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10 Hair Care Tips to help nourish and strengthen your hair to improve overall hair volume and growth.

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  • Charlotte

    I’ve been having trouble with my hair falling out, no reason, I think it’s just stress. Thank you for these tips, I had no idea about rinsing hair under cold water.ReplyCancel

  • Julie

    My top tips would be the one you mention above and it’s just let your hair dry naturally, I find my hair gets so brittle when I use the hair dryer on it.ReplyCancel

  • Laura Dupree

    My top tips for fine hair are: Give hair a blunt cut and let it dry naturally. I gave up shampoo months ago. I use a baking soda paste instead of shampoo, and I use very watered down apple cider vinegar as my rinse. For me, the best part is that I only need to “shampoo” my hair twice a week whereas I used to have to shampoo daily.ReplyCancel

    • Anna

      I do the same!! I’ve not washed my hair for over 6 months – all Li was doing was ringing with water. I’ve just learned about using Apple Cider Vinegar and it’s cool hearing other people’s stories about doing the same thing!! ?ReplyCancel

  • Lisa

    I have been experiencing a lot of hair loss recently so much so been to doctor. She believes it could be iron cos I have very low iron. Thanks for the tips, am finding this really stressful (which probably doesn’t help!)ReplyCancel

  • One of my girlfriends told me that trimming your hair regularly will help it to grow quicker. This seems like a good tip for those wanting to grow out of short hairstyles. Is this true?ReplyCancel

  • After years of growing my hair I had to face facts and go for the big chop – I LOVE it. It feels so much healthier and is actually easier to style. I also do not wash it as often and that definitely has made a difference to the condition. xReplyCancel

  • After having chemp&radiation treatment&all my hair falling out, I will never complain about thick curly hair again! Its not curly anymore but its grown back white. I colour it with natural dyes (healthy vegatable dyes)&rub oil(olive oil) in once a week. My hair is now very shiney&getting thickerReplyCancel

This homemade hair detangler spray is super easy to make with only two ingredients, perfect to remove knots from girls hair.

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  • Emma

    If only I could braid hair without getting my hands and fingers entwined. I end up looking like a drunk octopus and the girls hair a tangled mess!ReplyCancel

  • vickie

    I used to add a few drops of tea tree and lavender oil and use a washed out commercial pump spray pack. Everyone always used to comment about how nice my kids hair smelt. Used to use in on the boys everyone morning to comb their hair neatly too…they never complained and we never had nits despite regular outbreak. Kids now all grown!ReplyCancel

  • Such a great idea to make your own detangling spray. I also have just purchased the ‘Tangle Teezer’ brush and it has been a lifesaver! Getting a comb through my thick, curly hair can be a real challenge, but using this to brush conditioner through in the shower means my hair is now rarely knotted. Winner!ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Fantastic Jo! I do love using the detangling spray on the girls hair, just makes it so much easier.ReplyCancel

I have been contemplating do I or don’t I cut my son’s hair ready for school, be frugal.  I found some great online tutorials which I thought you may enjoy too! Plus there is another great step by step tutorial from Frugal Fun for Boys.   Click here to view all other posts in our […]

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  • BH

    Do it. I have 3 boys and estimate I save over $300 a year with home haircuts. It always grows back!ReplyCancel

  • Claudette Andrie

    My son absolutely hates getting his hair cut. I use the clippers but he cries all the time. When I take him to the hair dresser he seems ok about it. Maybe I’m doing something wrong??? I’m very gentle with him.ReplyCancel

  • I don’t have kids, but I’ve been thinking I should learn how to cut my other half’s hair. It would save us a fair bit across the course of the year. I normally only get my hair cut once a year (it’s not coloured or straightened or anything), but Boyfriend gets his done every 6 weeks or so.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Yes my son is the same, every 5 weeks he is off to the hairdressers having his hair cut.:)ReplyCancel

I found this image below on the Colour Me There facebook page a few weeks ago (ooh and BTW, congratulations to Maddie from Colour Me There on the birth of her new baby girl, Violet).   original image source unknown I love doing my girls hair and am very thankful that they both happily sit […]

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  • Kirsty

    Such a gorgeous hairstyle. I don’t know if I could manage doing it myself. My daughter is 3 so not quite so patient to sit there!ReplyCancel

    • Maybe when she gets a little older Kirsty. I would sit and play with my girls hair from when they were young, just in front of the TV or before going out and now they are 8 and 10, it’s just a part of our normal routine that I do their hair, but Miss 10 has started to do her own hair for school these days, I must admit I’m a little sad.ReplyCancel

  • Beck

    I love this! I’ll be attempting it on my poor 7 year old this week :)ReplyCancel

    • LOL, does she not like getting her hair done. It is very cute and the ribbon at the bottom can hide and messiness when you combine the to piggy tails together. Good luck!ReplyCancel

  • Love this Kat! Looks awesome.ReplyCancel

  • Oh to have a girl to do this for. Just gorgeous xReplyCancel

    • It is very cute, maybe one day you can be the cool grandma braiding your granddaughters hair, you know in 30 years time!!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Fiona

    Hi Kat,
    I tried the rope braid but would love to do the first one, it looks some feminine. Do you know if there are more detailed instructions,maybe a video tute like you did.
    Thanks for a great,helpful,practical and realistic blog.

  • Fi @ My Mummy Daze

    I LOVE this Kat! I adore quietly enjoying mummy-daughter time while styling my Miss E’s hair. I’m not sure how successful I’ll be at this one, but I’m definitely going to give it a go! Thanks for sharing, Fi xReplyCancel

    • It’s fun and the end result is a really gorgeous hairdo. Your right, it is great mother daughter time. I hope that I can still be doing their hair when they are teenagers and they don’t become too independentReplyCancel

      • DonnaE

        Ha! Katrina, I am still braiding the hair of my 20-year old!!! She has quite curly hair and so she likes to keep it braided really neatly for work.ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Carroll

    I cant do any braid just a simple plait. so you have a step by step to show how to braid hair?ReplyCancel

  • Melanie

    I tried it today on my Miss4, bit of a fail but will try again another day :) I think I didn’t make the ponytail bit tight enough so it was wobbly.ReplyCancel

  • Kellie McLetchie

    Lovely! My girl is only a baby but I can’t wait to braid her hair. I’ve never managed to do it with my own hair though. Would love someone to post a tutorial for a plain braid so I could learn :)ReplyCancel

  • Wendy Duggan

    Love it! I have done this one several times. ReplyCancel

I mentioned early last year, that my kids have not had nits in their hair. Thankfully they didn’t bring any home last year and my fingers are crossed  ‘touch wood’ they won’t be coming home this year either. My tips on possibly why we haven’t been struck with nits: I make our own hair detangler, recipe […]

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  • Sure they aren”t off to get married?? Sorry but who has time for that in the mornings? I use a condtioning mousse and simple ponytail or plait and we have no problems. ReplyCancel

  • Wow! They are amazing! How did u learn to do that?????ReplyCancel

  • These hair styles are so pretty. Content as I am with my four sons, you almost have me wishing for a daughter so that I could get the chance to do some fancy hair! :0)ReplyCancel

  • They look great but how long does it take to do their hair of a morning? ReplyCancel

  • Love the ideas! Thanks :-) I keep all our red school hair ties, clips and headbands together on her spray so they are easily found. Other hair CLIPS on a long ribbon that is attached to her wall, so you don’t have to go searching and she can easily clip it back, once used. ReplyCancel

  • Christy

    Hi There, Does anyone know of any good books on girls hairstyles? I’ve been looking for one for my littlest Step-daughter who loves having her hair in ‘dos’. A book would be great for her to transport between homes. Any suggestions? Many thanks! ReplyCancel

  • julie mcdonald

    Aww, I miss doing my girl’s hair! We used to have a ‘topsy tail’ device to flip a ponytail and they looked so cute! Memories!ReplyCancel

  • wish I knew how to braid hair!!ReplyCancel

  • Heather

    Awwww, So pretty. I used to do all these sorts of pretty hair styles in my daughters hair. Now she’s in high school and never lets me touch her hair. I miss it so much!ReplyCancel

  • J Bolderoff

    I have 3 kids at primary school, 2 boys and a girl. She has long hair and loves to wear it down, she never gets nits. However my middle boy is the one that gets nits at least twice to three times a year. I have found that he tends to play in close quarters to his friends, head to head, and it’s the same circle of friends he has had since he started kindy. I don’t know if one of the mums does not treat their kids hair or it’s just because they get so close to each other. I have found that by allowing my boys to style their hair with cheap gel has helped dramatically. Nits do not like dirty hair or hair products. A thin layer of gel seems to be enough to put them off, since doing this he never gets them anymore. Even if the school has restrictions on hair styles you can still add enough to deter the nits without needing to do a crazy spiky style.ReplyCancel

  • kazza

    Great ideas ! Just what I need for school :) I could do with some instructions for those braids !!!ReplyCancel

  • It probably wouldn’t take longer than ten minutes from start to finish to do most of those hairstyles :) There are some great ideas there, thanks xReplyCancel

  • Karen

    I wish I could braide well like you… I have two very fair head girls with thin hair.. We also have done well thus far with no nits… I use the detangular spray but then when hair tied back in similar designs to Lisa I spray them with hair spray… This is a perfect block for nits… And keeps there hair looking nice all day… In saying that I wash my kids hair every second day but during the week everyday as with the hair spray it needs to be washed out… I wish I could upload pics of our hair clip drawers! We have a heap!! My hall stand has two large wide drawers, that where everything fits to do there hair, drawers are divided up with little plastic baskets… Then the ones that aren’t used so often are stored in bathroom in a fishing tackle box with compartments..ReplyCancel

  • Nicole

    Great ideas just wish I could braid :( ReplyCancel

  • i braid my girls hair too most mornings, i like that their hair looks so tidy,and it doesnt take any longer once you have got it mastered. Love the pics!ReplyCancel

  • I enjoy braiding my daughters hair but they say I pull it too tight! I also took a moment to look at the related hair tie organiser blog post – AWESOME idea! I’ve been struggling with how to keep track of & “find when I need them” hair ties & head bands – <3 the re-purposed!ReplyCancel

  • Mell

    i have 5 daughters (9yrs-9mths) an for the life of me, i just can’t get the hang of braiding …… i o keep trying, but does anyone have any tipsReplyCancel

    • Donna

      Practise with towel dried hair when learning. You have more control over the hairReplyCancel

  • My eldest(9) did her own and her younger sister’s hair like this yesterday and asked could she do it for school!ReplyCancel

  • Love the styles will try one now as we are going down the beach today!ReplyCancel

  • Your girl’s hair is just beautiful! As a teacher I love the styles little girls come in with in the mornings. And I appreciate the effort mums like you Katrina put in to making their children well groomed :) not easy in the mornings but as you say, a nice way to have a chat before they head off on their day! ReplyCancel

  • WOW. I’m going to share this link with all my friends who have little girls. Thanks for the inspiration!!ReplyCancel

  • Yep, I’d love a video too :)ReplyCancel

  • I braid mine like that for school too. My kids have never hsd nits either.

  • There are lots of how-to braiding videos on YouTube. I’ve watched them and STILL cannot braid for the life of me. Where do you get this tea tree spray that’s been mentioned? I HATE nits with a passion!!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • That looks good, but my daughter washes her hair with ‘pears’ lavender shampoo and conditioner. She is nearly 9. Still never had nits, thankgod.ReplyCancel

  • A spray of lavender and cedarwood oils mixed with water each morning will make the kids smell nice and should mean they never get them. All natural works amazingly.ReplyCancel

  • Dana Nelson

    The link to the Life as we know it blog isn’t working…ReplyCancel

  • Two boys at my house! We’ve had nits once and once only – and it was from my eldest playing head to head with his best mate (who got it from his cousin), then passed along to my youngest in more or less the same way! The mate and my two boys sported VERY short hair for a good while there; and now their hair is a bit longer, bit of styling gel to make their hair unpleasant for the little critters. And we wash with teatree shampoo when the nit note comes home from school.

    The oldest has a relatively long fringe now, so we’re hoping that the head-to-head play has eased off a bit!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous

    My daughter has long white blonde hair, and all her little friends love to stroke it and play with it, which drove me crazy. She got nits once this year, but luckily I caught it early (they stand out in her hair too). I put a firm stop to hair dressing at school, and we haven’t had a recurrence of the nits. I hope we don’t get them again, as it was a pain!!!ReplyCancel

  • Natasha Wells

    i LOVE these hair styles i am going to use them especially to showcase my hair accessories that i make

  • Mel

    My daughter has very fine and curly hair. I would love to be able to braid her hair, but it’s just too fine, I can’t even keep hairbands in it!ReplyCancel

  • Sam

    I also would love to learn how to braid, with 2 girls it is a necessity never had nits though thank goodness, I spray their hair each morning with a tea tree and ginger mix. Life saver.ReplyCancel

  • Sascha

    I have 4 daughters and I’m one of 4 girls. My mum never knew how to braid and so last year I you tubed it and now i’m so good!! You tube girls…ReplyCancel

  • JP

    Beautiful braiding! I am one of 4 girls too. Being farm kids, we had early bus pickup, so our hair was always short. Mum definitely didn’t have time to fuss with our hair! Sadly, we didn’t get the opportunity to play hairdressers as young girls, so have never been able to braid hair. The closest I got to doing long hair was plaiting our pony’s mane. I have a son who “lets me know when he needs his hair cut”. Our daughter has long, wavy auburn hair which turns to dreadlocks overnight, if not brushed & tied up. I have tried braiding & my daughter loves it when I attempt even a simple braid. I’m all fingers but I’ll keep trying.ReplyCancel

  • Butafly Dreamz

    Love all the different ways to do the hair, with my daughter entering school this year i have been practising to get my braids right slow progress! But the hair tie organising is just like our bathroom, i have never seen so many hair ties in my life that i have them all boxed up for and quick use! ReplyCancel

  • Davina

    I wanted to let you know that your hairstyles are a hit. I have had heaps of comments on my daughters hair since she started school. I can’t braied but I have been doing the plats and the criss cross one. I give full credit to you so hopefully you will get a few new readers from it. Thanks.ReplyCancel

    • Aaw, thankyou Davina for sharing. My girls love it when I do their hair up, and secretly I have fun doing it. But then there are day’s they are happy with a ponytail. ReplyCancel

  • Jenniferlang

    Thankyou for the great hair idea’s, I’m a hairdresser myself and have not seen some of these, but i do usually ladies hair not kids but will be doing these on my 4 year old daughter! :-)

  • Lisa

    I taught myself how to braid on my daughters dolls hair… Barbie’s are great as are stiff ( and don’t wiggle or whine 😉

    I use a spray that is 6 drops of pure tea tree or eucalyptus oil, 6 drops of lavender oil… 1/2 fill a spray bottle with cheap conditioner, add the oils and then fill to the top with water. Shake well and spray on child’s hair every morning ( don’t be stingy). I also spray her school hat once a week.

    Our kindy class has been riddled with nits all year long and my daughter has long hair but no nits as of yet!ReplyCancel

  • jenny

    you might like i use it often to find differnt hairstyles, however my then 6 year old asked me to just do simple ponytails because she was sick of people paying so much attention to her fancy hair.
    Nits… i have just dealt with them for the first time in over 2 years… damn critters even got me!!
    I usually use your detangler recipe, but add tee tree and lavander oil as well to try to keep the bugs away. shame my daughters best friend is the one that always has nits…. tight hairstyles it is for her again!ReplyCancel

  • Shell

    If you can plait, you can braid! A braid is just like a plait. Start with a small section on top of the head (or side, depending where you’d like) and section into 3 pieces and start plaiting. When you get to the piece of hair on the top, depending on which side it is (coming in from the left or the right), pull in a piece of hair from that side to add to the hair on top. Continue plaiting, pulling in pieces from each side until you reach your desired length. Then put in a hair tie :o) Hope this helpsReplyCancel

  • LeeLee

    glad to see someone else does outie plats! I thought I was the only one.ReplyCancel

I have received many requests for instructions about how to do the Rope Knot Plait I showed on the Back to School: Organising hair ties post.  It’s a simple plait that is just a little different to the typical variety.   So, I have created my first ever video tutorial.  I’m so nervous to publish it, I […]

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  • I love the tutorial I am going to try it on my daughter's hair if she lets me. She is 12 so we will see. I have tried this before but really had no idea what I was doing. You make it look easy thanks for sharing.!!!!!!!!!!! ReplyCancel

  • Lynda

    Great tutorial! My daughter is starting preschool this year and I have been looking for ideas on what to do with her hair. I cant wait to try this one on her! :) ReplyCancel

  • Lyndall

    How lovely is that hairstyle?! Thanks for taking the time to make the video. I am a bit hair-style challenged. I've almost always had long hair but wasn't a 'girly' girl, so it was usually just a ponytail. I've been wondering how I will learn to do my two daughters' hair. (I shudder at the word 'braid'!!!). Looking forward to any future videos you might make :) ReplyCancel

  • Bobbie Colbert

    So easy! You did a great job!

    I really love the 'two tails down' bow like in your first photo, it is very pretty, I'll definitely be placing an order with Pretty Things Distract Me! ReplyCancel

  • Rachel Bradley

    Thanks! something new to try tomorrow! – that looks relatively easy!! I have watched a tutorial on braiding, it LOOKED easy enough, but it's obviously only easy if you know what you are doing! (or after a LOT of practice which is a bit hard to do with a squirming 5 year old, whose constantly saying "mum, you are hurting me!" – hair time in our household is never a pleasure for any of us – lol) p.s keep those tutorial's coming! ReplyCancel

  • Emma Watts

    I love the beaded snowflake design, never seen anything like it before! ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth Anderson

    I think the streamer hair tie is just lovely for school, but everything is gorgeous! (been a PTDM fan for ages)

    Thanks for the tutorial, looking forward to when my little girl has hair to try some stylin' :) ReplyCancel

  • April

    Katrina…this tutorial was perfect! It was so easy to follow, i'm lucky to have a patient 5 year old that let me do it whilst the video was on and it rope knot plait was easy. Thank you for teaching me something new!!!! ReplyCancel

  • Alina

    Thanks so much! Please keep your video tutorials coming! Very helpful!

    My favourite from PTDM is the Polymer butterfly with pinks and glitter ribbon. We absolutely love butterflies! ReplyCancel

  • Thanks for that great tutorial – looks easy enough to do with a cooperative child!

    I'm already a PTDM fan on FB – and as a previous customer, can highly recommend them!

    Loving the Hawaii Poly clay bow on her FB page – so cute!

    ps – love the fact I'm not the only one with a noisy washing machine as well haha ReplyCancel

  • Melanie Graham

    Thank you! Please do more tutorials, that was extremely enjoyable. The Shades of Pink custom bow on Pretty Things Distract Me is just beautiful. I love it. I have two blonde haired, blue eyed girls who are 8 and 6 and that would look just gorgeous on both of them. I have become a fan and thank you Kat for showing me this company. They are just awesome. ReplyCancel

  • Meg

    Well done on the upload of the video Katrina. I admire and appreciate your efforts and time you take to keep this blog!

    My fave would have to be the Citrus Cooler Bow. SO gorgeous! But sooo many other nice clips and hair accessories! ReplyCancel

  • Latrina What a fantastic korker, I watced you rtutorial this morning than again now, and had to laugh at you r washing machine it sounded exactlylike mine. My mum is alwasy telling me mine is so loud.

    the hair bows are just gorgeous, I love all the korkers and school bows. ReplyCancel

  • Leila

    thanks for the tutorial, i have a rare 2 days ahead with just my princess and 7 month old son (the 10 and 2 year old are off camping with the boys and daddy of course) I can see miss and i watching the tutorial together and me having a go at doing it in her hair.

    So many lovely bows but i just love the streamer hair ties and the Christmas Sparkle Korker which i would put in my princess' hair anytime of year :) ReplyCancel

  • Karen keiper

    THanks for the tut, my daughter is 2 1/2 and has JUST enough hair to put in a tiny pony tail!!! So the clips are definitely the way to go for her!!! ReplyCancel

  • Loved wathching the tutorial – now, to find a girl to practise on – Haha!! ReplyCancel

  • Lee-Anne M

    I love them all but I really like the Gymboree Made to Match Tres Fabulous Korker. ReplyCancel

  • Kimberlee

    wow! so many designs to select from! my fave is Double Tails Down bow :) ReplyCancel

  • Michelle

    So many gorgeous ribbons and bows! Love the korkers! Liked on FB. ReplyCancel

  • Tracy Williams

    I LOVE the corker streamers! so Cheery! love the perfection of all the bows and the clip slides with bows are a fav because we love our hair out and i get to sweep it to the side with a cute clip.


    Tracy ReplyCancel

  • Cassie

    Hi Katrina, I found this while looking for 'heart hair' and thought you might love it for new inspiration! ReplyCancel

  • Cassie

    Hi Katrina, I found this while looking for 'heart hair' and thought you might love it for new inspiration!

  • mellie jane

    I simply adore the Rainbow Brite bottlecap bow and the strawberry shortcake one just gorgeous. ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Gorton

    What an intricate design the Gymboree Made 2 Match Tres Fabulous Korker is – a stand-out from the crowd favourite! ReplyCancel

  • The Organised Housewife » Blog Archive » Viva Giveaway Winner

    […] forget to enter HERE for your chance to win a boutique pack from Pretty Things Distract […]ReplyCancel

  • kerrie

    My girls watched the clip with me and are keen for me to try it on their hair

    they like the corkers they are so pretty ReplyCancel

  • Stacey McMillan

    Oh, I love your tutorial, it was fantastic, I have been doing them in my girls hair since I watched it, I have a few so I get lots of practice. I absolutely adore the OOAK Butterfly Button Boutique Bow, its gorgeous and any age group could wear it, even me.. :) ReplyCancel

  • rebecca mcevoy

    I love the yo gabba gabba plex bottlecap bow – we are mad on gabba gabba at our house ReplyCancel

  • Marelle

    A friend has had an adorable new bub

    The black headband with polkadots would not rub

    It would look stylish with a pettiskirt on this adorable bub


    Thanks for the competition ReplyCancel

  • Katrina

    Hi all, thankyou for entering the Pretty Things Distract me giveaway, they have the most adorable hair bows. I hope to do some more video's soon. My video camera is current getting fixed, then I'll do some braid tutorials :) ReplyCancel

  • […] Created my very first video tutorial – how to do a Rope Knot Plait.  I was so nervous doing this, but I am so glad that so many of you enjoyed it!! […]ReplyCancel

  • […] Easy Rope Knot Plait, hairstyle, with video tutorial […]ReplyCancel

  • Jolene

    thanks for this, my 5yo is starting school this year and i’m a bit sick of the pigtails and plaits i did for kinder! btw love how you can hear your washing machine running in the backround! LOLReplyCancel

  • Sandy

    WOW! I do so much LOVE LOVE LOVE that bow.
    I wish I was better at doing hair. I’m just not that good at it really & anything I do always falls out by recess time.
    I am always watching you tube videos about how to tie hair & I can never get the tutorials to work properly :-(ReplyCancel

  • Katrina

    I love your video, I can do regular plaits but am looking for new ideas for my daughters hair. Thank you. Ps. LOVE your site too :)ReplyCancel

  • Love it and I love that we get to see who you are, or meet you so to speak:) the wirrr of the washing machine in the background is fantastic – perfect organised housewife:)ReplyCancel

    • LOL, sometimes I forget about these hidden videos. I would like to do more in the future, just pluck up the courage :)ReplyCancel

  • Fenella

    hi – have you put up the more complicated 2 sided braid one. I just can’t work out the braid thing!ReplyCancel

  • […] Rope Knot Plait, view tutorial here […]ReplyCancel

Pin It I apologise to all my readers that only have boys, however today’s post is how I organise all those hundreds of hair ties my girls have.  Yes we have alot which you will see in the photo’s below, but hair ties are one of those things that always are left at school, friends houses, […]

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  • Hi Katrina, with three girls my house is full of hairstyles and they seem to dissappear continually!! thanks for the detangler idea – I'll be trying that for sure :) ReplyCancel

  • Cassandra Eastwood

    Hi Katrina,with a house full of boys, i would like to know if you spray the detangler into your boys hair to help with the nits? I hope this isnt a stupid question. I am just over the nit thing last year felt like my youngest boy who is the fashionable boy (he has the longer hair) continually had nits and dont want them back again this year. Cheers ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      It's not a silly question at all. My son keeps his hair really short, he is a real sweater so I am sure this is why nits haven't jumped into his hair yet. However, there is no harm in trying the detangler in your son's hair, will at least be easier for him to comb. Does he wash it regularly? If so, try washing it every 3rd day, nits really like clean hair. Hope this helps!! ReplyCancel

  • Thank you for posting! Am about to redo our drawers in the bathroom and I like the idea of the Tupperware (which my family doesn't use anymore anyways). I LOVE to organize but my 16yr old is a slob…drives me NUTS! For make-up, I bought inexpensive office supply organizers (black tray- similar to silverware drawer organizers). Works GREAT! The spaces are long and small which work good for eyeliners/mascaras or small eye-shadows/lip glosses. Thanks for sharing! ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      I love that tip of using the stationery organisers, will keep that in mind for sure!! ReplyCancel

  • Jenn

    Hi Katrina,

    Love your knot plait, can you give us a quick how to please, I would love to try it for my DD's hair.

    Also, my hairdresser gave me a tip to add 10 drops each of lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus oil to your detangler mix to keep those pesky nits away.


    Jenn ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Lavender, tea tree oil & eucalyptus? what a smelly combo, if I were a nit I wouldn't stick around either :-) Thanks for the tip. ReplyCancel

  • Debra

    anither good idea to keep nits at bay is to put some tea tree oil in with the detangler. ReplyCancel

  • Kristine

    See I'm not to sure on the clean hair thing. My kids only wash their hair once a week or so and they seemed to CONSTANTLY get nits last year.. I am dreading back to school this year.

    However I am going to try the detangler and Tee Tree oil in their hair each morning… thanks.. ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Hope your kids are still nit free this year, keep up the tea tree oil detangler and you should hopefully see some difference. See other comments as some readers have added their nit tips too. good luck ReplyCancel

  • Rachel Bradley

    I was told to put tea tree in a bottle of water and spray on hair for nits too. The only down side was the smell! so i'd make sure their hair was washed every night!

    I'd also like a how to for the hair! looks great! i have 2 girls and my oldest has thick hair that drives me insane! she is starting prep this year and i'd love to be able to do something that will hold for the whole day!.. love the hair organiser idea, at the moment i've sorted my girls into little containers and store them in tinkerbell lunchbox (it's great because it fits the brushes and bottle of detangler.. but looking for an easier solution, so i might give this a go! thanks for your tips :0) ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      thanks Rachel, glad you're liking the tips. Go with what works best for you, hope you've got it all sorted now and are feeling more organised :-) ReplyCancel

    • Sandy

      Oh, yes Kat. Tea Tree is another great product. Though, incidentally Rachel, my daughters adore the smell of tea tree! My youngest is an absolute dear and sometimes goes a little bit wild with the spray.ReplyCancel

      • I have been putting tea tree in the water and so far touch wood it’s been quite awhile since we had any nastiesReplyCancel

  • Nicole

    Hi Katrina, I have the pack of 3 tub with lids from Ikea for my daughter, pink for all elastics, yellow for clips and the white one for the jewlery she seems to collect! love the detangler idea. How do you do the braid on the outside? I can do the old fashoined way, but not this way. My daughter starts school this year, so looking ideas for long hair.

    thanks Nicole ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      Thanks for reading my blog, I'm glad you're getting some good ideas. How's your daughter liking school? Good luck with the hairstyles. I am not sure if you have seen it but I posted a video on how to do the knot plait, check it out if you get a chance :-) ReplyCancel

  • Leila

    Love the idea, we currenty have a top drawer full of hair ties and a kitchen cupboard that needs sorting (and de cluttering… its on my list lol) so will have to re-purpose some of those containers i would have thrown out and clean up the bathroom drawer :)

    I'd love a home made solution for spraying of a morning to deter lice. ReplyCancel

    • Katrina

      thanks leila, glad you like the ideas. Its so simple and you'll be surprised at how good you'll feel to be more organised in the bathroom ReplyCancel

  • Carly

    Hi Nicole, my sister used to do inside out braids in my hair all the time when we were kids. you still separate the hair into three sections but instead of pulling the outside piece of hair over the middle piece you pull it under. each time you grab a new piece of hair to add to the braid you continue with the under rather than over method :) ReplyCancel

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  • […] Tidy up their hair tie’s, see organising hairties HERE […]ReplyCancel

  • […] I don’t store the girls hair ties/brushes in the bathroom, one because we don’t have enough room (the vanity and drawers are  very small) and two, because they have so many.  You will find more details about how I organise their hair ties etc in a post I wrote Back to School – Organising Hair Ties. […]ReplyCancel

  • […] Tidy up their hair tie’s, see organising hair ties HERE […]ReplyCancel

  • […] make our own hair detangler, recipe can be found here. I use this in the girl’s hair each morning purely to help me brush […]ReplyCancel

  • Teresa

    Hi Katrina, Love your blog and love todays post. I too can’t wait to try some of the ‘dos” you have shown here today. On the topic of nits, I had one daughter who almost two years ago, was constantly coming home with nits. It drove me and her crazy to the point of tears. I tried everything to deter them and finally my Aunt (who is a teacher in tropical Nth Qld) put me onto a mixture of Neem, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and any other oil to pretty up the smell (we use Lavender). (Neem is not the most pleasant smelling oil). Since the day we began using the Neem mixture we have had not one case of nits (altough most of her classmates have). I recomend this to anyone who wants to deter nits. My Aunt uses the mixture in a cold pressed oil and rubs it into the hair, however, we have been adding the mixture to water and use it as a spray, so be assured both ways work wonders. They key ingredient is the Neem Oil. I researched it on the web before I tried it and even found one site that recomends you add the Neem Oil to your Shampoo and Conditioner, although we haven’t tried that. Good luck everyone !ReplyCancel

    • Storme Martin

      Please can you tell me what Neem is? I live in South Africa and work in a Nursery school and think this recipe will help lots of parents. Wondering if I might find it here. Thank you.

      • Lisa

        Storme Martin, Google Neem Oil and it is available via an internet store (I think based in Aus). It is sourced (apparently) from a nut in India and has all sorts of helpful uses, but is a winner with Nits.ReplyCancel

  • julieann

    After months of my thick haired daughter bring home nits, I soaked her sheets, combed through her hair. I started thinking that I was the only parent out there who seemed concerned by nits.
    I went through the extreme stage of one a week washing and treating her hair fortnightly for nits, regardless of infestation. It is nice to see I am not alone.
    We are loving the holidays and the relaxed approach to hair maintenance. We have our hair out, blowing in the wind.
    Long live the deterrent. Prevention is the best defense.


  • Gayemurphy

    After the last few weeks of school – I thought I had a good system worked out for the clips & hair ties – not so! (couldn’t find any between both of the girls!) So I went on the look for the larger sized containers today – as we seem to lose the head bands no matter how I try to organise them “prettily” on the duchess… found some inexpensive ones at a ‘cheap shop’ & when the kids were home from school, I immediately got our eldest daughter to find her “nicer” headbands & put them in it straight away! Am yet to find a permanent space for it – but at the moment if it can prevent the headbands from being stood on, lost or broken – that’s half the battle! So my next challenge is to find suitable containers for the clips & ties, (different from what I thought would work) then find a place to store them that will be useful but not overly accessible by little curious fingers! ReplyCancel

  • Melissa

    Apart from the sprays, the cheapest and easiest way to control and prevent hair lice/nits is to buy a cheap bottle of conditioner, nit comb and box of tissues. Position your child on a stool or floor in front of you and section out their hair. cover each small section of hair with conditioner, nits hate this and cannot move. grab nit comb and a tissue, comb through each part of the section and wipe onto tissue.
    You need to repeat this process over the whole head, getting new tissues as you go. This should be done once a week in high infestation periods and trust me not only with you get rid of the different stages of both eggs, nits and lice but their hair will be beautiful. Best of all it doesn’t contain all the pesticides and it’s cheap as!!ReplyCancel

    • I haven’t heard of this technique, thankyou so much for sharing it Melissa. ReplyCancel

  • Hi Katrina! I absolutely love this!! as a mother of 3 girls – all ballerinas – our ties, bun nets, boby pins, hairdryers, sprays, etc etc drawers are always very messy! I am going to put these containers on my shopping list tomorrow and sort out these drawers once and for all! Now I will only have to train the girls to keep it looking like that! I run a Mothers of (Only) Girls group and I would love to put this on our Facebook page if you don’t mind.
    Thanks for helping me!!!!
    Nicky KozlovskisReplyCancel

  • Zoe

    My way of keeping my girls hair ties in order is to use one of those plastic containers with all the separate compartments. It also has a lid s theycan’t get mixedReplyCancel

  • Zoe

    Sorry on my phone.. it has a lid and can’t get mixed up. I found it in the hardware section of Bigw. I also use the conditioner trick to remove headlice but also add a few drops of tea tree oil as well.ReplyCancel

  • Liliam

    Katrina where did u get the little container for the small ties? I’ve been looking for them in whole sydney with not luck :( I think yours are perfect for my daughter’s drawer tooReplyCancel

  • Caroline Murphy

    we use a small fishing tackle box for hair ties, just a cheap one, but you can choose to make the compartments big or little depending on what’s in it. i love that the lid closes and it doesn’t matter if it gets knocked over and it can be taken where ever in the house we are doing hair. love the braids, must try them out.ReplyCancel

  • Camilla

    I love these ideas and the de-tangler is very useful (I tried it). Though I must admit that my cousin has been a professional (and locally renowned) hairdresser for nearly 30 years and she has distinctly and surely stated that nits don’t care whether your hair is clean, dirty, or indifferent. They just like having a scalp to feed and breed on. Well, that just made my job as a mother slightly more worrying (though I can recommend a wonderful product for nit “extermination” that is all-natural and has never failed me or any of my friends and family members)ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca Pryde

    Hi! I just reorganised my girls hair ties. I have a pic of it! I just got a jewellery hanger thing from Target, Howards Storage world have them too. It hangs over the edge of the shower screen in the main bathroom, and it still just out of reach of Miss 4. 😉 I’ve also got the remnants of clips there too. I do what you do with brushes and hair spray and leave-in conditioner, they are in a container in the bathroom cupboard though. :) I’m the same with you with my girls so far no nits … Miss 4 has been at kindy all this year and not picked it up, and Miss 12 has never had nits … lets cross our fingers they don’t! 😛ReplyCancel

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  • 2 Hairstyles for School {Long Hair} + Organising Hair Stuff on Peter and Polly

    […] spray bottle that was previously filled with a commercial kids detangler. I now make our own using this recipe from The Organised Housewife, just refilling the bottle each time. The addition of conditioner is great for keeping the knots […]ReplyCancel

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  • […]  Check this idea out. source Oh my!  Doesn’t this drawer look fabulous?? source Utilize wall space to organize hair accessories.  This is a great idea but I’m being […]ReplyCancel

  • Sarah

    My daughter puts a lot of hair product in the children’s hair to ward off lice ad checks their hair regularly. She has had no problems.ReplyCancel

    • Katrina - The Organised Housewife

      Hi Sarah, that is great. When my daughter was younger i used to use a solution of tea tree oil and water in a squirty bottle as i was doing her hair and it worked well.:) ~ KateReplyCancel

  • […] Tidy up their hair ties, see organising hair ties HERE […]ReplyCancel