiping down the sides and shelves.  See more details about cleaning the […]

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  • Julie

    What a week it has been in our house with me organising a big fundraiser bbq, Easter and ANZAC Day all the same weekend!
    The house is not as shabby as i had expected it might get – but for now it will wait until tomorrow as I take the youngest 2 out so Ms 15 can get some sleep before she starts work!

    We went to the Dawn service as we have done most years, and every year since my son started Scouts. As a Venturer (senior scout)my daughter(15) stayed overnight on Vigil at the Cenotaph in council gardens, after which we followed the procession from the town centre to there. (Last year she was lead flagbearer for the district march and looked like a deer in headlights when she realised where she’d be!) Thismorning I looked for her nearly 10min only to find she’d been placed in the catafalque party (the remaining 4 to guard the monument through the entire ceremony!) ..which brings me to my point – we all have duties, even if we do feel a bit reluctant sometimes. And I must say much of the time much of the housework fits this bill. I think it is one of the most unacknowledged and sometimes unappreciated of duties when performed for other than yourself. (If you ever do want to hear a mass campaign of housewife appreciation try the post-WW2 rhetoric – too bad it’s prime political motivation was to free-up employment for returning servicemen!)

    For me its a day full of memories – of Old Spice cologne and my Grandad. Obviously, I do not have the same calibre of memories as the veterans but for me the memory of my Grandad is one of love. He always had a lap for me. As I look back now and remember when he was tired, had arthritis in his knees, and the pains of years, I have an even deeper appreciation in that he never let me doubt there wasn’t a moment he wouldn’t make for me.

    My Grandad had a disdain for the maudlin commemorations, and would never go. He even spent some time as a detained conscript for his determination to serve his country as an engineer!! He thought that family, and enjoying the simple things in life was the appropriate way to appreciate the sacrifices made instead. During thismorning’s service, after a beautiful dedication, the crowd silent, some of the oldest veterans stood up and applauded. (I was always taught it was proper respect to be reserved) There was a quick shuffle of papers when one of the RSL members joined the speaker and stated his overwhelming joy and honor to see so many young people come to appreciate the veterans. He said that to just see them enjoy and celebrate life & freedom made it all worthwhile. So there it is – whatever your opinions of war or those involved, take the time to give love & value to another, make the most of the freedoms that are often taken for granted so you can enjoy living the best life you can! It’s your duty.ReplyCancel

  • […] The Freezer. I need to do this one, but it needs to wait a little while longer. I have to get a couple […]ReplyCancel

  • Suzanne

    Here’s a tip that’s great for any time of year!

    We have a smallish freezer(30″ wide) in our kitchen and a bigger freezer(40″ wide)in the cottage/garage. The small freezer contains items for the next 2 weeks of meals, some pre-made dinners, fruit&veg, baking. The larger freezer contains the items to prep the foods (meat, fish, fruit, veg).

    To keep things organized in the small freezer each category is in a cardboard box: fruit, veg, meat, fish, baking on top. To organize the larger freezer I also put like items in open top cardboard boxes with hand holes on the sides. These are the sort of boxes you’d find tomatoes, cukes and peppers in. I get mine at Costco — all the same size so it’s nice and neat. They are also designed to be stackable (I use these in my sewing room to keep projects together and it’s easy to move them from room to room).

    Here’s my fav trick: On the outside of the big freezer I use an erasable marker and make a list of what’s inside! ie: top left hand corner is prepped soups&sauces, top right hand corner are jams etc I also write how many items of each type are in there. The dry eraser hangs on a hook that’s suctioned onto the freezer’s side. Even my hubby can go to the freezer and find that stash of ribs!

    An older lady in the line up at the green grocer told me about this. It’s amazing the tips you can find out when you’re chatting :)

    Suzanne in Kelowna, British Columbia, CanadaReplyCancel

    • I love this idea, sounds so wonderfully organised. I’m loving all your tips today Suzanne, thank you for sharing them all.ReplyCancel

  • […] The Freezer. I need to do this one, but it needs to wait a little while longer. I have to get a couple […]ReplyCancel

As I am away from the computer this week with the kids I thought I would give you some links to previous meal plans: Meal Planning:  Chicken and Cheese Pasta Bake + more Meal Planning:  Chicken Avocado Fettucine + more Meal Planning: Fettuccine with creamy tomato Italian sausage + more Meal Planning:  Quick Beef Curry + […]

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