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Loads of different Fathers Day Gift Ideas to help you decide what to get the Dad that has everything. Great ideas like the Remote Control Esky itmade me laugh, that chip that helps locate lost keys, and phone charging stand for dad to have at his office desk, and loads more ideas.

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  • Carly

    I have no idea what to get my partner for fathers day, but I have to say this is a pretty cool list of ideas I wouldn’t think of. I think the beard bib is genius, his shavings drive me bonkers.ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      I too thought it was a brilliant idea and had to share with everyone.:) I must admit i am a little stuck this year too!ReplyCancel

  • Laura

    It has become a bit of a tradition in our house that we get my husband a coffee mug with the kids pictures on it. I keep an eye out for when they are on special and order it then. This year I got one for only $4.95!
    That plus the usual socks and undies!!!ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Loves these ideas, Laura! Especially the mug with the kids photos’s in it.:)ReplyCancel

  • Thanks so much for these ideas! I really had no idea what to get hubby for Father’s Day. I’m tossing up between the key ring and bluetooth item finder…ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Isn’t the bluetooth finder fantastic!ReplyCancel

  • Kim

    I bought one of the kids thermos after you advertised it, and master 9 has been super excited about school lunches/ last night’s leftovers.
    I made your Shepherds pie and he had that one lunch,(the kids in his class thought it smelled great!).. soup with ravioli….fried rice and omelette….. Thanks for a great idea! :)ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      So glad that your kids enjoyed them, mine love a hot lunch on a cold day :)ReplyCancel

A collection of recipes and meal ideas to serve at a Christmas in July party/get together, snack, desserts, roasts and more.

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Be organised this Christmas by using the Christmas Planner. Included in the planner is a full checklist to ensure that nothing will be forgotten, section to help you budget for gifts, food and more, write your list of who you are sending Christmas cards too, an area to note down your traditions and so much more.

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  • Lydia

    i have used this planner for the past few years now, it’s such a sanity saver, just brilliant. I’m going to get one for my sister, she’ll love it.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Fantastic Lydia.:)ReplyCancel

This post is sponsored by KFC What makes a good mum?  This is THE QUESTION, from the day our children were born we always question ourselves. Am I a good mum?  Am I doing this right? Being a mum is hard work, we strive to keep the family happy, fed, clean and may set our expectations […]

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  • This is going to be my second year participating in the Mother’s Day Classic. Mother’s Day is always hard for me and the run is a great way to keep distracted as well as supporting a great cause. This year I’ll have both my boys in the pram doing it with me – considering I’m going to be pushing almost 30kg for 8km I hope I make it! I hope you have a lovely day xReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Lauren that is wonderful that you are doing the Mothers Day classic! And so lovely that your boys are doing it with you. Good luck and Happy Mothers day to you xReplyCancel

  • Louise Thomsen

    We try to visit Australia Zoo as a family each Mother’s Day :).

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      What a wonderful fun filled day.:) Love visiting Australia Zoo!ReplyCancel

  • We don’t have any traditions as such, this year for the first time my step kids will be with me for an hour or two in the morning, so I am very excited about that. Enjoy your day xReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Ooh that is lovely Nicole, hope you have a wonderful day.:)ReplyCancel

  • We go out for breakfast as a family, and with whichever of our mothers that are around. I’ve found that because breakfast is done by 11am, I get 3/4 of the day to myself instead of running around catching up with the mothers separately. And Biggest Winner – aside from making the reservation, I don’t need to do ANYTHING!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Sounds like a lovely day all round. Hope you have a beautiful day.:)ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Broadbent

    I’ll be home with a two year old and two five month olds while hubby is at work. No Mother’s Day for me this Sunday :/ Miss 2’s daycare centre are putting on an afternoon tea today for Mother’s Day so I’ll pop down there and spend some time with my big kid while hubby watches the babies.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Ooh a nice chance to spend some time with your little ones, maybe a picnic? xReplyCancel

  • What a beautiful post Kat. We usually all go over to my sisters house with big platters of food and enjoy each others company. It’s lovely. I hope you have a wonderful day with your gorgeous family. :)ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Ooh that sounds lovely, Kate. Hope you had a wonderul day too.:)ReplyCancel

For the Dad’s that may have googled Mothers Day Gift Ideas or daughters needing some ideas for their Mum, here is a great list of ideas the Mum in your life may enjoy this Mothers Day. For the Mum’s reading please share in the comments below what has been your favourite gift received in the past? […]

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  • These are great ideas Kat! Mothers Day always sneaks up on me because it’s usually a few days after my birthday 😛ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      It must be your birthday very soon then, hope you have a great day, looking forward to seeing you soon!!ReplyCancel

  • Suzanne

    Great ideas. I had to laugh at the ‘I love you more than cupcakes’ sign… Cupcake is my younger niece’s nickname. She’d be a bit insulted if I gave mom that sign, lol! :-)ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      LOL yes she would be.:)ReplyCancel

Create beautiful moments and memories spending time with your kids doing som fun easter crafts. There are so many cute Easter craft ideas floating around the web at the moment, hope you enjoy some I have shared.

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This post is sponsored by Coles We celebrate Easter with extended family, each bringing along some food, morning tea, salad and/or dessert and my Dad usually cooks a huge salmon on the BBQ.  I’m usually asked to bring something sweet.  Last year Miss 12 made a Triple Chocolate Cheesecake from My Kitchen Rules, it was absolutely delicious and […]

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  • SmittenKitten

    Great cake, I have made a few variations before, a good tip is to plan ahead and buy your chocolate in the weeks before when they come on sale. Buying it all in one go can be quite surprising!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      That is a good idea, the cakes too can last in the fridge for 2 weeks or so.ReplyCancel

  • WOW!! This is so easy and yet it looks like you’ve spent hours making it. I love the Coles magazine – I’m always grabbing it for easy dinner ideas!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      There is some really delicous meal ideas in the magazine this month Lucy, I’ve got the chicken pie tagged to make soon!ReplyCancel

  • Kay Cockram

    You are one special lady! I might not get to liking or sharing your contents but I do love your suggestions and recipes. I am in the 70+ year age group and pass on your wonderful hints to my daughters when I think they have the time to participate.
    Keep up the fantastic work.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Ooh thank you so much, Kay! It is so lovely to hear.:) And i just love hearing feedback from my readers xReplyCancel

  • Heidi

    I love the Easter kit Kat cake. I’m always looking for fun and easy projects to make with my 5 year old daughter. This cake will make the perfect mommy daughter project to add to our Easter this year!ReplyCancel

  • Oh my goodness, I don’t think I can choose between the cheesecake, kit kat cake and snickers cake! Too much yum!ReplyCancel

  • Niocle @ The Builder's Wife

    I cannot thank you enough, I’ve been wondering what to serve for dessert on Easter Sunday, and just like that you’ve saved me!! xxReplyCancel

  • Megan McCormick

    Great cake idea! My favourite Good Friday is soup (spicy lentil, pumpkin or creamy vegetable) with crusty bread for lunch. For dinner I always make a pasta feast – veggie lasagne, spinach & ricotta cannelloni plus baked gnocchi with napoletana sauce. One of my favourite cooking days of the year and even the most staunch meat eaters we know love the spread. Delish!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Clark

    What a great idea – definitely have these ingredients on my shopping list….do you mind me asking where did you get the floral eggs and the little ceramic rabbit…they are so cute.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Amanda, I got these a few years ago from Bed Bath and Table, I went there a few weeks ago and they have ones if not the same but very similar in their current easter range :)ReplyCancel

  • Omigosh Kat, you are so clever. What a great looking cake! I love it. No way you can burn this cake!! :)ReplyCancel

  • Deb

    Hi I have 3 teenagers 14-15& 17 I would love ideas on there bedrooms storage & for there lunch for this age group I’m finding it’s harder for me the primary school
    Kids HELPReplyCancel

My Miss 12 made these Easter Cupcake Nests last year,  she really loves baking and creating.  This is an easy Easter cupcake that the kids will enjoy making… and eating!!  I have found some more clever decorative easter cupckae ideas which I have shared below. It’s as simple as making some chocolate cupcakes and icing, Miss 12 used […]

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  • KC

    Can you please removing the RSS truncating from your feed. I liked being able to read your blog in my feed reader; I’m mostly just skipping over your posts now.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi KC, I’m so sorry for the time being I need to change it to RSS, I will reassess it in the next month, I am sorry for the inconvenience.ReplyCancel

  • Hi Kat, thank you so much for featuring my Malteser Bunny Cupcakes. Gosh you’ve chosen so many cute ones! I think I need to try the marshmallow ear ones next. Wow your daughter is going to be the next Masterchef – she did such a great job on her cupcakes!!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Ooh thank you, Lucy!.:) Yes she just loves to bake.:)
      The malteser bunny cupcakes are just adorable! I couldn’t resist them.:) xReplyCancel

  • I just want to eat them all! Not only do they look cute, but yummy too!! Thanks for sharing them. xxReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      I agree Nicole! They are all so cute!.:) xReplyCancel

  • peggy

    have u tried a packet of dried noodles mixed with peanut butter (optional) and chocolate for chocolate nests
    the kids love ’emReplyCancel

This Easter Dessert is so very easy to make and those that eat it wouldn’t realise it only took you minutes to make!

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  • Natkatlark

    Yum! Chocolate Ripple Cake was one of our most frequent birthday cake requests as kids.ReplyCancel


    A friend of mine made an ‘adult’ version of this; using Griffins Chocolate Chippy Bikkies and dunking them in a liqueur before spreading cream on them!ReplyCancel

  • […] Choc Ripple Cake som den kallas hos the Organized Housewife varifrån receptet kommer ifrån. Skulle gjorts till påsk men oj vad vi föråt oss på påsktårtan då. Hur som […]ReplyCancel

  • […] Easter link- my girls are always on the lookout for a great desert for Easter lunch at my parents- This is this […]ReplyCancel

  • Kate

    Back in the dinner party days this was an easy and cheats desert.

    Dip Gingernuts in sherry put together with cream, lay flat cover

    with more cream and hunks of Chocolate Flakes, add a bowl of

    Rasberries, sooo good.ReplyCancel

    • Victoria

      The ginger nut in sherry sound so good going to try that for sure!!ReplyCancel

      • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

        Very yummy indeed, Victoria.:)ReplyCancel

  • Linda

    My mum used to make a similar one with the cookies dipped in coffee before laying flat and covering with cream. Several layers and cover the edges before chilling. I like the way yours are stacked though, looks good when it’s cut!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Ooh sounds lovely dipped in coffee!.:)ReplyCancel

Bunny bait is a really quick and easy easter gift idea that you can make with the kids.  It would be as a delicious treat for teachers, neighbours, the kids friends or your work colleagues. I must tell you, I’m not the biggest popcorn fan, but boy, this Easter Bunny Bait is absolutely DELICIOUS!! Only a few simple […]

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  • Amanda

    How long in advance could this be made?ReplyCancel

  • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

    Hi Amanda, You could make it a week before hand. I’m making some more this weekend, just keep it in the fridge in an air tight container.ReplyCancel

    • Amanda

      White choc would not melt! Just clumped & started burning one lot onto of water bath on stove (I didn’t get any water in bowl Im sure) & one lot in microwave? Any ideas what I’m doing wrong????ReplyCancel

  • Amanda

    Thank you! I wasn’t sure how the popcorn would go once coated I’ll be making some this weekend too!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa

    Hi! I’m popping my own popcorn so how much is in the bag you use?? Just so I know how much to pop to match with other ingredients, thanks :-)ReplyCancel

  • Hi Lisa, the bag of popcorn i used was 120gReplyCancel