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I noticed we use a lot of paper towel and wipes in our household and in my mission to be frugal and reduce our grocery bill I am trying to find cheaper alternatives, like using my own homemade all purpose cleaner.  Over the past few months I have been using reusable homemade antibacterial wipes (although […]

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  • Lee

    Great idea!
    I love the fact they are on hand. Being able to launder them make me feel they are good as new when I pull one out.
    Fans and skirting boards are my focus this week.

    A little label for the jar:
    Pick me.
    Use me.
    Launder me.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Love that idea of the label Lee LOL!ReplyCancel

  • Jayne

    Kat you never cease to amaze me, I have never thought of this, love it going to make some up today.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Ooh thank you Jayne! Would love to see a photo once you have made them.:)ReplyCancel

  • Justine

    If you add clove oil it kills mould spores, too.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      great idea Justine!ReplyCancel

  • Mascha

    Tip: do not throw any disposable wipes in the toilet. Instead throw them in the garbage bin. Safes heaps of energy and $$ to our waste-water treatment process!!

    They do not really disintegrate, even though it usually says on the pack that they are biodegradable and you can throw them in the toilet. DON’T…

    I would take probably months if not longer for them to degrade and before that they will already have to be taken out of the waste-water treatment process (or have clogged up something/somewhere)!

    Major burden on the treatment plants and our tax-payer bills!!! :)ReplyCancel

    • Mascha

      Ow, and of course (totally forgot): I LOVE YOUR BLOG :)
      Really inspirational and fun…
      Thanks for making the chores more fun!ReplyCancel

  • Alison

    I always get so many great ideas from your blog! Thank you so much!


    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Ooh thank you, Alison! So lovely to hear.:)ReplyCancel

  • Rachael Pender

    Is there another oil you could use? My mum is highly allergic to lavender.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Rachael, you could try using tea tree oil.ReplyCancel

  • Erica

    I just made my own version of these on Monday! Same recipe but mine has eucalyptus oil instead of lavender and they work a treat!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      That’s fantastic Erica!ReplyCancel

  • Dani

    Such a good idea. I use a 50:50 mix of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle to clean just about everything, using paper wipes mostly. Even though they’re recycled paper and mainly go into our compost, I’ve been wanting to cut down on waste and costs. I’ll have to give this a go, thanks :)ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Great idea, Dani! Yes give it a go, i’m sure you will love it!ReplyCancel

  • These are great, I have used lavender oil and water in a spray bottle for cleaning surfaces for ages and love this idea, Thanks.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Your welcome Jane :)ReplyCancel

  • Lisa

    I love this idea. I am going to make one today, without going to the shops. One old glass cookie jar and some old cut up tee shirts, I always have vinegar for cleaning in the cupboard. I like the comment about the clove oil. I am always happy to save money and the environment. Thanks.ReplyCancel

  • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

    Saving money and the environment together is a great combination!ReplyCancel

  • I have been looking forward to trying these, just waiting on a jar. Today I made them up using Earth Choice surface cleaner (nice eucalyptus scent) and lavender oil. LOVE them, thanks for the great idea.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Ooh so glad you like them! I think they are beautiful too.:)ReplyCancel

  • Greta Adams

    I use this same recipe except i use Thieves cleaner (by Young Living) and thieves essential oil. Germ Killer! I love it.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      I’ve never heard of this, thanks Greta!ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl Taylor

    I love this, I use some lavender, some calming oil.
    I have made my daughter some too! I am on my 3rd batch lol

This is a guest post from reader Donna One of my readers Donna, emailed me with her tips and tricks for cleaning her home chemical free with vinegar and thought I would share them with you all. I use vinegar in the rinse compartment of my washing machine, a great fabric softener and helps clean […]

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  • These are great tips, its a really good and non-toxic way to clean your home. I would be curious to know if the scent is strong on the vinega after cleaning.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Hi Laura, They are great tips, i agree. And not to mention chemical free but also so much cheaper than all those cleaning products that cost a fortune. The vinegar leaves a clean smell, not to strong unlike bleaches.ReplyCancel

  • Vinegar is great for cleaning bathrooms and kitchens and it helps keep pipes clean to as it washes down the drain. I love the sugar soap hint and will use this in future. :)ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Thanks Bec! It is great in the kitchen just a tip i personally wouldn’t on stone benches but any other should be fine.ReplyCancel

  • Amy

    Vinegar is a great low toxin way to clean, though when vaporised in a spray bottle, it is just as toxic as most cleaners so please be careful. Oh, and it is not chemical free, acetic acid ( vinegar) is a chemical too!ReplyCancel

  • Sim

    Vinegar is acidic and therefore corrosive. It is not suitable for many stone bench tops and stone floors such as marble and travertine.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Yes you must watch stone benches but great for glass, mirrors and bathrooms.ReplyCancel

  • I love these tips! And it’s much cheaper than buying cleaning products too! You’ve got some very clever readers!! :-)ReplyCancel

  • Penny

    Please stop perpetuating the ignorant myth that certain products are “chemical-free”. Vinegar is a “chemical” C2H4O2. Even pure water is a “chemical” H2O.ReplyCancel

  • Erica

    Laura, I personally find that the vinegar smell disappears considerably after it dries . :)ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Yes your right, only takes a few minutes to disappear.ReplyCancel

  • As much as I love vinegar as a cleaner. Vinegar is made up of  acetic acid and water. “Chemical free” is a marketing ploy designed to reel consumers in who don’t understand Chemistry and get them to buy products. Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it isn’t toxic. Toxicity is indicated by dose. The dose of a substance determines toxicity. Water consumption can be fatal if you drink enough.ReplyCancel

  • Squeaky Cleaning Services Bundaberg & Wide-Bay

    So many uses. #nochemicalsrequired ReplyCancel

  • Soheer Elshair

    ???? ??????? ????? ???ReplyCancel

  • Jill Mcgilvray

    Enjoy all your tips ReplyCancel

  • Always good to hear new tips, whether you decide to use them or not. I love putting vinegar in with my wash as an alternative to fabric softener and the cost factor is definitely a bonus.ReplyCancel

  • You can also try using baking soda and freshly squeezed lemon juice as an alternative. Works miracles!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      That’s right, great alternative!ReplyCancel

It’s only in the last two years that I have started drinking coffee.  I can’t believe I went through my whole 20’s without it, but it just didn’t appeal to me.  Now that I have eliminated coke from my diet (now 10 months without any!!) I am enjoying my relaxing cups of coffees more. I […]

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  • Coffee is my life’s blood. I must have it. Speaking of which I have to go…ReplyCancel

  • Mareesa

    I have heard that you shouldn’t boil a stainless steel kettle with vinegar in it. My kettle is stainless steel, and I fill it to the top with 2pt vinegar, 1 pt water, let sit for 30 mins, then rinse a few times to remove vinegar smell/taste.ReplyCancel

  • Carley Monk

    This was great to be reminded to do, it’s one of those things that people (I know I) tend to not even think of doing. Mine now looks spotless thanks, but was wondering how do you clean those coffee pod machines? I use mine everyday, but couldn’t tell you how to clean it, any tips?ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Hudson

    I’ve used the Rubbedin brand “Kettle Magic/Descale Magic” that did a fantastic job, but to be honest, looking at the ingredients, it’s mostly citric acid – boiling up lemons would do the same job. I do, however, use their Washing Machine cleaner and descaler, and I also have CLR for cleaning limescale in the bathroom.ReplyCancel

  • SueM

    I use citric acid. need to reboil kettle a few times after to make sure the next user doesn’t taste it. ask me how I know this ;)ReplyCancel

  • Bradley

    I would boil the kettle with it on the draining board. We didn’t have much vinegar in the kettle and it boiled over.ReplyCancel

  • Lisa

    I read your ‘how to clean a kettle’ post but at the end there was a reader tip which I tried since I had a lemon and no vinegar. This worked 100% perfect! I was never sure how to get rid of the limescale and it surprisingly worked with no harsh chemicals. With the boiled lemon water I put it into a bowl and with a warm tea towel I cleaned the outside of the kettle with the hot lemon water. That also worked a treat! Thank you! From one very happy housewife <3ReplyCancel

  • Wow – it worked my kettle is now really clean – thanks for the Tip.ReplyCancel

  • Georga

    Wish I had read the boiling over comment before I just did this! Only had about half a cup of vinegar and a cup of water to cover the element and when it reached boiling point it shot out of the spout like a fountain, flooding my toaster and the kettle element! Lol. Toaster is now out in sun drying out but I suspect I will need a new toaster and kettle! At least it will be a clean kettle I guess.ReplyCancel

  • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

    Oh no Georga! Oops.:)ReplyCancel

White vinegar is such a useful household tool! It’s cheap to buy in bulk and is great for using around the house, not just the kitchen, and can replace a wide range of harsh chemical solutions. Its magical ingredient is acetic acid which does wonders in a lot of different ways! Around The House Mildew […]

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  • Fiona 'Fi' Keller

    I mainly use vinegar along with bicarb soda to clean a lot of things
    I use vinegar on tough stubborn stains or use it in conjunction with bicarb and form a paste.ReplyCancel

    • It’s a great combination together!
      Katrina Springer
      The Organised Housewife

      Also find me: Website | Shop | Facebook | Pinterest | InstagramReplyCancel

  • Suzanne Landers

    Hi. I tried spraying my shower screen with white vinegar and giving it a scrub but the soap scum build up is VERY stubborn. Have also tried making a paste with bicarbonate of soda, scrubbing and then spraying with vinegar, repeating the scrubbing and then rinsing. Have tried a few commercial cleaners in the past but nothing is working. HeLP!ReplyCancel

    • Lucelle Sauer

      Have you tried those magic eraser, the white block you can get them in the cleaning isle of the supermarket, All I do is rub it on the shower screen and the tiles and it comes clean. (like rubbing pencil out with a rubber) No nasty smell. Hope this helpsReplyCancel

    • laurabella

      put in a spray bottle equal parts vinegar and dishwashing detergent, spray it all over glass, the tiles the shower floor and let sit for a bit, and gently scrub and it will all come off easily, the detergent gets all the soap scumb off and the vinegar deodorises and leaves a beautiful shine on the glass and tiles,. wish I knew this before years of buying every single product down that isle and nothing worked!! :)ReplyCancel

  • diamonlyn

    I use it to spray in my small bathroom – and on the carpet in the hallway leading to it; I have an older furbaby who unfortunately has made the area his own and no amount of cleaning helps it – i spray vinegar over the surface and it helps the odor fade.ReplyCancel

  • Helen

    2 cups of vinegar to 9l of water and clean my sealed cork floor.ReplyCancel

    • great idea Helen, I get asked a lot how to clean cork floors, but so this is a fabulous help! Katrina Springer
      The Organised Housewife

      Also find me: Website | Shop | Facebook | Pinterest | InstagramReplyCancel

  • Stephanie Lamb

    i only just found out the other day that most vinegar is derived from petroleum, do you know of natural brand as most bulk cheap brands are petroleum based. :(ReplyCancel

  • Christine

    Do you have a good window cleaning recipe? Vinegar, Bicarbonate, dish washing liquid?ReplyCancel

  • Vinegar has to be the best product out there! So many uses and perfect for those highly polished floor tiles! Thanks againReplyCancel

Some drink bottles come with very small opening making it hard to get a sponge or a brush in there for a good clean.  Over time if a drink bottle is not cleaned properly or left for a period of time in the car or bag it can become quite slimy. A simple trick to […]

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  • Redrose

    Hi there, thats a great idea. but how do you get rid of the mold that gets built up around the the small opening?ReplyCancel

    • PookiMa

      That’s guck is so annoying and it keeps reappearing! I’ve invested in a big pack of pipe cleaners. Just bend the tip into a U shape. They’re really good for getting into the straws as well.ReplyCancel

    • Kim

      To get rid of mould on lids I soak them in Milton(used to sterilize baby bottles). You could soak the whole bottle.ReplyCancel

  • Norlin Mustapha

    Great tip!!! Never thought of that!ReplyCancel

  • Louise De Luca

    Would you be able to soak them in bleach then rinse in running water to cleanReplyCancel

    • I wouldn’t Louise, I would keep bleach well away from surfaces and products that are used for eating or drinking.ReplyCancel

      • Vanessa

        but it’s ok to put denture’s back in your mouth?ReplyCancel

  • off duty dentist

    That build up is a biofilm, like plaque on false teeth. Best way to disrupt a biofilm is to scrub it off with hot soapy water and some kind of brush. A toothbrush gets in most places. You can bend the handles if you heat the plastic to make it easier to get inside rims. Then run em through the dishwasher.ReplyCancel

  • […] Theorganisedhousewife – How to Clean Bottles […]ReplyCancel

  • Sarah

    I clean plastice bottles with hot soapy water, about a tablespoon of rice, and a whole lot of shaking. It helps to get the gunk on the bottom of the bottle that is hard to reach with brushes.ReplyCancel

  • Monica

    I clean my water bottles with a bottle brush (from the baby aisle).ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Monica, i have also used the baby bottle brushes too, they work well i agree . I like to also use the denture tablets for those hard tricky places i can’t get to with a brush.ReplyCancel

  • Amanda

    Katrina, do you know if the denture tablets can be used in steel drink bottles or just plastic? (I recently replaced all of the plastic drink bottles with steel!!!)ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Kat's Assistant

      Hi Amanda, Yes they can be used in both.:)ReplyCancel

Cleaning the oven would have to be one of my  least favourite jobs too.  But I love to bake and doing it in a clean oven is preferable. I have mentioned before about my allergies and not being able to use horrible smelling cleaners, which is a good thing in a way because I prefer to use non […]

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  • […] See details on how I clean my oven here […]ReplyCancel

  • Sonia G

    I just use washing soda and hot water to clean my wire racks. I don’t even have to leave them soaking for very long. Usually just long enough that the water is bearable on my hands…lolReplyCancel

  • Kelly

    Any tips on cleaning the top of the oven? I too hate the chemical cleaners but have not found a way to clean the roof of the oven effectively with non chemical cleaners.ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Pang

    I just did this for the first time last week and it was great… the shelves were black and look so much better…… not perfect but I ran out of scrubbing time. Plan to do it again after Christmas……..ReplyCancel

  • Kylie Maree Woods

    Use the bathtub to soak the oven racks! BRILLIANT! I’ve never been happy with trying to fit mine in the sink on weird angles…so rarely do they get the full treatment they need. That will be-a-changing now. :) Yay! (Oh dear… how sad that I am so excited by this. ;) )ReplyCancel

  • Ah in the bath!! Genius … Except the bathroom with the bath is not built yet! LolReplyCancel

    • Erica

      Laundry trough?ReplyCancel

      • We don’t have a laundry right now either! LOL Ah the joys of renovating your own house, it takes years but one day it will be worth it!ReplyCancel

  • serve safe first

    sorry but YUCK – I would never do this in a million years!ReplyCancel

  • Ingrid

    what a great idea using the bathtub! im going to try this today, part of the reason mine so desperately needs a clean is that its too hard to try and poke it around in the sink! thank you for this great tip! I also bought some Lemon Oil from the Neat Freak on facebook and this dilutes in a spray bottle with water to clean just about everything in sight, so by using this after my initial oven makeover, it will be so much easier to maintain.ReplyCancel

    • Warden

      I love the concept, but you can get a plastic “toy container” from most hardware stores. Big enough to hold an oven rack, but smaller than a bath. And you don’t have to worry about scratching the bath.ReplyCancel

  • Sam Campbell

    OMG what fabulous timing, my oven desperately needed a clean as I have been using those oven trays with the holes to get crispier chips, etc but they leave such a build up on the shelves it is horrible. Was trying to work out the best way to do it when I saw your post so I have them in the bath as we speak and have done the bottom of the oven and door as well with the bi-card and vinegar (hope it works on the door too, you didn’t mention that) oh well will let you know how that goes, it can’t hurt it I suppose. YAY, thank you again.ReplyCancel

  • kate @ livinglovinglaughing

    these are great tips and i am going to give them a go, esp the racks idea! but my biggest challenge is the glass oven door – it seems to be stained with brown/film of some sort. any tips on how to get that off without scratching it to pieces??ReplyCancel

    • Janice

      With regards to the glass oven door, I use a glass scraper like that used for glass-top cook-tops (stoves). With a bit of spray first, vinegar is good, it comes off easily. Just be careful to keep scraper level so as not to dig in, and buff with a clean cloth afterwards.ReplyCancel

      • kate @ livinglovinglaughing

        thank you!!! i will try that – i think we have one of those scrapers!ReplyCancel

        • christine

          Gumption gets it off easily. Just wet a chux, and apply, so easy. Available in cleaning Isle at supermarket. ReplyCancel

  • Sara

    I skip the bath and put the trays in my dishwasher on pot wash – brilliant and NO cleanup!ReplyCancel

  • This sounds super easy, will give it a go and see if it will work for me.ReplyCancel

  • Rusty Hoe

    Keen to give this a go, but do you end up with a grime covered bath after or does it easily wash off? Just don’t want to exchange one chore for another.ReplyCancel

    • Kelly

      I did have to clean the bath afterward but it wasn’t a big deal. Just a quick wipe down

  • busybee

    i recently used this method to clean the washable parts of my exhaust fan…could never have got it so clean without this advice. thx. Unfortunately the exhaust has a charcolar filter….and it’s passed it’s use-by…that can’t be washed or cleaned….so off to the shops for new one.ReplyCancel

  • kate @ livinglovinglaughing

    hi, i just tried this with my oven racks – soaked in the bath overnight with super hot water and napisan…. went to get them this morning and…. nothing has come off or will come off, even w scrubbing!!! :( have I done something wrong? something else to add to water?ReplyCancel

  • Jem

    This was the most amazing trick ever! My oven hadn’t been cleaned for what looked like a good 5 years… after living in the place for the past 2, it was time. I had some issues with the removal glass. Grime didn’t budge from there or on some of the racks.. Jif Cream Cleanser worked on that with a little scrubba dubReplyCancel

  • PipC

    Best trick that I have just been told and tried with great success is to clean the range hood is soak it in some good hard core oven cleaner and then put it in the dishwasher on the hottest setting that you can get. It comes up a treat – absolutely sparkling.ReplyCancel

  • Lisa

    I am going to try this tonight and see how we go.ReplyCancel

  • Anna LaRosa Brown

    This actually does work and I love not having to use those horrible oven cleaners, which I can’t use in my new oven. Thanks again.ReplyCancel

  • Karen Flowers

    What is nappy San?ReplyCancel

    • Christine Macdonald

      Karen Flowers…..Nappisan (? spelling) is a powder used to soak baby’s cloth nappies…..very good to use…..ReplyCancel

  • HarkoandMarleen Ellen

    My laundry tub is big enough for the shelves sideways… and I’ve used just ordinary washing powder…works just fine. I too am interested in how to clean the back and top of the oven… any tips??
    Good tip for a microwave oven… half fill a microwave proof jug with hot water, add a goodly splash of vinegar, microwave for a few minutes until it’s nice and steamy inside…. anything on the walls, etc will now just wipe off.ReplyCancel

  • Signora Gatto

    The oven is the bane of my life.ReplyCancel

  • gwen

    What can I do to clean the glass in the middle of my oven doorReplyCancel

  • Bobbi

    I used this method to clean the filters in the rangehood a few months ago and it worked a treat. I hadn’t gotten around to the shelves in the oven but I will have to get onto it.ReplyCancel

  • Any ideas on how to get the grime off the roof of the oven? Or just elbow grease? Other than that, this is brilliant, thanks! :)ReplyCancel

    • I remember watching the girls on ‘How Clean is your house’. They would use Borax to create a sludge that would stick to toilet bowl insides, maybe this will work in this instance as well.ReplyCancel

  • Wow, What awesome advice. I hate this job so much and really do hate those oven cleaners as well.

    I’m eager to try it out now, might give it a go today. It’d be great to have something simple that can do more often.ReplyCancel

  • karen

    Used the soda and vinegar trick – yep it worked! No luck on getting oven glass clean tho… anyone?!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Karen you could try using a bit of gumption on the glass, usually this does the trick!ReplyCancel

      • Karen

        Thanks Kat! I did see that someone mentioned Gumption – I’ve not used that product before and was hoping to get my oven cleaning done and dusted today….without another trip to the shops! Anyways, if the Gumption is as good as I’m reading it to be – sounds like that’s the plan :) Might work on my wood heater door too while I’ve got the cleaning cloth out!! Thanks heaps Kat, love your site!ReplyCancel

        • Karen

          Well, I tried the gumption and it didn’t work on the oven glass door :(
          Seems like I’m not the only one with this issue!
          Any other ideas?ReplyCancel

          • Ann

            Karen, do you have Jif (NZ product) where you live? I use it on my oven door with a paint scraper and it works a treat.

  • Melinda Lain White

    How do you clean the sides and the glass on the door without chemicals?ReplyCancel

  • Susan

    Next oven you buy should be a pyrolytic one. They are wonderful for not having to clean the oven yourself. Just set to pyrolytic setting and after the cycle, wipe out. Easy! You still have to clean the shelves but that’s easy enough.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Susan, I just purchased a new oven and have used this feature, but not sure I liked it, now all my racks don’t slide out nicely, it’s like it cooked away the nice sheen on all the racks, and I get a shiver, (like nails on a chalkboard) every time I take out a rack am so disappointed,ReplyCancel

      • Susan

        Hi Katrina, Did you read your instruction booklet? Mine says to take the racks out before you do the pyrolytic clean. I really hope you haven’t ruined them. Maybe give them a buff with some steel wool or a scourer.Hope it works out for you. I love my ovens. (I have two, big family).ReplyCancel

  • Kay Brown

    And for the glass/enamel door and the sides and back of the oven?ReplyCancel

  • In my experience if you heat the oven to a medium temperature first this makes the bicarb soda work better,ReplyCancel

  • These are some great tips! I agree that the shelves have to stay a long time in the water before the dirt comes off. And if you want to make everything a lot easier, you should clean your oven right after you use it, or at least heat it up a little, because this way the grease will come off easily. The biggest issue most people have when they clean their oven, is the fact that they haven’t cleaned it for a long time, and the grease has just built up there and gets stuck for good. If you wipe your oven after each meal, you practically won’t have to put so much effort into cleaning it.ReplyCancel

  • Jaime

    Lol I’m sure wiping out the oven after each use would work a treat, but I feel pretty darn proud just to get a meal on the table most nights!
    Also, I really don’t understand the logic in using bicarb (a base) and vinegar (an acid). They just neutralise each other. That’s how you make those cool volcano science experiments. They look good, but it’s basically just CO2 and water.ReplyCancel

  • Ann

    I pay $95 once a year for a lovely gentleman from Loven Cleaning Company (NZ) to clean my oven with steam and hot water – I am allergic to the oven cleaners on the market today as well. He does a wonderful job.ReplyCancel

  • Alison

    Hi Kat, last time you posted this up I had sparkly clean oven racks and a clean glass door however there is not way the stains on the bottom of my oven are coming off with vintage R and bicarbonate of soda – every time I have true to use this cleaner it has never worked!!ReplyCancel

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Our dishwasher is used once a day.  It usually cleans our breakfast dishes, dinner plates, cups, mugs and cutlery.  With all this there isn’t enough room for anything else.  However after time the dishwasher itself gets a little grotty and needs a good clean. Cleaning your dishwasher: remove all dishes from dishwasher using all purpose spray wipe […]

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  • Tracy

    Thank you for this! I’ve never known the best way to clean the dishwasher and I certainly didn’t want to pay asking price for the commerical cleaners to do the job. Looking forward to giving your method a go :-)ReplyCancel

  • Caroline Telfer

    Ooh yeah! That gunk under the door… Get rid of that!!!ReplyCancel

  • Evette Pagano

    My parents lived out in the country where they had minerals in the water. They would put a cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle with every load. The dishes came out spotless and the dishwasher never had any build up. This works like a charm!ReplyCancel

  • Nic

    is this the same for 2 drawer dishwashersReplyCancel

  • Louise

    Don’t forget to pull out the filter from the bottom, it gets all covered in gunk, if you don’t clean it regularly, you’re dishes won’t wash properlyReplyCancel

  • Anna

    Is the vinegar in the bowl meant to all spill out during the wash cycle, or just some spill out and more water collect in the bowl?ReplyCancel

  • Danielle Corbett

    run a load of citric acid instead of powder in an empty wash with vinegar as the rinseReplyCancel

  • Tony

    Don’t forget to remove and clean the filter. Then remove the spray arms and clear any foreign bits that block the spray nozzles.ReplyCancel

  • Karen

    Great tip thanksReplyCancel

  • How often do you recommend cleaning your dishwasher?ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Hi Alison,Ooh i usually try to clean mine every few weeks.ReplyCancel

  • […] the dishwasher – give it a regular clean to remove any smell and built up grime.  Step by step instructions here. I also use vinegar regularly as my rinse […]ReplyCancel

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang It is Spring! Such a beautiful time of year, not too cold or hot, temperature here in QLD is just right.  Change of season means a few things, I don’t cook as many soups or casseroles, I change the linens on the beds and it’s a good opportunity to […]

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  • […] you want to spring clean more than just your menu plan then pop over to The Organised Housewife for loads more spring cleaning tips sponsored by […]ReplyCancel

  • Camelia

    Hi, Kat! I must say, I’ve been reading your blog for a few hours now and I still have so much to read! I just discovered your blog today (under the tag My Inner Bree Van De Kamp on Pinterest – I was instantly in love with your beautiful baking tray basket), and also searching for tips on how to wash my washing machine). I am amazed at how well you maintain your home and raise your children. You are truly a homemaker. And you make it look so easy! Everything is in such good taste, I love it! I think I will soon buy some things from your store. So practical and beautiful at the same time! Now this particular post I found strange, as it is September and it’s been the start of autumn, (not spring) ever since I can remember. But then I remembered you live in Australia! (I am from Romania, Europe – the other part of the world from my place). Nonetheless, it’s an amazing post to be read when the time comes. I am thrilled to have found such an amazing place on the web. Thank you so much for everything you do and write. I will certainly come by more often. (Probably with silly questions hehe).

    Best wishes,

  • I have to confess that I am putting of dealing with my jumbled mess of a kitchen. I am waiting till our big walk in pantry is built… but the longer it takes the more I realise I might have to tackle the job regardless. Thanks for the inspiration!ReplyCancel

My kids toilet was smelling putrid recently, even after a general clean.  We all know how bad little boys are at aiming into the loo, goodness knows how it just gets everywhere.  The photo’s that I am going to share in this blog posts are disgusting, I actually wondered whether or not to share them, […]

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  • Linda Ann Bourke-Templeton

    love it now to get the offener to clean it :)ReplyCancel

  • Shan

    Great idea! Will be doing this on the weekend! My absolute least fav job is always mopping and vacuuming! Detest it! ;)ReplyCancel

  • krystal

    just wondering if you have any ideas on how to clean thick mineral deposit on the bottom of the toilet bowl, i have move into a rental property and i have tried many home made (vinegar, bi-carb, peroxide and cream of tartar) and commercial chemical (drain cleaner, CLS and general toilet cleaners) and the only thing that has done anything is a pumice stone but in 39 weeks prego and it so hard to scrub now. any ideas.ReplyCancel

    • Carolyn Williams

      Krystal you could maybe try Coke as in Coca Cola. Pour a can into the toilet and let sit overnight. I haven’t personally tried this but have read about it.
      Good Luck.ReplyCancel

      • krystal

        thank you Carolyn i have heard of that and should try it.ReplyCancel

        • Theresa

          I would turn off the water to the cistern, and flush the water (as much as possible) away before pouring in the coke, to avoid it being too diluted.ReplyCancel

    • Michelle T

      I have taken all the water out of the bowl and put straight CLR and left it for a couple of days. Then scrubbed. Did a good job.ReplyCancel

    • Kraftykat

      Denture cleaning tablets left overnight in the toilet bowl work a treat.ReplyCancel

  • Naki Mum

    Thank you, thank you and again, THANK YOU!! Not only for the how-to on cleaning, but also for the photos! Cleaning the toilet is high on the list of things I hate to do. I’d rathersit out on the deck and have a cuppa than clean the toiletReplyCancel

  • Janeane Thompson

    I used to take our toilet seat off regularly to clean as I have 3 boys. But friend shared a tip with me a couple of years ago and it is not necessary for me to do it anymore. ….. After you have taken the seat off and have it all clean, you just need to boil the kettle and pour it all over the toilet. Over the top where the buttons are to keep that sterile, over the whole seat, front and back and this will run under the seat to flush out anything that is under there. I also pour the hot water over the s-bend and let it run down onto the floor tiles to clean up any floor spillages. I have the mop and wring bucket on hand to mop up the water as it pools on the floor. I do this process weekly and the toilet area is always clean and never any smells and still looks like a brand new toilet….. I hope this tip helps youReplyCancel

    • Kate

      Thank you Janeane this was such a great tip! I did this on the weekend and all the gross hard-to-reach places like the s-bend got flushed out beautifully. I also rolled up a towel to guard anything washing out the door. Such an easy way to do a gross job.ReplyCancel

      • Janeane Thompson

        I am glad this tip has helped :-)ReplyCancel

  • Tinz

    Hi Kat – thanks for the post! Great to know. (Question: Just wondered, where did you purchase your toilet roll holder you have in the corner of your pic?) Cheers!ReplyCancel

  • Jacinta L

    Our toilet is just like this, I am pretty sure I have the worst aimers on earth I end up with entire puddles on the floor. However as we are a 2 female to 4 male ratio I refuse to dismantle the toilet and clean it. The males in the house are responsible for cleaning the toilet including taking the seat off to clean in and around and under every 2 weeks. I figure when they sort their aim out they won’t have to clean it anymore so is good motivation to take their time and be more careful.ReplyCancel

    • Kat

      Great point Jacinta!ReplyCancel

      • natmardon

        I also started making my 7 year old son clean the toilets when he started believing it was completely acceptable to wipe poo on the walls, toilet seat, toilet paper holder etc. He doesn’t do it anymore, but still has to clean them…. but on that note, he certainly doesn’t do a good enough job to clean them this good, so I still need to do it once a week too. I will do this, thanks!ReplyCancel

  • my3boys

    I have 3 boys and a husband & only 1 toilet!!….take the toilet seat off every time I clean the toilet and give it a wipe over. I also soak the plastic screws in the bucket of water I use to clean the toilet, while Im wiping over the toilet. Its absolutely worth the extra couple of minutes to clean under the seat……
    The other thing Ive done is to soak the whole toilet seat in the bathtub with hot water and disinfectant/vinegar… a treat!ReplyCancel

  • Liz

    It’s so good to see cleaning ideas using eco-friendly cleaning products opposed to chemical laden ones that you inhale. Toilets and ironing are my least favourite jobs. Thanks for sharing Kat :)ReplyCancel

  • Karine Plateau

    I discovered and read your blog one week ago (all and every articles) and I thank you so much! I really don’t like cleaning and I hate chemical products. Thanks to you I bought all I need to do my eco-friendly cleaning products and you are a really good teacher to get me organized. I will start with the 20 days challenge and continue with a good weekly planner as well as your daily tasks. Than you again!
    A hug from France.ReplyCancel

  • Joanne

    Cleaning my oven, it is desperate for a clean but dont know where to start.ReplyCancel

    • Marie

      Hey, one of the easiest ways to clean an oven is to remove the racks & loose dirt, wet everything down with vinegar- use a rag, and sprinkle baking soda over it all. Shut the door and wipe it down the next day. You might still need to put some dish-soapy water in the sink and wipe everything again. You may even need to use a chore boy or the green scrub pad on it but everything should come off with comparable ease. Have fun!ReplyCancel

  • Carly Joyce

    I was super inspired by this post and so I completed this task today. I soaked the seat in the bath in hot water and some Sard Oxy Plus soaker which worked beautifully. After cleaning all the muck (so gross) I put the seat back on and tried the boiling water. I’m so happy with the results, doing a wee is a real pleasure!!ReplyCancel

  • stef_antz

    Thankfully we don’t have toilet seats like this to worry about. However I have been caught out in the night when i’ve gone to the toilet only to be welcomed by stepping into a puddle on the floor….Yes, really! My most hateful job around the house has to be cleaning the oven. Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • sempre

    I have THREE sons and their bathroom is disgusting. I’ve tried everything I can think of to get them to take responsibility but it’s a losing battle. However, removing the seat like this is a big help in counteracting the smell. I have discovered an excellent toilet seat at our local hardware store which actually clicks on and off, making the job simple. Now if only I could work out a way of counteracting the puddles on the floor caused by ‘not me’ …ReplyCancel

  • sempre

    Oh, and an excellent addition to your cleaning armoury is a steam cleaner – not the floor mop although that is good too, but the little handheld accessory with the nozzle. It’s just matter of point, blast, and then wipe off. Simples!ReplyCancel

  • Susan

    Deifinately the job as described is my least favourite.ReplyCancel

  • Susan

    One other thing, the menfolk in our family sit down to pee. This stops all kinds of mess and stops the urine aerosolling as it hits the water or the bowl. I can always tell when there have been other males in the house. This really works.ReplyCancel

  • Chris

    Cleaning the shower is the job I dread. Can never seem to get the water marks off my glass, plus reoccurring mould in the grout. Would appreciate some eco-friendly ideas, as all the natural products I’ve bought just aren’t doing the job well enough.ReplyCancel

    • teresaq

      Try brillo pads for the glass. Work like a charm, then maybe Rain-x.
      Not sure how eco-friendly they are, but the brillo-pads are certainly
      less chemicals. When using the chemicals for the waterspots, if not
      careful they can damage the glass.ReplyCancel

  • Tracey Hall

    I would say the toilet is the worse as I not only have badly aiming males but also one who has a colostomy bag that sometimes drips onto the floor. He does not check properly so it is up to mum to clean it as I usually notice it when he has left to go home. I have no sense of smell so the smell does not get to me, it is the mess and how does other stuff beside urine gets under the seat.ReplyCancel

  • Seanne

    I would of liked to see an after picture to see how well this workedReplyCancel

  • I believe that toilet must be the cleaniest part of the house. Maintaing its cleanliness is really a must. Thanks for sharing this.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Absolutely Mini Clean, if it’s not clean it stinks and the stink drifts. My daughters bedroom is right next to the loo, so I find it important to ensure it’s smell free for her benefit so it doesn’t drift into her room.ReplyCancel

  • Kelly Taylor

    I made master 12 do this himself once because it was just so putrid!
    Pleased to say his aim has dramatically improved since… still not perfect but he knows the threat of cleaning it again is just one mere cm away!ReplyCancel

  • Kellie Sracek

    I’ve always done this, but most of my friends had no idea the seat even came off!!! When they did it the first time the were totally grossed out! ReplyCancel

  • Sonia Bentancour

    JANEANE THOMPSON… what a fantastic idea!!! I am off to do now as I too HATE taking seat off etc to clean!!!ReplyCancel

  • Alicia Colgan

    Oh my lord I’ve been wondering where the stench could possibly be coming from… Now I know!!ReplyCancel

  • Yvonne Bentley

    Yes, everyone’s toilets are like this, so don’t feel bad. It is just a way of life, I have had mine all my toilets replaced, and on a regular basis clean underneath. We are on holidays at the moment and the toilet stinks, but I can’t bring myself to clean it as I know all these strangers have done this. lol. So for now I will open the window and put some disinfectant in for now.ReplyCancel

  • Fiona Roxburgh

    Thanks heaps another job for me to do grin and bearing it but truly thanks hadn’t thought if it myselff. ReplyCancel

  • Kellie Clarke

    Do you dilute the vinegar in the spray bottle or not?

  • Kellie Clarke

    sorry i’ve re read it and it says pure vinegar thanks!

  • Sometimes our use lavender oil and put a few drops in my toilet brush bowel which makes it smellReplyCancel

It’s important to regularly clean and sterilise your brush and combs to keep away little nasties (especially in kids hair brushes, such as nits) and clean away buildup from hair products,  dandruff, dirt and skin particles that may build up over time. Here is how I clean our hair brushes and combs: Remove all hair from […]

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  • what about wooden brushes? or the ones with rubber spine? how can one keep em clean?ReplyCancel

  • The Pinterest Housewife

    I was going to post about this, too!! LOL. I saw it on Rachael Ray today!ReplyCancel

  • berkana83

    Ohhh I need to do this XDReplyCancel

  • Suzanne

    I do this every few months in addition to cleaning hair out after every use. I am a HUGE fan of vinegar, baking soda, salt and lemons. I NEVER use detergents with a scent and NEVER use fabric softener…no need when you use 1/2 the amount of soap recommended (unless you’ve got hard water) and always rinse in cold water.ReplyCancel

  • Monique Pollock

    Vinegar is a weak acid, when you dilute it, it looses its ability to act like an acid as the water has a buffering capacity against acids (rendering the vinegar useless). I would be more inclined to use something like a disinfectant or just straight vinegar, something that kills most micro organisms and other pathogens.ReplyCancel

  • MariaW

    After cleaning out the hair I use the nozzle on my hoover to get rid of any remaining hair and fluff, it really helps to clean the brush before washing.ReplyCancel

  • Josefina Urbano Relado

    i use white vinegar to clean the bathroom and toilet
    it takes the mildew on the tiles nice and cleanReplyCancel

  • Jade Dunford

    To get rid of the muck between the bristles instead of scrubbing by hand or using an old tooth brush, change the mix to hot (not boiling) water add half cup of vinegar then a tablesppon of baking soda, the baking soda reacts with the vinegar & bubbles & fizzes which removes the grime without u doing any work.. I let mine sit over night in the mix, in the morning i rinse & let dry.. No effort required.!ReplyCancel

  • Thanks for sharing, i like your article and opinion.ReplyCancel

The floors are the basis of making our homes look tidy.  By regularly cleaning your floors your house will feel clean and fresh.  How often you clean your floors will vary between each household.  If you have a crawling baby, you will need to clean regularly to pick up all dirt, grime and germs before their […]

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  • Amanda

    I used to have one of those mops but found that it was far surpassed by Norwex. I can’t even give my old one away now, I’ve been trying for nearly 3 years! Find a local consultant, they will come by to show you the mop and you can decide if it’s right for you.ReplyCancel

  • EHaardt

    I love Norwex and am saving up for the mop. Would highly recommend all their cleaning productsReplyCancel

  • Guest

    Hm… and how about carpet cleaning is something that has to be done too!ReplyCancel

  • Where do you buy a norwex mop from?ReplyCancel

  • DonnaE

    What about slate? We got rid of all our carpet and have 1/2 slate and 1/2 floating timber floorboards. Have a roomba type thingmy which is awesome on the floorboards, but it doesn’t like the slate. Too expensive to rip up, but it kills all the mops etc (currently have Enjo) and it is difficult to keep clean?ReplyCancel

  • Aly

    U have just bought a ergorapido cordless vacuum with a handheld DustBuster attached. My boys and I love vacuuming now, they even know to put it back on charge when it runs out of battery.
    Before or after their bath each night they take turns doing the main room and they do their own bedrooms ( they are 4 and 2.5). My floors are always dirt free. We also got the Rubbermaid mop. So my 4 year old has taken to doing that now also, but as sometimes he sprays too much or it doesn’t need doing I just remove the bottle so he can’t spray.ReplyCancel

  • Tracy Woods

    I cheat a little. I have specific days where I clean the floors of different areas of the house (so it’s not a big job all at once). I vacuum all carpeted areas on Tuesday, vacuum and mop bathrooms, toilets and laundry on Thursday, and the rest of the house on Saturdays. Then on Wednesday (more often if I know we will be having visitors) I let my robotic vacuum cleaner loose. I know it won’t get everything so I don’t rely on it. I sweep the kitchen, dining and entryway daily after I’ve done the dishes. It works for us :)ReplyCancel